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Devil Dog: A Rough Romance by Delta James – Extended Preview

“I take it Sawyer told you to stay put, and you and Rhiannon ignored him?”

“Hmm,” she said nuzzling him, running her hand down to his fatigues and unbuttoning the fly.

“Do you think it’s fair that your new buddy is going to get spanked for something you did with her?”

“Hmmm, no. You should talk to Sawyer about that.”

“I was thinking more along the lines of you ought to get spanked as well.”

Freed from the confines of his pants, Mallory wrapped her hand around his warm, hard cock and knelt down, working her way down his torso, nibbling and suckling all along the hard planes of his chest and abdomen. Kneeling before him, she found his fully engorged staff displayed proudly at eye and mouth level. Mallory reached out with the tip of her tongue and licked the slit in the head of his cock before enveloping it in her mouth. She began to suck and swirl her tongue around his rod as she pushed his fatigues over his muscular butt and down past his thighs. Dex groaned in appreciation of her skills and attention.

He stepped out of his pants, kicking them away. Mallory reached behind his rigid member and cupped his balls, wrapping her hand tenderly around them and massaging them gently. She swirled her tongue around the glistening knob before lapping the underside and then drawing him deep into her mouth until he could feel the back of her throat.

“Christ, Mallory, that feels good,” he groaned with masculine intensity.

Dex’s eyes locked with hers, watching her sucking and licking his rod as if it were some kind of sexual lollipop. He dragged his fingers through her hair, pushing it off her face and securing it there. Dex moaned, enjoying watching her paying homage to him in the most fundamental and sensual way possible. Her enjoyment in pleasuring him this way was evident. But if she thought this would give her the upper hand in their encounter, she couldn’t have been more wrong.

Dex tightened his hold on her hair. Taking control, he stilled the motion of her head but allowed her to continue to lick and suck him. No longer in control of her motions, she looked up and found him staring down at her in a fundamentally feral way. He didn’t release her tangled mane as he began to rock his hips, pushing his cock forward then retreating… never quite pulling the head past her lips before plunging back into her. Dex didn’t thrust with much speed, but his movements were powerful and controlled.

“God, I missed you, Mal. Suck me.”

Mallory couldn’t respond; his staff filled her mouth completely. He continued to fist her mane as he began pumping faster and harder. Dex arched his back, giving her no choice but to relax her jaw and deep throat his entire length. His thrusting became more urgent, and Mallory moaned as his movements fueled her arousal as much as his own. He could tell she accepted that she was no longer in control, and seemed to take pleasure in serving his need. Mallory was no longer giving him a blowjob; Dex was fucking her mouth. The profound difference between the two made the fire in his blood race throughout his body.

“Fuck,” he growled as he plunged in and out of her at a more frenzied pace before shooting his creamy essence down her throat and into her belly. “God, yes,” he cried, his cock spurting the last of his cum past her tongue and into her gullet.

Dex had a death grip on her head as he finished, watching her swallow as he emptied his balls into her. When she had taken the last drop, he withdrew and pulled her up from her knees, capturing her mouth with his as he lifted her in his arms and carried her into the larger of the two bedrooms. The four poster’s mattress creaked as he knelt on it, laying her down and reaching up to strip her pants off her body.

“I ought to welt your pretty ass,” he whispered against her lips.

“Later,” she moaned, reaching between them to grasp his rapidly recovering cock.

Dex grabbed the neckline of her shirt, tearing it asunder and removing it from her body. He needed her naked… needed to feel her skin against his. Mallory’s need seemed to match his own. She frantically pushed and tugged at his shirt to get him as naked as he had her. Dex cradled her thighs in the crook of his muscular arms and lifted her pelvis as he got to his knees.

Even though the blowjob had ostensibly been for his pleasure, he now had proof positive that Mallory had been as turned on as he had been. Dex was certain his taking command and fucking her mouth had contributed in a major way to her highly aroused state. Mallory squirmed, trying to get away, but he tightened his hold with his muscular arms, using his hands to splay open her labia, burying his face in her cunt. His teeth grazed her clit prior to latching onto the entrance to her core as he began to greedily lap up her nectar.

Mallory screamed in erotic abandon as he tongued her wet heat—lapping, licking, and sucking her until she climaxed, pushing herself into his face. Dex continued to apply all of his oral skills to her as she came. He stabbed her core repeatedly with his tongue, drawing his head back to lick and nibble around the entrance before plunging his tongue into her again.

Dex could feel her entire body tighten in anticipation of another climax. She tried to wriggle away from him.

“Dex, no! Fuck me!” she cried.

Instead of acceding to her plea, Dex continued to tongue her while pressing his thumbs into her clit. Mallory’s body shuddered as her sheath pulsed with need and produced an inordinate amount of her wild honey, which he greedily consumed.

“Dex, please,” she wailed, coming a second time.

Dex lowered her to the mattress, following her down. Mallory’s eyes widened as she saw his cock had recovered completely and was once more fully engorged and throbbing with need. Taking her buttocks in his hands, he gave a single, ferocious lunge forward, burying himself completely. As he thrust into her, Mallory’s inner walls shook and quivered, providing him with an intense pleasure he had rarely known before.

Mallory’s breath sped up and became erratic and thready. The quiet moans she made in rhythm to his stroking morphed into whimpers as another orgasm approached. Her muscles seized as her body began to convulse. She started to pant and claw at his back. He pumped his cock into her faster and harder until he could feel her tipping over the edge into another orgasm. Dex gave a last brutal thrust, driving deep inside her. Mallory screamed in ecstasy, her legs trembling as she writhed in his vice-like hold, her pussy spasming as it clamped down hard, greedily milking his cock and savoring every bit of pleasure she could from their coupling. Resplendent in the aftermath, Dex rolled to his back and pulled her close.

“Jesus, that felt good,” he said, catching his breath.

“Wasn’t that better than welting my ass?” she teased, running her hands over the sculptured muscles of his torso.

He chuckled, fondling her ass with his strong hands. “As Sawyer said, I don’t have to choose. I can do both.”

Mallory glanced up and couldn’t tell if he was joking or not. His face revealed nothing, but he seemed to be at peace.

“They didn’t hurt you?” she whispered.

“No. In fact, other than the planned execution, I had a very pleasant stay in the palace.”

“Is the king still in power?”

“For now, but only because Jelani’s men are starting to defect, and our government is re-evaluating who they want to back in that conflict.” Dex disengaged from her embrace, sitting up on the edge of the bed.

“Dex?” she said, concerned that he meant to make good on his threat to spank her.

He looked over his shoulder and grinned as he took in her body’s still flushed and mildly aroused state. Even though she was used to being naked around him, something fundamental had changed between them, and she was suddenly shy. The change wasn’t bad, in fact she had never been more sure of their commitment to each other. It was just the intensity with which he was staring at her—a primal, predatory gaze than swept over her and ignited a tingle in her nether region.

Dex twisted his body, leaning down to kiss her. “I’d be concerned about that welting you’re due. Although, in this singular instance, given the fact that you saved my life…”

“Not a small consideration I would think,” she said lightly, running her fingers over his skin.

He smiled. He seemed to recognize that she was loath to not be in contact with him. It was almost as if she needed to reassure herself that he was really here with her. She needed physical proof that what was most necessary in life had been truly restored to her.

Kissing her again, he said, “Not small at all and something I will remember the rest of my life, but a quick spanking for not staying on Corsica when you were told to might not be out of line.”

“I needed to be there,” she said quietly.

“And I needed you to be safe.”

He stood and she grasped his hand, pulling herself across the bed and up onto her feet to stand next to him.

“Don’t leave,” she whispered.

Cupping her head in his hand, he kissed her languidly, but with full feeling. “I thought I’d go retrieve my pants and raid the fridge before coming back in here, locking the door and ravishing you.”

She could feel all of the pent-up tension and emotion slip away like a gentle rain falling from the sky. Dex turned her back towards the bed, trapping her under his shoulder with his strong arm running between her breasts, down the length of her torso, his hand cupping her mons possessively. Mallory wrapped her arms around his, melted into his body, and rubbed her head against his shoulder, not wanting to relinquish him.

Kissing the top of her head, he said, “Get back into bed, Mal. I want to get us set up before Sawyer and Rhiannon find us in a compromising position.”

Mallory blushed. She had completely forgotten about them.

“Shit, Dex. They could have come in and seen us,” she said, trying to struggle out of his grasp.

He tightened his hold and swatted her backside. “But they didn’t. Settle down and behave yourself,” he rumbled.

Mallory could swear she not only heard his voice but could feel it resonating deep within her. The sound entered her body through her ears and swirled down, stiffening her nipples before trickling down through her core, taking up residence between her legs. Once she relaxed back against him, Dex caressed the bottom of her globes for a moment and then released her.

She moved away from him and crawled back onto the bed. “Don’t be too long,” she said, stretching out on her stomach before rolling to her back and spreading her legs.

Dex chuckled, the sound a combination of cigars, whiskey, and sex. “The door to the bedroom is still open, Mal.”

“Arrgghh!” she said, scrambling under the sheets.

Dex left her, chuckling as he did so, stopping long enough to pull on his pants before heading into the kitchen. She could hear him raiding the fridge, trying to gather food. Mallory grabbed his shirt, putting it on as she went to join him.

“I thought I told you to get in bed and wait for me,” he growled, his voice making her molten core do flip flops.

“You were gone too long, and I got lonely,” she teased seductively.

Before he could respond, the elevator door opened, and Sawyer and Rhiannon entered the room.

“Hey, Mallory,” Rhiannon said, heading into the kitchen.

Her progress was redirected when Sawyer drew her towards the second bedroom and swatted her behind.

“Bedroom, Rhiannon, right now.”

“Sawyer,” Rhiannon said a bit petulantly.

“Bedroom, corner, now.” He punctuated the last word with a swat. Rhiannon stomped her foot and received another swat in response. Sawyer watched her go and then turned to Dex. “Women,” he said with a smile.

Dex nodded. “But how dull would life be without them?” Dex asked rhetorically.

“No interest in finding out,” said Sawyer with a grin, before following Rhiannon into the bedroom and closing the door.

“Do you think we’ll be able to hear them?” Mallory whispered to Dex.

“If I were you, I’d be more worried about if they could hear us.”

Mallory looked at him with dismay. “You wouldn’t do that to me.”

“Wanna bet? At one point I’d planned to swat you for all one hundred and nineteen words in that little note you left me.”

“You counted? I saved your life!”

“A life that wouldn’t have needed saving if you had stayed back at the loft in the first place,” he said, quirking his eyebrow. Wrapping his arm around her, he took his hand and tipped her head back for a kiss. “I suppose with everything that’s happened, we ought to call it even. But if you ever decide to leave me a note telling me we’re over, I’ll catch up with you and see just how many welts I can lay across your backside, you hear me?”

Mallory wrapped both of her arms around him, drawing his head back down to hers and kissing him deeply. “I hear you. I love you, Dex. I really am sorry about everything.”

“I love you too, Mallory.”

“By the way, I found a note when I slipped on your shirt…”

“General Hassen said he’d get it to you if I was killed.”

“You wanted me to get it with your blood all over it?” she asked as he began digging through the refrigerator and handing her different food stuffs.

“No, but just before they came for me, I figured out that Hassen knew what I thought might happen. I wanted to leave him a note to thank him for his kindness.”

“Kindness? He was going to have you shot!”

“No, he kept the king from beheading me. He ensured I didn’t get tortured and had something to occupy my mind while waiting for rescue. He treated me as well as he possibly could. In fact, a damn lot better than I would have been able to treat him if the circumstances had been reversed. In fact, if the US government had a lick of sense, they’d back Hassen before either the king or Jelani. Neither is fit to rule and Satangi will always be a backward, third world nation with either of them in charge. Did you ever meet him? The general?”

Gathering up the food, they headed back to their bedroom.

Mallory nodded. “I actually met him a couple of times and had both of his sons and his daughter in my class. He was pretty intimidating, but did seem to want the best for his children.”

“He’s a professional soldier. The fact that he’s made it through several regime changes says a lot about him. I think he doesn’t see himself as serving whoever the ruler du jour is, but rather that he is serving his country.”

“He talked to me once about some of the art that is indigenous to their island. Unlike the jerk who picked me up at the airport that only wanted great masters and saw nothing of value in folk art.”

“Did the guy who picked you up know your specialty is the preservation of native art?”

“He did. He read my last article on the subject and while he went out of his way to tell me I’m wrong, he did think it was thought provoking.”

“I got the impression that Hassen is the glue holding everything together. Funny thing is when we were working with Jelani, he indicated his respect for Hassen. Gave me the idea that if Jelani pulled off a coup, that Hassen would be all right. Personally, I think everybody, but the bastards in positions of power on both sides, would be better off if Hassen was in charge. Certainly, I think some of the more repressive laws against women would be eased back and religious tolerance would become the norm.”

Fascinated, Mallory asked, “How did you get to know him so well?”

“We played chess for several hours every day of my incarceration. You can learn a lot about a man by playing chess with him.”

Mallory stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek. “Well, for all his kindnesses to you, he has my gratitude. Do you think he’d ever turn against them?”

“Doubtful. Hassen is loyal to his country and has no thirst for power, which is why he’d be the best choice to lead his country.”

“Why don’t you tell your superiors that?” Mallory said, putting the tray with food in the middle of the bed and climbing up to sit cross-legged beside it.

Dex grinned. “You do know sitting like that, I have a great view of your pussy, right?”

“It’s not like you haven’t seen it before,” she said, pulling the shirttail down to cover the juncture of her legs. “I guess Sawyer decided not to punish Rhiannon.”

“That, or given the proclivity of the men of Cerberus, my guess is the walls have a lot of really good sound proofing. It doesn’t really matter, if I have to get after you, I won’t much care whether we can be heard or not.”

Dex joined her on the bed and they made themselves comfortable eating. Neither seemed to be willing to be far away from the other, and their hands often wandered onto the other, touching, stroking, and caressing.

“You never did answer my question,” she said softly.

“About my superiors?”

Mallory nodded.

“I’m AWOL and have been cut loose. My guess is my image has been distributed on BOLOs all over the world.”

“Sawyer told me that. I couldn’t believe they’d do that to you,” she cried. “And it’s all my fault.”

“Mal, that’s enough. Once you were in danger, I never had a choice and neither did they. I basically invaded a foreign country. If I’m U.S. military, that could be considered an act of war. They had to disavow me and everything that happened. My guess is Satangi will put out word that I’m a convicted murderer. Fortunately, Satangi has few extradition treaties, but the BOLO from the U.S. government could prove a bit more problematic.”

“Sawyer said he thought maybe his boss could fix that and seemed to think Cerberus would offer you a job.”

Dex nodded. “Fitz pretty much offered me a job the first time we met. I’m not sure how that could work if I’m wanted by the governments of two different nations or have a dishonorable discharge from the Marines.”

Mallory squeezed his hand. “That’s their loss, and I am—”

Dex reached up and placed two of his fingers on her mouth to silence her. “Don’t, Mal. Whatever happens, as long as I have you, I can deal with the rest. Push comes to shove, I can hire out as a mercenary, but I’d rather work for Cerberus; we can live in the States or Britain—”

“I was a tenured professor. I have a doctorate in art history and am well respected in my area of expertise. I’ve been fielding job offers for years. Wherever you need to base out of, I’ll find something to do. Hell, maybe I’ll freelance as a consultant or curator. As long as I have you…”

Dex chuckled, “I already told you what would happen to you if you ever took it into your head to leave me again.”

Mallory leaned over and kissed him. “I’m not going anywhere… well, not anywhere without you.”

“As long as we have that settled, we’ll figure the rest out as we go. I’ll talk to Fitz tomorrow and see if the job offer is still on the table.”

He smiled and began to unbutton the shirt, sliding it down and off her shoulders, and pushing her onto her back. He settled himself between her thighs, and she sighed in surrender and need as the head of his staff probed and found her opening. Mallory waited as he poised at her entrance. Dex captured her mouth with his in a searing kiss as he surged forward, driving to the end of her channel. Mallory arched her back and moaned in passionate response. Her soft warmth yielded as his hard rod pressed forward. This wasn’t the first time he’d claimed her body. It wasn’t even the first time today, but there was something different, something that was so much more.

Mallory writhed beneath him, her hips undulating in rhythm to his own. This wasn’t the demanding fucking she was used to. This was Dex with his feelings wide open, sharing them in a way he never had before. He thrust in and out of her, plunging to her depths and then pulling back almost to the point that he was no longer inside. She clutched at his buttocks to pull him back. She desperately needed him inside her, his cock throbbing as her pussy convulsed around it. How had she ever thought she could be without him? She loved him completely and knew he felt the same. She now knew the meaning of the term soulmate, and knew that Dex was hers.

“Dex,” she cried in rapturous exultation. “Oh, God, Dex.”

Her entire body spasmed; her muscles seized and released in a kind of jubilant celebration that matched the powerful rhythm of his thrusting. Her pussy quivered along his length in ecstasy, her legs intertwining with his as an almost violent orgasm wracked her body. She called to him with every fiber of her being, and he answered in the only way he could.

His semen rushed up from the depth of his balls and raced down his cock, emptying into her trembling sheath. Her cunt contracted, gripping his staff, legs spasming, her nails digging into his back in abandon. Mallory felt his cum bathing her pussy as every last drop of his seed was voraciously wrung from him, and she relished all of the pleasure he offered as she lay in his arms.

Basking in the aftermath, Dex gently withdrew from her, but held her close as he rolled to his back, drawing her with him. Sleep beckoned, and it seemed as though it had been years since she had last snuggled close to him and allowed her eyes to close.

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