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Cruel Masters: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

What the hell? Were these three men out of their minds? As I darted strained glances at all three of them, my body’s reaction was disgusting. I was actually aroused, my nipples hard as pebbles. By this? By them? No way. They were just trying to humiliate me in front of the same pigs who’d acted as if I was a commodity. “Fuck you.” The words slipped out of my mouth before I could stop them. From the stern looks on their faces, I could tell they were serious.

One or all three were going to give me that spanking.

I was shocked by hearing the words, let alone that the bastards actually thought they were going to do something like that here. In the middle of an all men’s club and in front of other members. I glared at all of them, every inch of my body trembling.

“Such nasty words,” Sebastian stated, shaking his head. “You certainly have no reason to be upset with anything either I or my partners have done. We’ve upheld our end of the initial agreement. You’re the one who broke it in an egregious manner. That is unacceptable of any of our candidates.”

My God. He was acting as if this was nothing more than a business transaction. I was floored by his audacity. I wasn’t surprised by his cold demeanor, the man as uncaring as everything I’d read about him.

The second I’d read the request, or in my mind a demand, to appear at the club, I’d realized that Grace’s concern had been on the nose. While I should have told Sebastian there was no fucking way I’d join in such atrocities, the little voice inside my head had reminded me that I’d planned this tremendous fabrication for months. If I’d allowed my discomfort to get in the way, then I wouldn’t be much of a reporter.

Then I’d panicked like some stupid little girl, fearful of standing in front of a group of nasty men spewing off bullshit. There’d been no requirement to perform a striptease or anything equally as lurid, but as the parade of women doing exactly that had come before me, I’d almost raced out of the building. Spewing off my mouth had gotten me in trouble before. I refused to lose this opportunity.

The moment I’d stared into the eyes of all three men as they sat with drinks in their hands, I’d gathered a sense of their hunger, as if they were going to devour me. That’s when I’d lost it, allowing my real personality to shine through.

But a spanking?

My mind as well as my body refused to back down, doing everything I could to fight Dax before he sat down with a hard thud, immediately pulling me over his lap. I managed to scramble off, dumping myself onto the floor.

Dax fisted my hair, dragging me over his lap again, only this time, my ass would be on full display for everyone in the room.

“Get off me!” I bellowed, managing to smack my hand against Dax’s face. He responded within seconds, pinning my arm against my back.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Dax growled, snaking one leg over both of mine. The man was powerful in build. Standing at least six foot four, he had to weigh two hundred pounds. I was no match for his brawn or his intentions.

Yet I continued to try, my actions only managing to grind my body against his groin, his cock thick and throbbing. All three men were getting off on this. They were nothing but freaking barbarians.

I was forced to suck in my breath, trying to remind myself that I had reasons for breaking through their veiled barrier, gaining access to their worlds. That was the only way I’d be able to ascertain my story.

And follow through with going to the police with my findings.

When Dax jerked my dress all the way up to my waist, I couldn’t stop a moan from rushing up from my throat. I’d worn a thong of all goddamn choices. My entire naked bottom was on display to anyone in the room.

The humiliation made me sick.

“I don’t think we’ll need these any longer,” he huffed. When he wrapped his fingers around the thin elastic of my thong, snapping his wrist, the sound of the material being ripped to shreds echoed into my ears.

Oh. My. God.

I was totally exposed. Shaking, I reacted just as I had before, wiggling in order to get away from him.

The moment he brought his hand down, the crack of his huge palm slapping against me jarring, I added a yelp to the repertoire. My God. This was really happening. While there was only a small sting, the anticipation was making it seem a lot worse.

He smacked me four times in rapid succession, moving from one side to the other. This time, the pain was biting, shooting down the backs of my legs and sucking my breath away. I did everything I could to hold in any additional cries. That’s exactly what they all wanted.

To break me.

That wasn’t going to happen. I made a promise to myself I would get through this.

Then Dax’s palm came down time after time again, hard and fast until I lost count. Tears formed in my eyes, my pulse skipping, and the pain blasted into anguish.

But I was grinding back and forth, the friction making me hotter, so wet I had no doubt my juice had stained his terribly expensive pants. I almost laughed at the thought, the sick anxiety in my stomach increasing.

After at least ten additional brutal smacks, I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Stop. Fucking stop!” I insisted, as if that was going to do me any good.

“Not until I’m satisfied that you’ve learned your lesson,” Dax said in a controlling tone of voice. He was just as gruff and demanding as his counterpart. He was also equally gorgeous, his shaggy blond hair and chocolate brown eyes adding to his dreamboat features. What the hell was I thinking? This wasn’t some amazing story of good men doing fantastic things in the world.

My article was going to be an exposé of how dangerous and cutthroat they were. I’d have some additional comments that would make them notorious. I jerked again, shifting back and forth across his cock, shuddering as a series of electric vibrations jetted into every cell and muscle. I refused to be attracted to any of them. This was a job and one I would follow through with.


Dax refused to stop, smacking me fiercely, the torment yanking at my ability to breathe. I was sick inside from the embarrassment crowding my system, trying desperately to put the event somewhere in the back of my mind. I could hear the other men, their nasty growls and whispered words. They were all getting off on this. It would be over soon. Then not one of the three bastards would ever have a chance to touch me again.

No fucking way.

I’d find another way to ruin them.

I gritted my teeth to keep from crying out, fighting the tears of frustration that would be seen as a weakness. After another four hard slaps, he stopped long enough to caress my heated skin. I had no doubt I’d find it uncomfortable to sit for several hours, which of course was their intention.

They wanted me to know without reservation that they were in charge, especially if I was the recipient of the loan.

And they didn’t care that they’d embarrassed me to my very core.

It would be a cold day in hell before they’d make the loan offer now. I’d likely blown my entire plan.

Dax resumed the spanking, making every strike harder than the one before. Finally, I couldn’t stop the ragged moans or my body’s wayward reaction. My pussy clenched and released several times. I could orgasm from this. No. No…

The scent of my leaking pussy floated into the air. My juice had already drenched my thighs, further adding to the level of degradation. I would never be able to forgive myself. How many of the horrible men could tell the condition I was in? I’d never be able to show my face again in Chicago. They’d point and laugh.

Or worse.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take it any longer, I was yanked off Dax’s lap and into Chase’s arms. But he wasn’t saving me from any further humiliation. It was simply his turn.

He pushed me over the edge of the table, pressing his hand against the small of my back.

“You’re going to learn to be a good girl one way or the other,” Chase stated with just as much domination in his tone. He kicked my legs further apart and I had no doubt my swollen pussy lips were exposed, the wetness from being aroused clinging to my skin. Nothing could be any more horrifying.

Blinking several times, I was able to focus on hunger in several pairs of eyes, even a sickening kind of admiration that I was being ‘handled.’

“Fuck you,” I whispered under my breath. Whether or not he heard me I couldn’t be certain, but it certainly made me feel better.

I clawed the table as he brought his hand down rapidly, the brutal snaps even worse than Dax’s. Tears formed in my eyes, but I refused to give in, sucking in my breath and shoring my resolve as anger took over.

Leaning over, he whispered in my ear, “Be careful, little girl, or I’ll need to wash your mouth out with soap.”

I gritted my teeth to keep from spewing off a series of nasty words. He had the audacity to caress my bruised and aching bottom for several seconds. Then my humiliation was almost complete as he slipped his finger into my tight channel. I bit back a moan, closing my eyes to prevent me from seeing glee in the crowd’s eyes.

“You’re very wet,” he murmured. “I think you need a strong man in your life. Isn’t that true?”

“Not a chance in hell.”

“Then I can see we’re not finished yet.”

I lost count of how many additional smacks Chase gave me. Everything was a blur. When the spanking ceased, I tried to stumble away from the table only to be stopped by Sebastian as he wrapped his hand around my arm, pulling me to a standing position facing him.

He held me only a few inches away, taking his time to gaze all the way down to my black pumps. “For a woman of such intelligence and drive, you certainly don’t follow the rules.” He brushed a single strand of hair out of my face, the act far too intimate.

I shoved my palms against him, no longer finding the strength to fight him.

“All you seem to care about is ensuring that everyone obeys your every command. Isn’t that right?” I managed, smiling after I issued the words.

The ire settling on his face gave me a moment of joy, yet it was short lived as he immediately tossed me over the edge of a different table, running his hand between my legs. “Naughty little girls should learn when to keep their mouths shut.” He pressed his hand against my mound, using his fingers to tease, pushing me closer to a moment of raw bliss.

I couldn’t let it happen.

“You will learn,” he whispered before resuming the round of discipline.

There were even more men who’d come into the room, as if this was the main event of the night. They were amused, as if this was just a part of the disgusting game they were playing. How could any respectable man act this way?

The warm blush that had risen on my face from before turned into a full-blown blaze, the sizzling sensations catching me off guard. At least it matched the extreme heat crisscrossing my bottom. I closed my eyes, no longer finding the energy to fight. I just wanted this to be over with.

“I don’t think you understand that for every cause there is an effect, something the majority of owners don’t seem to understand. That’s the reason the majority of businesses fail, Caroline. That’s the first lesson I’m going to teach you.” Sebastian’s words were said with such acuteness, as if this was a regular part of his lesson plan for nurturing failing businesses.

What garbage.

But he was determined to teach me a valuable lesson, his sharp smacks even harder than Dax’s or Chase’s. I did everything I could to shut down my anger as well as my increasing arousal. Seconds later, although it seemed like minutes, he stopped his brutal actions, remaining in back of me. I felt both the heat and the weight of his body as he leaned over. His intoxicating scent was a reminder that he was all male, gorgeous in every regard. The fragrance was woodsy and exotic, masculine and spicy. I couldn’t breathe or think, my heart racing. When he whispered in my ear, the tone of his voice pure suede, another series of quivers roared into my system.

“The rules of engagement were made clear. You were the one who broke them. I am uncertain that we will be able to continue with your application, but if we do, things will change.”


What things?

I refused to honor him by asking the question. All I wanted to do was get the hell away from him.

And hide in my sister’s house.

And wallow in my sorrow.

There would be screwdrivers, chocolates, and Doritos.

I’d fucked up the greatest story of my life, but I refused to succumb to the likes of these three men, no matter how gorgeous or rich or powerful or…

I heard the sounds of approval from the other men as a rush of heat shifted across my neck and cheeks.

“But training you would be a joy.”

I pushed hard against the table, managing to get away from him and heading straight for the exit. A crushing weight remained on my chest, forcing me to keep my head down as I pushed past the tables, my feet unstable.

I won’t fall. I won’t make a bigger fool out of myself.

“Ms. Sheffield. I’m prepared to offer you an extensive amount of money if you will consider cutting your alliance with the men from Extreme.”

The soft, alluring tone was enough to send a shiver down my spine.

And not in a good way.

The stranger’s massive body prevented me from reaching the exit. Damn it.

I could easily identify implied threats given the number of them I’d received during my career. Only a few had created the kind of reaction that ripped away my breath.

A brutal mafia kingpin.

A powerful senator.

One gorgeous owner of Extreme.

And the French dude who interrupted my escape.

I took a deep breath, tilting my head until I was able to look into his eyes. He was attractive in a slimy, smarmy kind of way. Dressed impeccably, his pressed suit and turquoise tie highlighted his dark eyes even in the shadowed light. But just as I’d experienced with Sebastian, those eyes were ones created by the devil himself.

He dared to close the distance, his eyes raking over me with a clear intent in mind.

Taking over where the men from Extreme had left off. He even dared to brush his knuckle across my cheek before I jerked my head away.

“Don’t do that,” I snapped.

“I believe that a creature of such beauty is to be admired.”

“Admire from afar.”

He laughed, as if my words were trivial. “You are also a formidable woman, but if you belonged to me, I would keep you in a cage where you belong.”

I was no longer floored by arrogant words or gestures, at least not ones coming from a single man inside this hell hole. However, I would remain a professional, if only to keep what dignity I had left.

“Look, mister—”

“Laurent. Gabriel Laurent.”

“Fine, Mr. Laurent. I’m no longer interested in dealing with assholes such as yourself. I find your kind reprehensible. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have more important things to do than listen to your drivel.” I blew past him without a second thought, only to have another petrifying sensation sweep through me.

“Be careful, Caroline. There are those in this world you can resist and there are the very few that can alter your world. Forever. Make your decisions wisely.”

I loathed his velvety tone, the cool, calculating manner in which he half whispered the words.

As if with a single phone call, he could annihilate anyone he considered his enemies. No matter how powerful. No matter how influential. And certainly, no matter what level of firepower they had.

Hissing, I quickened my steps, making it into the foyer. When a hand grabbed my arm, swinging me around, I reacted, throwing a hard punch. Fucking asshole French jerk who thought he could possess me. The force released the man’s hold and as I tumbled backwards, I realized too late that I’d almost knocked out the wrong man, although I wasn’t entirely sorry that Sebastian had been on the receiving end.

I pressed my hand to keep from yelping as he reacted involuntarily, smacking his hand against his jaw and slamming against the doorjamb. Fuck. That certainly sealed the never-going-to-happen deal. “I’m sorry.” The words were lame as hell but the best I could do. I took two steps backward then turned and fled, managing to open the door before Sebastian caught up to me.

“Not so fast, Ms. Sheffield.”

The heat of Sebastian’s body was oppressive, the electricity I’d experienced before soaring into every cell, ready to explode into a firestorm.

He’d snaked one arm around my waist, holding me tightly. The feel of his throbbing cock was both exciting and horrifying. Yet my pussy reacted immediately, slickening my already wet thighs.

Sebastian sighed as he rolled his hand over my shoulder, slowly brushing the tips of his fingers down the length of my arm. “That wasn’t very nice. I was simply ensuring that you were all right given the man who accosted you.”

“I… I thought he was…” I couldn’t finish the sentence, my tongue completely tied. I dragged my tongue across my lips, cognizant my nipples were fully aroused.

He laughed softly, the sound floating into my ear as he ground his groin back and forth across my aching bottom. The excessive heat soared, the friction creating goosebumps dancing along my arms.

“I think you need a lesson in diplomacy.”

Diplomacy? He had to be kidding me. “What?”

“Mmm…” he growled, pushing me forward. “Yes. And in control. I already own you, Caroline. While that might be something you can’t understand, you will soon enough.”

I realized I wasn’t attempting to stop him at all as he continued walking us down a darkened hallway away from the exit. I blinked; the way my heart was hammering created a lightheaded feeling. I could no longer feel my feet, so swept up in the way he was touching me. He was so disturbing, so desirable.

Even the way he’d taken control, treating me as if I was a bad little girl was exciting. I would never forgive myself for my body’s betrayal, but I had no control over my reactions.

When he pushed his hand against the men’s restroom door, sweeping me inside, I held my breath.

“I can see I’m going to be forced to teach you another lesson in obedience. I’m also going to ensure that you understand your place. As mine.”


The single word drew another wild reaction, my mind whirling from the sentiment. I could no longer think or even focus as he pushed me against the bathroom counter. I stared at our combined reflection in the mirror and shuddered. There was something about the darkness in his eyes that drew me into his world, if only for a short period of time. And I wanted it. That was impossible. This wasn’t my world.

Even the bathroom screamed of opulence, the granite counter accentuating the marble walls and floor, the faucets appearing made of gold. This was exactly the way I’d expected the rich and famous to live.

Including taking what they wanted without reservation.

“Now, I’m going to fuck you.” He said the words calmly as if this was a usual method of handling his business.

Or perhaps the women in his life.

When he ripped at my dress, yanking it up to my waist, I gasped. He wasted no time sliding his finger around my clit, swirling several times. He was serious. He was going to fuck me. I opened my mouth to scream, to try to beg him not to do anything, but I knew it was no use. There was nowhere I could run, no possibility of getting away from him. He was far too strong, too powerful.

Too enticing.

I stared in shock as he maneuvered his belt, button, and zipper with ease, freeing his cock. A whimper escaped my mouth as he rubbed the tip up and down the crack of my ass while he kicked my legs apart.

“Have you hungered for me, Caroline? While in bed, have you played with yourself, sliding your fingers into your sweet, tight pussy? Have you longed to have me fulfill your greatest fantasies, sliding my cock deep inside, bringing you to the point of sheer ecstasy?”

His dirty words were so damn disgusting.

And inviting.

And tantalizing.

The truth was I’d fantasized after seeing his picture as well as the other two men. Every girl’s dream come true, the passion of three gorgeous, strong, and controlling men.

What are you thinking?

I slammed my hands against the mirror, pushing as hard as I could.

He laughed, his hot breath skipping along the nape of my neck. “You can’t get away from me, Caroline. Not now. Not ever. You’re my special pet.”

Was he drunk?

Was he mad?

I wasn’t his possession. I wasn’t his toy.

And I certainly would never be his pet.

“No. No!” I managed.

Yes. Yes.

My stupid inner voice rattled everything inside of me. I couldn’t want this. I refused to succumb to this man. Ever.

But as he slipped his cock between my legs, teasing my pussy, rolling the tip around my clit, the action took my breath away.

Sebastian yanked the edge of my dress down my shoulder, managing to expose my breast. “So damn beautiful, little pet.” He grabbed my breast roughly, squeezing, rolling my nipple between his fingers. “True bliss begins with the taste of pain, Caroline. Soon, you’ll beg me for the slice of my whip, the stroke of my belt. Only then will you experience ecstasy.”

He pinched my nipple between his fingers, twisting and pulling brutally.

“Oh. Oh!” Gasping, the pain was blinding at first, stealing what was left of my breath. But as he continued the action, shifting his hand to my other breast, creating the same wave of anguish, I bit back a series of whimpers. I was even wetter, my juice trickling down the insides of my thighs. This was horrifying but the dark wave that floated over me dragged me into a pure moment of bliss.

I closed my eyes, vaguely aware that he’d gripped my hips, pulling me further away from the counter. “What… I…” I was lost in the pleasure.

A series of growls pulsed around me, the sound even more possessive. Then he slipped his cockhead past my swollen folds.

“Oh!” The moment he thrust the entire length of his cock deep inside, stars floated in front of my eyes, my muscles straining to accept the thick invasion.

“Yes. So tight, little pet. Just like I knew you’d be.”

The entire room seemed to be spinning as he fucked me, his thrusts savage.

I was suddenly aware we weren’t alone and even though humiliation rushed through me, I dared to turn my head, studying the four men who stood as if watching a show. Their faces were stoic, their eyes nearly as dark as Sebastian’s. This was nothing new for them, certainly not shocking.

And perhaps they were waiting their turn.

Cringing, I lowered my head, unable to stop the purrs from erupting from my mouth. Sebastian was brutal, so rough as he fucked me, his muscular body slamming me against the counter. I was out of breath, clawing the glass as he invaded my very soul.

The silence in the room was almost deafening, just another reminder that I was nothing more than a possession.

The rougher he became, the more my body responded, my pussy clamping and releasing. There was nothing I could do to fight the eruption of sensations, the sizzling electricity culminating in a place of utter bliss. As another wave of vibrant colors danced in front of my eyes, I was unable to hold back, a climax rushing into me.


I was thrown by the guttural sounds erupting from my throat, the animalistic wail that seemed to please the audience.

And Sebastian refused to stop, pounding into my pussy like the true beast I already knew him to be. This was nothing but a primal moment, a savage man taking what belonged to him. I stared at my reflection, the wild look in my eyes and the hunger crisscrossing my face, and was forced to realize that the brutal, unforgiving man had awakened something inside of me.


A vile, filthy hunger.

A need that seemed far too desperate, but one I was no longer certain I could deny.

“That’s it, little pet. Come for me again. Come on my cock.”

His words were just as intoxicating as his scent and his prowess. I hung my head low, emitting growls of my own as another orgasm swept into my system. For a few beautiful and precious seconds, I was thrown into another world. There was no scathing story to write, no hatred of the man who was fucking me. Just pure nirvana.

As I tipped my head back, allowing a scream to push past my lips, I heard the same word he’d said before, only this time as if I would never have another choice of my own.


The rumbling growl continued and pulsed into the space as if he’d claimed me, every single inch. His body shook, his face twisting from the pleasure. When he fisted my hair, jerking back as he lowered his head, I couldn’t stop shaking. And as he’d done before, the statement he issued was bold, merciless, and one that I would never forget.

“I can’t wait to fuck you in the ass.”

The moment he erupted, filling me with his seed, I was no longer certain of the woman I’d become, but I made a promise to myself, one I intended on keeping.

He may have captured my body, but he would never take my heart.

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