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Cold Hard Cash: A Dark Mafia Romance by K.L. Hiers – Extended Preview

Rent taken care of and groceries purchased, Jimmy spent the rest of the day tidying up and dragging clothes downstairs to wash a few loads. He didn’t have units in his apartment, but there were several coin-operated ones in the basement. It was nice to have fresh, clean clothes again instead of washing them out in his bathtub. As he put the laundry away, he debated what to wear for his evening with Cold. He had washed his red shirt, but he didn’t want to wear the same outfit twice.

Doubting that Cold would care what he wore, he settled on jeans and a faded t-shirt. He washed up the dish he had liberated from the hotel, humming lightly to himself. He was in such a good mood he wasn’t even going to let his confrontation with Augustus ruin it.

Jimmy briefly wondered if he should bring that up to Cold. Certainly the gangster knew the police were always watching him, but did he know about Jimmy’s family? Did he know about Augustus? Would he have agreed to the deal if he knew?

Jimmy wasn’t sure what to do. He didn’t want to anger Cold, and he certainly didn’t want to do anything to upset their arrangement. Maury had said that Augustus wouldn’t do something so mean, and he wanted to trust his friend. Maury had been watching out for Jimmy ever since he ran away, and he decided not to worry about it. If anything got weird or hairy, good old Maury would let him know.

Wait. How would he let him know?

A phone, Jimmy groaned to himself. He picked back through the cash left over from Cold’s tip, finding only a hundred and seventy-eight dollars left. Oh, and two cents. He dragged the pennies around on his counter, pouting. Definitely not enough to purchase a phone, or pay the phone company what he owed to get his landline restored.

Maybe tonight he could earn himself another big tip, he decided, pushing his worries to the back of his mind as he got ready to leave.

A quick cab ride brought him back to the hotel, and he grinned shyly as he approached the front desk. He offered out the dish, explaining, “Look, so, I borrowed this, but… well, here.”

The clerk gave him a funny look but didn’t question his odd return. Jimmy practically skipped to the elevator, his body flush with excited energy. He wasn’t as nervous as before, the dinging of the passing floors almost soothing as he ascended to his destination.

The army of suited men was back again, Jules Price front and center, pursing his lips thoughtfully as he looked at his watch and grinned. “Look at you, Twig. Bein’ all on time and shit again. Boss likes that.”

“Thanks?” Jimmy replied awkwardly.

“Search time,” Jules said, gesturing two of his fellows forward to give Jimmy a quick pat down.

Jimmy obliged, certain that this was probably going to be part of his normal routine when visiting Boss Cold.

All clear, Jules chuckled with a wink, “You go have some fun.”

“I plan to,” Jimmy said with a blushing smile, hurrying inside as soon as Jules opened the door.

The door closed with a distinct click, and Jimmy let out a breath. Here in this room, the rest of the world seemed to melt away into nothing. There was no rent, no bills, no lawyers, no Augustus. It was only him and Boss Cold.

Cold was at his desk just as before, but this time he looked up when Jimmy walked in. He peered over the rim of his glasses, wrinkling his nose up. “What are you wearing?”

“Clothes?” Jimmy said, blinking in surprise. The jeans seemed fine, though the t-shirt had a few holes. “I didn’t think… since, well, you know… I’m not gonna be wearing them… for… very long.” His face turned red, asking quietly, “It’s not good?”

Cold didn’t answer, shaking his head and returning to his ledgers.

Jimmy frowned, rocking back and forth on his heels. His stomach wobbled a little, and now he wished he had thought better of his fashion choices.

“Shower,” Cold said, nodding toward the bathroom.

Jimmy nodded, scurrying off to bathe. The shampoo and soap bottles had been replenished from the previous evening, and there was a new plush robe waiting for him. Once he was done, he wrapped himself in the robe and walked back out into the room.

To his surprise, Cold wasn’t at the desk. He had moved to the small sitting area in between the bathroom door and the bed, lounging back in a plush slipper chair. He gestured for Jimmy to approach, pointing at the floor by his feet. “Kneel.”

Jimmy obeyed quickly, dropping to his knees in front of Cold. He swallowed thickly and looked up in expectation at the mob boss.

Cold leaned forward, not yet touching but gazing hungrily over Jimmy’s robed body. He smirked, asking softly, “You’ll really do whatever I want, won’t you?”

“Isn’t that what you want?” Jimmy replied uncertainly, his brows furrowing upward.

“Oh, I think it’s what you want,” Cold said, easily deflecting the question. “You’re so very eager to please.” He gently touched Jimmy’s chin, his thumb sweeping over his bottom lip. “You’d let me fuck you in front of the whole world, wouldn’t you.”

Jimmy blushed, leaning into Cold’s hand as much as he would allow. He could hear the steady thumping of his heart in his ears, drowning out the entire universe except the two of them. “Yes…”

“Mm. And that’s why we need a safe word, Mr. Poe,” Cold said, his thumb pulling Jimmy’s lip down, pinching it against his chin and making him whimper. “If we’re going to make the most of this little deal, even my desires must have their limits.”

Jimmy frowned, confused. “But you said whatever you want? That’s the deal?”

“It wouldn’t serve my interests to break you before you’ve paid off what you owe me,” Cold clarified with a dark chuckle. “And I did so enjoy our time together last night. It was very revealing.” He tilted his head, purring seductively, “You want someone to take charge, don’t you?”

Jimmy closed his eyes, nodding slowly. There was no point in denying it. “Yes.”

“You want someone to take away the fear,” Cold continued, his drawl positively hypnotic. “For someone to eliminate all the hesitation, to stiffen that shy sway in your step. You don’t want to worry any longer about what to say or what to do…”

A surge of emotion rocked Jimmy’s very soul from Cold’s flawless perception, his tongue meeting his thumb as it moved over his bottom teeth, and he groaned softly.

“Yes,” Cold growled, breath quickening as he spoke on. “You, Mr. Poe, need a purpose. You need that gratification that only comes from having someone to please.”

“Then let me please you,” Jimmy said desperately, daring to suck at the pad of Cold’s thumb, his eyes flicking open to stare up at him.

Cold seemed happy with that, a gorgeous smirk twisting his lips. “Good,” he said, a smile briefly lighting up his face then disappearing as quickly as it appeared. “Safe word, Mr. Poe?”

“Ice,” Jimmy replied softly, drawing out the word as a low hiss. It was an immediate response, lost in the beautiful icy blue of Cold’s eyes.

“Ice it is.” Cold smirked and lightly tapped his thumb against Jimmy’s chin. He leaned back in the chair, spreading his legs and slowly unbuttoning his pants to pull out his thick cock. “Come along, Mr. Poe. Let’s see how pleasing that mouth of yours is.”

Jimmy was salivating as he gazed over Cold’s intimidating girth. His cock was absolutely beautiful. Crap, how was he ever supposed to fit all of that in his mouth? He scooted forward, starting to press a hand against Cold’s thigh to get in a better position.

Jimmy gasped when Cold snatched his wrist, saying low, “No touching.”

“But I need to… okay. Yes, sir,” Jimmy nodded, blinking anxiously. He remembered how Cold had flinched in his apartment, but how the hell was he going to do this if he couldn’t use his hands? He let his arms drop to his sides and took a deep breath.

Bowing his head down, Jimmy pulled the tip of Cold’s cock into his mouth with only his lips. The taste was hot and salty, making him groan as he sucked softly. He struggled to take the thick member deeper, his eyes starting to tear up.

His lips felt like they were being stretched to their limit, trying to use his tongue to make up for all the inches he couldn’t fit by swirling around the tip. He wanted to use his hand to grab the remainder of Cold’s cock, but he didn’t want to risk angering him by touching him again.

Cold’s fingers suddenly dug into Jimmy’s hair, setting his scalp ablaze with pain and sensation. His hold was firm, his cock starting to move, his voice rumbling, “Open your mouth. As wide as you can.”

Jimmy sighed, letting his jaw hang loose. He inhaled sharply through his nose as Cold started thrusting his cock into his throat. Gagging instantly, he tried to swallow around the thick intrusion and his mouth rapidly filled with saliva.

“Relax,” Cold soothed, his cock sliding deeper down Jimmy’s throat.

Jimmy tried, God, did he try. It was almost impossible not to gag again, whining softly as Cold’s massive girth filled up his mouth. He was keenly aware of all the drool pooling, tears streaming down his cheeks as Cold fucked his face. He was getting more turned on with every slam, blood rushing down into his loins and making him shiver all over.

He loved Cold being in control. His mind was completely empty except for the sole focus he had of pleasing this man. It was soothing in spite of the discomfort, calming in a way Jimmy had never known before. He didn’t have to think or worry, he only had to obey.

It felt so fucking good.

Cold’s fingers were tangled tight in his hair, forcing himself deeper as he bucked his hips up. Jimmy was struggling, but he started to get the hang of it. Swallowing back around the head of Cold’s cock, he flexed his cheeks and lips to maintain some suction. He started moving his tongue, wagging back and forth on the underside of Cold’s shaft.

Jimmy could hear Cold’s breathing becoming a shallow pant, the quietest little groan managing to escape. Yes, that sound, that beautiful sound. He wanted to hear how good it felt, he wanted to know what a good job he was doing. Whining quietly, Jimmy gave everything he had, trying to make Cold moan again.

“Look at me,” Cold ordered, his voice raw and husky with need.

Jimmy’s eyes flickered upward to meet Cold’s gaze, unable to identify the intense expression on his face. He looked like he was concentrating, as if trying to figure out a puzzle, but there was an element of frustration like the solution was eluding him.

“You love this, don’t you?” Cold demanded, yanking Jimmy off his cock so he could answer him.

Jimmy gasped for air, his chest heaving as he licked his lips to catch some of the drool. He couldn’t nod because of how tightly Cold was holding him by his hair. Inhaling a few more precious gulps of oxygen, he finally whimpered, “I do…”

“Mmmm, good boy,” Cold sighed, rubbing the head of his cock over Jimmy’s lips.

Jimmy caught himself chasing it, his tongue darting out trying to get one more taste. He couldn’t explain the feeling of happiness that washed over him when Cold said he was a good boy, but nothing else in his entire life could compare. He whined again, managing to get one quick lick before Cold pulled him out of range.

“Easy,” Cold soothed, his tight grip finally releasing and softly petting through Jimmy’s ruffled hair. He wiped the drool away from his mouth, even his tears, fingers moving with a tenderness Jimmy hadn’t thought the gangster capable of.

Jimmy beamed up at him, trying to lean into Cold’s hand like before. To his surprise, Cold cradled the side of his face, thumb drawing little circles over his cheek. “Good?”

“Very,” Cold said, letting go all too soon and grabbing the condom from the table next to them. He rolled it down over his cock, patting his lap. “Come on.”

Jimmy eagerly complied, slipping off his robe and being mindful to only use the sides of the chair to pull himself up. He straddled Cold’s hips, shivering when he felt his cock pressing against his ass. He couldn’t wait for it to be inside of him again. He was already reaching for the lube when Cold grabbed his wrist, pinning his hand behind him.

“Uh uh,” Cold chastised, shaking his head. “You’ve got to learn to slow down, Mr. Poe. I didn’t tell you to do that, now did I?”

“No, sir,” Jimmy said, pouting. He cried out when Cold slapped his tender ass, his hips jerking forward. “Fuck!”

“Put both of your hands behind your back,” Cold instructed, reaching for the lubricant as he calmly waited for Jimmy to comply.

Jimmy held his hands as ordered, loosely holding his wrist. He cried out when Cold spanked him again, teetering unsteadily in his lap. He didn’t dare move his arms, tensing his legs to keep himself balanced.

He groaned when one of Cold’s hands slid up and pressed into the small of his back, holding him tight so he wouldn’t fall over. Lubed fingers were now circling around his hole, plunging inside with purpose and making Jimmy whimper.

Jimmy’s head tipped to the side, glad for Cold’s strong hand to keep him in place, arching his hips against the probing fingers inside him. “God…”

Cold made a small sound, almost a grunt, lewdly stretching out Jimmy’s hole and making him whimper. He withdrew, snatching the condom and rolling it on quickly. “Hands stay,” Cold reminded him, lifting Jimmy’s hips and lining himself up.

“Yes, si-eerrr! Fuck!” Jimmy yelled when Cold thrust his cock in, forcing him to take every inch in one deep slam. He squirmed, gasping from the sting, tears again starting to flow as his fingers dug into his palm.

Cold was savage, taking Jimmy apart with brutal slams. He held his hips tightly, his teeth bared in a snarl as he fucked him. It went on and on without any signs of stopping, Cold’s hips pivoting like a machine.

Jimmy could only scream and pant, struggling to move in any way that could offer a reprieve. Cold wouldn’t let him, forcing him to stay as he was, grabbing a handful of his ass and squeezing the bruised flesh.

Jimmy hissed in surprise and pain, his cock achingly hard as it bobbed between them. He wailed as Cold suddenly spanked him again. Cold was fucking him so hard he thought his body was going to break. It was overwhelming, it hurt, and he didn’t know how much more he could handle.

Too much, it was too much. Jimmy squeezed his eyes closed, the safe word right on the tip of his tongue—

“You’re doing so well, Mr. Poe,” Cold growled, his teeth clenched together. “You’re taking my cock so fucking beautifully.”

The praise tipped Jimmy back from falling into the abyss, and he groaned as he started to rock his hips down with renewed vigor. He could do this. He was making Cold happy. He wanted to make him feel good. He moved his hips in sync with Cold’s, dropping himself down to meet every cruel thrust and groaning shamelessly.

It was starting to feel fantastic, and Jimmy’s head fell back as the pain was blanched by a wave of bliss.

Cold seemed to appreciate his efforts, not correcting him for being such an active participant. In fact, the snap of his body had stopped almost completely, letting Jimmy take over. Not being able use his arms, Jimmy focused on the muscles of his stomach and his lower back, rolling his body over and over as he fucked Boss Cold.

Cold had the oddest look on his face, something akin to surprise, watching Jimmy intently as he rode him. Jimmy didn’t understand why Cold was stopping when it was starting to finally feel so good.

Jimmy groaned, his hips frantically slamming down on Cold’s cock, trying to get him going again. “Please, sir… I need more…”

“You’ll take what I give you,” Cold warned, popping his ass viciously.

“Fuck! Please!” Jimmy pleaded, teetering slightly. Another hard spank threw him completely off balance and instinctively his arms flew forward to catch himself. One caught the side of the chair, the other landed on Cold’s chest.

Jimmy’s eyes nearly popped out of his head, freezing in place. Oh, God, he had touched him again. He wasn’t supposed to touch him. His palm was right over Cold’s heart, and he could feel the rapid thumping of his pulse beneath.

Cold’s hand snatched Jimmy’s wrist, but he didn’t push him away this time. He squeezed down tight, their eyes meeting, and Jimmy wished he could place the beautiful look in the other man’s eyes. It was intense, haunting, and sad.

Jimmy kept his hand where it was, too stunned to move.

Cold’s grip softened, his thumb lightly tracing the underside of Jimmy’s wrist. His lips parted, but he didn’t speak. He looked lost for a few seconds, his expression starting to harden again even though his touch remained gentle. His fingers slid up Jimmy’s arm, over his elbow and bicep. He was taking his time, cataloging every inch of flesh from Jimmy’s shoulder up to the back of his neck, resting there.

Jimmy gasped quietly, melting under Cold’s affections. He lightly tugged on his sweater, slowly starting to move his body once more. He needed friction desperately and gasped again when Cold suddenly sat up straight, holding Jimmy tightly around his waist and moving with him.

Their bodies were perfectly matched in rhythm, sliding together effortlessly. Cold’s cock was thrusting impossibly deeper, making Jimmy whimper sweetly. Their chests bumped together, Jimmy’s cock trapped between their stomachs. He wanted to kiss Cold so terribly.

Something was different now, the energy crackling around them had changed. Jimmy couldn’t explain it, but it was somehow more intimate. This was a part of Cold he wasn’t supposed to see. He kept staring at his beautiful lips, dying for a taste.

Jimmy couldn’t help himself, leaning forward, eagerly trying to steal a kiss.

Cold’s fingers immediately snatched his head off to the side by his hair, and he growled softly in warning.

Jimmy yelped. That was a stupid idea. The intimate moment was lost, but God, it had been so beautiful while it lasted. He wailed when suddenly Cold’s teeth clamped down on his throat, his cock starting to ruthlessly slam inside him again.

“Touch yourself,” Cold panted against Jimmy’s neck, growling as he fucked him hard. “Come for me, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy nodded, gasping and crying as he wedged his hand between them to grab his cock. He groaned as Cold’s hips stuttered beneath him, realizing that the man was coming. A few strokes of Jimmy’s hand sent him tumbling into bliss ahead of him.

Cold rocked their bodies together as they trembled, allowing himself one low moan of pleasure as he finally finished.

Jimmy smiled at the lovely sound, pleased with himself, and God, exhausted. His thighs were burning and so was his ass, as he deflated in Cold’s arms. He wanted to cuddle, to touch, but he knew that his hand still currently tangled in the fabric of Cold’s sweater was already pushing it.

Cold began to sink back into the chair, exhaling sharply as he pulled away. He didn’t seem to mind the mess all over his sweater, waving Jimmy away as he sighed, “Go get cleaned up.”

Jimmy obeyed, climbing off Cold’s lap with wobbly legs and heading to the bathroom. He stretched his aching body, humming contently as he turned the shower on. When he glanced at himself in the mirror, he was surprised at how happy he looked.

His face and chest were blotchy, his ass bright red, and he could make out a definite handprint or two. His hair was a ruffled mess, and he was shiny all over with sweat. Definitely looked like he’d just gotten righteously fucked.

But he couldn’t stop smiling. He was so happy.

He did make a bit of a face when he saw the giant bite mark Cold had left on his neck. For fuck’s sake. But then his cheeks blushed a little deeper in his reflection when he realized he liked seeing it there. He liked the idea of Cold marking him all up, leaving bruises and bites over every inch of him. With a shiver, he hopped into the shower. The night was still young. Maybe if he was lucky, Cold would do it again.

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