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Daddy Takes Command by Kelly Dawson – Extended Preview

Although Nick tried his best to force the thoughts of the woman on the couch out of his mind, he couldn’t focus on his work at all. He admired her bravery—her ankle was obviously sore, yet she’d been determined to keep working. She was far too stubborn for her own good, and worked far too hard. Still, she was getting a much-needed rest now, he thought with satisfaction. There was no way she’d be able to walk on that ankle for a few days, and it would do her good.

Turning out the horses, he trudged slowly back to the house. He hadn’t been gone quite an hour, and there was plenty more he could find to do, but he wanted to see how his patient was faring.

She greeted him in the kitchen as he walked in the door.

“What are you doing up?” he growled.

“I just put the icepack away,” she answered, hopping around the kitchen on one foot, a hand braced against the wall for balance.

“You should have waited for me to do that,” he grumbled, striding towards her quickly, wanting to get her back to the couch before she fell, or hurt herself some more.

“Why? I’m fine,” she answered dismissively, flashing him a cheeky smile.

“You are not fine, you’re hurt.” He wrapped his arm around her waist and before she could protest, he scooped her up into his arms, the same way he’d carried her inside. She felt so right there nestled against him like that, like she belonged in his arms, and he didn’t want to put her down. But he forced aside those thoughts and strode quickly across the room, depositing her gently on the couch, taking care not to knock her ankle.

“Stay put this time,” he ordered in the gruffest manner he could muster.

“I don’t want to,” she insisted, her eyes dancing with laughter.

“Don’t you ever do as you’re told?”

“Nope.” She looked directly at him and smiled sweetly, making his cock harden in his pants.

Don’t go there, his subconscious warned, and he swallowed, trying to push away the feelings that welled up within him.

Sarah stood up.

“Sit back down,” he growled, sounding much grumpier than he’d intended.

She meant to defy him, he could tell, but he couldn’t miss the flash of pain in her eyes as she put her foot down on the floor. He heard her sharp intake of breath and saw her face pale. Slowly, she sat back down.

“Stay there this time, I mean it,” he told her, his voice much softer now that she was back where he wanted her to be, on the couch, with her foot propped up.

It took a moment for the pain to leave her face but when it did, she looked up at him, mischief flashing in her eyes.

“What if I don’t?” she asked, her teasing voice rich with laughter.

“If you disobey me, I’ll…” He paused. He’d what? “I’ll tan your backside!”

“Oooh!” she giggled, and raised one eyebrow at him, looking so cheekily cute he wanted to kiss her. He licked his lips.

Don’t go there, he reminded himself again. But it was too late.

“Is that a threat or a promise?” she asked, sounding so innocent, a teasing smile lighting up her face.

“Both… little girl.” He had no idea where those words had come from, they’d just slipped out, but they made his cock rock hard. Judging by the way her breath hitched and her face flushed, she liked it too.

He met her gaze and she held his eyes defiantly, a flirty smile on her lips, her chin tilted up, daring him to make good on his threat. What had he been thinking, threatening to tan her like that? He’d never threatened anyone with a spanking in his life and aside from the light playful tap he’d given her butt yesterday, he’d certainly never dished one out. And yet the woman on the couch who was slowly rising up off the couch in front of him, with the curvaceous ass he longed to reach out and squeeze, seemed intrigued by the idea. No, more than that. She seemed eager to test him, to push him into fulfilling his promise. It was like she wanted to feel his hand smacking her ass.

Don’t go there, his inner voice warned him once more, but it was too late. He’d gone too far to back off now.

Sarah held his gaze as she slowly got to her feet. She took most of the weight on her good leg, but even so, a jolt of pain shot through her ankle bad enough to make her reconsider her decision to test Nick’s authority. What was she doing, anyway, challenging him like that? Part of her wanted to back off, to sit back down and do what she’d been told, but the other part of her, the part that had her insides quivering and her pussy wet with desire, couldn’t help but test him. His threat had thrilled that part of her and now there was no going back.

She straightened her back and let go of the tenuous hold she had on the arm of the couch. She was fully upright now, fully not where she was supposed to be. She couldn’t hide her mischievous grin, nor could she pull her eyes away from his. She felt her pulse race and her heart pound as Nick reached for her, his dark eyes smouldering.

She squealed as he wrapped an arm around her waist and tipped her forward, and she sucked in her breath as he landed a solid smack to her butt.

“This is what happens to naughty little girls who don’t do as they’re told,” he growled, his voice gravelly with arousal.

The slap didn’t hurt much through her clothes—the slight sting had already faded by the time Nick had finished his brief scolding, but her nerve endings were all alive with sparks and heat shot to her core. More. She needed more of this. Trying to breathe the air that was suddenly too thick and clogging her throat, she wiggled her hips flirtatiously, egging him on. All she could think about was how good Nick’s hand had felt on her ass.

His hard palm landed again and again, several searing swats in quick succession, and she gasped as a shiver went down her spine.

Another swat fell, with a bit more force this time, making her rise up on her toes and igniting a fiery burn beneath her jeans.

“Ow! That hurt!” she protested half-heartedly, as her nipples tightened with desire. Please don’t stop, she begged inside her head, her core clenching with need at the feel of Nick’s hard body up against her own.

“It’s supposed to, little girl,” Nick growled in her ear, unmistakeable arousal in his husky voice.

He smacked her again with an upwards swing, his palm catching her low on her buttocks, leaving behind a fresh sting.

“Are you learning your lesson, little girl?” he asked her sternly.

Her tummy flipped. “Yes, Daddy,” she gasped. Daddy? Where did that come from? she wondered, as a little thrill shot through her.

She heard him chuckle behind her then she felt his big hand on her butt again, but the slap was just light this time, little more than an affectionate pat that turned erotic when he squeezed her bottom between his strong fingers, causing the coarse fabric of her jeans to chafe against her slightly sore skin. She squirmed. It felt nice, even with the slight sting. She arched her hips up towards him, offering her bottom to him and he smacked her twice more, harder this time.

“Daddy thinks you’re liking this a bit too much, little girl. I think this spanking needs to be on your bare bottom, don’t you?”

She felt his fingers between her thighs, prising them apart, and she gasped when he rubbed his thumb down the seam of her jeans, pressing lightly against her pussy, sending tingles through her body.

“Yes, Daddy,” she ground out between clenched teeth, breathless, as the pressure of his fingers made her pussy throb with desire.

She felt his hot breath against her ear, his whiskers tickled her neck. “Undo them,” he ordered huskily.

She hastened to obey, her fingers fumbling with the button and zipper. Her fingers were clumsy and felt like jelly; the zipper slipped out of her grasp.

“Are you deliberately disobeying me, little girl?” Nick growled in her ear. His big hand cupped her bottom, then landed with a hearty smack that made her yelp.

“No, Daddy, I’m trying, honest!”

“Try harder.” He slapped her ass again, the palm of his hand landing with enough force to make her cry out in shock.

Finally she got it; she wrestled the button undone, wrenched down the zipper, then slid the jeans sensuously down her thighs. With a groan, Nick grabbed her wrists, pinning them to her back with one hand, and he pushed her down over the arm of the couch. She was immobilized: pinned down by Nick’s strong grip, hobbled by her pants. Her breath caught in her throat as excitement bubbled up within her. She was totally at his mercy. The thought thrilled her, and she squirmed delightedly.

Nick’s fingers at the waistband of her knickers made her suck in her breath sharply and hold it. She’d felt the rough texture of his hands many times, but to have them right there, his thumb grazing her hip, his hand splayed across her bottom and two fingers dipped between her cheeks, grasping the elastic at the top of her knickers, was entirely different. His chapped, callused skin brushing against her so intimately made her shiver.

“Let’s bare your bottom, little girl,” Nick’s husky whisper interrupted her thoughts, making her breathe again. “So Daddy can tan it properly.”

She froze as he drew her underwear gently down over her hips, pushing them and her jeans down her thighs to her knees. Nick still held her wrists firmly in the small of her back and had her pressed over the arm of the couch.

“Give yourself to me, little girl. Give me that naughty little ass of yours.”

Her face was flaming, she could feel it. She felt so naughty, bent over the couch bare-bottomed, with sparks flying through her body. It was embarrassing, but erotic at the same time. She pressed her cheek against the seat of the couch but tilted her head slightly so she could look up at Nick. An impressive erection tented his jeans and his dark eyes smouldered with passion. The day-old stubble disguised, but didn’t hide completely, the arousal in his face, the firm set of his jaw, the way his nostrils flared above slightly parted lips. He wanted her; that much was clear. By the look of things, he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

“Ow!” she yelled, as his hand crashed against her bottom, branding her. It hurt so much more on bare skin, and she wriggled, partly in a futile attempt at escape, and partly in hope that moving would ease the biting sting. It didn’t, and before the sting had abated fully, Nick’s hard hand landed again.

“Naughty girls who don’t do as they’re told get their bare bottoms smacked, don’t they, little girl?” Nick’s voice was barely more than a husky whisper.

“Yes, Daddy.” Her answer came out as a squeak as she sucked in a harsh breath. Her nipples were hard inside her bra, sensitive against the lace that restrained them. The top of her thighs were slick with her juices. Heat radiated outwards from her core, the pain in her ankle forgotten.

Her body quivered as Nick pressed his fingers into her scorched bottom, rubbing out the lingering sting.

“Have you learned your lesson, little girl? Or do you need another smack?”

“I’ve learned my lesson, Daddy,” she insisted breathlessly.

“Have you?” Nick sounded doubtful as his palm cracked across the fullest part of her bottom again, sending sparks through her.

“Yes, Daddy!” she squealed, clenching her cheeks together against another hard slap.

“Are you sure?” Two more quick smacks accompanied this question, one on each cheek.

“Yes, I’m sure!” she insisted, breathless as his fingers roamed between her legs, sliding inside her wet entrance.

“You’re so wet, naughty girl!” Nick’s voice was a husky growl that rumbled through her, only enhancing her desire. Withdrawing his finger from her abruptly, he wiped her juices across her hot bottom, then slapped her again, hard, twice.

“Ow!” Sarah yelled. “I will be good, Daddy! I promise!”

“Will you?” His hand on her back held her firmly, but her legs were jelly. She had all her weight on one leg anyway, thanks to her sore ankle, and it was shaking. Shivers zipped down her spine as Nick pressed the heel of his hand against her hot bottom and reached for her swollen labia lips with his fingers. He slapped her engorged lips lightly with his fingers, lighting fireworks inside her.

“I asked you a question, little girl,” he growled, drawing circles with his fingers on her drenched pussy.

“Yes, I will be good, Daddy!” It all came out in one breathless word, a desperate promise, in a high-pitched tone. She clenched her hands, her wrists still held fast against her back.

She gasped as he slid one finger deep inside her.

“What will you do next time I give you a command?” Nick growled.

She could only moan in response as he slid his finger in and out of her.

Smack! His fingers landed against her wet, engorged labia with a stinging splat. “I asked you a question.”

“I will…” she squeaked, unable to form the words. “Listen,” she forced out. “I will listen, Daddy!” she amended, arching her back to thrust her bottom out more, offering herself fully to him. “Please, Nick,” she moaned. “More.”

“More what?” He pressed two fingers against her entrance this time, teasing her, sliding just the very tips of them inside her, then withdrawing, before sliding them back inside her again, spreading them apart, stretching her wide.

“You,” she groaned into the couch. “I want you. All of you. I want you to fuck me.”

She heard him suck in a breath, and his fingers stilled.

“You’re being punished, little girl. Not pleasured.”

Every nerve in her body froze. Surely he wasn’t going to deny her now, after getting her so worked up? Didn’t he want this as much as she did?

“Please,” she begged into the couch.

“Do you get to make the rules?”

“No, Daddy,” she whispered, terrified of his rejection, crossing her fingers as best she could in Nick’s grip. “But please. I want you. I want to feel your cock inside me. Please!”

“Are you sure about this?”

His voice was serious now, the term of endearment that she was growing to love, starkly missing.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Excitement fizzed through her as his fingers moved inside her again.

“Okay. Wait right here. Don’t you dare move, little girl.”

Nick released her wrists, but she held them still against her back. Her heart pounded. Her juices trickled down the inside of her thighs, tickling her, but she didn’t move to wipe the sticky liquid away; she wanted to be obedient. Her bottom burned. Nick had whacked her hard, but she resisted the urge to reach down and rub the sting away.

A few seconds later the footsteps behind her and the ripping of a foil packet heralded Nick’s return. Excitement took her breath away as she waited for him, listening to the soft brushing of fabric as Nick shed his clothes behind her.

She gasped as he reached between her legs to cup her mound.

“Bottom up,” he whispered, hoarse. “Knees up on the arm of the couch, spread wide, head down.”

She hastened to obey, helped along by the upwards pressure of Nick’s hand. She couldn’t breathe normally, but gasped in shallow breaths of the electric air instead. With his other hand, Nick guided her body into position, tapping her clit lightly with his thumb of the hand that remained steady between her thighs.

“Last time,” Nick ground out, passion making his voice husky. “Are you sure about this? You sure you want me to fuck you, just like this, right now?”


His hard thighs pressed up against her burning bottom, he entered her quickly, roughly, sliding himself all the way inside her. She moaned. He was huge, both long and thick, and he filled her completely. The ribbed condom enhanced her pleasure as he sank his cock deep within her, teasing her, tormenting her. She clutched the couch cushions desperately at the same time he grabbed her hips and thrust, hard and fast, claiming her, consuming her.

“Oh, my god, Nick!” she yelled against the upholstery as sparks far more intense than anything she’d ever experienced before flew through her body, setting every nerve within her alight. Already, she was right on the edge of where she wanted to be, and Nick’s ministrations had barely begun.

“Don’t you dare come, little girl,” Nick growled. “Not until I say so.”

The dominant tone nearly wrecked her.

“I’ll try!” she squealed, her arms turning to jelly as Nick pounded into her again and again.

“You’ll do more than try, little girl.” He pulled out of her completely and smacked her pussy, his hard fingers stinging, then before she had time to react he slid slowly back inside her, gripping her hips firmly again.

The slap to her lady parts had shocked her, but it had turned her on as well, and the burn of Nick’s cock stretching her sore flesh confused the pleasure and the pain, chasing away her breath and making her unable to think of anything except him.

“Your ass is perfect,” Nick whispered, squeezing it. He grabbed her ponytail and tugged, forcing her head back, but not far enough that she could look at him. Heat shot through her. She was going to explode. Her whole body tingled. She’d never been fucked like this before.

Her pelvis rocked in time with his thrusts, her body willingly accommodating him. She dug her nails deeper into the fabric of the couch, her fingers hurting from the pressure of her frenzied grip. The rhythm was interrupted briefly as he reached around to touch her clit, the simple kissing touch sending flames shooting through her. He flicked it softly with his finger while he stayed buried inside her, teasing her, taking her right to the very edge.

“Now,” he commanded. He spoke softly, but it was her undoing. Her body responded to his command of its own volition. There was nothing she could do to stop it as she succumbed to the fire that had been building within her. Hot blood pulsed through her veins in time with her rapidly pounding heart. She arched her body into him, pressing back against him, driving his cock deeper into her, and squealed his name as she soared into oblivion, waves of pleasure washing over her. The orgasm went on and on, taking her higher than she’d ever been before, as he shuddered behind her and stilled, spent.

Her limbs were jelly, barely able to hold her up, as Nick gently withdrew from her.

“Damn, baby, you’re incredible!” he breathed.

“I could say the same about you!”

Gently, Nick took hold of her waist and helped her to her feet, steadying her against him, holding her in close to his chest. He dipped down to kiss her forehead, starting tingles up her spine all over again. She melted. He was so sweet, so strong, so dominant, all at the same time.

“You lie back down there on the couch, baby girl,” he commanded softly. “You’ve got a sore ankle that needs to rest.”

Nick spent the rest of the afternoon out in the shed, just tinkering mainly, trying to clear his head. He unravelled the tangles in an electric fence reel and wound it back up again, nice and tight. He wished it was so easy to get the kinks out of his life. What was he going to do? He didn’t do committed relationships. Ordinarily, he had his fun and rode away. He was a cowboy, after all, with dreams to chase. But he cared too much about Sarah to do that to her. Not that he could, anyway; she would be on the farm with him for a few more months, so it wasn’t like they could avoid each other. Leaning on his elbow against the old tractor at the back of the shed, he shook his head. He was in too deep to get away, now.

Hanging on a nail on the wall at the far side of the shed was an old razor strop. It was hard and rigid with age, covered in cobwebs, dust, and mould, and the leather was cracked. He took it down, surprised by its weight. The shaped leather handle was embossed but he couldn’t make out the words. Marks on the wooden slat wall where it had hung on an old rusty nail suggested it had been there for a number of years. Slowly, a grin spread across his face. One of these had hung in the woolshed back home in Hawkes Bay as far back as he could remember. It had been part of the station’s history. The shearers had used it to sharpen not just their razors in the morning, but their blades. He had another use in mind for this one.

An hour later, after liberally rubbing saddle oil into the ancient leather, the strop was supple and soft, perfect for punishing a disobedient little girl’s bare bottom.

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