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Daddy Knows Best: An Age Gap Romance by Dinah McLeod – Extended Preview

“We should get this over with. You’re running late,” he reminded me.

Suddenly, I wouldn’t mind missing the whole damn thing, whatever the consequences, if I could just get out of this. If I had the power to turn back time, I would have just turned my phone off and stayed home!

“Have you ever been spanked before, Addy?”

I snorted. “No.”

His left brow arched to join his right and he stared at me with naked disapproval until I blushed and looked away. “When you speak to me, you will do so with respect.”

“Well, the answer is no,” I muttered to the linoleum.

The chair was pushed back and the next thing I knew, strong fingers seized my chin and forced my head up to meet his gaze. “I won’t tell you again.”

His words caused the knots in my tummy to tighten. And yet, there was a strange flutter that I didn’t understand. “Y-yes, Sir.”

The corners of his mouth turned up and he relaxed his grip, though he did not release me. “Good girl.”

Oh. That strange flutter became a pulsing sensation in the pit of my stomach.

“I’m not a… a good girl.” The words came out whisper-soft before I even knew I was going to say them.

“Is that so? Why’s that?”

I desperately wanted to look away, but I didn’t dare. So I forced myself to maintain eye contact while his fingers seared my skin in the best way possible. Eventually, the warmth would fade, but my chin would never forget the memory of his touch.

“I-I don’t know. It jus’ is.” The words tumbled out in a babyish mumble that made me cringe. What the hell was wrong with me? Something about his eyes… no, his touch… or was it his stern, authoritative voice? Perhaps it was all three, but whatever the cause, something about Mr. K—excuse me, Officer K—left me feeling wholly inadequate. I felt that way all the time, really, but having him standing in front of me was like being forced to look into a mirror that could reflect my very soul.

And yet, I still didn’t want him to leave. While part of me longed to hide from that probing, assessing stare, I didn’t want to be anywhere else. It was the strangest thing I’d ever felt before and my face burned from the complexity of all the emotions rushing through me.

“Well, I don’t believe that,” Mr. K said, flexing his fingers and giving my chin a squeeze. “And even if it’s true, you can learn to be a good girl. I’m going to give you your first lesson now.” He tipped me a wink, and the knots in my stomach relaxed, then squeezed again harder than before. “You may address me as ‘Officer’ or ‘Sir.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes, Officer,” I murmured.

“Any deviation from this will be marked.” His brow rose on that word, and even though I didn’t know what it meant, my tummy gave a sickening yet somehow erotic lurch. “Now, are you ready?”

I tried to snatch my chin from his grip, but he was faster than me and his fingers tightened.

“You’re not going anywhere, baby girl. Now, I asked you a question.”

I was claustrophobic. I couldn’t ever remember being anything but. Being told I couldn’t go anywhere while my flight instinct kicked in normally made me panic until I hyperventilated. But something about Officer K’s touch was… calming. His strong grip, despite the fact that he was holding me where he wanted me while I longed to be out of his grip, made me relax.

“I-I don’t want a spankin’. And I know you already told me… Sir,” I added hurriedly. “But I really don’t want one.”

Much to my surprise, his finger crept up my cheek and back down again in a feather-light caress that made my pussy jolt. “I know, baby girl. But we agreed that was the punishment you’d receive, didn’t we?”

His touch had robbed me of the power of speech. My mouth felt dry and it was all I could do to stay upright and not crumple to a puddle of desperate longing right at his feet.

“Baby girl?”

His deep, husky voice made another shiver skate up my spine. I nodded.

“Good. And you’re going to show me what a good girl you can be and submit to the punishment we both know you earned, aren’t you?”

“Will… will it hurt?” I asked, my lips trembling despite my attempt to get control of my body.

“Yes.” His answer was direct, his gaze kind. “It will hurt. That’s the point of punishments. If they didn’t cause us to think twice about our actions in the future, what good would they be?”

His calm reasoning didn’t help me feel better, but I nodded anyway.

“Okay. Let’s get this over with. I truly believe this will help you, Addison.”

I looked into his earnest face, and I wanted to believe him, but I just couldn’t make myself do it. Over the years I’d known him, I’d grown to trust him implicitly and this encounter, strange as it was, hadn’t changed that. But I couldn’t understand how this would help me.

“Okay. I’m going to let you go, and I’m going to sit back down. You’re going to lie over my lap so we can get started.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

Without taking his intense eyes off mine, he released me.

My skin throbbed with want, missing his fingers. I had to resist the urge to touch my chin to see if he’d branded me somehow. It took all the self-control I possessed, but I managed, if only just.

Then Officer K did exactly as he said he would, sitting up straight in the chair and watching me with calm, assessing eyes.

I held out my hand, hoping he didn’t notice how my fingers shook.

He obliged my silent plea by taking it, and my digits tingled with the warmth of his touch. “I’m going to bend you over my knee,” he explained. “Then I’m going to spank the seat of your dress. Then, when I’ve decided you’ve had enough, I’ll flip it up.”

The sexy purr of his voice made it hard for me to concentrate on what he was saying.

“Do you understand, Addy?”

I tried to recall what he’d said, but when I could only come up with maybe five words, I decided to just nod anyway.

“Okay, great. What did I just say?”

Terror flooded me, and I knew he could see from my expression, because the lines of his mouth tightened.

“When I ask you a question, I expect the truth, little girl.”

I swallowed hard, feeling tears of panic rise to my eyes. “I-I’m sorry. I just… I got distracted.”

But my quietly muttered excuse did nothing to soften his expression. “Lying is inexcusable, no matter your reason. Maybe I should give you your warmup first, then explain how this is going to go.”

His tone was hard as flint and I couldn’t help but wince. “No, Sir. I’ll… I’ll listen, I promise.”

Giving me another hard look, Officer K began again. “First, I will warm up the seat of your dress. Then I will flip it up and spank your panties. Then those will come down—”

There could be no doubt I was listening to him this time as I cut him off with a gasp. “You can’t!” I protested before I could think better of it. “I mean… you can’t, Sir.”

He arched a dark brow. “And why can’t I?”

“Because…” I blushed and looked away. The idea of him not only looking at my panties, but then removing them… I couldn’t bear the intimacy of it. Even the thought was proving to be too much.

“Addy, look at me.”

My body seemed powerless to defy his calm authority and my eyes found his once more.

“I’m sorry it embarrasses you, but this is the way it has to be. This is how a proper spanking is given.”

Sniffling, and feeling silly knowing it was preemptive, I nodded miserably.

“I need to hear you say it.”

“Yes, S-sir. I-I understand.”

Those were the magic words to bring light back into his face, and when he smiled at me, I felt my body relaxing. “Good girl.”

Why those two simple words had the power to make my body flush, head to toe, I didn’t know. But I was almost grateful for what was about to occur, simply because it gave me an excuse to duck my head and move to lie over his knee to hide my face. As my tummy pressed into his hard, stone-like thigh, the nerves in the pit of my belly double-knotted themselves.

Officer K didn’t hesitate. His hand ran over the skirt of my dress, making my skin quiver.

I hadn’t truly realized how large his hands were until I felt one on my upturned behind. Knowing what was going to happen, my breathing became shallow and quick, and I was hyper-aware of how his large paw seemed to nearly cover my right ass cheek as it rested there.

My face was burning with humiliation and my eyes filled with anticipatory tears. And yet… he was touching me. He was about to spank me, and had promised it would hurt. The sheen of moisture in my eyes was nothing compared to what was to come, and while that was a horrifying, mortifying thought, my skin still blazed with the feeling of his touch. Unconsciously, I arched my back, pushing my ass up so that it could fully absorb the feeling.

“Good girl,” Officer K murmured, and without thinking about it, I wagged my ass under his palm.

Even when I realized what I had done, I didn’t want to take it back. God, did it always feel this good to be touched? I’d had a number of boyfriends, but only one of them had been serious. Not serious enough for me to take my clothes off, though.

Not many people would believe I could be a virgin at twenty years old, and it certainly wasn’t something I went around talking about. But I’d never had my ass touched by a man before, and right here in this moment, the fact that it was being done by the first man I’d ever really liked—admittedly the one I’d liked best in my twenty years—was just too much for my brain to process.

Luckily, I didn’t have to concentrate on it for much longer, because the first smack of Officer K’s hand warmed my bottom.

It sounded like a thunderclap. The noise of it landing against my dress was loud and it made me jump more than the sting that followed. It was an awkward feeling, both the fall of his hand on my bottom and my jarring over his knee. I did my best to hold my body still, but it wasn’t easy. Especially when he seemed to find his rhythm, the rise and fall of his hand coming every few seconds. My skin was heating under his sharp ministrations, and I was losing concentration as the prickling sensation filled my mind, pushing all other thoughts out.

And then he was lifting my dress and draping the fabric over my back.

Panic rushed to fill me so quickly that it left me panting. I craned my neck to peer at him. “Wait… what are you doing?”

His eyes were steady and his voice was kind as he said, “I’m going to spank the seat of your panties now.”

“But…” My mind searched frantically for an excuse, any one really, that would halt this.

“I’m not ready.”

Officer K gave a wan smile. “I’m sure that’s true, baby girl. But ready or not, it’s time to face the consequences.” His hand lifted into the air.

I cringed and squeezed my cheeks together. “No! Wait, please!”

A brow lifted and I could see he was becoming impatient. “Yes?”

“I… it already hurts,” I whispered pitifully.

“Yes, I’m sure it does. And it’s going to hurt even more before we’re through.” Without another word—before I even had a chance to formulate another protest—his hand fell.

Despite the protection afforded me by my panties, it hurt much worse than any of his swats so far. But I hardly had time to gasp before another spank landed, right on top of the first. A groan slipped past my lips.

It was almost like that was the sign he’d been waiting for, because after that his hand fell in quick succession, peppering my poor skin with a flurry of spanks.

I couldn’t process this newest onslaught. The hardness of his hand on my tender skin drove out all other thoughts. All I could manage was to squirm, no longer even conscious of his hard thigh in any other context except as my prison. I kept clenching my cheeks, subconsciously trying to escape the hard side of his paddle-like hand.

An especially hard spank landed on the lower curve of my bottom, catching my uncovered thighs and I couldn’t help but cry out at the surprising pain.

“Please, stop!” I begged.

“We’re not there yet, Addy. Be a good girl and stay still for the punishment you’ve earned.”

Under normal circumstances—you know, ones where I wasn’t having my behind lambasted—I would have tried to obey him. But the flurry of spanks just kept coming, and while they didn’t feel any harder than before because they landed one atop the other, the pain only grew.

Another smack to my left thigh made my foot reflexively kick up.

It was a vain effort to protect my throbbing rear, and one I wasn’t even conscious of.

“Put it down,” he ordered, his voice harder than I’d heard from him before.

It made my insides quiver, and though I didn’t want to make him angrier, the idea of the owner of that authoritative voice spanking me made my lip begin to tremble, too.

“Please, no more. I can’t take anymore.”

“When did I say it would be over, Addy?”

My chin shook as I fought back tears and the heat in my poor cheeks only rose. “But—”

His eyes were hot and his mouth a firm line of disapproval. “Wrong answer. Let me put it to you this way. For every wrong answer you give from this point on, it’ll earn you ten extras on your thighs.”

I cringed, and a lone tear escaped, coursing down my cheek.

“Understood?” he fairly barked.

I blanched, but nodded. “Y-yes, Sir.”

Looking only slightly mollified, Officer Kavanaugh said, “Well?”

“Um… I’m sorry… wh-what was the question a-again?”

“When did I tell you this spanking would be over?”

Unable to bear looking at him while I gave the answer he wanted, I closed my eyes.

“Wh-when you spank me on the… on the bare, sir.”

“Good girl. Now, I want you to put your leg down, and if you try to stop your spanking again, you’ll get extras. Do you understand?”

Miserably, I nodded, and as I lowered my foot I also ducked my head to hide the fact that the tears were flowing freely now.

“I didn’t hear you.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

The spanking began again in earnest. It stung, and the sting slowly turned to a burn that dug deep into my buttocks, especially when his hand fell on part of my bare thighs. But almost without my being aware of it, something else joined the undeniable pain in my bottom.

It was lower, right between my legs. My pussy throbbed and pulsed with each spank, because with each swat of his hard, punishing hand, my pussy brushed against his thigh. And while my mind was on other matters, my hot pussy began to weep.

Somewhere in the dim recesses of my mind I knew this. But it wasn’t until he began to peel my panties off that it jumped to the forefront. And I began to panic.

“No!” I howled, throwing a hand back to stop him.

Officer K caught my hand easily, with quick reflexes that would later be added to my personal spank-bank.

But just now, it caused my panic to rise and attempt to engulf me. “You can’t!”

“We’ve been through this,” he fairly growled, and before I could fight back—or even process how to—he yanked my panties down. The cool air managed to find my pussy, slick with want, with lightning speed.

I knew if I would just come clean, if I’d explain, that Officer K would let me up. Or cover me back up, at the very least. He was a gentleman like that. But I couldn’t tell him. How could I? It was so crazy, I myself couldn’t believe that being over his knee, being spanked like a little girl, was both shaming me and yet… turning me on?

He might not even believe me.

Oh, no, he’ll believe me. All it will take is one whiff… he’ll know I’m telling the truth.

That knowledge was more humiliating than the spanking itself. And there was no way I could bring myself to volunteer the information. He’d never look at me the same again. In fact, he’d probably avoid me like the plague, and that was something I just couldn’t bear.

But when his hand landed, hard and loud on my now bare bottom, I couldn’t help but yelp. Then it fell again, right on top of the same spot. The throbbing pain I’d felt couldn’t measure up against this. This was an angry burn that sank into my bare flesh with alarming speed.

“Oh!” I cried out. “Oh, please stop!”

Officer K didn’t answer me except with more stern, punishing swats.

The tears that had been falling doubled in size and leaked from my eyes faster.

And yet… that pulse between my legs grew. I squeezed my legs together and tried to fight it, but the harder I fought, the more aware of it I became.

This is what hell is like, I thought frantically. Has to be. Bare-assed over my crush’s lap, and as aroused as it’s possible to be, while getting my ass spanked!

What should have felt like heaven—the arousal part, anyway—was pure torture. Worse still, there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. I was draped over his knee, one hand trapped against my back while the other helplessly dangled at my side. I couldn’t say or do anything to stop the biting onslaught of his monstrous palm, or my climbing excitement.


I cried out, my tender skin screaming while my pussy responded with a jolt of warmth.

On and on it went. As my cheeks grew wetter with tears, each swat brought me closer to climax. I might be a virgin, but I was no stranger to seeing what my fingers could accomplish. And I knew the signs all too well.

“We’re almost there,” Officer K announced.

Oh, you’ve got no idea, buddy.

But if he didn’t stop soon, he would. And then, it would be over. I could pack my fantasies about this hot, gruff-sounding father figure away for good, because he would never so much as glance my way after this.

I would give anything to turn back time, I thought, desperately trying to distract myself from what was about to happen. If I could, as soon as I woke up this morning I would have turned off my phone and watched Grey’s. Much less exciting, true, but I wouldn’t have to turn myself into a shut-in living next to my hot neighbor!

It wasn’t working. The heat in my burning ass was building, and so was my orgasm. My rear screamed with pain while in front, I could feel the juices pooling inside my pussy lips, my excitement heightening.

Unreal. Freaking unreal.

“Stop!” I cried out feebly, knowing it wouldn’t work, but too desperate not to try.

“A couple more and you’ll be through.”

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m afraid of.


“Ooh!” I protested, biting down on my lip as more tears coursed down my cheeks. My ass felt scorched. My breathing became a shallow pant as the party downstairs raged on, hotter than ever.


I could feel the fire in my buttocks, and it felt like being branded. A sob lodged in my throat while being bounced over his leg pushed my longing higher.

Another punishing swat fell on my tender thigh. This was the worst yet, and I screamed despite myself.

“Stop!” I tried again, not sure if he could even understand me through my sobs.

My other thigh was spanked, and I lurched over his leg, partly trying to escape his hard palm, partly trying to scratch my itch.

Whack, his hand came down on my thigh again, and that was all it took. One last thrust against the smooth linen fabric covering his hard thigh, and I came with a humiliated, mortified moan.

I could smell it. The scent of my lust on the air. And on his pants. Without asking for permission, I shoved off his leg, and Officer K let me.

My cheeks were burning, my lip was trembling, and my eyes burned with fresh, horrified tears. I forced myself to look at his pants and when I saw they were not soiled, I let out an exhale that was pure relief. Moving quickly, I bent at the waist to collect my panties and pulled them up. When I stood again, my dress fell back into place. I was covered, but I felt as naked before his gaze as if I were fully undressed.


I couldn’t look at him. I wouldn’t. I hugged myself and stubbornly refused to meet his gaze.

“Look at me, please.”

I gave one shake of my head, my breathing growing quicker again as I stood my ground.

“Little girl, if I have to make you obey you’ll get another trip over my lap.”

It was an empty threat. Some part of me knew that. I had been punished as we’d agreed, and he wouldn’t spank me again. But logic flew out when I heard that firm, gravelly voice, and I found myself raising my gaze.

He smiled, and my traitorous body flushed head to toe. I’d just been sated, yet I felt a smidge of heat bloom in my pussy.

“What?” I snapped, harder than I meant to. But I was mad. Mad at him for what he’d witnessed, mad at my stupid body for letting it happen.

The smile disappeared and his eyes scolded me. “Watch that tone, Addison, or I—”

“Or you’ll spank me,” I spit out, glaring.

Surprise registered on his handsome face, and much to my disbelief he chuckled. “I forgot what a hellcat you can be.”

My mouth dropped open. What had he called me? “I-I am not,” I protested.

He chuckled again, and damn it all but excitement shot through me like an erotic laser that left every bit of me tingling and standing on end. “A girl just gets her ass tanned, and tanned good, mind you—I don’t believe in half-measures—and in the next minute, she’s spitting fire. What would you call it?”

I opened my mouth to protest again, but when he put it like that, how could I really object? It was the truth, and besides, what was I doing? Fighting to save my dignity? It was already too late for that. “Sorry,” I muttered instead.

His brow cocked, but his lips spread in a smile. “That doesn’t sound like much of an apology to me.”

I looked him up and down, my mind whirring. It wasn’t possible that he hadn’t noticed, was it? No. He was a cop. And those intelligent, sharp eyes of his… they didn’t miss a thing. So, he knew. He knew my deepest, most embarrassing secret, and yet he was standing here chatting with me like we were old friends. Which we were, if you could still be friends when one of you had spanked the other.

What did that make him?

Kind. The answer came to me, and I flushed with a different kind of warmth. The heartfelt kind. And just like that, my anger evaporated and I found myself returning the smile.

“I am sorry, Officer Kavanagh. I was speeding, and not paying attention, and there’s no excuse.” I cleared my throat. “Thanks for caring enough to take the time to show me that.”

“There, that’s much better.” He tipped me a wink. “See, I told you you’re a good girl.”

I blushed, both for the praise and the wink. Although I seriously doubted orgasming over a man’s knee while he spanked you allowed you to be put in the ‘good girl’ column. But I knew better by now than to say so. “Thanks, Officer Kavanagh.”

He grasped his heart dramatically. “Officer Kavanagh, and twice in a row? That hurts.”

I couldn’t help but giggle at his antics.

“And much too formal for two old friends like us.” He winked again, and my toes curled.

I peeked up at him through lowered lashes, idly wondering if he could tell by looking at me.

“Now… didn’t you say you had somewhere to be?”

The question caused my mind to snap back to the reason for the predicament I’d just endured and I groaned. “Yes.”

He laughed again. “I don’t know what you have against baby showers.”

I rolled my eyes, but my lips had quirked at the sound of his amusement. “As a man, I guess you wouldn’t.”

“Hey, now, that’s sexist. I happen to love a good baby shower.”

My eyes rounded. “Well, I stand corrected. Sorry again, Officer Kavanagh.”

“I tell you what, since our business is concluded, I’m off the clock. So why don’t we switch it back to ‘Mr. K’?”

His eyes gleamed at me and my knees were officially jelly. I felt sure that my grin was as goofy as a character off Looney Tunes, but I didn’t care enough to mind. “Okay.” It came out an overeager murmur.

“Good. Now that we got that settled, how would you feel about some company?”

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