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Daddy Says by Maggie Ryan – Extended Preview

Despite giving herself a pep talk, the moment she entered the living room and saw the chair he’d brought in from the dining room, her tummy flipped. When he smiled and held out his hand, she went to him on shaky legs, allowing him to guide her between his legs. She was pretty sure that if he let her go, she’d fall straight to the floor, and she was grateful that his hands continued to hold both of hers, not letting her collapse at his feet.

“Tell me why Daddy is going to spank his little girl.”

Whoa, this was really happening! The question, the terms of address, the tone, everything about it seemed surreal and yet she found herself answering, “Because I-I was bad?”

“Not bad, Janie, naughty. How were you naughty?”

She didn’t really understand the difference, but what she did understand was that he—her daddy—had just given her a Little name. How a simple thing could have such a profound effect on her, she didn’t know, but it did. Instantly she felt years fall away and that allowed her to answer.

“I was rude to you, took advantage of my friends, and wasn’t a very good employee.”

“And you lied.”

“I didn’t!”

“Yes, sweetie, you did. You’ve been lying since the first night when you refused to acknowledge that this is exactly what you’ve been wanting, craving, for so very long. Now, how does that make you feel inside?”

How could he sound so sure of himself? Of her. She’d not even completed the section about having a daddy. It was as if he didn’t require her written answers, just needed to look at her and know this was what she had been searching for. “Not very good,” she admitted and recognized the truth of that statement. “A little icky actually.”

“That’s what guilt does, but Daddy is going to make that icky feeling go away.” Releasing her hands, he guided them to her sides. “How is Daddy going to do that, Janie?”

“You’re going to spank me.”

“That’s right. In the future, I might ask you to drop your panties, lift your skirt, and place yourself over my knee or position yourself elsewhere, but since this is your first spanking, I’m going to help, all right?”

“All… all right.” Her breath caught in her throat when his hands slipped beneath her skirt and her knees started shaking even more when he hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties. She wasn’t sure exactly how she’d pictured this happening, but it hadn’t been this. It was as if his body temperature was transferring to her skin with every tug of her underwear as he began to lower them. Her face flamed and her tummy began doing somersaults. She couldn’t for the life of her hold back the small whimper when the thin fabric conquered the hillocks of her buttocks, leaving them bare. He didn’t release them until they were at her knees, just visible beneath the hem of her skirt. With a simple movement, he turned her slightly and she gave a short yip of surprise when he tipped her over his left leg.

“Brace your hands on the floor,” he instructed. “I’ve got you. You won’t fall.”

Planting her palms on the floor, she was grateful that her hair cascaded around her face, her gratitude for the coverage growing exponentially when she felt her skirt being lifted and folded back to expose her bottom.

“Do not reach back, Janie. Keep your hands and feet down.”


“That’s my good girl.”

His words, the feel of his hand laying across her ass, and the feel of his free arm hugging her just a little closer to his body made Jane feel secure, but the moment she felt his right leg lifting to capture both of hers, she started to panic.

“Wait! Is-is this going to hurt?”

“Yes, it is.”

Why those three little words didn’t have her fighting like a wildcat to get free, she’d never understand. Perhaps it was that he didn’t sugarcoat it, didn’t lie, didn’t even assure her that it wouldn’t be that bad, but whatever the reason, they managed to settle her in the mindset of a little girl who’d chosen to misbehave and who had a daddy who wouldn’t allow her to be naughty without consequence. But when she felt his hand disappear, she knew that she’d earned this spanking and was finally ready to accept her just deserts.

The first strike shocked her enough that she remained absolutely silent, the second had her drawing in a huge gulp of air, the third had her head rearing back, and the fourth had her finding her voice as she shrieked. Hell, yes, it hurt! This was nothing like the time she’d been over Joe’s knees for that ridiculous facsimile of a spanking. Sawyer’s hand, the same hand that had made her feel so small, so secure as he’d held hers, was now falling like a paddle. It was hard and it was huge enough to cover a great deal of territory with each swat.

“Ow, ow, ow! Please!”

He ignored her cries, the sound of each crack of his hand bouncing about the room as she was sure her butt was bouncing beneath each stroke. No longer worried about the embarrassment of her position, no longer caring that he was staring at her bare bottom, all Jane was concerned about was surviving the spanking.

“Please! I’m sorry! I’ll never be naughty again, I swear!”

“Settle down, Janie. We’ve only just started and promises made while getting a spanking are rarely kept.”

Another half dozen strokes and she was sure she’d never sit again. Jane wanted to curse the lack of carpeting as her fingers clawed at the floor, her nails scraping over useless hardwood that didn’t allow a grip. Trying to kick her feet was thwarted by his leg pinning hers. Still, she couldn’t remain still. She wiggled, she squirmed, and she attempted to buck like a bronco with a burr under its saddle. When all that failed, she whipped her hands back, waving them in the air, attempting to block even a single swat.

“Naughty,” he said, capturing both of Jane’s wrists, pinning them against the small of her back. “Little girls who misbehave during their spanking earn extra strokes.”

“No! Please, I didn’t mean to! Please, that’s enough!”

“Daddy decides what is enough. Not you, Janie.” With that, his knee lifted, her face lowered and she discovered that her bottom was not the only place that her daddy could turn into a furnace. When he began to swat the area where her bottom merged with her thighs, Jane gasped and then burst into tears.

“I’m sorry, Daddy! I’m sorry!” The fact that she’d just called him Daddy for the first time registered and yet it didn’t seem strange or forced… it felt just right.

“I know you are, baby girl, but it’s my job to make sure you understand that naughtiness will earn you a hot little bottom every time.”

Evidently her new daddy took his job very seriously because his hand kept rising and falling. Jane was soon nothing more than a blubbering blob, limp over his knee, strands of her hair stuck to her cheeks, her poor butt feeling as if an entire continent of killer bees had decided to sink their stingers into her flesh. She had no idea when the spanking ended, only that instead of another stroke, she felt his hand rubbing gently over her throbbing buttocks.

“Shhh, it’s over now.” Before she could react, Sawyer released her wrists and lifted her, flipping her over and cradling her against his chest, her bottom resting on his thigh. Jane grabbed onto his shirt, burying her face in his neck and just wailed.

“That’s it, little one. Let it all out. You’re safe. Daddy’s got you.”

She didn’t even question the validity of that statement. No matter how much she’d struggled and squirmed, he’d never once allowed her to feel as if she’d tumble to the floor. This position might be different, but she knew that he’d keep her close, hold her tight until she was ready to pull away. Why she didn’t immediately jump off his lap, order him out of her house, and inform him that she never wanted to set eyes on him again was a question for another time. Right now, all she wanted was to feel his arms around her, his hand stroking her back, and the feel of his solid chest against her body.

Minutes passed as Jane calmed and went from thinking about how much her bottom hurt to thinking about how wonderful it felt to be in his arms. Finally, she gave a last sniffle and sat back. Immediately, he had a handkerchief ready and gently wiped her face and then softly instructed her to blow. Once that was done, he gave her a smile and a kiss that had her insides beginning to burn. The kiss was gentle and yet so full of promise that she found it a little difficult to breathe. When he pulled away, she instantly wanted his lips to return to hers.


“Yes,” she managed. “You were right, you know.”

“About what?”

“Spankings really do hurt!”

He chuckled and gave her a hug. “Then I did my job correctly. Just know that the next time you lie, either to me or yourself, you’ll bend over for my belt.”

Who knew that hearts could actually stop mid-beat and that his words would have her freshly spanked butt clenching and another rush of moisture slipping into the folds of her sex? She couldn’t help but look at his waist, the belt threaded through its loops seeming to give weight to his words. Her hand dropped from where it had been clutching his shirt and reached down, a finger moving toward the black leather. Before she could touch it, she became aware of the fact that the front of his trousers looked very… full and she could swear she saw something—okay, his cock—twitch beneath the fabric. Yanking her hand away, she snapped her eyes back to his, seeing a slight curve to his lips and his eyebrow arched. She was pretty sure she wasn’t supposed to be thinking about his cock when he was discussing her punishment. Nodding, she hoped that he’d think she’d simply been listening to him.


He gave her a little squeeze. “Other than your bottom being a little tender, how do you feel here?” His finger tapped against her chest, right over her heart.

Jane considered the question and gave him the only answer she could. “Guilt-free and… and really good.”

“That’s the benefit of a spanking. You pay for your transgression and all is forgiven. You have a clean slate.” When her stomach rumbled, he grinned. “And now that you’re no longer nervous, you can enjoy dinner.” Lifting her off his lap, it took her a second to realize why he was bending forward. Seeing him reach for her panties that were now at her ankles, she felt her face heat, her head knocking into his as she also bent, ready to take them from him.

“Are you all right?” he asked, his eyes lifting to hers.

Dropping her hand where she’d been rubbing her forehead, she said, “Yes, sorry, I just… I can do that.”

“I know,” he acknowledged, and yet didn’t even hesitate to continue pulling her panties up her legs before bending forward to kiss her forehead. “But, that’s also part of my job.”

There wasn’t really enough time to be embarrassed as the cotton undies were already covering her punished nates before she could blink. Once her panties were back where they belonged, he patted her bottom gently and then stood, taking her hand in one of his while the other easily lifted the chair.

Jane discovered that while she’d been in the bathroom, he’d put their plates in the oven to keep their dinners warm. After he placed the chair back where it belonged, she eyed the wooden seat and decided that cushions were a definite addition to her shopping list. She was trying to determine how to ask if she could remain standing, when he set her plate down, not where it had been originally, but next to his.

“Come here,” he said, taking a seat and patting his knee.

Climbing into his lap was far more comfortable than any cushion and taking bites from the fork he offered to her lips felt as natural as feeding herself. As they ate, she settled against his chest, feeling a sense of peace she’d never experienced before. He wasn’t making her feel strange about the spanking or looking at her like she was some sort of weirdo for needing him to be in control. She didn’t understand it exactly, but did she really need to?

After they both finished eating, she hopped from his lap and began to gather the dishes, surprised when he helped her clean the kitchen. It took no time at all with the two of them working together. “Do you want some coffee?” she asked.

“No, not tonight. You need to get into bed.”

“Bed? It’s early still. I thought maybe we could watch a movie or something.”

Sawyer hung the dish cloth on the rack and shook his head. “I’d love to, but not tonight. You’ve got an early doctor’s appointment tomorrow and need to get your rest.”

“Tomorrow? But I haven’t even made an appointment yet. We don’t need to rush into this.”

He tilted his head to the side, giving her a long look. “Are you scared of doctors, Janie?”

Remembering how he felt about lying, she put her hand behind her back and crossed her fingers. “Of course not.”

“Hmm, well, from what you just said, I have a feeling that it’s been quite some time since you’ve seen a doctor, correct?”

“So? I’ve told you I’m healthy,” Jane said, not about to tell him she hadn’t gone to a doctor since she’d been a teen and had mono.

Sawyer shook his head. “Regular appointments are necessary to make sure you remain healthy. But, no worries as I called and made the appointment when you were in the bathroom. I’ll be by at eight in the morning.”


He took her hand and pulled her to him. “No arguments, and remember, I’ll be with you every step of the way. Now, if you’d like, I’ll tuck you into bed before I leave.”

The jump from doctor’s visits to being tucked in was a little startling, but she eagerly made the transition. “I’d like that.”

“All right. Run and change into your jammies, and I’ll be in.”

Nodding, she went to her room trying to figure out how she could tell him that what she’d really like was for him to tuck himself into her bed as well. As she changed into a pink nightgown that had an edging of lace around the hem and bodice, she realized she wasn’t even sure that he was interested in any sort of adult relationship. She’d answered questions about her likes and dislikes, but those had come before the section on ageplay. Was she even on the same page as Sawyer?

“You ready?”

The question had her twirling around, her heart pounding a bit.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“No, you just surprised me,” she said, sure her face was as red as her butt, but suddenly positive that she could not suggest he climb in beside her.

He smiled and looked around her room. “Which stuffy would you like?”

“Oh, um, I really don’t sleep with those,” Jane said, a bit mortified that she hadn’t even considered that he might be in her bedroom one day. She was pretty sure that grown women did not normally keep, much less display, an entire shelf of beloved stuffies from their childhood.

“No? That seems like a shame,” he said, turning his eyes back to her.

Jane busied herself yanking back the quilt and sheet on the bed, hopping in and biting back the moan that threatened to escape as her bottom took her full weight. Sawyer came to the side and sat down on the edge of the bed, tucking the covers around her. Leaning down, he kissed the tip of her nose.

“Are we going to have sex?” The moment she realized she’d just blurted that out, she almost died of embarrassment.

He sat back and shook his head. “No—”

Of course they weren’t. He wasn’t just a dom, he was a daddy dom. “Never mind; it was a stupid question. I mean, it’s clear you want a daddy/little relationship. Just forget I asked. You-you can go now.”

“No,” he repeated, smiling down at her. “I most certainly will not go. Not until we get a few things straight. You worried yourself sick for a week thinking that I’d have you in diapers and drinking out of a bottle instead of just asking, so, honey, know that there are no stupid questions.” As he spoke, he kicked off his shoes and pulled away the covers he’d just tucked in. “Scooch over.” He moved to sit with his back against the headboard, and when he reached for her, she didn’t hesitate to climb onto his lap. “All right, baby girl, let’s talk.”

Having her in his arms felt as perfect as he’d imagined. But, it was clear that she was still confused and that wouldn’t do. It was imperative that she understand exactly what he desired—what he knew she would find equally fulfilling.

“Janie, I’m not just your daddy, but I’m also a man. You are a woman who also needs to be a Little at times. There are infinite definitions of how couples define their relationships, how they see their roles, but unless you tell me otherwise, as far as I’m concerned—yes, there will be sex. A lot of sex.”

“There will?” she asked, her cheeks turning scarlet but her eyes going brighter. “I just didn’t want to… to assume that you’re, well, attracted to me in that way.”

“Baby, believe me, I’m very attracted to you, and I know that you’re quite attracted to me as well.”

“How? We haven’t really done much other than kissing and that was nice… but it was the kind of sweet and innocent sort of kissing.”

“True, and while spanking isn’t exactly fun for you, it does tell me quite a bit about your responses.” Seeing the doubt in her eyes, he smiled. “Even though you were nervous about being spanked, your body tells its own story. When I pulled down your panties, they were damp. Every time you kicked your feet or wiggled your bottom, I could see that your little pussy was glistening.” When she groaned and buried her face in his shirt, he cupped her chin and made sure she was looking into his eyes. “That is nothing to be embarrassed about or feel ashamed of. Spanking is a very intimate thing. I’m not only touching your bare skin, I’m watching your responses, and, Janie, what I saw made me very pleased.”

“You liked spanking me?”

“Not liked in the way you mean, but, yes. I liked the fact that you trusted me to do so, to give you a bit of pain in order to help you become the person you want to be. I don’t like hearing you cry, but do like knowing that once the spanking is over, you’ll feel better, forgiven. Punishing you is but one of my responsibilities. Pleasuring you will be another.”

“Like when you give me a funishment spanking?”

He grinned, his cock rock hard as he visualized her perfect ass up in the air, her sharp yips of pain at each stroke turning to moans of pleasure as he soothed away the sting. “Yes, like that or when I lay you down and kiss you in a far less sweet and innocent way, nibbling on your nipples and licking the cream from your pussy.”

“You… you could do that now,” she said.

“I know, but I don’t believe in pleasuring after a punishment. Not to say that I won’t take my own pleasure at times when you’ve been naughty, and even use your body hard as part of an intimate punishment, but as far as immediately bringing you to orgasm, I believe that negates the lesson. Can you understand that?”

She took a moment, her eyes wide before she shook her head. “I’m not sure as I’m still wondering about who exactly is in control here. You said I was but from what you’re saying, you are free to get your rocks off while I’ll be left with nothing but a burning butt.”

“You are in control of yourself, your choices so to speak. If you make the wrong ones, you’ll be punished, which is what I am in control of. If you don’t want to have a burning bottom at the very least, then be my good girl. It’s really as simple as that.”

He’d said there were no stupid questions and was glad when she didn’t hesitate to ask another. “What do you mean, the very least?”

“There are many places where a naughty girl can be spanked.” Tilting her forward just a bit, he reached to give her bottom a squeeze. “Your ass.” Sliding his hand beneath her gown, his fingers trailed along the curve of her bottom cheeks. “This sweet little area called your sit-spot, which you experienced tonight.” Dropping his hand an inch, he stroked her thigh. “The backs of your thighs.” Moving his hand, he heard her gasp as he stroked a finger against the gusset of her panties. “Your little pussy when you are exceptionally naughty can also receive a spanking.” Her bottom lip was between her teeth as he continued his demonstration by moving higher and cupping her breast. “And your breasts.”

“You’d spank my breasts?”

“Yes, I would. I will never lie to you, Janie. There is not a single part of your body that won’t belong to me. I’ll spank you whenever and wherever I deem is necessary, and you will know you are being punished.” His fingers moved to gently stroke across her nipple, the bud already puckered tightly. “I will also lick, suckle, kiss, taste every inch of your skin to bring you pleasures you’ve yet to imagine. There will be no inch of you that I will leave unexplored. You’ll take my cock into your mouth and your cunny for both pleasure and penance. And, Janie, you’ll take every single inch of my cock into your tight little ass when I am making love to you or if I’m giving you a hard punishment fuck.”

Her breathing was becoming ragged as he spoke, her nipples hard as stones, her eyes a bit glazed and yet she didn’t attempt to pull away, didn’t voice a single objection.

“Is there any part of that you don’t want, Janie?”

“N-no, sir.”

His instincts had just been validated. She’d not enjoy it all, but she craved it, and he would make it his life’s work to make sure she realized what an incredible gift her submission to him was.

“Good girl. Just trust me, sweetie. Trust me as your daddy, as your lover, as the man who wants to be your everything.”

“I… I’ll try.”

Bending, he took her mouth. Not softly as he’d done after her spanking, but hard. She instantly pressed against him, her arms wrapping around his neck, her body trembling as he stroked his tongue against the seam of her lips, demanding entrance. She opened and he invaded, plundered, took her breath away as she clung to him. His cock throbbed, and he had no doubt that if he laid her back, if he spread her legs, she’d welcome him inside her pussy. But he would not take her tonight. He released her, then kissed her softly before pulling away completely, loving her soft mewl of protest.

“And that is why you will see the doctor tomorrow. There will be no sex until I’m positive that you are healthy—”

“How many times do I have to say, I am healthy?”

She squealed when he took her nipple between his thumb and finger and pinched. “That’s twice now you’ve interrupted Daddy.”

“I’m sorry!”

Releasing the puckered bud, he said, “I was also going to say it is important that I know your capabilities.” When her mouth opened, he placed a finger against her lips. “Trust me, Janie.” She nodded and he gave her a quick kiss. Sometimes it wasn’t easy being in control—not when it required restraint, but that was also part of his responsibility.

“Does that answer your question at least for a start?”

“Yes,” she said, her voice soft, her eyes even softer.

Sawyer smiled, lifted her into his arms only long enough to stand and then slipped her back between the sheets. Tucking the blankets around her again, he bent to kiss her one last time. “Get some sleep.”

“I will and, um, Daddy?”


“Do you… spank for a sort of fib?”

“How do you ‘sort of fib’?”

She glanced at the shelf he’d looked at earlier. “I don’t sleep with those, but I do sleep with Mr. Bear.”

He grinned, actually quite pleased that she trusted him enough to risk a spanking to admit she enjoyed a stuffy. “And where is he?”

“Over on the chair.”

The bear did indeed look like he was used to being cuddled. After retrieving him, he tucked the stuffy beneath the covers next to her. Dropping a kiss on her lips, he stood and looked down at her. “Since I don’t have a ‘sort of spanking’, I’m going to let that little fib go.” She grinned and he shook his head. “Only this one time, young lady. Do not fib to me again because you already know what will happen.”

Her eyes locked once more on the belt around his waist, and she shuddered. “I won’t, Daddy.”

“All right. Goodnight, Janie.”

“Goodnight, Daddy.”

Sawyer flicked off the light and walked back through the house. It wasn’t until he had the front door open that he thought about one last instruction, and something was telling him it was an important one. Closing the door softly, he retraced his steps. He’d left her bedroom door slightly ajar and he pushed it open. Sure enough, his intuition had been spot-on. Janie was not curled on her side with Mr. Bear in her arms. In fact, she wasn’t even tucked in tightly. His little one had the covers down at her waist and from the soft sounds he could hear and the movement he could discern, he had a very good idea of exactly what she was doing. Two steps took him to the side of her bed, and a single tug of the blankets had her screeching and her eyes flying open.

“Young lady, what are you doing?”

“God, you scared me!” she said, as he flipped the light on.

It took everything within him not to grin as she didn’t move a muscle, thinking perhaps that if she remained frozen he couldn’t figure out exactly where her hand was. “Pull it out, little one.”

Her hand slowly emerged from her underwear, her fingers curling into a fist. He reached down and took her hand, opening her fist to reveal the wetness coating her fingers.

“You are not allowed to masturbate. From now on, all your orgasms belong to me. Daddy will be the one to decide when his little one receives pleasure. Is that clear?”


“Yes, sweetie. The moment you agreed to give yourself to me, to honor me by becoming my special girl, every little inch of you became mine. Understand?”

“I-I didn’t know.”

“That is why your panties aren’t already down and your bottom up.”

He could practically see her mind spinning, knew her need, could smell her arousal and yet she needed to understand that this was the beginning of her total immersion into her submission. “Did you hear me, Janie?”

It took her a moment to say, “Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl. And if you think about disobeying once I leave, if you are a naughty girl and allow your fingers to play where they don’t belong, I promise that you’ll regret it.”

“Why… I mean… it’s not like I’ve never… or that you’ll kn…” He watched as a wave of color ran up from the neck of her gown to stain her face as she stumbled over her words.

Sawyer shook his head as she admitted that masturbation wasn’t a foreign concept and basically told him that she wasn’t worried about his finding out she’d ignored his instruction. Neither one of those was conducive to building a relationship… especially one as intimate and based on a level of deep trust as the dynamic of daddy/little, which was exactly what they both wanted.

“Because while you will experience a few moments of pleasure, instead of sweet dreams, you’ll find your mind will be filled with visions of you squirming and thinking about how you were naughty, how you disobeyed your daddy’s wishes. Unless you want to toss and turn picturing yourself making your confession, placing yourself over my knee and presenting your little bottom for a much longer, much harder spanking than the one you received earlier, including several swats on your little pussy, I’d suggest you consider if a few seconds of bliss is worth it.” He paused as if knowing she needed a moment to collect herself and then he said, “And, Janie?”

“Yes, sir?”

“I assure you I will know.” He heard her gasp as he drew each of her fingers into his mouth and licked away the evidence of her naughtiness. Once her hand was clean, he tucked the covers back around her, making sure Mr. Bear was in her arms this time. “Goodnight, my sweet girl.”

“Good… goodnight, Daddy.”

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