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Demanded Submission: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


The word had so many connotations to it that my mind was a flurry of thoughts.

My heart was also drumming an unknown beat but certainly faster than the music on his stereo. It had been so easy to submit to him that I remained in awe of his prowess and control. I’d felt so ridiculous before asking questions that a woman of my age should already know. In my defense, I’d never considered going to a kink club. Not once.

Sure, I’d seen a few kinky things in movies, including Fifty Shades, so I wasn’t a prude by any means, but dropping to my knees without hesitation in order to please him? That girl wasn’t me. She was some go-getter chick determined to shift completely out of her comfort zone.

No, it was an attempt to pretend my past didn’t exist. Maybe I was fooling myself but for the first time in as long as I could remember, I felt wanted. Jameson had been nurturing with his answers, allowing me to feel comfortable in asking another. And another.

He hadn’t laughed or shoved them aside, providing detailed answers.

He was so experienced and powerful that a part of me remained in awe, but that wasn’t what he wanted. He wasn’t attempting to belittle me or treat me as if I was a nothing but a fling he would toss away. Although I refused to be a fool. This also wasn’t forever, merely a pleasant blip in time. He needed someone to work out the ‘kinks’ in his heavy and tense schedule and I needed…

Someone to continue nurturing me. Admitting that was surprisingly easier than I’d believed it would be.

I’d loved the taste of his cock, the pre-cum lingering in my mouth. He had a musky scent that was uniquely him, more intoxicating tonight than I’d noticed before. I’d gathered a sense that he could have required me to continue the intense stimulation for some time, which I wouldn’t have minded. As with every other experience I’d had with him before, I longed to please him.

His entire demeanor was different, now so dominating that I didn’t recognize his voice. As he spun me around, cupping my breasts as he held my back against his chest, I could feel his rapidly beating heart. There was something deliciously filthy about the fact he was completely dressed while I was devoid of any piece of clothing.

The light, warm breeze tickled my skin, creating dancing sensations yet he’d already awakened every one of my senses. I was on a cloud of bliss, desire blooming more every passing second.

He caressed my skin, his massive hands forming a cradle under the heaviness of my breasts. When he kissed the top of my head, I eased my hands against his legs, arching my back.

“You will do everything I command you to do.”

“Yes, sir,” I answered, still unsure about whether I was required to call him Master. If he was displeased, he said nothing, yet he pinched my nipples, twisting them in his fingers.

I wasn’t anticipating the shock of discomfort or the subsequent vibrations deep inside my pussy. A gasp left my mouth, a span of white light floating by my eyes.

“Good girl. I will take care of you.”

His comforting words seemed odd, but I sensed he meant them. I’d never wanted anyone to take care of me before and the thought of starting now was difficult to stomach. He rubbed his palm down my stomach, his fingers flexed open. When he reached my pussy, he cupped my mound, curling a single finger to tease my clit.

The man was masterful in his actions, the temptation almost immediately pushing me to a sweet moment of bliss. As he continued to torment my nipple, he created a wave of pleasure by stroking my clit. Within seconds, my lungs screamed for air and I was gasping for it, my legs shaking. The combination was so intense that my body rocked against his.

“Oh…” My murmur seemed to echo and I closed my eyes as the wave of pleasure rushed over me.

Jameson pressed his rock-hard cock against my ass, a reminder that he had full control. I undulated my hips enough he lowered his head, growling in my ear. The teasing continued but he shifted his hand, plunging two of his fingers past my swollen folds. My entire body shivered, my legs threatening to give out.

I’d never experienced foreplay like this. No one had cared enough to push me into a spectacular frenzy, so wet and hot that I was certain I couldn’t hold back an orgasm.

As I started panting, his strokes became more intensified. When he added rolling his thumb across my clit, I almost lost it, even though I knew I wasn’t allowed to come without permission.

He nuzzled his head against my ear, his scorching hot breath searing my skin. “Very good girl. You’re not allowed to come yet.”

I wasn’t certain his reminder would help, every nerve standing on end, a fire burning brightly inside my core. I grabbed a handful of his trousers, tugging to try to keep my mind from splintering into a thousand pieces. Every sound I made reminded of some wild animal in heat, my mind spinning out of control.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take it any longer, he tossed me further over the railing, both his hands gripping my bottom as he kicked my legs apart. I grabbed the thick metal, half laughing from the force he’d used. I took deep breaths, the humid air and ocean breeze almost as stimulating as the man.

The hard crack across my bottom pushed a yelp from my throat but added to the series of tingles. I tipped my head over my shoulder, still amazed at the sight of his broad shoulders and sculpted chest that the loose-fitting shirt couldn’t hide.

He dropped his trousers then wrapped his hand around my throat, immediately driving his thumb into my mouth. When he placed his cock against my swollen folds, my body tensed. He was so large that the anticipation kept the light floating in front of my eyes.

There was no pretense, no romantic words said before he pressed the tip inside. My muscles immediately clamped around his thickness, drawing him in even deeper. We both groaned collectively, my grip on the railing tightening. I sucked his thumb, tasting my juice and a hint of cognac. The combination was delicious.

“So tight,” he muttered as he pulled out, thrusting into me again. The angle forced me onto my toes and for a few seconds, I felt as if I was flying. When he pulled out again, the thrust was more brutal and I loved every second of it. “The things I’m going to teach you.”

Several of the kinks rushed into my mind, the thought of sharing them surprisingly tempting.

Moans slipped past my lips, my mind a beautiful blur of images and thoughts. I took shallow breaths, my heart continuing to race. He cracked his hand against my buttocks twice more, and I was shocked how much it added to the pleasure. A rush of adrenaline shot through my system, my blood almost boiling.

He slowed the pace as he squeezed his hand around my throat, not enough to choke me but just to the point I was even more aroused. How was that possible?

When I felt his face pressed against mine, the slight scruff of his beard delicately abrading my skin, I opened my eyes.

“In trusting someone and giving up control, you’ll learn that falling free will take you to ecstasy.”

Trust. I hadn’t thought about it but he was right. And I did trust him. I thought I’d never be able to trust again.

His fingers tightened around my throat even more, this time stars in vibrant colors floating past my periphery of vision. The shock remained as he pushed me to new heights but the second I started to feel uncomfortable, he backed off instinctively, fisting my hair instead.

The hard crack of four additional smacks against my bottom only heightened the wetness, the scent of our combined desires swirling with the fragrance of the ocean.

I couldn’t stop panting, the sweet blur of being driven into rapture the most amazing thing I’d ever felt. He rolled onto the balls of his feet, his plunges more brutal than before, driving me into the railing. I threw my arms out, allowing the cascading electricity to pass through both of us. There was such a ferocity about him, a need that neither one of us could understand.

He was on fire, every sound he made adding to my utter arousal.

When he started to slow down, I pushed up from the railing, meeting every thrust.

“Remember what I told you. You are not in charge. Grip the railing and do not let go.”

I did as he commanded, uncertain what he was going to do.

“Now open your mouth.”

Again, I did so without question. He drove three fingers inside.

“Suck them, Alexandra. I want them nice and wet. Use your tongue as well.”

If it was possible, his voice was even deeper, as hypnotizing as it had been when he’d saved my life. I obeyed him without question, not flinching when he drove them in even deeper. The moment he removed them, I had a sense of what he was going to do, but as he vocalized it, I was throwing into a strange vacuum.

“Now, I finger fuck your tight little ass.”

Whether or not he sensed I’d never done this before I couldn’t determine, but he wasn’t rough in his actions as he pressed the tip of one against my dark hole. The slight breach was stimulating, delicious in its pure sin. He slowly eased it inside, pumping several times. When he added his other fingers, I stiffened.


I wanted to scream at him to relax but I did what I could to control my breathing, my mind still a huge blur. Surprise rushed through me as he pumped several times. While there was discomfort, the pain was minimal. Once all three were inside, he flexed them open, pumping several times. I concentrated on the sound of his ragged breathing, which I knew was from building desire.

He took his time until I began to relax, finally removing his fingers and pressing the tip of his cock against my tight hole. I felt warm and fuzzy inside, my mind a beautiful blur as vibrations prickled my senses.

When he pushed an inch inside, I tensed. Then he cracked his hand across my bottom again and I almost instantly relaxed. He pushed inside more, driving past the tight ring of muscle. A true wave of pain blasted through me for a few seconds.

Moaning, I couldn’t stop my body from shaking. He stopped moving, now caressing my aching bottom with tenderness until I stopped trembling.

“You’re doing so well, Alexandra.”

I wasn’t certain whether he was being serious or not, but I took several deep breaths, jolted when he drove the remaining inches inside. I’d never felt so full, the tingling sensations entirely different. He shifted back and forth, allowing my muscles to stretch. Then he pulled out, slowly pushing into me again.

“Oh. Uh. Uh. Uh.”

“Good girl,” he whispered, and I felt like a good girl, remaining on my toes as he repeated the action, allowing me to get used to his size.

I was floating on a cloud, every muscle tingling. When he repeated the move, I pushed back against him.

“Insatiable,” he muttered.

“Uh-huh. I mean yes, sir.”

He brought his hand down again, pushing me against the railing. I’d heard that pleasure and pain were intricately weaved together but had never understood it until now. I was ignited with a fire I hadn’t known existed, my entire body tingling as blood rushed through my veins.

Breathless, I concentrated on blinking and controlling my heartrate as he fucked me, pulling almost all the way out every time, slamming into me again.

“So tight.”

I was shocked how incredible it felt, my mind spinning out of control as the pleasure continued rolling through me. I was pitched into an almost immediate moment of bliss as he continued his savage thrusts.

I would never have imagined how delicious it felt to be taken this way. I closed my eyes, falling into the rhythm he’d selected, pushing me harder with every brutal plunge of his cock. But I loved every second of it.

The light breeze shifted, becoming a howl that sounded mournful. As tiny grains of salt tickled my skin, I heard a slight rumble. A storm was rolling in.

His body tensed, enough so I pushed back from the railing, trying to bite back a moan. There was no way. When he pulled me against his chest, wrapping his hand around my forehead, I’d never felt freer in my life. In the next few seconds, I sensed him tensing.

There was no other warning before he erupted deep inside my dark hole, every muscle in the man’s gorgeous frame shaking.

I was completely breathless, shocked that I’d enjoyed the round of sin as much as I had. He cradled me against him for a full minute, both of us watching the crackling of lightning pulsing in the sky.

Seconds later he pulled out, turning me around to face him. Where he’d been forceful before, there was a difference in him, the look in his eyes something I could no longer read. He lowered his head and I closed my eyes, anticipating he’d capture my lips. I sensed he was hovering over me, his hot breath skipping across my already heated skin. Then he pressed his lips against my forehead before gathering me in his arms.

There was no concept of saying no to him.

As he took long strides through the house, carrying me like a prized possession, the entire experience felt normal. Who was I to know what normal was any longer? I’d thought that’s what I had, a guy I could fall in love with, eventually get married and buy the perfect little house. Maybe pop out a kid or two. When whoosh. It had all been destroyed by…

By a tragedy I couldn’t allow myself to remember any longer.

I had no idea how he wasn’t knocking into things as he carried me up the stairs since his eyes never left mine. They also never blinked, the color intense like steel after being heated to a thousand degrees, deep silver with pearlescent flecks. I had no doubt he was going to devour me, keeping the control he’d begun on that bright day that now seemed a lifetime ago instead of a couple of days.

Being brought to his house had been completely unexpected. Perhaps I was in shock that I’d garnered his attention more than just being the sad girl down on her luck. He kicked open a partially closed door, instantly flicking a switch.

The warm glow of light in the room did little to hide the shadows. But it did provide a spotlight on his impressive bed.

One complete with shackles.

Or was that my imagination getting the better of me?

He eased me onto the center of the bed, a slight smirk on his face. “Do not move.”

“Or what will happen? “

“Or you’ll learn to respect the feel of the leather strap.” He wrapped his fingers around my arm, lifting it over my head.

I was right about the shackles. As he wrapped the thick leather around my wrist, I immediately fisted my hand. “I’ve never done this before.”

“Relax,” he said as he buckled the first one into place. “I have.” The sly grin remained on his face and I was at the point of hyperventilating already. When the first strap was in position, he rubbed his knuckles across my cheek, slowly trailing them down between my breasts. Then he walked to the other side.

By the time he moved into position, I already had my arm over my head, but I couldn’t seem to stop shaking. He was tender, brushing his fingers along the underside of my arm before grasping my wrist. As he secured the second one, I pulled on the first, the creaking sound of the leather giving me shivers.

“In giving up control, you place all your trust in your partner.”

“Okay. I mean, yes, sir.”

He lowered his gaze then placed the strap around my wrist, his eyes piercing mine as he buckled it. I could clearly tell he’d done this before, the well-worn leather an indication. “Do you trust me?”

“You did save my life.”

When he laughed, I was thrown into a moment of panic, struggling with both arms. “Close your eyes and breathe.”

I wanted to scream that he should take a breath and let me go, but I managed to hold myself together. “I’m trying.”

“You’re doing very well.” Suddenly his heated breath was cascading across my face and I shuddered. “The act of letting go isn’t about pain, although it does provide intense pleasure. You had a small taste of that.”

From the way he’d described the various kinks, I wasn’t certain I could handle but so much more. He continued touching me, calming my nerves, his footsteps reverberating into my ears. When he reached my leg, he bent it at the knee, which forced me to open my eyes just as he was reaching for another piece of bondage gear I hadn’t noticed before.

As he secured my leg in place, I held my breath, conscious of the fact I was completely helpless. I couldn’t imagine doing this with a stranger.

Every step he took was methodical, repeating the same tethering with my other leg. Now I was spread wide open and completely vulnerable to him. He returned to the end of the bed, staring down at me with complete lust in his eyes.

“You are so beautiful tied and waiting for me to devour you.” The huskiness of his voice sent another shiver trickling down my spine. I was so wet, aching to have him touch me, yet I was embarrassed, which was a surprise. We’d already had sex, not once but twice. He’d seen all of me, every last curve and flaw. However, this was completely different. He could do anything he wanted to me and there would be nothing I could do.

He moved toward the dresser, unfastening his watch. I lifted my head, watching his every move, curious as to what he had planned. I thought for certain he was going to undress, but he merely rolled up his sleeves, staring at me in the mirror as he performed the menial task.

His forearms were so muscular and I concentrated on studying the ink covering one arm as he finished the task. At least the concentration calmed my nerves to some degree. Next, he removed his tie, the act taking longer than it should. I had a feeling he was trying to keep me in suspense, testing my resolve.

As he started to unbutton his shirt, I realized my mouth was watering all over again. The word ‘magnificent’ entered my mind, not once but twice. He was truly a gorgeous specimen of a man.

“Have you ever had a girlfriend?” I asked, immediately following that with a nervous laugh. “Of course you have. You’re what, in your thirties? That means you’ve had lots of girlfriends. Dozens. Were they all submissives? I would guess they’d have to be. Right? You couldn’t handle a normal relationship being the way you are. I mean not that it’s a bad thing, just that your needs are different than other men.” At this point, somewhere in the back of my mind I knew my mouth was getting the better of me, but when I was nervous, and I definitely was freaking out, I couldn’t stop.

I wasn’t even looking at him by that point, just spewing off one question after another that I doubted he’d answer.

“Oops. I made that sound horrible. I didn’t mean it that way. I just meant—”

“Ssshh…” he interrupted, placing his index finger across my lips. I hadn’t noticed his approach. I’d been far too busy fighting with my bindings, the leather creaking like crazy. “Be quiet, Alexandra. I’ll answer all your questions but not right now.” He lifted my head and within seconds, a mask was placed over my eyes.

Now I thought for certain I would have a full panic attack and might have already if his hand hadn’t remained on my arm.

“What is happening?” I demanded, the tone much stronger than I’d intended.

“Now, I’m going to share uncontrollable pleasure with you.”

“That sounds good.” My brain was spinning out of control. He must think I was an idiot, unable to put a coherent sentence together. I took several loud, gasping breaths, trying to hold my position. When I didn’t hear anything for what were probably minutes but felt like hours, I jerked on all the bindings.

Then I felt the weight on the bed change, his intoxicating scent overwhelming. I tossed my head from side to side, trying to figure out what he had planned but the mask blacked out everything. As my breathing became more ragged, I was certain I’d soon be hyperventilating.

“What are you doing?” I asked after a few seconds had passed.

“Good things come to very patient girls.”

“I have none. You should know that.” What seemed like a half hour passed, although I knew my mind was exaggerating the time. Suddenly, I felt something between my legs.

“Everything you experience in the next few minutes should be heightened, your other senses taking over.”

Now I was panting, my heart beating more rapidly than before. I heard a sound, one I couldn’t identify. Then I felt what had to be his fingertips lightly rolling down the inside of my leg, coming dangerously close to my pussy. My entire body began to shiver and I jerked up as much as the shackles would allow.

Then his heated breath cascaded across my pussy, but the effect was entirely different than when he’d done so across the nape of my neck. I couldn’t have stopped a moan if I’d wanted to. My mind was an entire blur of strange images.

Whips and chains and spanking benches, oh, my. The ridiculous thought almost bubbled to the surface in the form of another nervous laugh, but I managed to curtail it.

The hot breath was followed by wetness. It took me a few seconds to realize what he was doing. Oh, my God. He was licking my clit. I was immediately thrown into a beautiful trance, uncertain of where I was any longer. Nor did I care, the pleasure so intense.

When the sound seemed closer, I turned my head in the direction. Something was whirling. I tensed again, fisting my hands but within seconds, the vibrating whir was place against my clit, replacing his mouth. I jerked out so hard I was certain I’d popped the bindings. My mind was blown as a wave of pleasure jetted through me with enough power I couldn’t hold back a scream.

“Oh, God. Oh… I can’t… I…”

Jameson rubbed the instrument of rapture down the length of my pussy as he suckled on my clit, swirling his tongue around the already sensitive nub until I was bucking at the shackles. Nothing had prepared me for the intensity of sensations, leaving me aching, desire roaring through me with a tidal wave level of strength.

I was certain he was growling, the hum of his breath keeping me warm and wet. When he returned the vibrator to my clit, rolling it back and forth, there was no way I could hold back. “I need to come. Please. Oh, please allow me to come. Sir. Master. I’ll call you anything you want.”

“Not yet.”

Was he freaking kidding me? I continued to struggle with my body, trying to be that perfect girl when I was certain I’d go completely off the rails. He alternated between the grueling pleasure of his mouth and tongue with the wretched yet wonderful vibrator, leaving me aching all over. I couldn’t control my body more than I could my whimpers, the noise I made drowning out the whirring instrument.

As another wave of pleasure tore through me, I bucked hard, the lack of vision no longer a pressing thought in my mind.

“Oh, please. Oh… I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.”

“Yes. You. Can.” His authoritative words were barely audible over my thumping heart but I did my best, biting my lower lip until I tasted blood, praying that would stop me from disobeying him.

I was aware he’d shifted positions, driving his tongue into my pussy while he tormented my clit with the vibrator. Every pant erupting from my mouth sounded like some animal in heat. I didn’t care. As I drifted into some other plane of existence, my head lolled to the side. I was suddenly exhausted, unable to keep fighting the raw bliss.

“That’s my good girl. Now, come for me.”

He didn’t need to tell me twice. As soon as he buried his face into my wetness, I exploded, the strongest orgasm I’d ever had driving all sense of being and rational thought from my mind.

“Yes. Yes. Oh…”

One wasn’t enough for the man who called me his submissive, the single climax sweeping into a beautiful lust-filled haze. When I screamed, there was no sound other than a strangled breath.

As I finally came down from the beautiful high, I heard his husky voice.

“That’s my good girl.”

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