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Cruel Conquest: A Dark Romance by Tessa Morgan – Extended Preview

Hannah isn’t weak, but she’s punching well above her weight. As much as she struggles and curses, she doesn’t stand a chance to peel my fingers off her hips.

She must figure out what’s about to happen, because suddenly she stops fighting and starts begging.

“Leo, no, please, don’t! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” When I don’t release her, she shrieks, “Help!”

“Do you honestly expect someone to barge through the door to rescue you?” I ask through a dark chuckle. “Come on, Hannah. You’re not stupid.”

“Let go!” She batters her hands against mine, and scratches her nails down my arm, raising blood. “Help! Someone, please, help!”

“Christ, woman,” I growl. “Calm down. You’re only making this worse for yourself.”

“Fuck you!” She kicks at me, her teeth flashing white as she snarls.

“One more foul word out of that mouth, and you’re getting the belt again.”

I turn, angling her toward the round, two-seater table positioned against one of the large windows looking out on the Grayson estate. It gets the most glorious light in the morning, but right now it looks out on a dark and moodily lit lawn.

When I sit down, still holding Hannah around the waist, she stares at me with owlish green eyes, and puffs at a hair hanging in her face.


“Don’t play the fool,” I cut in. “I warned you, Hannah.”

Before she can resist, I pull her down on my lap, her stomach folded over my left thigh as I wrap my right leg around the back of hers.

Her gasp cuts off when I dig down between us and pop open the button on her jeans.

The same jeans she’s been wearing ever since she arrived. Didn’t she think about bringing a change of clothes?

The thought dissolves when she struggles furiously between my strong thighs.

“Don’t you fucking dare!” she yells, battering my legs with her fists.

When I pull down her jeans, she yanks them back up again.

“Twenty,” I say in a calm voice.

She pauses, letting out a fierce pant. “Twenty what?”


No, Hannah isn’t stupid. She pushes herself up from the grip she has on my pants, her back arching in a glorious curve as she carefully considers her options.

Luminous green eyes filled with rage flick to give me an almost condescending scan. “I’m sorry,” she says and, to her credit, she almost sounds as if she means it. “Truly. I… shouldn’t have said that.”

“I’m glad we can agree on something.” With our eyes still locked, I drag the edge of her jeans over her curvy ass.

There’s a desperate gleam in her eyes now. “No, please. Don’t do this. It still hurts from yesterday. Please, Mr. Grayson, please. I won’t—” She cuts off as her jeans descend to mid-thigh. “I’ll be good.” The last is a tremulous whisper that sends a huge pump of blood into my cock. It hardens, poking up against the fabric of my slacks and digging into Hannah’s belly, where she’s molded over my thigh.

The look in her eyes is priceless. Not quite surprise… more disbelief.

I grab her chin, squeezing softly. “Thirty.”

She pulls her lip into her mouth, the muscles in her chin hardening as she works at that tender flesh. I dig my thumb into the dimple under her bottom lip, forcing her to let go. “Please,” she whispers.


Thumping her fists into my thighs, she wrenches her face out of my grip and drops her weight onto my knee with a sullen, “Ugh!”

I almost add another five to her sentence, but I recognize submission when I see it. Even reluctant, petulant submission.

She grabs onto the ankle of my pants, twisting her hands until it goes tight. “Do your worst.”

I ignore her remark, too fixated on the swirls of yellow and purple bruises covering her ass to be bothered with her feeble attempts at getting a rise out of me.

Then again, the sight of her plump cheeks covered with belt marks… that gets a rise out of me. She shifts, as if the fact that my cock’s digging into her stomach is disturbing her.

She doesn’t know what it’s doing to me. What she’s doing to me. The erection, yes, that’s blatant… but Jesus, my mind is on fire.

I grab her ass and squeeze, earning a tiny whimper from Hannah. But when I massage her lush flesh, she sighs, her body going limp over my leg.

My first slap catches her unaware. She squawks, digging her nails into my ankle where she’s holding on. But I don’t give her time to settle into the pain.

I won’t be able to last thirty-five counts, despite wanting to draw out her punishment as long as possible. My balls are aching, my cock straining to be let out of the strict confines of my pants. If I don’t get this over with, I’ll be coming in my fucking underwear like a teenager.

And I won’t lose control. Not again. I’m a man of my word, and that’s why Hannah is bent over my knee right now.

So I slap my palm onto her curvy little ass, counting each blow as my breath huffs out of me. I’m mesmerized by the jiggle of her flesh, how her skin turns bright red in response. Even her bruises become darker.

Hannah takes the first round of slaps with petulant silence, but by twenty, she’s writhing around on my leg like a hooked fish. “Stop, Leo, please!”

I don’t.

Her pleas turn into enraged howls that eventually fade into a sullen “Uh,” every time my hand meets her flesh.

I never thought I’d make it, but by thirty-five, my hand is hot and stinging. Somehow, I lost myself in the rhythm of her punishment as much as she did. She’s still holding onto my pants, but not nearly as tight as before.

I shake out my hand, using my other to grab a handful of her ass and squeeze. She mumbles something incoherent that might have been a curse and then goes still.

As I shift in my seat, about to grab her hips and help her to her feet, I notice the big wet spot on the inside of my right thigh.

I move my leg to the side, careful not to let Hannah slide off my thigh and end up on the floor.

My pants are drenched… and when I grab her ass cheeks and ease them apart, I see why.

Her pussy is dripping, more of her juices glistening down the inside of her legs.

“Did you enjoy that, Hannah?” My voice is gravelly, barely human.

“Of course not, you sadistic prick.”

“Then what’s this?” My heart thuds against my ribs as I crook my finger and run my knuckle through her slick folds.

Hannah goes rigid, her gasp pulling her up from where she was hanging limply over my leg. “Stop!”

“What did I tell you about lying to me?” I murmur, grabbing a fistful of her hair and wrenching her head back so she’s forced to look at me. Her eyelashes flutter as I drag my knuckle over her dripping pussy again. “Do you enjoy me punishing you, Hannah?”

Her entire body quivers in my grip as she pulls her bottom lip between her teeth again. I can see the war waging in her eyes as she scans my face, but when my finger trails up higher, when I push it between her ass cheeks, she lets out a hurried, “Yes! Okay? Is that what you want to hear, you demented creep?”

“Are you calling me names again?”

She bares her teeth. “Yes. Sorry.”

I know I should let her go. She made it obvious she doesn’t want this anymore than she wanted the spanking… but I can’t seem to loosen the hand in her hair. Instead, I pull back, forcing her to arch even more.

Then I grab her jeans and panties in a fist and drag them down to her knees, her calves, and off her legs entirely.

She keeps perfectly still as I undress her, but her chest rises and falls with a fast, shallow breath.

“Are you sure you want me to stop?” I ask as I slide my fingers between her thighs. I grip her gently, our eyes locked as I pull back to open her legs.

Balanced on my thigh like this, she’s a few inches too short for her knees to reach the floor, but she keeps some of her weight on her toes. When her legs are open wide enough, I run my fingertips up her pussy, teasing her warm, slick cunt as I wait for her response.

She groans and bucks against my hand, giving her lips a quick lick. “Yes,” she lies.

“Another lie, Hannah? What am I to do with you?” My hand connects to her pussy with a wet thwack.

She gasps, a shudder chasing through her body.

Christ, my cock is ready to tear through my fucking pants. I twist my hand in her hair, earning a whimper, and give her cunt another hard slap.

“Do you want me to stop?”



“Stop lying, Hannah.”

“Oh, God,” she groans, pushing into my cupped palm when I grab her cunt. “No, don’t stop.”

“Make up your mind,” I grate out, giving her another slap. “Do you want me to stop, or do you want me to finger you until this wet little pussy creams itself all over my hand?”

“I don’t know,” she says through a frustrated sob.

God, I don’t know either. I should have stopped after the spanking. Ha. I should never have bent her over my knee in the first place.

No use crying over spilled milk.

I press two fingers against her clit, toying for a second with that engorged nub of tender flesh. Her gasp of pleasure has my cock weeping, but I try to ignore the intense pressure building at the base of my spine and instead focus entirely on Hannah’s face as I gently massage her clit.

Her jaw slackens, and she pushes open her legs even wider, moaning as she tries to press against my fingers.

That’s when I slide my thumb hard down her folds. She gasps when I press against her entrance, and flounders with a breathy, “Fuck,” as I massage that inch of her slick pussy.

“Please,” she begs, her fingers digging into my thigh as she pushes up. Her thighs open shamelessly wide, and I groan as her pussy swallows the tip of my thumb with wet, greedy lips.

Keeping pressure on her clit, I push my thumb deeper inside her, my breath catching.

“You’re so fucking tight,” I murmur, staring at her face as I move my finger in and out of her pussy.

Her mouth falls open, her shoulders shrugging as she rocks against my thumb. She looks lost to the world, but a moment later her eyes flutter open and she stares shyly at me through her lashes.

I’ve never seen a more haunting display of pleasure. Mouth wide, lips glistening, eyes hooded with lust, Hannah moves against my hand, sliding her pussy up and down my thumb.

I suddenly wish more than anything that it was my cock. Releasing her hair, I trail my hands down the front of her body, grabbing so roughly at her tit that she cries out with pain.

Hannah moves her weight to one hand and grabs my shaft with the other, gripping me painfully tight through my slacks.

A groan shudders out of me at her touch, and she pushes harder into my hand. I shove two fingers inside her, my body tightening with pleasure when she moans.

“Hold still,” I command. “And open those legs of yours.”

She obeys me instantly, parting her thighs and keeping her cunt perfectly poised. Slick arousal drips from her pussy as she waits for me to fuck her.

I give her breast another rough squeeze as I shove my fingers knuckle deep inside her clenching pussy. Other than a gasp, she doesn’t move.

“Good girl,” I murmur, pulling my fingers out of her before thrusting them back in. “Does that feel nice?”

Her jaw tightens before she lets out a breathless, “Yes.”

“And this?” I slide my thumb up between her ass cheeks, gliding over her tight hole.

“No!” She tries to move away from my finger, but when I bring down my other hand in a stinging slap, she stops.

“No more lies, Hannah.” I stroke her asshole with my thumb, still slick from being buried in her wet pussy. “Doesn’t this feel good?”

Her groan would have been answer enough if she hadn’t just lied to me.

“Say it.”

“Yes,” she hisses. “It feels fucking good, okay?”

“Watch your mouth,” I growl, pressing my thumb against that tight circle of muscle. “I could make this hurt if I wanted.”

She lets out a little whimper, biting down on her lower lip. “Sorry.”

“Sorry, what?”

“Sir. Sorry, Sir.”

My cock throbs angrily against her hand. I think she’s forgotten about holding me, but when I shove my fingers deep into her pussy again, keeping a hard pressure on her asshole, she gives me a painful squeeze.

Again. Again.

I fuck her pussy roughly with my fingers, feeling her stretch to accommodate me, all the while my thumb keeps a steady pressure on her asshole.

When I dig my hand between us and touch her clit, she goes rigid. “Yes!”

“Do you think you’ve been good enough to come?” I ask her quietly.

“Yes, please, Sir. I have. Oh, God.” She bucks against my hand, and I pull my hand away, tutting her.

“Bad girl.”

She whimpers, sending a petulant scowl my way. “Please, Leo.”

That gets her a ringing slap to her clit. She sways, looking about to pass out, so I shove my fingers into her pussy again to rouse her. I pulse my thumb against her asshole, keeping a perfect rhythm with my fingers.

“Yes, yes! Oh, God…”

I wait for her climax to wash over her before pressing the tip of my thumb into her ass. She yells out, holding onto my cock as she rides out her orgasm.

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