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Daddy’s Virgin: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Megan Michaels – Extended Preview

And that’s when it happened. When his naughty girl snapped—again.

“Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ! When in the hell do I get a say in this? Are you going to listen to my side at all?”

“Sure I’ll listen. After I blister your ass.” Kaigen stomped over to the crate, pointing his finger at her. “You don’t speak to me this way. How many fucking times do we have to discuss this? You’ll speak when I ask you to speak. Until then you’ll sit your little ass in the corner of this crate, quietly.”

Dropping his head back, he stared at the ceiling before closing his eyes. He exhaled loudly, doing his best to regain his composure. After what seemed like an interminably long time, he turned around, walking back to his assistants. “Saeva, it’s your turn. What happened here?”

The woman’s high heels clicked on the floor as she stepped forward. She was impeccable in her deep purple dress. Professional as always. “Sir, it is exactly as Davix said. We were supervising, cautioning her exactly how to make a soufflé. She became chaotic with her movements and it would ruin the soufflé. That’s when Davix grabbed her hand. I’ve seen many a spirited woman in my years, sir, but her temper is a bit out of control. And, we’ll have to do something about the mouth on her.”

“I agree, Saeva. Thank you both, I’ll take care of this now. If you wish to stay and watch, that is purely up to you but if you’d like to leave and gain composure again, please feel free.”

It was now time to deal with the bad girl and he knew his posture and demeanor would set the tone. He put his hands on his hips, watching her eyes focus upon his belt.

Good, that’s exactly what I want.

He sauntered up to the crate and while her eyes were wide, staring at him, he pushed the tail end of his belt through the buckle, yanking the strip through the belt loops, the leather snapping loudly.

Sierra gasped loudly behind her closed lips and she shook her head silently. She knew she had sealed her fate.

“That’s right, bad girl. It’s good to know you recognize this for what it is. Now come out of the crate.” He held the door open wide, stepping aside, waiting for her. She looked through the ceiling of the crate at him, her eyes like those of a cornered animal.

“You have to the count of three to do this on your own.”

She nibbled on her bottom lip but didn’t offer to move.

Bending over, Kaigen reached inside the crate just as she, in a panic, had scrambled out of reach.

Yanking her by the arm, he dragged her out roughly. His strength jerked her out and up easily. “You were told you had three seconds, now you’ll pay for your dalliance.” Turning her sideways, he smacked the leather against her jeans-covered ass several times in succession.

She screamed and danced in place.

“Pants and shirt off, I want you naked. You have one minute or I’ll start lashing you for every piece of clothing that has yet to come off. Now move!”

Her hair was stuck to the tears on her face and with both hands, she pushed her hair behind her shoulders and opened her mouth to say something. She quickly shut it but stood with her hands at her sides, not immediately obeying.

Stubborn, foolish brat.

Grabbing her hand in a tight grip, he slashed the leather against her thighs and calves, an area he wouldn’t have done unless they were covered in denim but he knew that the red, sore marks would ache for the rest of the day and would spur her into movement.

“Is that enough to convince you to move?”

She screeched, bunny hopping, kicking her legs behind her, obviously trying to ease the sting.

Once the belt stopped, her hands went to the button on her jeans and she popped it through the hole, quickly unzipping the zipper and skimming off the jeans and panties in one fell swoop. She kicked them aside and stood with her bare pink pussy exposed. He felt sorry for her, even though she deserved every bit of what she’d received so far. Her angry striped thighs and calves looked sore. She sobbed, hands gripping the hem of her shirt and her eyes brimming with tears.

She looked so forlorn and pitiful, her chin quivering and she didn’t have to ask, he could see it on her face. She was pleading for mercy.

She’ll find none.

“Don’t make me say it.”

Choking on a sob, she crossed her hands in front of her, gripping the hem of her shirt and pulling it off in one swipe. Reaching behind her, she unclasped her bra, letting it slide down her arms, tossing it onto the pile of clothes near her.

“Hands on your head.”

She raised her shaking hands up as he directed and placed them both on the top of her head. Her body trembled. His mouth watered as he stared at her peach-colored areolas and tightly furled nipples. He knew how sweet they were and wanted nothing more than to bury his nose in her cleavage, sliding his face over the pillowy flesh, drawing deep on the steel-tipped breasts.

There’s time for that, Kaigen. Not now.

He sauntered up to her, slapping his belt against his leg, her body flinching with every crack, which was exactly what he wanted. He knew her little side would respond to his belt; just the sight of it around his waist would have her bottom hole clenching. She would correlate his domination and authority with the handy implement—his belt—girding his waist. In time, she wouldn’t be able to separate the fact that he was her partner and lover from the fact that he was her disciplinarian and daddy as well. Yes, the implement was always at the ready and would be in plain sight, easily retrieved to whip her naughty backside whenever necessary.

It was the main reason he chose to use his belt, especially during the initial training. Later, he would add canes, switches, and paddles but for now, he wanted her to fear and respect him. Period. But a healthy respect of Kaigen would be beneficial; she needed to know that he wouldn’t back down on a promise or a rule.

It was the same reason people felt this way about policemen and judges. They were to be feared and respected, not because they would actually harm them or kill them but because they had the ability to cause pain and make your life, even temporarily, uncomfortable.

“What were the rules for you today, birthday girl?”

She closed her eyes, crying. “I forgot we were going to celebrate my birthday tonight.”

Kaigen caressed her cheek; he wanted her to know she was cherished. Clasping her face gently, he held her chin. “We’ll still celebrate your birthday, girl. Just because you’re getting spanked doesn’t mean the celebration is canceled. You might sit gingerly, but we’ll still have fun. I promise.”

Tears streamed down her cheeks and he swiped them away with his forefinger, kissing the tip of her nose. Clearing his throat, he said, “Okay, we’ll try this again. What were the rules you were given today, birthday girl?”

“I was supposed to listen to directions and not lose my temper.”

Quirking an eyebrow in her direction, he asked, “How do you think you did with that?”

“Not very well, Daddy.”

“No, not very well at all, bad girl. What in the world possessed you to throw the whole soufflé in the sink?”

Looking over her shoulder, she turned to see if anyone else was in the room and both Davix and Saeva had re-entered the kitchen. She glared at Davix, clenching her jaw angrily.

Like a cobra, Kaigen whipped the belt around and it bit her in the ass, harshly. “Eyes forward. You have no right to glare at anybody. This is of your own doing.”

Tears cascaded down her cheeks.

With zero pity, Kaigen said, “You don’t get the luxury of glaring at Davix or Saeva, not after the immature display you had today. Apologize to him. Now.”

Shifting on her feet, she looked over her shoulder, her lip quivering. “I’m sorry, Davix.” He nodded his head and Kaigen had to give it to her—at least she seemed remorseful.

“We discussed your angry outbursts yesterday and just this morning we discussed your temper. We’ve discussed your vile use of the English language and now we’ll discuss throwing things. None of this is allowed. If you had dared to do this in a public setting, you would be sent to The Tormented. It is a serious matter, girl. We’re not playing, as you’ll find out over and over again until you learn this. I want you to go bend over the crate.”

She looked over at the crate, her eyebrows furrowing and then looked back at him, tilting her head a bit. “But why? You mean… lie inside of it?”

“No, I said for you to lie over it. I want you to press your hips against the front edge.” He grabbed her by the elbow, walking with her to the crate and with a hand to the small of her back he pinned her forward. “Press your hips right against the edge of the crate. I want you to brace yourself. This won’t be easy and you’ll stay just like that no matter what I do. No swearing, no kicking your feet up.”

She lay over the top of the hard metal, just as he’d demanded.

He let go of her arm and then leaning into the crate, he tugged on her hardened nipples, pulling them between the bars of the crate.

Kaigen’s cock hardened and ached behind his jeans. He stood adjusting himself and snapped the belt against his leg, watching gooseflesh rise on her skin, her back stiffening with the sound. He paused, waiting until her body relaxed again and then swung his arm wide, lashing the strip of leather across the broadest part of her ass several times.

Sierra sobbed and squirmed on the top of the crate, shifting on the hard metal, her fingers white-knuckled, gripping the bars. Her sobs broke his heart.

Kaigen slipped his fingers between her labia and just as he guessed, she was soaking wet.

Extricating his fingers, he put them in his mouth, her sticky sweet juices coating his tongue. His mouth watered and he swallowed.

“Daddy, are we done?” She looked over her shoulder at him and blinked her eyes and he had no doubt she was hopeful.

“We’re not even close to being done. You must be kidding me after the display I heard and what you’ve done. You’re in for a long session here, girl.”

She quietly began to cry again, burying her face in her hands, and Kaigen decided that the timing was perfect to continue with her strapping.

He snapped the belt against her ass, watching the pink lines overlap, horizontal welts appearing. He moved the strokes downward, focusing on her thighs.

And when her hands shook in the air, waving wildly, he grabbed them one by one, placing them in the small of her back and continued with the merciless thrashing she had asked for with her behavior.

There were many things Kaigen had learned over the years and one of them was women generally, at the beginning of their training, would push their dom and daddy to see how far they could go and what they could get away with.

She had been warned and punished for her outbursts and language and knew that she would answer to him for any infractions; more than likely she craved his attention, either negative or positive.

“Keep those feet on the floor, turn your toes inward.” He stopped the belt, waiting for her compliance.

With slow, measured obedience, she did as he requested, turning her toes in. She’d be unable to clench or kick, her toes seeking purchase on the wooden floor, just as he wished.

With no further ado or pronouncement, he swung the strip of leather again and again, flaying her backside and giving her no reprieve, wanting the agony to sink deep into her mind, soul, and spirit. She needed to remember this harsh lesson; it could save her life someday.

He stopped before it went too far and instead of tossing the belt to the side, he moved into her line of vision and slowly threaded it back around his waist.

Her face was drenched with her tears, but her pupils dilated watching him replace his belt. He hooked the tail through the buckle and secured it tightly.

“I think you’ll remember this lesson, right, girl?”

Her body was hiccupping and with a gasp she said, “Y-yes, D-daddy.”

He turned to face his staff. “You may all leave to take your break. I’m going to take care of my girl. We’ll be upstairs in her bedroom. She’ll be napping for the rest of the afternoon. No one is to disturb her. I’ll watch her through the cameras and I’m pretty sure her next cooking experience will be less exciting—for everyone.”

“As you wish, sir.” Davix motioned for Saeva to leave the kitchen ahead of him.

Except for the gasps and hiccups coming from the crate, there was silence as he stood in the quiet room observing his naughty girl.

Sierra’s whole body ached and she focused on the pain in her ass, and yet was well aware she was completely naked and that her breasts were poking through the metal bars of the top of the crate. Her juices were sticky on her thighs and it galled her to no end that her body had reacted in such a manner to the blistering she had just received.

For years she had planned her escape to The Cleansed, and Sierra wondered why she had looked forward to it. This was not how she had anticipated it.

And yet she wouldn’t voluntarily leave.

Will Kaigen send me back? Maybe he doesn’t want me anymore.

Would she have to live at The Oblivion? Would they treat her worse… maybe better? Part of her worried that The Oblivion would send her to The Tormented.

Sierra had heard stories of the facilities out there, and although they were clean and people were well taken care of, it was still an institution and she couldn’t fathom living that way.

Looking back, she was unsure what triggered her temper tantrum with Davix, throwing the soufflé in the sink. He was sarcastic—and as far as she was concerned, anal—not giving her any space for creativity, forcing her to follow the letter of the law and she had never been somebody who could function in such a manner.

She hadn’t been with Kaigen long enough to say that she had fallen in love with him. He had shown her kindness and even though her ass felt beyond repair right now, she knew if she stood up and looked in the mirror, regardless of the agony experienced, there would be no long-lasting damage.

Her chest hurt from crying and hiccupping. Her ass had a rhythm of its own, beating in time with the beat of her heart. She lay over the crate, her breathing slowly becoming normal again. The realization she needed a nap was overwhelming.

“Okay, get up. We’re going upstairs.”

“Upstairs?” She looked over her shoulder, wanting to see his face before she moved. It was impassive. No furrowed eyebrows, his jaw wasn’t clenched. So there was no anger. The corners of his eyes weren’t crinkled, so he wasn’t joking. She was left with no other option than to obey him with no idea what was next.

His eyebrow quirked with curiosity, with the unspoken question: are you moving?

She slowly straightened, backing away from the crate and turned carefully to face him. He pointed toward the hallway and with mincing steps, she walked toward the doorway of the kitchen. Halting, she stuttered, “B-but… where are… I’m n-naked.”

“Yes, you are very naked with a very red ass. Would you like me to start smacking it this quickly?”

“No, no. I’m moving, I’m moving.” She picked up the pace and walked through the doorway, hoping against hope that none of his staff were present.

With a low groan, she dropped her head. Not only were Saeva and Niles in the hallway, but Davix and Daniel were there as well.


She immediately put a hand to cover her pussy and her arm over her breasts.

“Hands on your head, girl. Nothing is hidden. You asked for this and everybody present heard your temper tantrum. If you want modesty, you’ll find the only way you receive that is to behave. Daniel, we were going up to her new bedroom. Is it ready?”

“Yes, sir. Both the bedroom and the art studio are completed. I’m quite pleased with both and very exhausted. If you have any changes or concerns, send me an email. I’m going to leave for the day.”

“I’m sure we’ll love it. I’ll look at her art studio later. She’s been a bad girl today and the studio is only for good girls. But, we’ll definitely use her bedroom, which is for napping and punishment.” Turning to Saeva and Niles, he said, “She is not to be disturbed. I’ll watch from my cameras.”

All his staff nodded their heads and murmured, “Yes, sir.”

Sierra kept her head down, not wishing to make eye contact with anyone.

“Come along, bad girl. Upstairs to your bedroom.”

Sierra walked past everyone, her hands still clasped on the top of her head, her breasts wobbling. She could barely stand the thought of everyone looking at her nakedness and blistered ass. Hopefully, no one could see her juices leaking down her inner thighs.

She climbed the stairs, looking forward to rising above the glances of his staff and when she reached the top of the stairs she moved aside, letting Kaigen lead her down the hall. The door just before his bedroom was where they stopped.

“It’s an adjoining bedroom. Either one of us will be able to open the door and see each other whenever we like but I want you to see this as your space.” He opened the door and with a hand to the small of her back let her in.

The colors were mint and pale pink. It was a perfect blend of pastels. Touching her bedspread, which was mint green with teddy bears holding pastel colored balloons, she felt so… happy. The curtains were pink with mint green and pink striped ruffles at the edge.

Her room was perfect. She’d be content to sleep in here, or read. But getting punished in this pretty room had her clenching her bottom hole. Would he be punishing her again in this room?

“It is my hope that you will have this room as a place to escape. There are cameras in here so you will always be protected, and I can watch you on my phone and computer. There are several of them in here, so you’ll never have to worry.”

Sierra looked up and on the white ceiling fan in the center of the room was a wind chime with pastel-colored glass and when the light struck the crystals it displayed pastel-colored dots all around her bedroom. The gentle breeze caused by the fan and the glass tinkling just a bit was soothing.

Fingering the ruffles on the hem of the curtain, she was amazed at the amount of work Daniel had put into this room in such a short time.

Wrapping his tree trunk arms around her waist, squeezing and hugging her tightly, he whispered, “I’m so glad you like it, Sierra.”

“I do, Daddy.”

Kaigen, being so much taller than she, along with being muscular and strong, made her feel secure and safe. Nothing in the world would touch her. Ever.

“I want you to be happy in this room. Everyone needs a place that is their own and I want this to be that for you. However, I’ll caution you, there will be times when you won’t be happy in here. Many times you’ll end up with your ass paddled until you’re sobbing, but the rest of the time, it’ll be a quiet place for you to sleep, reflect, read, and just be alone.”

Walking to her closet, he opened the door and hanging on a hook on the inside of the door was a short pink nightie. Gently pulling it down, he walked toward her with it dangling from his forefinger.

“This is what I’ll be calling your punishment nightie. When I send you to this room telling you to prepare for a spanking, you’ll be required to take off all your clothing—every single bit of it—socks included and put this nightie on. I’ll expect to find you standing in the corner with your bare backside showing. If I want you in a different location, I’ll order it; otherwise, you’ll be standing with your nose pressed between the two walls. Clear?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

The nightie looked brand new and it had a white ruffle at the hem, neck, and armholes. It was what she typically referred to as a baby doll.

“Put it on.” He thrust it toward her.

She grasped the silky garment, tossing it over her head, slipping her arms through the holes. The shift only came to the middle of her hips, leaving her bottom completely exposed.

Of course, he’d want something that only partially covered her. Did the man always want her vulnerable and naked? She tugged on the hem, none too gently. “It’s too small, Daddy.”

Gently grasping her elbow, he turned her sideways and with a big grin, the crow’s feet showing at the corner of his eyes, he said, “No, baby. It fits absolutely perfect. This is exactly how I want it to fit.”


He placed his forefinger on her lips. “Shhhhh. It fits perfect. I want you to keep this on and take your nap in it.”

“Okay, where are my panties?” She looked toward the white dresser across the room.

“No panties. I want you sleeping in just this nightie with your freshly spanked ass exposed.”

She furrowed her eyebrows in his direction.

What the fuck? Of course he does!

Swallowing, she kept her comment to herself, staring wide-eyed at him.

“Good catch, girl. Glad you’re learning. It’s all new and I know that seems strange to you but I like seeing my baby girl sleeping with her naughty backside sticking out.”

Jesus Christ!

She looked at the bed and then back at him again.

“That’s right, you’re taking a nap now. Get on the bed.” He attempted to pull the covers down, and with a small pat to her ass, he said, “The house is warm, I meant what I said. I want to see your red ass while you sleep. You’ll stay on top of the covers.”

She crawled on top of the comforter and curled up on her side, aware how exposed she was.

Reaching into the dresser, he pulled out a small blanket and covered the top part of her body. “This will help, sweetness.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Although she felt kind of silly and unsure of what to make of all these new things, part of her melted at his kindness and caring.

“I’m going to sit right over here.” He pointed to a nearby chair. Picking up his e-reader, he said, “I’ll read a book while you’re sleeping. If I have to leave, and you wake up and I’m gone, don’t worry, I’ll be watching from my camera in my office. All you have to do is call for me and I’ll be here instantly. But I’m staying here until you fall asleep, baby.” He kissed her forehead, gently stroking her hair.

Sierra felt herself giving in and falling asleep. It was a rough morning, she’d cried a lot. She was worn out.

I hope I didn’t ruin my birthday celebration.

Her eyes closed and she drifted off.

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