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Debt of Sacrifice: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

As his masculine scent filtered into my nostrils, I lost what was left of my rational mind, allowing the passion we already shared to be the only driving factor. He kept his hold firm, refusing to allow me any wiggle room. When I dared to lower my hand, struggling to reach his thick bulge, he broke the kiss long enough to admonish me.

“You’re not in charge. You never will be.”

His words sparked another fire, flames creeping up from my toes. When he raked his teeth across my jaw, several ragged moans slipped past my lips. No man had ever been this possessive. As he lowered his head, licking lines and circles across my neck as he tilted my head, stars floated in front of my eyes.

Every growl he made fueled the fire between us, the spark of electricity so extreme nothing else mattered but touching his naked skin.

I fought against his hold, smashing my fists against his arms, but he was too strong. As he ground his hips against my stomach, the haze over my eyes intensified, thick smoke billowing around me. While he released his hold on my neck, there was no chance of me getting away. He slid a single finger over my pulse of life then eased it between my breasts, flicking it back and forth across my nipple ever so slowly.

“Do you like it rough, princess?”


“Good. Cause that’s what you’re going to get.”

He pulled away, a wicked smile crossing his face seconds before he ripped the front of my shirt all the way down, his growls indicating he was just getting started. I pushed my hands against him, his laugh an indication he wasn’t letting me get away with anything. As he gripped both sides of my face, pulling me onto my tiptoes, I leaned in, biting his lower lip, issuing several animalistic sounds of my own.

Laughing, he broke my commanding hold within seconds, taking a single step away then yanking his shirt over his head. Then he tugged what was left of my shirt from my body, pitching the unwanted material aside. The way he cupped both breasts, rubbing his thumbs around my nipples, tore through me like a tidal wave.

“Are you going to obey me, Greer, like a good little girl?”

“I already told you, I obey no one.”

The moment he pinched my hardened buds between his thumbs and forefingers, I gasped for air, not expecting the instant slice of anguish. I was stunned how arousing it was, the tingling prickles dancing all the way down my legs. His eyes were mesmerizing, drawing me into his darkness, only one thought on his mind.

Requiring my total surrender.

I rolled my fingers along his arms, my heartrate increasing from the touch alone. Then I snapped my hands under his forearms, breaking his hold. When I tried to dart away, he grabbed my wrist, yanking me against his chest. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“You’re one bad man.”

“You have no idea.” Laughing, he tangled his fingers in my hair, yanking hard as he snapped the front closure of my bra with a single finger of his other hand. The cool air tickled my nipples but only for a few seconds. When he engulfed one, I closed my eyes, unable to keep from moaning. The heat of his mouth immediately set my body ablaze, making it impossible to move.

He took his time licking and sucking, pulling the tender tissue between his teeth. I kneaded his chest, marveling at the definition in every muscle. While it was useless to fight him, I did so again, only to have him slam me against the wall, another series of sensations exploding deep in my core. Maybe this was the exact noise I’d heard coming from another room.

A little wrestling with your hot sex?

The silly question pushed my adrenaline level even higher.

“Do you crave pain?” he asked, his voice tingling my eardrums.

“I don’t know. Do you?”

“I guess you’re going to learn, and agony means nothing to me.” His upper lip curled from saying the words. Every sound he made guttural, he shifted to my other rock-hard bud, biting down until I yelped. “Time and time again.” The vibrations of his voice kept goosebumps along my arms, bright colors floating around my peripheral vision. He yanked off my bra then rolled the rough pads of his fingers down my back. As he twisted my other nipple, I opened my mouth, only breath sounds escaping.

“This is…” I couldn’t finish the sentence, my mind completely wiped of anything that made sense.

“Primal? Dangerous?”


“You’re playing with fire, little girl.”

“Then so are you?”

“Well, so fucking be it. If that’s the case, then we’re both going to hell. Might as well enjoy the time it’ll take to get there.”

He’d said almost nothing during the trip, remaining in his brooding silence as if talking to me would derail his mission. I hadn’t wanted to talk to him either for fear of learning too much.

Why was everything different between us, as if a lightbulb had been switched on?

Because you’re both primal creatures.

The exhaustion was making me a little bit crazy, but I had to admit that every touch of his hand stimulated me even more.

As he dragged his tongue between my breasts, slowly moving toward my neck, my legs began to shake. His hot breath continued to tingle my senses, my pulse skyrocketing. Every sound he made reminded me of a lion, so dark and guttural that a single trickle of fear skipped through me. He licked all the way to my ear, chuckling softly.

“I’m going to feast on your pretty pink pussy before fucking your tight hole. And there’s nothing you can do.” He inhaled several times, the sound exaggerated. I pressed my closed hands against him, kneading his skin.

Lightheaded, I tried to pull myself down from the craziness of what we were doing. Nothing good could happen out of this. But maybe it would help in being able to pretend I cared about him. As I reached for his belt, he shifted his attention to my ear, nipping my earlobe before whispering:

“What did I tell you? I think it’s time for that spanking you need.” He lifted me off my feet, tossing me onto the bed as if I weighed nothing.

I immediately jerked to my hands and knees, biting my lower lip as I watched him unfasten his belt. Why did the simple action tantalize me as much as it did? It was crazy. I wasn’t the kind of woman to tolerate let alone appreciate a dominating man. Then why was my mouth watering at the thought of being handled like a bad girl?

Butterflies swarmed my stomach, and I crawled toward the edge of the bed, prepared to jump off until he wagged his finger. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

“Or what?”

“Or you’ll face additional consequences.” The man was a hunter and he believed I was his prey. It didn’t matter that once this was over, he’d return to being my protector. At this moment, I was his possession and nothing else.

Whatever game we were playing, I shut down all thoughts, trying to act on instinct, the need that continued to build to the point I was almost blinded with desire. It had been so long since I’d enjoyed being with a man, and never once had I let myself go. This hulking mass of a beast was a stranger. No matter how much time we were forced to be together, it would never turn into anything but a job for a man like him.

That allowed me to act entirely different than I would ever consider.

I jumped off the bed, lunging for him, tangling my fingers in his hair. This time I was the one who bit down on his neck as he turned me in a full circle. I could swear I broke the skin. His only response was a single deep grunt before pitching me onto my back, straddling me with ease.

There were no additional words said as he fought me, gaining control of my wrists for a third time. Exhaustion was starting to settle in, but I refused to give him the upper hand, twisting and lifting my hips in a failed effort to roll him off me. He hovered over me, his long eyelashes skimming across his cheeks almost as seductive as the rest of him.

I shimmied under him to no avail, but the friction was incredible, pushing my pulse to the outer limit as my blood pressure continued to increase. He lowered his head, biting down on my lower lip, every subtle growl he made permeating my mind.

As I darted out my tongue, he wrapped his lips around it, using his strong jaw muscles to suck. His passion knew no levels, the weight of his body increasing the rush of need to the point of frenzy.

After laughing darkly, he rolled to the side, easily unfastening the jeans that already fit too loosely. I continued wiggling, taking shallow breaths as I stared at him. I was a big girl, capable of making my own decisions, but this seemed more than just a dirty roll in the hay.

He didn’t bother watching his actions. Instead, he studied me, his eyes boring into mine. I finally had a chance to study his features, the ruggedness of his strong jaw and high cheekbones along with his blond hair giving him the look of a Viking. Yet with his full lips, the dirty girl inside of me imagined hours of doing nothing more than kissing.

I continued trembling, the harsh reality that I hadn’t been naked in front of a man in three years settling in. I’d always been self-conscious, a product of years of being made fun of. I wasn’t tall and stick thin, my rounded curves something I’d always hidden. Why did I feel especially beautiful around him? Nothing about this made any sense. That’s why it was terribly exciting, pushing me to another realm of reality.

As soon as he started to peel the dense material away, I lifted my knee, almost catching him in the groin. He snapped his hand against it, driving my leg to the ugly comforter.

“I can tell you’re going to be difficult,” he muttered, shifting all the way off and turning me over before I had a chance to move. Then he wrangled my jeans halfway down my legs, stopping at my knees. “Stay right there.” He patted my ass once with another chuckle.

Dear God. He’d left my jeans where they were to keep me from easily getting off the bed. Damn him.

Breathless, I obeyed him as he climbed off the bed, but within seconds my curiosity got the better of me. I glanced over my shoulder then rolled onto my elbow. What the hell was he doing? Then I realized. He was getting the rope. What the hell?

I was in some kind of frozen state of mind as he pulled a switchblade from his pocket before unraveling the woven strand, measuring it out then slicing the sharp blade through the thickness as if it was merely a string.

“What are you doing?” I managed, no longer recognizing my voice.

“You won’t obey me, so I’ll need to shackle you to the bed. You’ll learn soon enough it’ll be much better for you if you don’t fight me.” He was enjoying every second of this, his predatory nature apparent in every move he made.

“Why not the handcuffs?” I taunted him.

“I think I’ll save those for later.”

God, he meant it.

“Are you nuts?”

“Without a doubt.” He placed the rope on the bedding, the same wry smile on his face as he tugged my jeans to my feet, removing one shoe then the other. After dumping the denim, he held my lace panties in his fingers, my underwear the only thing I had that belonged to me. The bastard pulled it under his nose, taking a deep whiff. Were his eyes twinkling? I believe they were. Oh, I wanted nothing more than to crack my fist against his mouth. He wasn’t going to be able to get away with this.

As soon as he climbed on the bed, I reacted again, initiating several wrestling moves. This time, he was prepared for what I thought was an ingenious move, able to straddle my lower back within seconds. “You’re a stubborn little girl, aren’t you?” He lifted one arm, wrapping the rope around it.

But I wasn’t finished yet, using every ounce of strength I had left, able to bump him enough I slid from under him. After that, I rolled a quarter turn, throwing my leg over his. He still had his fingers wrapped around the rope, able to use it to his benefit.

His laugh pissed me off, which boosted the fight burning deep within. Now, it was a game of will as well as strength, and I was determined to win. It was obvious he was having no more of my antics, thrusting my leg aside and jerking me back underneath him. I’d run out of energy, gasping for air as he secured one wrist to the left post on the headboard.

“I can see taming you is the first order of business,” he said, half laughing as he yanked my other arm over my head. “But I’m good at housebreaking any animal.”

“To hell with you,” I whispered, lifting my head and watching the knot he used. He was damn good, quick with his actions. I could swear he was an expert at hogtying people. That should scare me to death. Instead, another rush of excitement jetted through me. He’d left at least two feet of rope between the bed and my wrists, which allowed him to jerk me down a couple more feet. Then he tested the tether, the smirk crossing his face indicating his satisfaction.

When I was completely secure, he backed away, easing off the bed. Then the bastard started whistling as if he’d won the tug of war battle.

As if he’d managed to wrestle me into submission.

I closed my eyes, swallowing hard when I heard him dragging the thick strap from his beltloops. He was really going through with this.

Panting, I couldn’t seem to catch my breath, the combination of excitement and anxiety keeping me on the edge of a precipice. If I dared to look down, reality would come crashing back in, destroying the freedom that felt luxuriously close to smooth velvet against my naked skin.


The sound was harsh, unforgiving. Shark had snapped the belt against the floor, an indication of what I was supposed to receive. Moaning, I jerked up, immediately struggling with the rope, pulling hard enough the dense material started to chafe my wrists.

He approached from the side, peering down at me with lust-filled eyes. “You’ll learn that there will be rules during every aspect of our adventure. They will help keep you on track as well as alive.” He reached under my head, yanking a pillow from under the covers. “Lift your hips.”

“How can I do that? You’ve tied me down.” All he had to do was give me another stern look. Hissing, I did as he asked, biting back several nasty words as he shoved the pillow under my stomach and tops of my thighs. Now my butt was in the air by several inches. And I was completely naked, tied to a bed. How did this happen?

I’d never been so completely humiliated in my life, but my pulse kept racing as if I was enjoying this. When he brushed his fingers all the way down my spine, I realized I was. What in God’s name was wrong with me? What? Two days ago, I was living my life, enjoying being a teacher. Well, mostly enjoying the days spent inside the classroom. Then I’d go home, where I spent every night… alone.

I closed my eyes, trying to shut out thoughts of my dull existence. Two gunshots and my entire life had changed. I started laughing until he pulled my legs apart. Another dose of cold reality slammed into my system.

“I think twenty will do for tonight.”

The whimper was full of anxiety.

“Our food is getting cold,” I said, although at this moment the only thing I hungered for was his thick cock.

“It’ll be just as succulent when I’m finished with you.”

Why did he make every word sound like a dark promise, a sinful invitation?

I hadn’t been prepared for the burst of pain but as he brought the belt across my buttocks, I was jarred at first by the sound. Then anguish burst into my system, pushing me to the brink of what I could tolerate.

“Oh, God!”

“He ain’t gonna help you. Only you can learn to become an obedient woman.”

If he really believed the level of shit erupting from his mouth, then he really was some crazed Viking, suddenly appearing in the present. I didn’t have time for a snippy retort before he peppered my ass cheeks with three more. I could swear each one was harder than the one before.

“You’re a son… of… a… bitch,” I barely managed to say, the agony stealing everything from my vision to my breath.

“Keep going and you’ll earn yourself a few extra strikes just because of your mouth.”

I kicked out my legs, finally bending my knees. His growl floated into my ears as he yanked one leg then the other down to the bed. Why was it that everything the man did was rough?

“You know I might break.” My muttering sounds wouldn’t matter. As he swirled his fingers around my already aching bottom, I wasn’t repulsed by the scent of my pussy floating up like a beacon of sin even though I should be.

“Doubtful.” He resumed the spanking, taking his time before issuing one strike after another.

I wiggled and moaned but knew there was nothing I could do about it. He’d managed to get himself fully in control.

As he smacked me three more times, I fell into a lull that surprised me once again; the anguish that had been so ripe, tearing through me like a wildfire was now entirely different. Was it remotely possible I was enjoying this harsh discipline given by a rough and tumble man? If the way my nipples continued to ache, my breasts swollen with need was any indication, then yes.

When I let out a sharp cry, he growled twice, backing away once again. By the time I realized what he was doing, it was too late. “Open your mouth.”


“Because we can’t have others hearing you scream, and I assure you, sweetheart, you’re going to attempt to scream out my name.”

There was no arrogance to his tone, just a simple statement as if he knew what he was capable of in pleasing women. I opened my mouth in protest. Mistake. Big mistake. He shoved the panties inside, giving me another heated look before resuming the round of discipline. I refused to stop kicking, twisting from side to side even as he brought down the belt two times.

“I’m adding another five because you’re a damn brat.”

A brat? No one had ever called me a brat before. Every sound I made was muffled, but I continued to try to drive the material from my mouth with my tongue. Not a chance. He seemed to be good at everything he did. Why was the surreal moment spent with him filthy and vile?

I’d lost count of how many strikes he’d already delivered, the pain morphing once again into a crazy kind of pleasure, enough so I stopped struggling altogether. All I could do was concentrate on my breathing. When it was obvious he was finished, I pressed my face against the bed, twisting my bindings back and forth until the rope creaked.

He pressed his hand on the small of my back, the gentle touch searing every inch of my skin. Then he yanked the pillow from under me, placing it behind my head. I wasn’t certain what he was doing for a at least a full minute. Then I realized I heard his zipper being pulled. He was making good on his promise, and it excited the hell out of me. I twisted my head to try to see him, longing to bask in the beauty of his buff body.

He sat down on the edge of the bed, his scent rolling into my system. While he didn’t look at me while he untied his boots, the electricity crackling between us was palpable. How could two people who didn’t know a thing about each other be this attracted? Was it all about animal need overriding anything human? Were the pheromones working overtime, requiring carnal fulfillment?

There was no answer that made any sense.

As he shoved the edges of his cargo pants aside, I held my breath, my gaze following his hands as he pushed them past his hipbones. I’d known muscular men in my life, but none so pronounced as his chiseled body. A deep V flowed from his abdomen down to his groin. As soon as his cock and balls were revealed, I mumbled over the gag. He was a sight to behold, the incredible tattoo on his chest trailing down one hipbone to his leg, the curling vine drawing my attention.

But only for a few seconds.

Holy hell, his cock was a thing of beauty. Long and thick, the veins were already pulsing on both sides, his cockhead deep purple. His balls were swollen, hanging low and almost instantly beads of perspiration formed over my lip. All I could think about was sucking on the tip, rolling my tongue across the sensitive slit before darting it all the way down until I was able to lick and suck on his testicles.

The sinful nature of what we were doing would likely haunt me, but as the tingling drifted into full blown vibrations, I was lost in the moment of expectation. I tried not to make my stare obvious, but every expression on his face indicated he knew I was studying his fine physique, just like he’d done to me. I’d seen his eyes, the extreme lust that hadn’t left from almost the moment he’d pushed me into the room.

By the time he was fully undressed, the butterflies had returned, the swarm now kicking my ass. When he crawled onto the bed, I had no idea what to expect. This wasn’t a situation that had any rulebook, no matter what he’d tried to convince me of. I’d never imagined myself as a hostage, but here I was, his prisoner. This was also not some torrid romance that would lead to anything other than heartache.

Fortunately, I wasn’t some lovesick girl or one who believed in anything other than reality. Our attraction would fade and life would go on. That was also just fine by me.

He remained on his knees, allowing his gaze to fall to across my face briefly before trailing it down the length of my body. At that point, I closed my eyes, fighting the urge to struggle against him while the lioness inside wanted him to conquer me. The thought had already drifted dangerously close to a scenario where I fell hard for my captor. Which was ridiculous.

Shark forced me onto all fours, taking the time to stroke my hair before pulling it over one shoulder. He wanted me to be able to see what he was doing. My heart was thudding so hard I could barely breathe. When he rolled a single finger down the crack of my ass, I tensed, clenching my muscles.

“Relax, Greer. It’s not time to claim your ass.”

Not time. As in this wasn’t the only time. He swirled the tip around my clit several times as he rocked his hips back and forth, the feel of his cock pressing against my swollen folds keeping my heart beating rapidly. Then he slipped the same finger into my tight channel and instantly I moaned, pushing up from the bed and arching my back.

“You want more?” he asked, his husky tone trickling along the back of my neck.

I muttered over the gag, shuddering as he pressed kisses all the way down my spine. The way he caressed my heated bottom was just as intense as the spanking, his finger memorizing my skin. He covered my body with his, squeezing my breasts as he nuzzled against my neck. The second bite was harder than the first, the brutal act allowing a moment of raw rapture to slam into my system. My moans were bedraggled, my breathing ragged.

“You taste divine. Soon, I’ll eat you for hours.” He grabbed the edge of the gag, ripping the lace from my mouth. “Tell me, how do you taste? I know your panties were soaked with your sweet juice. Do you taste like fresh peaches, cherries in the spring?”

I couldn’t believe his dirty talk made me even more crazed. “Both.”

“Mmm… Now, answer my question. Do you want more?”

What I hungered for was a pure sin, but that’s all I could think about.

“Yes,” I breathed.

“Then beg me.”


He pulled his finger away, leaning over and biting on my hip instead. The man was nothing but an animal, enticing me into his lair. I was shaken to the core but the burning embers had flashed into a firestorm, incapable of stopping what had already been set into motion. I wanted what I shouldn’t have. “Do it.”

“Do what?”

“Fuck me.”

Every time he chuckled, I swooned a little bit more, no longer recognizing the woman inside. I’d once been called prim and proper by a student’s father, and I knew it hadn’t been meant as a compliment. What they didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them.

“Just fuck me.”

The difference in my voice enticed him even more. He thrust the entire length of his cock inside, the shock of how large he was pushing me to the outer limits of my sanity.

“Oh, God. Yes. Oh. My.” My words were garbled as he pulled out, driving into me again, the force straining the ropes as he shoved me into the bed. There was a strangeness about him and the moment, as if fucking me like a crazed animal was shoving aside whatever anger he had inside.

He picked up his rhythm, driving into me with such force I was thrown into an abyss. My muscles clamped around the thick invasion, pulling him in so deep I was certain he would split me in two. He filled me completely, his cock continuing to swell. I lost myself in the sound of our carnal act, barely able to continue breathing. As the headboard started to slam against the wall, I couldn’t get over the thought someone from the front office would soon pound on our door.

Every sound he made added more gasoline and just when I thought for certain he was going to erupt deep inside of me, he pulled out, yanking me onto my back then spreading my legs wide open. As he bent my knees, driving them into the bed, he lowered his head, breathing across my wetness.

A look of amusement remained on his face as I struggled once again with the rope, only this time it wasn’t about trying to win the hunt. I longed to touch him in the same intimate manner, brushing my fingers down his broad chest, tracing every inch of his tattoo. And I wanted to wrap my hand around his cock, but he had no intentions of allowing me to feel like I had any control whatsoever. This wasn’t just a rough sex game. This was putting and keeping me in my place.

I gritted my teeth, trying to ignore the pleasurable sensations tickling my skin, driving my heartrate to another rapid-fire moment. Within seconds I knew it was useless, his touch unlike anything I’d ever felt.

Shark dragged his tongue around my clit only once before kissing the inside of one thigh then the other. Then he repeated the move before concentrating on my already tender bud, flicking the tip back and forth until I was extra sensitive.

I tossed my head from side to side, panting just like the wild animal he’d turned me into. He continued taunting me, only once licking up and down my pussy. I was so lightheaded even thinking about focusing was ridiculous. I fisted my hands, taking shallow breaths when he finally drove his tongue past my swollen folds. I was so wet, burning up with heat, and he was taking advantage of my condition, enjoying himself far too much.

He developed another rhythm, licking me up and down several times before thrusting his tongue inside. As he added a single finger then a second, pumping slowly at first, I jerked up from the bed, blinking rapidly until I was able to see him clearly.

He was devouring me with his eyes, tempting me with everything he had. He wanted to continue proving just how much in control he was. There was nothing I could do, the lust we shared adding to the heated moment.

“Oh. Oh. Oh…” I tried to keep my whimpers as inaudible as possible, but with every swipe of his tongue, I was losing my ability to do anything but react to the pleasure.

When he finally buried his face into my wetness, licking me furiously, I lost all sense of constraint, an orgasm smashing into me.

He issued several intense growls as he gathered my legs into his arms, spreading them as wide open as possible as he licked me like a savage.

Echoes of my own cries bounced into my ears, one climax splintering into a second, this one so powerful I lost my ability to make a single sound. My body trembled in his hands, every muscle tense as searing heat roared through me.

“Yes. Yes…”

I had no idea how long he continued to lick my pussy, my body already drained from the sheer bliss of what he’d done to me. So much so I was barely cognizant that he’d pulled away, once again flipping me over onto all fours.

When he thrust his cock inside, a moment of sheer relief flooded through me. As he’d done before, he excited my senses until I could no longer feel my legs.

“Now, I fuck you like the savage I am.”

At this point, he could fuck me any way he desired.

He planted his foot beside my leg, using the vantage to drive into me like a wild man, every thrust rocking me forward. I clawed the bed, lifting my head as short, raspy breaths escaped my mouth. I felt beads of his sweat dropping across my lap and I could almost hear the sizzling sound as they splashed across my skin.

Time had no meaning, his stamina incredible. No man had lasted this long, his insatiable needs keeping him on edge without allowing him to tip over. His scent only intensified, filtering into every crevice in my system, staining my skin in a way that I doubted a shower would be able to remove.

There was no doubt his marks would remain, burning into my skin for days to come. Were they meant as a sign, a statement to whoever we came in contact with, or perhaps someone in particular?

As his body stiffened, his guttural sounds even more savage than before, I could tell he was finally unable to hold back any longer. I squeezed my muscles as he gripped my hips, digging his nails into my skin.

This was primal fucking and nothing more.

And I’d loved every second of it.

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