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Defiled: A Dark Paranormal Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“Come to me, Sadie.”

Her footsteps stopped, her resolve strengthening. She was determined to get out of my clutches.

Within seconds my patience was shot, replaced with the kind of burning need that was nothing short of primal. I willed her to obey, to accept her place, but her fight continued.

“Come here now.”

I heard the ragged tone, the scattered sound that would frighten her as my true being shifted closer and closer to the surface. Fear clung to her like a tight vise, suffocating every nerve ending. She now found it difficult to breathe.

I moved methodically, searching every room, closer and closer to the edge. I had to get control, to show her in a different manner that there was no recourse. Only I could give her what she wanted.

What she craved.

“Sadie…” The second she darted past me, certain she’d found a way out, I shifted to just in front of her, the shock of my sudden appearance forcing fear across her lovely face. “Did you honestly think you could get away from me?”

“Who… What are you?” There was still a level of defiance in her voice even as she backed away, wincing in pain, her bare feet connecting with the level of rubble remaining in the abandoned house. She was scanning every surface, looking for a weapon.

“You already know,” I hissed.

I grabbed her around the waist, tossing her over my shoulder. I took the set of stairs two at a time, moving into what had once been a glorious bedroom suite, now reduced to cobwebs, dust, and broken pieces of furniture. “I wanted to give you the world,” I huffed, turning in a full circle.

With another wave of my hand, the space was freshly adorned, affixed with the kind of décor fit for a queen. Candles were lit in every corner of the room, the scent of jasmine and violets filtering into the air. I eased her down onto her feet, keeping my hand wrapped around her long strands of hair.

Sadie tugged, trying to jerk away then grimacing from the pain. “What is going on? God, what are you? This can’t be real.”

“I assure you, this is very real. I have powers that exceed any on this earth. This is all for you, created from every dream you’ve had, the princess in wait. Don’t you remember everything you wished for as a little girl? A dark man to take you away, protecting you from everything. Someone to shower you with adoration in every manner.” I brushed my knuckles across her cheek, hissing as she flinched.

She was breathless, quivering from my touch. “How could you know?”

“Because we are all that matters.” I flicked one finger toward the wall, creating a set of shackles.

“What… What?” She attempted to back away even as I dragged her toward the iron chains, leather bands that would keep her locked to the wall, immobilized for her punishment. “No. Don’t do this! Please. Please.”

“One request. I had a single request that you try not to escape.” I moved her to within a few inches, lowering my head until I was able to whisper into her ear. “You’re a very bad girl, Sadie. You know that. I refuse to tolerate your disgusting behavior any longer.”

“Please. I won’t try again. I promise. I really promise.”

“Promises aren’t realities with you, I’m afraid. I made a pledge to you that I’d take care of you, train you, and protect you, but you will learn to obey me.” I pushed her forward, lifting her shaking arm. She didn’t resist, didn’t make a sound as I clasped the leather straps around her wrists. The fact she was resigned surprised me even more than her attempt to flee.

She was a true warrior, capable of taking care of herself.

Or so she thought.

She could be broken easily, all the goodness soaking through her skin ripped away, shattering her last resolve. I would do so if necessary.

I pulled the hair from her face, pressing my lips against her cool skin before ripping away the gown and exposing her glorious body. I took several deep breaths, adjusting my throbbing cock as the anguish became blinding. I would need to take her soon, to shove my shaft deep inside her sweet little pussy.

But first, she needed another lesson on submission and obedience. The urgency was enthralling, my needs increasing. I took a deep breath, my mouth watering from the richness of her aroma, the sweetness of her pretty pussy.

Whimpering, she finally struggled in her bindings, slapping the chains against the wall, trying desperately to see what I was doing.

“Only obedient little girls deserve such glorious accommodations.” This time, I snapped my fingers and the room was returned to its original status, cold and unforgiving, the only light a single candle I’d allowed to remain lit. Even the howl of the wind outside was manufactured, but effective, creating an aura that would stimulate her mind.

“I don’t understand,” she said softly, devoid of emotion even as she darted her head back and forth.

“But I think you do, Sadie. Search your soul, the darkness dwelling within. All those visions you’ve had since you were a child. All the dreams you believed were nothing more than fragments of your imagination. You knew you were special, designed with a purpose in mind.”

“No, I…”

I allowed her time to reflect as I studied her, the way her eyelashes skimmed across her cheeks as she fought to keep from crying. The way her mouth pursed, biting back a whimper of despair. The way she twisted in her bindings, even though she was well aware there was no means of escape.

“You will have everything you’ve ever desired one day, my beautiful Sadie. My queen.”

“I’m not your queen. I will never. Ever. Be your queen.” Her defiance remained.

Another enticement.

My balls tightened even more.

“We shall see.” While I could use any level of discipline or any implement designed for punishment, she was still a fragile human after all. I slowly unfastened the belt I was wearing, pulling the thick leather through the loops in slow and even motions. Her whimpers became moans, her fists clenching and unclenching.

“I will be good. Really,” she whispered. I caught a glimpse of resignation crossing her face. Perhaps she was learning.

“Yes, you will but that will take time. I am your master; therefore, I will walk you through the land of anguish before you can taste true ecstasy.” I folded the strap, cracking my wrist a single time before closing the distance.

Her eyes were glassy as she fought tears, but her pursed mouth indicated just how much rebellion she had in her. Breaking her would be a true joy. I rubbed my fingers all the way down her spine, holding my breath as a dazzling series of sensations crushed down every last inkling of anger. My balls were tight as drums, blood racing throughout every vein. Sadie had no idea what kind of effect she had on me.

I delivered two hard strikes, one coming after the other. While she flinched, she emitted no sound. The slight redness across her rounded bottom drew my attention, another pulse in my cock. I smacked her four more times, hitting across the middle of her buttocks.

Finally, she let out a single whimper as she pressed her face against the wall, still fighting her chains.

I took several deep breaths, stars floating in front of my eyes as the carnal desire increased, becoming nothing more than a burden taxing my patience. I took a step back, taking careful aim, my mouth watering as her bottom turned to a warm blush, light stripes appearing.

“Oh… Please. Hurts.”

“As it should, my sweet Sadie. You disobeyed me.” I rubbed one side of her buttocks then the other, the heat sliding into my hand, cresting along my wrist. Even I was shaking, the intense longing forcing a low-slung growl. I would feast on her for hours, thrusting my cock into every hole, consuming every bit of her.

Then I would do it again.

And again.

Another deep breath then I smacked her with six in a row, two hitting her upper thighs. She jumped, her back heaving.

I wanted her to understand, to comply and obey me. I wanted her to… willingly submit. A snarl left my mouth. Maybe I’d spent far too much time as a human, adapting to their ways, their longings far removed from all that I’d known. I shoved aside the weakness, concentrating on the task at hand, on the things I had to do. She would soon forget every moment we shared, the passion and the pain, the gloriousness of discovery. There was no other way. She simply wasn’t ready to become my queen.

I would fight to keep her hidden, but the only method available was to keep her devoid of knowledge. The burden I would bear alone, biding my time.

Her eyes were closed, a light shimmer skimming across her cheek. I was more attracted to her than ever; the elegance of her back, the way her thin waist moved into the curve of her hips and those long, glorious legs.

I cracked the belt four more times across her bottom, content she’d learned a lesson.

Or perhaps I was just in too much need, my body shuddering from the raw power of my hunger. I moved closer, twisting her hair in my hand as I inhaled. The scent of her feminine wiles was intoxicating.

She lolled her head against my shoulder, licking her lips several times.

I slid my hands along her arms, moving up in a slow and easy fashion. Unable to resist, I pressed a series of kisses on her shoulder, dragging the roughness of my tongue along the slender pulsing vein keeping her alive.

I intertwined my fingers in between hers, merely pulling her away from the cold steel, twisting my head until the shackles disappeared. She no longer gasped from surprise as I eased her against me, turning her slightly as the room was redesigned once again. Cupping and squeezing her breasts, I took another deep breath.

Moaning, she continued to quiver, as I pinched her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, twisting them in a savage fashion. I wanted her to feel the wrath of pain before any concept of tenderness.

She squirmed in my arms, rubbing her bruised ass against me.

There was no fight in her as I walked her closer to the four-poster bed, the sheer iridescent cloth of the canopy flowing. She seemed drawn to the rich purple sheets, the plump pillows.

“A taste of what you can expect,” I whispered, nipping her earlobe, turning her around to face me. I lifted her chin with a single finger, allowing her to see the raging desire. I pushed her down, forcing her onto her knees.

She watched in silence as I drew the shirt over my head, tossing the unwanted material. As she fell onto her hands and knees, her long hair draping over her voluptuous breasts, I issued a series of growls, the hunger expanding. I unbuttoned and peeled away the edges of my pants, kicking off my shoes then rolling the trousers down my legs.

And all the while her eyes never left me.

I rubbed my hand down my chest, squeezing my cock as I bolstered my control. I could ravage her easily, losing all sense of decency, but I would bide my time. “Come to me, Sadie. Come to your master.”

There was only a slight hesitation before she crawled across the floor, her mouth twisted even as ragged breaths were emitted.

“Now, you suck me because every hole belongs to me. If you dare use your teeth, you will be punished again.” I kept my hand on her head, my fingers firmly wrapped around her hair as she tentatively reached out, running her fingers down the length of my shaft.

Sadie mewed, the soft sound startling. I wasn’t prepared for the gentleness of her touch as she guided the tip of my cock to her pursed lips, rolling my cockhead around them in a seductive manner.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she slid out her tongue, laving the tip as she eased her other hand between my legs, cupping and squeezing my balls. She brought her mouth down on my cockhead, her tongue darting back and forth across my sensitive slit. She remained tense, her slender shoulders heaving as her body shuddered from fear.

She was simply obeying a man who wielded full control.

The sensations were wild, driving me almost immediately to the point of no return. I was electrified from her touch, my heart racing as the blood pumped. The heat searing every nerve ending was powerful, sending me close to the edge of my own sanity. Our connection was so strong, vital in manners she could never truly understand.

She licked down the underside of my shaft as she rolled my balls between her fingers, keeping the pressure as she rolled her other hand around the base of my cock. The friction was incredible, keeping my breathing scattered. When she took one testicle into her hot little mouth, I tipped my head back and let out a bedraggled howl.

Nothing had ever felt so good.

Her hand pumped my cock, moving up and down, squeezing the tip as she sucked on first one ball then the other.

“That’s it. Suck me.”

Sadie brushed her lips up the side of my shaft, taking the tip inside. Then she eased onto her knees, moving her hands and rubbing up and down my thighs, her fingers shaking. I could hear her ragged breathing, the slight whimpers coming from her throat.

There was little control left as I jutted my hips forward, thrusting several inches into her mouth. I could hear the strangled sound of her breathing as her jaw muscles relaxed, the tip of my cock slamming against the back of her throat. I fucked her mouth, driving in long and hard strokes, moaning as she clamped her jaw around the thick invasion.

She gagged only once more before using her strong jaw muscles to clench tightly. The feel of the heat and wetness was overpowering, throwing me into a moment of fog, unable to focus.

I planted both hands on the sides of her head, plunging in harder and faster. Every muscle strained, every tendon stiffening. I wanted to release my cum into her sweet mouth, requiring her to take every drop licking me clean. I craved more though.

I allowed the joyous act to continue for only a few seconds longer before pushing her away, savagely thrusting her onto the bed. I advanced like a true carnivore, tossing her onto all fours.

She gasped, clawing the bedding then screaming as I plunged my cock all the way inside her pussy. “Oh. God!”

My entire body was shaking from the extreme adrenaline rush. I gripped her hips, holding her in place as I fucked her, driving in and out in wild and savage motions. Her pussy was so wet, her muscles expanding for me without reservation, pulsing around my aching shaft. I could barely think straight, the true beast clawing at the surface. I pumped in rapid motions, skin slapping against skin, the sounds glorious.

She wiggled and moaned, the force pitching her body forward. Pushing hard, she tried to meet every hard thrust with one of her own, squeezing her pussy muscles over and over again.

Whether she was submitting or just accepting didn’t matter. She belonged to me. She was my prize. I was the alpha.

I was the monster.

All I could think about was fucking her, filling her with my seed. I wanted her covered in my scent, reeking of my pheromones, enough to last during the years where I’d be forced to leave her alone. My muscles twisted, aching from the increasing power. She was breathing life into a monster, providing the only gift that mattered.

“Uh, yes. Uh. Uh. Uh.” Her scattered whispers and moans brought me back to reality. I was taking everything I wanted.

Yet I craved more.

My breathing continued to be labored as I held back my orgasm, pulling out completely and sliding the tip up and down the crack of her ass. “Now, I fuck that tight little ass of yours.”

“God. I…” Her words trailed off as I gripped her hair, yanking her back into a deep arch.

I wiggled my cockhead until I found her dark hole. Everything about this moment was exactly as it should be. My roar reverberated into the room as I shoved my cock past her tight ring of muscle. Another round of electricity flooded me, filling my mind with all the vile and delicious things I would do to her. I smacked her ass twice as I plunged deep inside, my cock throbbing as her muscles tensed then surrounded the thickness.

She moaned, keeping her eyes closed as I pumped into her, every sound more like a primal purr. Her breasts jiggled as I fucked her, and my mouth watered to suck and bite down on her tender tissue. My balls swelled, filling with seed and for the next few seconds, I was able to concentrate on the aroma of her sex.

A sudden vision was jarring, filling me with blinding rage.

Our enemies were increasing, armies building in an effort to tear us apart. They would stop at nothing to find her.

As I released, erupting deep inside, I knew the battle had just begun.

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