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Claiming Crystal by Melody Parks – Extended Preview

Claiming Crystal by Melody Parks

Crystal thought for sure he’d cave and felt kind of bad seeing how many people he had on his friends list. His phone vibrated and she knew people were probably replying already. He responded by turning his phone off, putting it in his pocket.

“Truth, you say? Hm.” He put a finger to his lips, thinking, which didn’t take long as the devious smile spread across his face. “What’s it going to take for you to let me kiss you?” As he asked the question he moved closer to her, standing a chair away, he leaned over, sporting that sexy grin of his and put his elbow on the tabletop, his chin resting in his hand.

She’d expected something like this and returned his charming smile with one of her own. “Time,” she said. “My turn. Truth or dare?”

“I’ll go with truth this time. You got me good with the dare.” His eyes roamed over her cleavage and then back to her face.

Looking down at her chest, she noticed her nipples had hardened. Dammit! She should have put her bra back on, or at least she should stop thinking about his soft, smooth lips and what they’d feel like pressed tightly against her own. Picking up her mug, she took a drink of the chocolaty goodness while she thought.

“Explain the sadist and masochist joke Jeff told at dinner.”

“A sadist is someone who enjoys giving pain to another. A masochist is the willing recipient of such. Jeff and Sheila are a sadomasochist couple. So the joke… the masochist is asking for what she wants and needs and the sadist is hurting her by saying no. Make sense?”

She felt the hair on the back of her neck prickle. “What kind of pain? Like hitting her and beating her around?”

“No! You’re thinking of an abusive situation. S&M isn’t like that. The masochist actually enjoys and gets off on the pain the sadist is providing. For example, nipple torture or clit clamps. Maybe a good thrashing with a flogger, or a crop, but in a very controlled, non-abusive way.”

Crystal was stunned to say the least. She’d seen nipple clamps before while shopping for her personal arsenal of dildos and vibes, but never a clit clamp. She shuddered to think of them being one and the same, the teeth of those clamps… on her clit? Who could stand it and why would they want to?

“If Jeff and Sheila weren’t heading out tomorrow, I’m sure they’d be happy to give you a demonstration over at the Beck-n-Call,” he said, a thin smile on his lips. “Maybe on your next trip.”

“Uh, no,” she proclaimed, shaking her head. “That’s okay, I think I get the picture.” In reality, she was trying very hard not to picture it.

“I doubt that you do, but if you’re curious, they do have some video clips that I’m sure they wouldn’t mind letting you see.”

“Christ. Why would they video it? And what is the Beck-n-Call I’ve heard mentioned several times tonight?”

“Jeff likes to record their sessions sometimes. He has friends who really enjoy them and are always asking for pointers. As for the Beck-n-Call, it’s our playhouse for all things kinky. We have two spanking benches, a St. Andrew’s cross, a queening chair, and three bondage stations all consisting of different ways to secure a naughty captive.” His lips quirked up into a twisted smile, probably a result of the nervous look on her face. “So, my turn. Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” she said pointedly. No way would she chance calling dare with Donovan Sharp.

“What’s the naughtiest fantasy you’ve ever had?”

Her eyes flew to his, begging silently not to have to answer, but the pompous smile on his face and the chuckle that left his lips said, answer or accept the alternative. “Getting spanked,” she admitted shyly, looking down at her mug, the heat index of her cheeks climbing rapidly.

Inching closer to her, he reached out, caressing her forearm with the tip of one long finger. “Explain how you saw yourself being spanked.” As if sensing her discomfort, he didn’t look into her eyes, but kept his focus on the gentle stroking of her arm.

“I… over… um.” Her face flamed and her nerves began to spike. She closed her eyes, taking a couple of deep breaths and telling herself to calm down. It was just a question and nothing of the sort was actually going to happen. “I was over his lap, bare bottom, while he spanked me with his hand and…”

“And what?” he whispered.

“Playing with my… well, between spanks.” She swallowed hard, focusing on the two fingers, now lightly petting her arm.

“Playing with your pussy?” he asked, his voice as rich and smooth as the hot chocolate, his fingers slipping all the way to the top of her shoulder, where they stopped and began rubbing little circles.

Heart galloping, her neck and face on fire, she watched his fingers making slow lazy circles atop her shoulder. She should look at him, but she couldn’t. And to make matters worse, it was turning her on. Every circle he made with those thick, warm fingertips, surprisingly smooth, sent a tremor to her belly that blossomed in her core. She’d pictured him spanking her on more than one occasion before she came here, but now, looking at the actual size of his palm, she worried he had more hand than she had ass-cheek. “Yes,” she croaked out quietly, imagining what those big fingers would feel like inside her after a couple of stinging swats.

“Crystal, look at me, honey.” His fingers moved slowly toward her neck.

“No,” she whispered, as they continued to climb, delicately following the curve of her jawline, stopping just under her chin, making her stiffen. Please don’t, she begged silently, resisting his gentle encouragement to make her turn her head. She’d crack into a million pieces if she had to look into those sexy gray eyes right now. Thankfully, he got the hint and his fingers fell away.

“You’re incredibly sexy when you blush.” His lips brushed against her shoulder, his breath almost cooling as it met with her flushed skin. “You’re thinking about me spanking you, aren’t you?”

Trapped. Like a fly caught in a spider web, all she could do was give a brief nod, her eyes fixated on her mug.

“It’s turning you on, isn’t it?”

His words were like dark velvet, wrapping around her senses, pulling her into the shadows of a playground she wasn’t at all ready for. She couldn’t open her mouth to answer, nor could she bring herself to nod. After a painstakingly long pause, while she sat there frozen like a deer in the headlights, she felt his fingers in her hair near her temples, pulling it back softly, putting it behind her ear.

“Give into it, bright-eyes,” he whispered, his lips fluttering softly against the edge of her ear. “Just this once, tell yourself it’s okay and let your desires take the lead. Stop overthinking it and just let it happen.”

Could she? Could she ignore her brain, telling her no, no, no and let her body, saying yes, yes, yes, call the shots? His fingers crept through her hair at the base of her neck, massaging gently.

“Look at me,” he coaxed.

Slowly and reluctantly, she did, his face only inches from hers, those sexy gray eyes smoldering with desire, giving them a smoky appearance.

“Good girl,” he whispered, as his hand tightened in her hair, his lips suddenly claiming her mouth like a hungry savage.

She squealed, trying to pull away, but that made him all the more determined as he wrapped his other hand around her shoulder and swiveled her chair around until her body faced him. Moving his hand to the small of her back, he pulled her forward, forcing her thighs to open while he closed the space between them, deepening the kiss, his tongue claiming her mouth in a way no one ever had, demanding her surrender. And surrender she did, moaning into his mouth as her hands came up, sliding her fingers into his thick black hair. Soon she felt his hand under her thigh, lifting, gesturing for her to wrap her legs around his waist. When she did, he picked her up, keeping one hand in her hair, while the other slipped under her ass, supporting her. Despite being an average woman of 5′6″ and weighing one hundred and thirty-eight pounds, the last time she checked, she felt small in his bulky arms. He gave her ass a firm squeeze, she tensed and he groaned, continuing to devour her mouth until she was breathless, begging for mercy with throaty moans.

The hand he had in her hair slid down her back as he pulled away from the kiss. A low satisfied “Mmmm” came from his lips as she opened her eyes. “Baby, if the rest of you tastes half as good as that sweet mouth of yours, I could feast on you all night long.”


“Hush,” he said, putting a finger to her lips. “Let your desires lead. I promise you’ll like where it takes you.” He began walking with her, securing his grip on her bottom with both hands.

“Wait. Where are you—”

“To the sofa, where you’ll be comfortable across my lap.”

She shook her head. “Please, I really don’t want this to happen.”

“Yes, sweetlips, you do and we both know it. You gave in when you consented to my kiss, your mouth and hands as eager as mine. Not to mention your nipples are rock hard right now, and I can feel the heat of your pussy against my fingers.”

True. She couldn’t be more turned on, but it scared her to cross that line. What if reality didn’t measure up to her fantasies? Worse yet, what if it did? “I can’t,” she said, squirming as he turned on the lights in the living room, dimming them low.

“Crystal, listen to me.” He held her firm, despite her attempts to wiggle free. “Your body is begging to submit but your mind is scared shitless because once you do, you can’t go back. Am I right?” He put a finger under her chin, refusing her protest, and made her look at him.

“Yes,” she whispered, trying to look down.

“Let me explain how this is going to work. I want you to trust me and give me control of your body, just for a little while. There’s only three words I want you to think about. Red, yellow, and green.” He sat down on the sofa, keeping her in his lap, one hand wrapped around the small of her back. “Those are the only three words I want to hear from you until we’re done. Red means stop. If you say it, everything stops and you go to bed. Yellow means caution and will tell me that what I’m doing is becoming too much for you to handle. Green of course means go and that you’re good with what’s going on. Do you understand?”

She liked the way the warm light shone down on the expanse of his chest, making the light smattering of dark chest hair trailing down his sternum look soft and inviting. She put her fingers through it, nodding her head.

He cupped her chin, a half smile on his lips as he cocked his head just slightly. “How do you wish to proceed, Miss Harman, red or green?”

Good God, his eyes couldn’t be any more penetrating. He’d called her a lot of things this evening, but Miss Harman had not been one of them and the way he said it, like a college professor to a student, firm and authoritative, sent an odd tingle down her spine.

“Green,” she said, softly, unable to look away from his eyes even though his hand no longer held her chin.

A wolfish smile spanned his lips. “Very good. Now stand up and remove those shorts and panties.”

“What?” she blurted, her eyes widening.

“Uh-uh-uh.” He shook his finger at her. “You agreed to trust me and give me control. Which means no questions. Red, yellow, or green. Got it?” He raised a questioning brow, his hands slipping free of her hips.

“Yes,” she said, sliding from his lap. Her cheeks flushed as she slipped down her shorts and panties together, leaving them pooled around her bare feet, her hands clasped together in front of her coppery curls. Most girls shaved today, but her sensitive skin couldn’t put up with the razor; the only thing that did work was getting waxed. She loved how smooth and silky it left her there, but truth be told, it was one of the most unpleasant things she’d ever paid money for.

“Good girl. Now put your hands at your sides.”

Hesitantly, she did so, looking for the reaction on his face. Funny thing, he didn’t look, at least not directly. His smoky gray eyes stayed locked on hers, his expression unchanging.

“What color do you feel right now, Miss Harman?”

Christ, that new authoritative tone in his voice and the way he addressed her so formally sent tingles straight to her pussy. The continual eye contact was beginning to make her nervous. The lustful look he had earlier was no longer there; instead she saw firmness and determination. He was looking at her like a parent would a child when they were in trouble.


“Yes, sorry,” she peeped, embarrassed that she took too long to answer. “In between green and yellow.”

“Come,” he said, holding out a large hand to her. “Let’s get you back to green before we begin.”

With a shy smile she took his hand, expecting to sit in his lap, but instead he guided her to lie over his lap. It felt strange. She was a grown adult, prostrating herself over his lap for a spanking like a child. Doubts started to creep into her mind. Like a child. Does that mean I want to be treated like one? Is this how it starts? Will I be calling him daddy before the weekend ends? Maybe a year from now, I’ll be the one throwing a tantrum at dinner?

“Donovan?” Her voice was shaky as she craned her head around so she could see him. He looked at her, shaking his head.

“Push them away, Crystal,” he said, softly putting a hand on her bottom. “You’re going through your list of doubts and trying to talk yourself out of doing this.” His warm hand caressing her cheeks sent a fiery response to her sex as she clenched, especially when he trailed a lone finger along the crease of her thighs. “There is nothing wrong with you for wanting this. In fact, it’s a very normal and natural need in many women. It dates all the way back to biblical times and back then, it was simply customary as most women were submissive to their men.”

“But I keep thinking of myself as childish for wanting to be over your lap like this. I don’t want to end up being the next one to throw a temper tantrum at your dinner table.”

He tried to stop it by putting a hand to his mouth, but couldn’t and laughed heartily, which made her suddenly feel stupid. Say it. Say it now, just do it, say ‘red’ and it all stops. She just started to open her mouth when he interrupted her.

“Crystal… honey,” he said, putting a warm hand on her back, rubbing gently. “Wanting to embrace your submissive side does not make you a child. This is not age play. Getting a spanking is not going to suddenly pull out your inner child, but it will show you how beautiful and satisfying it can be to let out your inner submissive.”

The long lazy strokes he made with his fingers up and down her back were helping her to relax, and what he’d said did seem to make sense. She wasn’t across his strong muscular thighs as some little girl, getting spanked by her daddy; she was a grown sensual woman who wanted his control, his dominance, and his hands all over her body. The hand on her ass stroked and rubbed in soft circles. She mewled softly, expressing her enjoyment of what he was doing.

“Are we back to green, Miss Harman?”

“Green,” she said lazily, resting her head on her hands.

“Very good. We are going to move forward now. You’re getting spanked for three infractions. Two of them are for disobeying when you agreed the only words out of your mouth would be colors. The other is for daring me to put up that silly status message on Facebook.”

“But that’s not fair, I didn’t…”


His big hand came down hard and unexpectedly. “Hey!” she cried, feeling the prickly sensation spreading through her cheek.

“I’m sorry, Miss Harman, but we’re done talking now. Unless I hear the word red or yellow, everything else that comes out of your mouth is falling on deaf ears.”

Another stinging swat fell, landing heavy on her other cheek. Oh, shit, that really smarts. Then two more fell quickly, landing in the same spot, making her suck in a sharp breath. Christ, what had ever made me want this? “Ow,” she cried, as another two landed swiftly on the other cheek. “Ow!”

His hand lay still on her prickly mounds and she breathed a sigh of relief, thinking it was over and she’d survived the ordeal.

“Still green, Miss Harman?”

“Yes, sir,” she panted. Oh, shit, where’d that come from? It had to be the college professor’s voice. After all, her professors had called her Miss Harman, and she usually called them ‘sir.’

“Mmmm,” he hummed. “I like hearing that from those sexy lips.” His voice was rich and seductive as he trailed a finger lightly down the furrow of her cheeks, sending a jolt of excitement to her clit and suddenly she became aware of how wet she’d become. The air felt cool, drifting past her moist lips. She moaned as his finger kept going, trailing ever-so-lightly over her damp curls. Shamelessly, she tried to push back into them, seeking penetration and felt his cock lurch against her hip. Oh my… large, very large. How could she not have noticed something that size growing against her hip? She didn’t have time to think about it as another blow landed, creating a sharp sting to an already heated area. “Behave,” he said, rubbing the area he’d just slapped.

“Yes, sir,” she said meekly, and this time on purpose, hoping to appease his heavy hand in exchange for more petting from his fingers.

“You took those very well,” he said, his fingers inching along the crease of her ass-cheek.

Yes, lower. Please go lower. She cooed softly as he did just that. With one finger, he collected the wetness along her slit, slipping his finger between her lips. “Oh, yes,” she whispered when he found her clit, exploring the swollen tissue, finding her most sensitive spots while she moaned. She wanted so badly to push herself back. But if she did, he would stop and spank her again.

“It appears to me, Miss Harman, that you liked those first swats very much,” he said, his finger sneaking down to her entrance, circling it slowly, teasing her.

“Yes, very much,” she sputtered, her breath heavy. Please put it in… please… now.

“Very good. I think we’ll see what a few more do to you.” Just like that his finger was gone. She braced herself for his hand, but it didn’t come. “Mmmm. I knew that sweet little pussy would taste every bit as good as your luscious pink lips.”

Had he just—she looked over her shoulder—tasted her? Realizing he had by the grin on his face and the sheen of her wetness on his lips, she quickly turned away, putting her head in her hands. He chuckled and her face felt as warm as her bottom, at least for a moment, because a second later, his hand came down on her rear, making the former warm prickles turn into a full-blown forest fire.

“Ahh… ohhh… Ow!” She’d thought he was heavy-handed before? “Ow… please… ow!” She couldn’t take it anymore and reached back to put out the flames.

A low grumble came from his chest as he pinned her wayward hand to the small of her back. “No kicking or I’ll pin your legs too,” he said, delivering two more, low on one cheek, catching part of her thigh as well. Another two followed to her other cheek in the same spot.

Her body flushed. She felt almost feverish as she held her breath, bit her lip, and clenched her fists as four more landed. Her legs trembled, anticipating the next, but instead, his fingers softly stroked the back of her thighs.

Letting out a sigh of relief, she let her head relax on the cushion, damp tendrils of hair clinging to her face, her ass throbbing while rippling waves of heat continued to spread. He released her wrist and instantly her hand swept to her blazing globes, trying to ease the burn. Fantasizing about getting spanked and actually getting spanked were definitely not the same. Not by a long shot. It hurt! Strangely, though, her pussy couldn’t be more pleased. The wetness of her arousal had seeped past her lips, tickling her as it wove through her curls, her pussy aching desperately for penetration and her clit pulsed steadily with a needy call to be touched.

“Still green, Miss Harman?” he asked, gently pushing her hand away so that he could soothe the burn himself.

“Yellow,” she panted. “That really hurt. I’m not so sure I like the idea of being spanked anymore.”

“No? Well, let’s see if we can’t change your mind about that.” While one hand remained on her cheeks, smoothing and rubbing softly, the fingers of his other made their way to her aching pussy. Using two fingers, he trapped her clit, painting the silky wetness up and down in short strokes along each side of it.

A loud moan passed her lips as she spread her legs, giving him better access.

“Seems to me that your pussy likes you getting spanked very much. You’re soaked.” As if wanting further proof, he pulled her cheeks apart, making her gasp and stiffen from both the cool rush of air that met with her inflamed pussy and the fact he had a perfect view of her rear hole. “Mmmm, yes. Very wet. Your curls are glistening and your juices are starting to pool, leaving a wet spot on my shorts.” He continued to hold one cheek open while his fingers inched through her curls, gliding slowly over the top of her clit, eliciting a husky groan from her.

“Please don’t stop,” she breathed, fighting the urge to lunge back against his fingers once again.

“Shhh. We go at my pace. I am the one in control.”

As he said the word control, two fingers entered her, steadily pushing their way into her swollen wet tissues. “Yes,” she hissed softly, clamping down on them, not wanting him to pull them out. He groaned approvingly and she felt his cock lurch against her hip. An image flashed through her mind of him making her stand with her hands on the back of the sofa, her legs spread wide, holding her hips while he sank his cock into her the way his fingers were doing now. He built her up slowly, too slowly for her liking as she tried to stay still. The slow push and pull of his thick digits felt amazing as he explored her, his fingertips probing for her g-spot, but she wanted more, needed more.

Expressing her need with breathy pants and husky moans, she flared her hips, unable to remain still. He responded by increasing the rhythm, adding a finger to her clit so that each thrust he made also stroked her clit. Yes, this was more like it. She purred with pleasure as her wanton hips found a mind of their own, pumping steadily in time with his penetration. The noises coming from her throat and mouth grew ever louder as she climbed toward orgasm, calling out an occasional ‘oh, fuck,’ ‘oh, God,’ or ‘more, yes, more.’

Her lips and mouth went dry from the heavy panting. Her toes curled and her muscles began to tighten. Yes… almost there, just a few more strokes and…

He stopped, withdrawing the finger from her clit while holding the two inside her very still. She let out a forlorn cry of protest, trying to keep the stimulation going by grinding against his thigh. “Not yet, Miss Harman,” he said, stilling her hips with a hand on her ass. “I want you to ask nicely for what you want.”

“Please make me come,” she spluttered, craning her neck over her shoulder. “Please, Donov… D. I’m going crazy. I need to come.” She’d never been stopped so close to orgasm before and it was hard to think of anything but completing the task. If he didn’t give in to her soon she wasn’t afraid to reach between her thighs and finish herself off, sprawled across his lap or not. Yet she knew if she tried, he would undoubtedly stop her. The firm determination in his eyes confirmed it.

“I did not ask you to beg, my dear. A simple ‘please, sir, may I come’ will do just fine.”

“Please, sir, may I come?” she pleaded, clenching his fingers as tight as she could. It seemed every time she did that, his cock responded in like by nudging her hip.

“Yes, good girl. You may come this time.” He smiled at her as his fingers went back into motion, pressing firmly on her g-spot each time his fingertips swept past it and within minutes she was soaring again, reaching into the clouds for that glorious silver lining.

Suddenly, she screeched as he pressed his thumb directly on her tight little bottom ring. “Hush now,” he said soothingly, rubbing her wetness all around her tight puckered hole. “You’ll like this. I promise not to go in.”

After accepting the sensation, she found she did like it. Very much, but it embarrassed her that he would touch her there.

His fingers began to make shorter, faster, more determined strokes while his thumb stayed still, applying pressure just shy of penetration. The fingers inside her felt like a mini jackhammer on her g-spot, causing it to swell rapidly. Oh, fuck, he was going to make her squirt and there was nothing she could do about it. His other hand came into play, pinching and rolling her engorged clit. Within seconds, she flew apart into millions of blissful little particles, calling out her pleasure in gasps and moans as each powerful wave of ecstasy washed over her, making her body contort, twist, and jerk. The wet suction sounds coming from between her thighs confirmed that her juices were squirting past his fingers, but she didn’t care. This was the best orgasm she’d ever had and she was going to savor every last moment of it. As if she had a choice.

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