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Claimed Mate: A Fantasy Orc Monster Romance by Sue Lyndon – Extended Preview

No matter how much I struggled, I couldn’t escape Soren’s firm hold. Nor could I evade his probing fingers between my thighs, or the pleasure his touch elicited. Oh, gods. It was becoming increasingly difficult to think straight as he touched me down there.

My bottom still ached from the spanking, but somehow, the lingering sting coalesced with the blissful sensation of his caresses, enhancing the pleasure. At some point, I ceased my struggles and started to surrender to his expert ministrations.

Shame heated my face, but I couldn’t stop myself from growing wetter and wetter as he brushed moisture from my core overtop my pulsing clit.

No stranger to self-pleasure, I knew the mechanics of what he was doing, but I’d never been touched by a man in this fashion before. Even my own husband had never managed to get this close to me. He’d died before he got the chance. I pushed thoughts of William aside and gasped at the quickening of ecstasy in my center.

Gods, it was almost too much. Every few seconds, I would find myself close to a release, only for Soren to retract his fingers from my clit and wait until the moment passed. Bastard. Then he would resume stroking my folds before returning his attention to my needy clit. It was torture. It was madness, and I couldn’t believe this was actually happening to me.

The barbaric orc had me over his lap in a most humiliating position as he teased me beyond endurance. Tears born of frustration sprang to my eyes and soon ran down my face.

Gods. I was almost ready to beg him for a release. Pressing my lips tightly together, I tried to resist the urge. I also endeavored to keep my center from jolting against his fingers, but no matter how hard I tried to remain still, I failed repeatedly. Whenever his fingers danced over my clit, I lurched into his touch with an urgent whimper or moan.

It didn’t help that I could detect his hardness beneath my stomach. I wasn’t the only one aching with need. Knowing he desired me too caused pulses of heat to spread outward from my core.

I struggled to catch my breath as my pulse quickened. The rapid pounding of my heart in my ears soon drowned out the sound of my feet splashing in the water.

Then it happened. Soren didn’t pull his hand away the moment the waves of pleasure started to descend. Instead, he pressed his finger harder upon my clit and swirled faster.

Deep rumbling words issued from his throat, though I couldn’t understand a thing he said. Not because he was speaking in the old orc tongue or another language unfamiliar to me, but because I couldn’t concentrate on anything beyond the blinding ecstasy that consumed me.

I cried out as waves of delicious sensation undulated in my cunny, spreading outward and sending shockwaves through my entire body. I trembled and moaned through the thunderous climax as my head swarmed with dizziness. Soaring. I was soaring in the clouds, and I couldn’t seem to come back down to the earth.

Vaguely, I became aware of the orc’s voice again. This time, I could understand his words and they washed over me like a balm to my lonely soul.

“Shh, human. You’re all right. I have you.” He stroked my back and ran his fingers through my hair in a gentle manner, comforting me as though I meant something to him.

My throat suddenly burned. But I was too fatigued from both the spanking and my release to spend a great deal of time contemplating my emotions. All I knew was that I liked the comfort he was offering me. I liked his tenderness and the soothing rumble of his voice at my ear.

But he was an orc. An orc who’d captured me and punished me. I shouldn’t like anything about him. I shouldn’t be leaning into his touch as he caressed my head.

I tried to put up walls around my heart and harden myself against him. He wanted me because I was a female and he needed a mate. He needed a woman to birth his children. Nothing more. I was a hole for him to fuck (eventually, once the full moon arrived) and a vessel to carry his offspring.

Nothing more, nothing more, nothing more.

I repeated those two words in my head over and over. Just because I was incredibly lonely and had spent my whole life as an outcast wasn’t a good excuse to surrender myself to an orc.

I needed to escape him. That was still my plan, no matter how many times he brought me to a release or held me or stroked my hair. Or told me I was beautiful.

Damn the gods, but the burning in my throat became more intense. Why did Soren have to keep petting me and uttering words of comfort in my ear?

I tried to remember the pain of the spanking, the intensity of the agony he’d inflicted upon me as he punished me. I’d never been spanked before or experienced such physical pain. The whole experience had been shocking. But the comfort he was giving me dulled the memory of that pain, even though my bottom was still burning.

Need to run away.

Tears blurred my vision. Where? Where would I run? Where would I hide? Not only did I need to find a safe place to live—a human village—but it would need to be especially far away from this location. Far enough away that Soren wouldn’t be able to find me. Did such a place exist?

I thought of the stories of massive ships that could carry men across the endless sea. Of islands and strange lands. But my heart soon sank. When I’d run from the villagers, I hadn’t had time to gather my money.

For a brief moment, I entertained the thought of returning to my village and digging through the ashes of my home. But no. The villagers would probably scavenge the remains of my house as soon as the ashes were cool enough to permit looting. William’s boxes of silver and gold coins would be stolen before I got the chance, and then I would probably end up captured by my own people for my troubles.

Burn the witch! Burn the witch!

I shivered at the memory of their chants as they marched toward my home with torches in hand.

As though sensing I needed extra comforting, the orc turned me over and settled me on his lap seated upright. He wrapped his arms around me and rubbed his hands up and down my back, and sometimes in my hair. His tusks occasionally poked at my head as he leaned over me, though it didn’t hurt. It simply reminded me that he was near, that it was a big orc who was holding me. A big orc who wanted to keep me as his mate.

Eventually, he lifted me higher in his arms and slowly got back in the spring, carrying me with him. I winced as my sore bottom came in contact with the hot water, and he gave me a sympathetic look tinged with amusement. But once we were submerged in the water for a few seconds, the pain began to abate, and a contented sigh soon left me.

No matter the circumstances and the current upheaval in my life, the water was relaxing, and I supposed there was no harm in enjoying it.

To my surprise, Soren retrieved the bar of soap and set me on my feet in a shallow area of the pool. I flushed because the water only reached mid-thigh, leaving me exposed to his ravenous gaze. He studied me with a dark, hungry look as he worked up a lather on the soap.

Then he brought a soapy hand to my inner thighs and started cleaning me with gentle strokes. When I tried to back away, he gave me a stern glance and placed a firm hand on my shoulder, forcing me to remain still.

“You’re covered in your own arousal, little one. You need another bath.” He lifted an eyebrow at me and looked so handsome yet stern that I couldn’t help the renewed ache between my thighs.

Despite myself, pleasurable sensations surged through me, and my breath kept hitching.

He was thorough as he cleaned me, even running his wet, soapy hands through my nether folds. My legs shook as he touched my privates, and it was all I could do not to fall over. I tried to regulate my breathing so he wouldn’t realize I was becoming aroused all over again. How embarrassing. I would rather the gods strike me down at this moment than have him discover the depth of my wantonness.

A peek at his manhood caused my face to flame. He was so huge I honestly didn’t think he would manage to fit inside me. Being claimed by him would undoubtedly hurt. Gods, he would probably split me in two with that big orc cock of his.

A vision of him naked and standing above me bathed in the light of the full moon as he prepared to claim me flashed in my mind, and my face grew even warmer.

He released a deep sigh and peered up at me, both his eyebrows raised this time. “If you keep having naughty thoughts, little one, we are going to be here all day. I keep cleaning you, only for your cunny to become slick with your arousal all over again.” He made a tsking noise.

My eyes widened and I shook my head. “No, you’re mistaken. I-I’m not becoming aroused again. I’m not. It’s the soap.”

I trembled harder as the aching in my core spread throughout my body, causing my nipples to tighten under his careful observation. It’s the soap. Gods, what an idiotic thing to say.

Another sigh left him, and he rose to his full height and came to stand beside me. He ran a soapy hand over my bottom and gave me a sharp swat. “Don’t lie to me, little one. Not unless you want another spanking. Is that what you want? Do you want me to turn you over my knee and spank your wet, soapy bottom right here and now?”

Why did his scolding and his threats make me so breathless? I stared up at him, completely shocked and mortified by my body’s traitorous responses to his nearness. I couldn’t help it. Despite being an orc, I found him incredibly handsome. His sculpted form was a work of art, pure masculine perfection. I couldn’t stop admiring him or stealing glances at his hugely erect manhood.

“No,” I said. “Please don’t spank me again. I-I’m sorry.”

“No lies,” he said, bringing his face level with mine. “No lies. Not even small ones. Do you understand?” He struck my bottom again twice, and the wet slaps resounded in the cave.

The sting of these fresh swats reinvigorated the burn from my earlier spanking, and I longed to rub the discomfort from my cheeks, though I didn’t dare reach back and do so while he was watching. I didn’t want to give him any reason to spank me again.

“I understand,” I finally replied, hoping I sounded repentant enough.

“Good. Now, please hold still while I finish washing you.”

I nodded and prayed he would soon be done. I was so embarrassed that I was standing above the water, my nude body on display, including my recently punished bottom, as he cleaned the shameful arousal from between my thighs. I didn’t think I’d ever known such deep humiliation.

Oh, but I was wrong.

Once Soren finished his thorough cleansing of my cunny and inner thighs, he shifted his attention to my bottom. Holding me to his side as he cleaned me there, he kept running a soapy hand down the crevice between my cheeks, his fingers occasionally brushing over my back hole. Honestly, did orcs not use washcloths? I wanted to push him away and tell him I could clean myself without his help, but I feared further punishment, so I remained as still and quiet as I could manage. I hoped my compliance would encourage him to be quick about this.

“When you were bent over the rock before your spanking, little one, I had you spread so wide that I could see everything between your legs. Everything.” His hot breath danced along my earlobe. “Even this enticing little hole of yours.” Suddenly he had a finger at my anus.

“No! Stop!” I thrashed in his hold, but he wouldn’t release me. I heard the soap drop into the water, but he didn’t go searching for it. He held me in place with one huge arm wrapped around my waist as he continued probing my back hole. “You mustn’t touch me there,” I begged. “It’s not proper.”

“Hush, little one,” he said, “and let me touch what belongs to me. If you’re naughty and you fight me, I don’t think you’ll like what will happen next.”

His weapons belt was in my line of vision, and his threat made me go still. I didn’t want him touching my bottom hole, but I also didn’t want another spanking. Or worse—a whipping.

“Good lass.” I could feel his hard cock nudging against the side of my stomach as he maintained a steely grip on me.

Whimpers left me as he resumed his prodding of my most secret hole, nudging it gently with his wet, soapy finger. To my utter shame, as he nudged at my snug entrance, heated desire surged through me, causing my clit to pulse as I released a needy moan.

“Ah, I believe you like this, human.” He pushed harder and I gasped at the sudden fullness as he breached my hole and pushed inside. His tusks dragged along the side of my face as he leaned into me.

I opened my mouth, prepared to inform him that no, I did not like having a finger in my bottom hole, but the words died on my lips. Because that wasn’t quite the truth. I was embarrassed and the fullness was uncomfortable, yes, but I couldn’t deny the desire building in my core, nor could I hide my breathless gasps. If I told the handsy orc I didn’t like this, he would accuse me of lying. Then he would likely punish me, and I didn’t think my poor stinging bottom could take any more spanking today.

“Gods, you are tight back here, Elisa.” He withdrew his digit from my back hole, but only so he could push inside again, this time a bit deeper. He growled. “So fucking tight.” He continued this rhythm, allowing me to gradually become used to the feel of his large finger in my very snug hole.

He loosened his hold on my waist and brought his free hand to my cunny. Before I realized his intentions, he was stroking his hand through my growing wetness and swirling a finger over my swollen clit. I trembled, unsteady in the water.

The sheer pleasure overwhelmed me. A finger in my bottom hole, pumping in and out. A finger on my nubbin, stroking me to bliss. Gods, the sensations were so powerful, the ecstasy so intense, I thought I might combust.

“Hold on to me for support, little one,” came the orc’s reassuring voice.

I shut my eyes and grasped onto him for leverage, already feeling weightless even though my release hadn’t struck yet. I hovered on the edge, so very close, as he steadily worked me up and up to…

Stars exploded behind my closed eyelids. I groaned and writhed against his masterful touch, gasping for air as the climax descended. As I came hard, he continued pumping his thick finger in and out of my bottom hole, pushing even deeper than before.

My release went on and on, lasting far longer than the first one I’d experienced at his hand. The one he’d given me after spanking me. I flushed at the memory. For a reason I couldn’t fathom, thinking about the spanking caused the waves of pleasure to hit me harder.

There was a strange echo in the cavern, and it took me a moment to realize it was the reverberation of my moans and cries. Gods, was I really crying out that loud? It was as though I’d lost all control of myself, as if Soren the orc commanded my body entirely.

Once the last vestige of my release faded, I felt Soren withdraw his finger from my bottom hole. I drifted back to reality slowly, vaguely conscious of him lifting me in his arms. He pressed a soft kiss to my forehead that stirred up emotions I wasn’t ready to face. I pushed them away and opened my eyes, trying to focus on my surroundings. I blinked up at the handsome orc I was desperate to escape, never mind the fact that he’d given me two mind-blowing orgasms.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to bathe you all over again, little one.” Still holding me in his arms as he sat down in the shallow part of the pool, he wedged a hand between my thighs as he grasped at my slick cunny.

Oh, gods. I really was soaking wet. Embarrassingly so. Even the warm water couldn’t wash it away fast enough.

His cock was hard and huge beneath my buttocks, and my face heated as I wondered if he would expect me to pleasure him in return.

Why was he staring at me like that? With an affectionate expression? I didn’t like it. It made me… feel things. It made me wonder if orc-human pairings could find happiness together. It made me rethink all the fairytales I’d heard as a child.

I’d been taught that orcs always killed humans on sight. Not just human men, but women and children too. That obviously wasn’t true. Not only was I still alive, but the orc who’d discovered me in the forest planned to keep me as his mate.

The affection in Soren’s eyes deepened, taking me aback. He leaned closer until his lips hovered but an inch from mine. My heart skipped a beat just as he pressed his mouth to mine. His tusks settled on either side of my lips, not hurting me in the slightest as he nudged his tongue into my mouth.

It was a gentle kiss at first, though it soon became urgent. Passionate. Almost violent. The orc’s growls vibrated through me as his tongue invaded my mouth and he clutched my face hard, his fingers digging into my cheeks. I found myself shyly kissing him back, trying to meet the expert thrusts of his tongue.

I’m kissing an orc.

Kissing him was more of a shock than being captured and spanked and stroked to climax. The intimacy of the moment washed over me, and I felt myself melting into him, savoring the minty taste of him as well as the growls that steadily emanated from his throat. My mind whirled and I started to feel wonderfully lightheaded, as though I were floating.

After a small eternity, Soren withdrew from the kiss and stared down at me, his gaze still brimming with affection. He caressed a hand through my damp locks.

A smile tugged at his lips. “Time for your bath. Your third one, I might add. Please endeavor to behave yourself this time. Now, where did that bar of soap end up?”

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