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Debt of Loyalty: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

My body burned for him, a man I didn’t know but one who’d slayed several monsters in order to keep me alive. As soon as he captured my mouth, my nipples hardened to the point they ached as they’d done before, only more so by being in his arms. As he thrust his tongue inside, a moan escaped around the kiss, floating between us like a beacon of wanton desire.

His hold on my wrists was firm, the heat of his body igniting the embers I’d purposely kept buried deep inside. I’d been hurt before, refusing to bother trying again. But this man, this rough and tough Army man had awakened an intense yearning.

Viper swept his tongue inside, taking his time as he explored every inch of my mouth. I was shocked at my body’s response, the need furrowing into an uncontrollable moment. I’d never felt this way before being in a man’s arms, not a single time. We were dancing on the precipice of danger, but that only added gasoline to the already raging fire, pushing our limits to a place we both knew shouldn’t occur.

Yet as his kiss became more dominant, his tongue controlling mine, I didn’t care about anything but being in his arms, longing to have him drive his cock deep inside. My pussy quivered, clenching and releasing as he issued a single growl. The sound was husky, seductive in a way few could understand. I couldn’t care less what he did to me as long as he fucked me.

When he broke the moment of intimacy, he took gulping breaths, the look on his face predatory. “This can’t happen,” he huffed.


He shook his head, closing his eyes before sliding his hand behind my head, lifting my chin with his thumb. Another growl erupted from his throat as he dragged his tongue along my jaw, slowly lowering his head until he was able to rake his teeth across my neck.

I eased my leg around his, keeping my back arched as he teased my skin, creating wave after wave of tingles. I didn’t care whether this was against the rules, only that he was touching me. Tasting me. The roughness of his tongue contributed to the goosebumps popping along every inch of skin, increasing the ache between my legs.

The scent of our combined needs was strong, his so masculine my breath was taken away. As I rubbed my stomach against him, the friction was enough he moaned, the sound deep and throaty.

“Be careful,” he whispered, his eyes glassy as he stared into mine. “I like it rough, sweetheart.”

“Just fuck me.”

He smirked slightly before pulling me away from the wall, releasing my hands long enough to yank the tank top over my head, tossing it aside with enough force I laughed nervously. It had been a long time since I’d been with a man. Somehow, I knew this rogue would become savage, devouring me. And I’d never wanted anyone more.

“So damn beautiful. Are you going to obey me?” he asked.


Viper slammed me against the wall, cupping both breasts. Almost immediately he pinched my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, lifting his head as he plucked and twisted. Stars floated in front of my eyes from the intensity of pain, enough so I gasped several times.

“Oh, God.”

“I’m not a god, sweetheart, just the devil in disguise.” His voice was entirely different, so deep and throaty that I almost didn’t recognize it.

I couldn’t stop panting as I ran my fingers through his hair, blinking several times as he rolled his lips down my neck between my breasts. Then he shifted from one hardened bud to the other, alternating between pulling the tender tissue between his teeth and tormenting them with his fingers.

The moment was surreal, leaving me breathless as the anticipation of having his cock buried inside continued to grow. I eased my hand between us, finally able to stroke his cloth-covered cock. The man was huge, his shaft throbbing in my fingers. I dragged my tongue across my lips, longing to drop to my knees and suck him.

He pulled my hands away, giving me an authoritative look. When he pulled his head away, nipping first one nipple then the other, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He took a step back, ripping his shirt over his head, exposing his incredible muscles.

I’d always enjoyed partaking in eye candy, but this man was something special. His broad shoulders gave way to muscular arms that I knew had been sculpted by his job, not by days spent in the gym. I allowed my eyes to feast, slowly lowering them to his chiseled abs and the deep V leading into his cargo pants.

He advanced again, the same wry smile on his face as he unfastened my shorts, yanking them past my hips, almost ripping my panties away. I kicked out of them, immediately reaching for his belt, fighting to jerk the thick leather free of the buckle. He chuckled in a dark and dangerous tone before yanking the belt free.

I rubbed my fingers down his chest, marveling at the way his muscles felt under my fingertips. There was such kinetic energy between us, words were unnecessary. This was nothing but two people needing a release and I had no illusions of grandeur. He wasn’t my type, and I wasn’t his, but the joy of forgetting the hell I’d been forced through and what we would continue to face was more powerful than any level of fear.

When he wrapped his hand around the front of my throat, rubbing his thumb back and forth across my lips, the wave of vibrations dancing through me was even more powerful than before.

He slipped the belt between my legs, pressing the thick leather against my swollen pussy lips. As soon as he did, the sensations became overwhelming, my entire body trembling.

As he pressed the strap in even deeper, several moans rushed past my lips. His eyes pierced mine as he rubbed it up and down until the friction was almost too much to bear. I was forced to grasp his shoulder, my body swaying as the sensations increased, driving me close to a raging orgasm. He watched my every move, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

When he dragged me to the very precipice, he pulled back, pulling the belt to his nose and taking a deep whiff. “You’re very wet.”

I dug my nails into his shoulder, my legs shaking. As soon as I reached for his button and zipper, he shook his head.

“I want to touch you.”

“You’re not in control. Not now. Not ever. That’s something for you to keep in mind.”

His powerful voice sent ripples of the most intense longing through every cell and muscle.

“Stick out your tongue.”

I obeyed him without question, surprised when he rubbed the slickened belt across my tongue. The taste of my wetness kept the shivers skittering throughout, the very core of my system heated to the point my skin was dancing from the flames. There was such an intense look on his face, his hooded, dark eyes able to search right through me.

When he was satisfied, he jerked my wrists together as he’d done before, only this time wrapping the belt around them, fastening the buckle, leaving me unable to fight him. Now he could do anything he wanted.

“Stay right there, sweetheart.”

I watched as he cleared the table before he removed his boots, returning his full attention to me. My mouth watered all over again when he lowered his pants, exposing his long, thick cock. The tip was purple, the veins on both sides pulsing, his balls hanging low between his muscular thighs. I had no doubt he could hear me moaning from the sight of him. He was rugged and stunning, his smile an indication he was appreciative of my admiration.

My body was swaying as he took long strides in my direction, gathering me into his arms, easing me down on the table.

“Now I feast.” His statement was so guttural and deep that I wasn’t certain what he’d said at first. Until he lifted and opened my legs, pushing them against the table. There was something extremely sinful about the way he dragged the chair closer, making himself comfortable before rolling the rough pads of his fingers along the insides of my thighs.

I closed my eyes, suddenly embarrassed by what was happening. I’d never been this forward with any man, let alone one I barely knew. That’s what made this so delicious. As a warm flush crept up both sides of my neck to my chin, I bit my lower lip to keep from crying out. His touch was gentle, yet I had a feeling this was just the beginning.

He continued his exploration, rolling his fingers down my stomach, teasing my clit by rolling the tip of one around just once. When I started to close my legs involuntarily, he pushed them down again, immediately smacking my pussy lips several times.

“Keep them wide open for me.”

I squealed from the slice of pain, biting my lip again to try to keep quiet. I sensed he was enjoying teasing me, rolling his thumbs up and down the length of my pussy, blowing several swaths of hot air along my slickened folds. There was no sense in struggling with my bindings, but I couldn’t help myself, twisting my fisted hands until the leather creaked from my actions.

Viper’s low growl was another reminder that he had absolute control over me and the moment he dragged his tongue around my clit, I shuddered. He continued to taunt me, swirling the tip around the tender tissue several times then pulling back, smacking my pussy another few times. The combination of pain and pleasure was incredible, pushing me to a moment of bliss. I’d never experienced anything like this before, my body craving the dichotomy, my hunger roaring off the charts.

He chuckled then used his fingers to spread my pussy lips open, thrusting his tongue inside my tight channel.

“Oh, God. Yes.” I tossed my head back and forth as he wiggled his tongue, lapping up my cream.

After a few seconds, he pulled away, rubbing his mouth against my thigh. When he plunged two fingers inside, I jerked up from the table, gasping several times.

“You’re a bad man. So bad.” I tried to look down at him, my heart racing from the small amount of pleasure.

“Yes, I am,” he murmured, his eyes half closed. As he added two more fingers, flexing all four open, I eased back against the table. He pumped hard and fast, driving me to the very edge of a giant wave before pulling back.

“I can’t…”

His answer was to bury his face in my pussy, immediately thrusting his tongue inside. He continued driving his fingers into my wetness, but every action became controlled, almost as if he was moving in slow motion. I lolled my head to the side, reveling in the sensations, panting as small waves of pleasure threatened to take control.

For the next several minutes, he continued pleasuring me, his ability to bring me close then pulling back leaving me exasperated, so wet that trickles slid down both thighs. I couldn’t stop panting, my pulse skipping as his touch seared every inch of my body.

He cracked his fingers against my pussy lips four times in rapid succession and I thought I’d lose my mind. My core was like a volcano ready to explode, the heat oppressive. Another series of vibrant stars rushed in front of my eyes, rendering me incapable of focusing.

When he jerked my bottom off the table, pushing my legs back so my buttocks were lifted off the surface, another wave of embarrassment rushed into me. He had full control over my desires, masterful in how he delivered my pleasure. As he started to suck on my swollen clit, I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Oh, my. I’m going to… Yes. Yes. Yes!” My body bucked involuntarily, every nerve ending on fire as the orgasm swept through me, driving me straight into ecstasy. I lost my breath, my mind a complete blur.

And he refused to stop, growls mixing with other guttural sounds, pushing me to the point of sheer madness. A single climax was thrust into another that was so powerful I pressed my hands against the table, tasting blood as I bit down on my lip. My body bucked hard, the vibrations like live wires shoved into areas of my skin.

I lost my voice, sheer exhaustion rushing into me, but the tingling jolts were incredible. I’d never felt so beautifully alive, every muscle on fire. I could no longer feel my legs but as he eased them down, allowing them to dangle off the table, I laughed softly. Nothing had ever felt so delicious, the sinful act forever embedded in my mind.

If this was his idea of getting me to calm down and forget the situation, I was all for it.

He shoved the chair aside, the scratching sound made by the legs filtering into my eardrums. When he planted his hands on either side of me, I blinked several times in order to focus.

“We’re not done, sweetheart. Not by a longshot.”

I tried to catch my breath as he lifted my legs into the air, taking his time to lick and pepper kisses on one thigh then the other. There was such darkness in his eyes as he rubbed his fingertips down my skin. I was still mesmerized by his beauty, but there was a quiet revelry going on within him, a battle that had kept him on the outer fringes of his life.

That was easy to see, but I had no idea why it would matter. Maybe I was just curious how the man who’d saved my life could kill so easily without a hint of remorse. He was just doing his job. He pressed my legs against his chest, his eyes never blinking as he positioned the tip of his cock against my still quivering pussy.

“Now, I fuck you.” As he’d promised, this wasn’t about making love. This was rough sex, not meant for the faint of heart. He thrust the entire length inside, filling me completely.

“Oh. My. God.” I brought my fisted hands to my face, gasping for air as my muscles clamped around the huge invasion. He was huge, swelling even more. I was shocked I was able to take every inch, my mind foggy as the pleasure continued to build.

He pulled almost all the way out, taking gasping breaths of his own before driving into me again. Then he started to fuck me in earnest, plunging hard and fast, the force pushing me across the surface of the table.

“So tight. I fucking love how tight you are,” he growled, the velvety sound floating over me, creating another moment of breathlessness. The angle added to the intensity, the power he used pushing me into a blissful state.

His hard pounding continued, skin slapping against skin filtering into my ears, matching the wild beating of my heart. I was lost in the moment, relinquishing all control as he fucked me like a savage, brutal and without remorse. He was taking what he wanted whether I liked it or not.

I lolled my head to the side, completely electrified.

Every time I looked into his eyes, I sensed the strong connection we shared. It wasn’t explainable. I had no understanding of the man or why he’d been selected to watch out over me, but I was beginning to realize that he was a true savior. Even if he’d never be the one to admit it.

His breathing labored, he rolled his fingers down the side of my leg, following the trail with his lust-filled eyes. Every sound he made was that of a primal beast and as it filtered all throughout my system, I remained in the incredible haze where need and desire swirled together, refusing to let me go.

Viper rolled onto the tips of his toes, yanking my bottom even higher. The angle was incredible, jolts like pings of firecrackers jetting through me. An orgasm swept through me like raw energy, and I struggled in my bindings, my body bucking involuntarily.

“That’s it. Come for me. Come on my fucking cock.”

There was something dirty and delicious about his stark words, the inflection that of a beast. I knew there was no chance I could stymy the powerful moment, gasping for air as the first climax rushed into a second.

“Oh. Oh. Oh!” Moaning, I blinked several times, the splotches of color turning into a massive haze, but there was no denying the look in his eyes.



He thrust harder, the sound explosive and when I could tell he was close to coming, I squeezed my muscles, throwing my arms over my head, gasping for air.

“Fuck. Fuck… Fuck!” His roar was stifled, his chest heaving as his legs twitched. His entire body began to shake, his face twisting as the orgasm flowed through his muscles.

I half laughed, licking my lips as he studied me, tilting his head to the side as he stared down at me. “We’re not finished yet.” His expression returned to one of dark mischief and he raked his fingers down the inside of my leg before lowering both.

As he eased me into a sitting position, he cupped both sides of my face, lowering his head. In another tender moment, he whisked his tongue around my lips before capturing them, holding the kiss for a full ten seconds before gently opening my mouth and sliding his tongue inside. I longed to touch him, to run my fingers down the length of his chest. He shuddered when I maneuvered both hands, managing to brush my knuckles along his abdomen.

The kiss remained a quiet representation of our electric heat for a few seconds before his dominating side took over. His fingers dug into my skin as he lifted my head, drinking hungrily from my mouth. I teased him, managing to roll a single finger around his cockhead, savoring the moment as if we’d never be able to share it again.

When I squeezed the tip, he broke the kiss momentarily, laughing in a deep, throaty voice. Then he crushed his mouth over mine a second time, his tongue dominating mine. I continued stroking him, my fingers slick from my juice.

There was something unique about our coupling, the forbidden aspect never far from my mind. I squeezed his cock until he moaned into the kiss. When he pulled away, biting my lower lip, a single whimper escaped my mouth. After taking a deep breath, he eased back, rolling his hands down my neck to my chest, tweaking my nipples.

Then he gazed into my eyes, his never blinking as he unfastened the belt, taking his time to unroll the thick strap from around my wrists. As he pulled me onto my feet, I could almost read his mind, the sadistic side of him breaching the surface.

He turned me around, immediately sliding the belt around my neck, pushing the end through the buckle. After tightening it against my skin, he snapped the long end against my bottom several times.

“Oh, my.” I closed my eyes, pressing my palms against the table, the slight sting only adding to the dancing sensations.

“I could fuck you for days, driving my cock deep inside every hole.” His sounds were completely guttural as he rolled his finger down my spine before yanking on the strap. The feeling of the belt tightening around my neck wasn’t terrifying. It was exhilarating, pushing me into a level of darkness I’d always been curious about but had never experienced.

The man knew how to keep me fully aroused, my nipples swollen and aching, my pussy juice staining the inside of my thighs. Visions popped into my mind, all of them filthy, kinky in a way I’d only imagined. He wanted me to surrender to him completely, letting go of all my inhibitions. In what was left of my rational mind, I realized this was a test of trust, allowing me to understand that he had my life in his hands, and he would do everything in his power to keep me from harm.

And so, I let myself go.

When he pressed his fingers against the small of my back, pushing me over the table then kicking my legs apart, several scattered moans rushed up from the depths of my being. Very slowly he rolled a finger down the crack of my ass, continuing to keep a firm hold on the strap.

“You’re a bad little girl, aren’t you, Willow?”


“Do you know what bad girls deserve?”

I swallowed several times, excitement tearing through me like a firestorm. “No, sir.” The word came easily, naturally, as if I’d been submitting to him for months if not years.

“They get fucked in the ass.” He shoved the tip of his finger into my dark hole, shifting it up and down as my muscles clamped down around his long digit. “Over and over again.”

The thought was shameful, another dirty moment of taking me to my limits. I arched my back in an offering, pressing up from the table and spreading my legs even wider.

“You want it, don’t you?” he asked in a low, rough voice.

“Yes, sir.”

“Then tell me you want it.”

I only hesitated for a few seconds before spewing the words, another jolt of electricity soaring.

“Fuck me in the ass. Please. Drive your cock deep inside.”

He smacked my bottom with his hand several times, the threshold of pain keeping the ache to a minimum. I undulated back and forth and within seconds, he realized I was even hungrier than before.

“Yes, a very naughty girl.” After issuing several hard slaps on one side of my bottom then the other, he dipped his fingers into my pussy, pumping several times them shoving them into my asshole.

“Oh, fuck.” The pain was biting, driving me into a surreal moment. I couldn’t catch my breath, the belt adding to the rush of adrenaline. I’d never been this turned on, incapable of getting away, the anticipation of what he was about to do slamming against every boundary.

Viper thrust hard and fast, flexing his fingers open, forcing my muscles to yield to his power. I continued shifting back and forth, the friction from the edge of the table pressed against my clit driving me into another orgasm.

“Oh, fuck.” The words escaped again as the climax rumbled in my system, my heated core exploding.

“Yes, this is exactly what you need every day.” He removed his fingers, smacking me long and hard for at least thirty seconds. Then he placed the tip of his cock at my dark hole, hesitating only a few seconds before pushing his cockhead inside. As he gripped my hip with one hand, I could tell he was winding the end of the belt around the other.

I braced myself, gasping for air until he drove the entire length inside. There was no way to describe the rush in my mind or the way the anguish melted into utter bliss. I was shocked how insanely amazing it felt to have him fully seated inside. As my muscles stretched, all I could concentrate on was the sound of his heavy breathing.

Exhaling, he pulled almost all the way out, driving into me again.

And again.

There was something so freeing about this, as if he’d claimed every part of me, marking me as his own. When he plunged in several times, I met every brutal thrust, pushing hard against the table. He tightened the belt again, the hold savage. As he developed a rhythm, I was driven straight into pure ecstasy, no longer able to think about anything.

“Fuck, I love this. Yes, fucking you in the ass after feasting is spectacular.” His voice was raspy, almost unrecognizable and as the moment turned into a wild frenzy, his needs building, I kept my eyes closed, allowing the sinful images to take me to a little slice of heaven.

I had no idea how long he fucked me, but as beads of his sweat trickled down against my back, I sensed he was going to erupt deep inside of me again. I was surprised at his stamina, the fact he’d remained rock hard the entire time. And the craziness of having his cum dripping from both holes kept me on the blissful plateau.

I was a very naughty girl indeed.

He cracked his hand against my bottom several more times, the heat building across my buttocks keeping me in a spiral of pain and pleasure. When his body started to jerk, I pushed all the way up from the table, thrusting my hips backwards.

And in the next several seconds, I was serenaded by his savage roar as he laid claim to the woman he now owned.

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