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Controlling Caitlin by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

Controlling Caitlin by Emily TiltonThe text from Caitlin to Neil read:

I’m very sorry, sir, for the misunderstanding I caused and the rude way I treated you. Aunt Mary has spanked me thoroughly, and I am in corner time until you can get here.

Along with the message was a picture of Caitlin from the back, her nose in the corner and her bottom a flaming red.

Neil made it to Mary’s in five minutes, from where he was moping at his apartment: a trip that should have taken ten. He felt some amazement that he hadn’t run the car into a tree on the way, since the photo, and the idea of Mary taking it—asking for Caitlin’s phone and then taking a picture of her punished backside to send to her boyfriend—seemed to hover before his eyes the entire way even though he managed to avoid the temptation to sneak a peek at the one stoplight between his house and Mary’s.

How had his aunt Mary spanked his little Caitlin? Over her knee, or over the chair in the guestroom? With her hand, or something else? The uniformly bright pink shade of Caitlin’s tiny bottom, with the prim little cheeks that Neil remembered with cock-stiffening vividness had felt so delicious against his hips the night before, seemed to indicate a hand-spanking—though a much more through one than Neil had known how to give.

Caitlin had signed the contract. Neil shook his head to clear his remaining disbelief away. When Mary had shown it to him, he had gone along because, sure, if Caitlin did sign it, it would be the beginning of something amazing, especially with the promise of college for her. But he hadn’t even considered, really, that she might sign.

But, “Caitlin got her first taste of the hairbrush this evening,” Mary said matter-of-factly, when Neil had entered the living room. “As we discussed, she’ll be living here with me for a month, learning to be a good girl for you. I’ve told her that you decided that was the best way to make sure she learns her lesson thoroughly, and you don’t have to put up with any more nonsense.”

“What?” Neil said, not quite able to comprehend what Mary was saying, but finding it very strange, even with this evidence that Caitlin had consented, in light of the horrible text conversation he’d had with Caitlin that morning, where she threatened to block him and he’d been sure that he’d ruined everything. He looked, still disbelieving the reality of the sight, at Caitlin’s back, where she stood naked in the corner of Mary’s living room. The pinkness of her bottom-cheeks and upper thighs had faded a little, but was still definitely there. Her shoulders heaved, and Neil heard her give a little whimpering sob.

“You may speak, young lady,” Mary said. “Tell your boyfriend that you’ve agreed to his contract. And you may rub your bottom now, too.”

Neil felt his heart speed up even further as he watched Caitlin’s hands come around her backside and start to rub her pretty bottom. He didn’t think he’d ever seen anything as sexy as the way those well-disciplined cheeks clenched, and rose and fell, as his girl tried to make the lingering pain of her punishment feel a little better. He wanted to order her into the guestroom that instant and repeat the scene from the night before, but this time to put his cock inside that adorable butt, and rub the pink cheeks himself as he watched himself surging into her ass.

A little moan escaped Caitlin’s unseen lips, and then she said, “Thank you, ma’am. Sir, I want to learn to be a good girl for you. Just like your contract says, your aunt Mary is going to teach me. I’m going to stay here and learn to keep your house nicely.”

Neil felt the need to confirm this strange new set of circumstances. “And what about your job?”

“I’m going to quit my job, sir,” Caitlin said. “Sometime maybe I’ll go to college, and Mary is going to help with that, too.”

“First, though,” Mary said, “you’re going to learn manners and housekeeping, aren’t you, young lady?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Caitlin said.

“You may turn around, Caitlin,” Mary said. “Hands at your sides.”

“Oh, ma’am, please…” Neil heard the shame in her voice even as his cock rose at the thought of seeing her that way.

“Now, young lady,” Mary said. “Or you’ll feel my hairbrush again.”

Caitlin gave a whimpering little sob, but turned, her eyes downcast to the rug and her hands hanging in little fists at her hips. Neil swallowed hard at the sight of her sweet red pussy-curls, and at the way they didn’t quite conceal the cleft of her secret lips. He had seen them, exposed submissively, last night of course, but something about this little scene seemed even more exciting; Caitlin completely naked for her punishment by Aunt Mary, now made to display herself for Neil.

He didn’t understand exactly what was happening, he knew, but God had it made him hard, and eager to order Caitlin into the guestroom to enjoy what were now enshrined as his conjugal rights in this strange, old-fashioned scheme.

“Look at your boyfriend, Caitlin,” Mary said sternly, and Caitlin, her face very pink, raised her eyes to Neil’s. She chewed on her cheek adorably, and looked into his eyes with a little pout that seemed to beg him to be a caring, firm man for her, to understand her and to teach her how to please him.

Mary turned to Neil. “Neil, your little lady has something to say to you.”

Neil felt himself frowning as he turned to Caitlin, who took a deep breath and said, “Sir, I promise to love you, to honor you, and to obey you.”

Neil felt his jaw drop a little. Love, honor, and obey? Like we’re getting married? He looked at Mary. She said, in that same matter-of-fact tone in which she had told Neil he should spank Caitlin and then, tonight, that Caitlin had had her first taste of the hairbrush, “As a lesson in her needs, and a way to learn her place, Caitlin will be your submissive girlfriend for the next thirty days. Longer, if you decide together that it should be longer. Now it’s your turn to promise to love her, to honor her, and to discipline her.”

Caitlin gave a little whimper at those words and her brow furrowed deeply, but she didn’t protest.

Neil looked at naked, lovely, penitent little Caitlin. The rational part of him couldn’t believe this strange ceremony was truly happening, but he found himself saying, “Young lady, I promise to love and to honor you. And to discipline you, when… when you need it.” His voice had grown a little weaker as he tried to put his own spin on the discipline part of the strange promise. Vow? He noticed Caitlin’s expression of submission start to waver a bit at his lack of confidence and realized that he too probably had a lot to learn.

Mary nodded. “Very good. You just started a wonderful journey together. Neil, I think you know what to do now.”

He hesitated. Caitlin looked at him and the wavering of her submission into doubt seemed to begin again in her eyes. Then he said softly, “Into the bedroom, Caitlin. On your knees in front of the chair.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, giving him a little tight-lipped smile, and walked toward the hall.

“Good job,” Mary said. “The confidence will come, the more you understand how much she needs it.”

For a moment Neil stood looking at the space Caitlin had left, then he turned to Mary, letting the confusion show on his face and holding his hands in front of him, palms up, as if to say, What the hell is going on?

Mary smiled patiently. “The biggest problem men and women in your position have, as you’re beginning to understand what you want out of a relationship that could become a forever kind of thing, is that you don’t know how to communicate honestly. There’s too much shame in saying that you want your boyfriend to make you have anal, or that you want to make your girlfriend suck your cock. It’s even more shameful to admit that you feel like you need a man to keep you in line, or that when he does keep you in line, you want him to keep doing it. Sometimes you need a third party to do some of that communicating for you, to get things started.”

“So… is this… for real? She really signed the contract?” Neil couldn’t even tell what he meant by the question.

“If you mean, is Caitlin about to suck your cock, then the answer is yes.”

“Jesus,” Neil said. “You… you’re not really like other people, are you, Aunt Mary?” He gazed into her level, hazel stare. “Or should I call you ma’am?” When he had started to ask the question, he had meant it as a joke, but he realized after he finished it that he had really spoken more than half seriously.

“Do you want to call me ma’am, little Neil?”

Neil felt his eyes widen at the strange surge of anger that flashed through him at the belittling way she had spoken. He remembered when she had babysat for him all those years ago, and it seemed she tried to put him in his place, as if he were still a ten-year-old.

“No,” he said very firmly. Then, unsure of where the thought came from, he said, “And I’ll spank you if you use that tone with me again, Aunt Mary.” His confusion grew greater, though, despite the decision in his voice, because suddenly he did very much want to spank his old babysitter, his ‘aunt’ Mary.

Mary smiled. “Good,” she said. “You’re a dominant, and that’s what your girlfriend needs. I can’t say I’d mind an occasional spanking from you, but we’ll have to see how things play out.”

Neil’s jaw dropped, and Mary laughed. “Such a cute baby dom,” she said, but not in a really teasing way. “You’re right. I’m not like other people. Most other people, anyway. I got lucky, and had a lot of help in getting what I needed. More help than I can give you two, I’m afraid, but hopefully what I can give will be enough.”

Neil shook his head. “You talk in riddles, and…” With a little thrill, he realized that he could own a bit of his dominance that he couldn’t have dreamed of owning yesterday. “And I’m definitely going to spank you for it sometime.”

Mary giggled. “We’ll see about that, little Neil. Caitlin’s got the answer to some of the riddles, and you can ask her when you let her stop serving you with her mouth.”

Neil couldn’t help a little throat-clearing grunt of arousal at words serving you with her mouth. Yes, that was exactly what a firm-handed boyfriend deserved from his girlfriend who had started to learn how to make a nice home for him. He almost left the living room then, to go to the guestroom and start enjoying his new rights, but he realized that one burning question remained about the reality of this new life they seemed to be starting.

“Is the… housewife thing… real?” he asked. “I mean, what if she does go to college…”

“Oh, Caitlin will go to college,” Mary said in a very businesslike voice.

“But it’s so expensive,” Neil said. “How can we afford it?”

“In case you haven’t noticed, Neil, I came back here in style.” Her smile seemed very warm now.

“Wait, so you’re saying that you’ll help?”

“Not just help. I’ll put Caitlin through college on my own, and get her a job afterward.”

“If she… I mean…”

“All I’m asking from her is thirty days. I’m convinced, based on a great deal of experience, that it’s going to go on longer than that, but if she obeys you for thirty days, does her housekeeping diligently, accepts your discipline and mine if necessary, and then decides she wants to put it all behind her, I’ll still put her through college.”

Neil shook his head in disbelief. “That sounds crazy. I mean, no offense, but this is really pretty crazy, right?”

Mary shook her own head. “I know it looks that way to you, but with all due respect to you as the head of your household, I’m pretty sure you’ll see it differently in a month. Now go get that big cock of yours sucked, okay?”

* * *

Caitlin knelt, naked, in front of the high-backed wooden chair, the twin of the one Neil had sat on to take her over his knee yesterday and Mary had laid her over to spank her with the hairbrush.

God, did that hairbrush hurt! Caitlin’s bottom still ached from its thudding strokes. As she waited for Neil, she put her right hand back to rub her bottom, remembering how she had had to do it in the living room, in front of Neil; how much she had wanted to show him, how ashamed she had been of wanting that, and then of doing it.

How wet her pussy had gotten when she did it, as all the warmth in her punished backside had seemed to flow in a rush into the naughty secret place between her thighs.

And even before that, when Mary had told her to take off all her clothes and lay herself over the chair with her bottom high, the humiliation itself seemed to make her pussy tingle. Something about the contract seemed to have taken away some of the terrible anxiety she had felt only that morning, when she thought she simply had to end things with Neil and had written him that awful text. The contract meant that she had to do what Mary said and, more important, what Neil said when he came to… to claim her. To take possession of her and to teach her how to please him.

Somehow it didn’t matter, after she had signed, why she had put the pen to the paper and written her name. Mary had seen to that: as soon as Caitlin put the pen down had come the command to strip naked and get over the chair for her hairbrush spanking.

“Do you think you’re ready to please your boyfriend, young lady?” Mary had said after she had struck Caitlin five times with the horrible heavy thing, so hard that Caitlin had already emitted a shriek of pain and begun to cry copious tears.

“Yes,” she sobbed.

“Yes, what?” Mary spanked her again with the hairbrush, and Caitlin had to wriggle her bottom as her arms, holding onto the chair legs to push her backside up for her punishment, started to ache. “Keep. This. Bottom. Still!” Mary said, giving her a hard swat with every word. “Yes. What. Caitlin?”

“Oh, God! Yes, ma’am!” How could Mary make her feel so very… punished, Caitlin wondered. She truly felt like a rude, naughty girl who didn’t know her place, under the stinging attention of that hairbrush—but also like she had started to learn her lesson, and to be a better girlfriend for the man for whom she had promised to make a comfortable home.

“Now I know,” said Mary, “that Neil didn’t spank you very hard yesterday, young lady.”

“But he did!” Caitlin wailed. “He did, ma’am!”

Mary spanked her hard again. “Don’t talk back to me, young lady!” Another swat, to her upper thigh, and Caitlin screamed again. “Apologize!” A spank on Caitlin’s already very warm sit-spot.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” Caitlin sobbed.

“Neil didn’t spank you hard. But that will change, especially when he learns to whip you with his belt, the way a husband whips a naughty wife.” Mary kept spanking her while she delivered this news, and now Caitlin couldn’t do anything but sob, and try to push her bottom up the way she knew Aunt Mary wanted to see it.

Then Mary said, “Thank me now, young lady.”

Caitlin, still gasping with her tears, took a long moment to have enough breath, and enough of a hold on the reality that had seemed to fly away from her the longer the spanking continued, to whisper, “Thank you, ma’am.”

“Corner time, now.” Mary helped her up, and conducted her to the corner. “No rubbing until Neil gets here. Tell me the passcode on your phone, so I can take a picture.”

“Oh, no…”

“No, what?!” Mary said, giving Caitlin a sharp little smack with her hand, in the middle of her bottom.

“No, ma’am. Please!”

“Do you need another spanking so soon, Caitlin? Tell me your passcode.”

So Caitlin had told Mary the code, and then heard the phone make the shutter-click sound.

Then Mary said, “Now write your man an apology, and send him the picture.”

Thus Caitlin had to send to her boyfriend a picture of her punished bottom, to tell him that Caitlin was ready to learn to please him, and to accept his discipline.

She heard footsteps in the hall, and turned to see Neil come into the little room that Caitlin supposed she should start to think of as her own room: the room where she would stay, here at her new Aunt Mary’s house. The room where Neil would come to fuck her—to use her pussy, her mouth, and her bottom, for his pleasure. She felt a shiver go through her body at the thought.

Conjugal rights. Was that the phrase in the contract? She would be thankful when Neil put his seed inside her, when he enjoyed his conjugal rights? In this room then, her man would take what belonged to him and possess it utterly.

Neil closed the door behind him and turned to look at her. Caitlin felt the contrast between his clothes—jeans and a red flannel shirt—and her nakedness.

“Are you ready to learn to suck my cock, young lady?” he asked.

Caitlin still didn’t understand why the sound of his voice, telling her how it would be with her—how she would have to serve him in ways that everything she had ever learned about being a good girl told her carried terrible shame and dirtiness—could make her feel so many things, arousal and love above all. It seemed paradoxical: his words didn’t seem to convey love at all, but they still made her feel how much he loved her, because Neil treasured the pleasure she gave him, and because he knew how much she wanted to please him.

He loves me so much that he lets me suck his cock. Such a strange thought. So much that he lets me be the mouth he’ll put his cock in. Even stranger.

“Yes, sir,” Caitlin whispered.

Neil didn’t say anything more. He walked to the chair and stood between its seat and Caitlin, so that her face was already closer to his cock than it had ever been, and she couldn’t help picturing it inside the denim: was it hard? Hard because Caitlin had had her lesson from Mary’s hairbrush, maybe, because her man had that special desire that her heart always fluttered over when she considered it: the desire to punish girls, and the desire most of all to punish his girl.

When he started to unbuckle his belt, her reverie, daydreaming of his hard cock when it lay only inches from the mouth into which she would have to receive him so reverently, had grown so deep that she gasped at the idea that he would let her see it now. The belt was unbuckled now, and Neil started to unbutton his fly. Caitlin started to breathe very heavily as his blue briefs came into view.

Neil put his hand down to stroke her cheek, and Caitlin looked up at him for the first time since he had come over to the chair. “Are you scared?” he asked gently, but also with a sort of teasing quality that thrilled her even as it made her face grow terribly hot with shame.

“A little,” Caitlin admitted.

“Don’t worry,” Neil said, smiling down upon her. “I know it’s your first time. I won’t spank you if you’re not good at it yet.”

She gave a little sob of arousal at the degradation of that thought: would he spank her for that, some day? “Oh, God,” she whispered.

“Just do your best, sweetheart, and I’ll teach you how to please me.”

“Yes, sir,” Caitlin whispered.

Then she turned her eyes downward again, because Neil had begun to pull down his briefs. His cock sprang free, the most shameful, beautiful sight Caitlin had ever seen, long and thick and hard. Somehow Caitlin knew that she must not touch it with her hands. “Sir?” she said. “May I kiss it?”

Neil took his cock in his hand and stroked it. Seeing him give himself that little bit of pleasure made Caitlin feel lightheaded with jealousy. She never played with herself, really. Maybe once a month, and when she did she always felt she like she had stolen something from… someone. She hadn’t done it at all during the time she and Neil were dating—the one time she had started, thinking about what it would be like if Neil told her to do this, to suck his cock, she had stopped in self-conscious guilt, wondering if he might—hoping really that he would—tell her that she shouldn’t, because he should be the one to pleasure her.

Now, watching him pump his cock instead of answering her question and giving her permission to kiss it, the asymmetry of it made her pussy clench in helpless arousal. She must not play with her pussy, but he could do what he liked with his cock. He owned her, and she supposed that he belonged to her in certain way—but that way seemed so different, and different in a way that made her feel faint.

“Yes, young lady,” he said, “come kiss my cock.”

Caitlin leaned forward. The wrinkled skin at the top of his penis seemed to emit a wonderful odor of manly sex. She supposed the lovely, dirty smell must come from somewhere else, but the little bead of glistening moisture that came out of the slit at the end of Neil’s cock seemed so sacred that she thought the sacred aroma must come from there as well.

She puckered her lips, thinking that to kiss her man there, where he differed from her in such a proud, masterful way, was like kissing a sign of how he had taken charge of her. As she did the embarrassing thing and felt the head of her boyfriend’s cock against the sensitive skin of her lips, she closed her eyes as if she could not bear to see his power over her. The skin of Neil’s penis had a pebbled quality, somehow; rough and smooth at the same time, and it made her whole body feel hot with shame, even as her pussy clenched to know what she had done. The sticky fluid, as Caitlin’s lips came away, made her feel that he had anointed her and left evidence upon her that she had been his good girl. His good dirty girl, Caitlin thought then, with another thrill of shame and excitement.

“Open your eyes,” Neil said with a little sternness in his tone, and Caitlin opened them. “Now your mouth, Caitlin. Then stick out your tongue, so I can put my cock on it.”

Her whole world, the part of the world she could see, was her masterful boyfriend’s waist, thighs, cock, and balls, covered in the curly brown hair that seemed so different from her own private fleece, because out of it rose something so beautiful and powerful. She parted her lips and stuck her tongue out just a little bit, not really because she had any reluctance left, but because the experience overwhelmed her so thoroughly

“Wider, girl,” Neil said, “and your tongue out further.” Oh, his voice—her master’s voice. How did he know how to do this? Caitlin remembered the way Mary had spoken as if some people just were like that. Would Caitlin ever have found another man to master her, if she had been foolish enough to break up with Neil?

Breathing so quickly now that she thought she might pass out, Caitlin tried to obey, opening her mouth wide, and curling her tongue down over her teeth and her lower lip.

“Good girl,” Neil said, and Caitlin’s heart seemed to soar out of her body at his praise.

And then he put his cock there, the way he had said he would: her masterful boyfriend laid his penis on her tongue and just kept it there for a long moment, as he spoke words of thrilling dominance. “You look nice with my cock there, young lady. We’ll do this often, from now on.”

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