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Claimed by the General by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

Claimed by the GeneralAyala gasped at the elaborate room before her. There was a sunken pool in the floors, tiled with gorgeous colors such as blues and white and yellows. There were cloth chairs beside the pool to lounge in, which looked exquisite. She had never seen such luxury before and couldn’t believe she was about to enjoy it.

“Once the supplies are brought,” Lord Eiotan began, “we are not to be disturbed. I will pay for the bath when we are finished.”

The woman blushed, glancing at Ayala’s bottom, clearly remembering the state in which Ayala had entered the bathhouses before, and nodded.

“Yes, sir. This room is all yours.” Another woman entered with bath salts, soaps, oils, and towels and set them down within easy reach of the couple. Both women bowed their heads and exited the room, closing the door behind them.

As the door clicked, a smile came over Lord Eiotan’s face. Something in his eyes awoke. Ayala narrowed her eyes at him, giving him a questioning look. What was he up to? He approached her and turned her away from, unlacing her dress. Slowly he dragged the dress up and over her head, leaving her in her underthings.

Lord Eiotan traced his fingers softly on her skin, igniting little trails of flame across her flesh. He unlaced her chemise, revealing her in just her panties. Kneeling down, he kissed the small of her back. Ayala rose up on her toes in response, shivering at his touch. Lord Eiotan grasped the waistband of her panties and slowly dragged them down, all the while trailing kisses down her, from her bottom to her thighs to the backs of her knees.

When she was naked, he turned her around to face him. He slowly removed his shirt, revealing taut muscles underneath. Ayala walked to him and knelt before him. She untied the waist of his pants and helped him undress.

She nearly gasped when he was fully naked; he was very clearly aroused. She ran her hands down the rippling muscles of his stomach, and rose when he caught her hand and pulled her up. Lord Eiotan led her into the warm water.

“It feels wonderful, sir!” Ayala exclaimed, dipping down into the water to wet her body and her hair. Lord Eiotan’s hands grazed her from behind, grabbing a hold of her waist. In one quick movement, he lifted her over the edge of the tile. He placed her so she was bent of the edge of the pool, bottom up and presented, her tummy flat on the floor. It took a full second before she realized the gravity of her situation.

“Wait, sir! I’ve been well behaved! I haven’t disobeyed you! Please! Don’t spank me!”

Lord Eiotan laughed behind her as he observed the sight before him. He stood straight behind her, enjoying the sight of Ayala naked, bent over, ready for whatever he decided to do to her at that moment. He laid a hand on her back and bent to whisper in her ear.

“I have decided I want to spank this luscious bottom of yours. I expect you to obey me and hold your position, no matter what I do to you,” he said softly, his breath tickling her neck. A soft shiver of nervousness passed through her. He smiled and raised his hand.

Ayala squeezed her eyes shut, scared she was about to be punished. The first spank sounded in the room, echoing off the tiles. She blushed instantly. What would the women think? Would they think she was constantly bad? That she needed to be spanked all the time? Then she realized the view Lord Eiotan had. Not only could he look upon her entire bottom, but also in this position, he could see all of her charms. She clasped her legs together, hoping she could hide any semblance of a response she had to him. Wetness began to pool between her thighs just at the thought of it. She clamped her legs harder in response.

Lord Eiotan began to spank in earnest, spanking first the left and then the right cheek. She quickly realized the spanks had only a bit of sting to them, nothing like when she had been punished over his knees. Every few smacks, he would vary the intensity, catching her with a few stingy hard ones, and then lightening up afterward.

A slow fire began to build over her bottom cheeks. Occasionally, Lord Eiotan would pause and rub the sting away, kneading her skin and brushing his fingers across her thighs. He would then light into her bottom anew, with a gradual buildup of harder spanks. He began to focus on her sit spots, which were very clearly open for attention.

She felt the fire slowly become rooted deep in her belly and down into the juncture of her thighs. Without thinking, she began to lift her hips up to meet his hand. As she did, the spanks gradually got harder, but she took them, feeling the pain deep into her core. She closed her eyes and moaned. The swats continued to rain down on her bottom, and she rose to meet every single one.

When his hand began to slow, Lord Eiotan moved in toward her, raining kisses down on her reddened and freshly spanked skin.

“Open your legs, before I decide to really punish you, Ayala. You’ve been a good girl all day, and I’d hate to have to take my belt to your bottom when we get home.”

Ayala gasped and quickly complied, not wanting to be punished yet again. She slowly opened her legs, knowing he was getting a full view of all of her.

“Wider,” he said, quickly landing two very hard spanks on her sit spots.

Ayala cried out and quickly obeyed, opening her legs much wider. For a moment, there was complete silence, and she knew he was observing her, all of her. She jumped when she suddenly felt his fingers brush up her thigh, traveling up toward her entrance.

“Tsk tsk… naughty girl. I can see you enjoyed your spanking. Clearly, I’m going to have to spank you much, much more often…” His fingers grazed her inner thigh, making contact with her lips, gliding over the wetness. His other hand rained down more spanks on her bottom. The sound echoed throughout the room.

His fingers settled over the little knot of pleasure nestled within her lips and began to move in a circular motion. She nearly bucked in response, and his other arm settled on her lower back, holding her down. The fingers began to move faster and the pressure seemed to increase. Ayala moaned and ground her hips into his fingers. That deep-seated fire began to grow until it felt overwhelming, as though it had taken over her entire being. She could think of nothing else but the pleasure coursing through her veins.

Suddenly everything exploded in a blinding light, pleasure taking over her every fiber, racing down every nerve. Her fingers clenched and her toes curled. She couldn’t think, could only experience this pleasure as it peaked. Finally, as everything very slowly began to fade leaving a warm, fuzzy glow, she collapsed into the tile, spent.

Lord Eiotan picked her up and drew her to him, keeping her warm in the steamy water. He hugged her, stroking her hair and tickling her neck and shoulders with kisses.

“Now that’s my good girl,” he whispered to her. Ayala smiled in response as he drew her into a kiss, softly meeting her lips, gradually drawing her deeper into it. Ayala clung to him as she kissed him with equal vigor. Maybe things with Lord Eiotan could really become something one day. Maybe this was the start of something new, something wonderful.

Lord Eiotan reached for the soaps and slowly began to wash her. He started by massaging shampoo into her hair. Ayala moaned as his fingers softly scratched her scalp. She had never been taken care of like this before. It felt blissful and almost too good to be true. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to give in to his careful ministrations.

Lord Eiotan slowly and methodically washed all of her. He scrubbed her with the bath sponge, up and down her back. Ayala nearly purred in response. Next, he directed her to sit on the edge of the bath so that he could wash her legs.

“Open your legs for me, kitten,” he softly commanded. Ayala shyly complied, knowing he could once again see all of her. A soft blush caressed her cheeks, as she watched him take his fill of her body. He slowly brushed the soapy sponge up and down her legs, focusing on her inner thighs. Soft quivers of pleasure made their way through her. Lord Eiotan thoroughly washed her legs before bringing the sponge to brush against her folds. Ayala arched at the sudden sensation. He couldn’t mean to make her world explode again, could he?

He dipped the sponge in the water, slowly rinsing away the soap on her legs and squeezing water over her nether lips. Jumping in response at the sensation, Ayala let a soft little moan escape her lips. She felt kisses begin to trail up her left leg, then her right, stopping at the juncture of her inner thigh and her secret place. Her legs begin to shake, quivering with need. She closed her eyes and leaned back as he began to lick and suck her nether lips. She felt wetness begin to trickle out of her as the pleasure coursing through her grew and grew.

Lord Eiotan began to give more attention to her little pearl, licking softly with varying pressure. When he saw the muscles within her thighs tremble in response, he began to suck on her nub in earnest as she arched her back and moaned shamelessly.

Ayala nearly screamed as pleasure overtook her. That wonderful feeling, like she was flying, again took over her. Her muscles contracted, her back arched, and her fingers scraped at the tile floor. After the sensations finally came to a peak, she gradually relaxed back down as waves of pleasure raced through her, slower by the second. When it was finally over, she felt numb, blissful. Lord Eiotan’s fingers grazed her legs; she felt him plant a kiss right on her little pleasure center, and she smiled.

Ayala slowly made her way up on her elbows so she could once again see him. He was watching her with soft eyes and a small smile.

“So I take it that you’re enjoying bath time,” he said as a smirk made its way across his face. Ayala blushed in earnest, quickly bringing her legs back together after realizing the sight she was giving him. She shyly hugged her knees to her chest, crossing her ankles in an attempt to cover herself. He offered her a hand and she took it. He helped her back into the water, and she sat on the seat along the edge of the pool, not wanting to test her still quivering legs. She sat back and gazed at him, knowing full well he had a grand view of her naked breasts.

She reached for the oil and poured some in her hands, streaking it through her hair. Lord Eiotan watched her as he shampooed his hair, and washed his upper body with the sponge he had just used to excite her. The water grew soapy, hiding her view of his lower body. When her legs finally felt steady, she made her way over to him. Reaching underwater, her fingers grazed his hips, exploring. When her hand first touched his shaft, she jolted away.

“It’s ok, Ayala, you don’t have to,” he said gently.

“But I want you to feel as good as you made me feel,” she responded. He chuckled and then gasped as her hands curled around his cock. As she began to move her hands up and down, stroking him, he shuddered and grabbed the edge of the pool for support.

Ayala stroked his manhood, a little shocked by its hardness and its size. It was true she had never lain with a man before, but she did hear stories growing up. She knew that in order to couple with a man, this was supposed to fit inside her. She shuddered almost imperceptibly, nervous that that may one day happen to her, maybe even with Lord Eiotan’s swollen cock.

His mouth opened and his breaths came deeper and deeper. Finally, he gave a heavy shudder; she felt his shaft pump a few times underwater, and the hardness began to relax. When she finally looked up at him, he had an adoring look about his face.

“You’re such a good girl, Ayala,” he said softy. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her close for a long moment. “Now let’s rinse and get ready for the evening and for our meeting with Cortés.”

Playfully, Ayala dove under the water, rinsing every trace of soap and oils from her body. He climbed the stairs out of the pool and turned around, beckoning her to follow. Lord Eiotan picked up a towel, draped it around his waist, and waited.

Ayala smirked and climbed the stairs slowly, shamelessly enjoying, just for a moment, the look of appreciation that crossed his face as her naked body emerged from the water. Her breasts peaked in response, and she felt wetness pool between her thighs. How did he have this effect on her? What did it mean? Transfixed, Lord Eiotan watched her as he grabbed a towel for her. He held it up as she reached him, never taking his eyes off of her. He wrapped the towel around her. Taking a second towel, he dried her hair with it. Running the material down her arms, he then continued to her legs, thoroughly drying her skin.

The women thoughtfully had brought a comb with the supplies, so Ayala picked it up and began to brush her hair. It was quick work, her hair soft and malleable from the shampoos and oils that she had worked into it. She squeezed her hair, letting more water drip from her soft strands. Satisfied she was dry, she slipped her panties back on, along with her chemise. Finally, she pulled her dress over her head. She straightened it, adjusting the hugging cloth draped around her hips. Lord Eiotan had dressed as well, and came over to lace up her dress. His fingers glided over her neck as he brushed her hair out of the way. She shivered. He quickly tied up her laces and moved in close to her ear, his breath tickling her.

“I’m going to think about spanking your cute bottom all day.”

Ayala gasped and quickly spun around, landing a soft chiding slap on his shoulder. “I, sir, am a lady,” she said. “And ladies never get spankings!” She tried to keep a straight face, but a smile quickly broke as he raised an eyebrow to her cheekiness.

“Is that so… Maybe I should take you to the market. Make you pick out your own wooden spoon and a paddle, meant solely to spank that bratty little bottom. Maybe even spank you with them in the market square? Would you like that, little girl?”

She gasped. Shock made its way quickly over her features.

“You wouldn’t!”

“Actually, I do think making you pick out your own special implements is a wonderful idea. I do believe we have some time before we must meet the king. Now that we are bathed and fed, I think it’s the perfect time to take you to the market. If you behave, then maybe, just maybe, I won’t spank you in the middle of the square.”

Ayala was stunned silent. Oddly enough, more wetness pooled between her thighs and her nipples peaked again. Lord Eiotan saw the traces of her body betraying her, and softly squeezed those aching nipples.

“So, I take it my little kitten would like that, huh. Maybe I should spank you whenever the need arises? Regardless of where we are?”

“Please, sir, don’t!”

“I think this may require further thought. To investigate this theory, I will test the implements you so choose, on you. You will bend over the table at my instruction and present yourself to me for your spanking. Each implement you choose, I will test on you with six strokes. You will count every spank. If you don’t count correctly, I will instruct you to raise your dress and we will continue on your nearly bare bottom. Plus I will add an extra swat for every time you miscount.”

Ayala stared at him, mouth agape.

“Is that clear, young lady?”

“Yes, sir,” she finally managed to say, feeling as though she had swallowed a ball of cotton.

“Good girl. Now let’s go pick out things to spank that lovely bottom of yours with.” He threaded his arm through hers and assertively led her out of the room. He quickly paid the attendants, who gave her an all-knowing look. Her hands instinctively moved to cover her backside, thinking of her bath-time spanking, and she blushed even harder when their smiles grew. They knew she had been spanked in the bath! Thankfully, Lord Eiotan led her out of the bathhouse quickly, but she knew the women were watching as she was led away. However, she quickly forgot about the women as she remembered Lord Eiotan’s threats. He body reacted instantly to the thought, and confusion raced through her.

How could she be excited about a spanking? A spanking in public even? When he had threatened to raise her dress in the square if she miscounted, a jolt had raced through her limbs. What did it all mean?

Lost in her thoughts, Ayala silently followed Lord Eiotan. Since her first spanking across the lord’s knees, her mind was consumed by it. Even thoughts of her punishments had her body raging in response. The whole experience of having her bottom bared over his lap was amazingly compelling, sexy, and embarrassing, all at the same time. Maybe she should test him and see if he would really spank her during their shopping trip. Would he really raise her dress?

As they walked, they happened to pass an alley, where slapping sounds rang out. Upon observation, Ayala saw a woman over a man’s lap, getting a spanking. He was lecturing her about spending money wisely, and not buying bolts of fabric. Her red bottom was facing them, a rosy pink color that quickly developed into a deep red as the man’s spanks grew harder.

Lord Eiotan stopped, and caught her watching the scene. He wrapped his hands around her waist.

“Think about that view. Think about how very shortly, you could wind up in the same position if you don’t behave. Maybe we will visit that alley on the way back to the palace. What do you think?”

“You wouldn’t,” she gasped.

“Don’t tempt me, little one,” he warned, a smile coming over his features, begging her to test him. He turned her back toward the spanking in progress. His right hand settled on her bottom and patted it gently through her dress. A shiver raced up Ayala’s spine.

The woman getting spanked in the alley howled at the volleys of smacks on her bottom, as she struggled against the strong arm that kept her cemented to his lap. She quickly started apologizing to the man spanking her, promising good behavior, and to not buy any more things without his permission. The man started spanking her sit spots and her upper thighs, which got her attention very quickly. The apologies became more desperate, as the woman could hardly focus on anything other than the spanks on her bottom. He spanked her even harder, and she started to sob.

“I’m sorry, sir! Please, I’m so very sorry,” she cried. “I won’t do it again.”

“I want you to count. Six more, and then your punishment will be over. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied pitifully.

“Now raise your bottom, and prepare yourself.” The woman complied, lifting up her bottom for punishment. The man spanked slowly, with amazing force directed at her sit spots while he waited to hear her count. Each swat was solid, and it took a moment for the woman to catch her breath to count for him. The final two were extra hard, focusing on the juncture of her upper thighs and sit spot. She laid spent over his knees, crying in submission. The man helped her up and hugged her to him, her bare bottom sitting on his thighs. She cried into his shoulder, muttering apologies. He rubbed her back, telling her that all was forgiven, that she was again his good girl. Lifting her chin with a finger, he kissed her. The man then told her how much he loved her.

Lord Eiotan led Ayala away from the scene, into the market.

“Remember, if you don’t behave, that could be you shortly,” he warned, smiling. Ayala glared back at him, trying to look serious, but was having a hard time looking angry. The vision of the woman getting spanked stayed with her. She could feel her body responding yet again. What was wrong with her? Spankings hurt! Well… except for fun ones, like in the bath, she thought. She rolled her eyes, exasperated with herself.

“Rolling your eyes, huh? I can see we need to find an implement straight away to take care of that!” Lord Eiotan exclaimed, grabbing her arm and leading her to a wood carver’s bench. There were cutting boards, carved figurines, many kitchen utensils, and all sorts of other things that adorned his very large table of goods.

“Welcome, sir, ma’am,” the wood carver said. He was a big, round man, with short hair and a massive gray beard. His hands were tough and used to hard work. He was carving a small piece of wood, and smiled at the new customers.

“Good day to you! My wife and I are in the market for a few things. Tell him, honey, exactly what you need and exactly what it will be used for,” Lord Eiotan commanded, his voice firm.

Ayala squeaked.

“Don’t you dare make me repeat myself, young lady. We can go back to that alley right now, and then we will return to this lovely man’s table for you to tell him what you need.”

“Please, sir…” Ayala slowly responded, forcing herself to say the words before he dragged her off, spanked her, and made her come back. “My husband would like me to pick out a nice wooden spoon and wooden paddle to…” she paused, “to… spank me with when I misbehave, sir.” She was silent, hoping the ground would open up and swallow her, when a massive grin broke out on the wood carver’s face.

“I see! I used to make things to spank my own wife with; in fact, I still do!” He picked two things off the table—a heavy solid wooden spoon, and a small dark cherry wood paddle, no larger than her hairbrush—and handed them to Lord Eiotan.

“This paddle seems very light,” he replied.

“Don’t you worry, sir! Both of these are guaranteed to get a right sorry response real quick. Would you like to test them? Feel free! Good solid merchandise!”

“Don’t mind if I do!” He quickly directed Ayala to bend over the table, picking up the wooden paddle first. He rested it on her bottom over her dress. She shivered as the place between her legs began to throb. Quickly, the hard wood left her bottom and came down swiftly on her left cheek. She yelped and waited.

“Forgetting my instructions already?”

Ayala rose to look at him and was quickly pushed down back into position. She felt a cool breeze on the back of her legs before she suddenly realized Lord Eiotan was raising her dress.

“Please, sir! Don’t!” she cried out, hating that her tender breasts hardened, nervous butterflies circling inside her.

“Quiet. Now count the rest, starting from one. If you fail to follow my directions again, I will take down your panties. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir,” she quietly replied. Again the cold wood lay on her bottom and quickly disappeared, coming down with a god-awful sting.

“One, sir.” Another spank rained down on her other cheek. The sting radiated through her. Spanks two through four went rather quickly, and she counted with each one, her voice becoming increasingly strained as the sting rose to worrying proportions.

“Arch your back.”

She complied, and two more quickly came down on both her sit spots. She cried out, but stayed in position.

“Five and six, sir,” she said quietly. She heard him put down the paddle, and assumed he picked up the wooden spoon.

“I’m going to give you six with the spoon as well, but they will be very quick. You do not have to count.”

“But sir! Please!” she pleaded, trying to rise again.

In response, he quickly pushed her back in position and pulled down her panties, leaving her bare for the world to see.

“You just made it ten,” he said before grasping hold of her hips and lighting into her. Every stroke landed solidly, the wooden spoon burning like crazy. The last few spanks again concentrated on her sit spots, which made Ayala howl in response, apologizing and hoping he wouldn’t spank her more.

“Next time, you take your spanks like a good girl, and I won’t have to bare your bottom,” he said as his hands rubbed over her bottom cheeks. He let his hand slip in between her thighs, sliding over the wetness gathered there. He slowly pulled her panties back up and pulled her dress down, helping her stand up.

He looked at the wood carver, who had clearly enjoyed the show, and said, “We’ll take both! I have a feeling that my cheeky little wife here will be feeling both of these on her bottom again very soon.”

“I sure hope so!” the wood carver replied. “That bottom of hers takes beautifully to punishment. Turns awfully red very quickly.”

Ayala blushed and kept her eyes down. The entire market had seen her bare bottom, and not just that, had seen it getting a spanking! She wanted the ground to swallow her up. She was even more embarrassed that Lord Eiotan had felt how wet the whole spectacle had made her. Her body’s betrayal guaranteed that Lord Eiotan would spank her again in public. Ayala wanted so much to hate it, but couldn’t bring herself to. Her need was throbbing too deeply throughout her entire body.

The wood carver bagged their purchases and handed them to Lord Eiotan. He took the bag, as well as her hand, and started leading her away from the market.

“Next time we visit the market, maybe we should visit a leather maker. I bet we could find some things to spank naughty girls with there too,” he warned, smirking.

Ayala blushed again, speechless. Lord Eiotan laughed and led her back to his home. He handed her the wooden paddle and told her to put it on her nightstand, beside her hairbrush.

“What about the wooden spoon?” she hesitantly asked.

“That will stay here in the kitchen, just in case I decide you need a spanking right away and we can’t make it to the bedroom.”

“Sir!” she exclaimed, to which he raised an eyebrow.

“Do we need a reminder?”

“No, sir! I’ll be good!”

“Then raise your skirts, pull down your panties, and bend over the kitchen table. Now.”

Ayala froze, but when Lord Eiotan narrowed his eyes, she quickly did was she was told. When she was bare and bent over the table, her bottom on display, she felt a warm and happy feeling rush over her. Even though he could spank her at any moment, and probably would, she felt safe in his hands. She felt him move behind her and she shivered.

His fingers grazed her inner thighs, making their way across her very wet lips.

“Seems my little wife is enjoying her spankings.” She shuddered as his fingers grasped her pussy, sliding between her lips. His fingers circled her nub, causing pleasure to build within her.

Her body responded extremely quickly to him, climaxing with pleasure, pulsing onto his fingers. He put a hand on her lower back, holding down her hips. His other fingers slid back to circle around her core before slowly pressing his finger inside. Slowly he worked his way in, Ayala moaning with abandon. When one finger was completely inside her, he pulled out, and then gently slid in a second finger.

She moaned as he filled her, moving her hips to meet his thrusts. She had never felt this full, and the pleasure within her built as never before. Her moans grew in intensity, desperate for release.

He lifted his other hand off her back, quickly landed two sharp spanks to each side of her bottom, and her world shattered. Pleasure cascaded through her in waves and his fingers continued to work inside her. Her last moan was deep and satisfied, desire working its way within her body. When the waves finally subsided, she felt like jelly, bent over the table as she was.

Lord Eiotan slowly pulled out his fingers from her and softly ran his hands across her skin, kneading her bottom that was still ripe with sting from the attention it had received from her punishment last night, their time at the bathhouse, and her public spanking at the market.

Her breath hissed as his hands continued to squeeze her well-spanked backside. He bent down and kissed each sit spot, and landed a third on the pearl that lay within her lips. She moaned and arched to him, which earned her a quick flurry of spanks across her bottom. She cried out, and then quickly realized that they were hard enough to make a lot of noise, but soft enough to jolt her deep within the cleft between her legs.

He stopped and slowly tugged her panties back into place. He pulled down her dress and helped her to stand.

“Now that’s my good girl. Seems you can follow directions,” he said, his eyes smiling at her obedience, but a mischievous look passed over his face. “It’s time to go. We have to give Cortés a tour of the places he would like to see, and entertain him for the evening. I want you on your best behavior, is that clear?”

“Yes, sir, or course,” she replied sincerely. She would do her best to be his very good girl.

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