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Conquered: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

I could feel goosebumps raising all over my skin. I knew the four of them were watching me, studying me and staring at the curves of my backside as it jutted up toward them. The blood rushed a little to my head and I felt lightheaded, and I trembled just a bit in my bonds. What the hell was happening?

Fucking Christ. Get it together, Kira. You can handle anything, I thought to myself.

Those men in the hallway had made me feel like nothing more than a piece of meat. It pissed me off, and what made me even more furious was that Jax had made me do it. Bastard. It probably got him off seeing a naked human expose herself to his shipmates. In fact, his dick was probably hard right now.

It had been humiliating, shameful, and most embarrassingly, arousing. It fucking turned me on. Even now, my pebbled nipples were pressing into the leather beneath me and my pussy was wetter than ever. How the fuck was I getting aroused right now?

There was no way my captors wouldn’t notice.

The stinging feeling of Jax’s palm still made my pussy throb. When he’d slapped me there, I had been shocked, the pain overwhelming at first, but then, it had throbbed and spread deep into my core. Deep inside, there was a part of me that wanted him to do it again, but I would jump off a cliff before I admitted it to anyone.

Coltan reached behind my head and gripped my locks in his fingers, manipulating them into a long flowing braid, his hold confident and strong. Using a black hair tie, he threaded it around the end. Although a simple act, it took away the option of hiding my face behind the strands of my long dark hair. Dammit.

I gritted my teeth as I heard the swish of leather sliding across cloth echo loud in my ears. Zaavyr, Aedan, and Coltan took a seat on the black leather loveseat in front of me, watching as Jax circled around me like a wolf about to ambush its prey.

He knelt in front of me and met my eyes, his copper, black-rimmed irises searching deep inside my soul.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

“Kira, now that you’ve been captured, you’re going to have to learn some very important rules. You will never be free ever again. You are our property. Your body belongs to the Vakarrans now, not to you, not to your friends or anyone else. You will submit without a thought. You will never question our rule over you ever again, is that clear?” he said, his tone calm and confident and completely sure of himself.

I stared him down. He thought he would break me, but not if I could help it.

“Good fucking luck, asshole,” I spat, struggling to free myself, the leather around my thighs and wrists biting into my skin. His eyes hardened and crinkled around the edges, causing my stomach to drop to my toes and my blood to run cold.

I should have known better, shouldn’t have said a word and just been a meek little servant, but that wasn’t me. Would never be me. I was strong, a fighter and I’d go down kicking and screaming the entire way.

At least that’s what I would keep telling myself.

Jax rose to his feet and circled around me so that he was out of my sight. I heard the swish of leather cut through the air and a loud snap before I realized what had happened. Jax had whipped my ass with his belt.

Oh, my God.

He whipped me again and then a third time before the nerves of my backside caught up to my brain. My chilled skin burned with a line of fire like I’d never felt before. I shrieked as Jax layered on one after the other, starting at the top of my bottom and heading down my thighs.

He made one pass across my backside before he paused and dragged his fingers across my scorched flesh, making a point to edge very close to my pussy and up the crack of my ass. Since the contraption I had been strapped to was some sort of A-frame, I couldn’t close my legs and it made it a little difficult to clench my bottom to block his assault.

“My, my, it seems you like the belt, Kira. Your pussy is so wet I can see it leaking onto your thighs,” Jax growled and I blanched quietly in shock.

So, he could see how turned on I was. This was humiliating.

His fingers cupped around my vagina, the tips gliding up and down my wet folds with ridiculous ease. I whined in protest, but he didn’t stop, instead teasing me and circling my clit so much that I arched into his touch, silently begging for more.

Zaavyr rose from the couch and ventured behind me. I could hear him opening a drawer in a cabinet out of my site and a few seconds passed, but my focus was still on Jax’s fingers, forever circling and teasing the needy bud in between my legs. My core throbbed, my ass burned from the belt’s lash, but the only thing I wanted was to come on his fingers.

“Hmm. The marks are fading already. I’m going to have to layer on another set,” Jax mused and my pussy clenched. My hips must have bucked against his hand and he chuckled.


“You want to be whipped, don’t you, Kira?” Zaavyr said quietly beside me and I jumped. I hadn’t realized he was next to me too.

“No,” I whimpered.

“Liar,” Jax responded.

“I do not,” I protested loudly, but then Jax tapped my clit a few times and I squirmed, moaning softly under my breath.

I clamped my lips shut, unwilling to meet their gazes for even a second. I turned away and jolted when I felt Zaavyr’s hands trace my spine, before settling at the crest of my bottom. A cool liquid dripped onto my asshole and I whined.

“What the hell?” I asked, shivering at the feeling.

No one said anything as he spread what I guessed was lubricant around my secret hole and I tried not to respond. The moment he pressed against it though, I tensed all over, trying to press my cheeks together to stop him. It didn’t work.

“Don’t,” I begged, but the tone of my voice said different. My head protested everything that was happening, but my body was craving, pleading for more. My hips ground my pussy against Jax’s fingers and despite my shame at Zaavyr touching my bottom hole, I kind of wanted to see how it felt. His thumb pressed harder against my reluctant rim of muscles, but he was strong and deflected my resistance with ease.

The lubricant made his onslaught easy, and the moment he breached into me, I keened at the weird feeling of being taken in such a humiliating manner. It burned and stung a bit for a moment, but the less I clenched and fought him, the less it hurt. When I relaxed enough, it started feeling rather good. I squeezed my eyes shut when he started pressing in and out of me, moaning softly when Jax pressed against my wet and needy clit.

Jesus, that felt good. I wanted more.

His thumb was relentless, stretching me, claiming me and when he took it away, I whined a little in protest. He replaced it with something cold, smooth, and quite slick. Pushing the foreign object into me incredibly slowly, he chuckled as I tried to fight even though my body was telling me something different.

I hated to admit it to myself, but I kind of liked it. With Jax playing with my pussy and Zaavyr taking my ass whether I wanted it or not, my body had never felt hotter. I tried to pull my wrists away, but my bonds held, and I moaned with desire.

The cool object pressed into my ass, spreading my hole wider and wider so that it stung and burned, yet my clit throbbed even harder against Jax’s touch. I cried out at the odd mixture of pleasure and pain as Zaavyr worked the thing in and out of my bottom, the lubricant causing it to slide into me with embarrassing ease. I’d hide my expression in my hands if I could, I was so ashamed.

I felt my asshole pop around the rim of the plug and realized there was a wide ball shape still spreading my cheeks. It must be a butt plug, I thought. My face must be fifty shades of red right now.

“Get that thing out of me!” I cried out, but the men just laughed at me. For a moment, I felt like nothing more than an object, a plaything, but then Jax began moving his fingers again.

“I think you’re just trying to distract us from how much you’re enjoying yourself, Kira,” Zaavyr responded and I shook my head. No, he couldn’t be right, could he?

Jax stroked me once more, making me shiver under his touch. Zaavyr moved away and Jax took his hand away from my pussy. The moment his touch left my left, I whined, feeling my pussy clench with unmet need. My hips rolled a little back toward him and I turned my head, seeing a smirk at the edges of his lips as he turned away.

The belt whipped my ass again, but this time, it didn’t burn as much from the start. Instead, the sharp caress of the leather against my flesh quickly molded from painful to somehow erotic, making my clit throb all the harder, now lonely with no attention.

The leather lashed across the center of my bottom, pressing the plug in deeper than ever and I grew even hotter.

“Tell me you don’t want it, Kira. Lie to me again,” Jax said softly and I bit my lip.

He touched me again, this time circling the entrance to my cunt, promising me more if only I would just admit to my desires.

“I don’t,” I replied, my voice cracking in the middle with my untruth.

His lips kissed the scorched flesh of my ass and I shuddered with heat. I felt like I was boiling from the inside out. He gripped me with his palm once more, rolling my pulsing bud between his thumb and forefinger, driving me insane with want. My eyes rolled back in my head and I whimpered softly, unsure if I could take anymore without internally combusting.

I was a second or two away from coming before he removed his hand and I cried out in frustration. He was teasing me, driving me up a wall and he was fucking good at it and he knew it. My pussy clenched hard and I panted with the exertion of gathering some semblance of control over myself.

The leather kissed my ass once again, whipping me over and over, up and down my cheeks and thighs. Sometimes it bit into my skin, other times it seemed to caress me, stoking my desire more with each passing second.

He’d touch me. Whip me. Touch me again until I was delirious with my need.

My fingers were shaking with it, I could feel it. My thighs quaked. If I wasn’t bound to the bench, I’d probably have fallen to the floor. I wasn’t thinking clearly anymore.

I just wanted to be fucked already. My thighs quaked, and my hips were gyrating against the leather beneath me, desperate for the right angle or simple touch that would help me hurtle over the edge into the most needed orgasm of my life.

“You misbehaved, human. You need to be punished,” Jax murmured.

He moved in front of me, handed Aedan the belt and placed his hands on his waistline. I licked my lips. I wanted to see his cock, wanted to see his alien skin. I wanted to taste him. I wanted it all.

I wasn’t disappointed.

He unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them slowly.

Huh. Commando then. No underwear to be seen.

Without any sort of ceremony, he dropped his pants and stepped out of them, leaving me with a first-hand view of a sizable cock. His dick was rock hard, his mottled merlot-colored skin begging me to touch it. The bulbous head jutted straight in my direction, bobbing a little in the sexiest way imaginable.

I wanted him to fuck me until my voice was hoarse from my pleasure.

I shut my eyes. What was coming over me? Did I really want this?

“Open those pretty blue eyes. Look at the cock that’s going to punish that naughty pussy. Beg me to teach you a lesson, Kira,” Jax murmured and my blood practically leaped right out of my skin. Slowly, I obeyed, too breathless with need to ignore him.

Because as much as I hated it, he was right. I wanted him to fuck me. I shouldn’t, and I hadn’t when they’d dragged me down the hallway by my leash, but now, my body was humming with pleasure and the desire for more. I should be strong and fight back, but I’d never been more turned on and vulnerable in my life.

It was driving me insane.

His cock was huge and quite wide, but I watched as it grew before my eyes. It was almost supernatural, but his length grew by a good few inches, as well as his girth. I shrank back in shock.

“Naughty human slaves are fucked hard,” Jax whispered and I shivered, wondering if it would hurt when he took me.

He grinned, almost as if he could read my thoughts.

He walked around me, until I couldn’t see him anymore and I panted with anticipation. All at once, the hotness of his cock dragged across my wet folds and I moaned at its heat. I arched my back, lifting my hips to make his access easier, but he continued to relentlessly tease me. The friction of his skin was driving me mad.

My screams and moans sounded more and more desperate by the second.

Fuck. I needed to come.

“Please,” I begged.

“I thought you didn’t like this,” he chided quietly, and I keened softly in response.

“I don’t. Please don’t,” I replied.

“I won’t fuck you till you beg me to punish you, little rebel,” Jax replied and I screamed in frustration, the heat of his cock pulsing against my clit, promising me an orgasm if I just gave in and gave him what he wanted.

My fingers gripped the leather beneath me and my thighs clenched around the frame of the bench, tense with the passion threatening to break free. His hips moved back and forth slowly, teasing, not enough to allow me release.

Cruel. I needed to come.

“Jax, please,” I begged, my ass bucking upward once again. His thumb pressed against the base of the plug stuffed in between my cheeks, pushing it deeper for a moment before he gripped the base and pulled it a little, reminding me of how little I was in control in that moment.

God. I didn’t want this. But I did. My body needed it. My mind was slow to follow.

His dick pressed harder against my clit and I screamed with frustration when he pulled away. My skin smoldered, my limbs quickly heating and making me feel feverish. My eyes felt like they were glazed with it. I was intoxicated with my passion.

Fuck, his cock felt good. Would it be so terrible to enjoy my captivity? To take pleasure in his punishing me? My pussy clenched with the answer.

“I,” I began, before my voice failed me.

The head of his dick pressed against my entrance, but not enough to enter me.

It drove me wild.

“Please punish me, Jax,” I pleaded. “Please hurt me.”

Jax chuckled behind me.

“You like it when it hurts, don’t you, Kira,” he asked.

“Yes,” I answered with a whine.

I felt my pussy answer him, my arousal dripping from me like a leaky faucet. His cock pushed harder against my entrance and I keened as he stretched me. His dick was huge, larger than I had ever seen, let alone taken before, definitely larger than when he had fucked me on stage with the rest of my captors. It hurt, it stretched me, and I cried out with pain, but it still felt good. My body took him in hungrily, throbbing with pleasure at finally being filled with his iron-hard shaft. Fuck. I needed this.

They’d made me want it and now I was ravenous for it.

His cock stretched me wide and my core throbbed, hot with desire. My body nearly vibrated with pleasure at finally being filled with Jax’s shaft. I felt like I had waited so long for it. He wasn’t gentle, but I liked it. His member felt like it speared me in two, it was so big, but I didn’t care, I just wanted to be fucked.

“Please,” I said quietly, under my breath, desperate for him to take me harder, as he pushed in and pulled out leisurely, filling me more and more until I took him completely to the hilt. Full of the plug and his dick, I felt ready to burst with shame at my rising arousal. I liked his rough treatment, this shameful act where my both my ass and pussy were penetrated.

I should be embarrassed, humiliated, but I was just utterly aroused.

He reached across my back and gripped my braid, winding it around his wrist and pulling it tight so that my head arched back. A blossom of pain prickled at the back of my scalp, but it quickly morphed into soul-shattering pleasure.

He pulled harder and slammed his hips into me, slapping his flesh against my freshly whipped backside, but for some reason, instead of angering me, it turned me on. I felt myself climb higher and higher, biting my lip to keep the screams of passion from escaping my throat.

Fuck. That felt good. It hurt, but it felt so fucking good.

My muscles tensed, gripping the leather bench between my thighs and I lost the battle to stay quiet. I screamed my passion, my release ripping through me like a riptide. My world burned white hot and I felt like I was spiraling into the clouds. Every nerve in my body quaked, smoldering into a fiery blaze that left me reeling with ecstasy.

My entire body hurt, stretched, beaten, and fucked but I was enjoying every second of it. I knew I should feel humiliated, but I didn’t. Jax was punishing me, but I liked it. He wasn’t gentle or kind, but he’d made me want it, conquering me in this single act.

I was his human.

Did I really hate the idea of being owned by these Vakarrans?

I didn’t know.

But this orgasm was so fucking good. I could feel him growing even larger inside me, his cock so hard, pounding into me with such purpose, that my release morphed into a second, more powerful one. I felt his other hand grip my hip, shaking slightly as he groaned under his breath.

I felt his seed coat the insides of my cunt, the final step in his marking of me. He pulled out, and I felt it dribble down the back of my stinging thighs and my ass. I was his.

Well. That was hot.

I panted, catching my breath and realizing just how raw my throat had become. Jax released my hair and his hold on my torso, leaving me bereft of his touch, which made me feel a little sad. I laid my cheek down on the cool leather of the bench, solely focusing on the advent of air in and out of my lungs.

Holy shit.

My pussy felt so empty. Stretched. Tamed. Claimed by a Vakarran.

I lifted my head, meeting the eyes of Coltan, Aedan, and Zaavyr, still seated in the loveseat directly in front of me. Every single one of them stared at me with a sense of dark seduction and ruthless longing.

I met their gazes with equal fierceness.

I may have enjoyed my punishment, but it wouldn’t break me. Never.

I heard Jax zip up his pants behind me, tucking his massive member away, which oddly enough disappointed me. Coltan rose from the couch and one by one, released my limbs from the cuffs that bound me to the punishment frame. His touch was gentle, caring after the roughness that had been Jax. I didn’t say a word, and neither did he. I could feel Jax’s cum drying on my ass and thighs, but neither Coltan nor I made a move to wipe it away.

I wonder if it glittered, like last time.

On your knees, Kira. Kiss the back of Jax’s hand and thank him for punishing you,” Coltan’s voice echoed inside my head.

Shit, that was still just as disconcerting as the first time I’d heard them inside my mind.

But I did as I was told. I sluggishly dropped to my knees in front of Jax and took his hand within mine, pressing my lips to the back of his hand. I was still panting, my body still reeling from the intense pleasure he had given me, my heart fractured into a million little pieces.

“Thank you for punishing me, Jax,” I whispered.

For a long moment, none of the men said a single word. They just stared at me, stealing concerned glances between each other. It was enough to make me a bit anxious, but I waited silently, not wanting to earn their ire in my fragile state.

“You will call us all Master,” Jax responded, his voice calm, collected, and not the least bit stern. It surprised me.

I chewed my cheek, turning over the term in my mind. Jax tensed a bit in warning and I decided that now was not the time to fight. I’d find my time to fight back and to escape back to Earth. Now, surrounded by four rather large Vakarrans, was definitely not the right time to enact my offensive plans.

I’d play along, for now.

“Yes, Master,” I replied quietly, doing my best to seem submissive and demure, just like Clair had been. I’d play the part until I found my opening.

“Good. To bed with you now. We’ll continue your training in the morning,” Jax said, turning away from me then.

“I’ll see to it that she’s put to rest,” Coltan said and the rest of the men nodded in agreement. They left the room then, leaving me with just one alien man.

His eyes darkened to a dark coppery color as he beckoned me over. I pushed up from my knees to a standing position and slowly walked over toward him, my legs feeling as though they were made of jelly. He pulled me into his lap and held me close.

“You did well,” he said.

I blushed. Jax had only made me come several times.

“Your training is going to continue in the morning and I must help you prepare. When you’re ready, put yourself over my knees and spread your ass for me. We need to switch out that plug for a bigger one, so that you’ll be ready to have your ass fucked tomorrow,” he said, and I shivered.

He couldn’t be serious. Right?

“No way. No cock is going up my ass,” I countered, pushing away from him slightly.

“Kira, you must remember your place. This is not Earth. You’re no longer free to make such choices. If we want to fuck your ass, you’ll do well to remember that it’s going to happen whether you like it or not,” he replied.

After a long moment of silence on my part, he continued.

“Many other Vakarrans would not help you prepare. They’d just take you there without training you first,” he explained.

Leaning back, I stared at him. He was right. I knew what his alien species was capable of. I heard and seen women being beaten, knew the rumors of what they did to women who rebelled. On all accounts, I was probably rather lucky I wasn’t dead.

Even now, when Jax had punished me with his cock, it hadn’t harmed me or injured me in any way. He’d taken the time to touch me, tease me, and most important, arouse me. He’d ensured that even though it was supposed to teach me a lesson, I’d taken my pleasure in the whole experience. I was a little sore, but even as I pressed my thighs together, I couldn’t deny that I kind of liked it. My ass, still full of the smaller plug, throbbed with the residual sting from the belt, but just thinking about being spanked again by my captors made me wet.

Why did this group of four men not want to hurt me? I’d killed members of their species and fought them at every turn.

I studied Coltan then, trying to figure out the answer.

He was the kindest of the four, that was clear. He looked at me with a sort of warmness and if I regarded him closely, with something like respect.

He didn’t look down on me. Even though I was just a human and he, an all-powerful Vakarran. In fact, none of them did, not even grumbly Aedan.

My heart fractured into more little pieces. I’d hardened it over the years but was quickly finding that these four men were awakening it like never before.

Coltan stared back at me, waiting for me to react.

“I can’t not fight you. You know that. It’s in my blood,” I replied.

“I do. But if you do fight me, there will be consequences,” he said softly, almost reluctantly. He sighed then, taking his palm and dragging it over the stubble on his chin.

He reached to the side and took out what appeared to be a bottle of lubricant and a larger metal butt plug, one with a purple-colored gem jutting out from the base. I stilled with a rising sense of anxiousness, but for some reason, I wasn’t scared.

I moved slightly, a weak attempt to try to escape his grasp, but to be honest, I didn’t think I would. He grabbed my waist and like I was as light as a feather, flipped me around so that I lay face down over his knees.

He laid his large hand against the sore flesh of my ass, already marked by Jax’s belt and waited. Just being put in such a position quieted the fight in me to a more manageable level. Then, he gripped the plug in my bottom hole and pressed it harder into me, reminding me that he was in charge.

Entirely naked still, I was acutely aware of how my body reacted to such dark dominance, feeling my nipples harden and my pussy clench with arousal. Swallowing heavily, I waited. He played with the sex toy a bit more, pulling and pushing it until I started to pant with shameful desire.

When I least expected it, he stilled.

After a long moment, he used the fingers on his other hand to spread my cheeks wide. I felt the heat of embarrassment rush to my face and I was thankful for the fact that I could at least hide my face in the couch beneath me. Slowly, he removed the plug from me and I whimpered as the toy once again stretched my asshole wider than it had become used to. My hips bucked a little and I clenched my muscles, crying out quietly in protest. When it slid free of my body, I sighed in relief.

I tried to get up, but he held me in place. Shit. I tried to kick and squirm away, but it was no use. I could almost feel his look of disappointment as I tested him.

Without saying a word, he spanked the tops of my thighs and the lower curves of my ass, awakening the sting of my previous punishment. I yelped loudly and subdued myself.

He took my ass and spread it wider and I keened out loud when he spread more lubricant on top of my bottom hole. He didn’t ask or demand my submissiveness, he just took it. The new, much bigger plug pressed against my channel, sliding into me without much struggle until it reached a point where it was much wider than the other.

I cried out, but Coltan kept pushing, demanding my body to acquiesce to his desires. Despite the painful, burning sensation, my thighs quivered with unmet need, unexpected pleasure rising from the depths. My clit throbbed, and my lonely pussy clamped down on empty air, suddenly desperate to be fucked once again.

I squeezed my eyes shut and balled my fingers into fists as the plug pushed all the way into me with a resounding pop. I could feel the purple gem spreading my ass cheeks. Once I stood and walked around, it would be overwhelmingly obvious that there was a plug there. Everyone would know I had something shoved deep in my asshole.

My face flamed with embarrassment.

Lifting me off his lap, Coltan helped me to stand up on my own two feet. My thighs shook and my muscles tensed, feeling the deep heaviness of the toy stuffed inside me. It was a heady reminder of their power over me. I wondered if I’d ever get a chance to get out of here or escape their captivity ever again.

“Come, Kira, I’ll put you in your cage for the night, so you can get some rest. Do not, under any circumstances, remove that plug from your ass. If we find that you do tonight, you will be publicly punished again. Remember that,” he warned, his tone entirely serious.

I was tired, and I didn’t want to fight anymore. I just wanted to sleep.

With my asshole claimed as theirs, my body was screaming to submit to them. I’d never admit it, but I kind of liked the feeling of it at the moment.

“Yes, Master,” I replied quietly, testing the feeling of the word on my tongue without his provocation. It felt okay. My pussy clenched again.

“Good girl, Kira,” he said, before taking my hand and leading me into their bedroom, where a large cage similar to the one I’d been put in before awaited my arrival. Once inside, I slipped under a soft blanket and placed my head on the pillow.

I was asleep in a matter of seconds.

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