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Conquering Their Maiden By Demi Lane – Extended Preview

“This should help keep you quiet, Sunshine,” he murmured softly, pumping his hips into my face as I greedily, wantonly, licked and sucked at his smooth, hard length. Pre-cum leaked from his tip onto my tongue, and I shivered. He tasted as good as I remembered.

Kael moaned, holding my head as I sucked and he thrust, licking the tip of his cock. I was parched, and he was the only thing that could sate my thirst. Draven continued to pump his fingers hard, and I heard Gaige murmur appreciatively from beside him.

“Is she ready?” Gaige asked. “Dripping?”

“Almost,” Draven murmured.

“Good. I’m going to get her something to keep that cute little ass full. You should have a taste of her, Draven. Our Sunshine tastes like her name.”

“I bet she does,” I heard Draven murmur, then his fingers slid out of me and he pulled me off Kael’s cock. They rolled me to my back, and Kael straddled my chest, moaning as he slid his cock between my breasts and kneaded them with his large hands, holding them close together as he thrust between them. Draven hummed, then moved down my body, hands holding my thighs apart. His warm breath tickled the inside of my thighs, cooling my overheated pussy for a moment before his tongue licked up the seam of my body.

“Oh, gods. Pl—”

Kael’s hand clapped over my mouth, his one hand holding my breasts as he continued to thrust. “I think we may need that gag again,” he said, smiling down at me as my chest heaved, my back arched, and I continued to moan behind his hand. “Daya, Sunshine. Does that feel so good? Draven licking your little cunt?”

I couldn’t respond, so lost I was to the warm wetness of Draven’s tongue licking over me, sliding inside me as his nose rubbed my clit. He ate me like a man starved. A man who intended to conquer every part of me. Pressure surged between my legs, the orgasm building as he sucked my clit and slid two fingers back inside me, curling the digits until my thighs shook and my back bowed off the mattress. My eyes opened wide to see Kael grinning down at me, plucking at my nipples with one hand as pleasure exploded and I burst open like a firecracker.

I screamed into his palm, unable to keep quiet. I was in ecstasy. Overheated lightning shot up through my chest and down each one of my legs, making every muscle tense. My nipples were hard pebbles for Kael to play with, and for a split second I worried I might drown Draven with how wet I was. There was a slick, pulsing noise echoing throughout the room as my body practically sucked his pumping digits inside it. The orgasm began to fade, but it was so intense that when Draven pulled away and spread my cheeks, I felt only a slight sense of pressure as something smooth and angled slid between my cheeks. My body tensed as it slipped inside, stretching me so much more than Draven’s thumb had. Gaige pushed it in deep until a flat base rested against my puckered hole.

“Finally,” I heard him murmur, then another mouth descended between my legs, his tongue lapping at me furiously. I was shivering, my screams quieting to whimpers as Kael slipped his hand away from my mouth, moving it to cup my breasts as he thrust between them.

“Are you going to be a good girl and try to stay quiet, Daya?” he asked, waiting until I nodded and mouthed yes before climbing off me. He scrubbed a hand through his hair, stroking his cock again as Gaige moved out from between my thighs and a now naked Draven replaced him.

I swallowed, my eyes widening as I took in his muscular body climbing over mine. I looked small in comparison. His chest and shoulders so broad and arms thick as tree limbs as they settled beside my ribs. His knees dug into the bed, thighs tense, hips already flexing, and his gigantic cock jutted out from his hips like a club. The head was shiny and dripping with pre-cum, aching to fill me just as much as I wanted to be filled.

My lips trembled as I watched him ready himself, rubbing the tip through the slickness between my thighs. His golden eyes lifted to mine, and he bowed over me, lips hovering over my shuddering ones.

“Shh, Sunshine. You stay nice and quiet, understand?”

He kissed me, fisting his cock and sliding it against me as I whimpered. He smiled, and his laugh sent shivers down my spine as my hips bucked upward into him.

“So greedy,” he teased as he ground into me. “You want that inside you? You’ve resisted it for so long.”

I closed my eyes, heat rolling over my body as the sane part of my brain I had all but shut down tried to rise back to life. I had resisted because they were obscene and debauched. Their actions now had only proved that.

But I no longer cared. To hell with any sense of sanity, shame, or decency. I wanted it. I wanted them to claim me in every way, so long as it satisfied the ache inside.

Draven kissed me, biting my lower lip and pulling back as I whimpered again, arching so my breasts rubbed against his bare chest.

“Ask for it, Sunshine. Beg your Master for what you want.”

I leaned my head back, exposing my throat and moaning as he rewarded me with kisses that moved from the base to the corner of my mouth. “Please… Master…”

Soft chuckles echoed around the room and Draven grinned mischievously. “Please what?”

“Please fuck me.”

I didn’t need to ask twice. Draven braced one arm by my head, the other wrapping around my waist and holding me steady as his broad hips spread my thighs and his thick cock slipped easily inside me.

My eyes widened, then my head fell back to the bed, tugging at my binds for something to hold onto. There was a sharp pinch that melted into a burning sensation as Draven sank into me, stretching me open with a few thrusts before his palm gripped my ass. Then he started thrusting in earnest.

His cock slid in and out, hips digging into my thighs as he stroked me deeper and deeper. The bed rocked; I felt his knees digging into the mattress for leverage. His heavy balls swung, slapping against my slightly sore ass. I wanted to cry out, but I kept my moans as quiet as I could, not only because of their order and the threat of being discovered, but because the sounds Draven made were driving me mad and I didn’t want to miss them.

“Look at you,” he purred into my ear between heady, lustful grunts. “Legs spread so wide for me, your cunt so wet and tight. You take it so well, Daya. Such a good girl, letting her Master use her.”

“How’s she feel?”

It was Kael’s voice. He sounded eager and filled with lust. I opened my eyes to see him smiling, watching us from his position on the bed, his hand wrapped around his cock and stroking leisurely. On the other side, Gaige was waiting, grinning as he watched his comrade thrust between my legs.

Draven groaned and leaned up, hand braced by my ribs giving me a spectacular view of his glorious body. His muscles were taut, and I watched his abs flex as he drove his hips into mine. His cock was so big I could see it when he pulled out, and I watched it disappear completely when he pushed in again, the sight making me clench. I watched in fascination as his handsome face contorted in pleasure, his cock plunging deep, so much power behind his thrusts. Wet, slapping sounds echoing throughout the room. It was so filthy, but the sound only stirred him on.

“She’s tight,” Draven moaned. “So fucking tight. Gripping me with that cunt.” He bit his lower lip and let his head fall back, a soft moan slipping from his lips as he pounded harder. “You’re going to come, Sunshine. I want you to fucking squeeze me when I fill you up.”

He was right. Another orgasm was building from where his body slammed into mine, heat and pressure and delicious sensations that made my pussy pulse and quiver. My clit throbbed, and when a hand slipped down to rub it, I cried out only to have a hand clapped over my mouth.

“Fuck her hard, Draven,” Gaige said, fingers furiously working my clit as he held in my moans. “You ready to come, Daya? You going to come all over his cock?”

Kael leaned down to kiss my nipples, tongue flicking over them as both he and Gaige urged me on, their voices blurring into one. Come, Sunshine, that’s it. Squeeze that cock inside you. Come. Come. Come.

My head fell back, and I screamed out another muffled release, embarrassed that I had no control or ability to keep silent. The pleasure was too intense, too delicious. I thrashed, my hips bucking against Draven’s thrusts as he grit his teeth and hissed out a climax. He swelled inside me, then jets of warmth filled me in rhythmic waves as my body squeezed every drop out of him. Draven braced on the bed, groaning as he pumped slowly. When the pulses stopped, he gave me hard, pointed thrusts, pushing so deep it ached. He was getting his cum deeper inside me.

As close to my womb as possible.

I shuddered. It had already begun. They were going to breed me, starting tonight.

Draven pushed his long hair out of his face, leaning down to give me a filthy kiss before he moved aside. Gaige took his place, his eager grin making a flush run over my body. He slapped his cock against my clit once, then reared back and pushed inside.

“Oh, fuck,” he moaned, looking from me to Draven. “You weren’t lying. Damn.” His hands slipped around my hips, cupping my ass as he laid his body over mine. “There won’t be a single day I won’t need to be inside her.”

His salacious promise made me shiver, and he began riding me with steady, undulating thrusts that had me biting back moans in mere seconds. Gaige mercilessly fucked me into the bed, his grunts quiet in my ear, but no less obscene. He cursed and praised me, his thick, heavy cock sliding noisily in and out of my already well-used cunt. I braced again by tugging against the bindings on my arms, my hips rolling involuntarily to meet Gaige’s thrusts.

“I know, Sunshine,” he murmured, gripping my ass to encourage me on. “Feels so good, doesn’t it. Your tight cunt grinding on me. I want to fuck you all night then have you ride me tomorrow. Get you seated on top of me, let you grind on me until you come.”

I shivered. Could I do that? Could I obey them without being bound and tied down? I didn’t know if I wanted to find out.

Gaige rolled me to my side and tucked my legs around him, his fingers sliding over my clit and his mouth sucking on a breast. I moaned loudly, but he pressed a hand over my lips. “No, Sunshine. Keep quiet. Show me you can do it. Come for me now, but you hold back those moans.” He released my mouth and gripped my hips, thrusting so hard my breasts shook and his hips made loud slapping sounds against my ass. “That’s it, girl. Come for me. Come.”

Draven and Kael echoed the word, and I did my best to hold back the noise, breathing in sharp, heavy pants as my body convulsed around his. The orgasm was so intense, so quick on the heels of the last one, it made me dizzy. My eyes rolled, and my thighs squeezed Gaige’s hips, almost trying to protect myself from the near brutal pace he’d set. I was limp, and his cock was still pumping inside me as he came, filling me with his seed then pushing it deeper. He held me close as he slowed, watching his hips crash into mine as wetness splashed out onto my thighs each time he slammed in deep. I swallowed through my panting, letting my tongue slide against his when he kissed me. When he slipped out, my thighs trembled, aching from being spread so wide for so long.

“Too… too much. I can’t… I don’t think I can take—”

“Oh, you’ll take it all, Daya,” Gaige murmured as Kael came up behind me. He kept me on my side, breathing heavy in my ear as he pulled me back against his chest. He rubbed the outside of my thighs to close my legs, but still pressed his thick cock inside. One hand came around to squeeze my breast, the other wrapped around my hips and cupped my pussy, his fingers working my clit.

“I’ve waited too fucking long for this,” he growled into my ear, pinching a nipple and making me gasp sharply. “You feel so good, Daya. I want you on my cock every single day. Every. Single. Day.”

He punctuated the words with sharp pumps, almost roaring with hedonistic pleasure as he ravaged my body. My eyes were wide, head thrown back against his shoulder as his cock pounded into me so hard it stole my breath. Before I could get my bearings, another orgasm was blooming inside of me, racing far too fast on the heels of the last one. I cried out, voice growing louder and louder until Kael clamped his hand over my mouth and I came with a shout of pleasure that made the three men laugh. Kael never stopped pumping as my body pulsed around his, the cock inside me thick and long, the tip hitting my womb and making my body ache even as I was wracked with pleasure.

Kael brought me to climax once more before he finally came, holding my hips against his and letting his cock pulse deep inside me. When he pulled out, they unattached my wrists from the bindings and let me stretch my legs, their hands rubbing over my thighs and ass as they murmured soft words of praise. I let out a heavy sigh, reaching for them, assuming since they had freed me, we were done.

But I was wrong. Oh gods, was I wrong.

Draven climbed on top of me, and I grasped his shoulders, then clutched his biceps when he pushed inside. There was no reprieve. His thrusts were fast and hard, hips slapping into mine as his cock plunged in and out. He seemed bigger, if that was even possible, and he ignored my soft cries and scratches to his arms.

“Keep those legs spread, girl,” he ordered when my knees rubbed at his hips. “You remember what I said?”

I swallowed, whining softly when Kael moved beside me and pulled one of my legs open as Draven pushed the other wide. He slowed his pace, eyes fixed on mine as he waited for an answer. “You… you said you were going to fuck me… fuck me until—”

“Until you couldn’t walk,” Draven finished, then he held the top of my thigh where it met my hip and slammed himself into me at a violent, unceasing pace.

His heady grunts mingled with my soft cries, and when I came again, he cupped a hand over my mouth and rode me through two more orgasms before finally finishing deep inside me. He stayed there for a few moments, until Gaige laughed and slapped him on the shoulders.

“Don’t be greedy, Draven. Let me have her again.”

Soft laughter, and Draven’s cock pulled out of me only for Gaige to flip me over and replace it with his. He ravished me from behind, hands holding my hips as I gripped the mattress, slaps echoing throughout the room while his comrades cheered him on. When he finished, Kael had laid me down on my belly and spread my thighs, digging his hips into mine as he fucked me hard and fast through another climax before reaching his own. Even then, they still weren’t done, all three of them fucking me once more before they seemed to tire. I, meanwhile, was almost sobbing with pleasure, eyes rolling, my body limp and weak and desperate for rest.

“Please, please,” I begged, unsure of how much more I could take. The three of them shushed me, their large hands caressing my trembling body until I calmed. My shudders turned into twitches, and I didn’t move, even when Draven lifted my hips and Gaige shoved a pillow under them. Kael curled up beside me, tucking his arms under my legs like he was cradling me. Their seed leaked out of me slowly, but that seemed to be their goal.

Which terrified and thrilled me all at once.

“You did well, Sunshine,” Draven murmured, drawing a blanket up over my cooling skin before curling up beside me. He draped his arm over my waist, and Kael let my legs fall open, reaching between them with a warm hand to soothe my aching, battered pussy. Gaige had gotten up to ensure the door was bolted, but he opened the windows to let in the cool night air. It kissed my skin, and I pulled the blanket up higher as Kael and Draven moved closer, squeezing me between them. Gaige settled in below me, replacing the pillows and letting my legs drape over his chest. I was sandwiched between three men I had abhorred, defied, run from, and now let take me for the first time in the most debauched ways imaginable.

And I loved it. Despite fear, despite knowing they were attempting to make me swell with their child, and despite whatever had caused them to bar themselves in this room with me, I loved it.

“Sleep, Sunshine,” Draven urged. “Once you are rested, we will ride you again. You know what to expect now, so expect the three of us indulging ourselves as often as possible.”

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