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Daddy’s Rules by Kara Kelley – Extended Preview

I sleep restlessly, tossing and turning in my twisted sheets. I want to solve things with Jordan. I hate being upset with her, but I’m too angry to deal with her. I had a completely different plan for our night together after she got home, but that plan changed when she didn’t come home. I’ve never been so worried in my life.

Despite that, things were going so well with her budget and then last night all of her progress went out the window. She used her credit cards and blew all the money she’d saved plus a lot more. She paid an astronomical bar tab. And she was clearly drunk and alone when I got to her. She spent another several hundred dollars on adult toys. Clearly she needs to be reminded of her goals.

Truth be told, those toys have also kept me restless. I can’t help but picture me using them on her. I throw the sheet off me and get up. I’m irritated and tired of attempting to rest. I walk past her room and look in. She looks beautiful in the moonlight, rays setting her hair afire with gold. Her silky smooth skin beckons for me to caress her bare shoulder and those beautiful cushiony lips call to me. I stare for what seems like hours before I finally walk to the kitchen.

What if I’d lost her? I dump coffee in the filter and add water, feeling edgy as I imagine my life without her.

I let her sleep most of the day, only waking her to drink and have a few crackers. She looks like hell and I’m sure feels worse than that. When I try to get her up in the early evening, she seems confused, wobbly, and still drunk. I leave her again to sleep, but I’m concerned. Hangovers don’t usually last this long.

Just as I’m making coffee the next morning and considering a trip to the emergency room, I hear her come into the room.

“Daddy?” I turn to see her, wearing just my t-shirt. Her bare toes curl into the rug as her naked smooth legs squeeze together in a show of her submission. “I’m sorry about last night.”

“Baby, it wasn’t last night. It’s Monday morning.” I want to go to her, brush back her messy hair, cup her face and kiss her. But more than that I need her to know how scared I was the last few days.

“It is?” She blinks. “Oh, God,” she adds and clutches her head. “How come I still feel so awful?”

“I’m wondering that myself.”

She looks up at me. She looks pale and shaky and I want to fold her in my arms and take care of her but she’s brought this on herself by falling back into her old ways.

“I don’t like when you’re upset with me,” she says sadly. Her nipples harden as I eye her.

“We have some talking to do, young lady.” I cross my arms and she nods. “You had me worried sick.” She swallows hard and tugs the edge of the t-shirt down.

“I’m really sorry I scared you. I honestly don’t know what happened. My memory is fuzzy at best.”

“Have I not been giving you enough attention? Have I not been a good daddy, Jordan?”

Her eyes start to swim. “I’m sorry! Daddy, please don’t think that.”

“Jordan, these are things you used to do to get attention.”

“I know, but that’s not what this was, I swear!”

“Then what was it?” I ask sternly.

“I don’t know. I don’t even remember having more than two drinks.”

I stalk toward her. Take her hand, linking our fingers together and pull her into me. “Perhaps some time over my knee will bring your memory back,” I say and fist her hair with my free hand. Tilting her face up, she releases a breath, and I pin her with a stern glare.

“I know you’re going to punish me, Daddy. And I know I deserve it. I screwed up, but… I really need to know you still want me.” Tears spill over her lids and my chest aches for her.

“Want you?” How could she possibly think just because she messed up I wouldn’t want her anymore? “Of course I still want you. If anything imagining you hurt or taken has shown me how badly I want you—need you in my life.”

I turn and fill two mugs with coffee. “Here, drink this.”

She takes the cup and frowns. “It’s black.”

“Uh huh, and that’s all you’re getting. Naughty little girls don’t get cream and sugar.” I take a step closer to her, tipping her chin with my finger. “Today you’ll be punished all day and I’m using my imagination.” I press my lips and look deeply into her eyes. “Starting with the shirt and panties. Lose them.”

She takes a sharp breath. “You want me naked?”

“I do. Naughty girls don’t deserve clothes either.” Her eyes round and her tongue darts out to wet her lips. I raise my brows at her and watch her throat work. She sets the coffee down on the counter and pulls the shirt off. My cock strains against my boxers, but I ignore it.

Pointing at her panties, I lift my brow. Her chest rises and falls a little faster and her cheeks brighten. “Hurry up now,” I say. She works her lip between her teeth and very slowly lowers the silky red panties.

When she’s completely bare, holding her panties and shirt in front of her, I hold out my hand. She hands me the clothes tentatively. I nod toward her coffee and the breakfast barstool.

“Sit,” I order. “Enjoy that while you can.” The pink on her cheeks deepens and the dark of her eyes dilates.

“Yes, Sir.”

Making scrambled eggs, I watch her squirm in her seat. Not knowing what I’m going to do to her seems to fill her with frisson and trepidation. The site of her flushed face and pouty lip is doing things to me I can’t control. I’m not sure which one of us is more tortured this morning.

When we’re finished eating, I nod toward the sink. “Clean up.” It’s a firm demand and she doesn’t hesitate. I pour myself another coffee and watch her, my eyes raking her body, loving the sway of her hips and the swing of her tits. I’m practically busting out of my shorts, not only from her bare body, but the submissiveness she’s showing.

I can’t resist. Going to her as she stands at the sink, I smooth her hair in my hand and twist it around my fist. Yanking her, not roughly but firmly against me, I whisper in her ear, “Stick your naughty ass out.” I feel her shiver against my chest. I help her by pulling her hips back.

“Today you’ll practice obedience, little one.” I swat her bare ass, hard, making her gasp and rise onto her toes. “Keep rinsing those dishes, baby.” I swat the other cheek. Her ass bounces nicely and I have to take a second to control myself. I want to drive my cock between her warm folds into her hot, wet pussy. I give her another few hard swats and leave her.

“I want you in my office when you’re done,” I say as I walk away. I find her new purchases and head to my office. I set them on the desktop. All that’s on the surface is the laptop, a jar of pens, a notebook, and now her brightly colored toys. I smile. Perfect.

When she enters, her eyes are brighter and more alert and I can tell by the way she walks, keeping her legs together, that she’s wet. I look to her thighs. Punishment or not, my dominance speaks directly to something deep inside her—something in her very makeup that needs a strong man to control her, care for her, and keep her safe.

“How are you feeling now that you’ve eaten, baby?”

“I’m fine, Daddy. Better.”

“Good girl.” I crook my finger at her and then nod to the computer. Her eyes land on the toys and I see her throat working to swallow. “Pull up your bank account.” I pull the chair away as she gets to the desk.

“Oh, no, naughty girl. No chair for you.” I position myself behind her. “Pull up your account then place both hands flat on the desk on either side of the keyboard.”

She turns to look at me over her shoulder. Her wide eyes find mine and I lift a brow to encourage her.

When she’s in position, staring at her bank account, I pull my cell from my pocket. I set a two-minute timer on it. Placing it on the desk, I lean over her back to her ear.

“You remember how this works.” It’s not a question, but she nods her head slightly. “You have two minutes to look at your account, know your bills, and examine the slips in your budget and how that affects those bills.” I hear her let out a breath.

I pick up the first toy. “Remember this?” I hold the small blue egg-shaped toy in front of her face. “While you complete your task, you’re going to keep this little gem inside you.” I can see her lip tremble in the reflection of the screen.

“Got me?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“If it falls out, or you orgasm, you’re going over my knee for a hard spanking.”

I start the timer. She gathers a breath and starts to look through her account. I move her hips back and run my fingers through her slick folds, taking a few seconds to play. Her mewls make me smile.

I slip the egg inside her. It can vibrate but I don’t use that feature yet. She gasps as it goes in. I take my time getting it in just the way I want it. She pushes back against my hand and I breathe in the scent of her arousal.

I watch her concentrate on her task, but she squirms a little so I know she’s not unaware of the little egg inside her. At one minute I pause the timer.

“Push the egg out,” I demand. Her respiration increases slightly and as she pushes I scoop the egg from her channel. I switch on the vibrations and slide it back in. “Same rules, little girl.”

This is more of a challenge for my naughty one. She’s making the most sexy little sounds and shifting from foot to foot. At the thirty-second point, I swat her ass. It’s not hard enough to really hurt, but enough to leave a sting. I smack her ass, slow and steady, and her breathing becomes more labored. At one point, she tips her head back and bites her lip hard.

“Okay! Okay!” Jordan calls out, as the timer alarm beeps.

“Hmm, was that difficult?” I ask as I reach between her legs to retrieve the egg. She’s so wet it practically falls out.

“Daddy, please. You’re torturing me. I’m so wet.”

“We’re just starting, honey. You’re going to be one frustrated little girl when I’m through.” She only whimpers.

I grab the laptop and close the top just enough that she can no longer see the screen. I guide her to stand, giving her back a break from hunching over. “Stay put.”

I go to the kitchen to grab her a cold bottle of water and hand it to her as soon as I get back in the room. She drinks greedily, ignoring the little droplets that slip from her lips and down her chin. She’s thirsty. I glance back and her thighs are slick with her juices.

“Back into position,” I command and take the water, cap it, and set it on the desk. I reach for the big pink dildo this time. I set it right in front of her while I put the timer on again and then pick it back up.

“You have two minutes to tell me every bill you have and how much is supposed to be paid on it this month. Go!”

As she speaks, I rub the dildo between her legs to lubricate it. She pauses to moan and I smack her ass.

“Focus!” I demand.

Jordan gasps at the crisp spank but arches her back, sticking her ass out, silently begging for more. I indulge in her body’s request and give her ten sharp swats. She’s moaning like I’m giving her pure pleasure and I can barely stand what the sounds are doing to my cock.

“Young lady, you’re running out of time.” Once she begins speaking again, I slide the pink silicone inside her. Her words are a garbled mess as I slide it out and then back in again, but when I turn on the rabbit clit stimulator, she gives a deep throaty call that makes my dick twitch.

“Please, puh-lea-se, God, I nee… now!” she begs almost nonsensically.

“Twenty seconds, little girl and you’re going over my knee. And trust me, you’ll hate every stinging swat.” I use my free hand to pull open the drawer in front of her so she can see the brutal leather strap inside. She’s panting and grinding against the toy in my hand and I recognize she’s close to coming. “Don’t you dare come.”

She cries out in frustration, but stops undulating her hips and starts shouting out her bills and their upcoming payments. I pull out the dildo and she relaxes, letting her head hang. Her breathing still heavy, she tries to calm it.

“Please, Daddy, just spank me,” she whines. “I can’t. I just can’t.”

“A spanking alone just won’t do it.” I pet her hair, smoothing my hand down her soft locks lovingly. “Baby, you’ll learn to put your budget first even when you’re distracted. And your ass is at my mercy all day so don’t worry, it’ll get its due.”

“But I need release. God, please.”

“Just remember, honey, this is for your own good.”

“What’s next, Daddy?” she asks softly, her voice oozing submission.

“Turn around,” I say gently and when she obeys, I reward her by pulling her into my arms. “Daddy’s proud of the way you’re taking your punishment.” I hold her for several minutes, letting her relax in my arms as I rub her back and bottom.

I release her and she turns and gets back into position. “Good girl. Now pull up the spreadsheet with your budget on it.” When it’s up and in front of her, I pat her bottom. “Remember the first time you saw Mr. Smith?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Same thing. Find the money to pay for your mistake.” I set the timer. “Two minutes.” I grab the last toy off the desk. “Hmm, sucking action, huh? This should be plenty distracting.”

“I don’t remember even remember buying those, but I regret it anyway.” She pouts and my palm cracks off her ass.

“Concentrate,” I growl. “Besides, I’m enjoying them very much.” I pull her hips out again and reach around her with both hands. I spread her pussy lips with one hand and the other puts the silicone sucking hole over her clit.

“If you love them so much, how about you buy them off me?”

“One minute left, honey. Think fast.” I turn the pink machine on and feel it vibrate in my hands. She instantly tenses.

Omigod!” she gasps and her fingertips turn white as she clutches the desk fiercely. I turn the machine up so its suction becomes more intense. “Daddy, please! There’s no… God, I can’t stop… I can’t!” She calls out loudly and I’m covered in her sweet juices. Her thighs are soaked and her nectar is running down her legs. The timer starts beeping and I’m scrambling to turn the little sucker off.

My baby just came with the force of a tidal wave and faster than I think either of us could have predicted. “Sold,” I say and slip my new favorite toy into my pocket. She slumps, once again panting, but this time it doesn’t look like she’ll be able to stay on her rubbery legs for long.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she says with a sniffle. “I just couldn’t stop it.” She wipes her hand across her nose and I spin her to face me. Tears are trickling down her flushed face. But they’re not tears of upset. They’re from her powerful orgasm. I can still see the ecstasy on her face.

I grab the back of her head with my hands and pull her to my mouth. I can’t resist kissing her deeply. I want to taste her, devour her, so badly it hurts. It lasts for well over a minute before I release her lips. I can feel her smile before I see it.

“Does this mean I’m not getting spanked for coming without your permission?”

“Oh, no, baby, I’m going to strap your ass, but I’m also going to reward you.” I smirk at her. “That was one hell of an orgasm, you’ve been both naughty and good. It takes a lot of trust to let go like that.”

She laughs and I hand her a tissue. “Do you have the answers I’m looking for?” I point at the computer and she bobs her head.

“Tell me.”

“Can’t I get cleaned up first?” She looks down at her legs still shining with her juices.

I shoot her a wicked grin. “Daddy likes you wet and that’s exactly how I’m going to strap you.”

She releases a breath and bites her lip. Her chest rises and falls heavily. My naughty little girl looks ready for more. Her puffy red nibbled lips make my cock ache to enter her mouth. It’s throbbing in my pants and I’m not sure how much longer I can hold back.

“Give me your answers.”

She cocks her head shyly, looking at the bulge in my pants. Her tongue darts out of her mouth and I swear under my breath.

“The toys are covered. Thanks for that.” She pauses again, eyeing my crotch with hunger in her eyes. “So the thousand-dollar bar tab is all that’s left. And I had saved five hundred before so that leaves five hundred left, right?”

“That’s right, naughty one.”

“Since you won’t let me pay rent, and I no longer pay condo fees. I can delete this.” She points at the screen under her condo expenses. “And since your building has fitness facilities, I can cancel my gym membership.” She points again. “That will cover my overspending.”

“Good girl.” I give her a wide smile.

“Are you going to spank me now?” Her pitch goes up at the end so I know she’s eager. I’m just not sure if she’s eager to be forgiven or to be spanked. I narrow my eyes. I no longer want to use the strap on her. I want something more personal, something just between us, and my hand isn’t enough. Jordan needs more.

I undo my belt and her eyes dart toward the jingling buckle. When I slide it through the loops she actually whimpers, but there’s nothing fearful in it.

“Is my dirty little girl eager to be punished?”

“I thought you were going to let me suck you off,” she says coyly and this time it’s my turn to swallow. I had no idea what a little vixen Jordan was. And God, do I want her lips wrapped around my dick.

“First things first,” I answer firmly, hiding the arousal from my voice. “Hands on the seat of the chair.” She obeys and I gather my breath, taking my time. I swing the belt slowly so the first few stripes are light, but when she starts to moan and lean into them, I increase both the speed and strength of my swing. Her little gasps get louder and louder, as her ass brightens with deep pink stripes. She begins tucking her cheeks downward in order to escape the stripes. Her noises make me harden further but my heart also hurts for her. The contradiction is too confusing to think on, so I stick to my task. I punish her for her own good. Neither of us can control the way our body reacts to it.

Her ass, round, red, and jiggling after each crisp crack, makes me want to lean down and lick it. Tease the soreness away. Her beautiful globes beg for a softer touch, and my tongue could soothe and pleasure so easily. And after, when she’s too aroused to feel anything but need, my tongue would tease and pleasure elsewhere.

“Have you learned your lesson for now, baby girl?”

“Yes, Daddy, yes!”

I stop to rub her hot ass, enjoying the mewls she makes, sinking lower to use my tongue on her. I trail wet kisses, some short, some long, across her tender cheeks and when my hand slips between her legs, she’s once again soaked with arousal.

“Okay, up you get.”

She bolts up, pouting and rubbing her bottom vigorously, but her sulky look changes to a crooked grin quickly.

“So Daddy, is my reward fucking you with my mouth?”

My brows rise at her words. “Pardon me?” I ask firmly, not amused by her language. She lowers her face and looks at me through her lashes.

“Sorry.” She walks to me, reaching for my pants. The belt is still hanging in my hand. “May I suck you off as my reward, Sir?”

I grin. “It’s all yours, baby,” I say and her left brow flicks up sexily as she unzips me. Her hot mouth is wrapped around me within seconds and I roll my eyes back in pleasure. She sucks me hard and all the way to the hilt and I grab her head, grasping her hair to help her along.

I moan as she slides on and off me with her slippery mouth. As if this gorgeous woman wasn’t already perfect in my mind, the way she sucks my cock makes her a fucking goddess.

“Baby girl, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me,” I say and then call out as she massages my balls, finishing me off.

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