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Craving Her Medicine by Adaline Raine – Extended Preview

I clomped down into the basement, not bothering to be quiet. I eyed the implements along the wall. There were so many different ones to choose from. I plucked a few from their places but something caught my eye. A wooden cane. That would get through to her like nothing else, leaving a solid reminder of how I expected her to act. I wanted well thought out answers to my questions. It had been a long time since I’d been downstairs and I didn’t see any obvious hiding spots while I surveyed the room. “Marco.”

“Polo,” Becca answered. Then, as if realizing her mistake, she exclaimed, “Shit!

Crossing to the bathroom, I entered, but I didn’t have to search any longer. My sweet pixie rustled the shower curtains and stepped out of the tub. Eyeing the thin rod clasping in my fist, she blinked several times.

“Hey, pixie.”

“Hey, Sir.” She sighed. “What’s that in your hand?”

“It’s a cane. Similar to a crop, but the sting is more intense.”

Becca twirled several locks of her hair in between her fingers. “I don’t want to tell you the crap going on in my head.”

“You have your safeword and your colors,” I reminded. “Unless I hear one of them, we’re going to continue.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Pull down your pants, bend over, and grab your ankles.”

She paused a moment, staring at the cane, before moving into action. She shimmied her bright tie-dye lounge pants to her knees, and bent at the waist. Grabbing her ankles, she let out a few long breaths. “I don’t wear panties a lot, but I thought the thong was hot.”

“It is hot. Don’t worry, your ass is about to be as well.”

I flicked the cane through the air, snapping it on the fullest part of her curvy bottom cheeks. She flinched when it bit into her but the reaction hit a few seconds later. Her entire body shuddered, moans falling out of her mouth. Targeting lower along the seam of where her ass and thigh met, I let the cane kiss her soft skin. Her knees buckled but I caught her. I thought the pain or intensity might have been too much for her to process but her eyes rolled back in her head.

“Are you all right, Beck?” I ran a finger along her sex and she was dripping wet. I skated the tiny scrap of fabric of her thong down her legs to her ankles and removed it along with her pants, leaving her naked from the waist down.

“Oh, god,” she cooed. “Why did you stop?”

Clucking my tongue against the roof of my mouth, I gave her a smile “Who’s a secret little pain slut?”

“I don’t care what you call me as long as you keep going.” Becca blinked her eyes up at me. “Please? It felt so good.”

Smacking my palm directly against her pussy lips, I let the burn build as I lightly spanked her soft, warm wetness. “I’ll give you what you want because you asked so nicely.”

“I’m sorry for being so very bad, Sir.”

“No, pixie. You aren’t bad. If I stop enjoying myself, I’ll let you know as long as you do the same.”

“I want to tell you everything, and it’s so fucking scary.”

“Tell me anyway.”

While I cradled her body, I kept one hand on top of her mound while she gazed up at me. Watching her body flying with endorphins was an incredible experience. I had a feeling she didn’t engage this side of herself with just anyone, and it was beyond humbling that she trusted me. Seeing her gorgeous hair fanned out against the fluffy white rug, I smiled at her wide eyes staring into mine, and the soft flush of pink suffusing her cheeks. She was stunning.

“You said you aren’t looking for a relationship, Jax.”

“I’m not.”

“But I am.” She bit down on her lip. “However, I’m willing to settle for whatever you’re willing to give me.”

“You shouldn’t compromise. Can I tell you something?”


“I’m giving you things that you’ve been seeking for a long time, but it doesn’t mean we’d be compatible in a relationship. I’m not saying we wouldn’t be, but there are a lot of factors playing against us. I work insane hours, pixie.” I stroked my fingers along her pussy lips, loving how she squirmed under my touch. “We’re currently a flight away from one another. That’s not a deal breaker in itself, but my free time is limited. The dynamic you’re seeking requires not just communication and trust to ensure there aren’t any misunderstandings. It requires time too.”

“Would you ever entertain the idea of being in a committed relationship with me, Jax?”


“I like you, Beck. If I did decide to get into a relationship, I’d consider it with you. I am not in a spot where I can do that just yet.”

“Ugh. That’s worse!” She tried to shift away from me, but I pinned her arms above her head.

Scowling, she lifted her chin at me. “You’re saying you could want me, but not today.”

“Fun at the lake house while we’re at the lake house.” It was what we’d agreed to.

“Okay, so then what happens when I fall in love with you?”

It was a good question, an excellent question. And one I had no idea how to answer.

“I can’t predict the future. I want you to have fun on vacation, but if you don’t want to do this anymore, we can stop. You can withdraw your consent at any time.”

“And if I spend our entire vacation running around and being bratty?” She bit down on her lip.

I patiently allowed her to figure out what she was trying to say, but she didn’t continue. Taking a minute to fathom a guess, I finally threw out an answer. “If you run around, I’ll remind you there’s no running in the house. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll punish you until you listen.”

Her cute button nose scrunched up in the most adorable way. “What if you get annoyed?”

“I don’t think that will happen.”

She leaned on her elbows and I drew her into my arms so we were inches from one another. Becca kissed me hard, passionately darting her tongue into my mouth. “Will you please spank me and fuck me, Sir? I don’t want to think anymore.”

“Only if you promise to talk to someone if you get overwhelmed. It doesn’t have to be me.”

“Yes, Sir. I promise.”

Removing my belt, I loved the way the leather sounded as I yanked it through my belt loops. I struck the fullest part of her ass once. Instead of shying away from it, Becca pushed her backside up for the next one.

“Oh, Sir,” she moaned. “Please do it again.”

I landed two more strokes against her soft skin, long red lines appearing on her bottom cheeks. I kneaded my fingers into each one. I repeated the process twice more, admiring my own handiwork. Her hips lifted as if she was trying to meet the strap, and I shifted the target to the lower curve of her ass.

“Oh!” She writhed underneath my hand.

“Stop moving, or I’ll tie you down.” As soon as I gave Becca an option, I regretted my wording. I had a feeling she was going to choose the second one. From what I’d observed she liked to do things the hard way.

“Like this?” Becca moved to her knees, looking back at me to catch my gaze.

“Naughty little thing.” I slapped her right ass cheek once and strode to the closet. Aaron used to keep rope in there along with medical supplies.


I returned in record time, my arms piled high with rope along with a pair of medical shears.

She held her hands up to me, blinking innocently. I bound her until her body was wrapped in lengths of pretty purple and pink, testing the tightness as I went. I hadn’t tied anyone up in a while, but I frequently tried new knots on myself. It was a guilty pleasure of mine.

“If anything goes numb, pixie, I want you to say ‘red.’”

“Yes, Sir.”

I finished the bracers around her arms, pinning them together, and shifted her body up on the bed so I could do the same with her feet. A beautiful pink blush creeped across her cheeks. I knotted the last one around her feet. “What’s on your mind, Beck?”

“It’s so fucking hot when you manhandle me, Sir.”

“What else?”

Her huge hazel eyes studied me. “Were you serious about earning the right to call you ‘Daddy’?”

When the title fell out of her pretty mouth, it took all my self-control not to start planning a future with her. I spread my hands out. “It’s not a casual term of endearment to me.”

“May I call you ‘Daddy’ during sex?”

“You can use it when I’m fucking you.”

“What would I have to do in order to call you that title all the time?” She suddenly shimmied out of my reach like a frantic caterpillar with her limbs bound. The sight was so cute, but I could almost see the wheels spinning in her mind.

“You seem to be stuck in your head,” I observed and she nodded her agreement.

“Yeah, and I meant at the lake house. Please untie me.”

Wrapping an arm around her waist, I flipped her around and into my lap. Pinching her chin between my thumb and finger, I lifted it to catch her eyes. “I’m not done with you.”

“Why do you say such hot things?” Her lips parted, her soft tongue darting out to wet them.

“Listen carefully. I’d love to give you one orgasm after another until you are reduced to a lovely pile of bliss in my hands. But I want to understand what’s on your mind.”

“This is a whole new sandbox to play in. It’s a bit harder than I thought it would be, Sir.”

I kissed her cheek. “Restraints make you open up faster than a spanking. I’m thrilled you consider me a safe place for your feelings. It will get easier in time if you choose this sort of relationship. Would you like to continue now, pixie?”

“Yes, but I want my hands free.”

“You don’t get to touch me until I allow it.”

She pouted. “Please, Jax?”

“Nope.” I lifted her up and brought her to the exam table, positioning her on her back so that her head hung off the edge of it. I slid my boxers to the floor, stepping out of them and loving the way she watched.

“What can I possibly do in this position, Sir?”

I slid the strawberry-flavored condom on, stroking myself until I grew hard. Her wild hair fanned out from her face and she blinked up at me curiously.

“Open your mouth and suck me off.”

I had all of the leverage. Overcoming the awkward upside-down position with ease, she laid there while I fucked her mouth. One single tear fell, glistening on her cheek. I abruptly pulled away.

“Are you okay, pixie?”

“Please keep going,” she begged. “Please?”

I gave in to her breathy pleas and returned to the task while she stared up at me. I played with her nipples, pinching them, rolling the pretty dusky tips between my fingers until she moaned around my cock. Becca’s eyes suddenly blinked several times in a row like some strange Morse code signal.

Pulling out of her hot mouth, I groaned. “What do you want?”

“Please fuck me.”

I almost came just from her tone. Her lips were the same rose as the blush suffusing her cheeks.

Adorable wrapped in sexy.

I took her face between my hands and kissed her hard, sucking on her bottom lip. “Keep begging.”

“Please, please…” It was the sweetest sound I’d ever heard. “I promise to behave today if you’ll just fuck me.”

“I want you to be yourself. You already know what happens if you misbehave.” I wasn’t sure if the exam table would hold both of us. Pulling Becca into my arms, I carried her princess-style to the couch.

Setting her down, I lifted both of her legs onto my left shoulder. Running my hands along her soft skin, I took a moment to admire her beauty before thrusting roughly into her soaking wet pussy. She was more than ready for me. “Promise me you’ll enjoy yourself today.”

“Yes, I’ll do that,” she moaned and I thrust harder, increasing my speed.

The angle allowed me to penetrate her deeper. Seeing her restrained, unable to touch me at all lit up all the pleasure centers of my brain in the best way. I’d have to tell her how hot it was. Maybe we’d get to do it again before vacation ended. Hell, I had my own collection at home. We didn’t need to be at the lake house. I stopped any additional train of thought and focused on the moment. “Come on, baby. I want to hear you.”

“Faster, Daddy. Please!”

Our bodies smacked together and she clenched around my cock.


“Yes, Daddy, Yes!

As she came, her pussy spasmed around my cock, milking every drop from it. I followed her orgasm with my own release, sweat dripping off my brow. I barely remembered to set her legs down before I crashed next to her and pulled her to my side.

We lay there together, enjoying the heated silence of the afterglow.

I traced my finger down her cheek. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Talking to yourself again?”

“You sound like you’ve got some leftover attitude.” Releasing my pretty little pixie from her binds, I took my time, admiring the rope marks I’d left on her. I traced each one with my finger, then my tongue, licking the salt from her skin.

“If you keep licking me like a snow cone, I’ll get all worked up again.”

“Seems to be a perpetual state for you lately.” I winked before returning the balls of rope to the closet. Coming back to the couch, I strutted to her side, playfully kissing her once. “My bathroom has a huge jet tub. If you want to use it instead of the shower in your room, we can switch.”

Her eyes lit up. “Oh!” She rose from the cushions, dancing around me, wiggling her hips more than usual. “I have to get my stuff. I take ultra-deluxe baths.”

“Would you like me to get it started for you?”

She hugged me. “Yes, please.”

Becca scampered out of the room and up the stairs, giggling all the way.

She was so damn adorable, and it sparked a longing inside me I hadn’t felt before.

I wanted to be the daddy she’d always needed, but hadn’t known that she wanted. It had been ages since I’d had a little girl of my own, but the truth hit me hard: I was falling for her just as quickly as she appeared to be falling for me. It wasn’t what I’d been looking for on vacation, but she seemed to be breaking down walls I’d built up over the past decade with ease.

My heart wasn’t getting through vacation intact.

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