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Controlled: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

“Open your legs,” Draven ordered.

She knew damn well what he’d find if she did. She shook her head, muffling a moan against the bedding.

Draven forced her legs apart with his feet, then slapped the insides of her thighs. “When I tell you to do something, do it!”

“Is she as wet as she smells?” Noratu asked.

Draven slipped his hand between her thighs and stroked her slippery folds. “Oh, yes. So very wet.”

A fresh rush of humiliation washed over Flora. Why did having her bottom bared and spanked make her desperate for sex? It didn’t make sense. One had nothing to do with the other. Even so, she couldn’t deny the connection. Something about discipline aroused her passions, made her ache to be taken roughly.

“Your upbringing has left you at a distinct disadvantage.” Compassion made Noratu’s voice low and velvety. He drew her arms above her head and wrapped his fingers around her wrists. This left his other hand free to wander. “You must learn what it means to be Altorian.” He caressed her shoulders and back, dipping down along her sides to tease the swell of her breasts. Then his fingers trailed over her burning ass cheeks, reigniting the sting and intensifying the heat. “Your body recognizes its masters. Your instincts are urging you to submit.”

Draven picked up where Noratu left off. “You have been taught that surrender equals weakness.” He continued to tease her pussy with feather-light touches, but his passion-thickened voice promised more pain. “You are not human. You must be dominated. Only by surrendering control will you ever find contentment.”

She shook her head. She was a strong independent woman. She would never want someone to ‘master’ her. And yet images from her past mocked her conclusion. She’d had a grand total of two lovers. Both had been tender, making love to her patiently. She’d enjoyed being with them, but something was always missing. She’d lain in bed after sex and longed for something she couldn’t quite define, something elusive and just out of reach.

Easing one of his fingers between her folds, Draven found her clit and rubbed over and around the sensitive nub. “We can make you feel better than you ever imagined. All you have to do is stop resisting.”

She shook her head again. Accepting them as masters made her a slave, and she would never agree to something so demeaning. “I don’t want to be Altorian. I don’t want you.”

“That seems unlikely.” His tone mocked her as he slipped two of his fingers into her aching core. “This feels pretty willing to me.”

Her inner muscles tightened around his fingers, savoring the fullness. She’d never needed sex this badly before and they’d barely begun to touch her. Draven slid his fingers in and out, teasing her with his gentleness. “Noratu is desperate to fuck you. Say please and his cock is yours.”

She pressed her lips together, but the word echoed through her mind. Please, please, please!

Draven withdrew his fingers and spanked her pussy, two stinging slaps that left her shocked and gasping. “If you deny us all the pleasure we crave, I’ll have no choice but to administer pain.”

“No,” she cried. Her emotions were too raw for more punishment. The smack of his wet fingers intensified the throbbing in her core. “Don’t spank me there.”

“You will end each sentence with ‘sir’ and refer to us as Master D and Master N respectively. Do you understand this expectation?”

“Yes, sir.” She sounded as defeated as she felt.

“And would you rather have your pussy spanked or fucked?”

“I don’t want either,” she sobbed. “Please, sir, I want to go home.”

“We are taking you home,” Draven insisted. “Now make your choice. Pleasure or pain. Power or humiliation.”

She was emotionally exhausted and her core ached. Instincts she didn’t understand were urging her to surrender control to these domineering strangers and find out if all they promised was real. She had no money, no way to return to Earth. Did she even want to return to Earth? Her life had been pretty damn boring before. But all that waited for her on Altor was sexual slavery and war.

“I’m still waiting,” Draven said. “Give me your answer.”

Before her body could decide for her, Flora’s stubborn mind surged anew. None of their choices were actually choices because she never wanted either option. This was manipulation, psychological bullying. Anger flared and Flora snapped, “I will never give in to you, sir!”

“Is that so?”

He moved out of her line of sight and she heard a subtle swishing. Had he left the cabin? She struggled against Noratu’s hold, desperate to figure out what was happening.

“You brought this on yourself.” Noratu’s tone was low and rough with disappointment. “We hoped that you would cooperate if you understood the situation. Apparently, your human upbringing has corrupted you more completely than we realized.”

“Anyone with an opinion different from yours is ‘corrupted’?” She turned her head sharply so she could look at him. “That’s a form of bigotry.”

Fingers stroked down her spine and eased into the valley between her bottom cheeks. She gasped and tensed. Apparently, Draven hadn’t left the room after all.

“Enough talk,” Draven said. “You chose pain and now you will reap the rewards of that decision.”

“I chose nothing. I refuse to play these games.”

Ignoring her outburst, he pulled her cheeks apart and drizzled something cool over and around her puckered opening.

“What are you doing?” Was he going to fuck her ass as punishment for her defiance? “I don’t want that. I’ll do what you say, just don’t…” She couldn’t even speak the words out loud. She’d never let a man put so much as a finger in her bottom. There was something intensely naughty about anal sex and she’d never felt comfortable enough with her partners to cross that line.

“You are no longer in control. You chose pain over pleasure, so pain is what you’ll receive.” He circled her tightest hole, pushing against the stubborn opening until the tip of his finger was inside her.

She held perfectly still, feeling invaded and ashamed. Her temper had unleashed his cruelty. If half of what they said was true, she would benefit from this ‘ritual.’ Like Noratu said, she’d brought this on herself.

Draven pushed his finger deeper. “Your body belongs to us now. We will protect and provide for you, but you must obey us.” He pulled nearly out, then drove deep again.

She clenched her fists and tried to ignore the fluttering in her core. His finger slowly fucked her, staking his claim on her most shameful hole. He worked a second finger in beside the first and thrust a little faster. It felt odd, invasive, yet undeniably arousing. She squeezed her eyes shut and imagined that his cock was teaching her this lesson. She would stretch tight around him, her virgin hole forced open by his thickness. She muffled a moan against the bed, but her hips rolled upward in silent invitation.

Draven chuckled. “Your instincts are stronger than your inhibitions. You might enjoy this lesson more than I intended.” He removed his fingers and pressed something cool and blunt against her bottom.

“What is that?” It was a stupid question. The answer was self-evident.

“We call them anal inserts. I believe humans call them butt plugs. I prefer our term. It sounds less damaging.”

Flora tried not to tense. Part of her wanted the fullness he’d just withdrawn. Part of her wanted him to overwhelm her senses so completely that the universe ceased to exist. Nothing made sense right now. She was ready for oblivion.

He drove the insert into her with steady pressure. It felt odd, but intriguing. Her opening stretched, then stretched some more. Her muscles began to burn and then a burst of pain obliterated any enjoyment. “That hurts.” She tried to wiggle away, but he pressed down on the small of her back and held her firmly in place.

“Punishments are meant to hurt, but you will not be harmed. Relax and accept this lesson. The sting will ease.”

The thickest part of the insert passed into her and her opening contracted. She let out her breath and tried to relax, but she felt so incredibly full. She’d seen images of butt plugs on the internet. She just never imagined having one used on her. He applied more lube to her pucker then drew the toy outward until her opening was stretched tight again.

“Stop,” she cried as the burning intensified again. “That really hurts.”

“It will hurt until your body adjusts to being entered. This will help prepare you for my cock.”

She whimpered. She’d had a horrible feeling that was where this was leading. “I don’t want to be punished like that. Can’t you spank me again?”

“The choice is not yours anymore.” He pushed the toy inward then pulled it nearly out. The motion was slow and cruel. “We offered to break you in slowly, to tenderly teach you Altorian ways.” He moved the device faster, his strokes punitive.

She consciously released the tension in her muscles, hoping to lessen the burn. The more it hurt, the faster she became aroused and she didn’t want to like anything about this. “I’m sorry. All right? I should have chosen pleasure. Please, ask the question again.”

He pushed the plug deep and left it inside her as he drew her legs even farther apart. “Your pussy is ours to enjoy in whatever way we choose.” He slapped her slit, the impact harder than before.

Flora cried out, shaking with anger and frustration. It hurt and yet it made her wild, made her ache and burn. He spanked her again, waiting as the harsh sensations penetrated. Then he spanked her again. “Do you want my hand or Noratu’s cock?”

“Noratu,” she said without hesitation. “I want Noratu.”

“Then beg him. Say ‘please, Master N, fuck my naughty pussy. Fuck it really hard.’”

Her lips trembled and the final flickers of defiance sputtered out. “Please, Master N, fuck my naughty pussy. Fuck me really hard.”

“That’s our good girl,” Draven praised as he moved aside.

Noratu released her arms and went to stand behind her.

She remained exactly as Draven had left her, bent over, legs open, pussy and punished ass on display. Wasn’t someone going to take out the plug? She didn’t want to have sex with Noratu while that thing was still inside her.

Noratu grasped her hips and drew her away from the bed. “Hands and knees, ass in the air.”

How romantic, she grumbled mentally as she sank to the floor and assumed the position he requested. No longer pretending that this was anything but fucking, she spread her legs and rolled her hips, blatantly offering her pussy. She didn’t understand her body’s reaction to their cruelty, but there was no escaping the hunger Draven had unleashed. She needed sex and she needed it now.

“The female form never fails to fascinate me,” Noratu said softly. “But our mate is exceptionally pleasing.” He knelt behind her and traced her slit, then parted her folds so he could view her inner flesh. “Is this sweet little hole ready for my cock? I am more than ready for you.”

She didn’t bother pretending this wasn’t what she wanted. She needed him too badly. “Yes, Master N,” she whispered, her entire body thrumming with anticipation.

Noratu positioned himself at her entrance, then grasped her hips. He entered her slowly, but advanced with obvious purpose. She opened for him, stretching tight around his thickness. She drew in a deep breath, fighting the urge to tense. He felt huge.

“Wait. I think…”

His steady advance drove the breath from her lungs and ended her argument before it fully formed. He pulled nearly out, adjusted his angle, then pushed back in much faster than before. Her body gradually accepted the invasion, relaxing until the discomfort faded and all she felt was full.

His hips rocked steadily, sliding his cock in and out of her snug passage. “I’m not going to last very long.”

She wasn’t sure if the comment was meant to reassure her or encourage her to relax and let the pleasure build. The slide felt nice and the fullness was welcome, but her arousal was barely simmering.

Suddenly, Draven fisted the back of her hair and drew her head up and to the side. He’d released his cock and was stroking it with his other hand. “Part your lips, girl,” he ordered. “I’m going to fuck that sassy mouth.”

She paused long enough to look at him. His cock was long and thick, and chalk-white just like his face. The basic shape was similar to a human man’s but the tip was less flared. His fingers tightened, warning her that he expected to be obeyed. She licked her lips, then took the tip of his cock into her mouth. His skin was hot, his flesh hard, his taste unique and inviting. Salty, yet sweet, his taste lacked the musky undertone of a human’s.

Draven gave her a moment to explore, then drove to the back of her mouth. She raised one hand, meaning to wrap her fingers around the portion of his shaft still outside of her lips.

He caught her wrist and shook his head. “If I want your touch, I will tell you. Now, tilt your head back and suck me properly.”

His hands settled on either side of her face, his long fingers wrapping around the back of her head. She held still and fought back the urge to struggle. Noratu resumed his steady rhythm, his length filling her over and over. Soon Draven echoed Noratu’s strokes, sliding in and out of her mouth.

They possessed her body and controlled her life. Was this what her existence would be from now on? Mindless fucking and obedience? Hopelessness swelled within her and tears blurred her vision. She might never see Earth again. Her family had been torn apart. She had no idea who she really was or what it meant to be a conduit. She wanted to mean something to her mate. Even having more than one would be bearable if they loved her.

“Look at me,” Draven ordered.

She forced her lids to raise and looked into his eyes.

“You are safe with us. We will protect you. But even more important, no one will ever harm you because you will never be powerless again.” He continued to fuck her mouth, but his gaze was even more penetrating than his cock.

Energy pushed into her mind, making her entire body tingle. The same sensation curled up through her body, intensifying the sensations in her mind. She moaned, her inner walls fluttering around Noratu’s thrusting cock. Were they creating these sensations or was she about to pass out?

“Come, firebird,” Noratu urged. “Let the pleasure sweep you along.” He reached beneath her and found her clit, encouraging her surrender.

She focused on the crimson flames dancing in the depths of Draven’s eyes. Heat washed over her, sensitizing her skin and making her nipples tingle. Her core compressed as tension gathered. Noratu fucked her harder, rubbing her clit in time to his slapping hips. Draven tilted her head back, nearly gagging her with each demanding stroke.

Her orgasm hit with forceful intensity, blurring her surroundings. Pulses of sensation radiated from her pussy, passing through her torso and zinging down her shaking limbs. Draven’s hot cum slipped down her throat and his distinct taste filled her mouth. Noratu came a millisecond later, filling her pussy with his seed. For just a moment reality slowed. She felt suspended and slightly removed from the chaos that had taken over her life. It was peaceful, perfect, and then pain stabbed into her brain shattering the illusion.

She screamed around Draven’s cock, shocked and confused by the sudden sensory attack. She fought against their restraining hands, terrified and wanting them out of her body.

“Easy,” Draven said, his gaze capturing hers again. “We’re almost done. The worst is over. Be still and let us finish.”

The pain gradually subsided, but they made no move to separate from her. Her jaw ached. Her pussy and ass felt tender and overused. Tears slipped from her eyes and trailed down her flushed cheeks. Why where they still inside her? She’d felt both of them come.

Draven brushed the hair back from her face, wiping her tears away with his thumbs. Noratu rubbed her back and cupped her breasts, his touch soothing. She closed her eyes, no longer fighting the urge to run, yet confused by their stillness.

Then something inside her shifted. Her mind seemed to open and expand. Sensations and emotions flowed into her mind, perceptions that couldn’t possibly be hers. She saw herself kneeling on the floor, Noratu buried deep in her pussy, Draven in her mouth. They still wore their uniforms, only their cocks exposed. She was completely naked, her bottom still pink from her spanking.

“We will teach you how to shield your mind,” Draven said as he slowly pulled out of her mouth. “The link needs to be wide open now, but it will not always remain so.”

She licked her lips, savoring the taste of his cum and already missing the demanding slide of his shaft across her tongue. Her orgasm had been interrupted by the pain and her body craved more. Draven brushed his fingers along her cheek and smiled. She saw it all in her mind because her eyes were still closed.

“You are doing very well.” Noratu gave her breasts a firm squeeze then slowly pulled out of her pussy. She watched his long cock emerge wet with their combined juices. He righted his uniform then scooped her up, rotating her body so she rested in the cradle of his arms. “Open your eyes, love.”

Reluctantly, she obeyed. The psychic connection was new and exciting. She wanted to explore all the unfamiliar perceptions.

Noratu carried her to the bed and placed her so her hips were at the edge of the mattress and her legs hung over the side. He bent her knees then rotated her legs out. “Hold your legs like this.”

She reached down and grasped the backs of her knees, unsure why he wanted her in such a vulnerable position. She’d cooperated while they fucked her. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, firebird. You were perfect.”

His sexy smile made him so damn handsome she could hardly bear to look at him.

“The first time is always hard on the female, and the ritual has just begun.” Noratu said as he took the jar Draven handed him and unscrewed the top. He dipped his fingers into the thick contents. “This will soothe the soreness and make the next phase less painful.”

She liked the idea of being soothed, but wasn’t sure she could handle more phases. Noratu coated her slit with the cream and she moaned. The substance felt cool and almost instantly eased the tenderness. He took his time, caressing her tender flesh until all she felt was the gentle glide of his touch. Then he pushed two cream-coated fingers into her core. He didn’t move them, just left them inserted inside her.

“Tighten your cunt around my fingers.”

The word made her cringe. She had always hated that word. It was so crass, so explicit.

Noratu smiled and slid his fingers slowly in and out. “You might not like that word, but your cunt loves to be fucked. It squeezed me so tight that I nearly came twice before I was ready for it to end.”

She was so embarrassed by his words that she nearly missed the implication. How had he known she hated that word? “Can you both read my mind now?”

“Draven could hear your thoughts before and I am empathic. The link gives all three of us access to the others,” Noratu explained. “It takes a little practice, but you’ll soon master the skill.”

Which brought her back to his semi-playful boast. “My body has never been this responsive before,” she admitted. “Is that because of our mind link too?”

“It’s because you were being fucked by your mates.” Draven’s authoritative voice intruded on her moment with Noratu.

She shot him an annoyed look, but didn’t comment.

Noratu gently withdrew his fingers then switched places with Draven.

She followed Noratu with her eyes, not ready to face her tormentor.

“Conduits always bond with their sources first,” Draven told her. “It’s natural for you to dislike me. But you will soon understand why both of us are necessary and equally important.”

Shifting her gaze back to Draven, she narrowed her eyes. “You’re a necessary evil?”

“Call me what you like, but you will beg for my involvement before this night is through.” He reached down and rotated the butt plug then slowly pulled it out.

She groaned, then sighed as her bottom finally relaxed inside and out. Draven set the plug aside as Noratu held out the open jar. Draven coated his fingers with the cream and Flora sucked in a breath, easily guessing where it would be applied. Draven’s fingers felt nice as they massaged the cream into the tender flesh around her rear opening. She even managed not to tense up when he eased a finger inside. But he slid that finger in and out while he teased her clit with the thumb of his other hand.

“Say you’re sorry and I’ll let you come. Glare at me again and I’ll spank your lovely pussy.”

“I’m sorry I don’t like you.” She closed her eyes, knowing the price of her smartass apology. She didn’t have long to wait. The finger in her ass pushed deep and then his other hand slapped her folds hard enough to make her cry out.

“You do not have to like me, but I will not tolerate disrespect.” He spanked her slit again, pushing a second finger into her ass. He alternated stinging slaps and forceful thrusts with his fingers.

Dark desire coiled within her, winding tighter with each repetition. She wanted to part her folds and expose her clit so the spanking would hurt even worse. She wanted his long, thick cock stretching her, using her, while his fingers punished her clit. The urge was irrational, but real, and she wasn’t sure how to resist it.

“Draven,” Noratu said sharply. “The ritual is not complete. We can discipline her later.”

Draven sighed. “This is a reprieve, not a pardon.” He withdrew his fingers and disappeared into the bathroom, likely to dispose of the plug and wash his hands.

She started to lower her legs, but Noratu said, “Always hold yourself open until you are given permission to close your legs.”

Another rule to add to her list. “Yes, Master N.” Draven’s cruel slaps had renewed the aching in her pussy. She felt restless and needy.

Noratu moved between her legs and opened the front of his pants. His cock sprang free and he stroked the hard length while his smoldering gaze moved over her naked body. “Turn around, mate and lie on your back, head hanging over the side.”

The position was strange and confusing. Why did he want her upside down? She nervously licked her lips, but positioned herself as he directed. Was he angry with her? His harsh tone and grim expression reminded her of Draven. What had caused the drastic shift in Noratu’s mood?

She lay on her back, looking up at him, but her head was on the mattress rather than hanging over the side. “If this is another punishment, I don’t know what I did wrong.”

“This is not punishment, but you will likely find it upsetting. The next phase will be challenging for both of us so I think it is wise to reinforce our psychic link,” he told her. “Dominating your body will give me easier access to your mind. The kind of control I need cannot be taken. It must be offered freely. Can you trust me long enough for this exchange and submit willingly?”

She gazed up at him, heart beating out her excitement. She barely knew these males. How could she possibly trust them enough to submit completely? But she searched his golden eyes and explored the emotions revealed by their bond. Longing, determination and hope, she sensed myriad feelings from him but nothing that made her feel threatened. He honestly believed this was necessary and that they would both benefit from the exchange.

Her heart gave a little flutter and her core clenched hard as she whispered, “I’ll trust you this once. Take control of my body.”

Noratu’s sexy smile sent a tingle down her spine and made her clit twitch needfully.

He caught her under her arms and pulled her toward him until her head was no longer supported by the mattress. “Relax your neck and let your head drop back.”

She still didn’t understand why he wanted her upside down, but she’d promised to surrender control. Her neck relaxed and she lowered her head, arching her neck in the process.

“Open your mouth and lick my cock,” Noratu directed. “Get me good and wet.”

She licked his tip and then farther and farther down until his entire length gleamed with her saliva. His taste was a heady mixture of his cum and her own fluids. It made her clit tingle and her nipples harden. He wasn’t even touching her.

“Draven went easy on you,” Noratu said as he pushed deeper into her mouth. “This time you’re going to relax that throat and take it all.”

Her eyes widened and she sucked in a breath, hoping he didn’t mean that literally. He was so long. She couldn’t imagine how she would ever take his entire length into her mouth. He slid steadily, rubbing against her lips and tongue. She licked and occasionally sucked, but mainly she just offered him the warm wetness of her willing mouth.

“Such a good girl,” Noratu murmured. “Stay nice and open for me.”

He moved closer, his balls starting to brush her face as he pushed deeper into her mouth. He stroked her breasts, teasing and lightly pinching her nipples.

Someone moved her legs apart, bending her knees frog-style to give them access to her pussy. Noratu’s hands were on her breasts, so it had to be Draven. He pet her folds and teased her clit, circling her opening without inserting his fingers inside her.

Their teasing touches and the patient slide of Noratu’s cock in and out of her mouth combined to make her restless and needy. She moaned, sucking greedily to communicate her dissatisfaction.

“What’s the matter, baby?” Noratu whispered, pinching both nipples as he drove all the way to the back of her mouth. “Ready for something a little more intense?”

They could read her mind now, so she responded silently. Yes. Please, stop teasing me.

“Your mouth is mine to use,” Noratu reminded. “You will relax and let me enjoy it.” His cock pressed against the back of her mouth then went deeper, a lot deeper.

Flora struggled for a moment then centered her mind and stilled her body. She felt the need to gag but quickly swallowed and the urge dissipated. Noratu pulled back, then drove even deeper. She surrendered to his need, offering her throat, her breasts, her entire body. She was his to use and it thrilled her, excited her in a way she’d never experienced before.

He fucked her steadily now, his entire length shuttling in and out of her mouth. His smell surrounded her and his taste coated her tongue. She spread her arms out to the sides, opening herself, surrendered completely to his need.

Draven parted her folds and bent to suck on her clit. She squeaked, bucking for a moment then going lax again. Noratu was still pinching her nipples and the combination quickly had her teetering on the brink of orgasm.

I need to come, she cried mentally. Please, Masters, may I come?

“Come, firebird. Offer us your pleasure,” Noratu urged.

Her orgasm hit fast and hard, tearing through her like a wildfire. She cried out around his cock and arched her back. The sensations faded as quickly as they struck and she was left with the intrusive slide of Noratu’s cock. He was grasping her waist now and his balls slapped against her face with each of his demanding thrusts. Old insecurities and a lifetime of human mores eroded her calm, making her want to protest and struggle.

She closed her eyes and focused inward, wanting to experience this exchange from their perspective. The image formed with shocking detail. Not only could she see herself through Noratu’s eyes, she could feel what they were feeling. Her body sprawled on the bed pale and rounded, breasts swaying as he thrust into her mouth. Her cheeks were deeply flushed, lips stretched wide around his thickness. Her legs were bent and splayed, allowing Draven to play with her pussy. She looked soft and beautiful to them, incredibly desirable. Her surrender thrilled them, which made her feel powerful. Using her body was enjoyable to them, but they wanted so much more than a few moments of mindless pleasure. They wanted to claim her as their mate, own her, protect and provide for her. They wanted to build a future with her.

Humbled and shocked by the intensity of their emotions, she sank further into submission. They already controlled her body, so she opened her mind, inviting them in, revealing her trust by making herself vulnerable.

“Perfect, firebird.” Noratu gave her his entire length with each stroke, momentarily blocking her air while his cock was down her throat. “You are so fucking perfect.”

She sucked in air as his cock allowed and patiently waited while he used her throat. He moved faster, balls slapping against her face. Tears ran out of the corners of her eyes, but she wasn’t upset. She felt free, fully alive for the first time in her life. This was what it meant to be Altorian. This was what she had been missing her entire adult life.

Noratu’s cock pushed well into her throat. He shuddered and moaned. Hot seed dripped down her throat, then he quickly pulled back and finished coming on her tongue. Was this a show of dominance? Draven had done the same thing.

Before she could ask, her body absorbed the cum and a spontaneous orgasm struck. She shook with the intensity, her core spasming needfully. Her clit pulsed, sending waves of sensation flowing through her entire body. Her toes curled and she instinctively sucked hard on his cock, draining it of every last drop.

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