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Doctor Daddy by Morganna Williams – Serialization (Part One)

Chapter One

The DJ played the song ‘When I Fall in Love’ and Wynn closed her eyes as the words of the familiar song flowed through her. She’d always loved this song and truly believed every word of it. The words were so beautiful, making her feel wistful but also a bit sad because she was beginning to doubt she’d ever find that kind of devotion.

Wynn smiled at Lisa and Barb as the song ended. She hadn’t known them very long. She’d met them when she moved to town about six months ago; they worked with her in the hospital and had convinced her to come out with them tonight.

“You were really into that song. Standing there swaying to the music as if you were in a dream,” Lisa remarked with a laugh.

Wynn blushed. “I really love that song. Who doesn’t want to fall in love?”

Barb frowned at her. “You know you’ll never fall in love if you don’t give anyone a chance.”

“What do you mean? I’ve gone out with several guys since I moved here. I give them a chance.”

“Uh huh, what about Larry?”

“He was too touchy feely.”


“Way too dramatic. Is it wrong to want emotional stability in a prospective mate?”

“And Charlie?”

Wynn frowned. “He was a weenie.”

“You never gave any of them much of a chance, Wynn.”

“I did too.”

“One date isn’t much of a chance. People are nervous on first dates, sometimes it takes a few to get them to loosen up and act more themselves.”

“I went out with Bob twice. Sorry… but when a guy says he can make you happy and begins planning a trip to Florida for your honeymoon on your second date it’s a little too much for me.” She frowned at her friends.

“Okay… so Bob wasn’t a long-term possibility; maybe not even short-term. My point is that you’ve got to open up or you’ll die alone.”

“Gee, thanks for the pep talk.” Wynn looked down into her empty glass. Where did the rum and Coke go when you needed a good swig?

The truth was she knew she hadn’t given any of the men she’d dated recently a real chance; her heart hadn’t been in it. How do you tell your friends that all the men you’ve met lately were missing a key ingredient? Wynn wanted a dominant personality—a take-charge kind of guy so that the possibility he might at least entertain the thought of smacking her ass was there… she wanted a daddy, not a Bob or a Larry and especially not a Charlie.

None of the men she met were Daddy material. Not that she could share with anyone outside the internet community that she fantasized about a loving man who would discipline her and cherish her… who would spank her ass when she needed it. People just wouldn’t understand. She knew Lisa and Barb wouldn’t.

“Dr. Anderson likes you,” Lisa piped in.

Wynn blinked. “He does not.”

“Yes, he does. He’s always asking after you.”

“Dr. Anderson has half the nurses in the hospital chasing him. He wouldn’t be interested in me. Besides, he lives in my apartment building—wouldn’t he have said something by now if he was interested?” Wynn pictured the handsome doctor in her mind’s eye. Six feet of dreamy masculinity… dark wavy hair… piercing brown eyes… broad shoulders. He was beautiful and he definitely came across as dominant.

Barb made a face. “That depends… have you even as much as smiled at him?”

“I dunno…” Wynn had to think for a minute; had she?

“Men need a little encouragement sometimes too.”

Wynn made a face at her friend then grinned when the song ‘Boogie Shoes’ came on. “I love this song! Let’s dance!” she cried as she moved to the dance floor.

Barb and Lisa reluctantly followed. “What is it with you and disco music?” Barb asked as she eyed the way Wynn was dancing enthusiastically.

Wynn grinned as she spun in a circle while wildly gyrating her hips. “Doesn’t it just make you want to get your groove thing on?”

Lisa laughed as the three danced together. “You are so weird.”

Brady’s eyes were drawn to the attractive woman on the dance floor. He recognized her almost at once as Bronwyn O’Malley. She was a speech therapist at the hospital where he worked and had recently moved into his apartment building.

She was really cute and he’d seen the warm way she dealt with her patients and the way her easy smile put them at ease. Wynn had a smile that lit up the whole room; it seemed to come all the way from her toes.

The fact that she also had wavy auburn hair that fell softly to her shoulders and the most beautiful green eyes he’d ever seen was an added bonus. The generous curves that filled her green knit dress would keep him up tonight. Damn, he was glad his friend John had suggested drinks at the local pub. Granted neither of them had realized it was a disco theme tonight but it was fun to watch Bronwyn move on the dance floor.

He grinned as she watched her move to the beat of ‘Boogie Shoes’ and then continued to dance through ‘Brick House.’ Her dance moves were a little spastic and she didn’t seem to notice the rhythm of the songs playing. She reminded him of a fifteen-year-old girl at her first rave… if raves played disco.

Bronwyn O’Malley could not dance to save her life but he found himself enchanted by the way she completely gave herself over to the music. What would it be like if she were to give herself over to him with the same unabashed enthusiasm?

He could almost see the scene unfold in his head… the red-haired beauty kneeling at his feet and awaiting punishment. Brady shook his head to clear it when he realized his cock was pressing against his zipper and this wasn’t exactly the proper venue.

He now had Bronwyn O’Malley firmly in his sights. He would enjoy getting to know her and finding out if she was open to the Daddy/baby girl lifestyle.

Chapter Two

After Lisa and Barb dropped her off, Wynn grabbed her mail and eagerly made her way to her apartment. She was expecting an important email from Aiden. She almost floated up the long flight of stairs wondering if he’d emailed a time for them to meet online and chat.

Through those lengthy chats, her world had opened up to the possibilities of a D/s relationship. She’d been talking with Aiden for almost two years and had come as close to falling in love as you could without actually meeting a person.

The only problem was Aiden lived thousands of miles away in New Zealand. Funnily enough, when she’d answered his advert on a spanking site, she’d purposely chosen him because he was so far. Wynn thought that would be safer. Now she’d trapped them both with the distance.

As she sat willing the computer to hurry, an instant message popped up on the screen from ‘Sir.’

Wynn had answered Sir’s ad before she and Aiden had started to get more serious in their talks about the possibility of a future. Sir lived in the same state as Wynn. He was not interested in a relationship beyond being a disciplinarian. Wynn realized she wanted more than just an authority figure in her life. She wanted the discipline that came naturally in a D/s relationship. Surely discipline wouldn’t be as effective without caring added into the mix, right?

She didn’t talk to Sir that often anymore, but they did keep in touch every now and again. He knew all about Aiden and didn’t push to assert his authority—though he never missed an opportunity to remind Wynn that she deserved a good spanking.

Sir: How are you this evening?

SassyBrat13: I’m good.

Sir: Balancing your checkbook properly?

Sassybrat13: Naturally!

Sir: Been behaving?

Sassybrat13: Of course. Do you have any doubts?

Sir: Naughty girl, you are getting entirely too sassy. Maybe I should take care of that. Remember, we live close enough that I could easily take you in hand.

Sassybrat13: Aiden will take care of me.

Sir: You know where I am if you’re in need of a sound spanking, young lady.

Sassybrat13: I know… thanks, Sir. Nite.

Sir: Goodnight

During the time that she’d answered ads from Sir and Aiden, Wynn had also checked into a few local spanking groups. Some online friends mentioned that spanking social mixers were a good place to safely meet people and get into the spanking scene. Wynn hadn’t attended because she wasn’t sure about spanking in a group setting—it made her feel self-conscious.

She needed Aiden to remind her that she wasn’t alone. That she would never be alone.

Finally her email popped up. She smiled as the she scanned through her received mail and saw the familiar address.

Leaning forward as it opened, Wynn read eagerly. It was a long one.

My Darling Wynn,

I want to start by telling you how much you mean to me.

You are dear to my heart. I value our friendship and couldn’t bear

to lose it, but I haven’t been completely honest with you.

The thing is… I’m married. I have been for three years.

Initially, I thought the internet was a lark—a fun way to explore

fantasies that my wife wasn’t interested in. I don’t want to lose you

but I realized that I had to tell you the truth.

I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.—Aiden

Wynn couldn’t comprehend what she was reading the first time through. By the third time, it started to sink in. Aiden was married, her Aiden. Tears filled her eyes as the hopes she’d built plummeted.

Facts were facts. She was about to turn twenty-six and had never truly been in love. Not to mention that she seemed destined to have an ice-cold bottom for the rest of her life. Perhaps she’d been a fool to think she could have it all. As her Aiden fantasy crashed and burned, Wynn decided maybe it was time to just settle for what she could get.

She couldn’t face answering Aiden’s email tonight. Maybe not ever—she wasn’t exactly in a forgiving mood. Married? That rat! It hurt so deeply and he was a total ass to have led her on that way. Aiden promised forever and was married the entire time. Jerk!

She wanted to do something proactive; something to help her not hurt anymore. Her heart felt lacerated. Maybe if she just had a sound spanking she’d feel better. At least that would facilitate a good cry to let the pain go, so she could move on.

Wynn studied her buddy list. Sir was still online. Should she IM him and arrange to meet? They’d been talking for months and he came across as a nice man. They’d even chatted on the phone once and she’d enjoyed the conversation.

She toyed with the mouse, cursor poised above his screen name. Meeting a strange man was a big deal. It was really risky; what if he wasn’t as nice as he seemed?

Wynn moved the mouse and sighed. She couldn’t do it. Not today anyway. Instead she clicked the mouse over the icon for Hot Buns. They were the local spanking group that she’d considered joining before getting to know Aiden.

A mixer was scheduled for Saturday afternoon at one o’clock, with a party planned for later that evening. Could she go and meet people strictly for the purpose of getting spanked? No high hopes of a relationship there. Should she just take what she could get and be satisfied with it? Maybe she’d meet someone to have a relationship with, but the chance of that happening was slim to none.

Wynn noticed that the Hot Buns meeting would be held in a local restaurant she was familiar with. It was a credit to the group that it wasn’t common knowledge a fetish club met there. It meant they were discreet. Of course, no one would be spanked there… that would happen later at the hotel they used. The address would be shared with those who filled out applications and were accepted. It all appeared to be very safe.

With another heartfelt sigh, she signed off and shut the computer down. Her heart was too raw at the moment to decide. Perhaps her options would seem better in the morning.

With a long yawn, Wynn grabbed the stack of mail she’d brought in earlier and began to go through it. She slumped onto the couch and frowned at one of the letters stuck behind some bills. It was addressed to Dr. Braedon Anderson. They must have put it in her box by mistake.

A thoughtful look came across her face as she remembered Lisa saying that the very handsome Dr. Anderson liked her. Tapping the letter lightly against her chin, Wynn wondered. Could it be that the handsome doctor had noticed her? Maybe she should stay offline for a while and give real life a chance again. She could have a relationship without spanking, so long as the man involved wasn’t a wuss.

She pictured the good doctor. He was well respected at the hospital, had an excellent reputation, always seemed authoritative, firm with his instructions without being overbearing. Plus, their mutual patients seemed to like him well enough, so that was a good sign.

With a decisive nod Wynn set the envelope down next to her purse. In the morning when she was fresh, she’d take the letter down to Dr. Anderson and explore the possibilities.

The next morning Wynn stood outside the door of apartment 106B and waited patiently for Dr. Braedon Anderson to answer.

She felt her stomach clench as she heard the sound of footsteps approaching. This was the moment of truth. She’d been online looking for romance when it could have been under her nose the whole time. One way or another, she was about to find out.

A gorgeous brunette answered the door. Wynn recognized her as Rebecca Lutz, a nurse from the hospital. A married nurse.

“Yes?” Rebecca asked with a smile.

“I… uhh… got one of Dr. Anderson’s letters by mistake. I just thought I’d drop it by,” Wynn said quietly. So much for Dr. Anderson’s interest.

Rebecca gave Wynn a teasing grin. “I’ll tell him you stopped by when he gets out of the shower. He’ll be thrilled.”

“Thanks,” Wynn replied flatly. It was bad enough she’d thought there was a chance with the illustrious doctor, without having some two-timing beautiful nurse laughing at her about it. She handed over the letter then ran back up the stairs.

Men were rats! Cheating bastards, the lot of them! She would just take what she could find because obviously true love was an illusion—at least on the male side. In the space of twenty-four hours two men that she’d really respected turned out to be nothing more than curs. Who wanted a relationship?

Even the ones who seemed good ended up as louses. Perhaps it would be better just to get what she needed without any great expectations of undying love. The man would get what he wanted and she could get what she wanted. It would be a no-lose situation.

Wynn grabbed her purse off the kitchen counter and left her apartment. She could run a few errands before meeting the Hot Buns group this afternoon for lunch.

Dr. Anderson came out of his apartment as she flew past. “How are you this morning, Wynn?”

She pointedly ignored him and kept going. I ought to ask him how Mr. Lutz is doing this morning, she thought.

With a puzzled frown, Brady watched Wynn get into her car and speed away. He’d been so pleased when Rebecca told him she’d stopped by. He’d hoped this would give him the opening he needed to get to know her but she’d completely ignored his greeting.

Hopefully he would get another chance.

Chapter Three

Wynn nervously entered the restaurant a few minutes after one. Her eyes scanned the room, trying to locate the spanking group. She spotted a closed-off area where many people sat laughing together. That looked like a meet-and-greet type situation. A sign on the door said HOT BUNS. She blushed and looked around before entering. Hopefully people thought they were a group of bakers.

As she walked into the room, a warm hand closed over her arm. “Hello, Wynn.”

She turned and looked up into the face of Dr. Anderson. All the color fled her cheeks. “I… I… excuse me… I have to go.”

In a panic, she pulled her arm from his grasp and ran, without meeting or greeting anyone else.

Braedon Anderson was a spanko? At that point Wynn didn’t really care that much. What she worried about was that now he knew she was a spanko. It was too much to hope that he would believe she’d misunderstood the purpose of the party and was just an amateur pastry chef in the wrong place.

“Wynn… wait!” Brady was following her out of the restaurant.

She ignored his call for the second time that day as she hopped into her car. Quickly starting the motor, Wynn shot out of the parking lot like a rocket.

Brady winced as she narrowly missed a pedestrian and two parked cars in her haste to escape. Someone really needed to talk to that woman about her driving.

A task he would relish. In fact he would like to talk to her about how rude it was to ignore a civil greeting as well.

He was beginning to think there were a great many things that needed to be discussed with Miss O’Malley. She would not enjoy their conversation but if she apologized like a good little girl he would reward her for taking her punishment.

Brady sighed. He had to stop fantasizing about the speech therapist. Fantasy would get him no here and it was pretty clear she wasn’t interested.

With a shake of his head, Brady went back inside.

Wynn slapped the steering wheel in frustration as she waited at a red light. “Damn it! This can’t be happening!”

She finally decided to stop looking for fantasy and face reality—and who should be at the Hot Buns mixer but Dr. Studly from the hospital! She hadn’t worked at the hospital long and couldn’t afford for anyone to know her secret. She could lose her job! So what that she now knew his secret too.

No one would believe some newly hired speech therapist over a physician, especially one with such a prominent position at the hospital.

Wynn would just have to hope that he kept his own counsel and left her alone. If he’d just been a spanko, that would be one thing, but he obviously had no qualms about being involved with a married woman, which was quite another.

Wynn had enough to do with liars and cheaters to last a lifetime.

So… she would focus on the spanking.

When she got home, Wynn went straight to the computer. As luck would have it, Sir was online.

Sassybrat13: Hello, Sir

Sir: Hello, Sassy. How are you this fine day?

Sassybrat13: Lousy. I’m in a pissy mood and men are assholes.

Sir: Excuse me, young lady?

Sassybrat13: I said… I’m in a pissy mood and men are assholes. I need a drink.

Sir: What you need is a sound spanking.

Wynn’s tummy flipped as she studied the words dancing across the screen. It was what she wanted. What she needed… right?

Sassybrat13: You’re probably right.

Sir: That’s right. I suggest you meet me today so that this can be taken care of before you get into any more trouble.

At those words, her stomach fell to her toes. Today? Wynn reminded herself that this was what she wanted. She ignored the warning voice in the back of her head. The one that said, ‘this is dangerous’ and ‘you don’t know this man.’ She ignored it, because at the moment, she didn’t care. Wynn wanted to cry—she wanted to feel what she’d only read about.

Sassybrat13: Maybe I like being in trouble.

Sir: Meet me at four p.m. at the Barnes and Noble bookstore on Logan Road. Do not be late. I will be in the coffee shop and we can discuss your punishment then.

Sassybrat13: Yes, Sir

Sir signed off and was gone.

Chapter Four

As she walked into the bookstore, Wynn studied the people in the coffee shop. A tall balding man with glasses in his late forties put down his newspaper and stood. “Wynn?”

She nodded and slowly approached his table. He looked like your average everyday schoolteacher. He was wearing a short-sleeved white button-up with black trousers.

He held out a hand. “I’m Clark… but you will call me Sir.”

Wynn shook his hand and then sat down in the seat he indicated as he took the seat opposite from her. “Yes, Sir.”

“Now Wynn, before this goes any further I want you to read this contract. It protects us both and if you don’t feel you can sign it, this is as far as we’ll go.” On the table in front of her he placed two crisp white pieces of paper he’d printed from the computer.

The detailed contract had blanks where her name would go if she agreed. It basically stated that she would submit to corporal punishment from this man. The length and severity of the spanking was up to him; she had no control over when or why she would be spanked. Accordingly, discipline was always up to the disciplinarian. He would use the implement of his choice, not hurt or damage her person, not bruise or mark her in any way. He would, however, spank until he felt the lesson was learned and not just until she cried or asked him to stop. There would be no safe word. This was a formal disciplinary spanking, not for fun and he was totally in charge.

She studied the contract for a few minutes, weighing her options. If signed, this official document would give him total control and yet keep her protected. Wasn’t that part of what she wanted? He promised not to hurt her, cause damage to her person, mark or bruise her—and to give the spanking he felt she deserved. So she would be safe, right? They would both be signing the contract and agreeing to the terms.

Wynn took a deep breath, printed her name in the appropriate places, then signed on the dotted line. Clark did the same.

He smiled, then folded the contract and slipped it into his pocket. As if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred, Sir began talking about little everyday things. Slowly the knot in Wynn’s stomach relaxed as they chatted amicably. They conversed for almost an hour and she was beginning to feel comfortable with him.

“Now Wynn, I bet you feel you need a good spanking. Am I right?”

The question came out of nowhere. Wynn found herself glancing around a little desperately in case someone else heard him. No one even looked up. She gulped.

“I… I guess so,” she said softly.

“Excuse me?”

“I mean, yes, Sir.” Her face was hot with embarrassment.

“All right then, it’s time to go.” He stood and took her hand, leading her out of the bookstore.

“Should I follow you?” she asked.

“You’ll ride with me. I’ll bring you back to your car when we’re through.”

The little voice was again screaming inside her head but she did as instructed and got into his car. The folded document in his pocket somehow convinced Wynn she was safe. Nerves almost closed her throat in the drive to his house, but now she knew there was no turning back. She was in his car. They were well down the road. It occurred to her belatedly that no one even knew where she was.

In no time, they arrived. He pulled into his garage and the door closed behind them with an ominous foreboding. Her heart was in her throat as he led her into the house. They entered what appeared to be a normal living room with regular everyday furniture. No chains hanging from the walls or whips that she could see. The knot in her stomach tightened anyway.

She watched with trepidation as he calmly carried in a straight-backed chair from the dining room and set it down in front of the bar. Then he crossed to the window and closed the blinds. Not a word was spoken as he made his preparations while she stood nervously in the center of the room. Clark left momentarily and returned with an armful of implements, which he set on the floor next to the chair within easy reach.

Wynn glanced at the floor. Various wooden spoons, a hairbrush, some paddles, a belt, a dowel rod, and several other things she didn’t recognize were all waiting to be used. She couldn’t take her eyes away from the menacing mound of implements.


She jumped when he said her name and turned toward the sound of his voice.

Clark sat down in the straight-backed chair and held a hand out to her. “Unbutton your pants, then come here.”

Her hands moved to do his bidding almost of their own volition. Hesitant footsteps carried her across the room to his side.

Almost before she knew it, she was across his knees with her pants and panties at her ankles.

His hand fell fast and hard. So fast and so hard she couldn’t even count how many times it made contact with her bottom. He scolded but she couldn’t hear what was said over the drumming in her ears and the gasping of her own voice as the pain in her backside grew.

Then he lifted her from his lap and instructed her to bend over the chair.

She hesitated as the spanking had already been far more intense than anything she could have expected.

“I decide when you’d had enough. Now bend over. Don’t make me tell you again.”

As she stared into his eyes she realized Clark had something really off about him and a knot formed in her stomach.

She was scared.

Wynn knew any further rebellion would only make things much worse so she made herself bend over the chair. She closed her eyes as she felt him reach for something behind her. She didn’t know what it was, but it soon began to fall faster and harder than anything before. Each biting jolt caused her whole body to tense with pain. Was this ever going to end? She didn’t realize until he dropped it at her head that he’d used a crop.

“I can see this spanking is long overdue.”

Wait… was he reaching for something else? Wynn jerked and yelped as each strike of the tawse fell. She felt herself drift away from the situation completely to escape the pain.

She had no idea how long the punishment lasted; it was like she’d completely blanked out. She only came back to awareness when she realized Clark wasn’t spanking her anymore. He was practically yelling at her.

“Are you listening to me, young lady?” Clark leaned in and swept loose hair back from her face. “Stay where you are.”

Wynn looked up at him as she kept her palms pressed firmly to the chair; she was afraid to move. He looked crazed; his hair had come loose from the careful comb-over and was standing up on end as if he’d been working out. His face was sweaty and the gleeful look in his eyes was sickening.

“Have you learned your lesson?”

“Y-Yes, Sir.”

“My instincts tell me that you haven’t had enough. That I should spank you harder so you know I mean business, naughty girl.”

“Please don’t… please no more,” she whispered hoarsely. “I can’t take it.”

He paused and looked down at her with obvious disappointment. “It’s against my better judgment, but I suppose we’re done for now.”

Wynn exhaled sharply.

“But… if you give me reason to spank again, I promise to bare that naughty bottom again and raise blisters on your butt—do you hear me?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said compliantly, not wanting to do anything to make him continue. She’d been beyond foolish to go anywhere with this man. He was sadistic and the way he was watching her so closely gave her the creeps.

“Okay, then—up.” He helped her get to her feet and watched as she righted her clothing. “Bathroom is over there. Go look at your bottom; it’s a little bruised.”

Wynn walked stiffly to the bathroom. Clark followed. “I’m coming in.”

“No, thank you,” she affirmed, hurrying to close the door before he could enter.

“Well… I’ll be waiting right here, young lady. Hurry.”

She locked the door, then dropped her pants and panties to see the damage. Wynn gasped as she looked into the mirror. A little bruised? Her backside was already a dark purple hue. It was hot, swollen, and still felt sort of numb.

Why had he wanted to come into the bathroom? What more could he do? What more would he do? This was nothing like what she’d imagined it would be. She had to get away from this man as soon as possible.

Carefully, she pulled her pants up and fastened them, then stood looking at the foolish girl in the mirror. Why had she agreed to this? Why had she signed that contract? It hadn’t protected her from anything. She really didn’t want to leave the pseudo-safety of the bathroom, but couldn’t stay there forever.

A firm knock sounded at the door. “Bronwyn, you’ve been in there long enough. Don’t make me come in after you. Perhaps I need to fetch the cane.”

In a panic, Wynn opened the door. “I’m sorry. My bottom hurts so it took a minute to get my pants up.”

He smiled at her almost indulgently. “Time for a hug.”

The last thing she wanted to do was hug this man or touch him in any way but she was afraid of not complying. Wynn hugged Clark stiffly, trying to make as little contact with him as possible.

“Ready to go back to the bookstore? Or do you want to hang around here for a bit?”

“The bookstore,” she said in a breathless rush.

“I have an appointment with another naughty young lady in a little over an hour—sure you don’t want to stay?”

“I… I need to get home.”

On the ride back, Clark talked about spanking and the rules she would need to abide by in order to avoid future punishment. He said that if he decided she deserved a spanking, she’d get one no matter what; whining would only make it worse. His rules were simple: he would give her a few days after telling her she was going to be spanked to come to him. If she did not comply, he would come to her—but in that case, she’d get the worst spanking of her life. Then he told her again that he would raise blisters on her bottom if he had to.

What was it with this man and raising blisters? Didn’t he realize how bad he’d already hurt her? How was that loving discipline? There was no caring involved—it was all about domination and pain, nothing more.

Wynn appeased Sir and told him that she understood his rules. Pleased, he dropped her at her car.

“Now drive safely, young lady.”

“Yes, Sir,” she murmured.

As Wynn settled into the seat of her own car, she realized that the throbbing numbness was receding, to be replaced with agonizing pain. Every shift in her seat reminded her of what she’d just gone through. During the drive home she stayed as still as she could. She drove in a sort of dreamy haze, shell-shocked and unable to believe the events of the last few hours, but thankful to be alive.

Chapter Five

It was when she parked and started to get out of the car that she realized just how badly she was hurt. Climbing out made her almost scream from the intensity of the ache. Walking sent shafts of pain through her bottom and down her thighs. Biting her lower lip, Wynn was determined to make it inside without losing it.

She walked very slowly and quietly with a slight bowlegged gait, but almost burst into tears when she reached the stairs. They seemed to loom before her like some mountain to climb before she could rest.

As she placed her foot upon the first step, a whimper slipped out before she could stop it. The pain was excruciating.


She turned to see Brady standing in his doorway with a concerned frown.

“I… I can’t… talk to you… right now.” Wynn took another step up and cried out again.

Brady was at her side in an instant. “You’re hurt. What happened?”

“Nothing. Go away!” Tears formed in her eyes.

Wynn lifted her foot to take another agonizing step when strong arms swept her up. She hissed as they came into contact with her bruised thighs, but wrapped her arms around his neck. She knew being carried was better than trying to navigate the stairs on her own.

At her hissed gasp Brady faltered, but then just continued up the stairs to her apartment. He had to get her home so he could assess the damage and find out what happened. Briefly he considered the way she’d driven from the restaurant parking lot earlier, and wondered if she’d had an accident.

When they got to her door, she grabbed keys from her purse and handed them to him. Carrying her inside, he set her down gently on the couch, frowning anew when she cried out.

“What happened to you?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”


“Thank you for helping me,” she said, closing her eyes as if the effort of speaking exhausted her. “Please leave.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You obviously need medical attention. I can either help you, or take you to the emergency room.”

“No!” Wynn sat up in obvious alarm. “I’m fine, just really tired, so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll get ready for bed.”

Brady folded his arms across his chest and leaned back against the wall as he stared down at her. “I don’t think so, young lady. What happened? You’d better start talking before I lose patience.”

The firm tone in his voice was too much after all that had happened. Wynn burst into tears. “Please don’t… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t what? Honey, what’s wrong?” Brady sat down next to her and pulled her onto his lap.

“Ooowwwww…” she moaned in agony as her bottom touched his thighs. Then she gasped in dismay when he flipped her over. She fought like a dervish.

“No! Please! Don’t! I can’t take anymore!” she screamed as she fought.

“Shhhh… I’m not gonna hurt you, baby… just need to see how badly you’re injured. Were you in a car accident?”

“No,” Wynn managed through heart-wrenching sobs.

Brady was completely baffled by her behavior.

He gently pulled down her pants and underwear, then gasped. Now he understood. Wynn’s entire bottom and to mid-thigh was literally black and blue, the skin stretched tight to accommodate all the bruising and swelling. As he studied her battered body, he had to bite back the rage filling his gut. Someone had beat her literally black and blue. She wouldn’t be able to move without considerable pain for a least a few days.

“Who did this to you?” Brady had to fight to keep the rage from his voice.

“No one.”

“Someone from the Hot Buns group?”


“Wynn.” His tone was firm.

“I don’t want to talk about it. I deserved it for being so stupid.” He heard the sound of impending tears in her voice.

“No one deserves this. Who hurt you, baby?”

Then she started crying hysterically and murmured something about a contract. He realized that now wasn’t the time to question her about it. Taking care of her injuries was paramount. With gentle moves, Brady laid her back down on the couch. “I need to run to my apartment for some things but I’ll be right back. Stay put… okay?”

Wynn was still crying softly but she nodded, too weary to fight anymore. She closed her eyes as if she could block him and the whole world out. The sobs had subsided but silent tears still tracked down her cheeks in trails of misery.

Brady went into the bathroom to run a hot bath. He poured a generous amount of Epsom salts into the steaming water. A jar of arnica cream lay on the sink ready to be applied when she got out of the tub.

In her bedroom, he found nightgowns in the third drawer he opened, and chose a flowing cotton one, which he took back into the bathroom and set on the sink next to the arnica. Bath ready, he returned to the living room to get Wynn.

“Okay, honey, I’m going to put you into a hot bath. It’s going to sting like the dickens at first but I need you to soak for at least ten minutes. It will help to diffuse the bruising.”

She stood quietly as he stripped her then eased her into the bathtub. The only sounds she made were soft whimpers as the hot water hit her battered skin.

“Just stay right there. I’ll be back in a minute. Trust me, this will help.”

Wynn looked up at him with defeated eyes and nodded. The crushed look punched a hole through his gut. Those eyes were supposed to smile and laugh. Brady made a vow that he would bring the laughing sparkle back to Wynn’s beautiful green eyes.

As Wynn soaked, Brady used her phone to call the all-night pharmacy down the street. He ordered medication, then called Rebecca.

“Becky, I need you to do me a favor.”

“If it’s a favor you want then I suggest you don’t call me Becky,” was her tart answer.

“Please. It’s not for me. I called in painkillers and muscle relaxers for Wynn. I need you to pick them up because I don’t want to leave her alone.”

“What happened to Wynn? Is she all right?”

“Just a little fender bender. She’ll be fine but she’s really hurting so if you could pick those up for me I’d appreciate it.”

“Sure thing. See ya in a few.”

Brady returned to the bathroom to find Wynn trying to sit still without wincing. She looked up when he came into the room.

“This hurts bad… I really need to get out.”

After looking at his watch, Brady nodded and helped her out, then wrapped her in one of her big fuzzy towels.

She sighed at his soft touch as he gently dried her off and then lifted her cotton gown over her head. This man was definitely a daddy, she thought sadly and she wished she realized it sooner. Wynn smiled weakly up at him in thanks, then gasped in alarm as he turned her to the sink and bent her over it.

“Wait… what are you doing?”

“Relax. I’m just going to rub some cream of arnica into your bottom.”


“Yup—that’s where it’s going to help with bruising and swelling. I’m a doctor, remember?”

She relaxed slightly and tried not to think about how embarrassing this all was. Wynn supposed if she was in for a penny she was in for a pound. The man had already seen everything she had to offer. Why protest now?

The cool cream felt soothing against her hot skin and the tightness didn’t seem to be quite as bad. It still hurt to walk but at least tight jeans were no longer pressing into the bruised flesh.

“Let’s get you into bed. Rebecca will be here in a minute and I’ll be able to—”

“Excuse me?” Wynn stopped dead and glared at him. “Rebecca? I don’t think so. Just get out of my apartment.”

Brady frowned at her as if he didn’t understand what her problem could be. “You have a problem with Rebecca?”

“I have a problem with cheaters. Cheaters and liars. So you two can go to your apartment to cheat and lie.”

“You and I are going to have to have a lengthy discussion not only about the way you jump to conclusions but also the way you react in uncomfortable situations,” Brady growled at her.

Wynn felt her face go cold as she moved to the far side of the room. She looked away from him, unable to face the stern look in his eyes.

She heard Brady take a deep breath and then he lifted her face up to his with one long finger. “Don’t worry, baby. It’ll be a long while before you’re up to any discussions. But I want you to know one thing.”

“What?” she asked as she eyed him warily.

“You’ve never been spanked.” He stated it as if it was a matter of fact.

Wynn blinked in disbelief. “How can you say that? You saw what he did to me.”

“Yes, I saw. That was a beating, not a spanking. Not at all the same thing, precious—one day you’ll know the difference.”

She nervously moved away from him and climbed gingerly into the bed. “I still don’t want Rebecca in my home,” she said in a quiet voice.

“Rebecca is my little sister and since I plan on spending a lot of time in your home, I hope you don’t really mean that.” She started at his words.

“Your sister? Wait… you want to spend time in my home?” She wasn’t sure which statement shocked her the most.

“Yes to both questions, Sherlock,” he said as he left her to digest the information.

It was only a few minutes before Rebecca knocked on the door and entered with a barrage of questions.

Brady held a hand up. “Not now, sister mine. I need to take care of Wynn. I’ll explain later.”

“You said she was in an accident but her car looked fine. I saw it when I got here.”

“She was in an accident with a friend. Now give me the medicine and kindly mind your own business.”

Rebecca smirked at her big brother. “Fine. Here ya go, grouchy-butt!”

Brady took the bag of medicine and shooed his sister out the door. “Go home to your husband and let him deal with you, smart ass.”

“As if!” she replied saucily, blowing a kiss on her way out. “Tell Wynn I said hi!”

“Will do,” he said as he shut the door behind her.

In the kitchen he made a quick meal of scrambled eggs and toast, which he set on a tray with a glass of water. Then, grabbing the bag of medicine, Brady headed to Wynn’s room.

Setting the tray down on the bedside table, he helped her to sit up. “Easy. Just take it slow. I know it hurts.”

She eyed the plate of eggs and toast with distaste. “I’m not hungry.”

“Nevertheless, you will eat,” he said firmly.

Wynn glared up at him, green eyes sparking. “Who died and made you boss?”

He tapped her lightly on the end of the nose with one finger. “Right now since I’m your treating physician, what I say goes. Unless of course you do want to go to the ER?”

She quickly reached for the tray.

Brady laughed. “Slow down, tiger. Let me help you with that.” He placed the tray across her lap. “If you can manage to eat most of the eggs and a piece of toast, you can have the pain pills and muscle relaxer Rebecca brought.”

Wynn paused mid-bite. “Rebecca has already been here and gone? She brought pain medicine? D-Did you tell her?”

He frowned. “Relax. I wouldn’t say anything to anyone about this. Although I would like for you to say something to the police.”

She swallowed hard. “I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“I signed a contract giving him permission and went willingly with him for a spanking. That contract lulled me into a false sense of security—as if a little piece of paper made it all safe, or something.” A tear rolled down her cheek. “It was so stupid. I went with a stranger to his house. They’ll just say I deserved what I got. I can’t tell the police, I just can’t!”

“Wait… it was a stranger?”

She sighed and nodded.

Brady sat down on the bed next to Wynn and handed her the pills. She took them gratefully.

“Tell me the whole story. Please.”

Wynn studied his face, then began to talk. She started at the beginning because she wanted him to understand how she’d gotten to the point of being such an idiot. Normally she was a very intelligent girl and she didn’t want to be judged solely on the events of the last day. She wasn’t completely sure why, but suddenly this man’s opinion of her was very important.

She told Brady about being alone for so long, her desire for a romantic relationship, fantasies of spanking, and all about Aiden. Wynn explained her shock and heartache of the last two days and even talked about him and the Hot Buns meeting. She hoped he would be able to understand, if only a little of what pushed her into such reckless behavior.

Brady listened quietly as she told her story in a small voice. Part of him wanted to shake her for being so foolish and taking such a risk, but the other part of him just wanted to hold her and soothe away all the hurt. His frown deepened when she got to the part about the contract, but he didn’t interrupt.

By the time she finished the tale, her eyes were heavy from a combination of the events of the day and the strong medication. He gently helped her to lie back and turn onto her tummy to get the pressure off her battered posterior.

Brady placed a soft kiss to her cheek before turning out the light. “If you need me, I’ll be on your couch.”

Wynn lifted her head slightly off the pillow. “Brady?”


“Please don’t hate me… or think bad things about me.”

He leaned down and smoothed hair from her furrowed brow. “I could never hate you. I find you a remarkable woman. A woman, of course, who has made some bad choices of late, but we can talk about that another time.”

She smiled sleepily. “Thanks… I’d like that.”

Brady chuckled as she drifted off to sleep. He was almost positive she wouldn’t like it, but talk about it they would.

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