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Dark Stranger: A Mafia Stalker Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

I hated him.



You want him. You crave him. You’ve longed for his touch for months.

No. I couldn’t go down that rabbit hole again.

Yet Alessandro was right, my body refusing to listen to my mind or emotions, the cravings already so intense that with a single touch of his finger, I was provided with a taste of heaven.

And I wanted more.

As the kiss roared into a feral moment, I struggled to keep my arms over my head. To obey him like a good little girl. His exotic scent lingered, staining me as his cum would do soon enough. I was already intoxicated and the way he dominated my tongue left me breathless, my mind spinning.




The three words continued to float in my mind, crushing everything else that I’d been thinking. Maybe I was still under the influence of the drugs, but all I wanted to think about was him. His touch. His kiss. The feel of his thick cock pushing against my pussy walls. My muscles ached from his huge girth, fighting to take back control even though I knew there was no chance.

He’d tormented me, teased the woman inside for weeks, finding the right way to slide in through a crack in my armor. The fact he’d stalked me didn’t bother me nearly as much as the way his actions created conflicting reactions both in my mind and body. All I wanted to do was place my hands on his chest, to knead his chiseled muscles.

Seeing him in the light had taken my breath away. He was sculpted, so muscular that there wasn’t a single ounce of fat on his body. I hadn’t noticed the tattoo on his chest, the outstretched wings of a bird covering every inch of skin. It was beautiful in design, intricate in detail.

As beautiful as his body was, his face was what kept me tingling all over, his sensual accent a close second. If he were any other man, I’d be thrilled to have this kind of attention.

But he wasn’t like any other man.

He was evil personified in a perfect box. He’d managed to crawl under the most sensitive areas of my skin, forging a path not only into the darkness I’d harbored inside, but the intense longing that I’d done my best to squelch over the years. He’d not just opened wounds, he’d used them in a seductive, thrilling way that I wasn’t certain I could ignore.

I’d tried so hard to fight him, but he was far too strong, anticipating my every move. I’d never be able to get away from him. Where did that leave me? The kiss was just another brutal way of taking me, claiming me as his.

Every sound he made, every primal growl sent wave after wave of tingles throughout my body. He’d awakened such intense need that I was blinded by the bright power of him.

But his eyes remained dark, the glimpse into his soul as terrifying as the man himself. What he’d told me confused the hell out of me. I would never in a thousand years believe that Tristen was a criminal. A killer? No way. Or was it possible? What could I tell Alessandro that would keep him from killing me?

I bucked my hips against him, my body reacting involuntarily, the sensations rocketing through me far too intense. Excitement and continued hunger powered through me, knocking out all sense of rationality. There wasn’t a single muscle in my body that wasn’t trembling from his rough touch. My bottom was on fire, every scrape of the bedding a wretched reminder that he would discipline me long and hard for any infraction. Even worse, my heart was racing, my cells erupting from the firepower of heat, electricity surging to the point every nerve ending was seared.

When he broke the kiss, he nipped my lower lip, continuing to drive his cock deep inside. The force slammed the bed against the wall, the sound mixing with his husky growls, the quiet whimpers that I continued to try to curtail.

He leaned back, staring at me intently, a wry smile on his face that I wanted to wipe off. This man was a true monster in every sense of the word. How many men had he killed in his career, how many more would die by his hands? That’s what I needed to concentrate on, not the sickness furrowing inside of me, unwanted desire that threatened to allow what he wanted.

My full surrender.

Had I always craved a dominating man? The answer was obvious, although I hadn’t faced it until now. But this wouldn’t be the man. There was no way I could trust him. Ever.

He continued the savage fucking, pulling out and slamming into me again and again. I fought the tingling sensations, the building of another climax. His mouth had tormented my tender tissue easily, but here I had more control.

Or did I?

Our bodies molded together, the weight of his soothing. As the hard fucking continued, I found it difficult to block the increasing sensations, the red-hot heat that was building to a crescendo.

I looked away, biting back every cry threatening to give away my pleasure, but he was having none of it.

“Look at me, Sierra. Never take your eyes off me.”

His command was so powerful, the timbre slicing a round of fear into my system. I did what he wanted, staring him in the eyes with all the venom I could gather together. He refused to stop, pushing me harder, peeling away layer after layer of my inhibitions, just like he’d done with the phone calls.

Within seconds, I was panting, unable to catch my breath as an orgasm threatened to drive me straight into another round of bliss.

“That’s it, sweet kitten. Come for me.”

I hated and adored the darkness in his voice, the way his husky tone managed to caress every inch of my body. Shock and embarrassment rode me hard, the realization that I was deriving absolute pleasure from his savagery pushing me to the brink of losing faith in myself.

That was the very moment another climax roared through me, the tidal wave effect leaving me breathless, stars floating in front of my eyes. I didn’t realize a scream had erupted from my lips until I heard the reverberations.

“Good girl. Yes, my beautiful gatita.”

I didn’t want to be his anything, but his words accentuated the freeing feeling as a single orgasm morphed into a second, this one even more powerful.

“Oh. Oh…” I hated the sound of my voice, the cry I issued in pleasure, just as he’d wanted. He’d already learned enough about my body to control my reaction to him. I hated him even more.

When he slowed his rhythm, pulling almost all the way out then sliding in as if I was a delicate flower, he brushed his jaw across my cheek to my ear. Even the way the stubble of his slight beard scratched my skin left me breathless, my nipples aching. As he whispered into my ear, the seductive tone smooth and velvety, stars floated in front of my eyes, twinkling brightly.

“You are my salvation.”

The first night he’d said those same words, confusing me as to why. I’d had no understanding of them until now. Nothing was real any longer. Not the way I’d wanted to feel about him, or the fear. Not even the reality that my life was in his hands. There was no time or space, no understanding of my past or what the future might bring.

Would he force me to endure horrors when he realized I couldn’t provide him with answers? Would he dump me on the side of the road after he was finished, treating me like trash? There were no answers that made any sense at this point.

I lolled my head to the side, trying to control my breathing as the tingling sensations started to ease.

He refused to stop, fucking me as long and hard as he’d spanked me before. I’d forgotten my place already until he gripped my jaw, yanking my head back to face him. There was no light in his eyes, only a need that couldn’t be described. I was shocked how mesmerizing they’d become, or maybe I was trying to desperately find an ounce of humanity inside him. I couldn’t be certain of anything or trust my own instincts. Not after the way he’d fooled me.

“Such a bad girl,” he huffed, and without warning he pulled out completely, crawling off the end of the bed. I thought he’d become disgusted with me, prepared to force me back to my dark room for another round of penance.

When he yanked me to the end by my ankle, flipping me over onto all fours, I instantly tried to crawl away. He dragged me back, smacking my aching bottom three times in rapid succession, another long, dark growl pulsing up from his throat.

“We aren’t done yet, sweet kitten. Now, I fuck you in the ass.”

As chilling as the words were, they were also deliciously filthy, enticing the woman I’d been hiding into breaching the surface. Panting, I clawed the bed, grabbing a handful of the comforter. What did I think I was doing, holding onto something? I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time but when he shoved his fingers into my wetness, I gasped as another beautiful moment of pleasure rolled through me. I bucked hard, riding the intrusion, savoring a fantasy as if it was real.

But I should have known the blissful moment would be short lived. When he slid the same fingers down the crack of my ass, I tensed, blinking several times. This just couldn’t be happening. He caressed my bottom with one hand as he slid his juice-soaked fingers into my tight hole.

As I hung my head in shame, heat flushing my system, I had no strength or fortitude left. He’d all but devoured me, releasing the very darkness he’d talked about during our conversations. I opened my legs wider, pushing up from the bed and arching my back. I was giving in, providing permission for him to do whatever he wanted in the vilest of manners.

He cracked his hand against my buttocks three more times. Then I felt pressure as he placed the tip of his cock against my dark hole. I could hear myself whimpering, the rapid beating of my heart lurching into my throat. He was nothing like I’d expected.

Alessandro, my dark stranger, was so much more.

“Breathe for me, sweet kitten. Tonight is all about revelations,” he whispered, the tone dripping with innuendoes, provoking a side of me I hadn’t known existed. When he pressed the tip inside, I tensed, biting my lip as a series of bright lights flashed across my field of vision.

His grip on my hip was firm, his fingers digging in. As he’d done before, he fisted my hair, holding me in place as he slowly slid another few inches inside. The pain was blinding, yet a shower of vibrations jetted through every vein and muscle. The fact that my muscles were stretching, accepting what I’d never believed I could want was an incredibly freeing feeling. He’d wanted me uninhibited, giving of myself freely.

And that’s exactly what was happening whether I wanted it or not.

Alessandro’s breathing was as ragged as mine as he thrust the remainder of his cock inside. I couldn’t hold back a strangled scream, the anguish shooting down my legs, but within seconds, his actions became a rush of sheer joy. The caustic pleasure coursing through me was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. How could I want this?

There was no logical answer, but I wasn’t certain my life would ever be the same.

“That’s it,” he cooed, his velveteen voice skittering through me. “Relax. This is going to feel so damn good.”

I’d never believed something so dirty could enhance the sensations to the point my pussy ached. I lifted my hand, involuntarily shifting my fingers to my clit, rolling the tips around the swollen bud as he pulled out, slamming into me again. He held such power in his hands, yet he was gentle in his actions, repeating the move as my muscles finally accepted him. Seconds later, they relaxed to the point I no longer felt any discomfort.

I closed my eyes as I stroked my clit, continuously rolling my finger aimlessly as he started to fuck me in long, even strokes. As he yanked on my hair, I uttered several cries, the sound unrecognizable.

“That’s it. Open up for me. Show me how much you’ve craved being taken by a beast.”

His words were startling and frank, and they added to the enticement.

Then he developed a rhythm, pounding into me with wild abandon, taking exactly what he wanted. The moment shared was raw and unforgiving, but the pleasure he was bringing was indescribable. I rocked with him, still touching myself, finally thrusting my fingers inside my aching pussy. I was so wet, juice staining my thighs, the scent thick in the air.

“So fucking tight. Perfect.”

He gripped my hips, thrusting harder. There wasn’t a cell or muscle, tendon or synapse that wasn’t on fire, tiny sparks fluttering all throughout my body. I could no longer breathe, my heart hammering to the point I fell into a dark abyss.

But the pleasure was incredible, sensations that had never been alive awakened as if from a deep slumber.

There was no sense in overthinking what we were doing. This was nothing more than primal mating, the predator having captured a prey he’d hunted for months. I was weak and breathless, refusing to think about the consequences.

Or about his plans for me in the future.

This was far too enjoyable, my muscles spasming. As I continued finger fucking myself, he shifted his hold, crowding over me then cupping both breasts. The moment he squeezed my nipples, twisting them until I yelped from the exquisite pain, another orgasm crashed into me like a freight train.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.” My cries were met with his whispered words in Spanish that I couldn’t understand but knew they were provocative, a telling of what he planned later.

And God help me, I wanted more. Much more.

While I wanted to believe this was as sick as I’d told him early in our… sensual activity, the enjoyment was far too intense to blurt out anything but my cries of joy.

As he continued pinching my aching buds, the orgasm refused to let go, and the pulsing wave kept cascading through me. I could tell he was close to coming, every sound he made strangled, his entire body tensing as he pressed more of his weight against me. When I squeezed my muscles, the joy of his body convulsing thrilled as well as sickened me.

He erupted deep inside, filling me with his seed, the single word he whispered breaking through the last barrier, sweeping me into another plateau.


I clenched my eyes closed, still able to see visions of his face, his stunning body. Even though I tried to shove them away, they remained like beacons of unwanted desire. But could I delude myself any longer that this wasn’t exactly what I’d been craving for so long?

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