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Daddy’s Whip by Loki Renard and Kelly Dawson – Extended Preview

Marnie was sitting cross-legged on her bed when she heard heavy footsteps on the stairs. She had been expecting to hear from Sam sooner or later. It had been a week since their conversation in the kitchen, and she had ignored him when he said to leave the matter alone. Of course, she hadn’t told him she was planning on doing something. There was no point arguing with Sam. Easier to go about her duties with the horses, keep her head down, and hope that when he figured out what she’d done, he wouldn’t be too mad.


Sam boomed her name at the top of the stairs. He sounded pretty mad. She took a deep breath as he came striding into the room, a piece of paper in his hand, his teeth gritted at her. “Did you pay the mortgage?”

“What?” Marnie widened her eyes and spoke with a high lilting voice that she hoped would transmit innocence.

“Don’t play dumb with me, little girl,” he growled. “I just got a notification that we’re up to date on our payments. Thirty thousand dollars was paid in two days ago!”

Most people would have been pleased to find their late payments made for them, but there was tension in every part of Sam’s body, his hard frame locked with frustration. She shrank away from him a little and put an ingratiating smile on her face.

“Well, you bought me these jeans,” she said, smoothing her hands over her pants. “I wanted to do something for you too.”

“Since when do you have money?”

“Well. Uhm, I didn’t, but my grandma’s inheritance for me came through,” she said. “And I talked to Magda and I said I’d been talking to you about investing and she gave me the account number, so I…”

“Spent your entire inheritance on late payments for a failing business?”

“It wasn’t my entire inheritance,” Marnie said with a little eye roll. “I’ve still got a couple grand left. And it’s not a failing business. It was just in a little trouble. And now it’s not. I fixed it!”

“It’s not in a little trouble, Marnie. It’s…” He shook his head, his teeth gritting as he emitted a little growl. “You should have talked to me first.”

“I couldn’t talk to you. You would have said no.”

“Damn right I would have said no,” he said, throwing the paper to the side. “I would have told you that you’re my employee…”

“And that it’s not my problem, and that I shouldn’t worry, or help or do anything. That I should just sit here and eat your food and let you buy me stuff and not make any kind of a difference.” She stood up, getting into his space. “Sam, I know what it’s like to lose everything. I know that money is just the start. I know we’re going to have to work hard. I know there’s no guarantees, but I’m going to try anyway.”

He looked down at her, his expression confused, and impressed, and stern. “Why would you care?”

“Because,” she scowled at him. “I happen to like this place. I lost one home. I’m not losing another one.”

“You like this place? Since when?”

“Shut up,” she frowned. “I don’t have to explain myself to you. I’m helping you and that’s the end of it.”

It wasn’t a terribly good way to say what she was trying to say, and it didn’t go down particularly well. Sam was already riled. He didn’t need much more of a reason to take her to task.

Marnie let out a squeal as he grabbed her by the arm and yanked her over to the bed. Sitting down, he pulled her over his thighs and his hand met her jean-clad ass with a hard whack that made her yelp in pain. She wasn’t surprised. Sam’s answer for literally everything was to spank her.

“You don’t tell me to shut up, Marnie,” he growled. “You don’t disrespect me. You don’t damn well pay off my debts either. Little girl, you have overstepped your boundaries by a good long way.”

“I wanted to help you!”

“You were helping me, by working with the horses and helping with the treks.”

“It wasn’t enough! You were never going to make that money up! You should be thanking me! At least you’re not behind now!”

His hand came down more softly and rested on her ass.

“I know you meant to do something good, Marnie, but I didn’t…” He took a deep breath. “I’m probably going to have to sell this place.”

“What? No!”

“The house needs renovations that will cost thousands, and Magda took out a second mortgage a year or so before I took over. The payments on that are killing this business. Right now, property prices are as high as they’ve ever been. This place is worth far more sold to someone else than it is under my care.”

No. This couldn’t be happening. She wouldn’t let it happen. Marnie started to squirm and wriggle. “Let me up, Sam!”

He released her and she sat up next to him, looking into his eyes with desperation as she felt her stomach twist. “You can’t sell this place.”

“I’ve already gotten an offer,” he said. “There’s a farming corporation looking to expand their intensive dairying business. They’ve offered enough to pay Magda out, cover the mortgage, and maybe leave enough over for me to pick up a five-acre lifestyle block somewhere.”

Marnie shook her head. That would have been a happy ending for most people, but Sam didn’t belong on a lifestyle block, a couple of pokey little paddocks surrounded by houses. He belonged out here, on the mountains and the plains.

“What about the horses?”

“I could keep a couple, but I’d probably have to sell most of them.”

“No.” Marnie shook her head. “That can’t be what happens.”

Sam put his hand on her shoulder. “When I sell, I’ll make sure you’re paid back.”

“No!” Marnie yelled the word, her eyes filling with tears. “You’re not selling this place. No.”


“You’re not even going to try to keep it? That’s it?” She waved her hands in the air. “After everything we’ve been through?”

“I’m trying, Marnie,” Sam said, attempting to reason with her. “I’ve been trying for a long time, but at some point, practical decisions have to be made.”

“Fuck practical decisions!”

Part of Sam agreed with Marnie, but he was still mad as hell at her. She shouldn’t be throwing her money away on this place. He hadn’t asked for it. He’d specifically told her to stay out of it. But she couldn’t resist just doing whatever the hell she wanted.

She looked at him with those tearful eyes and he felt awful. Both for upsetting her, and for the fact she’d ever found out enough about the business side of things to get to this point. She was quite literally invested now. And she was right, she had actually bought him some more time. With those payments made, he didn’t have to look at an immediate sale.

Sam knew he should be grateful. He was grateful. But he was mad too—and scared. Scared that she’d end up resenting him when he lost her money. It was enough stress with Magda to take care of, but now Marnie had dumped all her cash into the place too. She should have bought her own home. Instead, she’d paid off part of his.

“You really should have talked to me, little girl.”

“No. Talking doesn’t do shit. Paying bills does. I don’t know how to horse very well, but I can transfer money. So I did. And I’m not sorry and I won’t be sorry either.” She folded her arms over her chest and looked up at him with her lower lip stuck out more than she probably realized.

She was adorable. But she was wrong. She’d be very sorry by the time he was done with her. That first little spanking hadn’t been enough. It was never enough when it came to Marnie. He knew exactly what she needed and yet he found himself pulling back when it came time to deliver because it was easy to feel sorry for her, and because she always seemed to have a good reason for her disobedience—but enough was enough. Everything about her tone and attitude just begged for correction.

“We’ll see about that.” he said as he started to roll up his sleeves.

“Sam! No! I can’t be in trouble for this!” Marnie started arguing immediately, as usual. This girl could argue the hind leg off a Clydesdale and still not be done.

“I told you to stay out of this, and you went behind my back,” he said as he reached out to take her by the arm, wrapping his long fingers around her slim wrist. She was so much smaller than him, so delicate in so many ways—and damn tough in a lot of others.

Prepared to deal with her properly this time, he pulled her squirming, complaining body back over his thighs. Marnie was not going quietly on this one, but Sam was determined. Now, more than ever, she needed to know he was still in charge. Her jeans provided more protection than she really deserved, but he started with them on, his palm finding her ass with satisfying firm slaps that made her yelp.

“Sam! This isn’t fair!” she squealed as his hand branded her butt.

“It’s very fair. You disobey, you get spanked. I outlined that the first day we met, Marnie.”

“I was trying to do something nice!”

“Maybe you were, but your money is for you.”

“My money is for doing what I want, and I wanted you help you, dumbass!”

The sentiment was sweet, but the language was so disrespectful he spanked her harder and faster, making damn sure she knew she wasn’t going to get out of being disciplined just because she threw money around. Marnie howled, her socked toes drumming against the floor with every single one of the rapid-fire slaps.

Sam grabbed the back of her jeans and yanked them down. Her panties came with them, dragged down her thighs so her sweet curvy ass was exposed. It was a light pink colour, but he intended to make it bright red. She was going to pay for that mouth of hers.

“Sam!” She squealed his name like a plea as the sharper slaps landed across her hindquarters, every single one of them leaving a hot red handprint against her skin that faded into the growing red hue of her bottom as a whole.

There was pleasure in this, in having a reason to give her a damn good spanking and make sure it was one she couldn’t forget. Throwing the amount of money she had around was not a smart move. He could easily lose it all, and then where would she be? Jobless, homeless, and without a dollar to her name.

“Sam! Fuck! That hurts!” He could hear the pain in her voice. It didn’t stop him from landing another hard slap to her sweet cheeks. Sadistic? Yeah. Maybe. Earned? Absolutely. Sam was the master of his domain, and Marnie was going to find her place in it or be a very, very sore girl.

He had given her plenty of warnings in the past, tastes of what he was capable of, and she kept coming back for more. She was pushing his limits, so he was happy to push hers right back.

Speaking of… He pushed her far leg off his lap and looped his other leg around it, trapping her with her sex spread over his hard thigh. He could see her sweet pussy gleaming with the arousal she probably wasn’t aware of yet. Her ass probably hurt too much to notice that she was soaking, but the wet patch on his jeans didn’t lie.

Sam aimed his slaps lower, catching her sensitive inner thighs, moving ever closer to that perfect pouting pink slit of hers.

Her wails and moans reached higher pitches, but she still hadn’t said the magic word yet. Sorry was exceptionally absent from every single one of her shouts and cries. There wasn’t an apology even beginning to form. She was demanding he stop, but he had no intention of giving into her demands, no more than he would have given into any other stroppy filly who stamped her hooves and tried to get her own way.

Marnie learned a lot slower than the horses. Then again, he didn’t spank them. Leather and ropes. That’s what a truly spirited little mare needed. He didn’t have any rope with him, but he did have leather. Grabbing her wrists up behind her, he held them pinned behind her back, giving her a very brief reprieve as he worked one handed at his belt, then slid it from the loops with a swiiiisshh that made her bottom quiver.


His name was delicious on her lips as he doubled the leather over, then brought it down across the centre of her ass in a hard lash, which instantly made a red stripe blaze across her flesh.

“Sam!” She screamed his name, a note of real desperation entering her tone. He paused before he let the next stroke fly.

“I know it hurts, little girl,” he said, his voice low and calm. “But you’re not learning your lesson. I look after you. You do as I say. It’s very simple, Marnie.”

“Please! Don’t use the belt again!”

Sam let the leather trail lightly over her cheeks. Maybe he was being too mean. Maybe this was too much for her. His cock was hard as hell against the ridge of his fly and he was dying to fuck one of those tight little holes currently on display. The smaller, darker one was calling him.

He dipped a finger down the cleft of her ass and found that bud, touching her in a place he was sure she didn’t let men touch her usually.

“Oh, my god.” Her muffled little moan didn’t exactly sound entirely unenthusiastic.

“Why did you pay that bill, Marnie?”

“Because you needed it paid.”

“Right, but you don’t care about this place, do you?” He laid the belt across her ass as he questioned her, keeping his middle finger moving in a slow circle around her tight little hole.

“I care,” she moaned. The pain was not making her arousal abate one bit. If anything, that lash of the belt had heightened her desire. She could barely keep her hips and ass still as she moved against his thigh in a slow gyration.


“Because…” She trailed off, and he pressed his finger a little harder against the bud of her bottom.

“Why, Marnie?” He let his voice drop into a dominant growl, his index finger dropping down to swipe some of her natural lubrication up against her ass before returning his middle finger to the task of teasing her hole.

“Because I want to stay here!”


“Because I just do, isn’t that enough?”

“No.” He picked up the belt again and laid another harsh lash across her ass, right next to the first one. She squealed and bucked, but settled down again when his finger went back to her bottom hole. “Tell me why you want to stay here, Marnie. Don’t you lie to me, little girl. Don’t you hide another thing from me.”

She took a few deep sobbing breaths before she managed to reply.

“Because of you…” Her voice was soft, but he heard her clearly. He felt his heart swell and his dick throb. Fuck. He hadn’t known how much he’d wanted to hear that until she said it. There was so much longing in her voice, so much sweetness—and so much desire.

“Because you want to be mine?” He wrapped an arm underneath her neck and pulled her up so she was arched, her eyes meeting his as he leaned over to look down at her, his finger making slow headway into her tight little asshole. “Is that what you want, Marnie? Do you want to be my little girl? My little fuck toy?”

“Yesss…” There was a guttural desperation in her hissed reply. He saw her eyes fogged with arousal. He saw her mouth hanging open a little, just begging to be kissed. Her bottom was giving way, letting him enter. Sam pushed his finger slowly inside her tight little ass, using his index finger to push inside the warm velvety embrace of her cunt at the same time.

“You don’t understand what being mine is really like, little girl. I can be a very mean daddy.”

“I know,” she whimpered adorably.

“You know a little,” he growled. “But you don’t know everything. If you want to be mine, every single one of these holes is going to be mine too. You’re going to hold your little ass open and ask your daddy to fuck it, understand?”

He felt her pussy and ass clench at the same time. Oh, she was loving this. Her pussy was absolutely soaked, and her ass was perfectly tight around his finger. He couldn’t wait to push his cock inside that hole, and see what that did to the naughty little brat from the city.

“Yes, Daddy, I understand.” Marnie’s voice was a breathless whisper as she forced out the words that made her tummy clench with desire. It felt so naughty to say it, so forbidden to be calling her lover ‘Daddy.’ And what he planned to do to her… that was even naughtier. And yet it felt so right. Where his finger was, right there, pushing inside her bottom hole, did delicious things to her body. Sensations ricocheted through her; sensations she’d never felt before. Her nipples were too tight against her bra and strained to be released. Sam’s words went round and round in her head. Had he made her a promise or was it meant to be a threat? She didn’t know.

Electricity zinged down her spine, making her tremble, and the sparks exploded where his hand lay in the curve of her ass, his fingers filling both her holes, his words and his actions already claiming her as his.

“What do you want, Marnie? What do you want to be? Tell me. Let me hear you say the words.” Sam’s voice was a low growl, still, as he stared into her eyes.

Her ass was on fire, the tight skin burning and throbbing, but she couldn’t keep her aching pussy from clenching around his finger, nor could she ignore the sensations rippling through from her virgin bud that Sam had plundered. She was still sniffling from the sting of the belt, but she took a deep, shuddering breath.

“I want to be your little girl, Daddy. I want to be your fuck toy.” Just saying the words nearly tipped her over the edge. Her swollen clit throbbed against his hand as he delved deep inside her, her juices saturating her thighs and his jeans. The pain in her backside wasn’t dimming her arousal even the tiniest bit.

Sam released the hold he had on her neck, allowing Marnie to collapse down over his thighs. She bit back a sob as the edge of his thumbnail pressed into the scorched skin of her ass. She couldn’t breathe, the air was too thick to swallow into her lungs. There was no escape from the sensations roaring through her as he grabbed a handful of her hair in his other hand and tugged.

“Mine,” he growled softly. “All mine.”

The finger in her pussy started moving, a slow rotation that made her core quiver and twist in anticipation, her arousal deepening with every tiny movement. He slid it deeper inside her, right up to the knuckle. A low moan escaped her throat.

More tears sprang into her eyes as Sam yanked her head back by her hair, his touch not at all gentle now. She couldn’t see him properly; tears blurred her vision. But she could taste his mouth on hers, she could feel his stubble scratching her cheek as he pressed his lips on hers, claiming her in a hungry kiss that stole her breath and momentarily took away her pain. The kiss wasn’t tender; it was rough and urgent, taken rather than given. But her throbbing pussy clenched around his finger even tighter, another gush of liquid trickled down her already slick thighs. Still holding her hair tightly, his lips still locked to hers, Sam pulled his other hand away from her suddenly, leaving her feeling empty, wanting, body trembling.

She hissed in pain as he rubbed his palm, sticky with her juices, over her burning bottom, tracing the welts he’d made with the belt with his wet finger. The finger that had just seconds ago been inside her. Cupping her hot bottom, he squeezed, then she felt him reach down and dip his finger into her dewy wetness, bringing it back to spread over her tight rosebud that she could feel puckering desperately in response to his touch. She couldn’t move, he held her fast. It was torture. Exquisite torture.

“Aaargh! Sam!” Marnie bucked and squealed as Sam pushed his finger inside her ass once again, pushing it in to the hilt this time, making her take it all. Her jerky movement was restricted by Sam’s hold on her hair and she froze, her whole body rigid, her bottom clenched, every muscle in her body tense. She tried to expel his finger, to push against it, but he was too strong for her.

“You’re mine, little girl,” Sam growled. “This hole right here belongs to me.”

Marnie moaned, a long, low moan that was a mixture of both pleasure and pain, torment and elation. Electricity surged down her spine, exploding when it got to her pelvis, spreading and intensifying, nearly sending her into orbit.

“Yes, Daddy!” she squealed.

She sucked in a breath as Sam drenched a second finger in her juices, dipping it inside her to coat it thoroughly, then ran it around the entrance to her tight hole, the one already plundered by one finger.

“Nooooooo.” Her protest sounded more like a moan, which Sam ignored, choosing instead to press his second finger inside her, just the tip at first, then twisting it, spreading her wide to accommodate him. Marnie hissed at the burning signalling the entrance of Sam’s digit, but as she pressed back against him, and he pushed his finger in further, the discomfort eased and she slowly relaxed.

Sam released the hold on her hair and she sank her head downward, mortified by her predicament, but excited at the same time. She clutched the leg of his jeans, her nails digging into his calves as she tried frantically to keep herself still. She felt so naughty, enjoying this. Like a wanton slut. She begged him silently to take her properly, to fuck her senseless, to bring her right to the edge of the abyss and let her fly over, rather than leave her like this, dangling, helpless, wet.

What was he doing? He was moving, his upper body heavy against her back. She felt him lean down, almost squashing her, then she gasped, both startled and aroused, as he touched his lips to her punished bottom in the barest of kisses. His lips lightly grazed over the burning welts but even that small touch was too much and she bucked against him.

“No.” His flattened hand came down sharply on the back of her thigh, reinforcing his demand. “Let Daddy kiss it better.”

The wave of emotions and sensations that flooded her was overwhelming. She couldn’t make sense of them as pain, pleasure, humiliation, despair, and longing all jostled for place inside her, tossing her upside down and turning her inside out, so the only thing she was aware of was Sam’s fingers, slowly circling, deep in her bottom.

“Oh, god. Sam, please!” Every nerve in her body was on fire as she begged for what she craved, what she so desperately needed. “Please fuck me, Sam. Please!” Marnie could barely contain the pressure that was building inside her as Sam’s circling fingers kept up their slow dance, spreading her wider, wider, preparing her bottom for his cock.

“Please.” The word came out as a groan. “Please! I can’t bear it anymore!”

“What can’t you bear, little girl?” Sam’s voice was gruff, teasing, fuelling the flames that consumed her.

“This!” she squealed as the finger inside her pussy reached upward, hitting that secret spot that did amazing things to her, at the same time as the fingers in her ass spread her wider, stretching her. “I need you inside me,” she begged.

“You’ll need to be a bit more specific, little girl. Do you want another finger?”

“No. Your… your cock,” she gasped, struggling to speak, struggling to breathe, struggling to think. “I want to feel your cock inside me. Please!”


“Please!” The guttural moan that escaped from her lips was unlike any sound Marnie had ever heard herself make before. Everything was sizzling, every part of her was alive with sensation. If Sam denied her release for too much longer she was certain she would go crazy.

“What do you want me to do, little girl?” Sam’s slow, lazy voice drove her even wilder.

“Fuck me. I want you to fuck me.”

“Where?” Sam pulled away the hand that was filling her, before touching the tip of his finger to her labia, circling her swollen lips, tapping her wet clit. “Here?”


“Then where?” The shivers zipping down her spine intensified as Sam’s fingertip increased in speed, rubbing her throbbing clit.

“My bottom,” she whispered. “Please, Daddy, fuck my bottom hole.” Just saying the words felt shameful, but an erotic thrill shot through her at the same time.

Sam lifted her off his lap and shifted, so he was behind her. “Get up on the bed,” he commanded hoarsely, “knees wide. Reach back and grab your ass, spread it wide, show me your little hole.”

Pressing her forehead into the bed, Marnie braced herself and reached back, just as Sam had instructed. Her bottom felt hot to touch, as she knew it would, and it stung as she pressed her fingers into her scalded skin.

“Hold your ass open, little girl, open wide.” Sam’s voice was husky with arousal, the passion blurring the words, making them hard to understand.

Ignoring the sting as best she could, Marnie pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing herself to her daddy, opening herself up wide, just for him, just as he’d asked.

“What do you say, little girl?”

Sam took a step back. He wasn’t touching her, but she could feel his eyes on her, claiming her.

Marnie took a deep breath.

“Please fuck me, Daddy,” she begged softly. “Please fuck my ass.”

Behind her, she heard the rustle of clothing as Sam shed his pants and boxers, leaving them in a puddle on the floor. She felt him grab her hips, felt him press his thighs against her hot bottom. She felt his cock at the entrance to her tight hole. She held her breath.

She trembled, just slightly, as he dipped his cock into her juices, running his thick shaft up and down her slit, coating it thoroughly in the sticky substance.

“Who owns this ass?” he growled in her ear.

“You do, Daddy.”

“That’s right, little girl. This ass belongs to me.”

Sam wasn’t gentle as he entered her and she hissed in pain at the burn. He plunged in deeply, his muscular thighs hard up against her bottom. For a moment he was still, letting her get used to his size, then he started to move. Slowly at first, long, deep rhythmic thrusts that tantalized and teased, but quickly grew in pace and intensity.

He picked up her hands, pulling them away from her. “Put them on the bed beside you.”

It was easier to balance with her hands next to her, and she used her arms to push herself up a bit more, arching her back, giving Sam better access, offering herself to him fully. He took full advantage of her offering, plunging deeply into her, claiming her completely.

She cried out as he grabbed her hair, pulling her head back again, so far back that the back of her head touched the spot between her shoulder blades.

“So beautiful,” he whispered. “So nice and tight.”

Marnie glowed at his praise.

Reaching around her hips, Sam found her swollen clit and flicked it softly, quickly, plundering her ass faster and harder.

Marnie was going to explode. She could feel it. Every single nerve in her body was on the brink of combusting. One more flick, one more thrust… “Oh, god, Sam!” she screamed as she flew over the edge, making everything shatter inside her. She couldn’t see anything, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t focus on anything except the sensations devouring her body, churning inside her, erupting.

Wave after wave of the most incredible orgasm she’d ever had washed over her and she thought it would never end. Sam shuddered behind her and his hot seed filled her, spilling out of her, as he collapsed against her, spent.

“Dammit, little girl, you’re incredible.”

Sore but sated, Marnie rested her head on the bed as a slow smile spread across her face.

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