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Cold-Hearted King: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

What a lucky girl I was.

Fuck me until I couldn’t stand up straight. Now that was a bold statement.

The normal woman inside of me, the one who’d already taken more than a single swing at him would shove him aside, telling him in no uncertain terms that wasn’t going to happen. But here I was, my mouth watering to see him accomplish the scandalous feat.

The thought that I wouldn’t be able to sit given the brutal spanking and I wouldn’t be able to stand because of the savage fucking was yummy. More so than I would have admitted just the day before. I bit my lip, trying and failing to keep from moaning. He had that effect on me.

The moment he dropped to his knees, yanking my jeans and panties down with him, I threw my arms over my head. This was crazy. I couldn’t think straight. I didn’t want to think straight.

He wasn’t taking no for an answer, managing to jerk off one of my boots, then the other. I wanted to fight him playfully, but what was the point?

When I was completely naked, I was shocked that he threw his head back with a loud roar. A rush of embarrassment pushed up from my chest to my cheeks. Everyone in the motel had likely heard his primal bellow. Groovy. What if they’d seen me come into this room with a stranger? I clenched my eyes shut, trying not to think that way.

As I gasped for air, doing what I could to keep from hyperventilating, he yanked my legs apart. There was nothing so sensual as having his fingers slide up the insides of my legs, his touch igniting a fire I didn’t think I had. When he reached my inner thighs, I smashed my fists against the wall several times. If his roar hadn’t woken up the folks in the next room, my pounding certainly had.

Everything was a delicious blur as he blew hot air across my pussy. I closed my eyes, allowing the fantasy to remain in place, fighting the wave of shame that a girl like me should feel. Every sound he made pushed me closer to a wave of bliss. And the second he swirled his tongue around my clit, I came close to losing all control, an orgasm already waiting to explode at the surface.

“Oh. God. Oh…” I tossed my head from side to side, licking my parched lips. Nothing had ever felt this good. My legs continued to shake even as he wrapped his large hands around them, keeping me wide open and accessible. A nervous laugh bubbled to the surface and no amount of biting back the sound allowed me to hide the crazy level of anxiety or the kind of burning need that I’d never experienced before. Never.

Not a single time.

He sucked on my clit in a tender way, taking his time to roll his tongue over the sensitive tissue. The moment he buried his face into my wetness, I could feel myself sliding down the wall. His large hands kept me from it, pinning me to the wall as if he planned on keeping me there for a long time.

Until he’d gotten his fill.

I tossed my head back and forth, my mind spinning with lurid thoughts. I was shocked how powerful his tongue became as he licked feverishly up and down the length of my pussy, lapping my juice as if the finest whipped cream.

The thought was silly but allowed me to relax in his tight hold, leaving the real world outside this room. His sounds became more animalistic, adding to the heated passion that continued to erupt between us.

When he drove his tongue inside my tight channel, I was certain I’d lose it right there, gripping his shoulder with one hand while I writhed in his hold. Seconds later, I realized I was bucking like a horse, my hips swiveling. I was even stamping one foot then the other, so lightheaded I couldn’t see anything but a huge smoky haze in front of me.

He continued licking furiously, jerking me away from the wall several times. His tongue was magical, pulling me so close to the sweet edge of euphoria before backing down. He was driving me to another point of madness.

I dropped my head, watching his savage actions, my desire to be able to touch him pulling at the wanton girl inside of me. As the electric sensations curled my toes, I could sense I wouldn’t be able to hold back any longer. I pressed my head against the wall as the climax rushed into me, pushing me into the most incredible feeling of nirvana I’d ever experienced.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes…” The last word faded off as another wave of stars floated in front of my eyes. I was beautifully lost in the moment, something I prayed would continue. I didn’t know his real name and he didn’t know my last name, which meant we were nothing but strangers. Maybe this is why sex had never been so hot.

My mystery lover thrust several fingers inside, flexing them open as he drove me almost instantly into another rush of current, my entire body shaking from the wildness of the moment. As a sweeping wave rolled through me, my scream floated toward the ceiling.

I had no idea how long I was in a state of limbo but as he rose to his feet, I still couldn’t breathe. He appeared larger than he had before in my hazy gaze, the slight laugh pushing up from my throat allowing his eyes to twinkle.

“Do not move,” he said in an authoritative tone.

“What if I do?”

“Well, then you’ll really learn how demanding I can be.”

He backed away and I dragged my tongue across my lower lip, admiring his chiseled face until he jerked off his tee shirt by the back of the neck. At that moment, I was floored by just how good looking he was, his upper torso carved from the finest stone. Dear freaking God, the man was built. Forget about brick shithouse. He was a god. I couldn’t take my eyes off him even as he struggled to remove his boots. The way he shifted his head from one side to the other was a blatant attempt to torment me.

And it worked.

When I reached out in a brazen attempt to touch him, he lifted his hand, wagging his index finger. “Not a chance, sweetheart. Not until I’m ready.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Oh, yes, Big Red. You belong to me. Remember?”

I was drawn to the scruff on his strong jaw, the mesmerizing look of his eyes as he slowly unfastened his jeans. I was struck that the color of his irises had changed in the dim light, and I found it fascinating I’d never been attracted to guys with brown eyes before, but his were the perfect kiss of fire-roasted chestnuts or the richest cognac. My, wasn’t I poetic today? But his eyes were warm and inviting, one of the most sensual aspects about him.

And he had several.

Yet the moment he peeled the denim away, sliding his fingers under the fabric, I tore my gaze away from his sculpted face to his perfect abdomen and further. Oh, hell, yes, I was licking my lips again, finding it more difficult than ever to keep my wits about me. In retrospect, I had found him far too attractive in the convenience store, but the fact I was in a motel room with a complete stranger defied all logic.

Feeling more playful than I had in years, when he got to the awkward stage of undress, his jeans around his knees, I took that moment to bolt away from him. Not that I could leave the room since he was standing in front of the door. I tried my best to leap across the bed but the savage man was too quick for me, even in his current state of undress.

The way he easily tackled me to the floor was worthy of another laugh. I kicked out, almost managing to crawl away from him.

“You’re a feisty one. Aren’t you?” he growled.

“You have no idea.”

“I need to be a lion tamer.”

I would ache in the morning, but I hadn’t had so much fun wrestling with any man my entire life. I threw my head over my shoulder, keeping a grin on my face as he took the time to yank off his jeans. The sudden break in his forceful hold allowed me to slip further away. However, I underestimated the man.

With ease, he dragged me back, strong enough to lift me off the floor by a few inches.

“You aren’t getting away that easily, bad girl.”

I suddenly found myself on my knees in between his legs, his long thick cock right in front of my mouth. What was a girl to do? Without being commanded to do so, I wrapped one hand around the base of his cock, sliding the other between his legs.

He kept his hand tightly woven around my hair, forcing me to keep my gaze on him even as I teased him by blowing across his cockhead. I’d never seen an evil grin quite like I did on the man standing over me. The fact he was in full control was a complete no-no in my book, but here he was.

It was all just a fantasy, never to be repeated. Why not take full and delicious advantage of it? I darted out my tongue, brushing it across his sensitive slit.

His muscles tensed almost immediately, his strong jaw clenching. When it did, I noticed his dimples for the first time. They added to his boyish look, although I could tell he was at least ten or twelve years older than me, the hint of crow’s feet when he smiled adding to the ruggedness of his face.

Good God, I had it bad for this man. Whew. I could never tell Megan about my adventure. She’d ply me with margaritas to get every juicy detail from my brain before never allowing me to live it down. And rightfully so. How often had I gone on and on about never allowing a man into my life again? I’d gone so far as to tell her that the phrase ‘never say never’ was for idiots.

Now here I was breaking my own cardinal rule.

“Suck my cock, Big Red.”

His voice was so gruff yet the kind of incredible aphrodisiac most women would die for. I didn’t need any encouragement, my lewd mind taking over. I licked down the underside of his cock just as I squeezed his balls, maybe a little too roughly since he groaned. But I couldn’t help myself, repeating the move just to be a brat.

The taste was tangy, yet the hint of sweetness was enough I couldn’t wait to have the man deep throat me. As soon as I closed my eyes, he issued a series of growls.

“Don’t take your eyes off me, sweetheart.”

I opened only one eye, rewarded by his guttural laughter. Why was it that every sound he made sparked more current racing between us as well as allowed butterflies to form in my stomach? That also wasn’t like me in the least.

As soon as I took his cockhead into my mouth, he rolled onto the balls of his feet, rocking forward as he’d done before. The move pushed another two inches inside. He was just as large as I’d thought, my jaw muscles aching almost immediately. I swirled my tongue around his shaft as he started pumping inside, gentler than his previous actions yet still very much in control.

He had a look on his face I couldn’t describe but it would normally irritate me as it had done before. Right now, it only proved to fuel the fire even more. There was no point in me trying to take any control over the situation. He thrust fast and hard until the tip finally hit the back of my throat. Gagging wasn’t ladylike but it had been a long time since I’d considered myself a lady.

I’d grown up rough and rugged in the system, unable to experience the finer things in life. I couldn’t help squeezing his balls, enjoying the feel of them in my fingers. They were thick, already laden with sperm, so heavy they had to be uncomfortable. The thought brought another wave of longing since he would expel every drop of his seed deep inside.

He tangled his fingers in my hair, tugging slightly before shoving my head down further until the tip hit the back of my throat. His deep, husky roar only fueled the fire that much more. I swirled my tongue back and forth, the rush of adrenaline drifting into my already explosive core.

I was rewarded with several drops of pre-cum, the taste just as I’d expected, tangy yet sweet. Eager to taste more of him, I did everything I could to relax my throat, taking him down another two inches. As he started to fuck my mouth, every muscle in his body tensed. I couldn’t take my eyes off him or the furrowed look of his brow, the hard clench of his sculpted jaw. He was truly a beautiful man, capable of being anyone’s favorite cover model or movie star.

But he didn’t belong in Colorado. That was for certain. He’d be eaten alive by the cowboys in the town, which I would grin at watching. Only we were never going to see each other again. Too bad. I would have given him pointers on how to handle the rugged cowboys.

He slowly lowered his head and I could swear his eyes were dilated. Every breath he took was labored, his chest rising and falling as he struggled to breathe. Just when I was certain he was ready to explode into my mouth, he backed away, pushing my shoulders slightly.

All I had to do was try to crawl away and he reacted instantly, sliding his arms under mine. As he lifted me off my feet, I wrapped my legs around him, pushing them hard against his chiseled hips while sliding my arms over his shoulders.

“What do you have in mind, cowboy?” Why not get my jollies out of teasing him?

“You’ll see, bad little cowgirl.” His grin was practically evil. When he shoved me against the wall all over again, the wind was knocked out of me. I gasped then laughed, still shocked how strong he was.

Okay, so his muscles were carved like stone, but he certainly didn’t look so powerful underneath his clothing. As with every other aspect of the man, he’d shocked me, enough so I maintained a permanent place on the precipice, struggling not to fall into the abyss. He was dangerous in more than one way, my mind already wondering why it was such a bad thing seeing him again.

Nope. I couldn’t do it. I refused to allow my little girl to become attached to anyone, only to have him walk away. That wasn’t fair. She was my entire world. This was one night, a night of fantasy and nothing more.

But I would allow myself the gift of enjoyment.

There was no hesitation on the man’s part. He impaled me with the entire length of his cock and when he did, I was thrown straight into the foggy haze of lust and need.

“Oh, God. Oh. My. God.” As my muscles tried to expand, I was pushed into pure euphoria, unable to think clearly. I wiggled in his hold, scratching my nails down his back before I realized what I was doing.

“You’re so fucking tight. And hot. And wet.”

“Isn’t that how I’m supposed to be?” I lolled my head to the side, my heart thudding rapidly.

“Oh, yeah, baby.” He pulled almost all the way out, driving into me again, the force slamming me against the wall. The picture on the wall shifted, several items on the dresser falling to the floor and we both laughed.

The hard clenching and releasing of my muscles as they spasmed from his wide girth almost drove me into a climax. The rush of energy and electricity seared my skin much like his touches had before.

My mystery lover jerked one arm over my head then the other, easily wrapping the long fingers of one hand around both wrists. I struggled in vain, purring and undulating but he was so strong I couldn’t move.

Not that I really wanted to.

As he developed a rhythm, once again rolling onto the balls of his feet, he locked eyes with mine. The slight curl of his lips, the stern expression on his face screamed that he was used to being in charge. It wouldn’t have mattered what I’d said or if I’d attempted to deny his demands. He would have taken what he’d wanted.

That should bother me but as with the few sexy novels I’d read, there was nothing like an alpha bad boy taking charge, refusing to be denied. That was every girl’s fantasy. Wasn’t it? Or was it just me?

He remained tense, but his smile grew wider, his eyes twinkling as if he knew something I didn’t. When he shifted the angle, driving so deep inside I could no longer breathe, I was immediately tossed into a mind-blowing orgasm. Every muscle in my body tingled, every cell on fire. I opened my mouth in a silent scream from the air being sucked completely out of me.

Lights in vibrant colors danced behind my eyes, the powerful moment catching me off guard. I was lost in the sweet release, laughing softly from just how explosive the sensations were.

He nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck, pressing wet kisses against my skin, his hot breath skipping across my pulse of life. When he dragged his tongue up and down, finally nipping my earlobe, I couldn’t seem to stop quivering.

“I could lick your body for hours, feast on your sweet pussy for days, and fuck your tight hole for weeks. Would you like that, Big Red? Would you like to become my dirty little plaything? Mine to use and discipline, fuck and own?”

His words would normally piss me off but they only added to the intoxicating moment. “Yes.” The word came so naturally, as if I’d been waiting my entire life to hear them. As soon as I started to come down from the incredible high, he slid his other arm around my waist, turning abruptly.

After taking two long strides, he tossed me into the center of the bed and given my competitive nature, I immediately tried to crawl to the other side.

He snapped his hand around my ankle, jerking me back and cracking his palm against my bottom. “Where do you think you’re going, Red? Nowhere until I allow it.”

The hard smack on my aching bottom was followed by another before he nudged my legs wide open, not wasting any time crawling behind me on the bed. Now on my hands and knees, I tossed my head over my shoulder, dragging my tongue across my bottom lip as I stared at him. His cock was throbbing and so purple that I was thirsty all over again. There was nothing like having his thick shaft in my mouth, deep throating him like a good girl.

Whew. My mind was completely in the gutter, something new and different.

He fisted my hair, yanking it back as if tugging on a horse’s rein, using his other hand to drive his cock back into my tight channel. The angle was just different enough I moaned in ecstasy, seeing the stars and flashing colors of light all over again.

The sinful moment continued, City Slicker driving in and out in a perfect rhythm. Only seconds later, I realized I was bucking hard against him, arching my back as he kept his firm hold. My breasts ached, the force he used adding to the heightened level of sensitivity. I yelped the second he cracked his hand against my bottom three more times.

“That hurt.”

“Exactly. Just like it should.” He laughed after issuing the words, fucking me even more brutally than before.

I had no idea how long the man kept going but his stamina was incredible. When he gripped my bottom, rolling his fingers down the crack of my ass, I tensed, once again looking over my shoulder.

He had a mischievous look on his face before sliding his thumb into his mouth, sucking on it like the thick digit was a lollypop. What in God’s name was he doing?

Just then it dawned on me. He was going to shove it into my asshole. Oh, dear God. I panted, trying to scramble away but it was no use. I was his for the taking, every hole included. My thought was confirmed seconds later as he shoved his thumb into my dark hole, pumping in perfect rhythm to the way he was fucking me.

I found it strangely erotic, something no man had ever dared attempt with me before. Within seconds, I realized I enjoyed the filthy invasion, bucking as I’d done before. My grip on the comforter was firm, yanking at the cheap cloth for support.

Within seconds, another orgasm swept through me. I tossed my head back, the scream loud and proud this time. I was thrown by just how amazing it felt, the combination delicious in its dirtiness.

“That’s it. Come for me, Big Red.” He tugged on my hair again, twisting it until he could see my expression. I was lost in the wave to the point where nothing else mattered but the joyful bliss.

He didn’t stop, picking up his pace until I sensed he knew I was coming down from the rafters.

“Now, I’m going to claim that dark hole of yours.” He was so matter of fact about his statement that I was taken aback. But there was no time to say anything before he pressed the tip to my dark hole.

I squirmed, even whining for a few seconds but as soon as he pushed two inches inside, all I could concentrate on was trying to learn how to breathe again. “Oh, my…”

“It’s going to feel so good. You’re so tight.” His words were barely audible, the dark gruffness to them a powerful aphrodisiac.

There was no way to prepare myself for either the pain or wash of the strangest pleasure I’d experienced when he slowly but deliberately slid his entire cock into my most forbidden place. Instantly, I gasped out loud, the pinging tension and electric sensations keeping me trembling, my heart racing.

His body shuddered behind me when he was fully seated inside, yet he pushed his hips right and left several times as he made guttural sounds. The way his fingers dug into my hips was possessive, telling me in no uncertain terms I would not have the chance to try to escape his hold again.

The flash of pain quickly shifted, the feeling of extreme pleasure nothing that I would have expected from such a sinful act.

He released his hold on my hair seconds later, his breathing still labored as he pulled out, driving into me again. This time, the force was enough to push me closer to the comforter. I did what I could to meet every brutal thrust with one of my own, basking in the glorious vibrations as another wave of electricity soared higher.

There was no denying his hold over me, and it only had somewhat to do with physicality. He’d grabbed a fistful of my soul, somehow knowing what I’d needed even if I hadn’t been prepared to admit it to myself. I closed my eyes, the enjoyment unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.

He dropped his body over mine, the weight of him pressed so tightly against my back I shivered all over again. Together we rocked, his actions becoming less brutal, the almost tender moment as surprising as the man. He kissed my neck several times, allowing the feeling of floating to continue.

I had no control, or did I?

When I sensed he was losing the battle, no longer able to hold back, a smile crossed my face as I squeezed my muscles.

Perhaps there was nothing like the sound of a man as he let go. As he did, filling me with his seed, I finally felt a beautiful moment of satisfaction.

This was exactly what fantasies were made of.

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