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Compelled Obedience: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

Belong to him.

The words both thrilled and terrified me, the combination frazzling me enough I’d fled. I couldn’t believe I’d run away from him like some idiot schoolgirl.

Whoever had spouted off there was a fine line between love and hate had been… brilliant. Only I refused to fall in love with anyone. And I certainly had never hungered to belong to anyone.

You’re lying to yourself.

I could swear the voice wasn’t inside my head. I slapped my hands on the mirror in front of me, wishing I could get angry and demand he take me back to my car.

But I didn’t want to. I wanted to feel something. Anything.

“Oh, God. What are you doing? You stupid, crazy girl.”

The lengths Grant had gone to make certain I knew he wasn’t dating Candy had created another flurry of butterfly activity in my stomach. Then I’d seen a haunted look on his face for a split second. It was endearing.

A shiver coursed through me as I sensed I was falling under his spell. That just couldn’t happen. Not right now. I had to break the connection. I had to keep my resolve. I smashed my hand against the glass again, fearful it should shatter given my anger.

But not at him. At myself.

I took gasping breaths, my pulse skyrocketing. As I stared at my reflection, I was shocked that my entire body was trembling. Not from fear but from almost desperate need. I’d never been so aroused around a man in my entire life. Grant was just… overwhelming, so powerful in his actions and quiet demands that I was breathless.

That was the most insane aspect of all.

I might have sworn off men but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t be affected by their prowess or sexy appeal. And Grant Wilde was everything a girl could want and more. He was charming, witty, intelligent, accommodating, caring, feared as well as respected, a closet bad boy, dominating, and he didn’t take no for an answer. He was a perfect alpha boyfriend out of a romance novel.

Gah. I was in so much trouble.

I closed my eyes, trying to drive the illicit images of his naked body from my mind. It was almost impossible given my gaze had lingered on the thick bulge between his legs. The jeans had accented the fact his cock was throbbing. Or maybe I was imagining it altogether. Then when he’d talked about BDSM, my mouth had watered. What the hell? I wasn’t interested in anything having to do with being submissive to anyone.

Liar. Liar.

Oh, great. Now my little voice was backtalking me. I envisioned being shackled to a wood apparatus, required to do anything he wanted. Or crawling across the floor because he beckoned me with a single finger, prepared to call me his good girl. It was definite. I’d lost a part of my mind. If that was the case, I wasn’t certain I wanted it back.

Spending any additional time with him was going to be difficult. “Why does he have to be so gorgeous?” As soon as I said the words out loud, I felt a presence behind me. Oh, God, no. He did not just walk into the bathroom?

Trembling, I opened my eyes. Staring at me in the mirror was the man of every girl’s dreams, his eyes piercing mine. The only sound was the rapid beating of my heart. I dug my fingernails into the counter as he slowly lowered his gaze, his nostrils flaring.

There was no doubt about his increased desire.

Or his intent.

The man looked like he wanted to devour me.

He took a deep breath, holding it. Then he pressed his body weight against mine. Very slowly, he pressed his palms against my shoulders, brushing them down my arms. Goosebumps immediately began to prickle my skin, my breath skipping. The feel of his massive cock pressed into my bottom was exhilarating.

Not a single word was said as he ground his hips, continuing to tingle every cell in my body with his heated touch. I was lightheaded, curious as to what he was thinking.

“You walked away from me,” he finally said, his voice deeper than before, more alluring if that was possible.

“I needed some space.”

“You didn’t get my permission.” He lifted his gaze briefly, drawing my attention to his chiseled jaw, the dark stubble covering his chin sexy as hell.

“I didn’t know I needed it.”

“You do now.” He brushed the hair from my shoulder, lowering his head. When he nipped my earlobe, I was certain my knees were going to buckle. Then he licked the shell of my ear and I was forced to grip the edge of the counter. There was no doubt I’d fall on my butt if the full weight of his body wasn’t crushing me.

When he suddenly backed away, an involuntarily moan slipped from my lips. Then he cupped both sides of my face. Everything about the man was dominating including the way he rubbed his thumbs back and forth across my skin. I had to end this right now or I’d never be able to walk away.

“You need to take me back to my car.” There was no conviction in my voice.

“That’s not going to happen.” Grant lowered his head.

“I don’t want you to kiss me.” I heard the lie in my tone and shuddered.

“That’s too damn bad, baby, because as I already told you. I take what I want.” He crushed his mouth over mine, his hold tightening.

As had occurred before, I was lightheaded, incapable of thinking clearly. I wasn’t entirely certain I would ever be able to think without a fog wrapping around my mind with regard to this man. Even as I tried to remind myself that he was my boss and that he was ignoring every rule he’d drafted. Yet somehow, I didn’t think he’d care.

He tasted so damn sweet that I leaned into him, crushing my fingers around his shirt. I was hesitant at first. Then our actions became fevered, the need becoming carnal and undeniable. I was thrown by the connection we shared. He was a complete stranger, someone I’d tried to hate. But every part of the woman inside of me hungered for him.

Every action possessive, he thrust his tongue inside, sweeping it back and forth across mine. The kiss wasn’t just passionate, it was a fire roaring out of control, flames threatening to consume us. He brushed his hand down my side, crawling his fingers under my skirt. When he pressed his palm against the lace of my thong, I moaned and he captured the sound.

I pushed at his hand but that only fueled him. He swept his fingers underneath the elastic, swirling the tips around my clit. I couldn’t stop shaking, the ache deep in my pussy increasing.

When he broke the kiss, he raked his teeth across my jaw. Instantly, another series of shivers coursed down my spine. I suddenly tore at his shirt, not caring that we were in a dingy restroom in an even dingier bar in the middle of a rundown area in LA. All I could think about was his skin against mine, the heat of his body coursing through me like the wildfire he’d created. I’d become a lust-craved idiot incapable of shoving aside deep, intense need.

His eyes were darker, so blue that I could see directly into his soul, yet icy as if the possessive man would never be able to get enough. His chest was heaving, his brow furrowed from the same need crushing against me.

“I want you. You have no choice. We’re leaving.”

He could have no idea how much his words thrilled me.

“I can’t wait. Fuck me.” I couldn’t believe I was issuing the breathless words. It was crazy and irresponsible.

But I wanted to feel something other than the crush of bills and the fear of being found. I needed something for myself instead of worrying about every aspect of my life. This man was the only person who could give me something I’d thought long dead.



Intense need.

His upper lip curled and he cocked his head. “Be careful what you ask for, Kerri. I’m not going to be gentle.”

Why did I have no control?

“I don’t want you to be gentle. Just fuck me. Please.” I clawed at his arm with one hand as I ripped his shirt from his jeans with the other. The second my fingers touched his chest, I let off an intense whimper that floated around us like a beacon of sin.

“If we do this, then I will own you. The moment I slip my cock inside then you belong to me. Is that what you want, Kerri?”

“Yes.” The shiver continued, a sickeningly amazing series of vibrations dancing throughout my body as excitement continued to build. Yes, it was crazy. This wasn’t about love but a burning attraction that simply couldn’t be denied. Maybe I’d regret it in the morning, but at this moment I just didn’t care.

“Are you certain?” His gentle touch was in direct contrast to his words. As he rubbed his lips across my cheek, the single touch destroyed what was left of my resolve. The man was dangerous. His gaze. His voice. His lips.

But that’s what life was about, wasn’t it? Risking everything to feel anything.

I gripped his shirt with both hands, leaning into him, encouraging him to take what he wanted. “Yes.”

Exhaling, he lifted his head, dragging his tongue down from my ear, swirling the tip around my pulse of life. It was as if he had me in the palm of his hands, molding me as if I was a piece of firm clay, awakening my senses while he slowly lowered my defenses.

The electricity and sexual tension were thick and hot, so much so a single bead of perspiration trickling down from my forehead.

“You will do as I say, Kerri.”

“Yes, sir.” The words came naturally.

“Good girl.”

Swooning from his response, I dug my nails into his chest, drinking in his testosterone as if it breathed life into me.

He growled and backed away, pushing my skirt up to my thighs. Seconds later, he rolled my thong past my hips as I hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt. As he pulled my panties to his face, his eyes closed, another guttural sound rushing up from his chest as he breathed in my scent. It was sexy and exciting, dirty and exhilarating. Then he shoved them into his pocket as if planning on keeping them as a souvenir.

I didn’t care, the sinful thought adding to the sinful moment.

As soon as he lifted me onto the edge of the counter, I spread my legs wide open. He narrowed his eyes, lowering his gaze to my slickened pussy. “So wet. So pretty and pink. I can’t wait to sink my tongue inside your tight channel.”

He rolled his hands under my shirt, ripping at my bra until he was able to release my breasts. I planted my hands on the counter, tilting my chin until I was staring at the ceiling. A nervous laugh pushed up from my throat, my mind still spinning. What if someone walked into the room? What if they witnessed our carnal act? I didn’t care.

Growling, he cupped my breasts, squeezing as he lowered his head. My throat was tight, strangled sounds erupting into the air. He flicked his thumbs back and forth across my already sensitive nipples until they were taut and aching. Then he pinched both between his fingers.

The jolt of pain started in my toes, jetting up the insides of my legs straight to my throbbing pussy.

“Oh. Yes.” Another nervous laugh was followed by a single moan, which I quickly sucked in along with a labored breath.

Every sound he made was animalistic, pushing me further and further into a surreal moment. I was a good girl. Never had I done anything like this. Who was I kidding? The three men I’d been intimate with had bored me to death.

But this man was electrifying in every action he took, every husky command.

“Spread your legs wider for me, little kitten. I need to see all of you.”

Kitten. The jolting reminder that he was my boss threatened to derail the moment, but I refused to allow it. He didn’t need to know. At least not now. It would be my dirty little secret.

I obeyed him without hesitation as I bit my lower lip to keep from making any additional sound. Grant pulled one of my tender buds into his mouth, his suckling noise exaggerated. I placed one hand on his head, smiling as bright color shifted in front of my field of vision.

He bit down, forcing another whimper from my lips. I was locked in a moment of frenzied need, unable to stop trembling. Everything about him was practiced, totally controlled. He rolled his lips across my chest, engulfing my other nipple. I tangled my fingers in his silky hair, marveling in the feel, longing to see every inch of him.

And I longed to wrap my lips around his cock.

The thought pushed me as close to delirium as possible, the wicked side of me something I hadn’t known existed. Seconds later, he pushed me further back on the counter, sliding his arms under my legs then lifting my torso. “Watch me enjoy the tastiest pussy I’ve ever experienced.”

Why did his words turn me on so much?

I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he swirled his tongue around my clit several times before spearing the folds of my tight channel. Gasping, I dug my fingernails into his scalp, but he didn’t seem to care, concentrating on feasting on his prize. I blinked several times but there was no chance of focusing. His growls were more primal, his hold more possessive. I was going nowhere until he allowed it.

I’d never been so open, spread so wide my legs ached. I tossed my head from side to side as he shifted his attention to my clit, sucking, licking, and nipping my already heated core.

“Oh, my God. Oh…” My voice was starting to carry, the agonizingly sweet sound of rapture threatening to give us away. This time, I bit down on my lip until I tasted blood. As his needs became ravenous, he let go, acting as if this was his last meal.

The sensations were too powerful, or I was too sensitive. Either way, I was ready to lose it. When he started to suck on my clit with even more vigor, thrusting one, two, then three fingers inside, I was pushed to the limit. When he stretched them wide open until it was just to the point of pain, I lost it, a climax roaring into me.

“Oh. Oh. Oh.” I thrashed in his hold, smashing my head against the mirror, bucking my hips as he sucked and licked feverishly. The man refused to let me go, sucking like a crazed animal, every sound a throaty growl that kept me on the very edge of a precipice. I was riding such a high that I feared crashing down.

“Come again,” he commanded as he lifted his head briefly, my sex coating his mouth and jaw, juice glistening in the harsh lighting.

“I’m too… sensitive. I can’t. There’s no way.” I was barely able to speak, so breathless I was more lightheaded than before.

His grin was another reminder of how dominating he was. “You will.” This time he sucked on my clit so hard that the explosion of electricity caught me by surprise.

And there was no holding back the intense scream lifting into the air, undoubtedly shooting outside the crack under the door. A warm flush of embarrassment jetted through me at the same rate as the powerful orgasm. I lolled my head, licking beads of perspiration from my upper lip, shuddering to the point my teeth were chattering.

Suddenly, it felt as if my lungs were devoid of oxygen, the inability to focus a reminder of how much control he had over my body. He licked and sucked the inside of one thigh then the other before rising to his full height.

When he leaned over, I threw one arm around his shoulder, curling my fingers so I could toy with his long strands of hair. He kissed my lips gently, brushing them from side to side before darting his tongue just inside.

“Now, I fuck you, my precious kitten.”

I made some sound, even nodding as if agreeing, although I knew I had no choice. I was able to lift my head, spending time controlling my breathing as he unfastened his belt buckle. For some crazy reason, my mind was jerked back to when he’d tossed me over his lap, spanking me like a bad girl. He’d warned me he’d use his belt. The thought was both kinky and terrifying at the same time.

A smile curled on his lips when he finished unfastening, sliding his thumbs under the dense material. I was barely able to function normally, my vision still cloudy, but that all changed with the sight of his gorgeous, thick, throbbing cock.

“Oh. My. Fucking. God.” The words slipped from my lips and I snorted, now completely embarrassed at my reaction. I pressed two fingers across my mouth, shaking my head slowly from side to side. The veins on both sides of his glorious shaft were standing proud, the tip already glistening with pre-cum. I hadn’t realized I’d licked my lips in appreciation until he grinned.

He shoved his jeans to his thighs, my gaze following his every move. One leg was inked, the scrolling vine pulling lust from the center of my core. I longed to trail every line and curve with the tip of my tongue. He continued to feed off my energy, sliding his hand between his legs, rolling his swollen balls between his fingers.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him, realizing that within a few seconds, he would take all of me, devouring every inch. The last tiny sense of resolve tried to swim into my mind. I should stop this madness now, refuse to fall victim to my latent desires, but it was impossible. It was as if he’d already tucked me neatly into his lair. Soon, his kitten would never be able to get away.

“I can’t wait to drive my cock inside of you,” he said, the sinful words laced with even more promise.

“Uh-huh,” was all I could manage.

He advanced, the two steps another reminder that he was all predatory male. Then he planted his hands on either side of me, cocking his head as he peered into my eyes. “This is only the beginning.”

When he grabbed my thighs, jerking my bottom off the edge of the counter, I pressed one hand against his chest, pushing the other on the counter to keep me as close as possible. Just breathing in his intense scent of the forest and spices, citrus and sandalwood kept me in a drunken stupor. He shifted the crown back and forth across my sensitive bud before slipping the tip of his cock against my swollen folds. There was no pretense, no warning other than what I’d been given before he thrust the entire length inside.

My eyes filled with another splash of vibrant light as my muscles attempted to get used to the rush of euphoria, the thickness of his girth.

“Oh,” he breathed, taking a few seconds to watch as he rolled his thumb around my clit, creating even more sensitivity.

I gripped his arm, digging my fingers in as I shivered violently. He was so large the ache in my pussy was almost painful, but I never wanted him to stop.

“So tight, precious kitten. So wet.”

“Fuck me.” It was as if I didn’t have a larger vocabulary, my needs were so concentrated. He pulled out, his smile turning into a devilish smirk before plunging it inside a second time. I wrapped my legs around his thighs then clamped a hand around his shirt, pulling him down until our lips were touching.

I wanted him to do nothing but bask in the glory of our togetherness, but I could tell he was losing control, his yearning too electrified.

When he pulled out again, I arched my back even more, dragging my tongue across his lips. He crushed his mouth over mine, capturing my scream when he drove into me again. Then he became a man with insatiable need, punishing me with his cock as he fought for satisfaction. This was wild and heated and I clawed at him as he swept his tongue back and forth across mine.

Everything about this was primal, the air thick with our passion. The kiss was savage, his actions brutal and within seconds, he brought me to another powerful climax.

He thrust into me even harder as if he was telling me in no uncertain terms this was truly just the beginning. A sudden sadness rolled into my system even as the desire continued to roar like a lion.

I couldn’t risk what a relationship would do to Casey. He couldn’t handle additional loss or rejection. It wasn’t fair to him. The thought brought such a heaviness to my mind that tears threatened to form.

He seemed to sense the change in my mood, breaking the kiss. Then he pulled his head back even more, stopping his actions altogether. “Did I hurt you?”

“No. It’s not that.”

“Then what is it?”

I had to lie to him. I’d been so horrible and I wasn’t going to dampen the joy and release he was offering. “I’m happy.”

The look of relief on his face was endearing, the darkness inside of him returning within seconds. Suddenly, he started to fuck me like a man possessed. Then without warning, I started begging him to fuck me even more savagely. He complied without saying a word, the sound of skin slapping against skin a beautiful if not strange aphrodisiac. The scent of our combined sex wafted into my system and I could feel the anticipation of another climax bridging the surface.

“That’s it, baby. I want you to come with me.” His voice was thick with his heightened desire, the husky sound sending another wave of vibrations dancing down my spine. Moans trickled from my mouth, escalating in volume as the heat built to a crazy precipice. I was falling off the cliff into a murky abyss. Soon I would be drowning in wanting more.

Of this.

Of him.

Of his dark commands.

When he rolled onto the balls of his feet, shifting the angle, I was gone, panting like a crazed animal. I couldn’t stop clawing at his skin, realizing I’d drawn blood on the side of his neck. I whimpered, almost longing to be a vampire, sucking his blood.

“Scream for me, precious kitten,” he commanded. “But you’re not allowed to come just yet.”

If he really thought there was any way for me to hold back, he was crazy.

There was no one else outside the bathroom door, no concern about who heard us. He shifted one hand around the back of my neck, squeezing as his eyes searched mine. “I can’t, Grant. I can’t hold back. Please just…” I felt like a chaotic mess, no longer the arrogant yet reserved woman I had to portray.

With him I wasn’t just a kitten, I was a lioness and he was my master.

The thought alone pushed me into another realm, the pleasure turning into raw ecstasy. My mouth was open, no sound coming out.

Until he thrust with such ferocity that a wailing scream was pushed from my mouth.

“Fuck!” he growled as his body stiffened. I squeezed my muscles, milking his cock. There was no way I could hold back any longer. He clamped his fingers around my neck, cutting off a portion of my air supply.

And in the seconds of limbo when we both were doing everything we could to hold back the raging climaxes, I experience true rapture for the first time in my life.

As we erupted together and he filled me with his seed, he lowered his head, nuzzling into my neck, his words ones I would never forget.

“You’re mine.”

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