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Daddy’s Little Elf by Meredith O’Reilly – Extended Preview

A Very Naughty Christmas 3D PNGYawning, I rolled over and put my arm over Chloe, wanting to snuggle close to her. I was about to go back to sleep when I realized I was cuddled up against a cool pillow instead of a warm wife.

Opening my eyes, I saw that she wasn’t in bed. The bathroom light wasn’t on, so she wasn’t in there. The clock read that it was five forty-five a.m. Where the heck was my wife at this hour of the morning?

Starting to get a bit worried, I leapt out of bed and headed downstairs to see if I could find her. Maybe she wasn’t feeling well and went downstairs to get something to drink, I thought as I took my final step on the stairs.

A cold breeze slammed into me before I heard Chloe whisper, “Fuck!”

Heading straight for our front door, I felt like I was experiencing déjà vu. I was stunned to see her, dressed in another one of her damned business suits, briefcase in hand, with the door wide open. I could see why she had sworn. Her right foot was covered in snow.

There had to be at least a foot and a half of snow covering the porch and more was falling.

“Shit!” she murmured to herself.

“Now I know I’ve taught you better than to use those potty mouth words.” I admonished, making my presence known as I took another step closer to her.

She spun around, her mouth gaped open.

“I’d suggest you shut the door, unless you’d like to continue to heat the outside.”

She closed the door and turned back to face me. She looked like a child who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“Would you like to tell me what’s going on?”

“I needed to… get something.”

Her eyes wouldn’t meet mine, which told me that she was lying. My anger rose a bit. I had always made it clear to her that lying was against the rules.

Striding across the room to her, I lifted her chin in my hand and waited until she met my eyes. “Would you like to try that again, little girl?”

She sighed. “I was going to run to work for a couple of hours and then come back home before you ever noticed I was gone.”

I took a deep breath and counted to ten before I said anything else. I didn’t want to lash out at my wife, but she deliberately disobeyed me not once, but twice. She had never done anything like this before. That’s what was so confusing to me.

“Why? Why is it so important to you that you get all this extra work done? Do you really not want to spend time with me?”

“No! That’s not it, Drew! I swear.”

“Then why, Chloe? Why the need to go to work after you promised me twice that you’d take this week off?”

“I can’t say.” With her response, she darted her eyes away from mine.

I released her chin and ran my hand through my hair. Looking outside, I could see there would be no way that either of us would be going anywhere, anytime soon. “Well, you won’t be able to go in now. We’re snowed in. Look at the roads.”

She turned and let out another expletive.

“Chloe.” She turned back to look at me. “You’ve broken your promise to me again about this issue. I am extremely disappointed in you. I want you to undress and go stand in the far-right corner of the living room.”

Her mouth gaped open. This was something new. Never had I made her stand in the corner before or punished her anywhere other than our bedroom, but what did she expect? She broke a promise that she had made to me less than twenty-four hours ago. Clearly, the old way wasn’t working. So instead, I was going to try something new. The first thing I had to do was get her to move or else we’d be standing here all day.

“Go now. For every extra minute you stand there, I’ll add five extra strokes.”

She dashed away to the living room. I followed her slowly. When I reached my destination, I took a seat on the couch, which was directly across from the corner she was in. She had followed my orders swiftly, having already tossed her clothes onto the side of a chair and taken her position, naked in the corner. Her bottom was slightly pink from the spanking she had received the day before, and it was about to get a lot brighter very quickly.

I sat on the couch for a few minutes, needing to cool down, and I also wanted her to stand in that corner and think about why she had earned the punishment that she was about to get.

After a few moments, I said, “Come here.”

She walked over to me slowly. When she was close enough, I pulled her down onto the couch so she was sitting next to me. I was going to give her one last chance to explain, to clear the air between us, and lessen her punishment this morning. Before I gave her the chance, I wrapped the throw cover that was behind me, around her. I might be frustrated, but I wasn’t going to let my wife freeze.

“You still don’t want to tell me why you had to go to work this morning?”

She shook her head no.

“You are going to get a pretty severe punishment today. You not only broke your promise to me once, but twice in the past twenty-four hours. Additionally, you swore three times, and tried to sneak out of the house to drive in weather conditions too dangerous to be out in. So, I want you to go upstairs and grab your hairbrush and my black leather belt.”

That got her attention, her eyes growing large as she let out a gasp.

“But, Sir! Your belt!”

My wife was not a fan of pain, which is why I had to punish her so infrequently in our marriage. It upset me having to punish her this morning because I knew how much she didn’t like it, but if I let her get away with disobeying me, then she’d do it again. I had to nip this issue in the bud right now.

“Yes, you’ve earned ten smacks with the hairbrush, and six strokes with my belt.”

I thought that was a fitting punishment. I kept the number of smacks with the hairbrush to ten, just like last night, since she was also getting my belt afterwards. However, since she was still sitting here after I had given her an order, I was reconsidering that number.

“Unless you want to feel more swats with your hairbrush, I’d go and get those implements now.”

Throwing the cover off, she dashed off of the couch so fast, I thought that there was a fire under her ass. There would be one soon.

I stood up and waited for my wife to come back with what I requested.

When she finally did, she slowly walked toward me and placed both items in my outstretched hand. Her face was so flushed. It was most likely from embarrassment that I had made her go and fetch the objects that I would soon use to redden her backside. I was hoping that that embarrassment kept her from repeating the same offense for a third time.

Not needing either implement yet, I laid them down on the coffee table. “Bend over the side of the couch. You may clutch a pillow if you want to.”

She pulled one into her chest and hugged it tight.

Walking behind her, I ran my hand over her already pink cheeks. She was going to be sore after our session today.

Not wanting to prolong this, I began with four smacks with my hand, two on each cheek. When she didn’t make any noise, I continued the spanking, smacking all around her backside and her sit spots.

She might have greatly disappointed me, but I wasn’t going to start her spanking without a warmup with my hand. If I didn’t give her this, the pain from the spanking would be much worse.

When her ass was a rosy shade of red and well heated, I decided it was time to move on with the next part of her punishment.

Picking up the hairbrush, I gave her four hard swats, two on each cheek.

“Ouch! Stop,” she cried, wiggling her ass.

I put my free hand on her lower back and pressed down to stop her moving. “Stay still, little girl, or else I’ll give you extra swats to help you stay still.”

She froze where she was. I knew that she didn’t want that. “Yes, Sir.”

I placed four more smacks on her bottom, making sure to not hit the same spot on her ass twice. I knew that the hairbrush would cause a huge concentrated sting in the spot I hit.

She whimpered and I paused her punishment to rub her backside. Her butt was very hot and fairly red.

I hated having to punish her, but when she directly disobeyed the rules that we had agreed upon together, she left me no choice.

I laid the last two strokes of the hairbrush down on her ass. She let out a small cry and I stopped to rub her bottom again and offer her some words of encouragement.

“You’re doing very well. You have six strokes with my belt left and then your punishment will be over.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I put the brush down on the coffee table and picked up my belt. I grabbed both ends and held them tight in my hand. The black leather was cool, but I knew that it would be heating up when I used it on her skin.

“Here comes the next part of your punishment.”

She squeezed her pillow as her butt muscles clenched up; that would only make this experience worse for her.

“Take a deep breath for me and relax. You know this will hurt more if your muscles are tight.”

She did as I asked and before she could think about tensing up again, I gave her the first two smacks on the lower side of her cheeks.

“Ouch! That h-hurts!” she cried, as her feet hopped back and forth on the floor. Her shoulders shook as she began to cry.

“That’s the point of a punishment, dear. It’s supposed to hurt so that you don’t repeat the same action that landed you in this position in the first place.”

Rubbing her heated skin, I waited a moment for her to calm down some before I continued. When her feet stopped dancing, I positioned myself to lay the next two smacks down on her naughty behind.

The two strokes fell on the upper side of her cheeks this time. The whoosh and thwap of each lashing blow was the only sound that filled the room. With each one, my belt left a dark red mark on my disobedient sub’s bottom.

She was starting to sob now. Her entire body shook with her cries. I hated having to do this to my wife, but I knew we wouldn’t be able to move on if I didn’t. Before we got married, I vowed to be the head of our family and to reward my wife when she behaved, and punish her when she disobeyed. I took that responsibility very seriously because I knew despite the pain it sometimes caused Chloe, it was what she and I needed.

“You’re doing very well, little one. We only have two strokes left to go.”

As I caressed her ass, the four wide lines that had been left from my belt felt hot to the touch.

Wanting to finish this, I got into place once more and laid the last two strokes on each of her sit spots. She howled in pain.

Tossing the belt onto the coffee table, I picked my sobbing wife up and settled her on my lap as I took a seat on the couch. Rubbing her back and petting her hair, I whispered in her ear how amazing she had done.

I might have been the one to punish her, but I also could be the one to comfort her.

She cried into my shoulder for a long time, which I didn’t mind. She needed to let it all out.

Finally, she settled down, looked up at me, and whimpered, “I’m sorry.”

“I accept your apology, baby girl. Everything is forgiven now.”

She wiggled on my lap. At first, I thought she was trying to find a more comfortable position for her sore bottom, but then I realized, when she parted her legs slightly, she was aroused. I guess there never was going to be a time that a spanking didn’t get her juices flowing.

I dipped my fingers between her legs and sure enough she was drenched.

“Please, Sir,” she begged, pushing her sex closer to my fingers.

Taking a deep breath, I had to decide if I would give her what she wanted. Normally after a punishment, she always received a reward, but this time, things were going to be different.

“No. This is the last part of your punishment. want you to go and stand in your corner with your hands behind your head for ten minutes. If I see you moving or touching yourself, the time will start over and you’ll be punished further.”

“But, Sir,” she moaned, wiggling on my lap as she spread her legs further apart. I could see her juices coating her inner thighs, and as tempting as the offer was, she needed to learn her lesson.

“Do you need more time with my belt, young lady?”

Without answering, she jumped up and headed to the corner, but not before she sent a teary-eyed look my way before getting into the position I had ordered.

This was going to be the worst punishment of the day for her. When we were dating, I quickly realized that she found no pleasure in delayed orgasming. Therefore, I hardly ever did it. Today, however, seemed like a good day to do it, to really drive home that I would not allow her to make promises to me and break them.

Waiting for the time to pass, I examined my naked wife. Her curvy ass was bright red from the spanking she had just received. If I had her bend over, I’d be able to see her swollen, drenched pussy. And if she turned around, her breasts would be full and her nipples beaded into tiny, hard peaks.

My cock grew hard as I imagined how pleasurable it would feel to drive myself into her. She would scream out my name as her inner walls tightened around my shaft. I had to fight the urge to do that, reminding myself that it would defeat the purpose of this last punishment.

Surprisingly, the ten minutes flew by, at least for me, which I was grateful for because by the time it was over, I was sure that my cock could have hammered in nails.

Standing up, I walked over to Chloe and put a hand on her shoulder to turn her around.

She looked up at me with her big hazel eyes, and my heart felt like it melted a little.

“Your punishment is all done, sweetie.”

“I’m sorry for disappointing you, Drew, or Sir, I know I’ve been punished, but is there some way to make it up to you? Please.”

“Are you asking to play, baby?”

“Oh, yes…”

“Hm, we are snowbound, which gives me some ideas.” Bound being the pivotal word.

“You have the very best ideas, Sir,” she said with a grin. After eight years of marriage, she was well aware of the kinds of things my kinky brain came up with.

“Let’s go upstairs.” Now that the serious stuff was over, I was ready to fuck her—hard.

“Lie on the bed,” I ordered as we entered the room.

“Yes, Sir,” she said eagerly, hopping onto the bed with a little bounce and then wincing. In her enthusiasm to obey me, she clearly forgot the state of her well-disciplined little butt.

I reached for the leather hand restraints that we had bolted to the headboard. Strapping both to her wrists, I ensured they weren’t too tight. In fact, there was a bit of wiggle room, in case she needed it.

Standing back, I surveyed the gorgeous woman in front of me. Her hair was all ruffled, her eyes were big and shining, her nipples were pebbles, and her pussy was dripping with her juices. With her arms restrained, she was completely at my mercy.

I pulled off my shirt and pajama pants and climbed onto the bed. Putting one knee between her legs, to spread them a bit further, I pressed my lips down to her soft ones. They tasted like her peppermint ChapStick.

Deepening the kiss, I ran my hands through her hair. It was so silky and soft. Grabbing two fistfuls, I tugged roughly. Our kiss broke and she let out a loud moan. My wife loved having her hair pulled.

Releasing her, I kissed my way down to her breasts. Capturing one of her nipples in my mouth, I licked and sucked on it.

Her chest began to rise up and down rapidly.

I pulled my mouth back until my teeth grazed her nipple. Then I gently bit down and gave it a little tug.

“Oh, Drew,” she moaned.

Smiling, I did it again, this time biting down a bit harder.

After she let out another sound of pleasure, I switched my attentions to her other breast.

As I was playing with her second breast, she tried grinding her pussy on my knee, but I moved it out of her reach.

“Patience, my little sub.”

She made a noise that sounded suspiciously like a growl. I reached up and took one of her nipples between my fingers and gave it a firm tug.

She whimpered in pain for a moment, before she moaned in pleasure. My wife absolutely loved a little discomfort during sex.

“Remember who is in charge here.”

“Sorry, Sir.”

I rubbed her nipple with my thumb, erasing the pain that I had just caused.

Deciding I’d teased her breasts enough, I kissed my way back up to her lips as I positioned my cock above her drenched opening.

She whined and wiggled her hips, making it clear that she wanted me to claim her.

“What do you want?” I asked, teasing her as I glided my shaft through her wetness.


“Prove how much, beg me.”

“Please, Sir. Please, fuck me with your thick cock.”

“Good girl.”

I slammed my shaft into her. She grunted as I stayed still for a moment, letting her get used to my size.

Her heat surrounded my cock as her muscles squeezed down.

“You feel amazing, baby.” After a moment, I started to move, thrusting powerfully in and out, nudging her mound with each glide.

I brought my lips down to hers as my hand slipped between our bodies and went straight to her clit.

“Please, Sir.”

Knowing exactly what she wanted, I replied, “You may come.”

No sooner had I given her permission than she found her pleasure. Her neck arched, lips parting to form a soft O, and her body trembled as she came absolutely beautifully.

After thrusting into her one last time, my balls tightened and my cock twitched as I reached my own climax. I continued to release my seed inside of her until my cock deflated.

I pulled out and fell to her side, making sure not to crush her, then laid there, my arm around her waist, while catching my breath.

When I finally did, I released her from her restraints.

“You okay, honey?” I asked, rubbing her wrists.


“How’s your bottom feeling?”

“Thoroughly punished.”

“And your pussy?”

“Thoroughly fucked,” she answered, giving me a smile.

I rolled my eyes as I tugged her close to me and pulled the covers over us.

“What are you doing?”

“Going back to sleep. We both are. Remember, I told you that we were going to sleep in today. It’s only,” I glanced up to check the clock, “six-fifty in the morning.”

She yawned and snuggled close to me. “I guess I could sleep for another hour or so.”

“Good girl.”

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