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Dangerous Interference by BJ Wane – Extended Preview

“Hello,” she answered, wincing at the breathless sound of her voice.

“Hello, luv. We’ll meet you at the pier at Hirst’s private dock in about an hour to discuss this weekend.”

She liked how he got right to the point as much as she liked the way he called her love in that sexy accent continued to fire her up on all cylinders. “You mean the same place where Randy threatened to lock me up if he caught me moored there again? That place?”

His throaty chuckle had her nipples peaking and her hand tightening on the phone.

“Yes, that place. See you soon.”

Almost giddy with anticipation over what they might have planned that would bring her one step closer to her goal, she went below and changed into her black bikini, not above tempting them into giving her what she wanted. Then she took the multiuse, semi-sheer swim cover-up in a vivid splash of floral colors and wrapped it around her hips, leaving one end to hang down her right leg. No sense in making them work for what she wanted to give to them, she mused, especially if it would get her closer to Kevin Hirst and possible answers.

Taking the boat out, she floated once she reached the middle of the lake. Lounging on a small chaise, she read to kill time, waving to a few people she had come to recognize as they sailed by or hailed from the shore. The afternoon really had turned out warm, the light breeze just enough to keep from getting uncomfortably hot. Having fair skin to go along with her red hair, she had applied a generous amount of sunscreen and had given herself twenty minutes to lounge before moving on to their meeting spot.

Thirty minutes later, warm and relaxed, she maneuvered up to the dock just as the guys pulled up. It was a good thing she had already decided to go with this strange fascination she seemed to have developed for both of those men and ride it out until she left. The way her happy parts grew warm and tingly every time they showed up told her she’d be fighting a losing battle if she didn’t admit she wanted them almost as much as she wanted answers about her sister’s whereabouts. Still, that didn’t mean she would let them walk all over her.

“Why is it okay for me to be here when you order me to and not when I want to be?” she asked, placing her hands on her hips as they stepped aboard and came toward her with those identical looks on their faces that sent heat rushing through her veins to pool between her legs. She got more turned on from one look from them than she did during an entire session with her vibrator, which was both exciting and disconcerting.

“Because we’re the boss.”

Narrowing her eyes at Randy, she ignored the ridiculous little thrill those four succinct words elicited. “Only because you’ve left me no choice. It’s either jail, cooperate, or go home with no answers.”

Nash did love the way those green eyes spit fire at them. All that lotioned, sweat-slick skin had his fingers itching to touch her. “So,” he asked, stepping right up to her, “will you cooperate to get what you want?”

“I thought I already proved I would the other night. What’s this next test you mentioned?” And did they intend to put her through it now, here? She cast a hasty look around the quiet shore, then her eyes widened when she caught sight of Bryan and Carlee exiting the side door of his house and moving to the large grill sitting on the small patio. A younger version of Bryan who had to be his brother, Kevin, joined them. Her suspicions went haywire when she turned back around and the two of them shuffled close enough to crowd her against the rail.

“Did you really mean it when you said you’d do anything to go with us next Saturday?” Randy drew her against him, his body as warm as his whispered breath against her ear. “Think long and hard before you answer this time.”

He took her mouth in a no-holds-barred kiss that had her toes curling into the deck, the feel of Nash’s hard body pressing behind her adding to the immediate sensory overload that set her heart tripping over itself in excitement. Yes, she meant it, but it sure helped that she wanted these guys with every fiber of her being. Clutching his bulging biceps, she moaned into his mouth, her tongue dueling with his until he bit it, causing her to pull back and glare at him even though that small bite of pain egged on her arousal.

Before she could complain, Nash spun her around, his mouth taking over, his tongue soothing the sting as his lips slid over hers with just enough pressure to elicit another soft moan from her. Damn, but they could kiss. Before she was ready for him to, he lifted his head, the look in his glittering blue eyes probing and intent.

“Prove it, Alena. Do what we say, here, now, knowing they’ll see. Bryan’s skeptical of allowing an unknown newcomer to come to his private party, even if Randy and I vouch for you. Are you willing to show him you’re submissive enough to do as you’re told, mind the rules, and keep quiet about what you might see and do there?”

Being sandwiched between the two of them, feeling the press of their clothed bodies against her bare skin, drew her answer a lot quicker, a lot easier than if they weren’t touching her. “Yes.”

Nash breathed a sigh of relief as he stripped her of the bright wrap around her hips while Randy loosened her swim top behind her neck. His cock throbbed with such painful insistence already, he feared he wouldn’t be able to free himself safely from his zipper. The thin straps fell, followed by the minuscule cups that had held her generous breasts. She had the nicest rack he’d seen in a while and those berry nipples proved too tempting to ignore, even though he was veering off script by bending and drawing one into his mouth for a deep suctioning pull that had her gasping and clutching his shoulders to keep her balance. He fucking loved how responsive she was.


Randy’s low, frustrated growl reminded him of their plan and he pulled up then released her nipple with a pop, both men eyeing her breast as it swayed and the pink tinge spreading across her face that had nothing to do with the sun. Clasping her shoulders, Nash spun her toward the rail and bent her over.

One minute Alena was enjoying the pleasant tugs on her nipple that elicited shivers up and down her spine, and the next the lake water shimmered below her as she found herself braced at the waist against the rail. With her hair tied up in the back, she could see them take up a position at her sides, the swaying of her dangling breasts when they pressed against her again adding to the ignominious position they maneuvered her into. With an abrupt yank, her bottoms were shoved down to pool between her feet and leave her buttocks vulnerable to the lake breeze, hot sun, and their hard hands.

She knew what they intended before the first dual, sharp smacks landed on her cheeks and she jerked against the stinging heat. Biting her lip, she refused to cry out, or look up to see if the Hirsts or Carlee were watching, or question why what should be humiliating was so damned arousing.

“There’ll be more than three people watching this weekend,” Nash warned her as they both slapped her again, her skin warming nicely under his hand, her slit already glistening with proof of her arousal. The restless shift of her hips drew a smile from both of them, her impatience a come-on they couldn’t resist. “Think you’ll be able to bend over like this in a room full of people who have an up-close seat to what we do to you? Without complaining,” he added with the next smack that set those soft, round globes to jiggling.

With the now familiar burn spreading over her butt and her sheath pulsing in tune to the painful throbbing encompassing her entire backside, she had no choice but to gasp, “Yes!” in acceptance. The truth was, at this point she doubted she could deny them anything, anytime, anywhere. Which would have her balking if she wasn’t in such dire need that increased with each blistering smack.

“Oh, good Lord,” she moaned when they shifted their aims to belabor the tender skin of the under curves of her buttocks. The steady barrage of double swats became almost too much to take in. Receiving twice the heat and pain all at once tossed her into a spiraling downfall that both excited and scared her.

“I hope so, Alena, because if you screw up, you won’t like the consequences.”

Nash sent a significant look between her legs where the visible proof of her pleasure couldn’t be missed, asking, “Are you sure of that, Randy?” as they delivered a couple of slaps on her thighs before palming her reddened flesh.

“With this one, I’ve never been sure of anything.”

“I’m right here.” Swiveling her head around, she glared at Randy. “And I’ve been good these past few days.”

“Yes, you have, luv.” Squeezing her red buttock, Nash grinned at her yelp and futile attempt to jerk her hips away from their hands. Pressing her soft flesh in a hard pinch, he taunted her with “Tsk, tsk,” then let Randy help her rise as he took care freeing his raging erection.

For two days, he had been walking around semi-hard, the vivid picture of her kneeling with her face pressed to the floor, eyes glued to his fisted hand around his cock as his partner plowed her from behind leaving him aching for his turn. Palming his thick girth, he squeezed his dick too hard for comfort in an effort to get himself under control. Unfortunately, with Alena facing him in all of her glorious nudity, held secure against Randy’s chest with an arm wrapped just under her lush breasts, not even that discomfort could lessen his tormenting need.

“You’ve got a body made for fucking, but I suspect you’ve heard that enough you already know it.” The surprise on her face took him unawares. Surely men had told her how desirable she was?

“No, that line’s a first for me. But since I’m a sure thing, it was unnecessary.” She didn’t need empty compliments from men, especially men she wouldn’t see again after another two weeks. She’d had plenty of rejections, no doubt, but there were enough men who weren’t picky about body shapes to keep her happy as well as her bedside buddy. Although, as she struggled not to drool over Nash’s cock, hard and seeping with its readiness to fuck, she knew she would never reach the heights these two could take her on her own.

“It’s not a line. Neither of us need to toss out platitudes to get what we want. You should know that.”

Randy’s growled admonishment accompanied a sharp bite on the sensitive spot where her neck met her shoulder.

“Okay, fine, just… please.” She all but whimpered when he added a pinch to her right nipple to go with the little throb in her shoulder. Then her mind became completely frazzled when he lifted her right leg under the knee and pushed her thigh out to the side, the move parting her bare folds and affording Nash an excellent glimpse of her wet pink channel.

“You want him, Alena? Look over.”

Randy’s demand came with a nudge under her chin, and she saw Bryan, Kevin, and Carlee sitting at a picnic table, burgers in hands and their avid gazes on the three of them. “I…”

“Right here, right now. Yes or no?”

Between that low, gravelly voiced demand, her hot, throbbing buttocks, the titillating decadence of outdoor exposure, and the lust reflected in Nash’s eyes, there could be only one answer. “Yes.”

Nash almost crumpled from relief as he sheathed himself and stepped between her legs. “Clasp your hands behind your neck,” he ordered as he slid two fingers inside her gaping pussy. Finding her soaking didn’t surprise him, but the quick, tight clench of those slick walls around his fingers did. Between the tiny contractions pulling at him and the glazed look in her eyes, he suspected she could explode in climax with just the lightest touch in the right place.

“Good girl,” he praised her when she obeyed without comment. With her arms raised and elbows bent, her breasts were lifted in prominent display, the pebble-hard nipples pointing in blatant need toward him.

He and Randy had talked this scene through, and with a nod at his friend, Nash reached behind her and gripped her still warm buttocks, spreading them for the invasion of Randy’s fingers first. He chuckled when she closed her eyes on a low groan.

“Like that, do you?”

“Damn it,” she snapped, her eyes flying open again to glare up at his smug face. “Can’t we get on with it?” Those two thick fingers invading her anus stroked slow and deep until her dark channel burned and throbbed as much as her pussy and her butt, the three erogenous zones pulsing with such need, it turned her lightheaded.

Nash shifted enough to land a blistering swat on her labia and exposed clit, the slap echoing around them as loud as her startled cry. “Forget who’s in charge already?”

“That would be impossible.” It took supreme effort on her part to get herself under control, her spiraling need coiling that much tighter, that much higher with another painful incitement.

“Is this what you want?” He slid into her one slow inch at a time, torturing them both with his slow entry. When she struggled in his tight hold of her ass, he gave her buttocks a hard squeeze, another reminder to behave.

“Ow! Don’t I get credit for keeping my arms in place?” Sheesh, these guys were strict, and why did that increase her excitement instead of dampening it?

“Of course you do, baby.” Randy’s whisper in her ear set off a shiver of goosebumps down her body as he nipped then licked her lobe. “Here’s your reward.”

He lifted her right leg even higher, pulled her thigh out even further, then Nash followed with several fast, deep plunges.

Yes,” she cried out, and would have been mortified over her exuberant, loud response if his strategic aims didn’t have her coming undone with the sweetest explosion of ecstasy she’d ever experienced.

Between the thick rod ploughing her sheath and the deep, thrusting invasion into her back hole, the tight clench of large hands on her buttocks, and being sandwiched between the two of them, what choice did she have but to let go and follow where they led her?

By the time Alena came down from the incredible high of her climax, Nash had already adjusted his pants. Randy removed his fingers from her ass, his arm now a steel band around her waist, his denim-covered cock still pressing with scratchy insistence against her buttocks. Standing naked between two fully clothed men added to her heady aura, turned her on in a way she’d never been before. A quick glance toward the shore revealed her audience still watched and what she could detect of their looks from this distance, they were in no hurry to return inside the house. Between their voyeurism, Nash’s smug look, and the hard press against Randy’s body keeping her arousal simmering, the need to exert some control over the situation, if not herself, exerted itself.

Pulling out of Randy’s embrace, she shocked them by grabbing the cushion off the lounge, tossing it at Randy’s feet, and dropping to her knees before him. “Can’t leave you hanging, now can we?” She smiled with teasing promise as she reached up and took her time undoing his jeans, taking care when she lowered the zipper over his thick bulge.

“No, I certainly wouldn’t want that.” It took every ounce of Randy’s control to let her keep the lead, to hold back from clasping his hands on her bright red head and pushing his erection past those plump lips. The sparkle in her eyes drew a smile from him, the warm grip of her hand wrapping around his shaft forced an indrawn breath, and those soft lips closing around his cock head provoked a low groan.

He thought holding her for Nash to fuck had been difficult to endure, but her talented mouth and tongue were proving to be a bigger threat to maintaining his rigid control. A slow stroke with her moist tongue along the sensitive area just under the crown sent a lightning bolt of heat straight down his dick to set his balls aflame. With a suffering moan of surrender, he reached up and pulled off the band holding her hair back, tunneled his fingers through the long strands then tightened his hands on her skull.

“More, baby.”

That deep, guttural demand excited Alena as much as having him in her mouth and knowing Nash and the others watched. Even so, she refused to relinquish complete control over the situation. Suckling his smooth crown, she reached behind him and shoved his jeans down far enough to grip his taut buttocks. Both globes clenched under her hands as he pushed past the tight clasp of her lips into her mouth. Swiping just once over his seeping slit, she took a slow, tongue-licking journey down his ridged root, taking her time lapping around his girth, stroking each thick, pulsing vein while taking as much of his length in her mouth as she could. When his tip bumped her throat, she breathed a sigh of relief as he loosened his hands and allowed her to pull back with ease.

Moaning around his shaft, she fed with ravenous intent as both of them battled for control of her movements. He tried to hold her head still, but her assault, as she intended, proved too much for him. She pulled up as soon as his grip eased, tormented his cap again with tantalizing sweeps of her tongue over and over his oozing slit until he all but shook before her and his low curses colored the air around them.

“Problem, mate?” Nash asked from behind her, his dry tone laced with amusement.

“Yeah, she’s too fucking good at this and I’m not… fuck,” he hissed when she took him deep again before releasing him and nibbling down his shaft until she could draw one testicle into the warm cavern of her damp mouth.

She wanted to laugh, but held back to feast on his balls, as that seemed to rev up his engine as much as sucking his cock. Kneading his buttocks had him quickening even more, and when she shifted her right hand between his cheeks to graze over his puckered back hole, another curse accompanied the drawing tightness of his sac.

Not yet ready to give him what he wanted, she took his cock deep again, licking his pre-cum before nipping her way down his shaft.

“What the hell, Alena?” Randy struggled with the way the slight sting from her sharp teeth eased his orgasm back even as his cock grew harder. Looking up from her bright, bent head, he told Nash, “Our girl knows a few tricks of her own.”

“I’d be surprised if she didn’t.”

He wasn’t fooled. Nash may look and sound unaffected as he leaned against the rail with his arms and feet crossed in a relaxed pose, but the bulge tenting his slacks gave him away.

“True.” Tightening his hands, Randy ordered, “Enough,” then took full control by holding her head immobile for his short, jabbing thrusts into her mouth, intent on getting back where he was before she’d short-changed him.

She tried, but this time there was no loosening of his hold. Warmth infused her entire body from his show of strength and control, her sheath seeping as much as his cock, her nipples beading into painful pinpoints of renewed need. Her traitorous body responded with as much enthusiasm as it had to the invasion of Nash’s cock fifteen minutes ago, as if she hadn’t had relief in days instead of just minutes.

Taking the easy way out, she worked his cock like a pro, sucking with hard pulls as he withdrew, licking, stroking with fast swirls when he shoved back in, never relinquishing her hold on the head of his cock. His quick jerks heralding his climax set her core to spasming, the first taste of his orgasm on her tongue had her squeezing his ass in an effort to keep him there, right there until he let go with a shout. Working to swallow every drop, she managed to ignore her own unrelieved state to bask in the knowledge she had driven both men to lose control, an experience almost as heady as her own climax.

“You can’t say I didn’t pass this test also,” she stated with confidence as she rose on shaky legs and reached for her swimsuit.

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