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Claiming the Princess by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

Hours later, she brought a tray to him for lunch, and was careful to avoid all his tables of items. Until she got to the last one. She wasn’t paying attention—her focus was on Joe as he bent over to secure a power unit in a hover board—and she bumped the table. The glass of beer tottered, she swayed, brought one hand out from under the tray to make a grab for it, and splat, everything went everywhere!

Joseph practically snapped to attention and spun to face her. “Damn! Girl, what did I tell you is rule number one around here?”

She cringed. “No liquids in the lab. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, this is bad,” he said with a sigh, rubbing his temples.

“What, what’s wrong? Is it very… bad?” she said softly.

He nodded as he glared at her. “Oh, yeah! That beer- and salad-drenched unit would have been a theater-grade holo-projector for a major client.”

“Well… but… can’t you fix it?”

“I don’t know,” he shot back, rising to tower over her. “Jasmine, you have to understand, with a lot of this Old Tech, we can’t synthesize the components, especially the really intricate parts. It took us weeks to find all those pieces.”

“I… I… sorry,” she squeaked.

She shuddered, her heart in her throat and her mouth turning to dust as his scolding tone and domineering spirit made her feel weak and vulnerable, and quite submissive. She hadn’t felt like that since she got that caning from Michael back as a Whipping Girl. It was almost funny. She never thought any other man could elicit that feeling in her.

“Now I can’t concentrate. My mind is focused on you acting like a naughty child and my desire to treat you like one!”

Her mouth opened and closed a couple times, no words, no sounds came out, and she tried desperately to get her brain to work. “Yes. I mean… you… okay, it’s… okay.”

He moved to his work stool and sat, and pointed at the floor on his right side. “You know what? I think I will. Yeah, it’ll vent my frustration, you’ll learn a lesson, and I think we’ll both feel better about the situation. Come here!”

As if in slow motion, she moved toward him feeling like a condemned woman headed to her execution. The few feet she had to traverse seemed to stretch out off into infinity. Yet, somehow she managed to get to his side.

“Y-y-yes, Joseph?”

He pointed at his lap. “Over!”

She barely heard him. Her blood was pounding in her ears so loudly almost nothing could get through. Her left hand touched his right thigh, her right his left and she bent down across his lap. Slowly she lowered herself into position until she came to rest across his broad and muscular lap. With him on the stool, she was high in the air—her hands and feet didn’t touch the floor, and it was quite embarrassing to still be in her silly French maid outfit. His left arm descended across her back, the hairs on his forearm tickled her back, and his large right hand squeezed and kneaded her cheeks. Her legs dangling free meant her ass was stretched tight, so even through panties and skirt, she felt the curves of his fingers and the strength of his muscles. She shivered, goosebumps exploded across her entire body, and she thought her tongue was going to swell up and seal off her mouth.

Smack! His hand struck the center of her ass. She gasped, her eyes growing large, and her body’s reaction totally shocked her. Yes, there was pain, but there was also something else mixed in with it, something she’d felt the night before with Arty. She tried to process the sensation, but it wasn’t easy with the smacks and scolding.

“Jasmine, you have to be more careful from now on, do you understand me? I will not tolerate this careless attitude of yours!”

“I… I… ouch! Yes, Joseph, yes, sir, not be clumsy, try harder—ow!”

“You better, you read me? You screw up like this again, and do you know what’ll happen to you?” he questioned, landed a solid smack to her right cheek.

“I… um… that is… I,” she stammered, trying to get her tongue to work.

“Do you?” he demanded, giving her left an equally sound smack.

“Spanked, I get… sp-sp-spanked, ouch,” she blurted out.

“Very good, you’re learning. I know it might sound primitive, I know it might seem like something better suited to a child, but I happen to be old school, especially when it comes to a naughty young lady who should know better.”

The smacks kept landing, back and forth from one cheek to the other, then around the outer edges of her ass, across the crack, and—worst of all—down low where her glutes met her upper thighs. Oh, those stung the most of all. Fire rippled across her flesh, building and burning, and yet in the background was that other feeling, the one she couldn’t quite figure out. Throbbing bolts pulsated inside her body. It was as if the smacks of his hands were being delivered in slow motion. Between each spank, fingers of energy thrust into her pussy, setting it on fire.

Then, just as quickly as he started, he stopped, and she shuddered. Was it relief or despair? She gasped as she felt his fingers curl under the hem of her tiny skirt, his nails lightly raking her stinging cheeks. Slowly, he worked the skirt up until it was at her waist, and then his palm swirled across her hot skin.

“Ohhh, so sore,” she whined. “Joe, I’m really sorry. Trust me, I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” he said smugly.

“Huh? Wait, what?” she squeaked in fear and surprise.

He chuckled. “We are not even at the halfway point, missy. So, here we go!”

Her jaw dropped as his hand flew back from her poor ass. “No—ouch!”

She wasn’t able to finish her plea for clemency as he resumed the spanking. Her delicate white panties were rather high cut. Not a thong, but a good portion of her behind was bare, and now his firm and callused hand was smacking that defenseless flesh. She wailed, bucking on his lap, her hand flying back to block as she again begged for mercy.

“No, wait, ouch! Joseph, please, it’s too-ow-much,” she cried.

He snorted. “Oh, my sweet, you don’t know what that term truly means. One rule you’re going to get to know around here is that we don’t consider a spanking well begun until you think it’s time to stop.”

“Whaaat? Noooo—owww, pleeeease,” she howled. “I sorry, I be good, be good girl—ow!”

Her words meant nothing. He spanked, her poor behind grew hotter, and he was deftly able to pin her hand behind her back without so much as pausing in the rain of smacks. The fire roared, her cheeks grew hotter and number, and she wailed. He scolded, she begged, and felt her eyes fill with tears. She was close to bawling, and that was rare for her.

Then, just as she was sure she was going to sob, he again stopped. Her lungs heaved as she gulped air and gave thanks for him finally showing her mercy. Her face scrunched up in pain at his hand kneading and caressing her burning flesh. Oh, he was very good at pain and pleasure, and the relief he gave—while agonizing—was welcomed.

His arms disappeared from her back and his left hand closed about her left forearm. “All right, girl, up, and off with that blouse and skirt.”

Sliding down next to him, her eyebrows went up as her hands flew to her bottom. “What? Why?”

“The final phase of your spanking is to be delivered to your bare little bottom. As I like things… shall we say… balanced, I want your skirt and blouse off. Now, come on!”

“I… um…but… you see…” she stammered.

Smack, his hand swung around to deliver a solid spank. “Move it, girl!”

“Ow,” she yelped, hopping up. “Y-y-yes, sir.”

She slipped the skirt down. That was easy enough, but she turned beet red as her hands reached for the blouse. She had no bra and so was mortified beyond measure as she undid the buttons and put it aside.

Joseph smiled. “My goodness, Jasmine, you are a vision!”

She blushed ten shades darker as her head seemed to go up in flames. She was hard-pressed to know which pair of cheeks was redder and hotter than the other.

“I… um… ah… thank you.”

Still smiling, he bent forward, his hands going to the waistline of her panties, and slowly—ever, ever so slowly—he slid them down. They moved below her waist, her butt was exposed, then her delicate bush popped free, and finally she could just barely feel the fabric teasing her thighs as the panties dropped to her feet.

She was virtually naked before him and trembled with pure sexual fire as she wondered what was next.

“Over,” Joseph ordered, again pointing at his lap.

Jasmine let out a little squeak of surprise and cringed. Granted, back when she was working as a kitchen maid, she often got the occasional smack, even multiple swats in a single day for not being quick enough or making a mistake or mess; she hadn’t really minded, but now she felt a blending of fear and anticipation course through her, and she didn’t know why. Part of it was probably due to her essentially being naked while he was totally dressed. Yet, there was something else, a sort of tingle in her tummy, a fluttering that seemed to ensnare her heart and then rippled out like waves on a pond—only to be amplified in her pussy.

Why on Alexis she should feel that way now, she had no clue, but she was actually relieved to be back across his lap. It gave her a degree of modesty. Her thighs rubbed together, the delicate silk stocking teasing her skin. They and her shoes were all she had on, and when his arm descended across her bare back and his hand caressed her tender cheeks, her toes curled so hard she was worried she’d snap her shoes off. Goosebumps broke out across her arms and legs as his arm hairs tickled her back. His hand left her ass. She stiffened, bracing for the first smack.

“I know this is going to sound like a cliché, but this is going to hurt me more than it does you,” he said.

Smack! His hand landed. She squeaked and lurched forward. The break in spanks had allowed her cheeks to cool a bit, the heat to migrate inward, and now she was getting a new layer of fire that rekindled that initial onslaught. She squirmed and rubbed her thighs together as she was confused by what was happening to her body. That inner conflagration was not heating her behind. It was like the furnace of an old-fashioned locomotive. As he smacked over and over, each swat of his hand was like a shovel throwing coal into the fire, and it just kept building. She shook and shuddered, sweat dripping from her body as her pussy became engorged and drenched, and the ‘train engine’ was building up speed.

“Ouch, ow! I sorry, so sorry, I sorryyyy,” she wailed.

“I understand that, Jasmine, and I appreciate that. You have no idea how much I don’t want to do this, not like this, but it has to be done. You have to learn how important this is.”

Huh, what does that mean, ‘not like this’?

If she could concentrate, she’d definitely want to try to figure out what he was talking about, but the twin sensations of pleasure and pain were all she could focus on, and the former was totally confusing.

Her chin trembled and she felt like quite the contrite little girl. “Yes, you’re right, I deserve it. Spank me, teach me a lesson, make sure I know to be good. You know best—ow!”

“That’s very mature of you, little one. Know this, this is your fate from now on,” he scolded. “If you’re naughty, if you don’t listen to us, this is what’s going to happen to you. I and both of my brothers will not hesitate to put you across our knee and spank, spank, spank you as long and as hard as we feel is necessary for you to learn your lesson.”

Her teeth chattered and she arched her back as he paused to knead and squeeze her hot cheeks. Mouth dry, throat tight, heart pounding, blood and body surging, her mind was unable to process anything. A single image exploded through her brain: a racing locomotive. She groaned as it slowed for a moment. His hand cupped her hot right cheek. She moaned and thrust back into his touch as her hands grabbed his trousers and the rung of the stool.

“Yes,” she squeaked.

“That’s my girl! Ah, I truly love you, Jasmine, you’re incredible—body, brains, you’ve got it all.”

She glowed, a small smile breaking out across her face as she sighed happily. His words were like wine. Then his hand resumed its action—the smacks fell again. She squealed, just about lifting her ass to meet his hand, practically dug her nails into the rung, and howled. Yet, it wasn’t merely pain. As the tears began to fall, so did her inhibitions. Her ‘locomotive’ shot forward, plunged into a deep tunnel, and she exploded with an orgasm unlike any she’d ever known.

It was easily ten minutes before her head cleared. She lay across his lap, drained and limp, and winced at his delicate touch. He was spreading lotion across her enflamed cheeks. She suddenly realized she was literally purring like a kitten.

“Ohhh, Joe, sooo gooodddd,” she groaned.

He laughed. “Thank you, Jasmine, it means a lot to me that you accept your punishment, and that you seem to be recovering in a timely fashion. You’ve been spanked, you took it like a big girl, it’s over, and now all is forgiven.”

She bit her lip, shutting her eyes tight as his fingers drifted down between her legs. It was too subtle to tell if it was deliberate, but the effect was undeniable: it further enflamed her mind and body. A deep guttural moan escaped her lips and she arched her back into his touch. Then, without warning, his hand was gone, and she whimpered in protest and frustration. She let out a squeak of surprise as he seized her in his large and powerful hands, hoisted her into the air, and deposited her in his lap. Sitting there, straddling him so that they were face to face, she tingled and felt her breathing speed up.

“I… ah, Joe, I…”

He smiled, his long right index finger coming up to lightly press against her lips. It was warm, the lingering heat of her spanking making his firm flesh so nicely toasty.

“Hush, little one,” he said softly.

Around her body went his strong arms. He pulled her into him. Their lips met, warm and tender. His left hand caressed her back; his right slid down to cup and knead her hot cheeks. Her blood pressure spiked as her heart went into overdrive. She’d already had one wild time when she wasn’t expecting it, an orgasm while being spanked, and now this incredible man was again stoking her ‘engine’ with fire. She embraced him, his broad muscular back feeling both firm and soft under his flannel shirt. Her legs went up and likewise wrapped about him, the full curves and contours of his magnificent body pressing into hers, and she heaved a sigh of bliss. His warmth comforted her, his hands and arms electrified her, his lips excited her, and all of it combined to take her entire body to renewed heights of delight. They kissed, long and deep, their tongues intertwining like their bodies, and then she cried out into his mouth as he somehow freed his cock from his trousers and slid it easily inside her.

“Oh,” she gasped, her head snapping back.

His lips found her neck, her ear, she shivered and moaned as she bounced in his lap, and then she stifled a groan of painful delight as his hands seized her hot cheeks. He rocked and thrust into her, his long hard shaft raking her clit, teasing her g-spot, and his lips and hands driving her wild. She grabbed his shirt, the force of her passion giving her the strength to shred it, and her toes curled as he lightly nibbled her right nipple.

“Joeeee-sephhhh, you’re… oh… too… too much! Can’t… can’t… take,” she choked out.

His face rose to meet hers and he smiled. “Oh, my pet, we’ve got lots more to do before I’m through with you. You have the most magnificent ass I’ve ever spanked, and now, with it all nice and red, it makes me hot enough to want to fuck all day!”

Her jaw dropped as he emphasized that point by driving his cock as deep inside her as possible. She wailed and grabbed his upper arms, stars dancing before her eyes, and felt the fire rage through her body. Time slipped away. All she heard was her own heart pounding and his rapid breathing. All she felt was pain and pleasure. All she knew was his body and soul locked in sync with hers, and his voice commanding and calm.

“Please… now… must do… must… come,” she choked out.

“Not yet, not now, we have… ohhh… more… have more time,” he ordered.

Her blood boiled, she shut her eyes, desperate to obey, and felt her mind grow cloudy and her body drift away, as if riding a cloud. His kisses were like sunbeams rippling through the sky, the pinches and squeezes to her throbbing cheeks made thunder and lightning arc across every fiber of her being, and she drew closer and closer to a full-fledged storm of passion.

“Yeah, baby, yeah, now… now, now,” he cried out.

He shot his load inside her, her pussy as hot as her ass, and the fires of her body consumed her. Up her body the flames went, roared through her mind, and she shattered. As if having an out of body experience, she hovered above the scene and watched as her body seemed to explode into a million pieces like a china doll hitting the floor. She climaxed, screamed out her bliss, and was consigned to subspace.

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