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Dark, Dirty Daddy by Morganna Williams – Extended Preview

“I… um… I don’t…” She stopped lamely, having no excuse to offer the man frowning down at her. Her disapproving daddy. She felt tears start to pool as she sat up, looking at the floor with her lips trembling.

“I think you should finish what you started, young lady,” he said matter-of-factly as her horrified eyes shot to his. She gasped with dismay when he moved the straight-back chair to the side of the bed and sat down. “Lie back on the edge of the bed with that naughty little pussy facing me and finish what you started.”

Naomi stared at him in shock. “I don’t think I…”

“You can and I assure you that you will, little girl,” Ezra told her implacably. “Now lie back and spread yourself wide so I can see the show.”

She gave a soft whimper of dismay as she moved directly in front of him on the bed then laid back, spreading her legs wide to give him the best view of her slick slit. Even though the situation was by far the most embarrassing she’d ever experienced, her core continued to leak copiously.

“Good girl. Now use one hand to hold those wet lips open and the other hand to work that naughty little pussy hard.”

Naomi’s clit jerked in response to his words as she spread her labia wide then slid her other hand down to give it the attention it demanded. “Ohhh!”

“That’s right. Now fuck that pussy hard with two fingers while letting the heel of your hand ride your clit,” Ezra commanded.

Naomi’s eyes started to drift shut as she shoved two fingers in hard. “Eyes on me!” came the sharp command and her eyes sprang open to glue to his as she pounded her fingers in and out of her wet heat while grinding the heel of her hand against her clitoris.

Staring into his hot gaze drove her need higher and within barely a minute she was hanging on the edge of a powerful orgasm. Just as she was about to go over, Ezra told her to stop.

“What?” she asked in dazed confusion, her fingers still pressed deep inside her core.

He stood, caught her hand by the wrist, and pulled it free. “While you’re here, little girl, that pussy belongs to Daddy and you don’t touch Daddy’s things without permission,” Ezra told her as he guided her hand to his mouth and proceeded to lick and suck her fingers clean.

Ezra smiled as he licked the slick heat of her arousal from her fingers. God, she was delicious—all spicy heat and female lust.

Naomi was seemingly transfixed by the sight of it, which only increased the absolute relish he took in tasting her. Then he pulled her to her feet. “You are about to find out what happens to naughty little girls who touch without permission.”

He watched her reaction to his words and another delightful flush stained her cheeks as she stared up at him. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

Ezra smiled. “I think you’re mostly sorry you got caught but you will be truly sorry soon.” He watched as a visible shiver went through her body at his words. She was about to experience her first real punishment. Yesterday’s ‘punishment’ had been more about exploring her limits. This was different and he could see the darkness inside her reveled in the difference. Her eyes were full of anticipation mixed with fear, a heady combination for any dominant.

“Lie back down and spread those pussy lips wide for me,” he instructed as he turned and walked into the bathroom. When he returned he had a dropper bottle and a thin leather strap in his hand; she was still standing there and he raised a brow at her. With a squeak of dismay Naomi scrambled back on the bed and into position.

“Spread them wide, I want those lips stretched tight,” he told her firmly.

Using both hands, Naomi reached down between her open legs and pulled her labia wide apart. The stretching sensation was almost pleasurable as it forced her clit out of its protective hood. She watched nervously as Ezra measured a few drops of liquid onto the tips of his fingers. “This will help you remember not to touch,” he assured her as he reached down and began to rub the liquid into her clit, her inner folds, and then stroked it into her weeping channel.

His fingers felt so good, she had to hold her breath to keep from moaning. She wasn’t quite sure how this was a deterrent.

At her puzzled expression he chuckled. “You’ll understand in a few minutes, baby girl. This is ginger oil. You had a brief introduction to one of its uses with the plug Mistress Jade put in your ass. I hope you appreciate this entirely different application.”

Ezra cleaned his hands on a damp cloth he’d brought from the bathroom then picked up his strap. Naomi held position watching nervously as he let just the tip of the strap dangle from between his fingers. “Ten right on the scene of the crime and then I’ll strap your naughty bottom before I fuck it.”

She felt her eyes widen and gave a gasp of surprise even as her arousal quickened at the thought.

“Naughty girls get sore bottoms inside and out,” Ezra said just as the strap came down to kiss her spread pussy lips with a lick of fire. Her natural wetness and the ginger oil intensified the sting. Her body jerked with each lash of the strap on her most sensitive area.

The sting continued to grow even as pleasure began to intertwine with the pain and her body built once more toward orgasm.

“No coming. Naughty girls don’t get to come,” Ezra scolded as he brought the strap down directly on her clit for the last three strokes.

“Eeeeeooooohhhfck!” she screeched as her body quivered in a combination of pain, pleasure, and raw need. A fine sheen of sweat coated her skin from the effort of holding back her orgasm. When he bid her to rise, Naomi got to her feet on shaking legs and almost cried out when her thighs came together around her stinging mound… a sting that was continuing to grow from the tip of her clit to the depths of her aching channel.

She hopped from side to side as she stared up at Ezra with wide eyes. “Daddy, it burns!”

He smiled and leaned down to kiss the tip of her nose. “And is my little girl going to remember to keep her hands off Daddy’s pussy?”

“Yes, Daddy!” Naomi wailed as she turned a quick circle, barely managing not to cup the area in question.

Ezra stopped her stinging pussy dance by catching her firmly by the arm. “Do you see that low coffee table?” He pointed helpfully to the small table by the wall.

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered, eager to be back in her daddy’s good graces again.

“I want you to go bend over with your hands braced on it. Stick that bottom out as far as you can.”

Naomi did exactly as instructed, arching her back so her bottom was raised high in a perfect target.

“Good girl. Now I’m going to give you twelve strokes of the belt. Six from each side and I expect you to count them out loud. Once I’ve given the last stroke, I expect you to get up and look me in the eye and thank me for your spanking then politely ask me to punish your naughty bottom by fucking it hard so you remember to be a good girl.” Ezra finished his instructions and Naomi bent her head forward as she absorbed his words.

She could feel his eyes on her, watching her fight to keep her shivering body still. Part of her was worried about taking Ezra’s long thick cock up her tight little hole but that secret part of her couldn’t wait to feel his possession.

“Do you understand? Use your words.”

“Yes, Daddy. Will you please strap my naughty bottom?” she asked, hoping to win a few brownie points. As quickly as she’d managed to get herself in trouble, Naomi had the feeling she was going to need all the points she could get.

The whistle of the strap swinging through the air sounded a split second before that thin leather strap curled around the underside of both ass cheeks, almost lifting them before it fell away, leaving a line of fire in its wake.

“Oh! One!” she yelped as the stinging fire in her pussy was joined by the blazing heat of her ass. The next stroke sent her up on her toes in an effort to escape. “Oh, owww! Two!”

By the time the sixth stroke fell she was fighting back tears. Then her daddy switched sides for the last six.

“I like to keep the stripes even,” he explained.

Naomi wisely kept her thoughts to herself and enjoyed the all too brief respite. The next lash came and she went up on her toes again. “Seven!”

Mercifully he finished quickly then stood back and waited.

Naomi took a deep breath then stood up straight, wincing a little as it pulled on the hot skin of her posterior. She realized the burn in her princess parts had shifted to a hot deep throb that was evidenced by the wetness coating her inner thighs. Resisting the urge to squeeze her thighs together, she turned to face her daddy.

She knew her face was bright red but she looked him in the eye. “Thank you for spanking me, Daddy. Would you please fuck my ass hard to help me remember to be a good girl?”

“Why am I about to fuck your ass hard?” Ezra asked.

Naomi felt a shiver of anticipation run through her even as her face got hotter. “Because I was naughty and touched Daddy’s pussy.”

“And what happens to naughty girls, Naomi?” he asked in a husky voice.

She took a deep shuddering breath before answering in a rush, “Naughty girls get a sore bottom inside and out.”

“Good girl. Now I want you to bend over the side of the bed then reach back with both hands and hold that naughty little bottom open for Daddy. Put some pillows under your tummy to raise that ass high,” Ezra said in dark tones that promised wicked things.

Naomi moved quickly to the bed, grabbed two of the fluffy pillows, and put them at the edge of the bed before she bent over them. The pillows definitely raised her ass high; she was practically on her tiptoes with her legs shoulder width apart. Naomi reached back with each hand and opened herself wide for her daddy. She felt him come to stand behind her and knew he was staring at her most private place; she waited breathlessly for him to say something… anything to banish the silence that seemed to fill the room.

“Such a pretty little pucker,” he said almost amusingly as one of his fingers came to glide up the crack of her ass. She squirmed as his finger started at the mouth of her soaking wet pussy then slid up to her asshole, leaving a trail of her arousal in its wake.

He pulled his hand away to deliver a sharp swat to each thigh. “You be still, little miss. This isn’t an exercise for your pleasure. This is discipline.”

At his words Naomi went still again and his fingers came back to explore the area spread open for his perusal. She started when something cold trickled into the crack of her ass and pooled around her anus.

“Lube… I can’t take my baby dry even for a punishment fuck,” he told her conversationally as he began to work the lubricant into her asshole with his fingers.

Naomi moaned, pressing her face into the mattress at the pleasurable feel of his fingers in her ass. When he pulled them out, she felt momentarily bereft until she felt the broad head of his cock pressing against her small hole demanding entrance.

There was a burning pressure. “Deep breath, baby girl,” Ezra said hoarsely.

She took a deep breath and he pushed inside. “Ooh, owwwie!” Naomi whimpered as he continued to force his length inside her. She panted as he sank ever deeper, her inner muscles stretching and giving way to accommodate him. Her focus centered on the burning ache in her ass and the hot throb of her pussy.

She sighed in relief when she felt his balls flush against her, thankful he was all the way inside.

“Your hot little ass feels so good around my cock, baby girl. You can let go of your bottom now and brace yourself. I’m about to fuck this little ass hard.” Ezra’s deep voice rolled over her as she braced her hands in front of her on the mattress.

She gasped as he pulled almost completely out then drove back inside to the hilt. “Oooww… oww… oww.” Naomi couldn’t stop herself from crying out as he began to take her ass hard. Every pounding thrust inside of her bottom seemed to magnify the burning in her inner muscles as they were forced to accommodate his cock. His thighs slapped against her sore, well strapped bottom every time he slammed into her and the heat in her pussy had grown to a desperate throb that magnified her emptiness.

Soon the discomfort in her bottom began to feel good and she found herself moving her legs further apart to take him deeper. There was still some discomfort but the pleasure building inside her soon drove it away.

“Ooohoooo… oh, god… ooohhh.”

“I think my girl likes having her ass fucked. Do you like having Daddy’s cock up your sweet little ass?” Ezra asked as he seemed to slam into her harder with every thrust.

“Yes, Daddy! Oooh, yes! Please!” she moaned loudly when his balls slapped against her swollen and highly sensitized clit.

“Tell Daddy what you like. Use your words, girl,” he commanded, slapping her ass as he drove inside like a jackhammer, bouncing his balls off her tender nubbin again.

“Oh, god! I like Daddy’s cock fucking my ass hard. Please, Daddy, please!” Naomi wailed as sensation seemed to spark from her spine to shoot up into the base of her skull as the pleasure built into something huge.

“Are you going to come with Daddy’s cock shoved deep into your ass?” Ezra asked as he slammed in and out of her relentlessly, driving his balls against her throbbing clit and slapping her ass with every inward thrust.

“Yes, Daddy!” she screamed as her world fragmented and she shattered into a million pieces. He lunged into her one final time and she felt the hot jets of his cum bathe her sore inner muscles. As he drove into her that final time, two broad fingers slammed into her pussy to magnify her orgasm and wring every ounce of pleasure possible from her.

Her orgasm seemed to be never ending, her body clamping down tight on his cock and fingers as she wailed her pleasure until finally spent, she collapsed into the mattress.

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