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Consequences: A Mafia Billionaire Romance by Shanna Handel – Extended Preview

His hands move to the sides of my face. He gently cups my cheeks in his hands. The pads of his thumbs brush away my tears. His eyes gaze into mine, swirls of gray and green that mesmerize me. Making me momentarily forget my aching heart. “I can help you forget.”

And his mouth is on mine.

He’s kissing me. Never in my life have I been so shocked by something—even when he pulled me over his lap and spanked me. But his lips are warm and firm and make me melt inside. I forget everything but the feeling of his mouth exploring mine. My hands go to his short hair, fingers running through it.

He pulls away too soon. His gaze has gone back to stone cold.

My abandoned mouth gapes as I watch his lips form the words, “But first, I need to teach you a lesson.”

Make me forget. Keep making me forget, I beg in my mind. Forget the punishment, take me to your bed. That kiss, my God, the way he kisses. His lips pulled every ache for Brendon from my breast. Erased every thought of my ex from my mind. It’s like a drug, healing me from the inside. I need more. “No. Please, first, let’s keep kissing—”

He cuts my words short by wrapping his arms around my waist and lifting me from the floor. He’s carrying me through the bridge over the threshold of his quarters. He kicks the door shut behind him. Drops me onto his bed. I’ve never been inside his room, he’s insisted upon cleaning it himself. It’s huge with a big king bed covered in crisp white sheets. There are pictures of his travels lining the walls. I stop exploring the room with my eyes as my gaze lands on the big, angry bear of a man standing before me.

What exactly does he plan on doing with me? My body is on high alert, begging for his caresses.

He pulls my phone from his pocket. “First things first. This phone is mine.” He drops it into a drawer in his nightstand. One that has a small lock and key on the front of it. He twists the key in the lock. “Second, I’m going to take my belt to your ass.”

I inch toward the edge of the bed, trying to decide if I want to make a run for it, or endure his belt to see what waits for me afterwards. To my surprise, the thought of leather striking my skin has my pussy clenching. My nipples tighten to the point of discomfort as they strain against the thin material of my tank. Before I can decide between my brain and my libido, he’s got me flipped over and pinned to the bed.

“What are you doing?”

“This.” His teeth nip at the lobe of my ear. He’s kissing the back of my neck and I’m moaning, my eyes closing, my head lolling back toward him. His hand comes down on my ass in a sharp smack, only causing my moan to deepen.

Captain, my captain, I do love it when you play dirty.

His hands are around my wrists, lifting them, stretching them until they are by the headboard of his bed. I gaze up in shock, watching with my mouth gaping as he quickly forms an expert knot, pinning my wrists to a pole in the headboard with his black silk tie.

I finally come to, the shock ebbs away as nerves sink in. “Hey—what do you think you are doing?”

“Tying you to my bed.” He gives the fabric a tug. The smooth silk tightens around my wrists.

I quickly forget my wrists as my shorts are tugged down, the cool night air caressing my bare skin. His hand comes down again in a hard spank. And again. My pussy is pulsing, melting and oozing a pool of arousal between my legs. My breasts ache as they press harder into the bed.

He spreads my thighs; the sound of my crackling wetness fills the room. The scent of my own arousal reaches me. I’m too turned on to feel shame and I spread my legs a little further. The cool air caresses the hot, wet folds of my pussy. I know he can see everything from where he stands and I moan, opening my legs just a touch more. Begging for his attention.

He says, “You want me to take a selfie of this? I’d bet it gets a lot of likes.”

My face burns at the thought of the view he currently has of my body. My arms stretched upward, wrists tied to the bed with black silk. My thin tank riding up over my bare back. My legs spread, my pussy glistening, begging for him. The cheeks of my ass wearing his huge handprint.

The image turns me on. Enhancing the desire already building in my core.

Which completely pisses me off. Why am I moaning for pleasure, wondering how his belt will feel crashing down across my ass when I should be calling for help, or off this boat after the first spanking, filing a lawsuit against him?

I want him. I want him to fulfill his promise and make me forget Brendon but I’m torn; I don’t want to want him. I want to fight back. To not just lie docile and let him tie me up and do what he will to me.

And how dare he suggest such a thing as taking a picture of me in this position? I snap back, “It’s not a selfie if you take it. And I don’t do that stupid shit. And last I checked what you are doing is completely illegal and crosses some pretty serious boundaries of the boss/employee relationship.” I tug at my wrists, which only serves to tighten the knots.

“You’re from that generation. You’re telling me you think a meal is a meal even if you don’t take a picture of it?”

“Yes. I eat my fucking meals without taking a picture. Are we done here?” I try to close my legs. My pride forcing me to fight back though I’m so damn turned on.

His firm hand smacking the inside of my upper thigh makes me rethink the movement. “I’m afraid not. And I recommend you watch that tongue of yours, considering the position you’re in. We could at least make up a little hashtag for you. How about naughty yachtie?”

I resign, laying my head on my upper arm. I mumble into my shoulder, “That’s terrible. I think you’d better stick with driving the ship.”

“And you should stick to obeying your captain.”

I try to glare at him over my shoulder but it’s difficult. Because I’m tied to his bed. My boss’ bed. With no clothes on my bottom half. And my pussy fully exposed. My fight is almost gone. The situation is hopeless. He has full control over me and not just by holding me captive—my body is humming his name, begging for his caresses. I’m so angry at myself for needing this from him. I manage to murmur my final protest, “But you aren’t the boss of me.”

“You sure about that?” His finger suddenly plunges inside of my aching, wanting pussy. I gasp in shock. Then he moves it within me, teasing me. I widen my legs pressing my hips back further to greet him. He plunges again and the feeling is so delicious my mind goes blank. The walls of my pussy wrap tightly around him, begging him to do it again.

He dips in another finger and I’m gone. My limbs useless like melting Jell-O. He gives me one hard thrust simultaneously with his two fingers and I whimper, “More.” His thick fingers feel amazing—what would it feel like to have his cock thrusting inside of me? I beg, “Fuck me.”

“Not till you’ve had my belt.”

Fuck me, just fuck me.

I’ve forgotten about the belt. I’m too far gone to want to run now. Between my legs I’m a weeping, throbbing mess, longing to be pounded good and hard by this beast of a man. I’d do anything. I’d take anything if it means him putting his cock inside of my aching pussy. I can handle anything he wants to dish out. I play along, purring, “Have I been a bad girl?”

“Very bad.” His fingers slip from my pussy, trailing up my perineum.

I freeze. Game over. Anything but that… “Where the hell do you think you’re going?”

“To the place where bad girls get punished.”

My breath’s coming in hard, fast gasps. My heart beats against the cage of my ribs. This can’t be happening. He can’t be going where I think he’s going. I swallow hard, uselessly yanking at the tie that binds me. “I thought that was with your belt?”

“My belt, yes. But first my finger.”

My neck cranes, trying to catch his gaze over my shoulder. “What do you mean?”

“The spanking you earned for taking your phone. The belt you earned for running. The finger is for my own enjoyment.”

“Your—enjoyment? You… you sicko!” I’m wiggling and fighting and trying to get away, to kick him at least. A punishing hand lands on my thigh each time I move. Hard and fast, the pain subduing me. My legs comply. I lie still. But my mouth is not so easily tamed. “I don’t think so… that’s not something I do. Not a place I let people—oh!”

The tip of his slick finger presses against my unwilling muscle.

What do I do?

I can’t get away. But I can’t let this happen.

No man has ever, ever touched me there. And this is my captain. A man I have to look in the face every single day. I’ll be bringing him his morning coffee in just a few hours.

And I’ll have to do it knowing what he’s done to my bottom.

Now he’s sliding his thick finger past that tight ring of muscle. And curiously enough, my pussy gives a gush. I can feel the arousal gather between my legs as he moves further within me. My core melts, my muscles relax, the opposite reaction I’d been expecting to this dreaded invasion. His finger is all the way inside of my bottom now, and he gives it one good hard pump that turns my world on end. “This is what happens when you wake the captain.”

I moan, my flushed cheek pressing against the soft covers of the bed. His simple finger fuck is causing an absolute head fuck. I’m so torn between the wrongness, the invasion of my body, my privacy…

And the fact that it feels so damn good.

What is wrong with me that I love the feeling of this big strong man pressing me to the bed, hovering over me, the heat from the bare skin of his chest melding with my flesh as he pushes his finger further within me, whispering, “Bad girl.”

Before I can overthink it, he’s gone.

I’m lying over the bed, wearing nothing but a tank. My legs spread wide. My wet pussy on full display, probably glistening and swollen. My little rosebud left winking from his attentions. Where has he gone? I glance over my shoulder and what I see has my heart lurching into my throat.

He stands in my line of vision, huge and daunting and half dressed. Swinging a leather belt in his hand. “When I say stay put, I mean stay put.”

I go to protest but before I find my voice, he’s lifting the belt in the air. Bringing it down with a swishing sound. I brace myself for the impact.

The leather bites into my skin.

I let out a shriek. I’m embarrassed I’m so easily made to cry out but the sting is like a thousand angry bees making a line across my ass. The sensation quickly dulls to a heavy ache. The belt comes down a second time, punishing a stripe of my ass above the first. I cry out again. My legs clamp shut, the muscles of my buttocks clenching as if they can protect themselves. Before the sting can turn to ache, the belt is coming down a third, a fourth, a fifth time.

I have no time to catch my breath.

My ass is on fire. My wrists ache from being tied up. My body is in throbbing turmoil, begging to be touched, pleasured.

I want him so bad.

And this belt is too painful.

The belt comes down again and with that strike of lightning, he finally gains submission of my tongue. “Please. I’m sorry. I’ll stay out of trouble—” My begging words catch in my throat as he lightly swipes the leather across my ass.

He leaves the belt there. Resting. “And you’ll stop this unhealthy obsession of yours?”

“I don’t know what business that is of yours but yes, I’ll try.”

He lifts the belt and before I can backtrack my words, it comes crashing down on the sensitive curve where my ass meets my thighs. “I will! I will!”

“And why is your wellbeing my business?”

“Because I let it affect my job. And you are the captain of this ship.”

“Yes. And because I care about you, Emily. You have a lengthy career ahead of you. You’re a sweet girl. I’d hate to see you let this asshole get to your head.”

His soft caring words are a sharp contrast to the harsh whipping of his belt. I melt into the bed, the punishment clearly ended. I lie still, taking account of my emotions, my body’s responses.

I’m shocked to find a deep sense of calm washing over me. The cleansing he’d mentioned earlier takes place, freeing me of the guilt I felt over my stupid decisions. But deep below the calm is a frantic yearning to be pleasured. To be kissed, touched.

To be bent over this bed and fucked.

I purr, “Weren’t you going to do something to help me forget about that asshole?”

His body hovers over mine. The closeness of his skin to mine excites me. His deft fingers find the tie around my wrists, loosening and removing it with two quick tugs.

Freeing me.

I want to touch him. To run my hands over that smooth warm skin.

But mostly, I want him to touch me. I’m used to calling the shots in bed, being comfortable with my body and sexuality. I want to show him that, now. To let him know though he may be the one to punish me, I’ll be the one to blow his mind.

I roll over onto my back. My teeth sink into my bottom lip as I stare up at him through my lashes. He’s leaning over me, watching me curiously. Waiting to see what I have in mind. I take his hand in mine. Guide him till his fingers are buried between my legs. I close my eyes, sighing with pleasure, adding pressure to his hand until it’s just right.

I lie there, looking sexy and panting though my parted lips, waiting for him to move his hand. To follow my directions and pleasure me.

What’s he waiting for?

I pop one eye open, peering at him.

He’s smiling. Chuckling even.

I snap my hand from his, sitting up. “What’s so funny?”

“You think just because I untied you, you’re in charge?”

“I’m… always in charge.”

“Maybe in the interior. But when I’m taking care of your interior, I’m in charge.” With that his hand grasps my hip, twisting my waist and raising my left butt cheek in the air. Which he gives a hearty slap.

I moan. Do it again.

I may not be the one in command, but he seems to be reading my mind. He gives my bottom another hard, stinging spank. A moan escapes my lips. “Fuck me already.”

“Bad girl. Someone should wash your mouth out for such dirty language.”

“Or give me a good, hard… fucking.” My choice of words earns me several hard spanks. They only serve to make me feel all the naughtier, pooling slick arousal between my thighs.

Then he’s chuckling. Leaning down over me, his mouth finding mine. Just before he kisses me, he whispers, “Dirty, dirty girl.” Then he’s punishing me with his lips, pressing hard. His teeth nip my bottom lip and a bright spot of pain explodes. I lick my lips, kissing him back with that much more vigor.

He’s unleashing something from within me I’d not known I had. I’ve always been sexually confident, but this man is drawing out a deeper, darker beast.


I have to have him. Now.

I want it hard and rough and fast. I want the lines of pain and pleasure blurred till I don’t know whether to cry, or cry out for more. I feel his massive erection growing against my thigh and I want it buried inside of me.

But he’s not ready. He grabs both my wrists in the circle of one of his hands. Pins my arms above my head. I wriggle though I know I’ll never break his grasp—I just want to know how much stronger he is than me. The thrill of the fact he can overpower me, do anything he wants to me, runs through me, sharp and true.

Exposing my raw desires…

I want to be dominated. And I want nothing more than my captain to do it.

“Please, fuck me already. I can’t wait much longer,” I beg. I’m shocked by the need, the submission in my voice.

He rubs that hard cock against me through his sweatpants, teasing me. His breath is hot against my ear. “Patience, sweet Emily.” His fingers tighten around my wrists. He’s kissing down my neck. A line of fire trailing to my breasts. With his teeth, he tugs up the material of my tank, pulling it up and over my peaked nipples. His mouth circles one pink pebble, licking and sucking it. The feeling runs deep into my core, stunning me with the depth of emotion I experience from his suckle.

I whimper as the tips of his teeth nip, the tip of his tongue licks the soft flesh of my belly. He releases my wrists, his hands going to the inside of my thighs, parting them.

Exposing my hidden world to him. His for the tasting. And when he does, my body melts. His broad tongue is hot and wet and massaging my clit. Making me moan, my fingers grabbing at his hair, my fingernails digging into his shoulders. “That feels fucking amazing.”

He proceeds to eat me out in a way I never experienced before. A way that I assume only a grown-ass man can. A man who’s got a decade more experience under his belt at pleasing women than any man who has ever gone down on me.

And I’ll be damned if this captain doesn’t know his way around female anatomy just as well as he knows his way around a boat. My eyes roll into the back of my head. My back arches. A whimper rises in my throat as the hot molten feeling of climax runs through my body. My hips rise, rock. His tongue moves faster, covering more surface and lapping up my juices in rhythm with my bucking pelvis. “God damn, you know what the fuck you’re doing—I’m coming. Oh, my sweet… I’m coming.”

The orgasm rocks my body. Rocks my world. I’m trembling, tensing, curling around him as another deep delicious climax grows in my core. I’m smiling, ready to cry out again in ecstasy—and he’s gone.

“What the—get back down there!”

He rises to his knees, letting out a dark chuckle. He swipes his mouth with the back of his hand and stares down at me. “I thought I told you—you’re not in charge.”

I gaze up at him, pleading, “Don’t leave me hanging.”

“I’d never.” He reaches over to his nightstand, pulling out a condom. I watch, awestruck as he stands at the foot of the bed, pushing his sweatpants to the floor. His cock stands tall and proud and thick, ready to conquer. He slips the condom on. Flashes me a wicked grin.

It’s the last I see of his face because next he grabs my hips, flipping me over onto my stomach. He drags me down to the end of the bed, till my legs hang down over the side. His hands remain locked around my hips as he guides the head of his cock to the entrance of my pussy.

It’s wet. So very wet. Pulsing, begging for the sweet release of his thick cock sliding inside of me.

“You want this?”

“Oh, my God, yes. Quit making me wait. Fuck me already.”

“You want it, beg for it.”

I try to turn my head over my shoulder, to stare him down. Read his face and see if he’s serious but as I try, he gathers a thick handful of my hair, twisting it around his wrist. He pulls my head back, his voice dark and dangerous, demanding, “I said, beg.”

Oh, fuck, have I met my match?

I’m lost somewhere between wanting to scratch his eyes out and have his babies. My pussy reacts by releasing another gush of arousal, making my decision.

Beg, I shall.

“Please, give it to me. Put your big hard cock in my pussy and fuck the holy hell out of me—”

My words catch in my throat, chocking on them as the biggest penis to ever enter me is shoved into me in one hard, burning thrust. The walls of my vagina stretch to accommodate his large organ, burning and clutching around his hard member. There’s no more time for begging because he’s thrusting in and out of me with hard, punishing strokes.

And I’ve never felt anything so fan-fucking-tastic in my life.

I’m speechless, my mouth left hanging open like a codfish. The words, the screams lock tight within my throat as I struggle to just breathe. My fingertips tighten around the covers, clenching them in my sweating palms. The muscles of my vagina tighten around him, furthering the intensity building inside. Trembling waves of tightness then release and vibrate through me, humming with the most delicious type of tension. Finally, it all comes to a head. I grab the sheet tighter, shove my ass as far toward him as possible as he gives me one hard, deep burying of his cock.

His fingers tighten around my flesh. His choked voice croaks out, “Shit, Emily.”

“Captain!” I cry out in the throes of my orgasm.

“Call me Luca. My name is Luca,” he says. His cock pulses within me as he begins to climax. He pushes hard inside of me, as deep as possible. He holds me in place as he gives one hard, shuddering moan of surrender, the orgasm racking his body.

I pant through my final thrums of pleasure. The endorphins run through my blood, leaving a satisfied smile on my face. His name comes to my lips. “Luca.” The whispered word feels like the passcode to an exotic secret place where only I am allowed to go. I allow it to slip from my mouth one more time, in wonderment of what’s taken place. “Luca.”

Luca, my Luca.

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