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Daddies: A Mafia Billionaire Romance by Shanna Handel – Extended Preview

“Some ground rules,” Jet says as he takes his place at the head of the table. “You go nowhere alone. We will take turns working so that one of us can stay with you. You are with Liam or me every minute of the day. Understood?”


“No contact with the outside world. If you were to get a hold of a phone, you can call no one. The fewer people that know you’re here, the better.”

“Got it.”

Liam says, “We’re your guardians full time, for now, and you will obey us. If you break our rules, you’ll be punished.”

“Severely. Which leads me to my next point. We haven’t discussed your transgression yet.”

“You mean, writing the article?” I squeak out.

Jet’s gaze is hard. His hand rests on my knee beneath the table. “Exactly.”

I have a feeling me not wearing panties is going to save him some time because he is definitely going to be spanking my bare ass at some point tonight. I squirm in my chair. “Um…”

“Your first lesson in obedience will be tonight. After this meal.” He gives my knee a firm squeeze.

Liam’s brow narrows. “Our rules keep you safe. Don’t break them.”

“I’m not planning on it—”

Jet cuts me off. “Say ‘yes, Daddy’ and ‘yes, Papa.’”

Swallowing back my pride, I whisper, “Yes, Daddy. Yes, Papa.”

“Good girl.” He gives me a nod.

The dishes are served. Tender filet with creamy potatoes. The men start eating. Spreading my napkin over my lap, I pick up my fork, swirling a dollop of potatoes onto it. I take a bite. The food is delicious, but I find myself overwhelmed by the thought of what’s to come and find my appetite leaving me.

Putting my fork down, I lift the napkin, dabbing at my mouth. “I’m not very hungry.”

Jet gives me ‘the look.’ The one he’s been giving me frequently since he took me from my work. “Eat.”

Liam’s rebuke is softer. “You haven’t eaten much today. Have the meat, at least.”

Grabbing my utensils, I slice a bit between my fork and knife. I suddenly feel irritable and tense. Prickles of nervous energy dot my skin. I take a bite, then let my fork crash onto the plate. “There. Are you happy now?”

“Sassy.” Jet gives me a cold hard glare. “She needs to be spanked.”

Liam gives me a firm gaze. “I’ll take care of this.” He leaves his chair, coming over to me. He pulls my chair out, gesturing for me to stand.

“Seriously? I need to be spanked?” Over just a little sass? I sit, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Bad girl. You do need a good spanking. The sooner you learn to obey and speak respectfully, the better off you’ll be.” Leaning down, his mouth finds my ear. “Here in front of the staff, or would you prefer privacy?”

There’s no way he would punish me in front of all of these people. Is there? “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Have it your way.” Before I can react, Liam has me lifted from my chair by a tug of my arm. Moving the chair beside my seat, he leans me over the edge of the empty expanse of tabletop, bending me at the waist. “Everyone can see how we treat our girl when she’s been naughty.”

I look around the room, frantic. The employees are standing at attention, pretending not to notice, but they can all see me, hear my punishment. My throat feels thick and I give a desperate look to Jet.

A smug smile covers his handsome face. “Best to teach you early.”

“And thoroughly.” Liam’s hand comes down on my ass with a loud slap that echoes through the great dining room.

The shame spreads as quickly as the wildfire over my ass. I can’t breathe, I can’t speak…

“Sassy little girls get spanked as soon as their words leave their naughty mouths.” Another spank comes down. Then they begin to rain down faster, Liam’s palm swatting my thinly covered rear. “What do you say to your daddies?”

The pain steals my focus from the humiliation of being publicly spanked. It’s hurting and I want it to stop. “I’m sorry! Okay? I’ll be polite.”

Liam says, “That’s not good enough, young lady. Say, ‘sorry, Papa, sorry, Daddy.’ Or the dress comes up.”

I freeze. To have six strangers witnessing him spank me like a little girl is bad enough. To have them see my bare ass? I learned my lesson when I didn’t do as Papa said in the first place. I should have gotten out of my chair and had this spanking delivered in private. But I was too stubborn and now everyone is getting a show. One I’ll never live down.

Clearing my throat, I speak clearly, loud enough for everyone in the room to hear—I’ll not take the chance of this apology not being good enough and having my dress lifted, my bare ass exposed. “I’m sorry, Papa. I’m sorry, Daddy. I won’t be sassy again.”

The spanking stops. Liam smooths his hand over my ass. Straightening me up, he pulls my back against his chest. His fingertips brush my hair over my shoulder. Leaning down, he kisses the back of my neck. “There’s our sweet girl.”

He puts me back in my chair, my flesh sore as it hits the seat. I finish the filet like a good little girl. Sit quietly while Daddy and Papa discuss business matters. Ones I know nothing of, nor do I care to.

I know what being nosy gets you.

When they are finished eating, they thank the staff. Jet helps me from my seat and my escorts take my arms as they always do. We glide up the stairs, my skin still tingling—a prelude of what’s about to come.

We’re alone in the room.

Jet closes the door, locking it. “Your daddies think you’ve been naughty.”

“Very naughty.” Liam and Jet stand, side by side, their gazes heavy on me. “And when our little girl is bad, we have to teach her to be good.”

Jet crosses his arms over his chest. “We are going to have to punish you all night long.”

Liam’s eyes fall to my breasts, my tight nipples on display for him. “Take off that dress.”

The material may be thin, my undergarments MIA, but at least it’s some coverage. “You want me… naked?” I squeak out.

“Must we always tell her twice?” Jet’s tone is tinged with exasperation.

“It’s looking that way.” Liam moves his hands behind his back. Waiting.

With shaking fingers, I lift the dress up, slowly exposing my body, inch by shameful inch. I lift it over my head, letting it slip from my hand to the floor.

Their gazes are heavy on my body. My nipples harden further, making my womb feel heavy, my pussy ache. Their words go back and forth to one another, making my mind feel fuzzy as my knees weaken.


“And all ours.”

“I can’t wait to feel her sweet pussy around my cock.”

“Neither can I.”

“But bad girls get punished before they feel pleasure.”

“It’s the only way.”

I watch, wide-eyed and wet as they remove their coats. Untie the bowties around their neck. Slip off their shoes.

Then they each begin to roll up the sleeves of their shirts. The image is haunting in a deliciously sexy way. The arousal pools between my thighs, threatening to run down my leg.

Liam says, “First, we are going to spank that sassy little ass of yours.”

“Then, we’re going to make you stand with your nose to the corner like the naughty little girl you are,” Daddy adds.

Papa nods. “That’s right. You’re going to stand there with your pink bottom on display thinking about what you did while we enjoy the sight.” Papa’s gaze devours me. “And for the grand finale?”

Jet says, “I’m going to take you.”

“And so am I.”

Liam says, “But first, we’re going to take care of that naughty side of you and spank your bottom till it’s the prettiest shade of pink.”

My throat feels tight. I swallow hard. “I’ll be good. I promise.”

He shakes his head. “It’s too late for that. You disobeyed in a huge way, putting yourself in danger. It’s time you went over my knee. And had your naughty bottom spanked till it’s all warm and pink.”

Jet adds, “Spank you until you’re all wet for your daddies.”

“Yes. We like your pussy to be nice and wet for us.”

And it is wet already… so fucking wet. Just knowing what they plan on doing to me. What they’re going to do to me after they punish me.

I’m soaked.

And a nervous wreck. And horny as hell. So, basically, I’m a hot mess. With two daddies who are hungry for my body.

They want to own me, control me, make me beg.

Jet sits on the bed, Liam standing to his right side. He pats his thigh. “Come here, princess. Daddy wants to spank that ass.”

I’m naked, creeping toward him, forcing myself to do as he says. I can feel two sets of eyes on me as I make my way across the room. Placing one foot in front of the other, I feel as if I’m trying to make my way through ten feet of mud.

But I make it to Daddy. His thighs are huge, like two tree trunks of muscle. It’s one thing to have him tug me over his lap, me out of control, him forcing me with his brute strength. But to lay myself over those hard thighs and have him spank me, to bring that huge palm down on my bare ass? How can I do that of my own accord?

Somehow, I manage. Naked, I kneel on the bed, crawl my way over those hard, spread thighs. My belly presses across the smooth material of his trousers. I lie, bare to them both, over his lap, waiting for that hand to come crashing down.

Liam moves to stand by my head and smooth my hair back from my face. The heat from Daddy’s thighs melds into my stomach. Folding my hands beneath my face, I attempt to hide my shame.

Daddy’s hand comes down on my bare ass, but it’s soft, stroking. A light, teasing touch that makes goosebumps rise on my flesh. Holding in a moan, I enjoy the tingling that dances over my curves.

“Daddy likes how pretty you look laid out over my lap. Liam, doesn’t she look beautiful?”

A second hand, belonging to Papa, strokes my shoulders, my back, my lower back. I can tell the hand belongs to him by the slightly rougher, callused feel. The combination of their caresses is mind-blowing.

The moan I’m holding in releases. “That feels so good, Daddies.”

“We make it feel so good,” says Papa.

Daddy says, “And then we make it hurt so good.” And he brings his hand down in a shocking, stinging slap. One that echoes through the room. One that makes a fire spread over my ass.

“Oh!” The pain grows, then ebbs, warming my skin. My hips wriggle, and a low sigh escapes me.

Papa says, “Do I need to hold her down?”

“Maybe,” Daddy answers.

Papa kneels on the floor beside me. His hands go to my hips, holding them centered over Daddy’s thighs. His face is suddenly inches from mine. His lips meet mine, and he’s kissing me as his rough hands clutch my bare skin, pinning me down.

I feel more moisture pool between my thighs.

Daddy brings his hand down again, spanking my ass. “Such a naughty, naughty girl. Papa and I care about you. We want you safe. We’ll spank your naughtiness out of you and make you be our good girl.”

Papa stares into my eyes. “I want to watch your face while your daddy spanks you. Then I want to dip my fingers in your sweet pussy and see how wet you are. We love knowing how wet we make you.”

I moan, squeezing my eyes shut tight, his words causing unbearable shame.

Daddy’s hand comes down again, hard and sharp; the stinging makes me suck air in between my teeth.

Papa’s hands tighten around my hips, holding me in place as the spanks rain down, harder and faster. “Don’t put yourself in a position like that again, little girl.”

“You’ll not sit down for a week if you disobey us like this again,” Daddy says, wrapping his hand around my hair. He gives a tug as his other hand spanks me, over and over again.

The pain is almost too much to bear. I try to wiggle and fight, but Papa holds me down. There’s a fire on my ass, one that hurts so much I’m suddenly not above begging. “Please don’t spank me, Daddy! I’ll be good. I promise I won’t disobey you again!”

Daddy spanks me again. “And you’ll follow the rules here, and be our good little girl?”


But my cry isn’t enough. Daddy says, “Tell your papa what a good little girl you’re going to be for him.” He spanks me again.

“I’ll be so good, Papa! I’ll be your good little girl. Always.”

Papa leans over, kissing my cheek. “Always? I like the way that sounds. Don’t you, Daddy?”

Daddy’s hand smooths over my throbbing ass. “I do. I like that a lot.”

The pain spreads across my ass. My ass is hot, my pussy is lava, my face is on fire.

The spanking, their chastising words, all make me shamefully full of desire. My pussy is begging for relief, some kind of friction, any attention whatsoever.

And I get it.

I feel Daddy’s hand between my thighs, pushing them apart. “Daddy wants you to spread your legs. Show Papa how wet we make you.”

Papa stands from where he’s kneeling. “Yes. Spread those beautiful legs and show me that perfect pussy. Show me how much you want us.”

I want to groan from shame, but I hold it in, forcing myself to open my legs. Spreading them and exposing my wet, glistening pussy for Papa’s pleasure.

Papa says, “So pretty. So wet for us. Let me slide my finger inside you and feel how slick you are.”

His fingers hover just outside my entrance. Making me wait, making me want his touch even more than I already do. My one word comes out like a prayer, pleading with him for some relief. “Please…”

“Please what?” Daddy says, giving my ass a sharp slap. “Use your words, princess.”

“Please, Papa, touch me, there.”

“Where, sweetheart?” Papa asks.

“My pussy. Touch my pussy. Please.” I moan in shame knowing I’ve been made to beg.

Papa rewards me with his finger, pressing past my tight entrance and entering me. Sliding in and out. Creating that delicious friction inside me that I crave, that I need. “Oh, my God. More. please.”

He slides a second finger in to join the first. He pumps the fingers inside me, and it feels so good. My pussy clenches around his fingers.

“She’s getting wetter, Daddy. Imagine how wet she’ll be when it’s your cock in there and not just my fingers.”

“Slide your fingers in her ass and give her a taste of what it will feel like to have your cock in her ass,” Daddy says.

“Good idea. My fingers are all slick and ready to push past that pretty rosebud.”

I offer a weak protest. “I’ve never… never been… touched there.”

“Your daddies will take good care of you. We want to own every inch of you.”

“Even here,” Papa croons, his slick finger pressing my rear entrance.

Moaning, I bury my face in the covers. Daddy’s hands stroke my back, the evidence of his erection pushing into my stomach. Papa presses harder.

His finger makes it past my tight, unwilling entrance. The sensation is strange, like nothing I’ve felt before. Stretching and burning, yet making a warmth spread in my pussy.

What would it feel like to have his cock in there?

His fingertip is now in up to what I gauge to be his first knuckle. Moaning, I relax my muscles, beginning to enjoy this invasion, shameful as it is.

He pumps his finger, says, “One day soon, Daddy will be in your sweet pussy and I’ll take you here.”

I feel so full from just his finger, I wonder how on Earth I’d get one of their massive cocks in there, let alone both of them inside my body at once. His finger leaves me and when it does, I’m left feeling empty, missing the feeling of him inside my ass.

Daddy gives my sore ass a pat. “Let’s get our little girl to the corner so we can admire her pretty pink ass.”

“Wait, Daddy. I don’t think she’s been punished enough. Let me taste her sweet little pussy.”

His words make me melt, the throbbing between my legs deepening. I’ve no idea how eating me out is a punishment and I’m not going to ask. My legs spread over Daddy’s lap, hoping Papa will make good on his promise.

“I do love how quickly her ass reddens,” Papa says as I feel him kneel down between my legs. I feel Daddy’s thighs and hard cock beneath me, and Papa’s hands on my sore ass, his chest pressed against the backs of my legs.

“Taste her pretty pussy.” Daddy smooths my hair away from my face, his gaze heavy on me.

Papa grabs my ass cheeks, parting them. His breath is hot against my skin, his mouth hovering by the lips of my pussy. I’ve never had someone eat me out from behind, especially not while I lie over the lap of another man. I squirm with anticipation.

Papa’s tongue flicks out, caressing me, but not where I was expecting it. He’s rimmed my ass. I moan in shame.

His tongue trails downward, licking the lips of my pussy, lapping up my juices. Then the tip of his tongue finds my clit, circling and flicking it.

It feels so good, his wet tongue playing with my slick heat. All I want in this world is more. “That feels so good, Papa.”

He buries his face between my legs. He licks and kisses, his tongue darting into my pussy. “Oh… oh… oh, my. I think I’m going to come.”

And he disappears.

“No! Please! Don’t leave me like this.” My begging is rewarded by a sharp slap to my ass.

“Naughty girls get punished very thoroughly. Now you can stand in the corner and think about what you’ve done, with your ass burning and your poor little pussy aching for us.”

“Not fair,” I mumble, laid out in despair. My pussy aches so bad, it needs friction, their hard cocks pounding me, offering me release.

I get none.

Instead, they help me up, and Papa guides me to an empty corner of the room across from the bed. One where they can both get a full view of me.

He deposits me in the corner. I stand there, humiliation filling me. Clasping my hands in front of me, I stare at the intricate swirling pattern of the gilded wallpaper. He leaves me with a deep kiss, marking my mouth with the taste of my own arousal.

I’m left standing, the cool air making goosebumps rise on my flesh. All I can think of is how much pain my ass is in, how neglected my pussy is. I long to rub my skin, offering it some kind of relief, but I know better than to do that—it would not make my daddies happy.

I’m learning quickly.

Shifting my weight from foot to foot, I try to ignore the demanding clenching of my pussy.

After what feels like an eternity, they retrieve me from my corner. They’ve stripped their clothes off and their hard, naked bodies are ready for me.

Daddy’s gaze roves over my peaked nipples. “Liam, you go first this time. I’d like to watch.”

Papa sits down on the edge of the bed, pulling me over to him and pushing my legs open until I’m standing over his lap, straddling him. Grabbing my hips, he pulls me down onto his cock with one hard thrust.

I cry out, my fingers going to his shoulders, my nails digging into his flesh. He moves his hips upward, pushing further into me. Daddy comes up behind me, his hands tugging at my hair, going round my neck, squeezing gently. Then his hand slips beneath my chin, tilting my face upward.

He leans down, kissing me, thrusting his swirling tongue into my mouth as Papa’s cock thrusts deep within me. Papa’s hands are on my hips, digging into my flesh, his cock going up and down.

Daddy kisses me harder, his hands moving to my breasts, palming and cupping them, pinching my nipples as Papa’s rhythm speeds up. I ride one while stealing the kisses and caresses from the other.

A climax builds inside me, a product just as much of the sensation of Papa’s cock as having two pairs of hands caressing my body. The first orgasm is quiet and understated, like a prelude. It relaxes my body, preparing me for more.

Papa gives a growl as he thrusts again, harder and faster. A second orgasm takes me over, my pussy clenching around his cock as his seed bursts inside of me. We come as one.

My legs are shaky. Daddy helps me up from Papa’s lap. He takes Papa’s seat, his muscular thighs spread, his cock standing ready at attention.

I stand before him, cum running hot down my leg, Papa at my side. Papa takes my face in his hands, one open palm sliding over a cheek. Slowly, he brings my face to his and kisses me deeply. He pulls away, guiding me over Daddy’s lap.

Knees going into the mattress on either side of Daddy’s legs, I grab his shoulders, stare into his eyes, and bring myself down on him. My sex is so slick, I slide right down his cock.

One thrust and I’m almost coming.

Papa’s chest is warm against my back as he kneels behind me and I loll my head back, welcoming his kisses. His hand sneaks down, around my waist, finding my clit.

“Oh, fuck,” I exhale as the pad of his rough finger slides over my slick bud.

“There’s our sweet girl. You came for me, now come for Daddy.” Papa kisses my neck as he circles my swollen clit.

It’s almost too much, having these two men worship my body. The pleasure is so great, I find tears burning at the back of my eyes, my cries lodging in the back of my throat.

I was made for this. I was made for them.

Daddy holds me tight, thrusting inside me over and over again until I’m sure I’m going to come for a third time, this one more powerful than the last, a combination of Daddy’s cock hitting my G-spot and Papa massaging my clit.

“Oh, my God, my daddies. I’m coming for you—”

“Princess,” Daddy croons.

Papa kisses the back of my neck. “Sweet girl. Come for us.”

Daddy’s fingers dig into my flesh. “Come so hard. Show us how hard you come for your daddies.”

My head flies back, my spine arches, my silent scream releases as the burst of light and heat and a deep, trembling satisfaction explode through my body.

Daddy comes with a growl, hot seed filling me.

I collapse on his shoulder, my forehead pressed into his damp flesh. My hands go to his neck. And I find myself crying.

Papa strokes my hair, my back, whispering soothing words. “There’s our sweet girl. She gave us all she’s got. Isn’t she pretty when she cries?”

Jet’s arms wrap around my waist. To my surprise, he gently moves his body forward and backward, rocking me in his lap. “There’s our princess. You did so good. You came so pretty for your daddies. Let’s get you some rest, now.” He kisses my forehead.

Trembling, I crawl across the bed, lying between them, too exhausted to shower or put on clothes. The room is dark and just as we’re settling in, Jet gets up from the bed. I watch as he walks over to the closet across the room. Reaching his hand inside, he turns on the light, leaving the door open a few inches.

Letting in just the right amount of light to dull my fears.

He gives me a soft smile—one I’ve not seen before—as he crawls back into the bed beside me, sweetly kissing the top of my head as Liam’s arm slips around my waist. It’s a perfect moment, contentment easing into every inch of my being.

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