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Claiming Their Slave by Sue Lyndon – Extended Preview

Ava finished the meal and turned to find Wolfe seated on the bed, his gaze hot on her. She suddenly remembered that not too long ago, he’d seen her standing naked by the washing basin as she cleaned herself. Shame pulsed through her, and she reminded herself that he’d entered without knocking, in an effort to feel less embarrassed over being caught in such a private act.

Even when she’d bathed in the stream in the woods, Jaxon hadn’t watched her. He’d turned around and ordered her to hand him her clothes, because she obviously wouldn’t run away while completely naked.

“Thank you for the meal, Wolfe—I mean, Master. Thank you, Master.”

His stare turned predatory, and she shivered in place, wondering what he intended to do next. She tore her gaze from his, feeling uncertain. Should she resist his advances? She hardly knew him, but part of her trusted him. He was Jaxon’s brother, and she trusted Jaxon, even though his failure to inform her of his plans to claim her as his mate still had her reeling.

Her breath left her in a quick exhale. She was free now. Sort of free, anyway. She would never have to endure life in a miserable human village again.

The curtains in front of the huge window were pulled back, revealing a starry night and a crescent moon. Though the window was closed, the increasing sound of nighttime bugs entered the room, and in the distance, she spotted fireflies dancing in the darkness. It was a beautiful sight, and she rose and walked to the window. In the village, bright torches lined the perimeter of the community each night to ward off the beasts of the forest, and the glow of the torches had made it difficult to glimpse the night sky in all its natural beauty.

“Do you like it here?” Wolfe asked, coming up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her, threading his fingers through hers and squeezing her hands.

“Yes, Master. It’s wonderful. I used to dream of escaping the village I lived in, dream of running off to the forest and certain freedom, but the stories about the beasts always scared me into staying put. Now that I’m out here, in the forest, I wish I had been brave enough to leave sooner.”

“The forest is no place for a female, Ava. Even during the daytime. You must remain in the clearing our homestead was built upon, though you may walk the path to my parents’ house, for it is safe. We’ve lined the woods surrounding both houses and the path connecting them with safestones.”

“Those are the glimmering stones Jaxon always placed around our campsite?”

“Yes. Our family used to mine the stones, before the cave they came from was buried in a landslide, many years ago.”

She was quiet for a long while, simply enjoying the feel of his strong arms around her. His masculine scent, similar to Jaxon’s but slightly woodsier, left her wanting to turn around and press her face to his chest and inhale deeply.

“Jaxon told me he had to punish you for trying to run off.” He rearranged her into one arm and with his free hand, gave her bottom a squeeze. “Is your bottom still sore from your spanking, little slave?”

She had to hold her breath for a moment in order to repress the moan building in her throat. His hand on her ass, and the mention of her spanking, made her pulse skitter and sent waves of heat to her loins. She pressed her thighs tight together and hoped he didn’t suspect her arousal. What was wrong with her, that the mere mention of punishment had her aching and longing to be claimed, even though she wasn’t entirely sure what being claimed entailed?

Wolfe turned her in his arms and placed a finger beneath her chin, forcing her to gaze up at him. He was as tall as his brother, and just as handsome, though his features were, of course, much darker. He had midnight black eyes and equally dark hair that rested above his shoulders. His hair was thicker than Jaxon’s, and her fingers tingled with the urge to run her hands through it, but she held off on touching him, because she wasn’t certain if she needed permission.

She didn’t want to incur either brother’s displeasure. Even though the thought of a spanking might incite her desires, actually receiving one had been quite painful and had brought her to tears.

“Ava, do you like us?”

“I… yes,” she admitted. It was the truth. “I confess I am drawn to you and Jaxon. Very much so, but I am still a bit nervous. I don’t know what is meant to happen between us. I-I do-don’t know wh-what to do,” she stammered in her increasing trepidation. Would it hurt as much as the village ladies always said during their morning gossip sessions by the well?

“You needn’t be afraid, my little slave. I will guide you and teach you, and Jaxon will do the same. Now come, your education is about to begin.”

He steered her to the bed and stared longingly into her eyes, his fingertips grazing her cheek as he brushed her hair behind her ears. His dark eyes mesmerized her.

When he leaned down, she parted her lips in anticipation of their first kiss. He claimed her mouth softly at first, brushing his lips across hers, before his tongue delved inside to tangle with hers. She gave a breathy moan and tried to return his kiss, though in truth, she felt a bit clumsy about it.

He growled and clutched her face in his hands, deepening the kiss. Sparks of desire ignited between them, and she imagined the fireflies she’d seen outside were now in the bedroom, dancing around them in a majestic display of blinking lights. Because the kiss felt like magic.

When she had imagined her first kiss with a man, she hadn’t known it would affect every part of her body. Her head buzzed and an odd warmth squeezed in her chest. Between her thighs, she was aching more than ever before, longing for him to slip a hand up her dress and stroke through her gathering wetness.

Withdrawing from her, he said, “I can smell your arousal, Ava. You’re wet and ready for your master, even though I won’t be fucking your tight little cunny tonight.”

His crass words should’ve outraged her, but they didn’t. She peered at him, eager for all he had to teach her. Eager for the time Jaxon would join them and she would officially become their mate.

A family. She would become part of their family soon, and she now realized she would do whatever possible to hasten the moment they took her as their mate. She blinked against the burn of emotion in her eyes. She’d been so busy dreaming about her freedom, because she didn’t think she could have what she’d really wanted in her wildest, most secret dreams—a place to belong.

“If you wish to claim me tonight, you can, Master. I will do whatever you say.” It was probably best they claim her soon, in case they were to change their minds, or in case a Banded female caught their attention. Yes, she had to hurry.

Wolfe’s gaze darkened further, and a shiver went up her spine. She got the sense that what he was about to ask of her would push her limits.

“Whatever I say?”

“Yes, Master. Anything. I wish to please you.”

His nostrils flared and he held her out by her shoulders, looking her up and down, as if considering her offer. “Well, little slave, my brother and I plan to claim you at once, rather than one at a time. Jaxon will thrust his cock into your cunny, while I will pound my cock into your ass. The moment we fill you with our seed, you will be bound to us forever, our sweet mate.”

Oh, dear Goddess, he had to be joking. Her breath left her in a rush.

She couldn’t fathom taking two cocks at the same time. Of course, she’d never actually seen a man’s cock, but from the gossip at the well, she knew they resembled a stallion’s cock. Given that Banded men were larger than human males, she supposed the size of their manhood would be in proportion to their bodies, and she shuddered with a mixture of fear and desire.

“Tell me, Ava, are you still willing to do whatever I ask of you tonight?”

She lifted her chin, not wanting him to sense her hesitation. “Yes, Master. Anything.”

The promise of belonging left her feeling braver than the times she’d stared across the field of daisies, thinking tonight, tonight will be the night I finally run away. Tonight is the night I’ll finally be brave.

A few days ago, if someone had told her she would find her place in the world with a pair of Banded brothers, she wouldn’t have believed them. But now as she stared into Wolfe’s handsomely dark gaze, it didn’t seem like the most outlandish thing that could happen, and though she was still nervous about managing two cocks at once, she would at least try to please the brothers in the hope that they would soon claim her as their mate.

Then she would have all that she’d wanted but had always seemed out of reach—a place to call home and a family of her very own.

Wolfe moved away from Ava and gave her a pointed look. “Strip naked and stand in the middle of the room. I will return shortly.” He spun on his heel and exited her room, clicking the door shut behind him.

Her capitulation was so sudden that alarm bells were almost going off in his head, but he wasn’t about to turn down the opportunity to begin training her tight little asshole. The sooner they claimed her, the better. Once she was their mate in truth, if any danger came upon her, both Wolfe and Jaxon would sense it at once. They might also sense extra things about her too, depending on the particular magic of each of their mating bonds with Ava. He’d heard of some Banded males being able to sense their female’s thoughts, feelings, location, and more. He couldn’t wait to see how the mating bond manifested itself.

He hurried to the kitchen and carved a small butt plug from bunna root. The root was typically added to stews, it was flexible but firm, perfect for fashioning into a makeshift cock at a moment’s notice. He finished carving it with a knife, even adding the curve of a bulbous cockhead at the tip. The only difference between the bunna root carving and a cock was that the base was left larger, in order to allow the shaft to be seated in her bottom fully but not get lost.

Once finished, Wolfe climbed the steps two at a time and strode to Ava’s room, his entire body thrumming with desire. He entered to find her naked and standing in the center of the room, per his instructions. Such a good girl. His breath caught at the sight of her luscious curves. Though petite, her hips flared out nicely and her heart-shaped bottom complemented her lovely figure.

She peered curiously at the item he held in his hands, then bit her lip as her eyes widened. Surely, she must have figured out it bore a stark resemblance to a cock.

“Don’t worry, my sweet little slave, I made this on the small side, so that it doesn’t hurt this first time.”

“Is that going in my… my cunny?” she asked in a low whisper, as if embarrassed. An adorable blush stained her cheeks and she fidgeted in place, twisting her hands together as she continued staring at the bunna root.

“No, Ava. It’s going in your bottom hole, to help train you to eventually accept my cock there.”

Her eyes grew wider and she backed up, holding her hands out. “Master, I’ve never had anything, um, in there, before.”

He felt a smile tug at his lips but kept his mouth in a firm line, not wishing for her to think he found humor in her inexperience. “I would imagine you haven’t, Ava. Which is why we are starting out small and going slow.”

She lowered her hands to her sides and didn’t back up as he approached her, the plug still in his hand. Since it was small, he would be able to steal the moisture from her cunny as lube, but when he used a larger plug, and finally, his cock, he would be sure to use an ample amount of lubrication derived from the hensha plants in their garden. He opened his mouth to explain this to her, but then clamped his lips shut, deciding she didn’t need to know these details yet. He would go slow and reassure her during every step, to keep her from becoming frightened or experiencing too much discomfort.

“I want you to show me what a good girl you can be, Ava, and go bend over the bed, with your legs spread wide. I realize you are nervous, but I promise, you will find this experience most pleasurable.”

“Does Jaxon know you’re doing this?” she blurted, looking uncertain. She glanced at the bed but didn’t move from her spot.

“My brother is sleeping right now, but he knows what must be done to prepare you for our claiming of you, Ava.” He lifted an eyebrow at her. “Are you going to obey, or shall I tuck you in for the night?”

“If I tell you to stop, will you punish me?”

“No, little slave. Not tonight. If you say stop, I will stop immediately and there will be no punishment. I give you my word.”

She bit her lip again and glanced at the bed. After a deep sigh, she said, “All right, Master. I-I will try to obey. But please, be gentle.”

He didn’t think he would ever tire of hearing her call him Master. His cock stiffened further and he watched in apt interest as she turned and strode to the bed. She bent over and then parted her thighs, much wider than he’d expected. He’d thought he would have to order her to move her feet wider apart, but she’d done an excellent job of spreading herself to his gaze. He had a clear view of her pink, swollen cunny lips, as well as the enticing secret pucker between her ass cheeks.

He set the plug down on the bed and came to stand behind her, trailing a hand over her bottom, squeezing and caressing. “I’m very proud of you for obeying so far, Ava.” He reached for her womanhood and stroked two digits through her moisture. Her intimate folds were puffed up and slick with her arousal. Her hips jerked and she pressed herself into his touch, rising up on her tiptoes as a needy moan vibrated from her throat.

Pushing those two fingers into her cunny, he set a pace of slow, shallow plunges, while she thrust herself against him with each drive into her sweetness. She was beautifully responsive, and braver than she probably gave herself credit for. He’d seen the glimmer of fear in her eyes before she’d bent over, and now she was becoming lost in the pleasure of his ministrations. He withdrew from her center and reached for the plug, then commenced gliding it in and out of her wetness, only driving deep enough to hit the resistance of her virginal barrier, and not sinking the plug any further.

“Are you all right, Ava?”

“Mmmhmm. Yes, Master. This is very nice. But I thought you said you wouldn’t put it in my cunny?”

“Do not worry, little slave. It will be in your ass soon enough.”

With his free hand, he caressed her back, her bottom, and the tops of her thighs. Her skin was so soft and smooth, and she melted under his touches, relaxing more and more. Her wavy golden locks were spread out around her head, and when he finally reached between her thighs to circle her clit, she jerked wildly and moaned, her curls flying around as she bucked in his hold.

Still rubbing her swollen nubbin, he withdrew the plug from her cunny and inspected it. Satisfied that it was sufficiently covered with her natural essence, he placed the tip of it at the entrance of her bottom hole. She was so far gone in her pleasure that she didn’t seem to notice, not even when he pressed it forward a smidge. He increased the circling on her clit and pressed on that sensitive bit of flesh a tad harder.

“Oh, Master. Please, Master.” She gyrated against his hand, moaning and crying out Master over and over again.

Wolfe applied more pressure to the plug and watched as it slid deeper into her bottom hole. An erotic thrill jolted through him, his blood heating and his pulse racing.

“Ava, talk to me. Are you still alright?”

“Yes, Master, please don’t stop.”

He waited a moment, just to make sure she was truly all right, and once he noticed her breathing returning to normal and didn’t see her tensing up, he pushed the plug even deeper inside her stretched hole.

She emitted a high-pitched moan, but she didn’t try to escape. She definitely felt the plug in her ass now, but she seemed to be trying hard to accept it.

“Remember, if you want me to stop, I will. But only tonight, Ava. After tonight, you won’t be able to escape your training. Your cunny belongs to us, little slave. As does your ass, and your mouth, and every little part of you. You belong to me and Jaxon. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Master.”

He pulled the plug out partway and then pushed it back inside, shoving it deeper still. Keening moans drifted up from her, and she tensed around the intrusion a few times. He observed in fascination as her cute pink pucker clenched and unclenched around the upper base of the plug. He had it almost fully seated inside her.

“You’re doing well, Ava.” Another push. “Almost there.” One more slight thrust and the plug was finally inserted all the way into her tight ass.

She quivered and clutched at the covers, then started taking deeper breaths before she turned partway to meet his stare, her eyes wide and her face flushed. He returned a hand to her cunny and spread her wetness over her clit, planning to stroke her to bliss again and again while the plug remained seated deep inside her snug channel.

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