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Cowboy Daddies: Two Western Romances by Amelia Smarts and Jane Henry – Extended Preview

Abby was grateful Clay had left the house to run an errand. Her sudden new situation in life was overwhelming to her, and she needed time to work through it in her mind. She found it hard to concentrate on anything in Clay’s presence and instead was, by some strange instinct, following his commands without much question. She even obeyed his order to eat a few more bites of breakfast, despite him not being there. While clearing the table, washing the dishes, and sweeping the floor of the kitchen, she mulled over everything Clay had told her, growing more aroused by the minute.

She made a quick phone call to her sister, Daisy. In the background on the other line, she could hear the other kids being rowdy and bickering amongst themselves, but her sister seemed in good spirits.

“You’ll never believe what happened,” Abby told her. “I met a guy. His name is Clay and he’s a rancher.”

Her sister squealed into the receiver. “Are you serious? That’s wonderful.”

“Yeah, he’s really hot and he gave me a housekeeping job in his nice house.”

“Oh,” Daisy said much less enthusiastically. “I thought you meant you found a boyfriend, but you mean you found an employer.”

“Well, it’s more than that,” Abby tried to explain. She thought of what else she could tell her sister without sounding like she’d taken leave of her senses. Luckily, Daisy didn’t press her.

“If you’re happy, I’m happy,” Daisy said. “It’s about time you thought about your own happiness for a change.”

After they said goodbye, Abby headed for Clay’s office. She walked inside and drew a deep breath. Like the bedroom she’d slept in, the room was masculine in appearance, but the office smelled like leather, Clay’s soap, and the pages of books. His wooden desk was long and made of some dark, rich wood. She walked around it and sat in his comfy leather chair.

It was getting warm, and the soft terrycloth robe hugging her body was thick, so she slipped out of the top of it, still sitting on it to provide a cushion between her bare bottom and the chair. Now for the homework assignment. She giggled, feeling like she was a little girl in school again, only this time she was about to do her homework on a nice desk instead of at a crumb-filled kitchen table or on the floor of a crowded room.

When she opened the bottom drawer, she located the pad of paper and also noticed a leather money bag under it. Out of curiosity, she unzipped it. She swallowed when her eyes fell on the bundles of hundred-dollar bills. There had to have been at least three thousand dollars in the bag, more money than she’d ever seen in her life. The wheels in her mind turned. If she took the money and ran, she could live comfortably for months, plus add to her savings for Daisy’s tuition.

It was just a passing thought. She had no desire to leave or to steal from Clay, but she found it interesting that he’d given her an assignment that required her to come into close contact with a large amount of money. She wondered if he was testing her, or if in fact he trusted her not to steal it. She felt equally pleased by both possibilities. If his motive was to test her, she was proud she would prove to him to be an upright citizen. If it was the latter, it pleased her to know he didn’t consider her a thief.

She tried to focus on her assignment and discovered the homework would be more difficult than she’d thought. Tasked to come up with five things she liked about herself made her realize there wasn’t all that much to like. For some time, all she could do was stare at the blank page, wondering how to begin. She wrote the numbers one through five in a column and stared some more. Then she scratched out her first point. I am responsible with money.

She could hear a critical voice in her head, taunting her about that answer, telling her Clay would find that ridiculous since she hadn’t been able to stretch her income far enough to allow her to afford a place to stay.

Whatever, she had to move on. She had four more answers to come up with, and she had no idea how long Clay intended to be gone. Thinking while tapping the pen against the desk, she came up with a second point. I’m a good sister. If there was one thing she was successful at in life, it was that. She’d protected her sister growing up and had always put her sister’s needs before her own.

After that, she couldn’t think of a single thing she liked about herself. She’d never liked her appearance, and her personality might be compared to a porcupine. She was distrustful and generally unfriendly, whereas her sister had always been like a soft, cuddly teddy bear.

She didn’t like this assignment one bit, and the more she struggled to think of answers, the more annoyed she became over having been assigned it in the first place. Why couldn’t Clay have given her a real chore? She wouldn’t have minded filing his paperwork or cleaning the house. She didn’t see the point of this exercise at all, and she grew to believe he’d asked her to complete it just to annoy or mock her. How could he? Eventually she gave up, wadding the piece of paper into a ball and throwing it into the trash. She would tell him just what she thought of his stupid little assignment the moment he got home.

He didn’t keep her waiting for long. The sound of his pickup truck pulling into the gravel driveway alerted her to his arrival. She looked out the window and saw him step out of the vehicle. Her breath hitched. The man was impossibly handsome, with every bit of his jeans and shirt filled out like someone had made the clothes specifically to fit his sculpted, masculine form. He carried several plastic shopping bags from the truck to the front door and disappeared out of her sight when he walked into the house.

Suddenly all the venom she’d planned to spew at him for daring to give her such a ridiculous assignment got caught somewhere in her throat. She pulled the robe around her body tightly and fastened it by tying the fabric belt into a bow. The minutes ticked by, and Abby couldn’t find the courage to exit the office, instead opting to wait for him to join her. His footsteps fell across the house, attending to unknown matters. It was after she’d begun to relax a little that the door to the office opened and he stepped in, sending her heartbeat racing once again.

“Hello, Abby,” he said with a smile. “Thanks for cleaning up the kitchen. How did your assignment go?”

She twirled the cloth belt of the robe in her hand. “Well, you get right to the point. I guess you’re not one for small talk, huh?”

His head quirked to the side. “Was there something else you wanted to talk about first?”

She rallied up her courage and stuck out her chin. “No, let’s talk about that dumbass assignment you gave me, since you’re so eager to discuss it.”

“Hmm, dumbass assignment,” he repeated slowly. “I take it you had difficulty completing it?”

“I didn’t complete it, Clay. I really didn’t see the point. Can’t you give me something else to do?” Her voice was slightly plaintive, and she mentally berated herself. She was supposed to be giving him a piece of her mind, and instead she was already trying to appease him.

But he was not appeased, not in the slightest. His face hardened and he stared at her with such a look of displeasure that she wished the floor would open and swallow her up.

“Did you complete any of it?” he asked, his voice level and deceptively calm.

“Yeah,” she said, stuffing her hands in the robe’s pockets. It was amazing how she’d gone from feeling righteous anger to feeling naughty and disobedient.

He held out his palm. “Show me.”

“I threw it away.”

His brow raised slowly. “Then get it out of the trash. Now.” He snapped his fingers, and the sharp noise startled her and caused her to rush to obey. She fished the wadded paper out of the trash bin and handed it to him, stretching out her arm to keep plenty of distance between the two of them.

He read the short list silently, his lips forming each of the words, and then set the piece of paper on his desk. “I had hoped not to punish you on the first day you were here, Abby.” His voice conveyed disappointment, which made her want to cry.

“I’m sorry, Clay, I really am. I couldn’t think of anything I liked about myself after the first two,” she said miserably.

“You should have tried harder, thought about it for longer perhaps.”

“But Clay…”

“You’re about to be disciplined, Abby. What do you think you should call me during your discipline?” His voice was kind but without compromise.

“Daddy,” she whispered, heat flushing her face.

“That’s right, young lady.”

She felt so small and miserable, having already disappointed her new daddy by failing to complete a simple assignment.

“How is it, Abby, that I’ve known you for only a day, and I can already think of five things off the top of my head to like about you, and yet you’ve known yourself for your whole life and can’t do the same?”

She stared down at the floor, unsure of how to answer his question. “I dunno. Maybe you’re seeing something about me that’s not really there.”

“No, that’s not it,” he said, waving his hand dismissively. He walked to his desk and opened the thin middle drawer, where he retrieved a pen. He handed it to her along with the crumpled piece of paper. “Number three. I am kind to animals. Write it.”

She obeyed, mentally kicking herself for not thinking of that one herself.

“Number four,” he continued. “I’m not afraid of hard work.

She sighed and again wrote the sentence as instructed. She wished she had thought of that one too, since she agreed with it. Why had it been so difficult for her to think of these things on her own?

“What we’re doing here, Abby, is getting you to understand you’re a good person with many good qualities. I want to reframe the way you think of yourself, so that when next you’re in a position to describe yourself, bitch isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Understand?”

She nodded, no longer able to justify her rebellion over having to do the assignment. He’d been trying to help her, and she hadn’t even appreciated it.

“Number five,” he said, lowering his voice. He withdrew a flexible plastic ruler from the open drawer on his desk. Her mouth grew dry as she watched him walk around the desk and stand in front of her. He set down the ruler at the edge. “For number five, I want you to write, I have a beautiful body.

She peeked up at him through her lashes. His face lacked any sign of humor, and his eyes seemed to bore into hers. “You don’t know that,” she informed him.

Without removing his gaze from her face, he reached out and took hold of the end of the robe’s belt, which was tied into a bow. Before he pulled it loose, he studied her eyes, giving her time to protest. Instead, she bit her bottom lip and stared back into his eyes, mesmerized. A ghost of a smile pulled at his lips, and his eyes warmed as he drew the end of the belt toward him. The two sides of the robe parted, causing a whoosh of air to caress her stomach.

Ever so slowly, he took hold of each lapel and drew the material over her shoulders. Then he dropped the robe to the floor, where it pooled around her naked body. Her flesh heated as his eyes roamed downward, lingering on her breasts before continuing its journey south. His gaze caressed her skin, and heat licked through her body. Her breathing became shallower as she stood accepting his examination of her body, which seemed both intensely sexual and pragmatic.

When his eyes eventually met hers again, they were smoldering. “Now I know,” he said, his voice a low rumble. “Write the fifth point as instructed, please.”

She swallowed and scratched the words on the piece of paper, then returned to facing him, wringing her hands in front of her newly shaved pussy. “So I guess you don’t just think of me as just a naughty little girl,” she said with a nervous squeak. “I was kind of worried that’s how you saw me.”

“Far from it,” he responded in a growl. “I see you as a beautiful grown woman who needs a daddy.” He picked up the ruler and slapped it once against his palm. “And baby, you’ve found one.” He pointed at the smooth surface of the desk with the ruler. “Bend your beautiful naked body over the desk and present your bottom to Daddy for discipline.”

Fucking hell, he was sexy. And kind of terrifying.

She swallowed and pivoted to obey. Her thighs slicked together with her arousal, which caused her no small amount of embarrassment. How fucked up was it that the thought of a spanking was making her want Daddy’s cock deep inside of her?

Awkwardly, she splayed the top half of her body over the desk, crushing her breasts against the cool wood.

“Widen your stance,” he ordered, his voice now clipped and clearly conveying his disciplinary intent.

With a small whimper, she moved her feet farther apart, which exposed her dripping pussy to the warm air and his view.

“How do you think Daddy should punish his naughty little girl for not completing her homework assignment?”

It seemed absurd to ask that question when it was clear exactly what he intended to do. “Two demerits?” she suggested.

She was grateful to hear him chuckle behind her. The moment was intense, but hearing his laugh caused her to relax just a fraction.

“Nice try, naughty girl. No, I think a spanking with this ruler will convey my expectations for obedience nicely. I’ll give you six swats, two for each question you left incomplete. Does that sound fair?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Six didn’t sound so bad.

Three lines of fire branded her bottom in quick succession. It took her brain a moment to register the pain, but when it did, she shrieked and pushed back from the desk, clutching her poor burning bottom. Tears sprang to her eyes involuntarily. She couldn’t remember anything ever hurting that much. “Oh my God, oh my God,” she exclaimed, rubbing the scorched area frantically, trying to cool the burn. “That hurt!” she screeched at him.

“It was supposed to, young lady. Disobedient little girls do not get the privilege of having a bottom that’s not sore. Get back into position.”

She stared pleadingly into his eyes. “That was enough punishment. I promise to complete all homework assignments from now on.”

The expression on his face was implacable. “I’m sure you will, but Daddy is still going to finish your punishment.”

She whimpered, his words causing her pussy to leak and her bottom to clench. She absolutely did not want the last three swats. The whippy plastic ruler from hell had already caused an inferno on her poor bottom, but hearing his calm resolve did strange things to her nether regions.

Somehow, she convinced herself to assume the position in which her poor posterior was vulnerable to more punishment. He ran a warm hand over each cheek, and patted her bottom. “Legs apart.”

She widened her stance once again, wondering if he could see how wet she was and, if so, how he would feel about that. Would he think she was fucked up, getting turned on by being punished, or did he expect it to happen? Was this normal in his kinky daddy mind? Was he turned on, too?

“I’m going to space the last three apart, with a few seconds in between each one. You may make all the noise you like, but I expect you to stay in position. Okay?”

“Okay,” she squeaked, gripping the edge of the desk tighter.

A line of fire burned across her bottom, just as painful as the previous. She squeezed her eyes shut and concentrated on absorbing the pain. Just when she had, another swat fell over her cheeks, causing her eyes to fly open and her mouth to emit a shriek. “Oh ow ow ow!” she wailed, all the while willing her feet to stay on the floor.

The ruler tapped against her bottom. “One more, and then Daddy’s got a little surprise for you.”

The final swat landed. She cried out and collapsed on the desk, all her muscles relaxing. Then his hand covered her backside, stroking it softly as she caught her breath and sniffled. She wasn’t exactly crying, but the pain had caused her eyes to water.

“You’re very sensitive, sweetheart,” he said. “Your bottom is only a little pink, but it’s clear that was difficult for you to take. You’d do well never to misbehave badly enough to get Daddy’s belt on your tender little bottom.”

She could only whimper at that thought.

“Don’t worry, only the very worst of offenses would warrant that, and I can tell you’re a good girl.”

As he rubbed her cheeks, the heat concentrated on that area spread to her sex. His callused hand scraped lightly against her punished skin, causing little bursts of stinging pleasure. The ache between her legs grew. She wriggled her bottom, wanting to feel more. She willed his hand to travel south around the curve of her cheeks to touch her molten core, but he only patiently soothed her burning cheeks.

Her back arched of its own accord, shoving her bottom into his hand.

He stopped rubbing. “What are you doing, Abigail?”

She mewled and wiggled against him until he grabbed hold of her right ass cheek. She gasped. His fingers burrowing into her flesh ignited the burn of the spanking.

“Are you teasing Daddy, little girl?” he asked.

She looked back at him over her shoulder and blinked rapidly. Her eyes traveled to his crotch. The only thing between his cock and her pussy was his jeans, and all she wanted to hear was the sound of a zipper. She needed him deep inside of her. “Please,” she whimpered, her pleading eyes meeting his smoldering gaze.

He cleared his throat and let go of her bottom, and she let out a small sob of protest. She stood from her bent position and turned to face him. She saw his raging erection even through the jeans, and she felt the raw power of knowing she’d done that to him. It might be fucked up how aroused she’d gotten from the punishment, but at least she wasn’t alone.

When she reached out and unzipped his trousers, it was basic instinct, an animalistic impulse. She needed what was behind the cotton barrier as much as she needed food or water.

Clay grabbed her wrist and wrapped it behind the small of her back along with her other wrist. His one-handed cuff caused her chest to protrude forward. Her naked, flushed breasts rose and fell with her short pants as she eyed him with hunger.

“Did Daddy say you could touch his cock, little girl?” he scolded.

She licked her lips and shook her head, staring into his dark eyes. “I’m sorry,” she said breathily.

His other hand took hold of a fist of her hair at the nape of her neck and he glowered at her. She could hardly move with both her hands and her hair trapped in his grip. “You’ve been naughty, Abigail. You think you deserve Daddy’s cock after being naughty?” He snarled the words.

“No, but please,” she said, a hint of desperation in her voice. She felt like she might go mad if she didn’t fill the void that currently ached to be stretched and claimed.

He grunted and let go of her momentarily, but she was quickly gathered into a one-armed embrace against his hip. He bent her over so that her hair spilled forward around her face as he lifted her squirming, naked body clear off the floor. He applied his palm to her bottom, again and again, the slaps echoing against the walls of the office along with her yelps of protest. He lectured her between smacks. “You don’t ever (smack) touch Daddy’s cock (smack, smack) without permission (smack)!”

The spanking was much lighter than the one that had taken place by the old bunkhouse, but his message of displeasure was clear, especially since he made no effort to smack around the stripes left by the ruler. She squirmed and whimpered, telling him over and over how sorry she was for unzipping him, and it wasn’t long before he finished. When he did, he dragged her to his chair and planted her over his lap.

“No, Daddy!” she cried, genuinely distressed. “No more spanking!”

“This isn’t punishment, baby girl,” he said, his voice now kind. “Daddy’s feeling generous and he’s going to soothe your ache. Spread those beautiful legs for me.”

She obeyed and gasped when his warm hand slipped between her legs and covered the entirety of her pussy. He groaned. “Christ, you’re soaked.”

She flushed hotly, embarrassed over having become so turned on by a very painful spanking, but his next move made her forget her shame. He worked his fingers into her slit and caressed her entrance, then located her clit and squeezed it gently between his thumb and forefinger. Her whole body jerked from the pressure applied to her secret little bud. She gyrated wantonly over his lap as each stroke of his fingers caused sparks of electricity to shoot through her body.

The walls of her pussy clamped down, so desperate to latch on to something that wasn’t there. She needed him inside of her, even if it was just his fingers. “Please,” she moaned, while his hand worked her swollen, bare nether lips. A sharp spank directly over her vaginal hole took her breath away.

Her words of protest swirled in her head, mixing with the confusion of her unmet lust. “You spanked my… That was my…”

“I know what it was,” he said, spanking her sex again. “Don’t think your pretty, greedy little pussy is exempt from discipline.”

She nearly came right then. She felt so possessed and vulnerable, her entire body at his mercy. If Daddy wanted to spank her bottom, he would, and if he wanted to spank her pussy, he’d do that too. He wouldn’t give her his cock or even his fingers until he was good and ready.

After some more fondling, working her into a frenzy, he applied pressure to her entrance and slipped in one finger. She cried out with the pleasure of it and nearly came apart as another finger joined her channel.

“You’re so tight, baby. Daddy’s cock would split you in two.” He opened his two strong fingers, spreading her apart. She felt her legs widen in a silent invitation for him to claim more of her, harder and deeper.

“Such a needy, horny little girl,” he mocked as his fingers returned to her pulsing bud. He swirled his finger around her clit, flicking and massaging it.

“Unghhhh!” she cried nonsensically, her desperation for relief growing by the second.

“Come for me, baby,” he said, thrumming his fingers fast over her clit.

Her toes curled, her back arched, and the waves of her orgasm began. The orgasm went on and on, with each new wave of pleasure rocking her to the core. Eventually she collapsed over Clay’s lap, spent, very sore, and deeply satisfied.

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