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Daddy’s Property by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

I stood outside his office door for a full minute before I mustered up the nerve to knock for a second time that night, knowing full well this time that if he answered, I would be going over his knee for the first spanking of my life.

I could hear him muttering to himself from the hallway, saying something like being a fool for starting to fall for a nineteen-year-old girl.

He couldn’t mean that, could he? I listened for a little while longer, but I couldn’t make out anything else. Was I just hearing things? Had he really said that? I almost lost the courage to knock, but I’d decided to see this through once I’d left my room again.

I knocked timidly.

The grumbling stopped.

He answered the door and at once his face was awash with relief. He glanced down, seeing me dressed in a nightshirt rather than my dress. He could see that I’d washed my face and that he had been right, I wasn’t really going anywhere tonight.

“What is it, Cami?” he asked gently. His gaze searched mine.

“Do you care enough to send me to bed?” I whispered. I stared down at the floor, embarrassed and ashamed that I was coming to this rich man to ask him to spank me for being a bad girl, but I needed this.

I hoped he did care enough to do this for me.

He reached for me and used a single finger to lift my chin. “I do care enough to send you to bed,” he said tenderly. His touch gave me courage even though my stomach was rolling with nerves.

“Do you care enough to scold me for getting so drunk the other night?” I added, my voice even softer and more hesitant now.

He held my gaze and nodded.

“Do you care enough to… to… to do what you said before?” I mumbled, my voice barely audible now. I swallowed hard, my mouth going dry and my nerves fraying at the ends with every passing moment. I could scarcely breathe, I was so nervous. I hadn’t been able to say the words. I didn’t know if I could have if I even tried.

“To do what, little girl?” he pushed gently.

I tried to look away, but he wouldn’t let me. His fingers curled around my chin, making me look up at him even though I wanted to do anything but. My thighs pressed together, sliding against one another as I attempted to fidget away. I felt so much smaller when he referred to me that way and it only made me feel like I needed reassurance from him more than ever.

“You know what,” I muttered, mortified. I didn’t want to say it. I was too embarrassed. Maybe he was goading me, trying to trick me into saying it.

“Do I care enough to take you over my knee and spank you like a naughty little girl?” he asked. His gaze never wavered, staying steady and strong and sure and I whimpered as I imagined the same hand that was making me look at him punishing me. That hand was so very big.

“Yes… I mean… if you think I deserve it,” I stammered.

“I do care enough about you, little girl, and you know very well that you deserve to go over my lap with that cute little nightgown lifted and your panties pulled down for a good, hard spanking to teach you what happens to little girls who pretend not to know how much they are cared about,” he said firmly, and my clit pounded with arousal.

I chewed my lip anxiously.

He released my chin and slid his fingers down my arm only to take my hand in his.

“Come now. I will give you the spanking you need and then I’ll put you to bed, little girl,” he said simply. He took a step, and I went along with him, following him without a fight.

I was quiet as he led me through the house. He didn’t take me into the living room or even the kitchen, but up to my bedroom. My mind was whirling with questions as I tried to figure out what he might do. I pressed my free hand to my belly, trying to quell the anxious butterflies flying around inside of it.

With every step, my panic seemed to intensify into a harsh blaze, only to simmer away with every gentle squeeze of his hand. The two of us reached my bedroom far too quickly. He stopped and pulled me into a firm hug.

“I’m scared,” I whispered.

“It’s okay, little girl. You’re safe with me,” he murmured. His arms squeezed tight, his voice shaking just a little.

“I’ve never been spanked before,” I whispered, almost in horror. His grip on me tightened.

“It’s going to hurt, little girl, but I think you need it to, don’t you? You need me to punish you to show you how much I care?” he continued.

I knew he was right.

“Do you think I’m crazy?” I asked in a wilted voice.

“No, little girl. Not even a little bit,” he said firmly. He took my hands and led me over to the bed, gently situating me in front of him. I looked down, the expanse of his lap feeling even bigger now that my punishment was so very close, so very imminent.

“You asked if I cared enough to spank you and that’s what is going to happen, little girl,” he said. His hands squeezed mine and he took a deep breath.

“Okay,” I whispered.

“You got very drunk the other night, little girl. You know better than that, don’t you?” he pressed, and I squirmed in front of him, feeling more guilty by the second.

“Yes,” I admitted, staring at the floor.

“That, by itself, isn’t why you’re about to get a spanking, little girl. I’m going to spank you tonight because you insinuated that I don’t care about you. You know very well that I do care about you and if I need to give you a bright red bottom to remind you of that, I will take you over my knee and give you a very firm lesson indeed,” he scolded.

I fidgeted more, unable to speak or even look at him.

“It’s going to be a hard spanking, little girl, because I think you need it to be,” he continued.

I whimpered.

“Look at me, Cami,” he prompted. When I didn’t, he reached and lifted my chin. “Now, you have a choice. The first one is that you can ask me to tuck you in and put you to bed and we can forget all of this happened. Your second option is to lie over my knee. If you do that, I’m going to spank you hard. It’s going to hurt, little girl, and it will be over when I think it needs to be over. Do you understand me?” he said firmly.

I squirmed, biting my lip. “Will you still tuck me in after it’s over if I choose the second one?” I whispered. My voice was shaking, I was so nervous.

“Of course, little girl. I would like that very much,” he answered.

“Will you hug me one more time?” I whimpered.

He didn’t respond, just pulled me close and wrapped me within the secure embrace of his grasp. His arms felt like a safe haven and in that moment, I knew that I could trust him. Whatever was about to happen would be painful, but I knew in the end it would make me feel better and that I could trust him to do it without really hurting me.

After a few moments, his arms relaxed. His fingers slid down to my hands and squeezed them lightly.

“Ask me to give you the spanking you need, little girl,” he said firmly.

I gazed back at him with extreme embarrassment. My nipples were so sensitive, and I knew he could probably see them through my nightshirt. My clit was pulsing with desire, and I was mortified to realize that my panties were soaked through.

This had already gone too far for me to turn back now. I wanted to see this through because deep inside I knew that this was something I needed from him.

“Please spank me,” I whispered.

“Lie over my knees, little girl,” he coaxed.

He released my hands and I let out a shaky breath. Slowly, I lowered myself over his lap. He lifted my legs onto the bed, and I was thankful at least to be face down right now. My face was so red and even though he couldn’t see it, I covered it with my hands.

One of his hands circled my lower back several times. It felt so good that I started to relax a little bit. Eventually, he stopped, and I tensed again, but this time he reached down and lifted my nightshirt.

“Oh!” I exclaimed, reaching back.

Firmly, he grasped my wrist and pinned it behind my waist as he continued pulling up my nightgown and exposing my panty-clad bottom.

I was so embarrassed. He could see all of my bottom now.

“Not like this!” I squeaked.

“Little girl, you’ve worn skirts and dresses in front of me that show off nearly this much,” he scolded and then his fingers slid beneath the waistband of my panties.

“Wait! Please!”

I tried to reach back far enough to pull them back up, but his grip on my wrist was strong and he very slowly bared my bottom completely. I squirmed as much as I could all while trying to keep my legs together so that I didn’t expose even more of myself.

“Little girl, you’re over my knee for a very real spanking, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I squeaked.

“Your bottom will be bare for that spanking,” he said firmly, and I twisted nervously. He placed a single hand on my bottom, and I was suddenly very aware of how massive his hand was. It covered nearly one whole cheek. I felt that much more anxious and embarrassed now, knowing he could see so much of me.

His hand hadn’t moved, but the proximity of his fingers to more sensitive places had me reeling. Would he be able to see how wet my panties were? Could he see in between my thighs? Would he be able to feel just how much my clit was throbbing against his leg?

His other arm grasped my hip, pinning me down over his lap.

“The next time you ever question how much I care about you, little girl, I want you to remember this,” he scolded, and his hand left my bottom. For a moment, nothing happened, and the absence of his touch left me feeling off center.

That didn’t last long.

His palm cracked hard against my right bottom cheek. The noise startled me. It seemed so much louder than the spanking I’d overheard so long ago. It was like a gunshot, loud and piercing and terrible. I whimpered at the sound.

A second smack followed, louder than the first. It took several seconds, but the stinging pain that came after that caught me off guard. It was so much sharper than I’d imagined it might be.

“Oww!” I grunted, but his grip tightened on my hip, holding me firmly in place as several harder spanks followed. Each one stung just as much as the last. I bit the inside of my cheek, trying to stay quiet, but his hand was relentless. He was spanking all over my ass, from the tops of my cheeks down to the bottom. Soon enough, my entire bottom was burning as if I’d sat directly on a campfire.

I hadn’t really thought about this part. I guess I hadn’t really expected it to hurt.

My whines and cries became more audible now. I tried to keep quiet knowing that I’d asked for this and that I deserved it, but it was painful and the longer it went on, the worse it became.

“Oh, please! It hurts!” I exclaimed, but his hand seemingly only got harder. Thus far, I’d been able to stay mostly still, but when he started thrashing the tops of my thighs, I couldn’t. My feet drummed against the bed. I kicked my legs, embarrassed to be exposing myself but there was nothing I could do to stop it.

“It’s supposed to hurt, little girl. You pretended not to know how much I care about you and now you’re going to get a bright red bottom as punishment,” he scolded, and my answering wail was pitiful.

He didn’t slow down.

The spanking only seemed to increase in intensity after that. No matter how much I kicked or squirmed, it continued on. My bottom was on fire, and I could focus on nothing else.

“Please. I’m sorry!” I wailed.

“I know, little girl, but you need this and I’m not going to end this punishment before I think you’ve really learned your lesson,” he said firmly as I tried to wriggle away from him. I didn’t go anywhere. His leg angled up, lifting my bottom so he could thoroughly punish the place where my bottom met my thighs and I cried out at the sudden explosion of stinging sensation that pierced through me.

I’d never felt like such a bad little girl in my life.

His palm was so broad and so hard that it felt like a piece of wood. He spanked my bottom impossibly hard several times before he started focusing solely on my thighs.

I didn’t know how much more I could take. I sniffled, feeling more out of control than ever before. I’d asked him for this. I was over his knee of my own volition, and he was giving me exactly what I’d asked for.

He really did care.

My breath hitched in the back of my throat, and I blinked several times, feeling my eyes water. His palm was ruthless, stinging and mean as it peppered my bare disobedient backside.

“Please!” I cried out, not knowing what else to say. This spanking hurt far more than I’d thought it would. It was a real punishment, and I knew I would never forget it.

He didn’t answer. He just spanked the tops of my thighs so hard that I wailed. Something happened in those moments, though.

My body relaxed, accepting the whole punishment just as the first sob racked my body. The spanking didn’t end, but it did slow down as I began to cry. My tears dripped down my cheeks as I lifted my hips for him, seeking out his palm before I even realized what I was doing.

“Please. Please. I’m so sorry, Daddy,” I wept. The word fell off my lips before I could stop it.

“It’s okay, little girl. I just had to remind you how much I care for you,” he answered. “Now lift your bottom for me. Your spanking is almost over,” he added.

With a sniffle, I lifted my hips as he released my wrist and wrapped his arm around my hip. He smacked the lower curves of my cheeks ten times impossibly hard, enough to make me sob harder. When he was done, he lowered my hips and slowly brushed his palm over my scorched bottom.

“I’m sorry,” I repeated. I sniffed noisily, trying to get ahold of myself. My ass was on fire and as the full effect of what just happened crashed into me, I started to cry harder.

“Shhh. It’s okay, little girl. I’ve got you. Your punishment is over,” he murmured. Without hesitation, his arms wrapped around me and lifted me into his lap. His hand curled around the left side of my face, holding me against his chest.

His tenderness broke something inside me, and I openly sobbed.

“I care so much about you, Cami-girl. Don’t ever forget that again,” he chided gently, and I wrapped my arms around his neck before I could stop myself.

He squeezed me harder.

“There’s my good girl,” he whispered, and my heart soared. For several minutes, we just sat together quietly. He kept calling me his good girl and my tears slowly dried.

“I’m sorry,” I said yet again, not knowing what else to say.

“I forgave you long before you ever went over my knee, little girl,” he explained gently. His fingers brushed my scalp. He held me close, almost as if he never wanted to let go. I didn’t either, to be fair. Eventually, he pulled back just enough to take my face in both hands. He brushed away my tears with his thumbs, gentle but confident and firm.

My bottom was still bare, and my nightgown was gathered up around my waist. I’d kicked my panties off at some point during my spanking and I chewed my bottom lip, fidgeting on his lap as my bottom burned hot against his thigh. Now that my tears had dried, I couldn’t ignore the pulsing need between my thighs. I adjusted how I was sitting in his lap, and it became very obvious to me very quickly that I was wetter than I’d ever been in my life.

However, that wasn’t all I could feel. His cock was hard too. I wasn’t the only one impossibly aroused by this whole thing.

“Now, it’s time for bed, little girl,” he said softly, and an arc of disappointment flared through me. I swallowed hard and nodded. I blinked several times, curling up against him almost in protest. He was so warm and safe that I didn’t want this to ever end.

“A few more minutes?” I whispered.

“You may stay in my lap for a few more minutes, but then it’s time for bed, little girl,” he said firmly. I fidgeted a little, hiding my smile in his chest.

“Or else what?” I mumbled, unable to stop myself.

“Or else you’ll go back over my knee, naughty girl,” he chided, and I secretly smiled. My bottom hurt. I’d cried over his knee, but right now, I’d never felt more cared for in my life. He’d spanked me hard, yet after it was over, he was holding me like this. He’d wiped my tears away. No one had ever done that before.

“I’ll go to bed,” I said bashfully.

“That’s a good girl,” he murmured. The emotional toll of the whole thing settled over me in those few minutes and by the time he cleared his throat, I was actually a lot more tired than I wanted to be. I closed my eyes, breathing in his scent and wanting to memorize every last thing about this moment.

His heartbeat pounded against my ear, strong, steady, soothing.

His cologne surrounded me, citrusy, woodsy. There were hints of bourbon and smoke and sheer masculinity in every breath I took.

His muscles were solid all around me, powerful and perfect and everything that I could ever want in a man.

When he finally stood up, he didn’t make me climb out of his lap. He lifted me up in his arms, pulled back the covers, and tucked me back underneath. My nightshirt had fallen into place, so I wasn’t exposed. He pulled the covers up, tucking them in around me carefully and securing me in place.

Our eyes met and I swallowed hard.

In that moment, it felt like our two souls had connected. My guard was down, and he was seeing right through me. He’d seen my strength and ignored my faults.

“It’s all going to be okay, little girl. Sleep well tonight. I expect to see you downstairs for breakfast in the morning,” he said sternly.

“Thank you… for all this,” I whispered shyly, and his smile widened.

“You’re welcome, little girl. Sleep now for me,” he added. He leaned down and his lips brushed against my forehead. He kissed me there and my heart swelled with adoration for him.

I couldn’t stop myself from smiling, feeling a warmth pump through me at his tender touch.

“Close your eyes and sleep now. Goodnight, little girl,” he whispered.

“Goodnight,” I answered. The word ‘Daddy’ was on the edge of my lips, but I didn’t say it this time. I closed my eyes and I listened to his footsteps as he walked away. He clicked off the switch and my room went dark.

I was already asleep by the time the door shut.

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