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Daddies Take Control by Kelly Dawson – Extended Preview

“You’re stoned!” Cody’s voice was accusing, and he stood in front of her menacingly, his hands clenched by his sides. Ordinarily, she would have been cowed, but not now. Right now, she was too happy being high after such a long time to be bothered by large, angry men who were trying to intimidate her.

“Yup,” she agreed gleefully.

“Where did you get it from?” Luke demanded.

“That’s for me to know and you to not find out.” She laughed uproariously; she just couldn’t help herself when she looked at Luke and Cody and the furious expressions clouding their handsome faces.

“Have you got any more?” Cody asked through clenched teeth.

“Not telling.” She smirked.

“You will.” Luke’s voice was dangerously soft.

“I won’t.” She shook her head emphatically.

The tic in Luke’s cheek should have warned her that she was close to crossing a line that should never be crossed, but right now, she was too high to care. His hands were balled into fists so tightly she could see the muscles popping out on his forearms. Instead of making her back off, his obvious rage only served to amuse her further.

“I can just about see the smoke coming out of your ears!” she taunted them, laughing harder.

“There’ll be smoke coming off your backside in a minute,” Luke warned her.

Her grin faded somewhat when Cody grabbed her upper arm in a grip so firm it almost hurt, and spun around to snarl in her face, right up close, “You promised us you wouldn’t bring that stuff onto this property!”

Ordinarily, such a large, angry man who was growling right in her face would have made her whimper and back off. But being stoned was making her brave. She held his gaze and squared her shoulders underneath his steely grip.

“I didn’t actually,” she informed him, smiling sweetly. “I agreed that I understood what would happen if I did—I knew that you two would get your knickers in a tangle over half a tiny little joint.” The smug smile on her face grew wider.

Cody shook her, far rougher than she expected him to. “Do you want to go to jail?” he snarled. “Need I remind you that you’re on home detention? Part of those conditions are random drug tests! Do you want to be able to provide for your brother?”

At the mention of Bobby, her smile disappeared. “He’s got no one else,” she whispered.

“I know,” Cody told her sternly. “And while you’re living here with us, as our little girl, we’re happy to pay for his care. But if you land yourself in jail because of your own stupidity, you can’t really expect us to keep those payments up, can you? That’s asking a bit much.”

Luke stepped forward, taking hold of her other arm. She was effectively trapped between the two men, their anger so palpable she could feel it bouncing off her.

“Look, after you rescued Sam, Clay was willing to give you a chance. But if he hears about this, we’ll be back to square one as far as you working at the stables goes. He thought a lot of young Jaime, you know.”

It was the wrong thing to say; the last person Jen was concerned about was Clay. Angry now, she tried to jerk away, but the men were too strong. “Oh, so this is about your brother?” she snapped.

Crack! She yelped as Luke’s palm connected with her backside at high speed. “No!” his snarled words punctuated the forceful swat. “It’s about you!”

“It’s about keeping you out of jail!” Cody growled. He smacked her with his left hand, supposedly his weaker arm, but the force of the swat that caught her low at the base of her bottom lifted her up onto her toes.

“And in one piece!” Luke added. Still holding firmly to her arm he used his other hand to cup her chin. He stared down at her, no longer looking so angry, but sorrowful. “I know you’re not working with the horses right now, but here, we’re never really off-duty. It’s not safe to work with horses while under the influence of anything. You know what happened to Jaime—we don’t want that happening to you.” The last words were said gently, not threatening at all, but they touched her the most.

“I’m not stupid, and I don’t have a death wish,” she insisted. “I’ve been smoking dope a long time and I haven’t had an accident yet.”

Both men looked at her and sighed, almost in unison. They both dropped her arms at the same time, before glancing at each other. She saw the look that passed between them, but had no idea what it meant. Were they plotting something?

“Come on,” Cody said, taking her arm again and guiding her over to the couch. “Let’s get this over with.”

“Get what over with?” she asked, digging in her feet, trying to resist. But her efforts at staying in one place were futile—her socked toes couldn’t get enough purchase in the threads of the carpet and Cody dragged her easily.

“Your punishment,” he told her.

“Now you’re going to see what happens when you get our knickers in a knot over half a tiny little joint,” Luke said, throwing her words back in her face.

She held Luke’s mocking gaze even as Cody upended her over his lap. “What do you have against a tiny little bit of dope?” she asked, not even trying to struggle as Cody wriggled her into the position he wanted her.

“It’s not what we have against it; it’s what your parole officer has against it that matters.” His eyes never left her face as he sat down in the armchair directly across the room from the couch. “I’ll just watch from here while Cody turns your bottom red.”

She lay passively while Cody wrestled with her jeans, tugging both them and her underwear down to her knees. She felt invincible, being stoned again after such a long time. Crack! The vicious crack of Cody’s flattened palm against her bare skin shocked her, and reminded her that she was very much not invincible after all and was about to get a very sore bottom.

Cody threw one leg over hers, pinning her in place, and her fingers scrabbled frantically against the floor, as she bit back her yells. Cody was spanking her hard and fast, each smack sounding like a gunshot as it echoed off the walls. In less than a minute, Cody had built up the heat in her backside so much that Jen fully expected it to burst into flames at any second. She wriggled and kicked and flailed, trying to escape his punishing palm but he just kept on spanking her hard and fast, over and over and over.

Then, as suddenly as it had started, the spanking stopped. Cody paused with his hand resting on her bottom lightly, as if measuring whether or not the heat radiating off it was sufficient.

“Have you had enough?” he asked her, his voice a gravelly growl that did incredible things to her insides. She could feel a seeping wetness between her legs as her body betrayed her yet again. Why did punishment have this effect on her? She felt crazy.

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered, barely able to get the words out, the air was so thick.

He pushed her to her feet. “Leave your pants down; you can stand in the corner for a bit while we decide what to do with you.” Standing up, he placed his hands on her shoulders and guided her as she shuffled to the corner, hobbled by the jeans that had fallen to her ankles the second she stood up.

Sniffling, she stood in the corner, her nose to the wall, while her bottom burned and flamed behind her. She felt Cody lift up the hem of her shirt and thrust it into her hands.

“Here, hold this up out of the way. Leave your bottom on display, just like that.”

Alone in the corner, Jen felt bereft. It wasn’t the spanking that bothered her so much—she was fairly used to Luke and Cody setting her bottom on fire after all—but that she was alone. Every other time, after they’d spanked her, they’d held her in their arms and cradled her until she was calm again, comforting her tenderly. By putting her in the corner, it felt like they were rejecting her. Tears that hadn’t fallen while she was being spanked trickled down her cheeks now, as Jen contemplated her future. What was going to happen now? Did she still have a future with them, as their little girl? Or did they want to replace her with someone who didn’t keep resisting them, and was happy to do as she was told?

“Come here, little girl,” Luke called gruffly, interrupting her thoughts.

She turned at the sound of his voice but her eyes widened in horror as she looked at him. He was standing at the end of the couch holding his doubled-over belt in one hand. Cody was next to him, looking every inch the alpha male, his arms folded across his chest. She bent down to pull up her pants but Cody halted her.

“Leave them down,” he ordered. “You need to get yourself firmly into the little girl mind-set,” he told her sternly as she hobbled toward them, her pants around her ankles impeding her steps. “You need to let us take care of you, instead of turning to drugs to block out whatever it is you’re running away from.”

“What makes you think I’m blocking out anything?” she snarled, her previous anger at them returning. She stopped walking and stood still. Why should they care what she did in her own time? She wasn’t hurting anyone!

“Call it a lucky guess,” Cody said. “We want to help you deal with your feelings properly. You don’t need to dull them with drugs.”

“Maybe I just like being stoned?” she snapped.

“Maybe you do,” Luke agreed. “But under your current court conditions, that’s not an option right now, is it? We’re trying to keep you out of jail, here.”

“Oh, fuck off,” she muttered. “Just leave me alone. It was a measly half a joint.”

“You’ve got a surprising amount of attitude for someone with a bright red bottom,” Luke observed. “Come and bend over the arm of the couch and I’ll see if I can’t adjust that sassy attitude for you.”

She didn’t move. But it wasn’t fear that was keeping her firmly rooted to the spot, it was defiance. Part of her wanted to obey, part of her wanted to be their little girl again and curl up in their arms, happy and safe, but another part, just a small part, was furious that they were trying to control her and restrict her nearly decade-long habit. She’d give it up herself when she was good and ready, but she wasn’t good and ready yet.

In two long strides, Cody was beside her. He landed an almighty wallop across the centre of her burning backside, his huge hand covering the fullest part of her cheeks.

“You were told to move,” he scolded. Taking hold of her shoulders, he pushed her in front of him the metre or so to the couch and pushed her down over it, holding her firmly in place with a hand between her shoulder blades. He stood there beside her, holding her down while Luke whacked her with his belt, lashing the stinging leather all the way down her bottom, across the tops of her thighs, and all the way up again, the edges of the welts overlapping each other.

She forced herself not to cry out as the wicked belt fell over and over again, but her legs were trembling with the exertion and her teeth were clenched together so hard it was making her jaw ache. She clutched the arm of the couch tightly, squeezing it between her fingers so tightly her knuckles were white while Luke belted her mercilessly. Tears spilled from her eyes and her shoulders shook with silent sobs, but she refused to make a sound. She tried to take comfort from the touch of Cody’s hand on her back, but it wasn’t enough, not really. Not with the thick leather strap landing again and again on her scorched bottom.

She didn’t even know when the spanking stopped; she was lying over the arm of the couch, breathing heavily, when Luke’s gruff voice ordered her to stand up. Cody’s hand wasn’t on her back anymore, but she didn’t know when he removed that, either. All she could focus on was the roaring inferno raging across her bottom.

When she straightened up on wobbly legs, both men wrapped their arms around her and drew her into their embrace. They kissed her forehead tenderly.

“We’re here for you, baby girl,” Luke whispered.

“For everything you need,” Cody added.

“When you’re stressed, we’ll help you relax.”

“When you’re overwhelmed, we’ll share your load.”

“If you’re upset or frightened, we’ll comfort you.”

“If you’re weak, we’ll be your strength.”

“When you’re tired, we’ll put you to bed for a rest. If you’re hungry, we’ll feed you.”

“Whatever you need, we’ll help you,” Cody said. “You just have to trust us.”

“Do you think you can do that?” Luke asked. “Can you trust us?”

Jen sniffed and wiped her eyes on the front of Luke’s shirt as she considered the question. She thought about the way they’d found her at the races, the way they’d taken care of her since then, the way they’d held her, and she realised there was nothing to consider—not really. She already trusted them.

“Yes, Daddies,” she whispered. “I trust both of you.”

“Let’s get your punishment finished then, shall we?” Luke’s deep voice broke into his thoughts. Although he tried to hide it, Cody rolled his eyes. Sadistic bastard, he thought, not for the first time. He should have known that the spankings they’d already delivered wouldn’t be enough—Luke was by far the strictest of the three brothers, and believed in thorough discipline. What else did he have planned?

He heard Jen gasp as she looked at Luke in horror.

“Get up on the arm on the couch, on your knees, with your hands here.” Luke’s voice was stern as he patted the couch cushion, showing her where to put her hands. “What you just did was very bad. So bad, we’re going to punish your asshole.”

Are we? Holy hell, bro, you certainly are taking this punishment thing to new heights! He felt his heart pound faster and his cock thicken slightly at the thought of what they were going to do.

Jen froze, halfway through obeying, with one knee on the couch.

“You got stoned when you knew that it was expressly forbidden,” Luke reminded her. “This is the kind of thing that could get you landed in jail. I think it only fair that I whip your naughtiest hole with my crop.”

Jen choked back a sob. Sitting beside her, Cody touched her cheek gently, wanting to reassure her, as tears filled her eyes.

He helped her into position as Luke reached for the black leather riding crop that was leaning against the wall. It whistled as he swung it through the air. He saw Jen shiver.

Luke tapped the inside of her left thigh with the tip of the crop. “Legs apart.” Jen wiggled her hips as she moved.

“Now Cody is going to reach back and spread your cheeks. You’re going to be wide open for us, with your bottom hole on display for me to smack it.” Luke’s voice was husky; he was obviously aroused too.

Jen’s bottom felt warm beneath his fingers; testament to the thorough spanking she’d just received. Digging his fingers into her flesh, he pulled apart her buttocks, exposing her tight rosebud. His cock strained against his jeans as he watched Luke line up the riding crop, pull back the tip, then let it fly, the little leather tab on the end hitting its mark. Jen’s whole body bucked in pain.

Jen dug her fingers into the upholstery and bit back her cry as the crop landed against her bottom hole with a fiery burn. Shame washed over her like a wave. She’d never before felt so exposed, so vulnerable, or so humiliated.

Cody’s hard body was pressed up against her as he leant over her to spread her ass cheeks apart for the crop.

Her whole body shook as the crop hit its target again and she bit her lip, doing her best to stifle the scream welling up in her throat. More than anything, she wanted to run. And she knew she could—Cody was sitting next to her, his fingers digging into her bottom, but he wasn’t exactly holding her—she knew that if she really tried, she would be able to get up, and she knew the men wouldn’t force her to remain. But if she went, where would she go?

The crop landed again, the pain bringing her to the edge of panic. She couldn’t take this; it was too much. She gritted her teeth and stifled another scream, rocking back and forth and sideways to try to rid herself of the burning sting, but Cody’s strong hands on her prevented too much movement.

“You’re doing well,” Luke’s voice came from behind her. “Just one more and we’ll be done.”

She braced herself. The last one was the hardest yet, and she moaned, sobbing, into the couch, before she felt herself being gathered up in strong arms.

“Shhh, it’s okay, it’s all over now,” the masculine voice whispered in her ear. With the tears welling up in her eyes, blurring her vision, she couldn’t see which brother was holding her, but his arms were strong and she could hear his heart beating steadily as she leaned against his broad chest, taking the comfort he offered.

“Are you ready to trust us and obey us, little girl?”

She wiped away her tears with the back of her hand and sniffed. “Yes, Daddy.”

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