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Corrective Treatment by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

Corrective TreatmentThe doctor reached for a button and pressed it. “Nurses, your assistance, please.”

Within seconds, three women in pressed white uniforms arrived to do his bidding. Caught between the bailiffs and the doctor and the nurses, Sophie started to feel much less sure of herself. One of the nurses appeared to be around Sophie’s age; the other two were old enough to be her mother. Their presence put the number of people in the room at seven. Six-to-one odds were not good. Sophie was starting to feel very outmatched and very scared.

“Nurses, if you would be so kind as to help Miss Eins remove her clothing for her examination,” the doctor directed.

“No!” Sophie’s anger blazed as the women turned toward her like obedient little drones. “You will not disrobe me. You know who I am. You have no right to touch me, you…”

“Settle down, Sophie.” The oldest nurse, a kindly looking round-faced woman spoke to her. “We’re just getting you ready for your examination, that’s all.”

“No!” Sophie repeated herself. But the bailiffs had her firmly in hand and she was not going anywhere. There was nothing she could do as the nurses began to work at her clothing, removing her fine shoes and tugging at her leggings. They slid down her thighs in one silken motion, her panties going with them in quick succession. A hot blush suffused Sophie’s face as she realized she was now completely naked from the waist down, her bright red shock of pubic hair visible to everyone.

“Stop it!” Sophie aimed a kick at one of the ladies, but found her foot caught by the young nurse, who had clearly seen it coming. Sophie was not a natural fighter, and she was certainly no match for the medical team.

“Now you settle down,” the same nurse said in maternal tones. “You’re being very silly and you’re making this much worse for yourself. The doctor will have to give you an extended treatment if you don’t calm down and behave yourself.”

The doctor. The man who was standing there watching her humiliation with a keen gaze. She didn’t know how she’d ever thought for a single second that she could like him. He was the mastermind of this entire twisted punishment, and he was watching her every move with eyes that missed nothing.

“Let me go!” Sophie tried twisting out of the bailiffs’ grasp, but her struggling only made them hold on tighter. The only saving grace of the whole matter was the fact that with them holding onto her arms, there was no way for the nurses to remove the clothing on the upper half of her body. Maybe she would retain some dignity after all.

“Now, Sophie!” The nurse’s tone became quite sharp. “You deserve a good long bottom warming, you do. Fancy making this much fuss!”

Sophie did not appreciate the scolding or the warning. The woman spoke to her as if she were some rambunctious brat refusing to get ready for her bath. But that wasn’t the case. She was a young woman imprisoned for a crime she’d barely committed, a crime that should never have been a crime in the first place.

“Are you going to hold still and let us take that pretty cardigan off without damaging it?”

“No,” Sophie snarled angrily, her red hair falling over her face as she tossed her head furiously. “I’m not going to make this easy for you.”

“In that case, you’d better stay still,” one nurse said as she produced a sharp pair of scissors. “You don’t want us to cut you.”

Sophie froze as the cold edge of the back of the scissors ran up her midsection, slicing through silk and wool like a knife through butter. The scissors continued their journey up her body, taking her brassiere and the last shreds of her clothing in one smooth, obviously practiced motion. The woman had done this before, many times, Sophie imagined. There was a certain air of boredom about the nurses, the bailiffs, the doctor, as if this was just another procedure that would go by the book. She wasn’t any match for them, and they knew it.

Sophie let out a shriek of outrage as her priceless garments were ruined. Her eyes filled with tears of frustration as she watched her clothing fall to the floor in chunks. “That was worth more than you are!”

“Then you shouldn’t have put up such a fight, should you?” Another nurse spoke, sounding somewhat pleased with herself. She was probably jealous, Sophie figured. These women were all laborers. She was more privileged than they were and they probably hated her for it. She knew her fame did not always bring popularity. There would be a lot of people quite pleased to hear what had happened to her. They would say she deserved this, to be stripped naked and punished by strangers.

She was naked now, the curve of her breast and bottom, the soft lines of her stomach and thighs, every little sensual bit of skin exposed. It was enough to make her want to cry, but she was far too furious to cry.

“When I get out of here, I’m going to find all your names, and I’m going to make sure you all pay for that,” she said, her eyes narrowed.

“Spoiled, isn’t she,” the older nurse commented. “No surprise, really.”

“You don’t even know why you’re doing this to me!” Sophie argued. “I haven’t even committed a crime! I’m a prisoner of conscience!” As she spoke, rebellion raged inside her. She would not quietly allow them to punish her for having spoken her mind. What was the harm in wanting something different? Why did that put her at the mercy of six disinterested tormentors?

“Let me go,” she demanded as the last shreds of her clothing were pulled from her body. “Let me go at once!”

It was as if she had not spoken. Her verbal resistance meant nothing.

“You’re cowards, all of you,” she said, throwing words at them. “You don’t even know why you’re doing this to me. You just know you have an order.”

“According to the documentation, you were held in contempt of the high court, and the laws of this land,” the doctor said in distinctly stern tones. “You have been referred for an extensive correctional process, which is only becoming more extensive the longer you pitch this fit.”

He too, was looking at her as if she were some spoiled little brat. None of them seemed to much care that she was naked. The bailiffs were certainly getting an eyeful, but they seemed to know well enough to maintain a much more professional facade in front of the doctor than they had when they were alone with her.

“What does that mean?” Sophie bit the question out. “What do you mean, becoming more extensive?”

“It means you should take care not to behave in such a way as would lead me to believe an increased dose of correctional treatment is necessary,” the doctor said, a flash of warning in his bright blue eyes. “You have a certain level of discipline to receive, but that can always be increased to my discretion.”

“Oh, can it,” Sophie sneered. “I’m not afraid of you. You’re nothing. Nobody. You’re a button pusher in a white coat with a horde of willing harpies.”

The nurses did not take offense. They did not seem to know what harpies were. That did not surprise Sophie. Education was limited by the high court to key subject areas that made the citizens functional. Further reading and exploration was discouraged. If not for her father’s rank, Sophie would never have had access to the libraries where history and the writings of peoples past were contained. She would never have known how big the universe was, or how many wonders it had once contained. And, if she were to be completely honest with herself, she likely would never have ended up naked between two burly men with three nurses and a doctor looking on.

“Take her to the examination chair,” the doctor ordered the bailiffs. “Secure her well.”

“Oh, hell, no,” Sophie said, evoking some archaic curse words as the men stepped forward, taking her with them. “You are not putting me in that thing.”

The bailiffs kept moving, forcing Sophie to physically try to evade her fate. She did not want to be examined. She did not want to be corrected. And she didn’t deserve it either. Why didn’t they understand that?

“Let me go!” She yelled the order, as if volume might make a difference. It didn’t.

The bailiffs held her firm, even when she picked her feet up off the floor and tried to drag them down with her, kicking and squealing for all she was worth. Unfortunately, the bailiffs had been chosen for their sturdy statures and all her flailing had precisely no effect on them. They carried her to the chair and held her while the doctor strapped her into place, arms and torso secured with thick synthetic bands of material that made movement impossible. Her legs were likewise strapped into the stirrups, baring her genital mound to the doctor, the nurses, and the stoic bailiffs alike.

Sophie’s entire body flushed crimson as she sat there, breasts bare, nipples erect with fear and excitement, her body experiencing a hundred different impulses all at the same time—all of them thwarted by the bonds that held her exposed before the eyes of the corrective team.

“Let me go,” she repeated, but this time she sounded weaker even to herself. She tried to pull out of her bindings, but struggling did nothing. She had less than half an inch of play in her bonds, and almost every inch of her body was visible to the onlookers, all of whose eyes were on her.

“I’d usually dismiss the bailiffs at this point,” the doctor informed her. “If you’d done as you were told, all of this would have been a private affair. But as you’ve been particularly troublesome, I think their continued presence is necessary.” He turned to the nurse. “I will need a blade and some shaving cream. The treatment area needs to be clear.”

The treatment area? He could only be referring to her pussy. Sophie saw the bailiffs exchange pleased looks and she felt a hot rush of shame. She had no secrets from anyone in the room. The doctor knew exactly what he was doing by allowing them to stay.

“You’re sick,” she said. “You’re treating me like I’m nothing and nobody. It’s inhuman. You’re inhuman.”

“I’m treating you as I’d treat any aggressively noncompliant patient,” the doctor informed her without any hint of guilt. “It may be that you are unused to consequences and therefore view them as unfair, but you will discover during your time here that obedience brings rewards and disobedience causes discomfort.”

She felt a sting of chastisement. He was implying that she was spoiled. That wasn’t fair. He didn’t know what she’d been through, how she’d been set up to fail, how she was being made an example of. He didn’t care either. He was just doing his job, like an automaton.

Did automatons have eyes that made you feel as though you were being absorbed into them, though? Did one find oneself hoping for their glance again, even though they belonged to a man who was about to shave her nether regions?

The bailiffs were stationed back by the doors, out of direct eye line of the procedures, so that was a small comfort, but still Sophie was filled with embarrassment, especially when she felt her pussy mound covered with a warm, wet cloth. She wanted to close her eyes and pretend as though it were not happening, but she couldn’t help but look down between her bound legs, where the doctor was moistening her skin. Their eyes met as he pressed his palm right between her thighs, over her pussy. His touch and his gaze made her heart skip a beat. She felt little tingles racing over her skin, an illicit excitement that was rising in spite of her shameful predicament.

The doctor peeled the cloth away, leaving cool air to rush in and stimulate the delicate region. A moment later his hands returned, massaging shaving cream into the bright red bush that had protected her delicate womanhood from the gaze of the bailiffs.

The razor was a single straight edge, wielded in strong fingers. The doctor placed his hand above her pubic mound with just enough pressure to make the skin taut as he began clearing her pubic hair with clean strokes. The blade was sharp enough that she barely felt any resistance at all as the hair came away, leaving her pubic mound completely bare. He then moved to her lips, his fingertips pressing here and there to make sure he got a clean shave, touching her with a clinical but intimate touch that made her wish she could cover her face. Sophie had never been touched in such a way before. She could never, not in a thousand years, have imagined the first time a handsome man touched her between her thighs that she would be strapped into a medical chair, being shaved and punished for her crimes.

It was all very overwhelming for Sophie, who had not imagined her current predicament as in any way possible. Nobody had ever mentioned any kind of medical treatment after being convicted by the high court. She stared to feel quite floaty and short of breath as the doctor once more applied the warm, wet cloth to her pussy, smoothing away the last traces of cream and pubic hair and leaving her completely exposed to his masculine gaze.

“Are you alright, Sophie?”

It was the first time her first name had left his lips. She felt warm hearing it, as if he had caressed her gently. The question was delivered with more care than she had expected. Now that she was compliant and obedient, he was no longer quite as cold or as stern.

“No,” she said, her voice no longer rebellious as much as it was scared. “I’m not alright.” Her chest felt tight, her muscles tense. The lightheaded feeling was intensifying, along with her fear.

“Take a deep breath,” he said, smoothing his hand along the outside of her thigh in what felt like a friendly calming gesture. “This is all very new to you and you came in fighting, so you’ll have some adrenaline to process. Deep breaths and stay as relaxed as you can.”

As he spoke, his hand continued the stroking motion along her thigh, calming her as if she were a frightened captive animal.

“Look at me, Sophie.”

She looked into his eyes, found herself grounded by his gaze. She did not even know his name and yet she felt a connection, a knowing that didn’t make any sense and yet was completely natural. He didn’t speak another word, but somehow his eyes spoke to her, calming her little by little until she was able to take a deep breath that didn’t feel restricted by tension.

“Good girl,” he praised. “I’m going to do an examination of your intimate responses. It involves extensive stimulation of the genital region. You will feel a range of sensations, some pleasant, some less so.”

Sophie stared at him. The shaving had been bad enough, but she had held onto some hope that it was necessary for a scan of some kind, something impersonally medical. Not stimulation of the areas no man had ever touched before.

“Nurse, draw a vial of blood,” the doctor instructed. “I will begin the stimulation examination.”

Sophie barely noticed the sting in her arm as the nurse took the necessary sample. She was far too busy watching the doctor reach for a bottle of lubricant.

“I don’t need a medical examination,” she said quickly as he drew closer, standing between her spread vulnerable thighs. “I’m in perfect health!”

“You will require a full medical examination before the procedure begins,” the doctor said. “Both to ensure that you are able to withstand the corrective treatment procedure, and to see what kinds of stimuli are most effective for you. Every patient is different.”

As he spoke, a nurse applied sticky pads containing electrodes just below her nipples. Sophie felt the woman’s fingers pressing at her soft breasts, ensuring that the pads were properly in place.

Sophie felt a moment of panic. “Does this kill people? Corrective treatment? Is it dangerous?”

“It’s a matter of procedure,” the doctor repeated, as if he were a machine programmed with only a handful of phrases. “You will not be in any physical danger. However, you will experience varying levels of physical discomfit, as is essential to an effective correctional experience.”

His words were so clinical, so proper, but there was nothing proper about being splayed before a handsome older man, her quivering cunt entirely at his mercy. Sophie watched with wide eyes as he picked up a probe, a metal instrument with a rounded tip, about an inch and a half in diameter and perhaps eight inches long. She watched as he applied significant lubrication to the tip of the probe and then lowered it toward her pussy.

“Try to relax, Miss Eins,” he said encouragingly. “This does not necessarily need to be entirely unpleasant.”

Sophie let out a little gasp as she felt his fingers parting her lower lips to make the opening of her vagina accessible to the probe. The doctor’s touch was skilled and professional, but she could not help but react to being touched so intimately. She bit back a little moan as the tip of the thick probe was pressed between her inner lips. It seemed far too large to ever go inside her, not that Sophie could say that. She could barely form a coherent thought, let alone any words.

“Take a deep breath and relax your stomach muscles,” the doctor said. “You’re rather tense.” He held the tip of the probe to her pussy and turned a dial on the machine. A slow vibration began to shudder through the probe, stimulating her outer lips. Sophie let out a squeak of surprise, her hips bucking in an involuntary reaction that only served to make the tip of the probe slide up and down her lubricated slit.

“Very sensitive,” the doctor noted calmly. “Have you experienced penetrative intercourse before?”

“Uh,” Sophie shook her head. “No.”

“Proceeding digitally,” the doctor noted, pulling the probe away. Sophie let out a little squeal as she felt his fingers on her pussy again. They were warm in a way the probe was not. She felt the doctor’s middle finger run along the slit of her lips and then press against the opening of her vagina. He began to slide his finger inside her, entering her with a clinically gentle touch.

Sophie let out a gasp as her pussy contracted in welcome.

“Clitoral bud is fully engorged with relatively light stimulation,” the doctor noted. “Excitement levels may be related to the patient’s earlier resistance. Patient is evidently prone to emotional outbursts, which may be related to high levels of tension relating to retained virginity.”

The way he was speaking made Sophie think that the procedure must be being recorded. She blushed to the tips of her toes at the thought the proceedings might be seen outside the room, which was already more crowded than she would have liked.

“He means she needs a good fucking,” one of the bailiffs muttered to the other. The doctor turned and shot a dark look at the men.

“Quiet, please,” he said. “You are disturbing the examination.”

“Sorry, sir,” they both apologized quickly.

Sophie blushed furiously, her pussy quivering and clenching around the doctor’s finger as he slid it deeper little by little. She could feel him stretching her inner walls, but it was a nice feeling. They closed snugly around his finger and gripped him tight, her clit pulsing against the heel of his hand as his finger finally slid all the way in.

“You seem to have lost your hymen at some previous point,” he noted, keeping his palm pressed against her cunt, the warmth of his hand making her hips squirm. “But vigorous exercise can cause that, and some young ladies have little in the way of hymen regardless. That will make this examination much easier.”

He slid his finger out of her pussy and for the briefest, strangest moment, Sophie missed it. She would never have thought that a stern older doctor touching her in her most sensitive places would be so pleasurable. He was obviously taking care to make sure the experience was not traumatic for her, though it was still disciplinary in nature. A brief flash of gratitude was replaced with fresh embarrassment as the doctor held up his glistening finger.

“Patient produces ample lubrication,” he noted. “I do not think the probe will produce undue discomfort.”

Once again the probe was introduced to her now damp and swelling lower lips. It was no longer vibrating, but that didn’t matter. The doctor held her lips apart with his index and forefinger, his palm pressing against the hard bud of her clit as he pressed the thick probe inside her, the head of the thing parting her lips and entering her body with a smooth, slow motion. It felt much, much larger than his finger had and Sophie let out an involuntary whimper.

“It’s too big,” she complained softly.

The doctor stilled the probe. “This is still much smaller than any phallus,” he said, as if that were comforting. “Your body will easily adjust to this.”

He was right. Her pussy was already less tense. As he pushed the probe further inside her tight cunt, her body warmth started to sink into the metal. The combination of natural and synthetic lubricants eased its passage and the probe started to feel good inside her pussy. It was much harder, longer, and less yielding than his finger had been. She felt very stretched and very filled, but, as the doctor had said, it was nothing compared to what a man’s cock would feel like inside her.

“Good girl,” the doctor praised. Sophie looked up, blushing as he made eye contact with her and adjusted the probe a little, his palm still cupping her pussy from above. “Does that feel good?”

Sophie could not admit that it did. He began to slide it out a little, then press it deeper, manipulating the instrument in a very slow fucking motion that made little tingles rush all over her body from her scalp to her toes. The bonds that had felt so restrictive now felt almost as though she were being held firmly, her will secondary to that of the doctor’s as he stimulated her pussy.

“It feels… uh… okay.”

“Patient is flushed across her chest and breasts, nipples are erect, vaginal lubrication is increasing,” the doctor noted. “Patient reports that stimulation feels ‘okay.’”

She sensed something teasing in his stern tone. She braved another glance toward his face and saw a little gleam of humor in his eye. It was gone so quickly she almost thought she had imagined it, and she was quickly distracted when he turned a dial on the machine and the probe began to vibrate inside her.

“Oh, doctor!” Sophie let out a little squeal.

He pulled his hand away from her pussy, leaving her little clit bare and her cunt filled with the probe.

“Nurses, bailiffs, consider yourselves dismissed,” the doctor said. “I believe the situation is now well contained.”

The nurses left swiftly and without comment. The bailiffs were slower to leave and Sophie saw them both cast longing glances at her probe-filled pussy and her naked body before the door slid shut behind them and she was alone with the doctor.

It was a relief to be observed by fewer people, but as the doctor turned back to her, Sophie was suddenly aware that she was entirely at the mercy of this handsome man who had an air of dignity and authority that made her clit tingle without any additional stimulation at all.

“I won’t need any further assistance, will I, Sophie?” He slid his palm down the length of her stomach and settled his hand back over the top of her pussy, cupping her puffy mound and hard clit. “You’re going to be a good girl for me, aren’t you?”

“Mmmnn,” Sophie moaned. She did not really have much in the way of choice. The doctor had her strapped in place, her pussy wrapped around his probe, his hand cupping her cunt in a way that made her hips roll in place as she ground herself against the heel of his palm, her inner walls performing similarly greedy motions around the probe. The bonds that restricted her movement and made escape possible allowed what would have otherwise have been unthinkable—surrender to the sensations being produced by the doctor and his implements.

“Good girl,” he praised again in those deep, resonant, soothing tones. “You’re doing very well.”

Sophie was starting to feel something welling inside her, a rich heat emanating from her clit and the depths of her pussy at the same time. It felt much like it did when she was touching herself, but so much more powerful that she barely understood it as the same thing. The doctor massaged her pussy slowly, moving the probe gently in and out of her tight cunt as it hummed inside her.

“You’re allowed to climax this time,” he said. “Don’t hold back.”

His permission strongly implied that there could be other times she would not be allowed to orgasm. The very idea of having her erotic response controlled made it all the more powerful. She felt her cunt quivering tight around the probe, gripping it, her internal muscles milking it hopelessly. Her body did not know that it was not a man inside her. Her body was reacting as though she was being fucked by the doctor, her pussy walls gripping him, not the probe. And all the while their eyes were locked together in an intimate gaze, as if he knew how it was for her, as if, in some way, he really was inside her.

“Come, Sophie,” the doctor ordered in soft, serious tones. “Follow your instincts.”

She didn’t have a choice. Her inner walls were clenching hard, locking around the probe as the doctor’s palm continued to rub her clit and lips. The climax flowed from the very center of her and rushed over her body in a tidal wave of cellular sensation, leaving no part of her untouched. Her legs strained against her bonds, her stomach muscles contracting, her breasts rising as her back arched and her body quivered from head to toe. She screamed her pleasure, grinding her cunt as hard against him and the probe as she physically could, her juices coating his hand and her thighs and the probe in the flow of climax.

In the aftermath she was left panting, a sheen of sweat covering her breasts and stomach. Thanks to her bonds she had barely moved an inch, and yet her flushed, squirming form looked as though she had been engaged in hard physical exercise.

The doctor slid the probe slowly out of her pussy. “An excellent response,” he said in tones that were approving and admiring. “Very good, Sophie. Very good.”

She found herself smiling a little in spite of herself. His praise made her feel warm inside, proud of herself, even though she had simply surrendered to the desire he had created with his stimulation. Anyone would have come, but it felt personal between them. They had a connection. Even though he was a stranger, even though she was his captive, they were linked by the most powerful sexual experience she had ever had, an orgasm that was making her feel light and calm and even cared for.

“That was the first climax,” he said. “We will proceed to the second now.”

“A second…” Sophie echoed. “You’re doing that again?”

“This is a disciplinary procedure, Sophie,” he reminded her. “The first round gave me an indication of your response, and the parameters your body works within. This second round will be more punitive.”

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