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Conquering Their Mate: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

When I entered the room, the others behind me, I didn’t know what to expect. She could not understand the ramifications of my gesture, however grand I assumed it would be. I hadn’t been able to refuse her, nor had I wanted to. The mating process had already begun. Hearing a slight rustling sound, I shifted my gaze toward the bed, my primal needs rushing to the surface from the mere sight of her.

Positioned in the middle of the bed, she was kneeling, the slender covering hiding her voluptuous body. Wearing only her purple collar, she seemed so demure, so small on the massive structure. I heard the excited grunts coming from both Braga and Kalek, their hunger cresting.

Her lower lip was quivering, and she bowed her head, releasing her hold on the covering. “My masters.”

I followed the flow of the material with my eyes as it pooled around her knees, the action exposing her naked body. This time was different for she was offering her submission, her total surrender without a fight, with full abandonment.

And I’d never wanted a female as much as this human woman.

“I should turn you over my knee and give you the kind of spanking that you deserve.” I said the words with a slight jest, but in truth, I should indeed provide another round of discipline, and I no doubt would in the near future. She hadn’t lost her verve for life or her attitude, but her respect was required.

“If that’s what you desire,” she murmured, keeping her hands at her sides.

“Gods above. She is breathtaking,” Braga whispered, his breath sounds ragged.

“Yes, I do.” I moved to the bed, sitting on the edge. I didn’t need to struggle getting her in position. She obeyed after I patted my lap, crawling over and dropping her head and arms.

“You’ve done well with her,” Kalek managed as he unzipped his uniform, his upper lip curled in a heated snarl. “And in such a short period of time.”

“She is well worth taking the time to train and will thrive on consistent discipline.” I rubbed the palm of my hand across both ass cheeks, savoring the tingling feeling that flowed into the tips of my fingers. There were few remnants of her earlier spanking, selective marks and little else. I watched Braga’s reactions as I issued several hard smacks, moving methodically from one side to the other.

Fiona moaned, her groin moving and as she ground her hips, I grew famished.

“I can see that,” Braga grunted, fumbling to unfasten his uniform.

The smacking sound gave me the feeling of satisfaction and I peppered her ass and upper thighs, issuing one after the other. When Braga was fully unclothed, he walked closer, blinking every time a slap hit her ass.

“I think I should spank her for directly disobeying my command. Don’t you, Captain?”

“My officer has a good point.” I allowed Braga to take her into his arms, cradling her against his chest. Kalek made no sounds as he stood in the wings, watching like a vulture, waiting for his turn to ravage her in his way. I removed my uniform, tossing the unwanted garb before returning to the bed, languishing over the time we had together. This was a true luxury given our upcoming mission.

Braga kissed her forehead, her nose and lips before moving to a chair, easing down with her still in his arms. He’d always wanted to be a father and his way with her was much kinder than either Kalek or I could provide. Still, these two men could never adore her the way I did.

“You are a very bad slave and deserve harsh punishment.” Braga kept his tone soft.

She only nodded her answer and as he shifted her until her face was pointed toward the floor, her long legs positioned just under his arms, I stroked the base of one cock with my hand, rolling my balls between my fingers with the other. She steadied her body with her hands as Braga issued several severe smacks, the cracking sound like sweet music.

“Braga is creative with his spanking skills, my brother,” Kalek teased.

“Yes, we may need to learn a few tips from him,” I retorted, unable to take my eyes off her bobbing head, the way her eyes were clamped closed, her mouth in a perfect ‘O’ formation. She was much more stimulating than our shared dreams.

Fiona winced every time Braga’s hand slapped down on her ass cheeks, but her blatant desire filled the room. I switched my hand to the other cock, enjoying the sensations of the nodules against my callused hand. I’d spent far too much time masturbating to the thought of fucking her. My patience had all but vanished.

“Oh…” Her moan echoed, her entire body now wiggling, humping his leg. Even Braga had a difficult time concentrating, his face pinched. When he fingers moved to the crack of her ass, rubbing up and down before finding her darkened hole, I knew it was time. I only had to grunt as I rose to my feet, my hand pumping my shaft, twisting to create hard core friction.

Braga’s eyes were dilated as he lifted her, pulling her into a sitting position facing me, thrusting the entire length of his smooth cock into her pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” she yelped, slapping her hands against the arms of the chair.

I advanced, inhaling her intoxicating scent, enjoying the way her eyes locked onto my cocks, the tip of her tongue hanging out of her mouth.

“You like what you see, little slave?” I asked, the sound husky, almost inaudible.

“Yes, sweet Lord, yes.”

Braga dug his fingers into her hips, lifting her almost all the way off his cock, yanking her down, and repeating the move, his grunts mixing with hers.

Her full breasts were bobbing up and down from the forceful action, and her rose-colored nipples were so hard, begging to be manhandled, sucked, and licked. When I finally stood only inches away, I slapped my cock against her cheek several times before sliding the tip around her mouth, tracing in circles. My adrenaline was high, my pulse racing and soon there would be no controlling my needs.

She purred as she wrapped her hand around my seed sac, squeezing with the most delicious pressure. A hint of pain washed into my system, reminding me that I was very much alive. She rolled my balls between her fingers and stuck out her tongue, the pout on her face driving me crazy.

Kalek approached, moving just to the side, stroking his cock as I alternated placing one of my cocks on her tongue then the other. Every sound she made, every slight sigh made me drunk with desire.

“She feels so damn good,” Braga mumbled. “Tell me, little slave. Do you want one of my cocks in your tight ass?” He slid his finger into his mouth before jutting her forward until he was able to push his finger into her asshole. “So tight. So damn hot.”

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, a look of raw pleasure creating beads of perspiration on her face. “Yes, sir. Fuck me. Fuck my ass.”

Braga pumped his finger in and out before adding a second, his grunts turning into scattered growls.

I shoved my smooth cock into her mouth, holding both sides of her head as I studied her reactions. She moaned over the invasion and I could see her throat relaxing as I eased another inch then another inside until the tip hit the back of her throat. As Braga lifted her a few inches, positioning his second cock at her asshole, I had a pang of jealousy, wanting to take her ass before the others.

He pulled her down, her bottom smacking against his legs, her strangled scream almost pitiful. She was shaking, her hands reaching out, finding Kalek’s dicks and wrapping her fingers around both bases. Her eyes remained wide open as I fucked her mouth, Braga her ass and cunt.

“Don’t take too long, my brothers. This feels damn good,” Kalek said between clenched teeth, panting as she stroked, her hands moving all the way up and down the length of his shafts.

I switched to my second cock and she stretched her mouth wide open, accepting the entire length. The way her tongue never stopped moving, dragging back and forth across the sensitive nubs was electrifying. I rolled onto the balls of my feet and fucked her mouth, thrusting hard and fast. My eyes were hazy but seeing the way her throat stretched, taking every inch of my wide girth was exhilarating. After a full minute, I stumbled backwards, breaking the connection. While I wanted nothing more than to slide cum down her lovely, long throat, Kalek certainly deserved a chance.

“Suck me, sweet slave. Take every inch of me.” Kalek fisted her hair, keeping her head in place as he placed his nubbed cock past her lips, taking his time until her mouth was full. He issued a series of howls as he pumped savagely, going all the way in and pulling until just the tip of his cock was inside.

“Gods. I won’t be able to take much more,” Braga struggled to say, his entire body shaking. He pressed his face against her neck, licking across the edge of the collar then dragging his tongue to her ear.

“Fuck!” Kalek threw his head back, his body tensing. He pumped harder, faster, his balls swinging, and his other cock slapping against her chin. “I’m going to lose it. Suck every drop of me, every single drop.” He jutted his hips forward, roaring as he exploded in her mouth. “Yes. Yes!”

Even from where I stood, I could see the way she swallowed even as cum trickled from her mouth. When Kalek let go of her hair, she eased off his dick until she was able to lick up and down the length of his shaft, taking her time then sucking on his balls. “This woman is… amazing,” he whispered, wiping his forehead.

She was mewing, the soft sounds full of unbridled lust.

Braga rose to his feet, keeping his cocks buried inside and walking toward the bed. “I don’t have this much restraint, my brothers. I need to come inside of her.” He eased her down, grunting when he pulled out. “You will enjoy every second of being inside of her.”

Rolling over, she rubbed her hands down from her neck, cupping her breasts, and pinching her nipples. She opened her legs wide as an offering, begging for attention as she licked around her mouth, taking the remnants of Kalek’s cum.

“She’s perfect,” Kalek muttered before crawling onto the bed, bending down and kissing her lips.

I watched as Braga moved between her legs, licking up the inside of one then the other. He blew a swath of hot air across her cunt before swirling the tip of his tongue around her clit.

She moaned into the kiss and wrapped one arm around Kalek’s neck. I slid onto the bed, enjoying the show until I could take no more. I yanked her arm away and over her head, lowering mine until I was able to lick around her nipple. The taste of her was so sweet, keeping my cocks full and throbbing. I was aching to be inside of her, to fill her with my cum. I would be the first to spray my seed inside her cunt, the unspoken rule without question. As I licked and nipped her tender bud, Braga feasted on her pussy, burying his face, and pumping several fingers inside.

Kalek broke the kiss, licking around her mouth then dragging his tongue to her jaw and neck before finally sucking on her other nipple.

I allowed my fingers to dance up and down her stomach, marveling how her body reacted, goosebumps covering nearly every inch of her beautiful skin. She was as electrified as I was, fueled by the three men who would feed on her for days at a time. I bit down on her nipple, flicking my tongue back and forth.

She moaned and writhed, her body jerking up. Braga lifted her legs, pushing them back until she was wide open. He pumped his fingers inside, three becoming four, thrusting in a brutal manner.

I knew she was close to coming and I wanted the taste of her lingering in my mouth. I motioned for Braga to change positions and while I noticed the look of annoyance in his eyes, he did as commanded. Gathering her legs into my arms, I licked up and down several times then sucked on her swollen clit, repeating the move until her legs began to shake uncontrollably. As she began to flinch, I shoved several fingers inside her pussy, her muscles immediately clasping around them, pulling them deeper inside. I knew what my tongue was doing to her, leaving her helpless in her desires, crazed for more.

I refused to let her go as she climaxed, screaming, her hands grasping at the covers. One orgasm turned into another, filling my mouth with her sweet juice. I licked every drop, keeping my position until she stopped twitching. It was time to mark her as mine. Easing onto my back on the bed, I rolled her over until she straddled my hips.

“That was so… intense,” she laughed, her face flushed.

“There’s much more. When you’re an obedient slave, pleasure will come to you every day.” I brushed the hair from her perspiring face then rubbed my fingers down both of her sides, gripping her hips.

Panting, she pressed her hands against my chest as I lifted her, holding her aloft and just over the tip of my thick, smooth cock. Yanking her down, as my shaft filled her, expanding, her pussy muscles clenching and throbbing, I bellowed.

She rode me, her knees digging into my sides, her body rocking. Her breath was ragged, her eyes never leaving mine and I could read every thought, her dark and dangerous fantasies. I would fulfill every one of them.

Kalek moved behind her, rubbing her back and pushing her at a slight angle. “Now, I get to fuck your tight little ass.”

I held her in place as he eased the tip inside her asshole, his smooth shaft sliding in inch after inch.

“Oh, God. Oh…” Her mouth went slack, her eyes closing, the sheen of perspiration glistening on her beautiful porcelain skin. I loved seeing her this way, relaxed and ready, no fear of three aliens with different anatomies.

I kept her back arched as I began to pump in and out, my rhythm matching Kalek’s as he fucked her ass, taking his time, slow and easy.

Braga crawled closer, remaining on his knees. “Lick my cock, my sexy slave. Lick all your cunt juice.”

She did as she was told, slathering her tongue along the underside of his shaft, tickling his balls then licking back up. She sucked on the tip, the sounds floating between us.

We changed the rhythm, driving into her harder and faster, the length and width filling her, using her. Taking her. She was ours to claim and train, to fuck and suck.

Braga struggled, moaning as he face-fucked her. “Her mouth is just as hot. Gods.”

I knew what Kalek craved, the same as I did. When I stopped moving, her eyes flew open, whimpering even though her mouth was filled. “Don’t worry. We’re not finished,” I whispered and slid my hand between her legs, positioning my other cock to her pussy lips. When Kalek’s shaft was just to her asshole, we began again.

Her reaction was like a caged animal, her body going wild as the nodules rubbed against her tissues. She was quivering, one hand gripping Braga’s thigh, the other clawing my shoulder. Within seconds she came, spilling her juice all over my cock, but we weren’t ready to fill her just yet.

With practiced orchestration, we continued, our thrusts more savage and brutal, refusing to back down. With every hard stroke, every plunge, I could tell she moved closer to euphoria.

“I can’t… hold it… any longer,” Braga breathed, gasping for air.

Kalek grunted, his face dripping with sweat and I knew it was time. “We’re going to fill you, Fiona. And after this, you belong to us.” The command issued, her three mates, her three lovers and masters exploded inside.

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