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Claiming His Mate by Claire Conrad – Extended Preview


“You’re not my master!” Twisting and turning, I tried everything to break his hold, but he was immovable, so strong and calm, like stone encasing my will. Even as I struggled, my pussy grew wet and I became overly aware of the way he smelled. The way his hard thighs felt beneath me.

I wanted him to do it, to strike fire in my flesh, to make me burn.

“You have earned twenty swats on your thighs for trying to bite me.”

Three more hard spanks landed.









That was ten. I knew, because I’d been counting. Tears welled in my eyes and I fought them as he began to spank my bare thighs. That hurt worse, and I did feel badly for trying to bite him. But this? A spanking? I was a full grown woman, not a child.

I laughed, but the hysterical sound was more wail than amusement. I’d done far worse things in my life. Like free dangerous and valuable royal prisoners from under my sister’s nose. Like betray my people. Betray my family.

I let the tears flow as he punished me. But soon the pain blurred into a steady haze of heat, the individual spanks obscured by the flood of liquid fire rolling through my body. He held me there, my back arched, my head lifted high by a painful grip in my hair, and he dealt twenty sharp blows to my thighs.

When he was done, he held me perfectly still in the silence of the room stretched across his lap like a pagan offering to the gods. “Are you finished, Octavia?”

Was I finished? I was aroused, hot, and filled with lustful thoughts of him throwing me down on the floor and taking me from behind. I was no frightened virgin. I always drank the healer’s brew to ensure I would not carry a child, but I’d ridden a breeder’s cock. My pussy had been stretched. I was no innocent, but I’d never been kissed. And suddenly all I could think about was the taste of his lips on mine, the scent of his skin, the heat of his body. Was I finished? No. I wanted more. I needed to burn. And if I was going to trust him with everything, I needed to know he would never back down, never surrender. “Fuck you.”

He didn’t react other than to strike my bare bottom again and again until I knew I would be sore for days.

When he stopped the second time, my tears were gone, and so was my fire. I felt empty. Numb. But my fear was gone, along with my guilt. I was empty except for the warm sting coming from my bottom. He ran his palm softly over my throbbing cheeks and I lay limp in his lap, unwilling to fight.

“Are you finished?”

“Yes.” I was done, the stinging in my ass blended with the soft strokes of his palm over the hypersensitive flesh made me grit my teeth as my pussy clenched. The spanking had wrung me out, but had also filled me with a strange, euphoric heat. For the first time in forever, my mind was empty of worry, of stress. Under his command, I knew I didn’t need to do anything but feel. Nothing bad could touch me now. Nothing could hurt me here. Markus was powerful, and seemed determined to take care of me.

“Yes, sir.” He petted my ass a bit harder, his fingers sliding down to probe my pussy, and I gasped at the gentle touch, my body going from languid to needy in the span of a single heartbeat. My pussy ached with every stroke of his hand, ached for more. Harder. Deeper. Just more.

I didn’t understand what he wanted, my mind too focused on the wet glide of his fingers over my swollen core. Why had he called me a sir?

“Octavia? What do you call me when you are like this?”

“What?” Two fingers slid inside my wet folds and I bit my lip to hold back a soft, greedy moan. I was not successful and the wanton sound made his grip tighten in my hair. Being touched by a man was better than I’d imagined. I wanted more. I wanted his tongue in my mouth and his cock in my pussy, I wanted

“You are mine, Octavia. When we are alone, you will call me sir.”

I’d call him anything he wanted me to, as long as he didn’t stop touching me. “Yes, sir.”


I had become little more than a mindless animal. I could hold no thought in my mind but taking her. No logic but the pleasure of pumping into her. No restraint against the need to bury myself deeply inside of her over and over.

Watching with rapt attention, I slid two fingers inside her wet core, holding her bottom open wide so I could stare as my thick digits disappeared inside her hot, pink center. Her pussy was swollen and coated with glistening welcome. Heat unlike any other surrounded my probing fingers and my entire body clenched with need. The scent of her arousal teased me, loosed instincts so old I had no hope of combatting them. Her surrender sealed her fate.

Mine. She was mine.

No longer a man, I was a beast. I knew the precise moment she realized it, felt the shiver race along her overheated skin. Aye, I was an animal set to devour her. The bubbling sensation in my veins intensified as my cock swelled in answer to my need. It would be so easy to turn her away from me on her hands and knees, to lift her ass in the air and fill her until she whimpered and begged for more.

The thought made my balls ache, but the musky scent of her arousal, the petal-soft skin on her well-spanked ass, and the wet heat of her pussy around my fingers fed something dark within me, and I was not yet ready to stop touching her, to starve my need to dominate her when I had a warm, willing female sprawled over my knees.

She was mine, completely under my control. The power was addictive. The trust she gave me wrapped around my heart and squeezed like barbed vines. Pain. Sweet pain.

Lust. Desire. Control. I needed to break through her barriers, turn her into a mindless creature who would experience nothing but pleasure. I needed to tame her completely, make sure she knew exactly who she belonged to now.

The dark red of her robes bunched just above her waist, a perfect frame for her fair skin, the ripe curves of her hips and ass. Her bottom was still hot and I leaned down to kiss her there. Anticipation held me in place as I filled her with two fingers, worked them inside her deeper than they’d been before, wiggling and curving them against the tight walls of her core until she dropped her head toward the floor with a moan.

“Who is your master?” I demanded. “Who makes your body sing, your heart beat? Who protects you now?”


I loved to hear the guttural, needy ache in her voice, but she forgot herself. I smacked her bottom hard enough to sting. I expected a protest. Instead, her pussy clamped down on my fingers as she jerked in my hold. “Who is your master?”

“You, sir.” She was panting now and I bent low again, nipping at the rounded curves of her bottom with gentle bites as I fucked her with my fingers, careful to avoid her clit. I did not want her to come, not yet, not until she begged.

“Do you want to go back, Octavia? Do you want me to stop touching you?”

Silence, tense and heavy, stretched between us as I pulled my fingers out of her body, slid them back in, my pace so slow I knew she would feel every movement, focus on the smallest change. But I would not yield, not on this.

I would never force her to fuck me. She was mine. My body knew the truth, as did my soul. She was my Fated Mate as I was hers. But she was my enemy and not familiar with the ways of my people. She had to admit her need, our connection. She must give herself to me.

If my instincts were true, she would feel our connection as well. She could no more walk away than I could let her go.

“No.” Her voice slid inside my head, lower. My mate. Her smell, of rare jasmine and feminine arousal, filled my lungs. My blood sang, lust rose in a cloud around me, drove me to claim her.

“No, what?”

“No, sir. I don’t want to leave.” She wiggled her hips, trying to push back, force my fingers deeper inside her hot pussy. “And I don’t want to stop.”

I used both hands to draw the fabric of her dress up over her shoulders and head. She lifted her arms to help me, but when I reached her wrists I stopped, using the fabric to bind her wrists.

“What are you doing?”

“Exactly what you need me to do.” I checked the bindings, made sure they weren’t too tight before lifting her off my lap. She weighed nothing and I marveled at how I could be so drawn to such a small female. But drawn to her I was. I could not stop myself from lifting my fingers to my mouth and sucking her sweet juices from them as she watched. Her scent, her musk on my tongue made my head buzz with obsession. I needed more.

With a grunt of impatience, I pulled the covering from my body and pulled her toward me until her bottom rested at the very edge of the bed. I spread her legs wide and lifted them to my shoulders, studying the view from the front.

Octavia had lowered her bound hands to her chest, hiding from me. I tsked as I reached for them, lifting them high above her head. “Leave them up until I tell you otherwise, mate.”

She didn’t answer, but nodded and licked her lips. Those lips were so close.

Our gazes locked for a moment but she could no longer hide her thoughts from me. The longer I spent with her, the more I sensed her mind. The injections her people had given me were wearing off and her desire vibrated on the edge of my awareness like a plucked string next to my cock, shaking it, making me burn.

Her gaze darted to my lips and I knew she wanted me to kiss her again. But I was not going to give her exactly what she wanted.

I kissed her cheek instead and pushed her legs wide until I stood naked, my hips cradled between her thighs, the tip of my cock touching her wet core. Moving her feet to rest on the bed, I worked my way down her body to suckle at her breasts. The lobes were nicely rounded, a perfect handful.

She moaned as I pulled the nipples deeply into my mouth, swirling the taut peaks with my tongue, biting so she’d feel a slight sting.

Her hips bucked as she tried to take me inside her and I marveled as her legs dropped so that her thighs were completely flat on the bed, her pussy more open than any I’d ever seen.

Gods help me. It was a good thing I hadn’t known she was so flexible.

Sliding lower, I rubbed her sensitive core with every inch of my body as I passed until my mouth found her sweet entrance. I plunged my tongue deep and she bucked up off the bed.

As if trying to protect her core, her legs lifted to wrap around my head like a vise. But this limited my movement and I wanted to taste her fully, to hold her open as I thrust deep.

“Open your legs for your master. Give your pussy to me. It’s mine. I want it wide open and waiting for me. I’ll fill it with my fingers, or my tongue, or my cock. Whatever I want.”

I could feel her shock at my words, her puzzlement and her lust, but her legs dropped back to the bed and I placed my palms on her inner thighs, holding her open. Reaching into a drawer near the bed, I pulled a rope free and quickly tied her down, loops of rope holding her knees bent, her thighs open and flat to the bed. She could not move, could not escape, her pussy on perfect display as I walked around her and secured her wrists to the top of the bed as well.

She was laid out before me like a feast and I buried my face in her pussy, licking and sucking, flicking her clit until she was so wet, so ready that her juices slid down her skin to land on the bed.

“Do it. Take me. Fill me up.” Tied and bound before me, her words were a command, nothing less. My little mate had so much to learn…

“This pussy is mine.” Her dark eyes smoldered at me, but I felt the ripple of sensual excitement in her mind and I deliberately sucked her sensitive clit into my mouth hard enough to make her back bow up off the bed. I released it and gave a light swat to the nub to watch her reaction. Some women loved having their pussies spanked, some hated it. I was eager to discover what would make my mate scream with pleasure.

Her hips bucked and I watched like a hypnotized man as the walls of her pussy clenched and pulsed on open air.

My mate liked a little pain with her pleasure. Happy with my discovery and eager to master her completely, I shoved two rough fingers into her pussy and nibbled on her clit, rolling it gently, so gently between my teeth. Not because I would hurt her, but because I knew the possibility would drive her wild with need.

“Why? Why are you doing this?” Her head thrashed from side to side and I knew it was almost time. She was on the edge, about to break open and fly free. She was about to lose control of her body and her mind. For me. Only for me.

I kissed my way to her stomach where I would plant my seed, pulling on the lips of her pussy with my teeth as I passed them by. The soft, smooth skin was plump and swollen, ripe. Ready for me. “You’re mine. Every inch of you. Every part of you.”

I pushed my thumb into her pussy and pinched her clit in a rhythmic motion as I stretched her open, pulling her pussy wide, wide enough to take my cock. She arched like a bow and I stopped as the peak reached for her, then faded to her whimper of frustration.

Gods, I could do this for hours.

“No!” Arms still stretched above her head, she turned her face to the side and bit the inside of her arm. I smacked her thigh with my hand, the sting punishment for her action.

“No biting. You don’t get to hurt yourself. Your body is mine. Your pain is mine. Your pleasure is mine.”

“Then do it already! Enough of your games. Fuck me. I want you inside me.”

Oh, no, no, no. Not ready yet. She was still thinking, still making demands. I shook my head and lowered my lips to her clit, slid my thumb back inside her pussy. She groaned and thrashed on the bed as I brought her to the pinnacle and stopped. Hands on her thighs again, I leaned down and blew a soft stream of air on her wet core. “Who does this pussy belong to?”

She whimpered, but answered me. “You, sir.”

Good. She remembered this time.

“Who am I?”

“My master.”

“And what do you want, mate?”

She shook, her entire body trembling before me. “I want to come. I want your cock inside me.”

Moving forward, I stepped between her legs until the tip of my cock rested at her core. Pre-cum dripped from the tip as I rubbed her pussy lips with the head, nearly unmanning myself with the pleasure-pain. Soon, my seed would be inside her. Soon, she would be mine forever. “Not until you beg.”



“Who am I?”

“My master.”

My hands skimmed over her hips, her stomach, and her breasts. She could not move under the sensual assault. Forcing myself to hold still, I rolled her nipples between my fingers but held completely still, tormenting both of us.

Great shuddering breaths left her and she closed her eyes. “Please, Master. Please, please, please fuck me. Please, sir. Please.”

Her words sent a jolt of physical pleasure up my spine. “Open your eyes.”

She did and I held her gaze as I shifted my body, stretching her open slowly, so slowly, and took what was mine.

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