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Debt of Honor: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

I stared at my reflection, twisting and turning in the light, noticing how it refracted off the long strands. I looked entirely different than any disguise I’d ever worn. While I wasn’t certain it suited me, at least I didn’t fear the cheap wig falling off at the wrong time.

As I took a step away, I smoothed down the material from the dress Jeremy had provided. It was festive, stunning on me when I’d never been prone to wearing bright colors, except when I was pretending to be someone else.

Was this any different? I was still playing a game, only one where we could end up dead. I couldn’t stop trembling from the ordeal in the airport, although being here in a small castle seemed safer than anywhere else in the world. I only hoped it really was.

I’d found makeup belonging to the woman who lived here, helping myself. I’d felt filthy from everything we’d endured, spending a full half hour to scrub my skin until it felt raw. At least tonight I could be one of the women in the three different passports. Jeremy had chosen Margarita.

Satisfied, I wanted another glass of wine and a few minutes outside even if it was chilly. I didn’t care. Fresh air would do me some good. I returned to the bedroom, marveling at the beautifully crafted furniture meant for a queen. Sofia had incredible tastes in clothing and furniture. Yet I felt like an intruder rifling through her things.


As I walked out of the room, I reminded myself that’s all I was doing over and over again. Maybe that would help me stay rational. If there was such a thing.

I headed down the stairs, hearing nothing at first. I could swear there was music coming from somewhere in the house. I followed the trail through the kitchen, refreshing my wine before continuing my exploration of the house.

Then I noticed Cobra standing in the doorway in the living room, staring out at the ocean. He’d showered and changed, now wearing trousers and a long-sleeved shirt. For a rough man, he looked elegant, but the soft material was unable to hide his muscular physique. The music fit the moment perfectly, the acoustic guitar creating a reflective mood. As I took another step, my nipples shifted back and forth across the thin material of the dress, creating wave after wave of desire.

The man had no idea how gorgeous he was. He also had no understanding of what he meant to me. The kiss on the airplane had been full of passion, the jolt of strength I’d gotten from just being in his arms allowing me peace. But the moment didn’t last as this one wouldn’t either. We were in a glass house waiting for pebbles to be thrown, the actions shattering both our lives.

I stood where I was for a full minute admiring the man. I’d cleaned the blood from his face on the plane, insisting on doing it for him. He’d never blinked once when I was wiping the substance away, the heat of his body more combustible than ever before. It had been a strange, almost intimate moment, a further acknowledgment of the danger we were in.

As I walked closer, he tensed, slowly turning in my direction. I’d seen several expressions on his face during the last few days from fury to frustration, concern to desire. The look he gave me was indescribable.

He allowed his gaze to fall very slowly all the way down to the shoes I’d been provided, taking several ragged breaths as he returned his eyes to mine.

I couldn’t tell whether he was pleased or angry with my choices. I flicked a long strand, suddenly embarrassed even though I had no reason to be. “Red.”


“Which means you don’t like it.”

“It doesn’t matter whether I like it or not, Isabella. What matters is whether it will help keep you safe.”

He was right, the reminder that this wasn’t a vacation, or a wondrous time spent together. This was war. “Understood. I can change if you think that’s necessary. Sofia has several scarves. It’s cold outside so it won’t look strange. I’ll just go get one.” I was jabbering out of nervousness and if I had to admit to myself, a ridiculous feeling of being hurt. After everything we’d been through, I was still hoping for some kind of approval from a man who hadn’t said his name out loud?

I turned around quickly, chastising myself for my thoughts all the way around.

He grabbed me by the arm, yanking me around to face him, the force enough I almost dropped the glass. I expected another round of frustration in his eyes or even worse, but he cupped my neck, using his thumb to lift my chin. “Don’t do that, Isabella. Don’t run away from me. I’m not some romantic interlude.”

“I know that.”

“However, I am a man who appreciates beauty. I don’t give a shit what color your damn hair is, or if you’re wearing a gorgeous dress or a flannel shirt and nothing else. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. The moment that man almost found you, I lost my shit. He paid for terrorizing you. No one will ever hurt you again.”

His eyes were even more imploring, his chest heaving. I place my hand on his heart, my fingers tingling from the hard thumps of the muscle. “I know this is wrong, but I don’t care any longer. I want to feel alive again, if only for this moment. Don’t hate me for it.”

“I could never hate you for anything.” He lowered his head, brushing his lips across mine.

I crushed my fingers around the material of his shirt, rising onto my tiptoes. The scent of him rushed into my system, heating my core. I was tingling all over, my legs trembling. He held me in position, teasing my tongue with his, his husky growls adding to the burning desire that continued to build with each passing second. If only we were alone for several days, sharing in the joys of passion instead of hiding in the throes of fear.

While we could pretend for a little while, reality would soon set in. Whatever our future held, I doubted we’d ever feel as if we could indulge in moments of passion. It was a gut feeling, a sense of urgency as well as dread. I had to place my trust in a man I barely knew, yet in not knowing him, there was tremendous excitement. While I knew my thinking was warped, our connection was so strong he took my breath away.

He captured my mouth, remaining still for almost a full minute. As he allowed his lips to tease mine, darting his tongue just inside, a sense of euphoria rushed into my system. I was light as a feather, vibrant stars floating in front of my eyes. He slid his hand down my back ever so slowly, taking his time to caress my bottom before drawing the material of my dress up by several inches. When he cupped my buttocks, I moaned into the kiss, tangling my fingers in his hair.

His hunger increased, his tongue exploring every inch of my mouth, his tongue dominating mine. My nipples ached, swollen and rock hard, the friction of the soft material floating back and forth keeping them fully aroused. The combined scent of our desire wafted between us, electricity rocking every cell and muscle.

The kiss was powerful, his control more intense as every second passed. He lifted me off my feet completely, turning us in a full circle. Every sound he made was animalistic and as he crushed my body against his, my heart hammered in my chest, my pulse increasing. I was lightheaded, barely able to breathe. I didn’t care. Just being in his arms was so special, shoving the fear aside.

When he finally broke the moment of intimacy, he nipped my lower lip, every growl and husky sound he made rumbling in my ears. As he dragged his tongue down the length of my neck, I shuddered, no longer able to feel my legs. After licking the base of my ear, he whispered all the dirty things he would do to me.

“I’m going to feast on your pretty pink pussy, driving you into climax after climax. Then I’m going to lick every inch of your body, sucking on your beautiful nipples. When I’m finished, I’m going to thrust every inch of my cock deep inside your tight little channel, fucking you hard and fast. After that, I’m going to drive my cock deep inside your dark hole. Is that what you want, princess?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Do you want it hard or soft?”

“Rough. I want you to fuck me like you’ve never fucked anyone else in your life.”

He pulled away, his hooded eyes reflecting the darkness in his mind. “Then so be it.” He grabbed me by the hand, taking long strides as he led me out of the room, racing up the stairs and into the bedroom I wasn’t certain we were sharing. When he slammed the door, he remained standing several feet away, his chest heaving. There was a wildness to him I hadn’t seen before, a ravenous beast hungry for his prey.

I watched as he placed a handgun on the dresser and that forced a lump in my throat. It was a reminder that nothing was normal or should be taken for granted. I twisted the ring on my finger, hating what it represented but there was a small feeling of comfort just knowing he could track me if something happened. He put his glass on the dresser then retrieved the wine, his chest heaving from his labored breathing.

“Take off your clothes,” he commanded, his voice no longer recognizable.

“What about the drive?”

He lifted his head, thinking about my question. “Stay right there. Do not move.”

As he left the room, I pulled the drive from my pocket, fingering the smooth red casing, staring at it as my thoughts drifted to far too many what-ifs. I wished I could go back, fixating on another discovery. If only I’d realized how much harm could come from what I’d hoped was a lifesaving breakthrough.

Cobra returned only a couple of minutes later. In his hand was a roll of duct tape. I laughed nervously, trying to figure out his plans.

“Give it to me.” He walked closer, holding out his hand. His eyes were imploring, once again asking me to trust him.

I did as he asked, watching as he pulled the bottom drawer of the nightstand completely out, turning it over. As he taped the drive to the bottom, I shook my head. He’d tried to plan for anything. Once it was secure, he tossed the tape onto the dresser, instantly unbuttoning his shirt.

“Wait,” I told him as I moved closer. “Let me do that.”

“You don’t follow directions very well.”

“Haven’t you learned that by now?”

He laughed, the deep bass coursing through every vein, velvety yet demanding. I glanced into his eyes as I unbuttoned the first one, my panties already soaked.

“Where’s Jeremy?” I purred, uncertain I cared.

“Out for the afternoon. Would it matter?”

“Not in the least.”

“Good girl.” He didn’t try to interfere as I slowly unfastened the rest of his buttons, taking my time to peel the shirt away from his sculpted chest. When I pressed both hands on his skin, he closed his eyes, his breathing labored. “I adore your touch.”

I teased him as he’d done to me before, using a single finger to trace every muscle, inhaling his rich, musky scent until I was lightheaded. The man had become my drug, a need that at times felt desperate. As I rolled my finger around several of his scars, his body tensed. He had so many horrible stories that kept him awake at night, traumas that no one could imagine unless they’d gone through being captured and tortured.

When I finally rolled the shirt off his shoulders, sliding the material down his arms, I noticed his eyes were now half open. There was such darkness in them, but there was no discounting the raging lust spiraling around his irises.

“What are you hungry for?”

His nostrils flared before he answered. “Everything. I’m going to devour you.”

I tugged the shirt away, allowing it to slip through my fingers to the floor. Then I placed both hands on his belt, running my fingers along the edge of the thick leather, the scent of it filtering into my system. I’d never known how powerful and intimate a spanking could be. My body had betrayed me more than I thought possible, now craving his firm hand. Even the pain had become a threshold, allowing raw bliss to form, something I’d never experienced before.

“Are you telling me you need a harsh spanking, little girl?”

The tremor of his voice skittered through me, adding to the vibrations dancing along the inside of both legs, shooting into my aching pussy.

“Am I a bad girl?”

“Do I really need to answer that?”

I tugged on the buckle as he growled. “Yes.”

“Remove your clothes,” he commanded again. “Then you can return and finish the job.”

There was a strange thrill about his demands, my body tingling all over. I backed away a few inches, my eyes never leaving his as I undressed. My mouth watered from the sight of his thick bulge. I envisioned his cock inside my mouth, his cum spilling down the back of my throat.

With every second that passed, his breathing became more guttural, his chest rising and falling rapidly, the thick cords in his neck throbbing.

When I was completely naked, he took a deep breath then used his index finger to guide me, telling me to turn in a full circle. There was something sinful about what he was doing, and it added to the excitement. I did as he asked, the cool breeze blowing in through the cracked window slicing across my aching nipples. Goosebumps popped along every inch of skin, my heart racing.

“Come here.”

I walked closer, my rapid pulse echoing in my ears.

“Unfasten and remove my belt. Then hand it to me.”

There was no question I’d follow his order, my hands reaching for the buckle immediately. His hot breath cascaded across my shoulders as I started to tug the thick strap from his belt loops. I was nervous, fully aroused, hungrier than I’d ever been in my life. The man had a way of awakening every one of my senses, keeping white-hot heat searing every nerve ending. When I had the belt in my hand, I held it up, my breath skipping.

“What do you smell? Hold it under your nose.”

I brought the strap to my face, taking a deep whiff. “Power.”

He seemed surprised by my answer, his upper lip curling. As he removed it from my hand, he rolled his knuckles down the side of my face. “You do need regular discipline. I’m the only man who will provide that for you.”

While it seemed like a promise, a telling of our future together, we both knew differently. This was nothing more than a fantasy, a way of coping with the ugly situation, but at that moment, I was the girl who would accept any form of punishment he believed necessary. When he placed his hand on my shoulder, I realized he’d turned into the disciplinarian for the moment, nodding toward the bed. There was still such a look of primal need on his face, but he was biding his time, trying to keep control as he provided what I needed.

And what I deserved.

“Place a pillow in the middle of the sheets then lie across it.” His words were dark, demanding, and sent another round of shivers down my spine.

“Yes, sir.” The words came naturally, easily, as if I’d been looking for a controlling man my entire life. Even as I walked toward the bed, the thought remained strange, somewhat unsettling. But I knew it to be the truth.

I yanked down the bedding, placing a pillow in the position he required. As I crawled onto the surface, my heart beating even faster, I was shocked that the excitement had increased, pulsing through me like wildfire. I placed my arms under my head, trying to control my breathing.

Cobra waited for almost a full minute before advancing, driving the anticipation to a frenzy. He tugged my legs apart then brushed his finger down my spine to the crack of my ass.

“Tell me what you need.”


“Details, my sweet princess.”

I took a deep breath, my pussy clenching and releasing. “Belt me. Spank me hard for I have sinned.”

He exhaled, the gravelly sound filtering into me. “I’ll provide this daily until you no longer need the constant reminder. You are such a good girl.”

There was no reason for the words to be soothing, but they were. I felt completely exposed, open in a way I’d never experienced before. But it was right. This was amazing. This was… Exactly what I’d been looking for my entire life.

His breathing remained scattered as he rolled his fingers down the length of one leg then up the other, taking his time. When he teased my pussy, pressing his finger just past my swollen folds, I fisted the sheet, yanking it close to my face.

“You’re already wet,” he half whispered.

“Yes, sir.”

“Does that mean you crave my cock?”

“Oh, God, yes.”

His deep chuckle was a small reward, keeping my mind spinning as I envisioned all the nasty things he was going to do to me.

“Soon, baby girl. Soon.”

I heard the slight creaking sound the leather made and dared to look over my shoulder. His expression was so serious and the way he wound the thick leather around his hand forced my throat to tighten. He was going to be harsh, the spanking agonizing.

I closed my eyes, pressing my face against the bed, taking several shallow breaths. The wait was killing me. When I finally heard his wrist snapping, I sucked in and held my breath.

The brutal slice across my bottom created an instant sting, the slight pain pulsing down both legs. I took a deep breath, surprised that I wasn’t yelping from the biting pain.

When he delivered three in a row, my sense finally awakened, the pain taking on a life of its own. I kicked out, gasping for air, trying my best to keep from screaming.

He took a few seconds to caress my skin, tapping me lightly as if telling me I was a good girl.

Then he pressed my legs back into position before starting again. I concentrated on the sound the belt made whooshing through the air, the slight crack of his wrist every time he issued another strike. I was floored by the way the noise affected me, keeping my heart racing and my thoughts foggy.

The pain wasn’t just biting, it was stimulating, my pussy aching to the point I was certain I’d have an orgasm. I longed to slide my hand underneath me, stroking my clit, but I knew that wasn’t allowed.

As the spanking continued, I couldn’t keep from moaning, wiggling back and forth as my fingers clamped down on the sheets. Panting, I blinked rapidly, trying to keep tears from forming, but it was impossible. A part of me knew this was necessary, a strong reminder that I had to follow the rules. His rules. I also felt such a release of tension and fear, the anguish that I’d feel for hours after the punishment was finished an excellent deterrent.

I almost laughed at the thought. I’d never been disciplined in this way. He stopped once again, moving between my legs. I held my breath as he rolled several fingers across my slickened thighs. There was no mistaking the desire he felt, the need building to a crescendo.

“I can’t wait to drive my cock inside of you.” He thrust his fingers inside, flexing them open, pumping several times.

I rocked against his hand, arching my back as I glanced over my shoulder. I was lost to the pleasure, a series of stars floating in front of my eyes. “Mmm…”

“Yes. So wet.”

He taunted me for several seconds, bringing me to the very precipice I longed for. Then he removed his hand, patting my bottom before starting yet again.

I was crazed with need, unable to keep from moaning. Every part of me was completely aroused, driving me to the point of madness. All time had stopped, the only noise I could concentrate on the cracking as the belt hit my backside and the savage thumping of my heart.

When he finally tossed the strap aside, I collapsed on the bed, struggling to continue breathing normally. Seconds later, I could tell he was undressing. As the weight on the bed changed, the pillow yanked out from under me, I closed my eyes, uncertain what to expect.

As soon as he rolled me over, he lifted my legs, spreading them wide. “Now, I feast.”

The words echoed several times, and I bit my lip to keep from crying as he blew across my aching pussy. I held my breath, longing to touch him and as he lowered his head, his eyes fully dilated, I wondered if any woman had ever experienced this much pleasure before.

Cobra dragged his tongue along the inside of my thigh, growling in a low-slung husk. His voice alone sent a series of vibrations shooting into every muscle. I was on fire, drowning in a sea of passion.

He made several animalistic sounds as he repeated the action on my other leg, teasing me to the point of madness as he swirled his tongue around my clit only once. Then he smacked my pussy lips with his fingers hard enough to make me yelp.

“I could do this for days,” he muttered then sliced his tongue all the way down my pussy.

The thought was riveting, powerful in a wondrous way. He took his time rolling his tongue along every inch, lapping up drops of cream before finally thrust his tongue past my aching folds. “Oh, God. Yes. Yes!” I smacked my hands on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, half laughing with every breath I took.

He was masterful, knowing exactly how and when to bring me to the edge then backing away, creating a wave of tension. The flames tore through me, catapulting me into sheer rapture. I wasn’t certain how long I could hold back before I exploded.

As he buried his face in my wetness, I arched my back, pushing up from the bed. He drove several fingers in beside his tongue, forming a perfect rhythm that kept me on a heightened plateau. How could anything feel this incredible?

“Do you want to come for me?” he whispered.


“Then ask.”

Swallowing, I wasn’t certain I was making any sense. “Please lick me. Let me come. Please.”

He added another finger, pumping hard and fast, keeping me in suspense a full minute longer. “Then come for me.”

The command was a shot of adrenaline and within seconds I erupted. The climax was unlike anything I’d felt before, so explosive that I could no longer feel my legs. He opened my legs even wider, pushing my knees onto the bed, growling like a wild beast as he licked me furiously.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.” Nothing made sense any longer but the extreme pleasure, my clit so swollen the tender tissue ached. I was shot into another wave, the orgasm more powerful than the first.

“That’s it. That’s perfect.”

His dark voice kept me in a surreal state, his tongue working magic. I had no idea how long the beautiful moment lasted, but as I felt the weight of his body shifting, easing down against me, I wrapped my legs around his hips. I blinked several times in my effort to focus, longing to stare into his eyes, to feel everything he was experiencing.

He remained hovering above me, grinding his hips back and forth. There was such an intense look on his face, the dominating part of him taking over. The moment was perfect and as the breeze floated across us, combining our musky scents, I took several deep breaths then slid my hand between us.

Exhaling, he lifted his hips enough to allow me to guide his cockhead against my pussy, but the look of complete control remained on his face.

He lifted his torso then drove into me, the force shoving us both up by several inches. I clawed his arms, biting my lower lip.

“So damn tight.”

“Mmm…” When he repeated the move, I rolled my hands down his chest, enjoying the tingles that shot up my arms.

His expression was possessive, as if he’d owned me for years, taking what he’d already claimed. He thrust deep inside again, shifting his hips back and forth. Then as he developed a rhythm, I kneaded his chest, able to indulge in the man as eye candy while he fucked me. How filthy. How incredible.

Beads of sweat slipped from his forehead, trickling down across my face. I arched my back again, tilting my head as the pleasure continued to increase. I was shocked as another climax slammed into my system, the pressure and pleasure forcing my body to shake.

“Oh, God. Oh… Oh!” This time, there was no chance at holding back a scream. The fog drifting across my eyes was blinding, the moment freeing. He continued plunging hard and fast then slowed down, barely shifting his hips. His cock continued to swell, throbbing against my muscles as they clamped down.

He took several ragged breaths, his jaw clenched as he did what he could to control his needs.

When I stopped shaking, he pulled all the way out, crawling away. I reached for him, startled that our beautiful session was over. I should have known better. He flipped me onto all fours, shifting around me and pressing his groin against my aching bottom. As soon as he closed my legs, he shoved his cock back into my tight channel.

The angle created entirely different sensations, driving me to the edge once again. He was more forceful, the sound of skin slapping against skin mixing with his savage growls. My body rocked from the force used, his needs only increasing. As his breathing changed, I sensed he was close to coming and squeezed my muscles.

His dark chuckle was surprising, the hard slap on my bottom jarring, and when he pulled out, I sucked in my breath. The man was going to fuck me in the ass.

He pressed the tip against my dark hole, immediately wrapping his arms around me, flicking his fingers back and forth across my nipples. “Every inch of you belongs to me. Never forget that.”

“Uh-huh.” I was in a daze as he pressed an inch inside, the pain another shot of adrenaline. I panted and wiggled, clawing the bedding, but he was in full control.

“Breathe, baby. Just breathe.”

I tried to concentrate on his words, taking several gulps of air as he slipped more of his cock inside, hitting the tight ring of muscle. Another series of stars floated in front of my eyes, bottle rockets going off in my muscles. When he thrust the remainder inside, the anguish quickly morphed into the most incredible series of sensations.

He pinched my nipples, twisting and pulling as I tried to catch my breath. “Does that feel good, princess?”

“Yes.” He pulled out, gently sliding into me again, grinding his hips back and forth.

“I could do this every day.”

“Then do it.”

Every time he laughed, I was pulled into a vacuum, ignoring the nagging that continued to poke the back of my mind. I hated being afraid, worried that we’d be discovered at any minute. I wanted to pretend that none of this had ever happened, but I’d been on a slippery slope for two years and there was no sense in denying it. My father had warned me. My mentor in college, who’d been the only man to believe in my abilities, had managed to break through to me.

He’d remained interested, working by my side the entire time, never allowing me to lose sight of the prize. I closed my eyes, trying to erase the images of the last time my father had taken interest in my work.

His interest had drawn me into his web, his questions exciting me. Then he’d shut down, acting as if I was a disappointment. Was that the reason I couldn’t erase the notion he had a part in all of this?

As Cobra nipped my earlobe, I was yanked out of the wretched memory, lifting my head as he started to fuck me in earnest. I’d never felt as close to anyone before, the moment of happiness something I’d treasure.

He continued whispering dirty words, his breath tickling my skin. When his body tensed, a smile crossed my face and I clenched my muscles.

The moment I heard his roar, I shifted into ecstasy.

If only fantasies and fairytales could come true.

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