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Doctor Daddy by Morganna Williams – Extended Preview

Midafternoon an envelope was delivered to Wynn’s office. She frowned as she opened it and then smiled. It was an appointment card.

Name: Bronwyn O’Malley

Appointment Time: 6:30 p.m.

Physician: Doctor Daddy

Tardiness will result in punishment prior to exam

As Wynn reread the words her clit fluttered and wet heat filled her panties. The back of the card told her to come to the hospital’s free clinic, which she knew closed at three o’clock. The clinic had its own wing of the small hospital so when it was closed it was completely empty. She would be completely alone with Doctor Daddy.

She was almost giddy as she watched the clock. Her appointment time seemed so far away. What kind of examination was her daddy going to give her?

Wynn was equal parts nervous and aroused about what her daddy had in store for her. No matter what, she knew she would be safe with her daddy.

Finally it was six-twenty and Wynn made her way to the clinic. Now that it was time she was suddenly worried about being late.

Brady was waiting for her at the clinic doors. The lobby was completely dark. “I’m glad you were on time for your appointment.” He took her arm and led her through the darkened lobby and down a long hallway to the last door on the right. “Take off your clothes and put them on the counter.”

“What?” Wynn’s hand clutched reflexively on the collar of her shirt at Brady’s stern words.

“You heard me, little girl. Don’t make me tell you again.” Brady turned to leave the office. “I need to gather a few supplies. I expect to find you naked and ready for your examination when I return.”

She felt herself flushing as she took off her clothes. It was embarrassing to be stark naked in the clinical setting. It felt very different from her or Brady’s apartment. The room was also cold, which only added to its sterile feel.

When Brady returned, Wynn had folded all of her clothing as instructed and was standing nervously by the exam table.

“Good girl. Climb up on the table and lie back.” Brady held a hand out to help her climb up onto the table. As she laid back she watched as he pulled the stirrups out from the table and arranged them for her feet. “Scoot your bottom down.”

She moved down the table until her ass was resting on the bottom edge and shuddered as Brady lifted her feet into the stirrups and spread her legs wide. Brady stepped up onto the built-in stool at the end of the table and she watched as he unzipped his pants to free his long thick cock from its confines.

“First I want to test your sexual response.” Brady slipped the head of his cock between the lips of her very wet pussy and began to slide it back and forth through her slit.

Wynn’s back arched and she reached down to catch hold of her daddy’s arms as she moaned. The head of his cock was brushing back and forth across her swollen clit. “Oh, Daddy!”

“Arms above your head, little girl. No touching the doctor. This is an examination.”

Wynn put her arms above her head and tried not to smile as her daddy’s cock slid back and forth increasing her wetness. This was like no exam she’d ever experienced.

She moaned in disappointment when Brady stepped away from the table and to her dismay he tucked his beautiful cock back into his pants. She gasped when he stepped to the head of the table and used a strap to bind her arms.

“Grabby little girls get restrained so they can’t interfere with Doctor Daddy’s exam.”

With her arms secured firmly above her head and her legs up in the stirrups she was completely open and vulnerable to anything Brady wanted to do to her. Wynn shivered in anticipation as more wet heat trickled from her core to run down the crack of her ass.

Brady’s hands came down on her breasts, plumping them before his fingers closed over her nipples and began to tweak and tug them into tight little buds. “Such responsive breasts.” He continued to twist and pinch one nipple while his lips closed over the other to suck hard.

“Ooh!” When her back arched, one of his big hands came to press her back down. He released her nipple with a popping sound and then sucked the other nipple deep into his mouth. He bit it lightly before it too was freed.

“Such pretty little nipples but I think my little girl needs some encouragement not to wriggle around.”

Wynn felt her eyes widen as she watched Brady pull two big plastic clothespins with silver chains attached to them from his bag.

He fitted the end of one clothespin to her left nipple then watched her closely as he tightened it slowly. The end of the clothespin began to pinch down hard on her nipple until it was almost painful, bringing a soft panting little gasp from her.

Brady nodded as if he was satisfied with that reaction and then attached the second clothespin. Wynn whimpered at the erotic pain that was sending jolts of heat straight to her clit. She watched with dismay as the chains on the end of the clothespins were attached to the light fixture above the table so that they pulled her nipples straight up.

The chain was arranged in such a way that there was always pressure but there was only a bite of pain if she wriggled.

Brady pulled a band over his head with a large light attached to it. He rested a big hand on her belly and patted her thigh. “Now be a good girl and don’t move.”

Wynn licked her lips as he moved back between her legs, shivering when he pulled a large metal speculum from his bag. She watched while he slicked it with lubricant and then used two fingers to part the lips of her vagina. “Deep breath.”

She moaned when the slick metal slipped inside of her. It felt strange but the pressure of the large tool was not at all unpleasant. She shifted a little when Brady began to open the speculum, causing the clothespins to tug sharply on her nipples. “Oh, god.”

“Be still so Doctor Daddy can get a good look at this wet little pussy.” The command was accompanied with a slap to her clit. Brady began to expand the speculum with little clicking sounds, each click stretching her inner tissues wider.

She felt herself getting wetter with every click, as her intimate bits were opened wide so Brady could see inside of her. “Oh, Daddy… Doctor… oh, Daddy…”

Wynn moaned as two of his fingers slid inside of her and began to press on her g-spot while the thumb of his other hand began to rotate over her clit. “Hmmm…”

Brady began to put more pressure on the front wall of her vaginal canal as he rubbed her clit even harder. “I want you to come on the speculum.”

“I… oh, god… I… oh, shit!” She groaned as an orgasm slammed through her, making her body jerk and causing that exquisite tug on her nipples, which only served to prolong her orgasm.

“Good girl,” he praised and then he moved his head down between her legs and she felt the heat of his tongue tracing her folds. Brady continued to stroke her clit with his fingers as his tongue began to explore her opening where the speculum stretched her wide. The tightness of her skin around the speculum made it even more sensitive and the sensation of his tongue flicking against it combined with the pressure on her clit sent her over the edge again.

“Daddy!” Every jerk of her body during the orgasm made the clips tug even harder on her nipples, magnifying her pleasure.

Brady straightened and released the pressure on the speculum before removing it gently from her body. He sat the speculum in the sink and then pulled something else from his bag. It was a strange U-shaped device with little arms coming up from the U and ending in little pink clamps.

Wynn wasn’t sure what the device was but her pussy clenched when she saw Brady moving back between her legs. “So far my examination shows you are a very responsive little girl but I think we can make you come harder and longer.”

“What?” She licked her lips nervously as she felt the strange device sliding inside her. “Oh, shit!” Something was rubbing against the front wall of her vagina in the most delicious sensation. Then she felt the little clamps being fastened to her labia and stretching the little lips wide.

“This is a combination g-spot stimulator and vaginal spreader,” Brady explained as he adjusted the labial clamps until the skin was so tight her clit was standing straight up and the internal part rubbed against her g-spot with every movement Brady made.

She wanted to cry when Brady stepped away. She was already on the edge of orgasm again. The feel of the device rubbing against the front of her pelvic floor and the way the labia clamps stretched the skin around her clit and the constant pressure on her nipples had her pussy weeping in need.

When he came back he fitted a small cup over her clit that was attached to a tube with a bulb at the end. When he started squeezing the bulb, the cup tightened down over her clit. “Oh, fuck!” she cried out as it tightened down more and more, pulling on her clit until she came with a little cry.

“We’ll leave that on for a minute so your little clit swells up nice and big for me,” he told her, and then she saw a large metal butt plug in his hand.

“Daddy, I don’t think I can take it,” Wynn whined nervously.

He delivered several sharp slaps to the tender crease of each thigh, which was exposed by her position in the stirrups. “You can and will take everything I choose to give you, little girl. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She shivered. Each swat had jolted her core and sent shockwaves of pleasure though her body.

“Take a deep breath.” The big plug slid into her ass easily, making her moan as Brady began to fuck her ass with it. He worked it in and out, twisting it occasionally and waking up all the nerves in her ass.

Everything he did felt incredibly good. Wynn was so primed to come again she knew almost any touch would push her over the edge. He seated the plug fully inside her and then rose up between her legs and freed his magnificent cock again.

Just the thought of his thick cock pushing inside her was almost enough to send her over.

“Do you want my cock, little girl?”

“Please, Daddy… please, yes!”

Instead of giving her his cock he leaned between her legs and removed the suction cup from her clit. “Look how pretty this little clit is.”

Wynn looked down between her legs and she could see her clit bright red and swollen, primed for an orgasm.

Brady spit on two of his fingers then brought them down to rub her clit.

“Daddy, I’m going to… shit!” Her hips jerked, pulling at her nipples and shifting the thing rubbing against her g-spot and her world exploded again.

“That’s Daddy’s good girl. Hold this for me.” Brady handed her a funny-looking device that had a little hole on one end and a big handle on the other. He released her hands from their restraints. “I want you to keep your hands up here, but when I tell you, hand that back to me.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered then moaned loudly as he fit the head of his cock to her opening.

“Are you ready for Daddy to fuck you hard?”

“Yes… oh, god, yes please.” Wynn wanted to feel his cock pushing into her and rubbing against the g-spot stimulator.

He drove inside to the hilt, his cock making the labia spreader attached to the part inside of her tug deliciously at the skin around her clit. Brady rested against her, kissing up her belly. “Take a deep breath, baby.”

That was her only warning before he took the first clothespin from her left nipple. Pain and pleasure crashed through her body. Brady sucked the nipple deep into his mouth, soothing it with his tongue until it was just throbbing in delight.

He removed the second pin and again soothed away the hurt. Wynn moaned as he released the right nipple with a pop. She held tightly to the little toy he’d given her to hold for him.

“Now Doctor Daddy is going to give you a thorough fucking.” Brady began to pull out before he slammed back in hard.

Wynn groaned as her body neared orgasm yet again. Every movement of his cock rubbed the thing inside of her against her g-spot and pulled on the skin of her labia. She exploded in just a few strokes but Brady just continued fucking her like a jackhammer, driving her straight from that orgasm into another.

“Let me have it.”

Wynn immediately handed him the little device and groaned in a combination of need and dismay when he fitted it over her swollen clit and turned it on high.

“Ohmuffu!” It surrounded her clit with vibrating suction as Brady fucked her into oblivion. Her entire body shuddered beneath her daddy as she came apart. Lights burst behind her eyes and it felt like she shattered into a million pieces as the orgasm went on and on.

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