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Claiming Their Princess by Sue Lyndon – Extended Preview

Despite his intense desire to claim Laina, Randall had suggested they give her a few days to settle in and grieve for Benjin before they claimed her. Aron and Hadden had agreed. They had also suggested Randall take her first, and he had tried his best to wait patiently until he felt his little human mate was mentally prepared to endure the rigors of his lovemaking. She hadn’t cried since the day she’d said farewell to Benjin, and she had seemed mostly cheerful the last few days, if not prone to bouts of nervousness, which he suspected arose from her virginal apprehensions. Surely she must have realized they would claim her soon.

Nevertheless, she had broken the rules, and now he had no choice but to punish her for it.

Once inside, he scooped her up in his arms and started ascending the steps.

“I’m perfectly capable of walking,” she said spiritedly as she squirmed around, trying to escape his arms.

“Stop squirming around, Laina, or I’ll give you extra swats.”

She paled, her eyes growing wide and reflecting the flames from the lit sconces they passed. She ceased her movements and opened her mouth as if to speak, but no words came out. He carried her into her bedroom and kicked the door shut, then sat on a high-backed chair and turned the naughty little human over his knee.

“Please, Randall! I’m sorry. You don’t need to spank me. I promise I’ll follow all your rules from now on.” She commenced struggling again, trying her best to escape his lap. Her apologetic tone was short-lived though, because when he refused to release her, she opted for more threatening tactics and said, “Let me up this instant or I’ll put worms in your dinner!”

Unfazed by her outburst, he wasted no time in flipping up her skirts. He landed two sharp swats upon her bottom, which was still covered by her drawers. But not for long. He parted the slit of her drawers, taking his time and enjoying the act of baring her cute little backside.

“Randall, you mustn’t!” She increased her thrashing about and pummeled his calves with her fists.

Grasping for her wrists when she next tried to shield her bottom, he secured them at the small of her back and shifted her over one knee, securing her flailing legs beneath his other leg.

“Settle down, little princess, you are getting this spanking and no amount of fussing is going to change my mind. In fact, if you keep up with these antics, I will give you those extra smacks we talked about.”

After a huff, she finally grew still. Her breaths became shuddering gasps in the otherwise quiet room, but as he held her securely across his knee for several moments, stroking her bare behind with his free hand, her heavy breathing gradually quieted. He continued rubbing her bottom, moving from cheek to cheek, as he considered his next words.

“If I didn’t know better, I would think you wanted to be taken in hand. Did you really think I wouldn’t follow you and punish you for your disobedience, young lady?” He raised his hand and brought it down across the lower curve of her cheeks. Gasping, she resumed her struggles for a moment, before once again growing still. He sensed her mounting frustration, but he was determined to finish this conversation, whether she wished it or not.

“Are you ready to answer my question, Laina? Or do you need more encouragement?” he asked, already raising his hand, prepared to deliver another swift blow should she persist in her defiance.

“You are a brute! And if you think I will be mating with you anytime soon after this, you are mad. I will be leaving this place at once.”

“Your naughty behind isn’t going anywhere, little princess. And you will be mating with me soon. Now that I know you are so anxious to be taken,” he said wryly, “I will be claiming you today, and I suspect my brothers will then claim you soon after.”

“I have not been impatient about being claimed, and I have been on my best behavior since arriving here. Now let me up!”

“Best behavior? While the spanking you’re about to receive is for a specific infraction, don’t think I haven’t noticed you testing us these past few days, Laina. Going to the edge of the garden, intentionally trying to worry us, when you know very well you aren’t allowed to venture beyond the gates until we give you permission, which you won’t receive until we’ve all mated with you. The little eye rolls you think we don’t glimpse when we ask you to do something. The way you stomp your feet, just a little too hard, as you walk up the stairs after we tell you it’s bedtime.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said indignantly.

He set a fast rhythm as he punished her, landing two sharp blows to her right cheek, then two sharp blows to her left cheek, before starting over again. She remained quiet as he spanked her, and he surmised she didn’t wish to admit how much it hurt, but the slaps weren’t light and he knew she was likely only a few hard smacks away from tears and surrender. Shifting her higher over his knee, he paused and spoke to her in a scolding tone.

“Little princesses who are defiant get spanked on their bare bottoms, don’t they, Laina?”

He wasn’t surprised when she didn’t answer. In an attempt to reach her, he forced her legs wider apart, revealing her plump, swollen sex. He grinned at the sight and ran a finger down the slit of her gleaming pink pussy.

“You’re being punished right now, Laina, but you’re getting very wet. That’s awfully naughty of you.”

Finally, she made a noise. A whimper. She buried her face against his leg, obviously embarrassed by her body’s reaction to his discipline.

“I’m going to give you a dozen more spanks to the most sensitive part of your little backside. Right here,” he said, now caressing her sit spot. “After that, if you still refuse to tell me why you’ve been a bit naughty lately, and why you intentionally broke a rule today, I will punish your bottom hole.”

That got her attention. She peered over her shoulder and met his gaze, her eyes wider than ever. Pure shock covered her face. “What do you mean? H-how?”

He lifted an eyebrow at her. “I will coat one finger with the wetness from your cunny,” he said, drawing a digit through her still gathering moisture, “then I will push into your tight bottom hole with that finger and pump it in and out of you.”

She paled, but still said nothing.

“Bottom hole punishments are very effective in getting naughty little girls to behave.” He splayed her reddened cheeks apart, exposing her quivering rosebud, then tapped at the shy, puckered flesh for a moment before releasing her cheeks and placing his hand back atop her sit spot. “Is that what you want, Laina? Do you want me to put my finger inside your naughty bottom hole and pump it in and out of you, after I’ve given you a sound spanking?”

“Please don’t,” she whimpered, shaking her head. “Please, I’ll tell you why I’ve been testing you and your brothers.”

“Ah, so you have been testing us.” He had suspected as much, but he wanted to hear the reason for her recent behavior in her own words.

“Yes, Randall.”

He turned her over in his lap, sitting her upright, though not bothering to close up her drawers. She sat upon his knee on her bare bottom, her rumbled skirts still pushed up around her waist. He still owed her those last twelve smacks, but he could just as well deliver them after her confession.

“If I tell you, will you please not spank me anymore?” She bit her lower lip, looking adorable in her imploring.

“You still have twelve strokes coming, little princess. But if you talk now without any further prodding, I will leave your little rosebud untouched.”

She nodded and sighed, as if resigned to her fate. Or mayhap she was relieve to escape the bottom hole punishment. Her hair, in complete disarray from her earlier thrashing about, tumbled over her shoulders in chaotic waves as she lowered her head and stared at his chest.

“Well, it’s two things that have been bothering me, and I suppose, causing me to test the three of you.”

He smoothed a hand through her messy hair. “Go on.”

“The first is… I wanted to know if you would really spank me, and the second is that I actually have been most impatient. You know, impatient about the three of you claiming me. I had expected it to happen right away, on our first night here, but it didn’t. I was terribly nervous, waiting and waiting, and wanted to get it over with for that reason, but also because I was rather curious about how it would happen the first time. I wanted to ask, but was far too embarrassed. This unsettled feeling just keeps getting worse, and there have been times I feel as if I will explode.”

Randall stared at her, awestruck. His earlier comment about her being anxious to be taken had been said in jest. He hadn’t anticipated her impatience to be claimed, even if it was a mixture of eagerness and nervousness. He’d thought she would appreciate having a few days after their arrival to herself, not just because she was grieving over Benjin, but because she had never experienced a man’s touch.

“So, I have been frustrated with all three of you, and with myself, because I do not understand the sensations humming through me when one of you is near. It is most maddening.”

Randall placed a hand between her legs, seeking out the wetness he’d stroked but moments ago. She clutched onto him as he ran a finger through her hot arousal, spreading it around and upward to cover her protruding clit. With a needy moan, she closed her eyes and parted her legs wider, inviting his touch. He swirled his finger overtop the swollen nubbin.

“Is this part of the frustration you’ve been feeling, little princess? You’ve been aroused but haven’t been able to experience any relief through a release?”

She gave him a puzzled look. “A release?”

He grinned and swirled faster over her clit, pressing down harder as he spread more moisture over her throbbing pleasure spot. He felt her pulsing against his digit, and heated tingles swept up his own thighs and his balls tightened, his cock going rock hard. “Yes, my mate, a release. Close your eyes and let it come. Don’t hold anything back.”

She obeyed, shutting her eyes and letting her head rest on his chest, as he continued the delicate ministrations between her spread thighs. He caressed her womanhood, teasing her by swirling slowly around her slick folds for a while, before he resumed strumming her clit.

“After you have your release, Laina, you will lick your essence off my hand and then be an obedient little girl while you receive the last twelve spanks. You will bend over the bed, spread your legs wide, and offer your naughty bottom up to take the rest of your punishment.”

Her breath caught. “Mm. Yes, Randall.”

She tensed and suddenly ground her center against his hand. Her head tilted to the side and she dug her fingers into his flesh, her expression turning urgent.

Pleasure unlike anything she’d ever experienced swept through Laina. The sensation started with a tingling at her toes that spread upward until the aching between her thighs detonated in a series of undulating erotic waves. She held onto Randall as his fingers worked magic. Her eyes fluttered open, but dark spots clouded her vision, and she pressed her eyes shut again and allowed herself to feel the full glory of whatever was happening to her.

A release. That’s what Randall had called it.

Had she known she could experience such overwhelming pleasure from having her womanhood stroked, she would have touched herself and tried to bring these sensations about long ago, she thought vaguely as the last pulsing remnant of her release faded. Gasping for breath, she leaned against him as she slowly floated back to awareness.

He withdrew his hand from her center and pressed his fingers to her mouth. Startled, she peered up at him, with her mouth still closed. At his encouraging nod, she parted her lips and glided her tongue tentatively over his fingertips, tasting the essence of her excitement. The act of obeying him by cleaning his hand off somehow caused the lingering ache in her core to pulse harder. Her eyes widened, but she continued licking her arousal off his fingers, until he seemed satisfied with her efforts and shifted her closer to his chest.

Wrapping his arms around her, he hugged her and stroked her hair, in the quiet of the room. She peeked out from his embrace at her bedroom, content to have him in her private space. In truth, she had been lonely these past few days, and not simply because she missed Benjin, but because she had three males waiting to claim her, yet none of them had visited her bedroom yet.

The steady and strong thumping of Randall’s heart echoed against her ear. She gave a soft sigh and threaded her arms underneath his, hugging him back. He kissed her forehead and then settled his chin atop her hair. Would he hold her like this after giving her the last twelve strokes?

Her face heated as she imagined bending over her bed and spreading her legs to accept the remainder of her punishment. All her charms would be on display. She shifted on his lap and detected the wetness of her arousal gliding between her thighs. He would glimpse how wet she was, her pink parts gleaming and begging to be touched all over again.

The pulsing in her core quickened and grew warmer and warmer, making her wonder if her womanly parts would appear swollen with need. She wanted to look, but she didn’t dare pull away from Randall to examine herself in such a manner. Her face grew hotter, imagining how embarrassed she would feel to be caught looking upon herself, or even touching herself.

Randall rose with her and carried her to the bed. He sat her on her feet and stood back, his thick arms crossed. He looked most stern, standing at his full height, with one eyebrow lifted at her. Nodding at the bed, he took another step back, waiting for her to take up her position.

Her heart beat wildly in her chest. Biting her lip, she glanced from him to the bed. Could she really do it? Offer herself for punishment? Nervousness abounded within her, as well as a mixture of fear and shame. Having to bend over and hold still to receive a predetermined number of smacks lent a formality to this punishment that left her feeling exceedingly chastised before it even happened. She also felt naughty. Very naughty.

With a deep breath, she moved to the foot of the high bed and stared down at her skirts, knowing yet dreading what must come next. Was her bottom already red from the smacks Randall had given her? Probably. He’d left behind a sting she desperately wished to soothe by rubbing, but she dared not do so with an audience.

She started lifting her skirts, and a glance at him showed his expression had grown sterner and more determined. She gulped and hesitated to finish raising her skirts. Twelve didn’t seem like a huge number, but when those spanks were delivered in quick succession, they would hurt badly. She thought about her behavior during the last few days and lowered her head a notch. Randall and his brothers had been nothing but kind and patient with her, but she had continually tested them.

“Lift your skirts up around your waist, little girl. Show me your naughty bottom.”

Her hands shaking, Laina finally obeyed, drawing her skirts up around her waist and revealing her nakedness to her soon-to-be mate. The fact that he was fully clothed only enhanced her feelings of exposure. Her shame deepened too, as he approached and came to stand directly behind her. Oh, Goddess, she couldn’t bend over. She just couldn’t. A whimper left her when Randall caressed each of her bottom cheeks in turn.

“A bit red, but not red enough. A bright red backside now and then certainly serves to keep little girls well behaved, don’t you think?”

She didn’t answer, but she did notice the pulsing between her legs increased whenever he referred to her as little girl or little princess. A flush stole over her entire body, and her breasts tingled, her nipples growing painfully hard. Being called little reminded her of his authority over her, of what would happen to her if she tested him again or disobeyed or disrespected him in some way.

The endearment also left her secure in the knowledge that Randall would guide her, lovingly, rather than treat her cruelly when he was upset with her. He wouldn’t hurt her like the king had, not that she had been particularly worried he or his brothers would abuse her—she trusted Benjin would not have allowed Banded of ill character to claim her—but knowing for certain that her mates wouldn’t take their anger out on her made her hopeful for the future and thankful all over again for how different her life had been since leaving the castle.

“Bend over, little girl.”

Oh, my. He’d said it again.

“Bend over right now, or you will receive extra smacks to the insides of your thighs.”

Heart racing, she bent over and steadied herself on the bed, with her skirts still around her waist and tucked underneath her. She hadn’t spread her legs yet and dreaded doing so. But the sound of him impatiently clearing his throat propelled her into compliance.

With a groan of desperation, she moved her feet apart. The cool air of the room hit her most private spots, wafting against the stickiness of her arousal and reminding her just how wet she’d become. Her inner thighs were coated in her moisture, and she hid her face in the covers, embarrassed by how lustfully her body responded to Randall’s discipline.

“Please, don’t,” she said into the covers. “I-I don’t want a spanking. I promise I’ll be good.”

“That’s not what I wanted to hear you say, Laina.” He stroked the back of her leg, then moved to the apex of her thighs and teased the slit of her cunny with feather-light touches. “I want to hear you say, ‘I’ve been a naughty little girl and I deserve a hard spanking on my bare bottom.’”

Laina hesitated and pressed her lips firmly together. She shook her head, unwilling to utter the humiliating words. A sudden sharp slap to her cunny made her gasp. She peered over her shoulder at Randall, shocked that he’d struck her down there. But then, he had threatened to punish her bottom hole, so she shouldn’t be so surprised.

“Do you want a spanking on your wet, swollen cunny, Laina?”

“No, please.” She tried to close her legs, but he placed a foot between hers, preventing her movement.

“Then repeat the words. ‘I’ve been a naughty little girl and I deserve a hard spanking on my bare bottom.’ Say it, or you’ll receive a firm spanking on your cunny lips before I attend to your backside.”

“I-I’ve been a naughty little girl…” Her voice trailed off and her face grew impossibly hot. His hand shifted atop her womanhood again, prompting her to finish in rush of words. “…and I deserve a hard spanking on my bare bottom.”

“A very hard spanking,” he said in agreement.

A quiver ran through her, and her limbs felt weak. If she wasn’t resting on the bed, she would have probably slipped to the floor. When she’d imagined Randall growing into a man in the years they’d been apart, she had pictured him larger and perhaps a bit more serious than when he’d gone off to war, but she hadn’t imagined him so stern and authoritative. Nor had she imagined the sound of his deep voice issuing orders could make her go weak in the knees.

He’d been a commander in the Banded army though, and she should have expected him to exude power and masculinity. Once again, she became breathless with anticipation as she awaited that first smack. On her sit spot. Her stomach did a little somersault as she recalled he’d promised to punish the most vulnerable part of her behind.

“These are going to be hard and fast, little girl, but I expect you to remain in position. No trying to stand up, and no trying to dodge the blows or cover your bottom, or you will receive extras on the insides of your thighs and on your cunny. Do you understand?”


“Yes, sir,” he corrected. “When I issue a command, you will call me sir, and you will show Hadden and Aron the same respect.”

“Yes, sir.” Tears welled in her eyes. This was really going to hurt, but oh, she deserved it. All the times she’d intentionally caused the three brothers anxiety by pretending she was about to leave the garden, all the times she’d rolled her eyes at them, all the times she’d been short with them, not to mention the little fit she’d thrown after Randall announced the time had come to claim her.

The first slap landed below her right cheek, a searing smack that forced the air from her lungs. Before she had time to catch her breath, he had already delivered the second spank, this one below her left cheek. She rose up on her toes as the third slap fell, but she managed to remain otherwise in place, the threat of enduring extras on the intimate folds between her thighs fresh in her mind.

By the eighth blow, Laina was crying. She sniffled and tried to keep herself from sobbing, but the agonizing sting of each spank blended together, and she felt no relief, not even during the brief moments between smacks. She cried into the covers and clutched onto her skirts, balling her hands into fists to prevent herself from reaching back to shield her bottom. What she wouldn’t give for this chastisement to be over—and for a good hour to spend alone rubbing the awful sting out of her punished cheeks. Although as strict a disciplinarian as Randall seemed, she doubted he would allow rubbing.

“Twelve.” He brought his hand down in a quick, harsh slap upon the lower curve of her left cheek.

Oh, thank goodness. It was over. She sniffled and tried to rise up, but found she could hardly move. Her entire bottom throbbed, the lasting sting still severe enough to cause more tears to flood from her eyes. Her shoulders heaved and her throat burned, emotion turning her into a gibbering mess. She kept apologizing to Randall, the words “I’m sorry” issuing from her mouth in an endless babble.

She vowed to obey him, and Hadden and Aron as well. She never wanted another spanking. Her curiosity had been satisfied—she now knew for certain they would punish her if she misbehaved.

Randall rubbed her flaming cheeks, and his careful touch soothed the sting a bit. She wished he would hold her. All she wanted right now was to sit on his lap as he embraced her, like he’d done earlier after giving her that wondrous release. But she wouldn’t ask for a hug, wouldn’t admit she needed a hug.

She swallowed hard, trying to rid herself of the burning lump in her throat. But the failed effort made her cry harder, and she felt like a fool for crying so hard when her spanking had ended.

“You’re going to be my good little princess from now on, aren’t you, Laina?” His voice was deep, raspy even, but gentler than when he’d been scolding her.

“Yes, sir. I’ll be good.”

“No more testing us, little girl, or this little bottom of yours will be very sore, inside and out.”

“Y-yes, sir. I won’t test you anymore. I assure you I’ll never do anything naughty again. This is the last spanking I’ll be receiving in my entire life.”

He chuckled briefly, but she didn’t have the energy to argue with him for apparently not believing that she’d never be naughty again. Also, arguing with Randall after he’d just given her a sound spanking probably wasn’t the wisest move either. She sighed as he continued caressing her backside. The sting was finally starting to dissipate.

“Come here, little girl, I want to hold you.”

His words, spoken with a hitch of emotion that caught her off guard, filled her with gratitude and even joy. After helping her stand up, he lifted her in his arms and carried her back to the chair. Arranging her on his lap, he guided her head against his chest, directly over his beating heart, and held her tight. He stroked her back and her hair, and a sense of profound peace settled over her.

“You took your punishment well, Laina. I’m proud of you.”

“Thank you for, um, hugging me right now. I-I was afraid you wouldn’t, but I was also afraid to admit I needed the comfort,” she said shyly, unable to meet his stare even though he’d pulled back to cup her face as she spoke.

“Look at me, Laina.”

After a deep breath, she met his eyes. There was a loving shine to his gaze that reminded her of Benjin. Her heart did a little dance to see Randall, usually so stern and serious, looking contented. As he stared at her.

“When you desire something, Laina, you need only ask. Please do not keep things from me or my brothers. Please do not be shy about asking for what you need. We are honored to mate with you and want to see you happy. We’ll never deny you comfort when you need it, no matter how naughty you’ve been.” He kissed her forehead.

“Thank you, sir,” she said, even though he hadn’t exactly given her a command.

“Do you feel better now?” He brushed the last of her tears from her face with his thumbs.

She nodded, her loins abruptly stirring with the realization that the time had finally come for him to claim her. They were all alone, in her bedroom. Her punishment was over and all was right between them again. She gulped and stared into his eyes, unnerved yet entranced by the hunger flaring in his gaze.

Then she felt his hardness again. Her skirts were still in a jumbled mess around her waist, and all that separated her bottom from his manhood was his trousers.

His nostrils flared and he growled. Wrapping a hand around her long hair, he gave her locks a quick tug, forcing her head back. He drew his teeth along her neck.

“I am going to strip you naked, little princess, and pound into you with my cock and make you mine.”

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