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Dangerous Addiction: A Dark Bratva Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


I could see it in his eyes, that obsessive look that I’d only witnessed in movies. He was a man possessed by the kind of dark need that would terrify most women, including me. The bastard was brutal and more like a savage than anything else.

Yet his deep baritone and the dirty talk had kept me completely and irrationally aroused. I was hot and wet, which was a terrible combination. My head also ached from the rush of blood as the pressure rose. His words about need continued to shift in my mind. While they held a ring of truth, admitting it made me sick to my stomach.

When he pulled away entirely, a cold chill shifted down my spine. But as he dragged the robe off my shoulders, pushing the material to the floor, I was once again unable to move a muscle.

His eyes flashed, his nostrils flaring as he gazed down to my breasts then moved beseechingly slowly to my legs. I threw my arms over my chest in some pointless attempt to cover myself.

“Don’t do that, Walker. You don’t have permission to hide from me,” he said, his voice laced with the grit of lust.

Unable to swallow, I eased my arms by my sides, continually darting a look toward the door, praying that someone would come knock on it.

He sneered before he dragged his shirt over his head, tossing it aside. “No one is coming to save you, malen’kaya ptitsa. Only I can be your savior, but that only comes from being a very good girl.”

I fisted my hands, unable to control my eyes as they raked over his sculpted chest. He was a creature of beauty, every muscle toned to perfection. He had to be a former body builder. Or maybe he tossed bodies he’d killed as his way of exercise. There was a single ragged scar running down the front of his chest, a portion covered in brilliant ink. Every part of him was dangerously gorgeous.

I almost laughed nervously until he wasted no time finishing undressing. The sight of him completely naked did little to calm my nerves. He was huge in every department, his cock long and thick, the tip so purple I realized my mouth was watering. How in the hell could I want a man who had already told me I belonged to him?

I backed away, taking long strides until I walked straight across the area, the horrible section of floor that I’d cleaned a man’s blood off of only hours before. When I hit the window, I gasped, realizing I couldn’t go any further.

The Russian took decided steps toward me, the leer on his face more pronounced than it had been before.

“You aren’t going anywhere,” he said mostly under his breath.

He was close, far too close, the heat of his body shifting through me like a wave of fire consuming every inch. When he was within a few inches, I slammed my fists against him, realizing that my attempts were futile, but it made me feel better to try. I glanced from right to left, staring out the window down to the street below. Thirty stories above the rest of the world seemed so far away.

He planted his palms on the glass, piercing my eyes with his. I was thrown by how enigmatic they were, drawing me in. He exuded power in the way he carried himself, his quiet yet demanding demeanor, although he seemed to have the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Or maybe he was just trying to prove himself.

It didn’t really matter at this point. He’d identified me as enemy number one and I would be forced to pay for my sins.

“How did you get inside the building?” I asked as he lowered his head, taking several shallow breaths.

“Is that what you really want to know, Walker?”

“As a start.”

He laughed in that deep, sexual throaty way, sending another rush of shivers all the way to my toes. “I can get into any building. There’s no security system that can’t be cracked, not a single person alive who can’t be bought.”

I wasn’t certain what he was trying to tell me, but it was likely I’d never learn.

“No more talking. Now, I fuck you.” With that he crushed his mouth over mine, his body still a few inches from mine but the heat even more explosive.

I pushed against him then dug my fingernails into his skin. He didn’t budge and if I had to guess, I’d say he was impervious to pain. As his tongue pushed past my pursed lips, sweeping inside then dominating my tongue, I raked my nails down the front of his chest. Without realizing it, I wrapped one hand around his cock, squeezing before pumping up and down twice. Then I jerked my hand away, horrified at my actions.

He merely wrapped his fingers around mine, pushing them back in that same position. I closed my eyes, doing his bidding even though I became even more disgusted by the thought. But as the kiss continued, the taste of him tingling my senses, I found myself stroking him without hesitation.

My entire body ached as another blast of desire roared through me. None of this made any sense, my mind refusing to provide any decent answers. As I tightened my hold, he emitted a series of growls, the sound floating all around us.

Stars floated from right to left, keeping my vision as cloudy as my mind.

I didn’t want to feel the passion roaring between us but there was no point in denying the way he made me feel. It was strange and amazing, terrifying and surreal. I’d never felt this way before and that bothered me even more.

When he finally broke the kiss, he pulled my hand away, easing back and lifting first one arm then the other over my head. As he wrapped one hand around both wrists, I studied him even more carefully. He had such soulful eyes, the kind any woman could get lost in. However, I had a feeling there was nothing but empty space in his soul, as if he’d sold it to the devil himself.

He cupped my chin as he’d done before, keeping my head held high as he rubbed his thumb back and forth across my lips.

“So beautiful,” he muttered then slid his hand down to my breast, flicking a finger across the surface of my nipple before pinching it in between his thumb and forefinger. The pain was like a rush of adrenaline. Instantly, my legs began to tremble, the knot in my stomach growing in size.

He took his sweet time exploring my body, shifting his hand to my other nipple, twisting and pulling until both ached from the rough touch. I panted, blinking in order to keep tears from forming. The thought of giving him any additional satisfaction repulsed me almost as much as what he was doing.

When he opened his large hand, running his fingers down my breasts to my stomach, I rose onto my toes, unable to stop a gasp from erupting from my throat.

“We’re going to be very close, you and I,” he said out of the blue.

Was he kidding me? “We will never be friends, no matter what you think.”

“You don’t want me as an enemy, Walker. That’s why you’re going to learn to be a very good girl.”

“I thought I already was your enemy.”

He smirked, the slight dimple in his chin too damn attractive. “If you were a true enemy, you’d already be dead.” The bastard continued his exploration, following the trail of his fingers with his heated gaze, his nostrils flaring.

“Just like the man who was murdered right here beneath our feet?” My question seemed to surprise him.

“A necessary evil in my line of work.”

“Evil is right. You’re a monster.”

“I didn’t kill him.”

“Then who did?”

He cocked his head before sliding his entire hand between my legs. When he added pressure, rubbing my pussy gently, there was no way to keep from moaning. I tried to control my breathing, but everything seemed impossible around him. Every bodily function I’d taken for granted before was coming to light. My breathing was out of control. My mind was lost in some irrational moment of insanity. My body was betraying me, the scent of my leaking pussy assaulting my nose.

I was sick inside. Sick. A terribly sick woman, something I’d never realized.

“Someone equally as powerful as I am.”

I took a calculated guess, realizing I could face additional punishment for being so bold. “Mafia.”

“You are as intelligent as you are stunning. Now, I suggest you stop asking questions that I know you really don’t want answers to.”

“What if I do?”

He glanced into my eyes, that damn smirk remaining. “Then that would make you more like me that you would choose to believe.”

“I could never be like you. Never. No matter what you do to me, I will never sell my soul.”

As he took a deep breath, he slipped two fingers past my swollen folds, driving them deep inside in a tempered fashion. Then he had the audacity to curl the tips, the shift in the angle providing more pleasure than any other man had given me.

“We shall see what you’re capable of, little bird.” He added a third finger, thrusting harder. When he swirled his thumb around my already aching clit, I almost lost it. Some men had no clue about pleasing a woman. He was practiced, prepared to take his time to force me into orgasming.

No fucking way.

I forced myself to glare at him, even managing to keep a smile on my face as he continued tormenting me, his actions becoming more savage when I didn’t do as he wanted. However, the man was good, bringing me to the very edge of ecstasy then pulling back, playing the game much better than I was able to do.

“You continue to fight me. Soon, you will learn to beg me for pleasure.”

“Never,” I whispered, no longer recognizing the hollow tone of my voice.

“And when you do, I’ll take you like you deserve to be taken, brutally and often, filling you with my seed.”

When I tried to look away, he issued a low but very authoritative hiss. He continued finger fucking me, leaving me aching all over, my body involuntarily rocking against his hand only seconds later. Panting, I dragged my tongue across my lips, my throat starting to close from the anxiety of trying to hold back.

“That’s it. Release for me.”

I held my breath, refusing to give in. Refusing to… the climax swept through me so unexpectedly that I tossed my head against the window, doing everything I could to hold back a scream of pleasure.

He whispered several sentences in Russian. It didn’t matter what he was telling me, or the words he was using. It was the inflection of his voice that added fuel to the fire. A second orgasm came out of nowhere, one so powerful that I bucked hard against his hand, panting like some crazed schoolgirl experiencing the joy for the first time. Every sound I made echoed, and I could no longer feel my arms or legs, the rapture that incredible.

“Oh… My…” I heard a laugh as it bubbled to the surface and a wave of embarrassment rolled over every inch of my skin creating goosebumps. I was as humiliated as I’d ever been, no longer bothering to try to focus. He’d already taken a small part of me just to make certain I knew he could at any time.

“Good girl. I’m pleased,” he whispered after I stopped shaking.

When he removed his hand from my wrist, I reacted without thinking, cracking him hard across the face. My action even shocked me, enough so I didn’t move quickly enough. When I attempted to do it again, he snagged my hand, smashing it against the glass.

“That’s not something good girls do, Walker. That’s going to cost you.” He flipped me around so quickly I thought I’d fall, pushing me hard against the window. Then he grabbed my hair with one hand as he used the other to push the tip of his cock just inside my aching pussy.

There was no stopping my cry of disbelief. He was huge, my muscles straining immediately to accept just how large he really was.

“Please, you’re so big,” I struggled to say, slapping my hands against the glass.

He said nothing as he slowly pushed another few inches. When he finally thrust the remainder inside, my entire body shook violently. I couldn’t believe the way my pussy clamped around his shaft, managing to pull him in even deeper.

“So damn tight,” he growled and grabbed my hip, yanking me further away from the glass, forcing me to arch my back.

The sensations were all over the place, but within seconds, there was nothing but extreme pleasure as he started fucking me in earnest.

I could see his reflection in the glass, the strain on his face as he rocketed into me. Every sound he made was guttural, every breath he took labored. Within seconds, my hot breath had fogged the window, but it still felt like I was on public display, the entire city watching me being fucked by a brutal killer.

His actions more forceful, he pushed me onto my toes, my face crowded close to the glass. He kept his hand woven around my long strands of hair, fucking me long and hard. I was exhausted from battling with him as well as the intense fear, finally shutting down all efforts to try to fight him. It was no use. But I would find a way to escape his clutches. Somehow.

I closed my eyes, trying to pretend I was somewhere else.

With someone else.

Other than a horrible poor excuse for a human being.

But the dazzling sensations prevented my mind from free flowing, keeping me very present in the moment, enough so that when he pulled all the way out, I almost begged him to continue. A slight laugh pulsed from my throat, the sound dry and bitter. I pressed my face against the glass, taking several raspy breaths.

He yanked me another few inches away from the window, pressing down on the small of my back. “Your first lesson in obedience, Walker. I assure you that there will be many others. Now, I’m going to fuck you in the ass.”


I smashed my hands against the glass, trying to find the will to fight him once again, but he was just too strong for me. He was quick with his actions, placing the tip of his cock against my puckered hole. Then he grabbed my hips with both hands, digging his fingers into me as he pushed several inches inside, past the tight ring of muscle.

“Oh. Shit.” I hung my head, my nails involuntarily scratching down the glass. Blinking furiously, just trying to focus on anything became arduous, pain washing up over my shoulders as my ass muscles constricted. He didn’t waste any time, thrusting the rest deep inside. I was thrown against the window by the force he used, trying to concentrate on anything but the burning anguish.

The sounds erupting from his throat reminded me of some barbarian, a hunter catching his prey. While he remained crushed against me for a full ten seconds, I knew it was short lived. When he pulled out, leaving only the tip inside, I undulated my hips, shocked at the tingling sensations rushing through me.

But as I’d done since he’d walked into the door, my actions failed. He plunged even harder, his heavy body smashing against me, leaving my heart thudding and my legs no longer working. When he repeated the move, all I could do was pant.

“That’s it. Take all of me,” he growled, keeping me bent over as he drove into me like a crazed beast.

His rhythm seemed perfect, one coming after the other. Then his actions became rougher, pounding into me so forcefully, my entire body was jarred.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.” The agony shifted, turning into another moment of sheer pleasure, pushing several more buttons on my road to ecstasy.

He pounded into me hard and fast, stripping away any rational thoughts. While another wave of incredible sensations rocketed through me, I could tell he was close to coming. A series of ragged pants left my throat, the only thing I could concentrate on the sound of his skin slapping against mine. I was lost in another haze, every sound I made unrecognizable.

When his body stiffened, a snarky smile crossed my face. At least he was almost finished.

His cock throbbed even more than before, the bellow he issued a sound I would never forget. His fingers digging into my skin, there was no doubt he erupted deep inside.

A single bead of perspiration trickled down the side of my face. As it slid across my nose, finally dripping onto the floor, all I could see were bloodstains.

“I’m going to fuck you every day, taking you in every way I desire,” he huffed, his breathing just as rapid as mine. Yet as he continued to play me with filthy thoughts, filling my mind with all the ways he planned on ravaging me, I managed to shift to that alternate location in my mind, my conviction strengthening.

The bastard would never break me down the way he wanted. I would never need him, nor would I allow my bizarre desire to cloud what was really happening.

He was a monster.

And I was his pawn.

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