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Dangerous Stranger: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

The sound of the door made my body stiffen, my heart racing. As he approached, I struggled to glance in his direction. He was even more gorgeous in the dim lighting of the room, his rain-soaked shirt clinging to his perfectly carved chest muscles. Even the way the jeans hugged his thick thighs and chiseled hips was utter perfection. Let alone the way his cock had felt in my hand, pulsing in a perfect rhythm.

Oh, God.

What the hell was wrong with me?

Rafael walked closer until I could see him, his stunning blue eyes twinkling even in the limited lighting. He jerked off his shirt, tossing it across the room then proceeding to continue tugging the thick leather strap from the loops.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the action, my breathing even more ragged than before. He was really going to spank me with a belt. I was shocked not only from the thought but the realization that my pussy was extremely wet, trickles of juice sliding onto the bedding. Even my nipples ached, scraping against the dense material. I was utterly humiliated my body was having this kind of reaction, guilt and shame settling in. I’d broken every single rule I’d set for myself, even reconfirming them after the near attack.

One sexy smile, a wistful look of delicious intense blue eyes, and a dominating invitation had shoved away my inhibitions and every safety mechanism.

He remained quiet until the belt was fully in his hands, his fingers rubbing over the dense grain. My throat tightened, my pulse quickening, and I fought the excitement surging through me. This was insane. This was ridiculous. I couldn’t want this on any level. I’d never been spanked before by anyone. Not even… the asshole. My breathing constricted even more as I pushed aside the ugly memories.

Rafael moved to within a few inches, peering down at me with lust in his eyes. The moment he slid the end of the strap down my spine, I let out a ragged wail, twisting my body back and forth. There was no getting away from him, no chance I could run.

I was his captive.

His prisoner.

I belonged to him. Isn’t that what he’d told me? He owned me for the night. I shut my eyes as he tapped my bottom with the belt, sliding the thick material up and down the back of my thigh.

“Are you going to be obedient?” he asked, his voice even huskier than before.

“Maybe. I mean yes. Sir.” Respect. The man actually wanted respect when I didn’t know a goddamn thing about him.

Except that he was a killer.

I swallowed several times, trying to rid my mind of the wretched thought.

“I would so enjoy training you, helping you realize how amazing submitting to a dominant man can be.”

I tried not to listen to his words, to the way he said them, but they were inviting, luring me into a life that I knew nothing about. I couldn’t surrender to anyone. Ever. Not now. Not…

The whooshing sound caught my attention first then the cracking of his wrist echoed in my mind. I had no idea what to expect but I bristled in preparation of blinding pain.

I felt almost nothing but a tingle as well as an explosion of electricity rocketing through me. Every synapse was alive, blood rushing through my veins. As I gasped for air, he rubbed the tips of his fingers over my skin, a single growl coming from his mouth. He was a true brute, savage in every way. I could only imagine him as a lover.




Fuck. Were we actually going to become lovers even for a night?

He smacked me again, hesitating as he loomed over me, peering down in anticipation of my response. I bit back a cry of shock at the punishment itself, even as discomfort began to roll into my system.

“Such a beautiful American,” he whispered, his tone alluring, drawing me into a beautiful fantasy.

I shuddered, clenching my bottom until I heard a tsking sound. I did everything I could to relax, controlling my breathing as he smacked the strap over the tops of my thighs not once but twice. Instantly, tears rushed to my eyes as the sting shifted into a burn reverberating through every muscle, stealing my breath.

“Oh, God. Oh…” I jerked my bindings once again, ringlets of hair catching in my mouth. As I tossed my head back and forth, he leaned over, tugging the hair away and brushing his knuckle down my cheek. The simple action was more intimate than anything before, including his kiss.

“Relax, little one. Breathe for me.” His command was entirely different yet reeking of powerful authority.

As he brought the belt down again and again, I jerked at the rope, struggling to free my hands. A flash of pain swept through me, igniting every aspect of anguish. This was real. This was… incredible. I opened my mouth in a silent scream as my body reacted, my legs bending at the knees.

“Stay in position or we’ll start again,” he muttered, raking his nails across my already heated bottom.

I took gulping breaths, lowering my legs and willing them to stay in place. Yet as soon as he brought the belt down four times, I was lost to the anguish, kicking out over and over again.

He pushed down my ankles, holding them in position while he rubbed my skin with his other hand. “Sins are absolved with punishment. Discipline is vital in every relationship. Don’t you believe that, Savannah?”

Who the hell was he kidding? “I don’t know… sir,” I managed, a vibrant series of lights swimming in front of my eyes, all in the brightest and most dazzling colors. Fuchsia, turquoise, plum. Even as I tried to concentrate on their beautiful shimmers, I found it difficult to focus, to think clearly, but as the cracking sound occurred several more times, I fell into a lull, trying to rationalize anything that was happening. I’d wanted to come with him, to experience passion and joy for the first time in so long. I’d hungered for more than just a taste of the enigmatic man. I’d also pushed his buttons on purpose while I’d yanked myself out of my comfort zone. I buried my face once again into the comforter, struggling to hold back the tears.

This man wasn’t going to break me.

This man wasn’t going to capture the woman inside.

Yet my instinct told me I was very wrong.

“Are you wet for me? Do you crave more?” he asked as he used a single finger, brushing the tip all the way down my spine.

“I…” Swallowing, I was shocked at my answer. “Yes.”

“Mmm… Yes,” he murmured, using the same finger as he moved into the cleft of my ass, one hand pulling first one leg then the other far apart.

Shaking, I’d never felt so open in my life, my aching pussy fully on display. When he rolled his cupped hand over my bottom, squeezing until I whimpered, I fell into a beautiful lull, even arching my back. The betrayal of my body was complete. I was begging him silently to touch me, use me.

Fuck me.

Rafael took his time, his actions almost delicate as he slid his finger down the length of my pussy lips. Immediately, I was tingling all over, breathless from anticipation of what he would do next. My mouth remained dry, my ears ringing as he rolled his finger back and forth. I bucked, forcing his finger to slide past my swollen folds.

The hard smack against my wetness I hadn’t expected, the discomfort entirely different.

“Lie very still, my sweet American, or I will whip your pussy.” He laughed softly after issuing the words. While they weren’t said in a cruel manner, I had no doubt he was telling the truth.

Was I bold enough to push him? Would I dare him to punish my aching pussy?

I bit back a cry as he continued exploring, dipping his finger inside only once. When his sounds became guttural, animalistic in nature, I opened my eyes. He brought his finger to his lips, sliding it back and forth before shoving it all the way inside his mouth.

The suckling noise was almost euphoric, my entire system on fire.

“So sweet,” he whispered before crawling onto the bed. I watched as he eased the belt beside him, rubbing both hands up along my calves to my knees. He kept me splayed out as he pushed me up onto my knees, forcing my face against the bedding. Using both hands, he kneaded my heated bottom, pulling my ass cheeks apart.

The wafting air across my exposed pussy threw me into total bliss. When he dropped his head quickly, his rough tongue rolling up and down between my quivering lips, I could no longer hold back a moan.

“Oh, yes. Oh… yes.” Panting, I realized I was no longer struggling, even trying to open my legs even wider. I wanted his mouth, his lips and tongue to ravage me. I craved having his fingers thrusting inside, pumping in wild abandon.

He held me wide open, growling like a vicious beast as he feasted, shaking his head back and forth as if covering his face with my juice. When he dipped his tongue inside, undulating it up and down, tickling my muscles, my entire body began to shake.

The man was going to bring me to a climax quickly. No man had done so with their mouth alone. I was shocked at my body’s response even as his grip on my bruised bottom reminded me he was very much in control.

He slowed his action, sliding his tongue up and down in languishing motions, taking his time to savor me.

I hadn’t expected the hard snap of his fingers, the pain instantaneous. I also hadn’t anticipated the rush of excitement rolling through me. I shifted my hips back and forth, arching my back to expose even more.

“I am a man who expects total obedience and when that occurs, I will provide intense pleasure.” He lifted me partially into the air then slid his tongue around my clit.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, yes.” Every part of me quivered as his dart moved in such a practiced manner, teasing me. Taunting me. As he took the tender tissue into his mouth, sucking hard, the nirvana was so intense. My toes curled as he suckled, his hands kneading my buttocks the entire time.

I had no idea how long the moment of sheer ecstasy lasted but when he began to eat me in earnest, I simply let myself go, floating into never-never land. I flexed and fisted my hands with every rough swipe and the moment he plunged not only his tongue but his fingers deep inside, I lost it. The scream leaving my mouth was bedraggled, my body jerking as the orgasm swept through me, a tidal wave of pleasure.

“Mmm…” His sounds were barbaric, a predator feasting on his prey. His grip remained firm as he thrust his fingers in wild abandon, my muscles gripping the thick invasion, drawing him in even deeper.

I could feel my body rocking, wanting more. The sensations were incredible, one wave coming after another. I was spent, every muscle twitching from the extreme pleasure, my throat clenching to the point I had difficulty swallowing.

He rubbed his mouth across my upper thigh before easing back. “You can be a very good girl. Can’t you?”

“Uh-huh. I mean… I mean yes, sir.” I no longer felt my body, was floating on air.

I heard another dark chuckle before he tapped my bottom, opening my cheeks once again. When he blew across my puckered hole, I tensed, holding my breath.

“Remember, sweet Savannah, every hole belongs to me. And I will use all three of them in filthy carnal ways.” Another growl slipped past his lips before he darted his tongue around my puckered hole.

I tensed, fisting my hands as a series of dazzling sensations swept through me like lightning. I was in shock as he repeated the move, his tongue moving ever so slowly circle after circle. The moment he pushed a finger inside, sliding past the tight ring of muscle, I gasped, jerking up.

Rafael pumped several times before adding a second finger. “So tight. Have you ever been fucked in the ass before?”

“No.” I could only issue the single word, anxiety gripping me as a rush of discomfort reminded me just how vulnerable I was.

“If you were mine, your training would be intense.”

I could only imagine what he would do, the various implements that would be used. My throat continued to constrict until he moved off the bed, still leaving me wide open.

“Now, we continue your discipline.” As he reached over, grabbing the belt and sliding the tip down the length of my body, I braced for another round.

The hard crack felt entirely different, sweeping me into another level of anguish altogether. The difference was incredible, pain leading to pleasure. I was still reeling from the orgasm as he smacked me again.

The spanking continued for another few minutes, leaving me drained yet so very alive.

The toss of the belt no longer made me jump. He leaned over, turning and twisting the rope until I was on my back. The look on his face was completely primal, his eyes burning into mine. After brushing the hair from my face, he flexed his fingers open, lightly pressing the tips against my skin.

I couldn’t take my eyes of him as he slid his hand down in a beseechingly deliberate manner, his fingers barely touching me yet able to create an instant jolt of electricity. He shifted down to my chin, rolling a single finger from one side to the other then lowering to my neck. A smile crossed his face as he gripped my throat, squeezing with just enough pressure my legs began to shake.

Everything about him was so practiced, utterly in control. He had my life in his hands but the expression he wore was one of protection. The man who’d saved my life. A man who confused the hell out of me. Was this his tender side, someone I could trust? As if it mattered. This was only one night. One beautiful night of utter bliss.

A moan escaped my lips as he released his hold, tilting his head as he continued crawling his hand down to my chest. Using a single finger, he slid the tip between my breasts, but I couldn’t help taking deep breaths.

A smile curled on his lip as he cupped both breasts, kneading gently at first then fondling them roughly. Another wave of current rushed into my extremities, more unsettling than before. There was a connection we shared that didn’t make any sense. How could I feel close to a man I didn’t know, my dangerous yet protective stranger?

He took a deep breath before taking my hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, rolling then pinching. “I would love to pierce your beautiful buds and connect them with a perfect chain.”

As he twisted and plucked both, I did imagine, the vision dirty and kinky. For a few disturbing seconds, I was the girl being paraded in front of others, a chain firmly attached to my neck and breasts. With a single snap of his wrist, he could draw me to him, ready to punish me for all my sins. The pictures in my mind reminded me of my aunt’s paintings, so erotic. So… beautiful. The pain became exquisite, rolling into every portion of my body, but there was also such a wave of pleasure that my body quivered.

“Perhaps one day, I’ll have that chance,” he whispered before releasing me and backing away.

I gasped, the release unexpected and glanced up at the rope, longing to be freed. I wanted to touch him, to experience the flaming heat in my fingertips.

When he began to undress, my mouth was dry once again. He pushed the material of his trousers over his hips, exposing the deep ‘V’ in his abdomen, kicking off his shoes before allowing them to drop to the floor. He was gorgeous, rugged in a sophisticated way, carved not from time spent in a gym but from a life full of danger. I knew it instinctively from the scars on his chest and arms, the healed wounds likely caused by intense battles, the indentations seen as moments of honor. Even the tattoo on his forearm was powerful, drawing my eyes to the intensity of the black-only ink.

He was a formidable man in every manner, merciless.

I lowered my gaze, drinking in the sight of his already stiff and throbbing cock, the tip engorged with blood. He was as excited as I was, his desire savage in nature. As he straddled the bed, I could tell he was going to make good on his promise, using every hole, taking what he wanted.

Inhaling, the musky scent of his testosterone as well as a hint of exotic spices filled my nostrils, so intoxicating in nature. He was all male, every inch of his burnished skin.

“You’re going to suck me, my little Savannah.” He wrapped his hand around his shaft, rolling his fingers up the length of his shaft, squeezing. His gaze remained intense, his eyes narrowing as he pressed the tip across my lips, studying my expression. “Did you hear me?”

“Yes, sir.” His balls were swollen, hanging low, eager to release his seed.

“Then open your mouth wide.”

I did as I was told, darting my tongue out immediately and sliding it across his sensitive slit. I could tell by his reaction he was already struggling to hold back, his needs growing with every second. He continued to pump his cock as he lowered it just inside my mouth. I rolled my tongue back and forth, savoring the tangy flavor.

“That’s it. Suck me,” he said in such a husky manner, his eyes glazing over as he planted one had on the wall. He thrust his shaft in another inch, growling like a crazed beast.

I wrapped my mouth around him, using my strong jaw muscles to suck. I was surprised how quickly I was rewarded with pearl beads of pre-cum, his entire body starting to shake as I tried to relax my throat.

“Very good,” he murmured before slapping his other hand on the wall. The way he peered down at me was dark and dangerous, his body tense and restrained as I sucked him. Seconds later, he began to fuck my mouth, plunging in slow and even strokes. Every move was gentle in nature, allowing me to relish in the moment.

He was much larger than I’d experienced before, the length and width of him filling my mouth, the tip already hitting the back of my throat. I almost panicked, finding it difficult to breathe but the sound of his voice was comforting, enticing.

Mi nina hermosa. Podria hacerte cosas desagradables.” He growled after saying the words, ones I could recognize. My beautiful girl. I could do nasty things to you.

For some reason, the expression was thrilling. I wanted him to do those nasty things, to take me to even higher limits of pain and pleasure. I was embarrassed by my own hunger, the kind that only bad girls had. Perhaps I was a naughty girl after all.

“Breathe and relax,” he said once again, his words almost inaudible. He lowered his head until a few beads of sweat dropped to my face. I could see directly into his soul, a light that I hadn’t seen before. He was searching for something desperately, as if his entire life had been a lie.

When he snapped his head back, growling viciously, I had a terrible feeling that I’d never see that side of him again.

He had full control, fucking my mouth harder. Faster. Forcing me to take all of him. His guttural sounds became even more animalistic as he tossed his head back and forth, pumping like a wild beast.

I was shocked at his vehemence, the way his face twisted as his frustration grew. He wanted to come, to explode inside my mouth, but he was holding back. When he jerked away, cursing in Spanish, I could feel his fury, a man very close to the edge of losing himself. Why did that seem to bother him so much? Had the almost tender moment been something he wasn’t used to?

He wasted no time flipping me onto my stomach then forcing me onto all fours. This night wasn’t about passion or romance. This was about fulfilling his needs. Payment. In a way this was my payment for saving my life.

A light went on inside my head. That’s all this was. The attraction was real, but this was nothing more than a debt being repaid. I closed my eyes as he crowded onto the bed, pushing his hips against me, grinding them back and forth. The feel of his cock pressed against my bruised bottom forced me to grit my teeth.

I loathed the fact I’d gotten lost in the moment, forgetting what this truly meant. I didn’t bother struggling as he slid his cock up and down the length of my pussy. I certainly didn’t react when he finally pushed the tip past my dripping folds. I did bite back a moan of pleasure as he filled me completely, stretching my muscles in the most incredible manner. I was instantly overcome, wanting nothing more than for us to be lovers with unbridled hunger that needed to be sated every few hours.

But that wasn’t the case.

I wasn’t the kind of girl lucky enough to find someone amazing.

As he gripped my hips, digging his fingers into my skin brutally, I closed my eyes. He thrust in long and even strokes, driving in so deeply that I was pushed forward on the bed. I no longer wanted to enjoy but as the tingling sensations multiplied, I couldn’t stop the soaring electricity or the hard hammering of my heart.

I simply craved this man in every way. His touch. His domination. His control.

And I hated myself for it.

“So tight. So wet,” he muttered, his roughness increasing. “All mine.”

I heard the words, the meaning behind them. I knew what he thought, the arrogance of a man who likely could have anything he wanted, women swooning all over him. He was that good-looking. He was that suave. He was certainly that intoxicating in his words and his actions.

My body craved everything he was doling out like a drug for an addict.

When he slapped my bottom several times, I was unable to stop the whimper from slipping away, betraying me one more time. The way my pussy muscles clenched and released over and over again was telling. I could fall into his spell easily.

He rode me harder, one hand fisting my hair and forcing me to arch my back. Even the way the headboard slammed against the wall only fueled his fire even more, words in Spanish flowing from his mouth, ones I could no longer understand. There was no hesitation, no advance warning when he pulled out, immediately pushing the tip of his cock to my puckered hole.

Jerking up, I let off several moans as he slid inside, breaking through my last barrier of innocence, taking from me what no other man had taken.

The pain ripped at my breath, tensing every muscle. I couldn’t speak or even move, focus or think about anything but what was happening. It seemed his voice was in a vacuum as he attempted to remind me to relax.

He continued to move slowly until he was fully seated inside. I was shocked as the pain began to subside, shifting to twinges of pleasure. My muscles continued to ache as they tried to accept every inch of him, but I was blown away at the rapture coursing through my veins. I took several deep breaths, unable to control my rapidly beating heart.

“Good girl. My very obedient girl.”

With very savage stroke, every slap of his hand, I felt freer, leaving my mind muddled with a dichotomy of feelings. I wanted to hate him for using me, but then again, perhaps we were using each other.

Two lost souls in a magnificent bubble.

He rocked us both, finally lowering his body over mine and cupping my breasts. For a few minutes, I was able to feel the beating his heart, the warmth of his body melding with mine. And during that amazing period, he was a different man, free from his demons.

But I knew they’d return, just like the ones that controlled my life.

I could tell he was holding back, fighting to keep from coming, his body shaking. Even though a part of me wanted this to last, there was another that simply wanted to pretend this had never happened.

And so, I squeezed my muscles until he let out a strangled roar, erupting deep inside, filling me with his seed.

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