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Daddy’s Way by Stella Moore – Extended Preview

“All done for the day?”

His voice was lower than usual and the tone sent a thrill down her spine. She’d been on edge, ready to hear that voice all day, and she slipped effortlessly into her headspace. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl. Go home and go to your room. Change into your PJs and get your hairbrush from the bathroom. When I get home, I expect to find you in the corner, with your bottom bare, holding that hairbrush.”

The whimper escaped before she could stop it. “Anything else?”

“You might want to use your time in the corner to think about the consequences of disobeying your daddy, and how differently this day could have gone if you’d followed the rules I gave you last night.”

Tears blurred her vision. “Yes, Daddy,” she whispered.

“That’s my good girl. I’ll see you in a bit.”

The call clicked off, and she took a couple of deep breaths to try to tame her wild emotions. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d fucked up this bad. It was going to be a long night.

The drive home was mostly a blur. All too soon, she found herself in the driveway of their home. Bracing herself for what was to come, she parked the car, gathered her bags, and headed inside. After dropping her laptop bag off in her office, she trudged up the stairs.

Her first step was the master suite, where she grabbed her brush from the counter in their bathroom before she headed to her room. There, she put the brush down long enough to strip and pull on a pair of bright red pajamas adorned with jumping frogs. After she’d dressed and put her clothes in the hamper, she picked up the brush and used it to pull her hair into a high ponytail.

Now she was ready for the corner. At least, she was dressed for the corner. She was never really ready to just stand there for what felt like hours with her bare bottom on display.

But she was in far too much trouble to even consider disobeying. So she walked to the corner where she then pulled her pants and panties to her knees. And she stood there, nose to the wall, waiting for Daddy to come punish her.

Sometimes, she couldn’t focus while she waited. Her mind would bounce from their grocery list to work to movies she wanted to see, anything but the reason she was about to get her bottom roasted once again.

This time was different. The night before played over and over in her mind, starting from the moment Shannon had ordered the stupid drinks that had started it all. A lot of it was fuzzy, but she’d been able to piece some of it together. Between what she could remember, and what Shannon had filled in for her, it was easy to see she’d made a huge mess of things.

And that wasn’t even counting this morning. Not only had she been a whiny brat from the time she’d opened her eyes, she’d risked the business they’d worked so hard to build. How could he ever forgive her?

The wood of the brush grew heavier with each passing minute. She imagined it was the weight of her husband’s disappointment, the weight of every mistake she’d made over the past twenty-four hours. Her arm began to ache well before the sound of the front door slamming shut reached her ears.

The second it did, every nerve she possessed was at attention, waiting for the inevitable moment when her daddy would enter the room and take her over his knee. She heard his footsteps on the wooden planks in the hall, closer and closer until they stopped. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end, and she knew without turning around that he was watching her. She wanted to run to him, to fall at his feet and beg forgiveness, but she knew it wouldn’t be welcome. Not until he called for her.

The footsteps started again, this time away from the room, down the hall. And a few minutes later, back toward her room. She grew restless while she listened to him moving around the room behind her. Why wouldn’t he just call for her already?

“Stop fidgeting, Olivia.”

She nearly lifted her foot to stomp it, but managed to curb the urge before she dug her grave any deeper. It felt like hours before he spoke again.

“Come here.”

As slowly as she dared, Olivia turned and shuffled across the room to stand in front of him. James sat in the straight-backed chair from her desk, his back tall and stiff, tapping his fingers on one knee.

“Tell me about last night.”

Finally. “We went to this Mexican restaurant and we each had a margarita with dinner and then we came home.”

“One margarita?”

Her head bobbed up and down so fast she nearly gave herself whiplash. “Uh huh.”

“What kind of margarita?”


“What kind of margarita, exactly, gets two women so wasted they can barely stand up straight? Was it a special kind of tequila? Or,” he leaned forward, sending her pulse racing, “is my little one leaving out some key details about this margarita?”

Shit. If he hadn’t asked, she might have been able to dance around it. But she wasn’t about to tell an outright lie. She didn’t make a habit of lying anyway, and she wasn’t stupid enough to start when she was already in so much trouble. “Well. Um. It was a jumbo margarita.”

“Define ‘jumbo’ for me, Olivia.”

Shrugging, she nervously began tapping the brush against her leg. “I dunno.”

“Olivia Jane Monroe, unless you want me to blister your bottom with that brush every day for the next week, you’d better start talking.”

“It was big, okay?” she blurted out, tears again filling her eyes. “It was at least three, maybe four normal margaritas, just in one gigantic glass.”

“So, when you received said margarita, did you honestly believe you were obeying my rule to only have one drink?”

“No, Daddy,” she whispered.

“But you drank it anyway, even though you knew it was naughty and disobedient.” The disappointment in his voice nearly brought her to her knees.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“And this morning, when you kept insisting you only had one drink, you knew that wasn’t exactly the truth.”

Her tummy twisted itself into a gigantic knot. “I guess.”

“So you lied to Daddy.”

Too miserable to speak, she nodded.

“Are disobedience and lying allowed in this house, Olivia Jane?”

“N-no, Daddy.”

“No. No, it is not. And because it is not allowed, you are going over my knee for a very long, very hard spanking with your brush on your bare bottom. And by the time you go to bed on Saturday, I expect a two-thousand-word essay on why lying isn’t tolerated in our house. Understood?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good.” Leaning back in the chair, he crossed his arms over his chest and pinned her with a stern glare. “Now, let’s talk about this morning.”

God, she just wanted this part over with so she could get her ass blistered. She craved the safe, loved feeling she knew would come when he finally took her in his arms and forgave her. “Do we have to? I screwed up. We fought. End of story.”

“Hardly. I spent an hour on the phone with Mr. Jackson this morning, unruffling his feathers. Do you have any idea how much I wanted to reach through the phone and strangle that pompous ass?”

Her mouth fell open, and she knew her eyes were wide as saucers. “You did?”

“Yes. I’m not unsympathetic to what you’ve gone through. But, Olivia, we can’t risk this kind of reputation. You’ve built an entire career around being a kind, thoughtful, caring agent. You nearly unraveled years of hard work with one careless email. Not to mention the possible damage to the firm when he tells all his friends what happened.”

Guilt threatened to burn a hole in her tummy. “I know, I’m sorry. But it was an honest mistake!”

James raised an eyebrow, and she knew her argument was going to get her nowhere. “And would you have made that mistake if you hadn’t been sick and miserable this morning?”

Dropping her gaze to the floor, she shrugged. “I might have. I don’t know.”

“You might have. But you’ve never so much as dropped a ‘damn’ into an email at work. The entire email, and your carelessness, were all very unlike you. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“I guess.”

“Well, I know it was very unlike you. And the reason you weren’t yourself is because you disobeyed your daddy. Since I’ll be taking over the Jackson account—commission free, mind you—and they’ve already proven to be such a pain in my ass, I think it’s only fair for me to be a pain in yours.”

Something in his voice had her antennae quivering. “Another spanking?”

“No, little one. After I’ve finished paddling your bottom raw, I’m going to fuck your tight little asshole, and I’m going to give you something to think about the next time you’re tempted to be anything less than an absolute professional at work.”

Olivia’s stomach dropped and she stared at her husband. Her daddy, who’d just told her he was going to punish her bottom inside and out. They’d discussed him fucking her bottom as punishment plenty of times, but this was the first time he’d actually played that particular card.

“But—you can’t!” The words burst out of her before she could stop them.

“Excuse me?”

The ice in his voice sent a shiver down her spine. “I-I just mean, I don’t want you to.”

“I’m sure you don’t. But you don’t have a say in the matter.”

She blinked rapidly against the tears already forming. “Will it hurt?”

“Yes. A lot. But you know I’d never harm you, right?”

Swallowing hard, she nodded.

“No, Olivia. Answer me. Do you understand that I will never cause you permanent harm, as much as your punishment is going to hurt?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good. Over my knee.”

Almost in a trance, she stepped forward and placed herself over his left knee. She was still clutching the brush, and she couldn’t take her eyes off it.

James’s heavy hand rested on her bare bottom. “Let’s get this bottom nice and warm, so it can take a proper paddling.”

Olivia squeezed her eyes shut, then popped them back open with a squeal when his hand connected with her bottom. Her daddy wasn’t holding back—he spanked hard and fast, covering every square inch of her bottom with stinging swats.

Almost immediately, she began to fight against his hold. “Ow! Daddy, it hurts!”

“Good. Maybe you’ll remember this the next time you want to ignore my rules.”

“I didn’t! Ow, Daddy, please!”

She was too relieved when the spanking stopped to consider how much trouble she’d just landed herself in.

“Excuse me, little girl? You didn’t ignore Daddy’s rule about only having one drink when you got completely sloshed last night?”

Oh, shit. Mind racing, she tried to backpedal. “I just meant I didn’t intentionally ignore your rules!”

James shifted her forward over his knee, and she barely had time to find her balance before he attacked the tops of her thighs with rapid, burning spanks.

“Daddy! Stop, stop, stop! Ow!”

“It does not matter if you set out to break the rules. You could have ordered a different drink or you could have drunk less. But you thought you found a loophole and you exploited it, even though you knew better.”

“I know, I know, I’m sorry!” The words spilled out of her in a rush of air, followed by a high-pitched wail.

But the relentless assault on her poor bottom and thighs didn’t even slow. James continued to spank, up and down, side to side, until her entire bottom and her thighs throbbed.

When he stopped again, she sagged over his leg, relieved for the break. But the relief was short-lived.

“Hand me your hairbrush.”

Oh, God. She’d nearly forgotten she was even holding it.

“Daddy, please, I learned my lesson! I won’t ever do it again!”

The hand that had so thoroughly punished her rested heavily on her heated skin. “What won’t you do again?”

“Drink! I’ll never drink again!”

She felt his sigh, and could picture him shaking his head without even looking at him. “You think that’s what this is about?”

“Yes,” she said with a sniffle. “No. I don’t know.”

“Why are you getting a spanking, Olivia?”

Whimpering, she reached back to rub her bottom, but her hand was quickly caught in his and pinned to her lower back. “Because I didn’t listen.”

“So what lesson are you learning?”

“Listen to Daddy and follow your rules.”

“There’s my good girl. Now, give me your hairbrush so I can make sure the lesson sinks in good and proper.”

“It has, I swear!”

“Last chance, Olivia. Brush.”

She wanted to argue, or to wiggle off his lap and flee to the safety of her bathroom. But that would only delay the inevitable and make it worse in the end. So she lifted the brush and offered it to her daddy.

“Thank you. I know it’s hard to be obedient when it means getting your bottom paddled. I appreciate you being my good girl.”

“I don’t feel like a good girl,” she whispered.

“You are my good girl. You were very naughty, and Daddy is going to make sure you know better next time. But you’re always my good girl.”

The guilt that had dug its talons in so deep that morning began to lessen its grip. Nodding her understanding, she relaxed over his knee. James tightened his grip on her hand and moved his right leg over hers. Testing his hold, she wiggled a bit, but she was well and truly stuck. She wasn’t going anywhere until her daddy had finished her punishment.

The first crack of the brush against her bare skin made her yelp, and despite being pinned down, she still jerked like a fish on a line. A second blow fell on the opposite cheek, leaving twin squares of pain emblazoned across her bottom.

The brush fell in a steady rhythm, and under different circumstances she might have enjoyed the dependable rise and fall of his chosen implement. She would have relaxed under the soothing cadence, even though her bottom burned with each stroke.

The current situation didn’t allow for such enjoyment. The wood of the brush was cruel and unyielding, and each stroke felt like it was flaying her alive.

It wasn’t long before the pain was more than she could bear. “Daddy, please! I’m sorry!”

Without so much as pausing in his assault on her poor bottom, her daddy answered her in low, comforting tones. “I know you are, little one.”

With his leg over hers, she couldn’t kick her feet, so she settled for drumming her toes on the floor. She managed to twist her torso away from him, but he barely missed a beat when he released her hand and wrapped his arm around her waist.

The spanking stopped again, and Olivia lay over her daddy’s knee, gasping for breath. Was he finished? A strange mixture of relief and disappointment swamped her.

His cool hand rubbed her bottom and she sighed under his soothing touch. “Why did I give you such a strict drink restriction last night, little one?”

“Um.” She struggled to think straight through the fog of pain and the distracting pleasure of his hand rubbing her bottom. “You were worried.”

“Why was I worried?”

The guilt dug in deep again. “Because Angela got hurt.”

“That’s right. So I wanted you to be alert and aware of your surroundings in case someone tried to hurt you too.”

“I know.”

“Then why didn’t you listen?”

“I was embarrassed.” The confession passed her lips in a whisper, but the truth of it echoed in her soul like the roar of a wounded lion.

“Embarrassed? Because you have a daddy who loves you and wants to keep you safe?”

A single tear slipped down her nose and plopped onto the carpet. “Sort of.”

Daddy squeezed her aching ass, making her hiss at the flash of pain. “We discussed this, Olivia. You said you wanted your daddy back.” The hurt and confusion in his voice gave the guilt inside of her an even firmer hold.

“I do, but sometimes I still get embarrassed.”

“By my rules?”

“No.” God, why was it still so hard, after so long, to say it out loud? “By how much I like this. How much I love being your little girl.”

“My sweet Livvy. You have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“I know.” Sighing, she pressed her cheek to his leg. “I’m sorry I was naughty, Daddy.”

“Well, while we finish up your paddling, you can think about how much it hurts our relationship and your bottom when you let your pride get in the way of your submission.”

The brush slammed into her bottom again, and her world once again became the burning ache in her ass. The little break they’d taken had only served to make her bottom nice and tender when he started up again.

She swore up and down she wouldn’t disobey again. No matter how silly she felt, she’d always listen to her daddy and she’d never, ever give him a reason to spank her so hard ever again.

And when he focused on that sensitive curve where her bottom met her thighs, she felt the building pressure in her chest begin to crack. It hurt, God, it hurt so bad.

“Daddy! No!” she screeched when he landed several swats in the same spot. But her pleas went unanswered, and he repeated the process on the opposite cheek, and then back again a little lower, over and over again while she screamed and bucked and fought to free herself from the painful chastisement.

It wasn’t until the spanking slowed, giving her time to absorb each blistering swat, that she began to crumble. It started with a hitch in her breath, with tears burning in her throat and begging for release. She finally broke on a long, keening wail and collapsed over his knee, weeping out her pain and guilt.

“That’s my good girl. Let it out, little one.”

She jerked when his hand came to rest on her bottom again. Even that gentle touch burned, and she just knew she’d never sit comfortably again.


“I know it does.” He talked her through her sobbing, and she focused on his low, soothing voice until her sobs became sniffles and whimpers.

“Ready to get up?” he asked once she’d settled.

“Uh huh.”

He helped her stand, then gathered her in his arms with her bottom hanging off the side of his lap. Olivia sighed, content in the knowledge she’d been punished and the slate was wiped clean.

Except it wasn’t. “Oh, no.” Moaning, she pressed her face into her daddy’s neck.

“What is it, little one? Are you okay?”

“You’re still gonna… you know. Punish my bottom hole.”

The big jerk had the nerve to chuckle. “Yes, I am. But I’ll let you decide if you’d rather get it done or wait until after dinner.”

“Oh.” Her entire bottom felt like one giant bruise. Could she really take more punishment? On the other hand, could she stand waiting, knowing what was still coming? As much as it was going to hurt, there was no way she could go the rest of the evening with more punishment hanging over her head. “I don’t want to wait.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes. Please, Daddy? I hate waiting.”

“All right. Stand up.”

Trembling slightly, she stood and faced him. James reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out a small bottle of lubricant. She watched, equal parts fascinated, aroused, and terrified as he unzipped his pants and released his cock. A small whimper escaped her throat when he covered the shaft with a small squirt of the lubricant.

“Turn around and bend over with your hands at your ankles.”

Her face heated with shame and she wouldn’t have been surprised to find the blush covered her entire body. Especially since the heat seemed to radiate straight to her core. Even in the middle of what might be the worst punishment of her life, her body craved his touch.

Silently, she turned and bent at the waist, wrapping her fingers around her ankles once she was in position. She was fully exposed to him, unable to hide any of the most secret parts of herself. Or the fact that she was dripping with need.

Which her daddy pointed out with a quiet chuckle as soon as she was in place. “Is my naughty little girl enjoying her punishment?”


Her denial was answered with two stinging spanks, one for each still burning ass cheek. “I think you’re telling fibs, little one. There’s nothing to be embarrassed by, Livvy.”

She couldn’t bring herself to give him more than a whimper in response. But judging by his answering growl, he didn’t mind. He’d told her more than once he loved the little sounds his punishments drew from her.

When he pressed a slick finger against her bottom hole, her whimpers grew louder. She loved the feel of him invading her this way, but it had always been for play and pleasure before. Not knowing how far he might push her, how close he might take her to that breaking point, terrified and thrilled her at the same time.

He was gentle, at least at first, as he worked one finger and then two inside of her, murmuring words of encouragement. The familiar burn and stretch of his fingers preparing her for him eventually relaxed her.

And then he withdrew, instructing her to stand again. “Back up and straddle my lap. You’re going to ride Daddy’s cock.”

Stepping back, she placed one foot on either side of the chair. He gripped her hips to position her over his cock, and she slowly lowered herself until she felt the tip pushing against her bottom hole.

Panic clawed at her throat. “I can’t. Daddy, I can’t do it!”

“You will, little one. You’re going to take Daddy’s cock all the way inside your tight little bottom.”

He pushed on her hips, and she reluctantly obeyed the silent command. His cock stretched her, burning as it pushed past the tight outer ring. Though he didn’t simply thrust into her, he definitely didn’t give her as much time to adjust as he normally would.

And now she knew why it was a punishment. It was always uncomfortable, but now it hurt. Her bottom still throbbed from the thorough spanking he’d just delivered, and now she felt like she was being split in half by his cock. Had he gotten bigger, somehow? It certainly seemed that way when he pulled her further down his shaft.

“Daddy,” she whined, “it hurts!”

“Does it? Does it hurt as much as sacrificing your career, our livelihoods, because you came to work with an attitude?”

A sob bubbled up in her chest. “N-no, Daddy.”

“Then you’re getting off easy, aren’t you, little one?”

She didn’t want to answer that, so she stayed silent and focused on pleasing him. He still wasn’t completely inside her, and she must have pushed his patience to its breaking point, because he gripped her hips and pulled her down the rest of the way. Every inch of her bottom, inside and out, burned and throbbed with his displeasure.

“Ride, little one.”

With tears slipping down her cheeks, she balanced her hands on his legs and lifted her hips. The brief moment of relief she felt when his cock slipped from her bottom was overshadowed by the realization she had to repeat the process all over again.

And even though it hurt, so fucking bad, she did it. She lifted and lowered her bottom, riding her daddy’s cock with as much enthusiasm as she could muster.

“Harder, little one.”

Oh, God, no. “I c-can’t.”

“Harder, or we’ll have to repeat this lesson.”

“But I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Please!” Any sense of pride or dignity had fled, reducing her to a begging, whimpering mess.

“I won’t tell you again, Olivia Jane.”

Sobbing, she did as she was told and slammed her bottom down on his cock. Hard hands gripped her hips, guiding her movements, applying pressure when she began to falter.

Behind her, James groaned. “Fuck. Faster, Livvy.”

With a whimper she pushed herself to move faster, even though the friction inside her bottom was becoming unbearable. Just when she felt she couldn’t go another second, his fingers dug into her skin, holding her in place while his cock swelled and emptied into her bottom. The feeling of his seed, hot and sticky, filling her most secret place had heat rising to her cheeks.

“That’s my good girl.” His arms came around her, and Olivia melted into him. For a long while, his ragged breathing and her soft whimpers were the only sound in the room.

“You took your punishment so well, little one,” he said once he’d managed to catch his breath. “Daddy’s so proud of you.”

“Am I your good girl again?”

The same hand that had punished her and held her in place while she took his cock in her bottom lifted to her chin. With a gentleness that seemed counterintuitive to the pain he’d just inflicted, he turned her head so she was forced to meet his serious gaze.

“As I said. You are always, always my good girl. Even when you’re naughty, you are still my good girl.”

His words soothed the last of the ache in her soul. “Thank you, Daddy.”

“How are you feeling?”

“My bottom hurts. A whole lot. But I feel good. Thank you for loving me enough to punish me.”


She let her head fall back to rest on his shoulder. “I’m starving.”

“Mmm.” He nipped at her shoulder. “Me too.”

“Not like that,” she said, laughing. “Tummy hungry, Daddy.”

“Me too. Pizza sound good?”

“Yes! And ice cream?” she asked hopefully.

“Hmm. Only good girls get ice cream.”

“But you said I was a good girl.”


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