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Claiming Their Pet by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

It felt as if Master had been spanking her for hours, and yet it seemed as if it was over in an instant. He eased her up to stand next to him, her hands flying to her tender cheeks. She was far too sore to rub, and so she just cupped them through her gauze dress. He smiled and stood, and signaled to someone. Turning, she saw Gary bringing one of the anti-grav carriers toward them. Her brow wrinkled as she couldn’t see what that was for. It was a fairly simple device: two long shafts connected by three cross pieces, it was used as a basic carrying platform to move—well, just about anything. After all, given the fact that they might salvage virtually anything, they had to have something to move almost anything.

The question is: why bring it now?

Gary brought it up next to her as Master and Lin reached for her gown. Her body stiffened as they lifted it, yet she didn’t say or do anything in protest. She was both terrified and excited more than she’d ever known.

“All right, guys, let’s get her up and on it,” Master said.

“Me?” she gasped.

They did so, he and three others holding her aloft by her arms and legs. She squealed loudly, feeling like some sort of sacrifice in a pagan ritual. Down she went on the shafts on all fours, on her elbows and knees, and then her mouth went dry.

She couldn’t move!

It took a moment, but then she remembered: the carriers had force fields to hold the cargo in place. So, from her wrists to her elbows and from her knees to her feet, she was held as firmly as if ropes or glue had her locked on the bars. The men encircled her, grinned down at her and rubbed their hands together, and she could almost swear she felt their eyes play across her naked flesh. She shuddered and trembled, feeling like a slab of meat about to be devoured by hungry wolves.

“Oh, she’s incredible,” Brian said.

Master moved toward her rear, some things in his hands. “That she is. Now, these will insure she’s truly ready for us, and then we’ll leave her to… think for a while before the fun begins.”

The hum of two devices caught her attention, and then something invaded her pussy: a vibrator. She jerked and moaned, and then her eyebrows shot up as she felt hands on her hot cheeks. They were parted, coolness swirled about her anus, and then the tip of another vibrator touched her.

“Ah! Master, wait, what are you doing?” she howled. “No, not my… my ass!”

He ignored her. The start of the vibrator entered her, stretching her. She grunted and grimaced, the pain increasing, the humiliation spiking, and then it filled her. Deeper it went, spreading her, widening her, making her cry out, and finally coming to rest completely within her ass.

“You’re doubling up on the… stimulation?” Carlos said.

Master nodded. “Yes, I realized that some of you guys might like to fuck her in the ass, and she knows nothing of that. So, this is the start of her anal training. Okay now, let’s take a break, and once I’m sure she’s ready, we can start the party.”

The men all cheered, she shuddered, and whimpered in resignation and frustration as they walked away. Once more her mind and body were in overload. She was trapped, held firmly in place, and she was helpless to do anything about what was being done to her. Her ass was hot, yet slowly cooling, and the fire was shooting straight to her pussy. At the same time, the vibrators were heightening her passion; the men were ignoring her, but she knew what they had planned for her, and the thought of what was going to happen to her filled her with terrifying lust.

She didn’t understand how she could feel such sensations all at the same time.

Kneeling there, the sweat trickled across her fiery skin. Her breathing was labored; her heart pounding; her thighs quivered, and her pussy and ass pulsated. As the seconds slowly accumulated, Master would come over and check on her every fifteen to twenty minutes—it felt like hours—and assess her condition. She remained silent, unsure as to how she felt about what was to come. Finally, on the fifth examination, she broke.

“M-m-master, please, I… I… need…” she choked out.

Silence followed. She knew he was standing next to her, but he didn’t move or say a word for several minutes. Again, it felt as if it was an hour, and then his hot breath was at her ear.

“Yes, what is it, my pet?” he whispered.

She moaned and shuddered, her heart erupting so hard she thought her chest would explode. “I… I… need… must have… please, Master, s-s-sex, must have… it!”

He chuckled. “I see, you want to be fucked, is that it? Just by me, my pet, or do you accept that you need… more?”

His hand seized her hair, forcing her to lift her head. Her eyes grew wide and she gasped. The men, all nine of them, stood before her—naked and aroused! Never in her life had she seen so many naked men. Actually, she’d never seen any men other than Dwight naked. They were magnificent. Her blood pounded in her ears, her mouth felt full of cotton, and just opened and closed as no sounds came out. She couldn’t think, couldn’t speak; there was nothing but fiery passion consuming her mind and body.

“Speak, our pet, or we go to the pub for the rest of the day, and leave you here to… simmer,” he ordered.

“No! I… more, need more, need… all, all now, please,” she begged.

They laughed and moved toward her.

Master straightened up. “You heard her, men; she wants all of you, and all of you she shall get—right now!”

She shook from head to toe, every muscle, every fiber of her being alive with terror and excitement, and she was both frozen in fear and enflamed with passion. Gary stepped up in front of her, his long and massive cock swaying before her face, and Carlos and some others moved behind her. The vibrator in her pussy was eased out, and then came a rock-hard cock. Hands on her hips held her as he thrust, thrust, thrust in and out of her. Was it Carlos or someone else? She didn’t know, she didn’t care. Sex was her desire, to be royally fucked until she screamed out her pleasure was all she wanted, and they were giving it to her.

“She know how to give head?” Gary said.

Master shook his head. “Not that I know of. We’ve never done that, and I don’t know if she’s ever done it before. Have you, pet?”

She had. She was eighteen, dating her first real boyfriend, and it was their last night before leaving to take their position here. So, Jodi decided to give him something special to remember her by.

Licking her lips, she nodded ever so slightly. “Y-y-yes, sir,” she admitted.

Dwight’s eyebrows went up. “Really? Well, she displays another hidden talent.”

Gary grinned and stepped closer. “Excellent! All right, Cat Jodi, do it.”

She gasped and grimaced at the cock being thrust into her, then opened her mouth wide, and in went his shaft. Her body shook as she was assailed by another sensation: hands on her red cheeks. Whoever was fucking her was now spanking away with each thrust and drive of his manhood. Gary groaned, his long hard cock sliding deep in her mouth, out a bit, and then back in. She swirled her tongue about it, sucked and slurped, and kept her lips wrapped around his rippled shaft. He tasted meaty and masculine, and his musky aroma filled her nose as much as his flesh did the same to her mouth.

Jodi squealed and grunted, moaned and wailed, her body relishing every sensation being forced on her, even as her mind demanded that she should resist it. Dwight was her master, she was his pet, and no one else should touch her. Yet, she couldn’t resist, couldn’t give voice to those feelings. Her body—her mouth, her pussy, and most especially her ass—craved everything they were doing to her, and more.

On and on it went, her mouth and pussy being savagely fucked, and her mind crumbled and changed with each thrust of their cocks. She wasn’t Jodi anymore. Jodi was gone; she was a pet, a common household cat. No, even that was above her. She was a fuck pet and she belonged to every man on the station. Sucking and slurping, swirling her tongue to urge him on, the fire built in her pussy until she felt as if she was going to explode, and then Gary beat her to it.

He came, shooting his hot load in her, filling her mouth.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, yessss,” he shouted. “Oh, incredible, little pet!”

Dwight chuckled. “Now, be a good little pet and drink all your milk.”

The men roared with laughter at that as she greedily gulped down every drop, and then screamed out her own climax as Carlos came inside her. She now knew he was fucking her as he shouted out his orgasm. Gary stepped back, she hung her head and tried to catch her breath, and then her head snapped up as a new cock entered her pussy.

Oh, God, again already? “More, give me more. Need another cock to suck,” she choked out. She shook her head and blinked her eyes. What the fuck did I just say?

Before she could sort out her thoughts, she got what she was asking for; Brian thrust his rigid shaft into her mouth. It was true; all of them were going to have their turn at her. In and out each cock went, back and forth, she sucked and swirled, they thrust and spanked, and she came long before both of them. Whoever was behind her finished quickly, and then she almost bit Brian’s shaft as she felt the vibrator in her ass being worked out. She moaned and sweat, trying desperately to focus on giving him head and not the painful delight of that long, thick rod being slowly worked out of her.

“What you doing there, Aaron?” Dwight said.

“Well, if she’s an anal virgin, I thought I’d go ahead and pop her,” he said happily.

She whimpered, and then felt his long and rigid shaft caress her red and sore cheeks. He brushed it across her enflamed skin, then came his hands to yank her cheeks roughly apart, and in he went. She stiffened and arched her back, her arms and legs straining against the force fields holding her in place. It was all in vain. She might just as well have a tug of war with a rocket. Deep inside her he went. She howled around Brian’s member as he thrust deep down her throat. Swirling her tongue, she moaned and gasped; Aaron’s cock was very long, and he rocked and drove it deep into her ass, his hips slapping and slamming into her hot cheeks. All of it brought tears to her eyes and passion to her pussy and mind, and all the while the laughter and joy of the men was around her. They watched as she was fucked hard in the ass, forced to suck cock, and made to climax over and over.

Time slipped away. Had minutes passed or hours? She had no idea. All she knew was sex, endless perverse acts being performed on her. Over and over she was fucked hard, fucked in the ass, and made to suck off the men until she could practically identify them by the shape of their cocks and the taste of their cum. Finally, she felt her arms and legs relax from the grip of the force field. Multiple arms were around her and she seemed to drift on a cloud as she moved across the square. Warmth surrounded her as she floated. She closed her eyes and just let her mind and body go, and then came different warmth—a steaming hot bath that wrapped about her body like a gentle blanket, and Dwight washed and massaged her. It took a while, but she was finally able to crank open her eyes like she was hoisting heavy sun shields.

“What happened?” she choked out.

He grinned and snickered. “A splendid time was had by all. And you, my pet, are you finally satisfied?”

“Oh, it was… I can’t tell you. I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

“Well, here’s hoping it keeps you in line, and the men behaving as well. Tomorrow is the true test.”

She sat up and bit her lip. “Do you think they’ll… be okay?”

He rubbed his chin for a moment, lost in thought. “I hate to say anything is certain, but to be honest, I do think this is going to work.”

“Really?” she squeaked in surprise.

He laughed and rinsed her hair. “I know I sound a bit cocky, but based on my read of the guys, you, and all the… variables of our situation, I think we’ve got something that will make all of us happy. Now, come on, let’s get you to bed.”

“Ohhh, yes, I am so ready for that,” she sighed happily.

Once the tub was drained, he dried her, patted her down with baby powder, and carried her off to bed. She was asleep before he pulled the covers up to her chin. Her sleep was deep, she didn’t remember even dreaming, and the next thing she knew the aroma of coffee was teasing her nose. Stretching, she grunted and groaned, her body aching and her ass throbbing. By the time she got to her feet and slipped on a robe, Master was standing in the doorway.

“Morning, pet, and how are you feeling today?” he said with a smile.

“Like I tried to salvage a major cargo derelict by myself!”

He laughed and took her by the hand. “Quite the accurate description. Now, come along, let’s eat, and then we have work to do.”

“Yes, Master.”

Leading her to the kitchen, her eyebrows went up to see what was there. One plate sat on the table, and several bowls were on the floor.

“Master, what is… this?” she said softly.

“My pet, you are now a pet, remember? So, you shall be treated as such. Get down on your hands and knees, and eat. No using your hands!”

“Ulp,” she groaned.

She licked her lips. Once more she wanted to protest, to argue that she was no mere animal to be kept as a pet, but her knees turned to pudding and her tongue got tied in a knot. She wasn’t able to speak. Down she went to her knees; she bent forward, the floor sort of rushing up to fill her field of vision, and the bowls sat before her. She set her hands on the floor next to the bowls, bent lower until her elbows touched, opened her mouth, and stuffed her face into the first bowl. It was scrambled eggs and they were tasty. Dwight had added some nice cheddar cheese to them, and she hungrily chomped them down. Pulling back, she moved to the next bowl, which was her coffee, and she lapped it up slowly as if she was a true cat. She squirmed, her butt wiggling as she shook her thighs. Pure sexual fire rippled through her at the humiliation of her situation, especially as she was naked and Dwight had a perfect view of her ass and pussy.

“So, is our kitty ready for her day?” he asked.

She turned to look up at him. “Yes, Master. What will I be doing?”

“First and foremost, you’ll attend to the lighthouse,” he said, gesturing for her to follow him. “After all, it is your job.”

She did so, crawling on her hands and knees. It was only when they reached the bedroom that she realized he hadn’t told her to do that, she did it on her own. She truly was a pet. Once in the room, he took her by the elbow and took her into the bathroom.

He patted the counter. “Up here, little pet. You’ll also take care of all household chores for us, and be available if anyone wants to play with you.”

She swallowed hard and crawled up there on all fours. “Yes, sir. Um, Master, why am I here?”

“This is the new start to your day,” he said with a grin, taking her chin in his hand.

Gazing up to meet his eyes, she shivered in fear and anticipation. Now what’s he planning for me? “Wha-what’s that, sir?”

He snickered. “Oh, you’ll see, my pretty, you shall see! Head down and that cute little ass of yours up as high as you can get it.”

She whimpered, but did as he ordered, feeling as if she was offered her behind up as some sort of sacrifice to a pagan god. He set to work, whistling a spritely tune as he filled a bucket with warm water, mixed something with it, and then used a small anti-grav holder to suspend it above and behind her. She bit her lip and trembled, still not knowing what he had planned. Then she stiffened at his touch, both of his hands coming to rest on her still-tender cheeks and parting them. Swallowing hard, she grabbed the edge of the sink until her fingernails were white when she felt some sort of cold lotion swirl across her. A nozzle touched her, and then started to enter her ass.

“Ah! Master, what’s going on?” she shrieked.

“Nothing special, merely an enema,” he said casually.

Her eyebrows shot up. “What? Why? I don’t need one!”

Another shriek erupted from her lips as he thrust the nozzle deeper inside her. She grimaced and wiggled, her ass sore from the party. Smack, his right hand slapped her tender right cheek.

“Be still, pet,” he ordered. “This has medicine that will help you heal. After all, your ass has to be available for anyone anytime they want, and so we want you to stay healthy. However, I know this isn’t pleasant. So, I’ll give you a little reward.”

“Wha—? Oh!”

She didn’t get to finish her sentence. Master had thrust a vibrator deep into her pussy. For the next several minutes, she was assailed with dual sensations. Her ass kept getting fuller and fuller as the enema was pumped inside her, and then there was the warm vibrator tickling her clit and jabbing at her g-spot. She gasped and gulped air, stars dancing before her eyes as her toes curled and she found herself lifting her ass higher and spreading her legs wide. Her body hungered for everything he was doing and she seized the sink so hard her nails almost gouged out chunks of the porcelain.

Suddenly, he stopped working the vibrator, and she almost screamed in frustration. His hands returned to her sore cheeks.

“All right, pet, clench your ass hard and I’ll withdraw the nozzle.”

“Yes, sir,” she squeaked.

Out came the nozzle, she grit her teeth, and then she wailed as a massive plug was slowly worked into her. She shook and shuddered, the first ring working in, she gasped as the second stretched her, and then a hawk-like screech shot from her lungs as the final one took her delicate flesh to its maximum limit. There it stayed, he then went back to working the vibrator, and pain and pleasure merged within her. The warmth and sloshing of the water inside her mingled with the agony of the plug and the delights of the vibrator, and her jaw dropped.

She screamed out a climax unlike any she’d ever known.

Dwight and then the guys had shown her the joy of various sex acts, but never in her life had she achieved an orgasm from such an unconventional combination.

“Okay, time to get you dressed,” he said. “Clench again and I’ll get the plug out, and you can use the toilet while I get your clothes.”

Her head swam; she licked sweat from her upper lip, and tried to catch her breath. Wait, he just said something? “Ah…yes, sir,” she choked out.

Again her cheeks were parted. She grunted and tried to relax to release the plug, and then kept her butt cheeks as tight as possible to hold it in. He turned and left without a word, leaving the door open, and she raced for the toilet. Coming into the room, he then got her dressed, which made her blush bright red and squirm. It was a special striped body suit; it covered her from neck to feet and out to her wrists, but it left her butt, crotch and breasts bare.

Sitting on the bed, he patted his lap. “Over you go.”

“Eeep, y-y-yes, sir.”

Trembling, she crawled into position, wondering what he had planned for her, and then groaned as she felt an all too familiar sensation: her cheeks being parted. Cold lube swirled across her, and then yet another kind of plug slowly entered her. One rib was easy, the second made her gasp and grit her teeth, and the third was especially wide and got a squeal out of her. A click sounded behind her and she felt softness caress her cheeks, and then a headband slid into place. He helped her up and then stood before her smiling.

“Now you look like a proper kitty,” he said happily, and gestured at the mirror. “Have a look, my pet.”

She did, her jaw dropping. The headband gave her kitty ears, but that was nothing compared to what was behind her. Turning so as to see as much of her back as possible, she saw that she now had a long fluffy black tail.

“M-m-master, what is this?” she squealed.

“Well, as you’re now our pet, we thought it appropriate that you look the part. Now, you get to work and I’ll see you at lunchtime, and don’t drag your feet when it comes to doing your chores! Get to them.”

“Yes, sir,” she said softly.

Taking her in his arms, he kissed her, long and deep, his hands snaking around to cup and massage her tender cheeks. She went up on her tiptoes and moaned into his mouth, and felt a pang of regret when he pulled away. A moment later, she was alone as he trotted off to his office, and she tried not to think about her humiliating outfit as she worked. Yet, she also took comfort in doing something familiar and that she was an expert at, especially after being exposed to so many new things in so short a time. However, all the while, as she worked there was a thought in the back of her head, and it moved closer and closer to the forefront of her mind as she checked off the tasks on her to-do list.

What would happen when she went outside?

Finally, she had to leave the lighthouse. There were supplies she needed, she had to drop off some physical files at Dwight’s office—he wouldn’t let her use emails anymore—and so she gathered her items and stood before the closed front door.

This is it! “Hal, open the front door, please.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Jodi,” he said in his smooth clear voice.

Her brow wrinkled. “Huh, why not?”

“Dwight has ordered that you now use the pet door.”

“The what?” she cried, her eyes growing large. Her jaw dropped as a little baby spotlight clicked on and illuminated a small door down on the floor next to the front door. “He… he put that in?”

“Yes, and you are to go in and out through there, and only there.”

She knew better than to argue. Getting down on all fours, she crawled forward. The door swung back to let her through—it was roomy, but she did have to stay low—and she made her way slowly through it, and then yelped as the door whooshed down to give her a firm smack.

Jodi’s cheeks blushed. What was going to happen when she reached the center of town, and how would the men react to the sight of her?

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