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Condemned: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Cari Silverwood – Extended Preview

Avalon, having been laid over Takk’s saddle and strapped down, was taken to the barn. They led her inside and pulled off her clothes. She was left tied, with only an itchy florse blanket wrapped around her. Her hands were linked to another stake in the dirt floor. If the ride was meant to show her how uncomfortable it would be to be transported in that way, she had it figured. Her stomach still ached. She’d almost thrown up at some of the bigger bumps and Takk hadn’t been driving his florse hard.

They brought all the florses in, fed them, groomed them, closed the double barn doors and then, only then, did they come to her.

By that time, she was fully annoyed, tired, and cold, because the wind had been blowing in through the open doors and her knees were hurting. The chain-rope-spike arrangement was too short to allow her to stand.

Around the walls of the barn were pieces of machinery, some rusted, some newer. It looked as if the owner had a small hobby making tech on the side. Lots of people did it. All the weaponry anyone carried was homemade, since the ancient factories were dust and rust, mangled bits, and blown-out walls. This was why Timin was an artist as much as a mechanic or gunsmith. Few weapons interchanged parts easily. If something was a micron off in measurement, then part A often refused to talk to part B.

Timin. Avalon twisted her mouth, thinking of that mauleon. Of them all he was the least fair.

She was angry at herself for not shooting him. Angry because they thought to punish her for something she should have done if she were practical. Angry for getting caught. Angry for letting herself get angry over that too.

Oh, my.

Calm the fuck down.

Still fuming, she watched his boots as Takk came to a halt before her. The others had settled their butts on the bales of hay to the left and right.

“You have no right to judge me.”

“I do. I essentially bought you when you agreed to be ours until Omage.”

True or not? “I don’t consider it that way.”

“Too late. It’s done.”

“I’m still not a soldier of yours. Punishing me does nothing.”

“You think so?” Takk answered as calmly as she knew she should be. The bastard.

“I know so. You discipline soldiers, whip them, whatever, to show others the bad things that happen if they rebel. Carrot and stick. You reward them for being good. You break them down until they only know how to be a soldier.”

He nodded.

“I’m not one. What use is making an example of me? They won’t learn anything.”

“But you will.”

“I… I will fight you until Omage. Or until I get loose from you. Oops, given that away.” As if it wasn’t obvious already. Teeth set, she glared at him and the others.

“You are…” He waggled his head. “Smart but stupid too. There is one thing this will do.”

She waited, feeling less certain. What was he aiming at?

“It will reward them.” He waved a hand at the others. “Amuse them on a cold boring night. Zo! You like beating your females. Do something fun with her.” At those words, Zo hopped from his bale, gesturing to Kondio to follow him. “Give us all something to jerk off to. Tomorrow, girl, you’ll be riding with less freedom, and maybe something up your ass.”

Oh. She clamped her lips together, wishing she had a reply to flatten him. That gun was definitely a lost opportunity.

“At your command, sir.” The swagger in Zo’s walk was infuriating and worrying. In one hand he carried a bundle of long, thin sticks and he touched the tips to the floor, drawing a trail, stirring up dust. That Kondio followed him out to the center of the barn was even more worrying. What was Zo planning?

Being whipped bloody was a possibility. Being fucked after that was almost a given from the way a mysterious something tented the inside of Zo’s pants.

Days, it’d been days since what he’d done to her at the stream.

Being fucked in front of these others should scare her as much as the prospect of whipping. Except, embarrassingly, between her legs was warming and swelling. The creeping tingle of arousal was obvious. Not now! She bit the inside of her lip to distract herself.

If she could’ve forced that to go away, she would’ve. Pretending, though, was possible.

With a smug look on his face, Takk walked backward then found his own bale of hay to perch on.

She tried to look nonchalant, but her anger had drained away and that had been her true shield, so she settled for stern and annoyed, frowning like one pissed-off huleon. Yes.

“What have I here?” Zo arrived and paced around her, quietly talking. Showing off. Kondio, she noted, stayed further away, as if waiting for some cue.

“Still think I’m something special?” she murmured, glad Kon wasn’t close. Nervous, she twisted her hands inside the circle of the steel cuffs. Maybe Kondio wasn’t happy with this. The older mauleon seemed kind in some ways, just grieved by death.

He let out a strangled groan. “Yes. Minx.”

Her? A minx?

“I listen to what calls me. For days I’ve resisted you, held back, but now… now you’ve set things rolling and the time is right.”

“I did not do anything!”

“Scowling at me doesn’t help your case. You don’t count trying to shoot Timin?”

“I didn’t do it.”

“You came close enough to rile him.”

Why was she arguing? Pointless.

He went to a knee before her and her mouth said what maybe it shouldn’t have.

“Proposing? The answer’s no.”

“Some other time.” He smirked. With ease, he wriggled the spike from the ground, untied the rope where it knotted about the eye of the spike, then tossed aside the spike. Standing, slowly, he assessed her.

“Do you feel it? I thought it only the torm but it’s not just that.”

His eyes held such sureness that she balked and sat back on her heels.

The torm was a mauleon mating thing. The perfect mates succumbed to the perfect mating storm. She knew of it, rejected it. She was not their kind.

“Then why are you doing this?”

“This? You need chastising. Plus I needed to get close to you and take a sample.”

She couldn’t make much sense of his words.

“What if I beg you not to?” Her frown chose then to wobble and she swallowed far too obviously. He tucked one of his sticks under her chin, tapped there.

“Be good and give them a show. Make noises. It will hurt less.”

Tears welled. Where had those come from? “I doubt it.”

“Me too.”

The fierceness that spilled to his eyes told her more. Zo was a sadist.

“You like this?”

“Did I not say it before? I will make you sing. Pain has its rewards, for both of us.” He winked at her as if he knew some secret.

After laying down the sticks, he reached up high. His black braid snaked down his back as he snagged a rope above that she’d not noticed before. The heavy hook at the end meant this was used for hoisting machinery, or perhaps slabs of meat or carcasses.

Only tonight it was to be her.

His other hand still held the rope that linked to her manacle chain. He hauled at it and made her stand, then pulled even more until she staggered on tiptoe. A simple task for such a tall mauleon. He held her there, admiring the result. The florse blanket had fallen from her body to the ground, leaving her utterly naked and her nipples tightening into hard, painful buds. It was cold in here if not as cold as outside.

Smiling all the while, whistling, he fastened her rope to the hook. He pulled off his shirt and held high one of her arms then the other, winding the shirt through the cuffs, between her bare wrists and the metal. He was protecting her flesh from being worn away.

“Why?” she asked when he released her arm, leaving her swaying on her toes.

“Beating your ass is not the same as damaging you. Surely this you understand? Tell me if the cuffs chew into your skin. Okay?”

She blinked at him, then nodded.

A few seconds later, and she barely had time to recognize that this was the moment he began, he stepped behind her and she heard the swish of a stick.

The blow landed across her ass, both cheeks, leaping a line of heat across her skin. She bit down on a shriek, sprang even higher on her toes, wrapping her fingers about the chain.

Attempting to step her toes forward only meant she ran out of places to go because of the limits of rope and chain. So she stopped, waiting, dreading.

Another blow hit and she flinched and bore it. Both cheeks, only higher. It throbbed, died down.

“Two,” Zo said, sounding pleased. “Will I do ten or twenty?”

Was this a trick question? “Ten?”

“Good choice. Let’s see where this ends up. It all depends on how much you scream.”

She frowned. She wouldn’t scream just to please him. Or the others watching. She saw them from the periphery of her vision until a blindfold was dropped across her eyes.

“This help?” Zo kissed then bit her earlobe with his hand over her mound, his fingers pressing on her. One finger dipped into her entrance and circled there as he spoke. “I want you to think only of what I do to you. Of me touching you.” He squeezed her pussy. “I want you wet enough that I can slide in as if I’d oiled you. Drenched, dying for me to be inside you, fucking you.”

The thought of that… of him wanting her rapt attention, made her catch a breath and hold it, until she let it go and the energy flowed from her lungs, down through her body, and what it left behind was the purest lust.

She hung into the chains… waiting, knowing he would strike her again.

The anticipation.

The line of fire fell and flared, made her jerk and gasp and swallow the pain. From the sounds he circled her, his hand fleetingly brushing her, across her clit, here, there, breasts, ass, enough that she was distracted. Then he struck her again, played between her legs, squeezed her breasts and nipples until her body cried at her to arch and push into his hold. She did not. She screamed at some of the blows, whimpered at the intimate touch of his hands when they explored where they should not. Now and then she felt the tug as he caught hold of the rings piercing her clit hood or nipples.

The pleasure surged and sank against the backdrop of pain as she hung recovering, panting, feeling everything he’d done.

With the blindfold in place, she could absorb herself in all that Zo gave her.

This was a revelation that left her hanging, left her sobbing in breaths that shook her, feeling the stick he wielded as if it were a gift.

“Let’s get this done. Eight more.”

Then he struck her hard, without mercy, counting the blows, landing a few on her thighs and upper back.

Wincing and gritting her teeth at each hit, she leaned into her arms and took the punishment.

“Last one.” And it fell and made her shudder and somehow copious wetness had leaked, shaming her for she felt it on her thighs, trickling down her legs.

“Oh, fuck, gods. Fuck!” She sniffed, choking, overcome, unsure how many times he’d hit her, feeling her body still ringing, humming.

It was, she realized, wakening to it… glorious.

“Love the look of you, red, striped. Your pretty ass, your back.” He’d moved in close from the murmur of his words, from the feel of his hard cock pressing at her side. “Next time, I’ll do your cunt with my belt. Let’s see what you taste like on the inside of your cunt.”

He sneaked that hand below again, and she found herself hoping he’d do exactly what he’d threatened to. Her thigh muscles trembled as the cone of several of his fingers was pushed into her, worming, rotating as he forced them… higher… she gasped and jerked… And he shoved again, leaving them there inside her long enough that a gush of her moisture dripped from her.

He pulled them out, making her swear and stumble. One of his hands steadied her but the other, she knew he was licking it, tasting her.

His rumbling chuckle carved through the stupor he’d induced. Enrapt by the penetration, she’d lost track of the others. They’d still be watching.

She was still lost.

The thunder of her blood in her arteries.

The need to satisfy the emptiness between her legs.


Avalon gulped, shook her head, rising from the daze. Zo gripped her hair as if she were a fiercely struggling captive about to rip loose. Every strand seemed pulled tight at the scalp.

He released her.

Sounds were muted. She breathed huskily through lips parted, lips that licked; her tongue lingered on her mouth, craving more. She adored his touch, his scent, his voice, the flare of hurt when his claws dug into her.

Her pussy squeezed in.

Next time, I’ll do your cunt with my belt. That made her shudder. So wrong. As if he’d said something of significance. It was. Next time. It said he owned her, wanted her to be his.

Zo kissed her neck, took a bite of skin, pulled it toward him and released.

She trembled. The blindfold gave her permission to be who he wanted her to be.

“I’d do more. I’d make you bruise for days, but they expect a show. A show of fucking. So…” His hand drifted down her, covering her warmed ass. “You’ll give them one to make them come in their pants. Won’t you?”

She jammed shut her eyes behind the blindfold. Wake up. Somehow, she kicked her mind into gear. She said nothing.

“Say yes.” And he took hold of one nipple and squeezed, crushing it.

Slowly her mouth opened as the pain increased, until the moment arrived when she could scream or say what he wanted. Scream or agree. Somehow, a yes became what she wanted to say too.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Good… girl.”

His grip left her, fingers opening.

“I’m going to fuck you and so is Kon. Be ready.”

“Next time,” she rasped, and she felt his warm breath as he leaned in to listen. “Let me write out the invitations.”

He laughed softly. “You have to pay for smart-ass comments.” There was a click beside her ear, as if fingers had clicked, and she imagined him summoning the other mauleon.

Slumped, swaying, she waited for whatever might happen. She dreaded it now. More aware, remembering how she’d reacted to Zo’s hands on her. There was something horribly wrong with her.

His hand slid down her body to her ankle, where he strapped something to her before moving to her other ankle where he did the same. When she tried to shift her feet, she found them fixed apart.

Zo wrapped an arm about her thigh, cradling one ass cheek, and he bit her close to her clit. When she squeaked, he only shushed her and bit again until she stilled and was silent.

“That’s a spreader bar, Avalon. You might think it’s to stop you closing your legs while we fuck you but it’s not. Though we do want them to see all of you, don’t we, Kon?”

There was a distant chuckle and then the sound of feet walking closer.

“From what I heard, we need to stop her mouth from working.” He paused, making a small noise as if puzzled. “She smells good.”

“I have something to tell you. Be discreet, I don’t want the others to know, yet. Do you understand the old language?”

“What? Some. Why?”

“She is an efsana. I thought as much from how she affected me and the taste of her. Now I’m certain. But because she’s never mated properly, she’s still changing. In a few days, it will hit her and us and anyone else who tastes her and maybe a few who smell her.”

Efsana—that legend. This one? Zo… You mean—and I did taste her days ago. So that’s why—”

“Why your cock is twitching like it’s found a pot of gold and your balls are ready to explode, fuck, yes. Help me get her down.”

“If we tell Takk…”

“He might decide to get rid of her early, yes.”

“You think that all of us could… should?”


While they’d been talking, her head had decided to spin off into space and so she’d barely followed the meaning. She wasn’t going to throw up but felt distinctly odd.

They released her hands from the overhead tie and carried her to what, from the prickles under her belly, was a bale covered by cloth.

One of them unlocked the manacles then relocked them to her wrists at the small of her back.

Those hands on her, the glance of sharp claws. And one of them was far too near her pussy. Awareness zeroed in, down, Avalon wriggled, straining to lift her butt from the bale, only to be held down by the two mauleons.

One was at her head end, the other behind her.

“Zo, why tie her, won’t she, like, enjoy this?”

“And do you think that might look strange? Even if Takk is ready to yank his sausage and Timin is leaning so far forward he will tip over any second.”

“Oh! Yes. I think he’s memorizing her parts. I see. Yes.”

“Here. Gag her with this.”

“I’ve got something better than a rag,” someone said.

That same someone shoved their cock between her teeth and they groaned loudly, even though her mouth wasn’t large enough to take much. Her teeth scraped on them, pressing into the hard-softness of mauleon dick. He backed away, leaving her gasping, her mouth an eager O.

“Not fair!” he hissed. “I’m going to come too soon, Zo. Swap. Give me her cunt.”

“Your problem,” Zo declared softly. “You think I’m going to do better? If she gets any wetter, I’ll need a paddle.” His fingers probed her, two, three, pushing, thrusting, going in and out with the gusto of a hot battering ram, and she could hear the squelch. “Maybe after.”

He stuffed his cock into her pussy entrance. Her eyes rolled up as she felt the impact and the thrust, the familiar epic squeeze as a mauleon with a far too large cock tried to enter her far too small hole. Tried to… and… was succeeding.

She arched, groaning, clutching at air with her fingers, her claws popping out of their sheaths from the stress, and wishing she could bury her face down low so as to present herself better. She needed him deep.

Then Kondio returned to her mouth and she was preoccupied as this one thrust and slid then the other did, rocking her, with her nipples, belly, and the fronts of her thighs being scratched as the hay stalks poked her through the cloth.

The bale rocked back and forth and both of them came when she did, her muscles pulling against the bonds of metal, at the straps on her ankles, and excruciatingly aware of the mauleon claws digging into her bottom, jaw, and hair. Ecstasy struck her senseless and she cried out, shaking. At the last moment, with the blood in her arteries thumping hard, she sucked in a huge breath and then collapsed limp over the bale.

Messiness spilled from her mouth, down her chin, and down her legs.

The distant curses made her wonder if something bad had happened to the mauleons who’d watched. Exhausted by the birching and the sex, Avalon smiled dreamily.

None of what had happened was right, her mind tried to tell her, but she shushed it, drifting as they freed her. Someone hoisted her into their arms and carried her away into the night.

“When do we tell them, Zo? And I think I near killed my cock. There’s teeth scrapes down it. I should do her ass next time.”

“Sure. Maybe. Eventually. We have to take this slow. We don’t tell them. Let me choose a time. Once in the mountains.”

“Okay. I should go rescue Timin. I think he fell off that stack of bales. Seems like he’s already smitten.”

“Yeah, with her cunt. Though you plowing her mouth didn’t help…”

Avalon curled up, eyes closed, being gently rocked as the mauleon walked. It was like being in a ship. She’d been in one, once upon a time.

Her eyes snapped open. What had just happened?

She thought about wriggling to get down from whoever carried her. It was Zo. Zo of the blade-like eyebrows, and the black braid that currently wound past his neck and over her breasts. Zo with the zendokai tattoo of planetary circles and stars on his temple.

Yeah, him.

She reconsidered. She was comfortable, snuggly, happy even, though her jaw and lower parts ached as if she’d been reamed by a tree… an amazing, sexy tree.

So she sighed and shut her eyes. Just this once. Well, maybe a few times.

“Tell me, did you really intend to kill Timin?”

His question was unexpected and uncomfortable.

“I need to know.”

Telling him the truth would be like laying out her soul. She never, ever did that.

Revealing her true self was making herself vulnerable. It gave the enemy her weak points, told them where to hit her to do the most damage. She done that enough when young, and learned.

“I…” She paused, drew a breath for strength, and looked up and saw Zo looking down. Those eyes. Arrgh. This was agonizing to say. “Yes and, ummm, no? I knew I should, but I couldn’t.”

“Couldn’t? Because it was wrong to?”

That was the crux of it. Was she the sort of person who killed the vulnerable, or was she the weak one who inevitably suffered?

She said the only answer that came to her, that made sense. “Yes?”

“Good. You’re excused then.”

He began walking again.

This time she leaned up and squinted at their destination. “A water trough?”

“You know you have to get clean.”


“I am a sadist.” He dumped her in it.

Her screams were the loudest of the night.

The blanket and cuddling afterwards was lovely. The soap and scrubbing before that, not so much.

In the morning Takk beckoned to her with a crooked finger. She’d learned. She went to him, if reluctantly.

“Pull your leggings down and bend over that log.”

Wide-eyed, she regarded the log then Takk. “Ummm. Why?”

He dragged off his gloves and tucked them into his belt before he answered. “You don’t ask me why. Not unless you want extra punishment.”

Fuck. Only scowling slightly, as in for about one millisecond, she trudged to the log, shuffled down her leggings to just below the crease of her butt. At the raising of his eyebrow, Avalon sighed and pulled them lower, to below knee level. When he nodded, she leaned over the log and found a spot on the ground to place her palms that wasn’t covered in small stones.

“Good.” Takk grunted in satisfaction.

Then, curse the stars above, she noticed the other mauleons gathering, chuckling at her predicament.

“Checking her ass end for treachery too now, Takk?” Timin was full of smart comments today. She sent him a baleful glare. He only laughed louder. “If you could see what’s coming, girl. Just so you know, sir, she doesn’t look too cowed.”

“Figures. This is for your insolence and to remind you that you’re ours to do with as we please to. Don’t clench or this will feel worse.”

What was he doing? Worried, she tried to look over her shoulder, but Zo had crouched on the other side of the log and he’d grabbed her hair and held her in place.

“Keep still,” Zo instructed.

She felt Takk pull apart the cheeks of her ass and something huge, wet, and slippery delve between them, clearly aiming at the hole there.

“Things should not go there!” she hissed, wriggling, even though she knew he’d smack her for it.

A second later a stinging blow landed on one cheek. “Don’t move, unless you want to be gagged, hog-tied, and maybe whatever else Timin can think up.” If that wasn’t Takk being annoyed and angry she didn’t know what was. “Head down. Be still. This is a butt plug. Once in, it won’t come out until I remove it. The better you behave, the less likely I will use it tomorrow.”

Timin, from his grin, would have far worse inserted in her.

Giving in was inevitable, so… she did.

Zo was front and center, observing her as the plug traveled deeper, stretching her ass in ways it should not be stretched.

She closed her eyes to lessen the embarrassment, only swearing quietly and whining once.

“Almost there,” Timin observed. “Whoa, that plug is fucking enormous.”

She stiffened and felt her muscles push the plug outward.

“Timin…” Takk paused, sounding exasperated. “Shut up. Avalon, relax. Breathe slowly.”

“I’m trying,” she said in a whisper, and as she did so the whole feeling of this situation morphed. Four males were watching her ass be violated and suddenly it was hot, and she knew this was arousing her, and she really wished it wasn’t. If Takk probed between her legs he’d know how wet she’d become.

The plug slipped deeper then Takk gave it one last push. She felt the flinch of the ring of muscle and squeaked, dug her claws into the earth.

“Done.” Zo tapped under her chin. “Look at me.”

Struggling to control her panting, she opened her eyes and looked, twisting her lips, as if to say that was disgusting.

“You liked that.” His words were almost a purr.


“You went red when you said that.” He smiled and twisted his hand in her hair until she winced. “Did you lie?” He twisted harder.

“Ow! Yes! Yes, yes. I did.”

“Good to know.”

Insufferable male.

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