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Cuffed and Claimed by Missy McKay – Extended Preview


She disappointed me by lying to my face, and I won’t put up with her childish tantrum. I can’t remember the last time a woman had the courage to call me an asshole directly to my face and now she’s done it twice. I wanted to throw her against the wall and fuck her senseless and prove to her she was lying about not feeling something for me, but she needed time. She’s fighting with her feelings, uncertain about wanting someone she feels she should despise.

I walk over to the table to find Kallie and Jason carrying on a conversation. Kallie looks up at me like I’ve killed her puppy and Jason doesn’t look too thrilled. “Kallie, I did not intend for this situation to happen but it fell in my lap. I can’t help but want her.”

Kallie just nods her head in my direction and I know Jason told her to behave. She isn’t the type to sit silently when she feels she needs to protect someone. I can read her mind and now I know I have two women who want to label me an asshole. I slide into the table seat and wait patiently for Melanie to pull herself together and return to the group.

I decide to change the subject. “So how did dress shopping go?” I couldn’t care less about dresses or clothes in general but don’t mind picturing Melanie naked trying on different dresses.

Kallie looks to her fiancé for permission to answer the question and he nods his head in agreement. “It was great. She looked perfect in her maid of honor dress and she loved my dress.” She smiles over at Jason. “You know she’s just scared, right?”

“I do, Kal.” I feel Melanie walk up to the table and she slides in next to me like nothing had happened before.

“So, what’s good to eat here?” She’s trying to change the subject and move on with the afternoon for Kallie. It’s admirable and so very brave. I decide to answer her question to make her feel more comfortable even though I’m still incredibly angry.

“My favorite is the bacon-avocado burger. It’s the best thing on their menu.” I point the burger out to her in the menu. “I also recommend the sweet potato fries. They’re the best you’ll ever have.”

“Thank you. I think that is exactly what I’ll order and I definitely need a drink.” Kallie smiles over at her and I know the day isn’t a waste. The waitress comes by and we order our drinks and meals. I find out a lot about Kallie and Melanie’s good ole days as they share stories and it sounds like Melanie has been a little devil her entire life. No wonder she had a warrant—she was a regular daredevil and lawbreaker back in her heyday.

She surprises me when she asks me directly, “How did you and Jason meet?”

“We met at University of NH. We both were criminal justice majors and we found we had a lot in common with one another. We’ve been attached at the hip ever since until Kal here came along.”

She nods after I explain the friendship and the next thing out of her mouth about makes me spit out my drink. “Did you meet Kallie by arresting her too?”

I give her a sideways glance, knowing she’s smarting off. I’m even more surprised when Kallie speaks up before Jason. “We actually met at the club I mentioned earlier. He was one of my training doms.”

I can tell Melanie is confused by her friend and decide now is my chance to see how she reacts to the explanation of a training dom. “A training dom is the person responsible for introducing a submissive into the lifestyle. They help guide the submissive through different stages and always ensure their safety.”

“Kallie told me you are a dom, too?” It was a point-blank question and there was no other way to answer it.

“Yes. I am.” I watch her pupils grow bigger and feel her shift in the booth next to me. She definitely finds the idea enticing. “I also train submissive women at the club.” Her cheeks flush ever so lightly and it makes me wonder what color her ass cheeks were last night.


He’s a dom! My dream come true! I’m sure he is not too happy with me right now, but he’s definitely being pleasant. When he explained what a training dom does I found myself grow wet. I want to know more, but I don’t know what to say.

Jason explains, “Don’t worry about Kallie, I take great care with her. She means the world to me. Submission doesn’t mean the woman is weak or taken advantage of. She makes the ultimate decisions in everything we do. She holds all the power over me.”

I look over at Kai and he seems to be studying my face relentlessly. I wonder what he’s thinking about in this moment. I know I want to apologize for my earlier actions. I’m just not sure how to bring it up. Our lunch is delivered, and we dive right into the food.

“You are right, Kai. This burger is amazing.” I smile up at him. He just nods. He makes me so nervous. I feel like I have to walk on eggshells around him. After lunch we start wrapping everything up. I think I’m almost out of the danger zone with Kai, but Kallie seals my fate.

“Kai, would you mind taking my car and driving Mel back to the house?” I stare directly at Kallie, begging her not to do this but she seems intent on my torture. “Jason and I need to run to the jewelry store to pick up the rings and run a few more errands for the wedding.” Her smile tells me everything I need to know. She’s up to her matchmaking, but I’m not sure she is aware of what I called him in the bathroom and I am sure those comments are about to come back and haunt me.

“I would love nothing more than to spend the afternoon with Miss Martin.” The look on his face is of someone who was just given a million dollars to spend as recklessly as they chose. I’m in trouble.

“I don’t want to put you out, Kai. I’ll walk down to the nail salon to get my nails done for the wedding and I can just grab a cab back to Kallie’s house.” It sounds like a great plan to me.

“No, I insist.” He certainly looks like he means every word. I figure I better try to get on his good side while I still can.

“Okay! I appreciate it.”

Kallie and Jason jump in his truck and take off down the road together and I’m sure they are laughing out loud at my predicament. I am in no way laughing. I look over at Kai; he seems like he knows something I don’t and that makes me even more nervous. We walk over to Kallie’s car and he opens the passenger side for me and helps me in. It reminds me of last night. He closes the door and walks to the driver’s side to get in. He looks terribly sexy with the white dress shirt he has on, sleeves rolled up just showing his tanned forearms. I’ve always found white dress shirts to be a turn-on, but I couldn’t help but wish he was in uniform.

I think he notices how tense I am. “Relax, Melanie. I’m not going to bite.” For the first time since I met him I see him really smile. “Too hard.”

He’s really intimidating. He puts the car into reverse to get out of the parking spot and then we zoom forward. His hand comes to rest on my thigh. His heat feels like it is branding me. I reach over to brush his hand off of me and it doesn’t budge. I don’t mind it there and there really isn’t anything I can do to move it, so I try to relax.

We pull into what looks like an apartment complex only a few streets away. He parks the car, comes around, and opens my door. “I’m not getting out here. You were supposed to drive me to Kallie’s house. I’ll just call a cab.”

“No, you won’t, Melanie. You want to follow me upstairs because whether you want to admit it or not, you felt the chemistry between us last night and you want to explore it further.”

He seems so confident in what he knows. I can’t deny he is right. He’s giving me the choice and almost daring me to go with him into what I assume is his apartment. I never turn down a dare. In fact, I usually raise the stakes.

“Are your cuffs inside?” I wish I hadn’t said the words as soon as they are out of my mouth but what’s done is done.

“Does my little devil want to play?” His mood looks cheerful, yet dark at the same time. It’s almost the vision of a storm on the horizon where you see bright blues skies above, but know something is coming in the distance.

I don’t have the courage to say yes. I’m scared out of my mind right now, but also so excited about what life has thrown my way. I know I’m nervous because of the unknown. I shake my head up and down.

“Tell me you want to go upstairs with me and be mine for the next few hours.” His gaze seemed to burn a hole right through me. Can I actually say what he asked me to say?


She better tell me what I want to hear because I don’t think I can get back in that car with her and drive her home. I know she wants to play. I just need her to be brave and have the courage to say what she really wants.

“Kai, please.” God! It feels so good to hear her say those words, but it isn’t enough.

“Say it.”

“I want to be yours for the next few hours, please.” The sweetest words I’ve ever heard in my life just came out of the devil herself. Between her beauty and her bravery I don’t know what I admire more. I reach my hand out, making her take the move on her own.

She places her hand in mine and I close it in. I don’t have to tell her to follow me and don’t need to pull her along. She’s moving of her own free will and nothing has ever made me happier. It seems like forever as we wait for the elevator to come.

“What will you do to me, Kai?”

“Nothing that you don’t want me to, Melanie,” I answer honestly. The elevator doors open and we step in. It’s three floors to my loft and I want to have my way with her before we even get there. Thank goodness I don’t live on the twentieth floor.

I take the keys out of my pocket, slide the key into the lock, and give her a moment to look around while I close the door behind me. I lean against the door, letting her adjust to the surroundings.

“From this point forward I want you to refer to me as Sir or Kai when answering. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.” She seems nervous, so I walk over to the kitchen table and pull out a chair for her. “Take a seat, love.”

She sits down on the chair and leans against her hands with her elbows on the table. I can’t believe my control so far, but we need to talk before we do anything else. “Sit up straight against the back of the chair.” She takes a moment to comply, but when she does it makes her look even more elegant than before in her dress. I sit next to her and grab one of her hands in mine to explain further about what I expect and want from her. “Melanie, I knew almost immediately that you had to be mine. So much so, I wanted to fuck you against your car last night.” I wait to see her response. Her eyes are wide and I can see her thighs rubbing together.

She surprises me. “After you placed your hip into me to hold me to the door to cuff me, I wanted nothing more than for you to slam me against the car and take me.” She looks down after she admits exactly what I wanted to hear from her. She shocks me even further with her apology. “And I’m so sorry I called you an asshole, I didn’t mean that. I was scared and in shock from finding out you were the best man.” She looks me straight in the eyes.

“Accepted, but as I mentioned last night you can’t just misbehave and think there are no consequences. Was last night the first time you’ve been spanked, Melanie?”

Her breath hitches. “No—why? Are you going to spank me, Kai?” My cock jumps at the question. She’s so fucking sweet, but I think she knows what she is doing. She’s trying to top from the bottom; she wants me to spank her.

“No, I’m not going to spank you.” I let it sink in that she isn’t getting her way. She’s disappointed and I know this is something I can put a stop to in the future so I add, “Yet.” Her eyes brighten, yet a look of concern flashes across her face.

“Will it hurt, Kai?”

“Yes.” I am nothing but honest with my submissives. I like inflicting pain; one might even call me a sadist. “It can range in pain depending on the implement I choose.” I look closely to see her reaction. She’s excited but a little apprehensive. Good.


“Okay, what?”

“Okay, Sir.”

“Good girl.” Her cheeks warm. She likes hearing praise. That’s a very good sign.

“Have you ever submitted to a man before?” I hope she will say no. I want to know she is all mine.

“No, Sir, I have not.”

“You are made for it—I could sense your need for it even last night. When I was searching you last night, you liked my hands guiding over your body while keeping your hands exactly where I wanted them. You were soaked and needy like you are right now.”

“I am not.” She attempts to play off shock.

“Don’t lie to me—I won’t tolerate it. This lifestyle I’m about to introduce you to is built completely on trust. If we can’t be honest with one another, I can’t give you the release you crave.”

“I was soaked last night, but today I’m drowning in my desire, Kai.” Now we are getting somewhere.

Time to turn up the heat and see how well she’ll follow orders, “Thank you for your honesty, Melanie. Now go stand next to the couch with your back to the door.” I wonder whether she will ever get up and walk over to the couch but she finally does. I’ll be lenient on the lack of urgency today.


I make my way over to the couch like he asked on legs that aren’t quite solid. They feel as if they are made of Jell-O. The walk there feels like forever even though it’s only a few steps from the dining room. I feel his eyes on me waiting to see me do as he asked. He has patience, that’s for sure.

I get over to the couch and stand exactly as he asked. I go to kick off my heels. “No. Keep those on.” I take it he has a heel fetish. Good thing I love shoe shopping more than most things in life. I feel him move in behind me and run his hands through my hair before wrapping it around his hand and yanking my head back. The sting of him pulling my hair makes me quiver. He moves around in front of me while keeping the hold on my hair. His lips crash down on mine. It’s not a gentle kiss—it is as if he is searing my lips together with his. His tongue fights for control of my mouth and I open, letting him kiss me long and hard. I whimper when he finally pulls away. My lips feel bruised and puffy. He lets go of my hair, walks back behind me, and positions me to stand in front of the arm of the couch.

Just like last night, he runs his hands from my ankles over my knees and up the inside of my thighs, causing my dress to bunch up at my waist. I feel his palm against the small of my back and between my shoulders as he pushes me down over the arm of his couch. My belly is against the arm and my head is hung low on the couch. The smell of leather is comforting while I feel my breathing start to increase.

“Your ass is perfect.” He rubs his free hand over my panties and I can’t help but wiggle. He smacks my ass and I’m shocked by the fierceness of his blow. It’s definitely not a playful smack. I try to stand back up but he places one hand in the center of my back. “Tell me, sweet Melanie, why are you receiving this punishment?”

“Because I called you an asshole, Sir.”

“That’s right. Any other reasons?” He rubs his hand over my ass.

“I misbehaved last night when you were only trying to do your job.” A second smack comes down hard and I realize my error almost immediately, so I add, “Sir.”

“Good girl. So you’d say you’ve been naughty and deserve no less than ten swats?”

“Ten?” He’s got to be kidding. Another hard smack on my ass causes me to wince and reinforces how serious he is. I hope these count.

“Yes, ten bare ass smacks. You will count them out loud. If you miss one count, we start over. Do you understand, Melanie?”

“Yes, Sir. Count my smacks, Melanie.” I feel his fingers loop around my undies and pull them down to my ankles as his hands explore my legs. He taps on my foot to have me lift it and he pulls one side off. Then he twists several times and then taps the same ankle so I lift and he slides the now tight panty around my feet, securing them together. I feel my pussy grow wetter instantly. My heart starts to hammer with my nerves kicking up a notch. What the fuck am I doing?

“I’m a sadist, Melanie. I will make this hurt.” I shiver with fear at his serious tone and if the spankings he already gave me are warmups I’m in trouble, but my bravery wins out.

I look over my shoulder, unable to speak. He isn’t smiling. Now, I’m really scared. His hand raises and smacks across my right ass cheek, his other arm holding me down as I struggle to move. He waits for my count. It takes me a moment to breathe through the pain and tears poke through my eyes.

“One, Kai.” I whisper it. Another one immediately follows on the opposite cheek. “Two, Kai.” My skin is on fire, my lips quivering from the force of the whacks. He continues alternating between my cheeks as I count until we get to eight. “Eight, Kai.” I’m breathless and uncertain I can handle any more with my thoughts waging a war within me. It hurts, but with every swat my core gets more heated, hungrier for more.

“Good girl. We aren’t done yet.” He pulls his belt through the loops of his pants and I can feel the rush of the air as he pulls it free, cooling my skin slightly and sending goosebumps spreading over my body. I want to run, but something is stopping me. I want to please Kai. I want to take the pain he gives to me. I look back at him with as much energy and strength as I possess to nod my head at him.

“My beautiful, brave little devil!” The whack comes down so hard across both ass cheeks that I lift off the back of my heels. “Holy fucking shit. Holy shit,” I scream out, trying my best to breathe through it. I can do this. I only have one more to go. I pant out a sigh, wiggling beneath his firm hold.

Kai is waiting patiently for me to work through the pain. He’s in no hurry. Releasing another sigh, I finally say, “Nine, Kai.” For the last one, Kai drops the belt and uses his hand one last time, but it still feels like the bite of his belt. I hiss in pain, leaning my face sideways against the coolness of the leather. I take my time with the last count, torn between this being done and wondering what happens next. “Ten, Sir.” I know I must look a mess with my makeup all over my face.

He lifts me up and smoothes my dress gently back down then runs his rough punishing hands down my legs as he kneels to remove my panties from around my ankles. He stands back up slowly, keeping his hands on me as he rises. He runs his hands through my long locks and kisses me on my forehead. It feels good letting him care for me. “You did amazing, Melanie. I’m so proud of my little devil.”

“Thank you, Sir. I really am sorry.” I start to cry and I’m not even sure why. I feel like my emotions don’t belong to me anymore.

“Shhh… love. I accept your apology. Shhh.” He sits down on the couch and pulls me on top of his lap as he holds me against his strong body. We sit in silence for a while before he finally stirs. “Does my little devil like being spanked hard?”

I know he must already know so no use denying that I liked it even if it did hurt, badly. “I don’t know why and I’m not sure what that means, but I think I did like it. It hurt like hell though.”

His laugh is pure evil and for the first time I understand how much he enjoys inflicting pain. Standing up with me in his arms, he sets me down on my feet. “My bedroom is the second door on the left. Climb on the bed then kneel facing the headboard.”

“Yes, Sir.” I move quickly, not wanting to disappoint him in any way. My ass is already on fire. I climb on his bed and position myself the way he asked—no, demanded. I wait patiently for him for what feels like an hour, but I know it is only moments. As the time passes in slow motion, my heart races.

I jump when I hear him speak behind me, not even hearing him come into his bedroom.

“You did so well with your punishment, I think you deserve a reward.” He comes up behind me and I hear the clinking of his cuffs before he takes one hand then the other, securing them behind my back.

“Thank you, Sir.” I am slightly nervous but more so excited. I experience a sensation of calmness washing over me from being under his control. It’s as though I can let all my worries fall wayside and only focus on the here and the now—on Kai and the way he makes me feel.


My God, she is a sight to behold. I am truly impressed she let me spank her with my belt and she took it like a champ. My cock is rock hard from the spanking. I can’t wait to bury it inside of her.

I press down on her back so she’s face down to the mattress with her ass in the air and I am tempted to smack it a few more times for good measure, but she’s already done so well. I want to focus on bringing her release.

I pull my cock free from my pants, stroking it in one hand and I lift her dress well above her waist with the other. I grab a condom I placed next to me and tear it open with my teeth, then wrap the condom around my cock hurriedly. I press my tip against her hole, rubbing it in slightly over her already wet slit. I tease her for a few moments, letting her get used to the idea that I’m about to possess her; letting her know she’ll get my cock when I decide.

I’m struggling with my own control; my cock is swelling even harder than I’d thought possible. I smack my penis against her pussy and when she moans I push inside her as far as I can fit. I practically climb on top of her to shove in farther. She’s so fucking tight around my cock; a perfect fit. Once I settle back within my own control, I slowly start rocking inside her.

“Please, Kai.” Mmmm. The sound of her sweet voice begging me for more just about makes me come inside her instantly.

“Tell me what you want?” I pump into her folds fast and hard and feel her tighten around my cock. I know she’s about to come.

“I want to,” I reach down and pinch her clit, “cooooome.”

“Scream for me.” I rock inside her faster.

“Oh, God. Kai! God, oh, my…” Yes, she comes hard over my cock and I can’t hold out much longer.

“I’m going to come, Melanie.”

“Come for me, Kai, Please, Sir.” That’s all it takes to make me explode: her sweet voice and her tight folds. I’ve died and gone to heaven. I collapse, still inside her, resting against her body, our breathing coming to find a rhythm together, the beats of our hearts pounding in unison. When we both finally come back to reality, I pull out and get rid of the condom in the bathroom, leaving Melanie only for a moment to grab a warm cloth. I climb back onto the bed, gently wiping her clean before tossing the cloth aside.

“I have half a mind to keep you locked in my cuffs forever.” I smile down at her. She certainly doesn’t look like it would bother her. I grab the key and take off the cuffs one wrist at a time then I lie down in bed next to her, pulling her into my chest, holding her tight against me. “Now, we nap.” I kiss her on her forehead. Nothing has ever felt better to me than her soft body wrapped in my arms at this moment. It doesn’t take long for our breathing to even out and for us to fall asleep together.

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