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Doctor Daddy by Morganna Williams – Serialization (Part Three)

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Chapter Ten

The next week Wynn felt like she was floating on air. She had a daddy that loved her! Brady was everything she’d ever wanted in a daddy… a disciplinarian that corrected her with a loving hand and also gave her the attentive affection she needed. He was a very nurturing man and she felt herself blossoming under his care.

He made her a new email address and made sure everyone in her contact list had the new address except Sir. “You are not to use the old address for any reason, young lady. Am I understood?”

His stern tone sent a flutter of wet heat across the gusset of her panties and she felt her face get hot. “Yes, Daddy.”

“I mean it, Wynn. I plan to watch your old address for any new contacts from Sir, which I will handle if they come. If I find out you were on that address or had any contact with him I will be very unhappy with you, little girl.” He picked her up and set her on the edge of the kitchen counter and leaned in until they were nose to nose. “I need to make sure you understand me because if you disobey me in this you will be one sorry young lady with a very sore bottom inside and out.”

Wynn squirmed on the counter as her panties grew so wet she knew they were beyond redemption. She’d have to change. Even though she didn’t want a serious punishment, being threatened with one made her ache for Brady’s possession.

“Wynn, I’m serious. Are you listening to me?”

“Yes, Daddy. I promise I won’t go on that old account.” She squirmed a little more in her makeshift seat and wondered if she was going to leave a mess on the counter.

“Why are you so squirmy, little girl?”

Wynn groaned and pressed her forehead against his chest to hide her face. “Ineedtochangemypanties.” The words were said in a rushed whisper.

“What?” A firm finger beneath her chin lifted her face to his.

Wynn felt fresh heat fill her face as she looked up at him. This was a really embarrassing conversation. “I need to change my panties.”

“Really?” Brady slid one hand up her skirt and through the leg of said panties to investigate. She couldn’t help squirming some more as he found her wet slit and drove one finger deep inside her.

Her back arched as his finger fucked her and his thumb rubbed her clit. “Oh, god… oh, Daddy…”

“What a naughty little girl I have. Getting such a wet little pussy when I tell her how I’ll punish her if she misbehaves.” A second finger joined the first as he talked, making her moan loudly. He began slamming them in and out of her in a hard rhythm, his thumb still rubbing her clit. “Do you like it when I talk about spanking your naughty bottom and punishing your tight little asshole? Does that turn my baby girl on?”

“Yes, Daddy… oh, please… please…”

When he scissored his fingers inside of her, she came with a soft cry.

“Lift your skirt up around your waist.”

Wynn lifted her skirt out of his way and lifted her hips a little as he pulled her wet panties down and off her legs.

“Lean back so I can examine my sweet little pussy.”

The dirty words sent another shudder of pleasure through her; she felt so naughty and dirty sitting on the kitchen counter naked from the waist down.

“Spread your legs.”

She whimpered as she moved her legs apart but he grabbed an ankle in each hand and lifted them to the counter on either side of her hips, opening her completely to his interested gaze. Wynn watched as Brady hooked a stool with his right leg and pulled it beneath him.

Bracing herself on her arms, she shivered as he sat down then leaned in close to study her splayed pussy. It was mortifying yet also exhilarating to be the object of such close scrutiny. She knew her pussy was slick with need, she ached so badly for him.

When his thumbs pulled her labia back tightly it tugged at her clit, sending a jolt of sensation through her and she felt another rush of wetness. “Such a pretty little pussy.” Brady smiled at her before stretching her labia tight again and leaning in close.

When she heard him inhale deeply she felt another blush fill her face. He was smelling her! Then his tongue licked up along the inside of her left labia and all thought left her. She could only focus on the feel of his tongue and how much she needed it on her clit.

She whimpered when he ignored that small nub of need to lick the other side of her labia clean. He licked all around her lips seeming to bypass any of the areas that could make her come. He applied himself thoroughly to his task as if he needed to ensure not a trace of her arousal was left on the outer edges of her pussy.

When she felt the tip of his tongue trace her asshole, everything in her contracted. A hand pressed her down when she would have moved away in protest. She shivered as his tongue returned to that same taboo area, licking all around and she shivered in unexpected pleasure.

Wynn thought fleetingly she was really glad she’d just had a bath when his tongue moved to tease the area between her asshole and vaginal canal with firm pressure. She’d never realized that area was so sensitive but she found herself giving a whimper of need in response.

“Oh, god… oh, Daddy… please, Daddy…” she was almost chanting but Brady would not be rushed. He was taking his time with his morning treat. He gave her a slow lick up over her needy channel and around her clit then back down. Then he licked up again and sucked her clit into his mouth hard.

“Daddy!” Her hips pressed up almost involuntarily as sensation bombarded her, then he released her clit to drive his tongue deep inside of her weeping core. While he tongue fucked her, his nose pressed against her clit.

She shivered as the pleasure built, then he withdrew his tongue to close his mouth over her quivering channel and sucked while his tongue teased the little opening. Brady’s thumb moved over her clit, rubbing hard and she exploded.

“Shit!” Wynn felt like she was flying apart as the orgasm washed over her. Brady never stopped sucking and teasing her hole with his tongue while his thumb played her clit like a banjo. The orgasm seemed to go on and on until she fell back on her arms in an inelegant sprawl.

“Mmmm…good girl,” Brady said just before his tongue sank back into her spasming sheath to collect his prize. She shuddered as his tongue fucked her quite thoroughly, sending another smaller orgasm through her still quaking form.

Then he sat up with a satisfied smile, her juices coating his lips and chin. “That was a delightful breakfast, little girl.”

He stood and lifted her from the counter then slapped her bottom. “Go clean up and get fresh panties.”

When she bent to pick her dirty panties from the floor, he stopped her. “No. I’ll keep those with me today. I can smell them when I want to remember my delectable breakfast.”

Another shiver of pleasure went through her nether regions even though she was a bit horrified by the thought of him carrying around her dirty panties all day. Well, horrified and turned on.

She was of course wet again. This seemed to be a constant state around her daddy. Another slap to her ass got her moving and she hurried to clean up and get new underwear that would probably be wet again in a few minutes.

She smiled to herself. Things could definitely be worse.

Wynn floated on the high of her daddy’s breakfast all day. Tonight she was cooking for him and she planned to make him cheesy chicken. It was one of her favorites when she wanted to indulge and not worry about calories.

Singing to herself, she walked up the stairs to her apartment and opened her door. Wynn frowned when she saw the envelope just inside her door. Someone must have pushed it under the door.

A sinking feeling filled her as she stared down at the innocuous brown envelope. Taking a deep breath, she shut the door and carried her groceries to the kitchen before returning for the envelope. Even the sight of the kitchen counter reminding her of breakfast couldn’t dispel the dread the envelope instilled.

Picking it up, she studied the brisk dark lettering across the front. It simply said Bronwyn O’Malley. The no-nonsense script reminded her of Clark. She frowned, trying to remember if she’d been foolish enough to give him her address. She didn’t think she had.

That thought gave her enough relief to open the envelope. It couldn’t be from him if she hadn’t told him her address.

The note inside was short but anything but sweet.

I will not tolerate this behavior, young lady. I have emailed you several

times asking you to contact me and you have failed to do so. I’m afraid

you have earned yourself a very stern punishment indeed. You will present

yourself at the bookshop tomorrow night at seven p.m. I will take you home with

me and see thoroughly to this rebellion you seem determined to carry out. I

assure you after your session you will not behave this way again. I expect to receive

an email tonight no later than ten p.m. confirming you got my note. Remember if you

make me come and find you the punishment will be much worse.

Sir Clark

Wynn felt sick; he knew where she lived! What if he came here? Should she email him and let him know in no uncertain terms she was never coming to see him again?

Brady told her not to use the old email or have any contact with Sir but that was before he slipped a note under her door. Surely she should take some sort of proactive approach to this.

She couldn’t be a coward and expect her daddy to do everything for her, especially when this was a mess of her own making.

Still trying to decide on her best course of action, Wynn started preparing the cheesy chicken. The note had taken most of the joy out of making this decadent dinner for Brady but she’d promised it so she needed to get busy.

The act of pounding the chicken breasts flat and then breading them in cracker crumbs served to calm her nerves a little. Once she had them all coated evenly she covered them in plastic wrap and put them in the refrigerator to set. She would chill them for an hour before browning the entire cutlets in butter. Then she would set them back on the baking tray and bake them with a small amount of water to prevent drying out.

The water would also serve to plump the breasts back up so by the time the dish was finished she would still have juicy chicken in a delicious breading covered in sautéed mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. She planned to serve it with green beans almandine and wild rice.

By the time the chicken was in the oven for the last time to melt the cheese she had calmed down and come to a decision. It would be best if she sent him a quick email to let him know she no longer needed his services.

She poured herself a glass of wine and sat down at her computer. It took only a few minutes to compose the email and before she could change her mind she hit send. Wynn was relieved it was done and was able to put Clark from her mind as she put the finishing touches on dinner.

Chapter Eleven

Wynn had everything ready and on the table when Brady got there. “This looks delicious.”

“I hope you enjoy the chicken, it’s one of my favorite recipes.” She lifted a large cheese- and mushroom-covered cutlet and set it on his plate then picked a smaller piece of chicken for herself. While she served the chicken Brady spooned generous helpings of both the green beans and rice onto both their plates.

She went to the kitchen and got them both glasses of tea and they were ready to eat. Wynn smiled when Brady gave an appreciative moan of pleasure after his first bite of chicken.

“You like it?”

“I love it! Baby girl, this might have surpassed my mom’s meatloaf as my favorite home-cooked meal.”

Wynn felt a flush of pleasure fill her cheeks as he continued to eat with gusto. She had never imagined how much she would enjoy cooking for a man who was hers. She was determined to research meatloaf recipes on the internet until she found the perfect one to try for her daddy.

Once dinner was over Brady helped her carry their plates and the food back to the kitchen. He put the food away while she started running some soapy dishwater.

“Do you mind if I leave you to the dishes, baby? I’d like to get on your computer and check your old email address.”

Wynn licked her lips, trying to ignore that familiar sinking feeling. “Not at all, Daddy. Go ahead.” She had a feeling she was about to be in big trouble.

Her worst fears were confirmed a few minutes later.

“Bronwyn O’Malley, come here this instant.” The sharp command came from the corner of the living room where her computer was kept.

Wynn reluctantly laid down the dish towel she’d been using to dry the dishes she’d washed and hurried to his side. “Yes, Daddy?”

Brady turned to look at her and frowned darkly. When he didn’t say anything she began to fidget, twisting the material of her skirt in her fingers and popping her ankle back and forth.

She tried to give an innocent smile. “Did you call me, Daddy?”

If anything, his frown darkened. “You know very well I called you, young lady. Is there something you need to tell me?”

The butterflies fluttered crazily in her tummy as she looked at him. The silence stretching between them was making her even more anxious as he watched her nervous movements.

Finally when she could stand the silence no longer, the words exploded from her like a rising tide. “There was a note! I didn’t know what to do and I thought maybe if I was proactive he would go away so I emailed him to leave me alone but I didn’t mean to misbehave. I was trying to be adult about it and… and…”

“What did I tell you this morning, little girl?” That damned eyebrow that spiked over one eye when he was unhappy with her made her bottom clench reflexively.

“Not to use my old email… but I told him to go away!”

“There are no buts, young lady. I told you not to use that email or contact that man under any circumstances. He has now responded that he has a signed contract in which you agreed for him to deliver your discipline and he expects you to honor and keep your appointment.”

“What the fuck! Does that man not understand the word no?” Wynn couldn’t believe he’d ignored her dismissal.

Brady snorted. “Apparently you don’t understand the word no as I told you no regarding that email only this morning.”

“Oh… ummm…” She felt a little lame trying to argue the point.

“Yes, oh… ummm exactly. What appointment is he referring to?” Not only was the brow up, now there was a pulse pounding in the side of his jaw.

Wynn took a deep shuddering breath, went to the kitchen, and got the note Clark had left out of the one of the drawers. “This was slipped under my door when I got home from work.”

“When did you plan to show this to me?” His question sent an arrow of guilt straight through her.

“I just wanted him to go away,” she whispered as tears began to gather in her eyes.

“I told you to let me handle it, little girl.” He pulled her to sit on his knee.

Wynn didn’t really have an answer so she just stared down at her lap.

“Bronwyn, did you or did you not understand that I was going to handle this?” The question demanded an answer.

“Yes, Daddy.” She felt miserable for disappointing her daddy.

“And did you fully understand my instructions this morning?” The eyebrow went up again as if adding an exclamation point to the question.

“Yes, Daddy.” Wynn let her shoulders slump as she accepted the fact that she wasn’t going to get out of trouble with her daddy tonight.

Brady turned her to face him with her legs straddling his and lifted her chin with one finger. “Did you not trust me to handle it? To take care of you?”

She burst into tears. “I trust you completely, Daddy. I’m sorry. I was so upset when I got the note and I had such a nice dinner planned. That horrid man was going to ruin it! I just wanted him to go away. I want him to go away and never bother us again.”

Her daddy pulled her in close, cuddling her against his chest and rocked her back and forth as she cried. “Well, I’m beginning to understand the thought process that brought us to this point but you, my girl, are in big trouble.”

She sniffled loudly against his chest. “I know.”

He cupped her face between his palms and turned her head up to his. “I love you, my delightful little middle, but you are going to learn to come to me first without reacting impulsively and doing the first thing that occurs to you.”

“I wanted…”

“I know what you wanted. I know you are a strong capable woman but in things that relate in any way to your safety, little girl, you will learn to defer to me.” His tone brooked no argument.

“Yes, Daddy.”

He lifted her from his lap and pointed her to her bedroom with a sharp slap to her bottom.

“You are to go to your room and strip then wait for me in the corner of your choice.”

Heat filled her face at his words. “Naked?”

“Naked,” he nodded.

“The dishes…”

“I will finish the dishes. It would behoove you to do as I told you posthaste, young lady.” He emphasized his words with another hard swat to her posterior.

Wynn scurried out of the room to do exactly as she’d been told.

Brady shook his head as his little minx hurried out of the room. He got up to finish the kitchen, as once her punishment was over little Miss Wynn was going straight to bed.

After he’d set the kitchen to rights Brady ran down to his apartment. He got a bag and packed his sturdy but very thin fly-back wooden paddle. It didn’t bruise but it built a hell of a sting and would be just what he needed to get his point across to his little miscreant in no uncertain terms.

He also got a tin of menthol camphor ointment; it was special order and packed a bit more of a punch than the variety you got at the store. Lastly he packed a medium-sized butt plug and then he was back out the door.

Wynn was completely silent when he came back in so he checked and found her standing with her nose in the far corner of the bedroom completely naked as he instructed. He moved to stand close enough to her back that she should be able to feel the heat of his body. “I will be in here to deal with you in a few minutes, young lady. In the meantime I want you to hold this paddle and think about what you could have done differently today.”

He heard her gasp softly as he handed her the wooden paddle then she looked up at him with wide eyes. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

Brady smiled. “I’m sure you are but right now you need to put your nose back in that corner and think about things like I told you.”

She gave him a wobbly little pout and then turned her nose back into the corner with the paddle clutched against her naked chest.

Lord, she was adorable! He went back to the living room to answer Sir Clark’s autocratic email. The man was obviously living in a different reality. It was hard to believe he thought he could make a woman do his bidding because of that ridiculous contract.

He sent an email of his own, letting the other man know in no uncertain terms that Wynn was no longer alone. She belonged to Brady and no way in hell would he allow Clark anywhere near her again.

Satisfied with his email, he hit send and then turned off the computer before he stood and rolled up his shirtsleeves. It was time to teach his little girl that what Daddy says goes no matter what.

Wynn stood nervously in the corner wishing with all her heart she’d just given the note from Clark to her daddy to begin with. Now here she was naked in the corner holding an evil-looking little paddle.

She wondered if Daddy would notice if it disappeared sometime in the near future. She hadn’t experienced its sting but she was sure she wasn’t going to like it.

When she felt her daddy’s warmth at her back again she sighed with relief. She was glad he was back and the wait was over.

“Are you ready to accept your punishment, little girl?” His breath teased her ear as his deep voice spoke just behind her.

“Yes, Daddy. I really am sorry.”

Brady put a hand on her arm and turned her to face him. “What should you have done differently?”

Thankfully, the corner had given her time to anticipate this question. “I should have given you the note from Clark the minute you got home and let you handle it.”

He nodded and then led her to the corner of the bed where he sat down with his legs straddling it and then patted his right knee.

Wynn started to hand him the paddle but he shook his head. “You will hold on to that with both hands until I ask you for it.”

She frowned unhappily as she bent over his knee as instructed. Brady immediately pulled her in tightly and then brought his left leg down over the back of her knees once he had her positioned with her ass arched high.

Wynn found herself clinging almost desperately to the little paddle as she waited for the spanking to start.

His big hand began rubbing her upturned bottom, which made her girly bits sit up and pay attention. “Why are we here, young lady?”

“I disobeyed you and used my old email to contact Clark.” There was no sense in stalling any further or trying to get him to see her point of view on the subject.

“What’s about to happen as a consequence of your actions?”

She hated questions like that… it made her feel even more naked to say the words out loud. “You’re going to spank me.” The words were muffled against her arm.

“I didn’t hear that, little girl.” There was a note of warning in his voice that she knew she couldn’t ignore.

“You’re going to spank my bare bottom.” This time the words were loud enough to be heard clearly.

“That’s right. What else happens to naughty little girls that disobey their daddies?”

Wynn wanted to squirm but the firm leg over her thighs and the hand on her backside held her still. “They get their bottoms punished inside and out.” She could feel the moisture beginning to leak from her core at the thought of that intimate punishment.

“Think about what you’re going to do different next time.” The first spank landed on her left sit spot followed quickly by the next five in the exact same spot. The burning intensity increased with each swat as he concentrated on the same spot.

“Daddy, please, not there again… please not there!” Wynn could only kick her feet the tiniest bit beneath the weight of his leg as his hand fell harder and harder on her left sit spot until tears were leaking down her cheeks. When she thought there was no way she could take anymore he moved to the right sit spot and soon she was in the same dilemma as the fire built on the right side to match the left.

Wynn was crying softly when he lifted her to stand between his legs. She wanted desperately to rub but instead shifted from foot to foot in an effort to soothe the sting.

“No fidgeting, little miss. You earned that stinging bottom and you will leave it alone.” He stood up from the bed and then picked up a thick butt plug that looked about four inches long. While she watched he got a tin of something and opened it, liberally smearing the plug with whatever was inside.

“What is that, Daddy?” She couldn’t keep the question from coming out as she watched him coat the plug in thick white goo. The strong smell of menthol filled her nostrils and she gave a soft whimper of dismay.

“Something to help you remember to mind what Daddy says. Bend over the end of the bed and reach back to spread your bottom cheeks wide for me so I can see that shy little hole I’m about to punish. You can lay your paddle on the bed for this part.” She felt like she was letting go of a lifeline when she sat the paddle down.

With a shuddering sigh Wynn reached back and spread her bottom cheeks open for her daddy. To her surprise he didn’t immediately put it in her back hole, instead the plug slid through her slick pussy lips, rubbing the gel all over her slit and clit.

She couldn’t help but moan as the plug began rubbing her clit back and forth, twisting as it did until she could feel her entire pussy coated with the white stuff and she was panting with the need to come.

Wynn wanted to cry when he pulled the plug away from her and looked to see him putting more of the ointment on the plug, ensuring it was thickly coated. As she watched him, her pussy began to feel the cool burn of the menthol and she squirmed as the burn grew.

“Ooooh!” She wriggled a little helplessly as sensation overwhelmed her. It was slightly uncomfortable but at the same time her clit was swelling and fluid gushed from her core.

“Be still, little girl. You earned this punishment and will feel every bit of its effect.” Then the blunt end of the plug was pushing against her tight hole. “Relax and push back.”

Taking a deep breath, she did her best to relax her muscles as she pushed back against the plug. It slipped inside her easily since it was coated with the thick ointment. Wynn whimpered again as she felt the tight muscles of her asshole stretching to accommodate the girth of the plug.

Brady worked it in and out of her, slowly taking her ass deeper with every inward movement. When the plug was fully seated inside of her, he twisted it around a few times before pulling it out almost all the way and pounding it back inside to the hilt.

“Ooohhooo!” Wynn went up on her toes when it thrust back inside hard but then her daddy was pulling it out again only to slam it back inside.

She could only bury her face in the bed as he fucked her ass with the butt plug. Placing a hand on the small of her back, he began to pound the plug in and out of her in a punishing rhythm. The cool burn of the menthol seeming to magnify the burn of her bottom from the hard fucking.

“Is my little girl going to think twice about disobeying me again?” This was asked as the plug pounded into her and he gave a twist of his wrist to each side.

“Yes, Daddy!” Wynn went up on her toes again trying to evade the plug but it followed her continuing to fuck her little hole without mercy. “I’ll be good, Daddy! I’ll be good!”

She tried to ignore the growing pulse in her clit as her poor little asshole was thoroughly punished. There was something about anal punishment that awakened something dark in her… something that reveled in it even as she begged for mercy… something that wanted more.

Finally Brady seated the plug inside of her. “Take hold of your paddle again and then get back to your corner.”

Wynn stood up, wincing a little as every movement reminded her of the plug planted deep in her ass. The cool fire had given way to a burn that was more arousing than it was punishing. She couldn’t help wriggling a little on her way to the corner.

Her pussy ached with the need to come; she was even craving more ass fucking from the plug. Was the punishment supposed to do this?

“No wriggling, little girl. I told you naughty girls don’t get to come.” The firm words sent a chill through her as she realized this punishment was twofold. Her bottom would be left sore inside and out but she would also be aroused and not allowed to come.

Daddies could be diabolical!

She stood holding her paddle in the corner feeling like a very sorry little girl indeed. Punishments sucked! A little sigh escaped her as she also accepted that they were supposed to suck or they wouldn’t be much of a deterrent.

The need to squirm and wriggle was growing. This was terrible.

“When you’re ready, I want you to bring me your paddle and apologize for your misbehavior. Then you need to ask me to use your paddle to spank your naughty bottom and remind you to be a good girl.”

Her back went rigid at his words. She was supposed to ask him for it?

If she didn’t ask, did that mean he wouldn’t use the paddle?

“You can stand in the corner as long as you need to in order to come to the proper decision.” Wynn smirked at the wall in response to that, question answered. She frowned down at the little paddle. Stupid paddle, I ought to burn you the first chance I get!

Her shoulders slumped as she thought about Clark and all things her daddy had done to help her get over what that man had done to her. The nurturing way he’d cared for her and taught her the difference between what Clark had done and loving discipline. All of the rules he’d set for her were about keeping her safe.

They weren’t unreasonable, and she’d broken them. Tears filled her eyes as she realized she’d actually broken trust with her daddy. The daddy who loved her no matter what. She’d behaved terribly. She deserved this punishment… the paddle… and she also needed it.

Turning from the corner, she walked up to where her daddy sat on the end of the bed and handed him the paddle. “I’m so sorry I misbehaved, Daddy. Please use my paddle on my naughty bottom and help me remember to be your good girl.”

The smile of approval he gave her warmed her to her very soul. “I’m very proud of you for accepting your punishment, Wynn. Bend over my right leg.”

She bent over his leg and once more he situated her with her bottom arched high and clamped his other leg down over hers. She tried not to clench her bottom, very conscious of the intruder still planted deep in her ass.

The first searing smack of the paddle stole her breath with its awesome sting and also jolted the plug in her ass. It fell crisply in the same place three times before moving over a fraction and landing another three.

Wynn’s breath came out in a hissing wail reminiscent of a teakettle’s whistle as the paddle continued in its pattern of three all across her vulnerable bottom. Every single smack jiggled the plug in her ass, reminding her firmly of its presence.

By the twelfth smack she was crying; by the twentieth and final swat she’d gone limp, crying softly as she accepted her punishment.

He left her in position over his knee with the heat radiating both inside and outside of her ass, letting her absorb the import of the punishment. When her breathing calmed, he lifted her and set her down on her knees in front of him.

Wynn looked up at him in question.

Brady unfastened his pants and let his cock spring free. “Thank me properly for your punishment.”

She eyed his cock hungrily, her mouth watering as she leaned forward to lick all around the head. She dipped her tongue into the slit at the tip, catching all the pre-cum she could with a moan.

He tasted so good!

Sucking the head into her mouth, she swirled her tongue around the underside of the crest. Brady’s hands came to the sides of her head and fisted in her hair. “I’m going to fuck your face now. Open for me.”

Wynn opened her mouth as he drove deep, doing her best not to gag as his cock hit the soft palate in the back of her throat. She continued to suck and lick the best she could as he drove deeper and deeper with every thrust.

“Keep sucking.” He drove even deeper, causing her to gag and tear up though she did her best to keep sucking hard. Then he drove so deep her nose pressed to his belly. She continued sucking as he stiffened and she felt the hot spurt of cum fill her throat. She swallowed everything and continued softly sucking until he pulled free of her mouth.

Wynn took the hand he held down to her then he helped her to her feet, pulling her close and kissing her deeply. When he went down on his knees and began to lick and suck on her nipples she moaned loudly. One of his hands moved to her bottom, lightly raking his nails over the hot skin before tugging on the plug and pushing it back into her ass.

“Oh, god!” she groaned as he sucked one nipple hard while working the plug slowly in and out of her. It felt so good.

When Brady led her to the bed and laid her out on her back with her legs spread wide, Wynn went eagerly. He continued to suck and nibble on her breasts as he ran his fingers through her slit, slick with the ointment and her natural lubrication.

His fingers toyed with her clit, plucking at it and alternately rubbing it until she was whimpering with need. She gasped when he drove three fingers inside of her to the hilt. The sensation was magnified by the feel of the plug still in her ass and she began to rock her hips up eagerly to meet each forceful thrust of his fingers.

When his thumb began to rub her clit in time with his thrusting fingers, everything inside her began to tighten in preparation for orgasm. “Yes… yes… oh god, yes, Daddy… please!”

She was close to a massive orgasm when everything stopped. The fingers inside of her stilled and his thumb ceased the pressure that she needed to go over the edge.

“What? Daddy… I…” Then she realized what was happening and wanted to cry.

Brady looked down at her. “Do naughty girls get to come?”

Wynn felt her chin quiver as tears filled her eyes. “No, Daddy.”

He waited until her body calmed and then his fingers and thumb started working again, driving her back toward a peak she now knew he would never allow her to fully climb. Brady took her right to the edge of bliss again and again only to stop before she could leap into the abyss.

By the time he stopped Wynn was covered in sweat and her belly was cramping with the need to come.

He sat up and pulled her over his lap to deliver ten more crisp smacks of the paddle. Though he wasn’t spanking her nearly as hard as he did earlier, Wynn started crying immediately. She felt so thoroughly chastened. Her daddy had punished her well and she knew it would be a long time before she even thought about disobeying him again.

Then she was cuddled against him as he rocked her. “I’m so proud of you for taking your punishment like a good girl.”

“I’m sorry I was a bad girl.” Wynn was completely contrite.

Brady used a finger to lift her chin up so she had to look him in the eyes. “You’re always my good girl; sometimes you might make bad choices but you are never bad. I will never see you as bad.”


His other hand came up and then he was cupping her face while he used his thumbs to wipe away her tears. “Really. You are the perfect little girl for me and I will always love you.” Then he kissed her so sweetly she felt it to the tips of her toes.

“I love you too, Daddy.” She snuggled into him as he carried her into the bathroom to remove her plug then he gently bathed her in a tub of warm water.

After drying her thoroughly he carried her back to the bedroom and tucked her in, still naked under the covers. She watched sleepily as he stripped his own clothes then climbed in with her, wrapping himself around her in a cocoon of warmth.

Wynn drifted off to sleep, feeling wrapped in his love like a warm fuzzy blanket.

Chapter Twelve

Brady was shocked when he received an email back from Clark. His email that Wynn was his should have ended all discussion but the man replied again that he had a contract he expected to be honored.

The man was clearly unbalanced.

Under the circumstances the only thing he could do was let the man know if he didn’t desist in trying to contact Wynn they would go to the police. He knew that was the last thing Wynn wanted to do but if Clark continued he would have no choice.

He had no way of knowing how dangerous this man could become and he would not take a chance with her safety.

A few minutes later Wynn came into the room after getting ready for work.

“Honey, I need to talk to you,” Brady said, sitting down on the couch and holding a hand out to Wynn.

She frowned as she came to him and he pulled her down to sit on his lap. He didn’t miss the slight wince on her face as her backside came into contact with his thighs. His little girl still had a tender bottom.

He’d checked her out this morning and knew there was no deep bruising but the skin was still a pretty bright pink and he knew she’d feel it most of the day.

He gave her wolfish grin. “Sorry, not sorry.”

Wynn laughed at him and slapped at his chest. “You’re silly, Daddy.”

Brady caught her hand and pressed a kiss into the palm. Lord, but he loved this woman. “I do have something serious to talk to you about, baby.”

“What is it?” She chewed on her lower lip, obviously nervous about what he was going to say.

“I think Clark is even more unbalanced than we thought. I don’t know if it will come to this yet but we might end up having to talk to the police.”

Her eyes widened in alarm. “The police? I don’t want to tell them what he did to me… what I let him do to me.”

“Listen to me, little girl, what happened to you wasn’t your fault. You made a poor choice, yes, but you didn’t ask him to beat you the way he did,” Brady told her.

“I should have tried to stop him,” Wynn said softly.

“Honey, if you’d fought him it might have ended up even worse. I’m glad you didn’t. I don’t want you to worry about the police. I have a friend at the local police department that is part of our community. If we have to talk to someone we’ll go to my friend Jethro Morton, he’s a detective at the local police department and a member of the Hot Buns group. He will understand the situation and handle it appropriately. I promise you everything will be okay.”

She took a deep breath and then nodded her reluctant agreement.

Wynn thought about her punishment the night before for most of the day. Her bottom was still a little bit tender both inside and out but instead of being painfully uncomfortable it served to remind her of the edging and orgasm denial part of her punishment.

Every shift in her chair sent a wave of heat through her body that ended in her clit. Her sex was hot and swollen with the need to come and her panties were beyond redemption.

She spent the day imagining her daddy coming into her office and bending her over her desk to fuck her senseless. As she squirmed in her chair she imagined him lifting her skirt and pushing aside the wet gusset of her panties to slam into her to the hilt… or he could fuck her against the wall, she could see that too… her skirt rucked up around her waist with her legs around him as he pounded into her.

Wynn turned up her fan and sighed. She was in danger of getting lost in these fantasies rather than doing her job. She had four assessments to complete before she could leave for the day.

She got back to trying to focus on the assessments and was successful for about thirty minutes when the phone on her desk rang.

She answered absently as she was thinking about a patient with pretty severe aphasia and the best course of treatment. “Hello?”

“How dare you have a man threaten me, young lady. You know perfectly well you signed a contract for me to be your disciplinarian,” the man said angrily.

“I am not having this conversation with you,” Wynn said firmly and she hung up the phone. It was only a few minutes before it was ringing again but this time she ignored it. She got up from her desk and headed for reception.

Belinda looked up from her desk when she saw Wynn approaching.

“Hey, Wynn! How are you today?” Belinda asked with a warm smile.

“I’ve got four assessments I need to finish before five so I’m going to need you to hold my calls for the rest of the day. I’ll stop by before you leave to pick up my messages,” she told the other woman.

“Sure thing, Wynn.”

“Do you know if Dr. Anderson is in the ER?” Wynn was hoping she could find Brady quickly and tell him about the phone call.

“I just saw him heading toward the cafeteria. I think they had a busy morning,” Belinda said conspiratorially.

“Thanks!” Wynn called over her shoulder as she hurried to the cafeteria.

She found Brady in line to buy a fruit salad and a Reuben sandwich. “Brady, I’m so glad I found you.”

He took one look at her and frowned. “What’s wrong?”

She leaned in to whisper, “Clark called me on my office phone.”

“We’ll discuss it further at our table. Go grab something for lunch.”

Wynn frowned and rubbed arms that suddenly felt chilled. “I’m not hungry.”

That eyebrow went up again. “What did I say?”

When she heard the change in his tone Wynn knew better than to argue. She hurried over to the counter and ordered some of the chicken pot pie. They handed it to her fairly quickly and she was able to get back in line behind her daddy.

Brady paid for both of their lunches and she followed him to a table in the corner. “Now tell me about this phone call.”

“There wasn’t really much to it. He told me I had to honor the contract I signed and I told him I wasn’t talking to him and hung up,” Wynn told him and then took a bite of her pot pie. She was surprised at how good it tasted and realized she really was hungry.

“Good girl. I’m going to call Jethro when we leave the cafeteria and set up an appointment with him,” Brady said as he picked up his sandwich to take a large bite.

Wynn’s fork clattered to her plate as she stared up at him, alarmed. “But…”

“Honey, we don’t have a choice at this point. We are not dealing with a rational human being. There is no telling what this guy is going to do and I will not risk your safety.”

She could tell by his tone that he wasn’t going to budge so she reluctantly went back to eating though it wasn’t tasting nearly as good to her now.

Brady’s hand came down to rest over hers almost protectively. “Everything’s going to be okay. I promise. Do you trust me?”

Something eased in her chest at his words and Wynn looked up at him with a smile. “Implicitly.”

“Good girl.” It was funny that those were beginning to be her two favorite words though fucking was running a close third, she thought with a grin as she remembered the fantasies that had plagued her earlier in the day.

Brady called his friend Jethro and told him the whole story. Jethro agreed the situation definitely needed to be addressed.

Jethro completely understood Wynn’s hesitation to involve the police but felt strongly that he needed to talk to her about the initial meeting and subsequent assault to get a full understanding of the situation.

Jethro suggested he bring his wife and little girl Daisy with him when he came over to introduce her to Wynn. Perhaps learning Jethro was Daisy’s daddy would put her at ease and make her more comfortable talking to him about what had happened to her.

“I think that’s a great idea. I’ll order pizza. The girls should both enjoy that,” Brady told his friend.

Jethro laughed. “I know Daisy will. She’d eat pizza every day if I let her.”

They agreed Jethro and Daisy would come to dinner the next evening. Brady was relieved after talking with Jethro, knowing he was putting things in place to ensure his little girl’s safety.

Now it was time to give his darling girl something to distract her from the threat Clark represented and the upcoming meeting with Jethro.

Midafternoon an envelope was delivered to Wynn’s office. She frowned as she opened it and then smiled. It was an appointment card.

Name: Bronwyn O’Malley

Appointment Time: 6:30 p.m.

Physician: Doctor Daddy

Tardiness will result in punishment prior to exam

As Wynn reread the words her clit fluttered and wet heat filled her panties. The back of the card told her to come to the hospital’s free clinic, which she knew closed at three o’clock. The clinic had its own wing of the small hospital so when it was closed it was completely empty. She would be completely alone with Doctor Daddy.

She was almost giddy as she watched the clock. Her appointment time seemed so far away. What kind of examination was her daddy going to give her?

Wynn was equal parts nervous and aroused about what her daddy had in store for her. No matter what, she knew she would be safe with her daddy.

Finally it was six-twenty and Wynn made her way to the clinic. Now that it was time she was suddenly worried about being late.

Brady was waiting for her at the clinic doors. The lobby was completely dark. “I’m glad you were on time for your appointment.” He took her arm and led her through the darkened lobby and down a long hallway to the last door on the right. “Take off your clothes and put them on the counter.”

“What?” Wynn’s hand clutched reflexively on the collar of her shirt at Brady’s stern words.

“You heard me, little girl. Don’t make me tell you again.” Brady turned to leave the office. “I need to gather a few supplies. I expect to find you naked and ready for your examination when I return.”

She felt herself flushing as she took off her clothes. It was embarrassing to be stark naked in the clinical setting. It felt very different from her or Brady’s apartment. The room was also cold, which only added to its sterile feel.

When Brady returned, Wynn had folded all of her clothing as instructed and was standing nervously by the exam table.

“Good girl. Climb up on the table and lie back.” Brady held a hand out to help her climb up onto the table. As she laid back she watched as he pulled the stirrups out from the table and arranged them for her feet. “Scoot your bottom down.”

She moved down the table until her ass was resting on the bottom edge and shuddered as Brady lifted her feet into the stirrups and spread her legs wide. Brady stepped up onto the built-in stool at the end of the table and she watched as he unzipped his pants to free his long thick cock from its confines.

“First I want to test your sexual response.” Brady slipped the head of his cock between the lips of her very wet pussy and began to slide it back and forth through her slit.

Wynn’s back arched and she reached down to catch hold of her daddy’s arms as she moaned. The head of his cock was brushing back and forth across her swollen clit. “Oh, Daddy!”

“Arms above your head, little girl. No touching the doctor. This is an examination.”

Wynn put her arms above her head and tried not to smile as her daddy’s cock slid back and forth increasing her wetness. This was like no exam she’d ever experienced.

She moaned in disappointment when Brady stepped away from the table and to her dismay he tucked his beautiful cock back into his pants. She gasped when he stepped to the head of the table and used a strap to bind her arms.

“Grabby little girls get restrained so they can’t interfere with Doctor Daddy’s exam.”

With her arms secured firmly above her head and her legs up in the stirrups she was completely open and vulnerable to anything Brady wanted to do to her. Wynn shivered in anticipation as more wet heat trickled from her core to run down the crack of her ass.

Brady’s hands came down on her breasts, plumping them before his fingers closed over her nipples and began to tweak and tug them into tight little buds. “Such responsive breasts.” He continued to twist and pinch one nipple while his lips closed over the other to suck hard.

“Ooh!” When her back arched, one of his big hands came to press her back down. He released her nipple with a popping sound and then sucked the other nipple deep into his mouth. He bit it lightly before it too was freed.

“Such pretty little nipples but I think my little girl needs some encouragement not to wriggle around.”

Wynn felt her eyes widen as she watched Brady pull two big plastic clothespins with silver chains attached to them from his bag.

He fitted the end of one clothespin to her left nipple then watched her closely as he tightened it slowly. The end of the clothespin began to pinch down hard on her nipple until it was almost painful, bringing a soft panting little gasp from her.

Brady nodded as if he was satisfied with that reaction and then attached the second clothespin. Wynn whimpered at the erotic pain that was sending jolts of heat straight to her clit. She watched with dismay as the chains on the end of the clothespins were attached to the light fixture above the table so that they pulled her nipples straight up.

The chain was arranged in such a way that there was always pressure but there was only a bite of pain if she wriggled.

Brady pulled a band over his head with a large light attached to it. He rested a big hand on her belly and patted her thigh. “Now be a good girl and don’t move.”

Wynn licked her lips as he moved back between her legs, shivering when he pulled a large metal speculum from his bag. She watched while he slicked it with lubricant and then used two fingers to part the lips of her vagina. “Deep breath.”

She moaned when the slick metal slipped inside of her. It felt strange but the pressure of the large tool was not at all unpleasant. She shifted a little when Brady began to open the speculum, causing the clothespins to tug sharply on her nipples. “Oh, god.”

“Be still so Doctor Daddy can get a good look at this wet little pussy.” The command was accompanied with a slap to her clit. Brady began to expand the speculum with little clicking sounds, each click stretching her inner tissues wider.

She felt herself getting wetter with every click, as her intimate bits were opened wide so Brady could see inside of her. “Oh, Daddy… Doctor… oh, Daddy…”

Wynn moaned as two of his fingers slid inside of her and began to press on her g-spot while the thumb of his other hand began to rotate over her clit. “Hmmm…”

Brady began to put more pressure on the front wall of her vaginal canal as he rubbed her clit even harder. “I want you to come on the speculum.”

“I… oh, god… I… oh, shit!” She groaned as an orgasm slammed through her, making her body jerk and causing that exquisite tug on her nipples, which only served to prolong her orgasm.

“Good girl,” he praised and then he moved his head down between her legs and she felt the heat of his tongue tracing her folds. Brady continued to stroke her clit with his fingers as his tongue began to explore her opening where the speculum stretched her wide. The tightness of her skin around the speculum made it even more sensitive and the sensation of his tongue flicking against it combined with the pressure on her clit sent her over the edge again.

“Daddy!” Every jerk of her body during the orgasm made the clips tug even harder on her nipples, magnifying her pleasure.

Brady straightened and released the pressure on the speculum before removing it gently from her body. He sat the speculum in the sink and then pulled something else from his bag. It was a strange U-shaped device with little arms coming up from the U and ending in little pink clamps.

Wynn wasn’t sure what the device was but her pussy clenched when she saw Brady moving back between her legs. “So far my examination shows you are a very responsive little girl but I think we can make you come harder and longer.”

“What?” She licked her lips nervously as she felt the strange device sliding inside her. “Oh, shit!” Something was rubbing against the front wall of her vagina in the most delicious sensation. Then she felt the little clamps being fastened to her labia and stretching the little lips wide.

“This is a combination g-spot stimulator and vaginal spreader,” Brady explained as he adjusted the labial clamps until the skin was so tight her clit was standing straight up and the internal part rubbed against her g-spot with every movement Brady made.

She wanted to cry when Brady stepped away. She was already on the edge of orgasm again. The feel of the device rubbing against the front of her pelvic floor and the way the labia clamps stretched the skin around her clit and the constant pressure on her nipples had her pussy weeping in need.

When he came back he fitted a small cup over her clit that was attached to a tube with a bulb at the end. When he started squeezing the bulb, the cup tightened down over her clit. “Oh, fuck!” she cried out as it tightened down more and more, pulling on her clit until she came with a little cry.

“We’ll leave that on for a minute so your little clit swells up nice and big for me,” he told her, and then she saw a large metal butt plug in his hand.

“Daddy, I don’t think I can take it,” Wynn whined nervously.

He delivered several sharp slaps to the tender crease of each thigh, which was exposed by her position in the stirrups. “You can and will take everything I choose to give you, little girl. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She shivered. Each swat had jolted her core and sent shockwaves of pleasure though her body.

“Take a deep breath.” The big plug slid into her ass easily, making her moan as Brady began to fuck her ass with it. He worked it in and out, twisting it occasionally and waking up all the nerves in her ass.

Everything he did felt incredibly good. Wynn was so primed to come again she knew almost any touch would push her over the edge. He seated the plug fully inside her and then rose up between her legs and freed his magnificent cock again.

Just the thought of his thick cock pushing inside her was almost enough to send her over.

“Do you want my cock, little girl?”

“Please, Daddy… please, yes!”

Instead of giving her his cock he leaned between her legs and removed the suction cup from her clit. “Look how pretty this little clit is.”

Wynn looked down between her legs and she could see her clit bright red and swollen, primed for an orgasm.

Brady spit on two of his fingers then brought them down to rub her clit.

“Daddy, I’m going to… shit!” Her hips jerked, pulling at her nipples and shifting the thing rubbing against her g-spot and her world exploded again.

“That’s Daddy’s good girl. Hold this for me.” Brady handed her a funny-looking device that had a little hole on one end and a big handle on the other. He released her hands from their restraints. “I want you to keep your hands up here, but when I tell you, hand that back to me.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered then moaned loudly as he fit the head of his cock to her opening.

“Are you ready for Daddy to fuck you hard?”

“Yes… oh, god, yes please.” Wynn wanted to feel his cock pushing into her and rubbing against the g-spot stimulator.

He drove inside to the hilt, his cock making the labia spreader attached to the part inside of her tug deliciously at the skin around her clit. Brady rested against her, kissing up her belly. “Take a deep breath, baby.”

That was her only warning before he took the first clothespin from her left nipple. Pain and pleasure crashed through her body. Brady sucked the nipple deep into his mouth, soothing it with his tongue until it was just throbbing in delight.

He removed the second pin and again soothed away the hurt. Wynn moaned as he released the right nipple with a pop. She held tightly to the little toy he’d given her to hold for him.

“Now Doctor Daddy is going to give you a thorough fucking.” Brady began to pull out before he slammed back in hard.

Wynn groaned as her body neared orgasm yet again. Every movement of his cock rubbed the thing inside of her against her g-spot and pulled on the skin of her labia. She exploded in just a few strokes but Brady just continued fucking her like a jackhammer, driving her straight from that orgasm into another.

“Let me have it.”

Wynn immediately handed him the little device and groaned in a combination of need and dismay when he fitted it over her swollen clit and turned it on high.

“Ohmuffu!” It surrounded her clit with vibrating suction as Brady fucked her into oblivion. Her entire body shuddered beneath her daddy as she came apart. Lights burst behind her eyes and it felt like she shattered into a million pieces as the orgasm went on and on.

She came back to herself as Brady was pulling out of her still spasming body, stroking himself until he came all over her breasts and belly, coating her in his seed. “My sweet, beautiful baby girl.”

Wynn was still shivering, overcome by the sensations bombarding her body. Brady removed all the toys he’d used and set them in the sink before he wrapped a warmed blanket around her and then sat down in one of the office chairs with her cuddled against him.

He fed her several pieces of chocolate before offering her a drink from the bottle of water he had. Wynn hadn’t realized how thirsty she was and found herself drinking every bit of it. “There’s my good girl.”

He stood up and set her back down in the chair. “Can you sit here while I clean up a little?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Wynn snuggled into the warm blanket and watched as her daddy cleaned all the toys he’d used on her and tucked them back into his medical bag. When she shifted in the seat she realized her pussy was still throbbing with sensation and groaned. She couldn’t believe how many orgasms her doctor daddy had forced on her body. It had been kind of scary but also delicious to be sent into a state of such carnality.

When Brady had cleaned up all the toys and the exam room, he lifted her back into his arms and carried her to the staff shower where he bathed her gently before cleaning himself.

By the time they were dressed again and ready to leave, Wynn was exhausted and leaning heavily against her daddy. “Do you want to leave your car at the hospital tonight?”

“Yes, please.” Wynn just wanted to go home and crawl into her bed with her daddy wrapped around her.

Brady scooped her up into his arms again after locking up the clinic and carried her to his car. She was so tired she fell asleep before they got home and didn’t remember going in but when she woke in the middle of the night she was curled in her bed with her darling doctor daddy.

Chapter Thirteen

Wynn buzzed around the apartment with an excess of nervous energy as they waited for Detective Morton and his wife to arrive.

“Did you order enough pizza? Did you get pepperoni and supreme? Should we have ordered a cheese pizza too? What if they don’t want Coke or tea? Ooh maybe I should make some lemonade!” She was warming to the idea now that it had occurred to her.

Brady caught her against his chest, holding her close. “Slow down, baby. Everything is going to be fine. If they don’t want Coke or tea, we have water. I promise neither Jethro nor Daisy is going to expect you to be as stocked as a restaurant.”

Wynn sighed and let herself relax against him. She was relieved to know Detective Morton was in the lifestyle and understood the whole daddy thing but she was still nervous. What if he and Daisy didn’t like her or thought she was stupid?

She voiced the last thought out loud.

“Stop it,” Brady said sternly. “No one could ever think you were stupid.”

Wynn gave a wry twist of her lips. “I did go off with a strange man in his car.”

“Yes. You made a very poor choice, which sometimes happens when a middle or a little are without supervision and guidance. Both of which you knew you needed and were trying hard to find. You reacted impulsively after an emotional disappointment and you trusted the wrong person. That does not in any way mean you deserve what happened or what’s happening now. No more stupid comments, please.” He kissed her lightly on the nose to soften the scolding.

She smiled at him. “Yes, Daddy.” Then there was a knock at the door and she suddenly felt a little giddy. “They’re here!”

Wynn took to both Jethro and Daisy almost immediately. They were such a nice couple. She and Daisy shared a love of pizza and though Brady had explained the other couple’s relationship she was still surprised when Daisy took a huge bite of pizza and cursed when she burned her mouth.

“Language, little girl,” Jethro admonished quietly.

Daisy had blushed prettily and then simply said, “Yes, Daddy.”

All of Wynn’s fears were gone in that moment. She could trust these people. Daisy and Jethro were like her and her daddy.

She relaxed and began picking her favorite toppings off the pizza to pop them in her mouth and giggling when the cheese stretched out from the crust with the topping.

Brady smiled and wiped the excess grease and cheese from her chin. “Not terribly ladylike, honey.”

“Daddy, it’s pizza!”

Daisy readily agreed with the explanation as they returned to chatting about music.

Wynn was thrilled to discover Daisy loved disco too. “Later I have an old Super Bubble album we can listen to!”

“I used to have that one too!” Daisy said excitedly.

It was going to be so much fun to have a friend who completely understood her little quirks. “I have to get your cell number so we can stay in touch.”

“Oooh, yeah! That would be awesome.” When Jethro cleared his throat loudly, Daisy flushed then gave Wynn a sheepish smile. “I’m grounded from my phone right now but give me your number and as soon as I get it back I’ll give you a call.”

The word grounded gave Wynn pause, and she studied Brady’s face. She couldn’t tell from his bland expression what he thought of that piece of information. She wondered if he would ever ground her then dismissed the thought. Nope, he’d just bust her ass and make her beg for orgasms that were never coming!

Dinner was a lot of fun but when it came to an end, unfortunately it was time to get serious.

“Wynn, I want you to tell me about meeting Clark online and then your meeting. Don’t be embarrassed. I need to know the whole story before I can get an idea of how to proceed,” Jethro told her.

Daisy watched her with wide eyes from where she sat with her daddy. Wynn was really embarrassed but at least they would understand a girl’s need to be spanked. That was the part other people wouldn’t get, but there would be no judgment here.

Brady held her hand comfortingly as she told the whole story. When she was finished Daisy reached out and took her other hand. “You were so brave to tell us about that awful man. It’s easy to get taken in by men online and believe their bull crap.”

“Daisy.” Jethro’s voice held soft admonishment.

“Well, it’s true, Daddy. I just wanted Wynn to know it happened to me too,” she told Jethro before turning back to Wynn. “I trusted a fake daddy online and then he cheated on me. I thought everything was over. I even cut up a dildo he’d sent me and mailed it back to him but then the guy turned out to be a complete nut bar. Thankfully my daddy was there to save me but it could have been real bad.”

“You cut up his dildo?” Wynn was fascinated by Daisy’s chutzpah. That took major gumption.

Jethro held up his hands. “Ladies, I believe we are losing the thread of this conversation. Thank you, Daisy, for that rather simplified version of events but we need to focus on the current situation with Clark. You two can discuss male mutilation another time.”

Daisy snorted loudly and Wynn saw that Jethro did the same thing with his eyebrow her daddy did and Daisy responded to it like the warning it was. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Was the contract you signed a standard Spencer Contract?” Jethro asked.

Wynn frowned. “I don’t know.”

Brady quickly pulled one up online for Wynn to read. She looked at it and sure enough it was a blank version of the one she and Clark had signed. “That’s it!”

“I’m guessing it hasn’t occurred to Clark that he already broke the tenets of the contract by leaving marks and bruises,” Jethro said drily.

“Not at all. He is also under the bizarre illusion that it’s a binding contract,” Brady told the other man.

Jethro shook his head. “Every time I think I’ve met all the crazy out there a new kind shows up.”

“Wynn, why don’t you show Daisy your records while Jethro and I talk,” Brady suggested.

Pretending they hadn’t just been dismissed by the grownups, Wynn took Daisy’s hand to lead her into her bedroom where her retro-looking record player and disco albums were.

She put Super Bubble on first then turned earnestly to her new friend. “I’m so glad I met you and told you my story. I don’t feel nearly as stupid now.”

Daisy’s eyes widened and she looked nervously toward the living room. “Don’t ever say the ‘S’ word in front of a daddy. They don’t like it at all.”

Wynn remembered Brady’s reaction earlier and decided that was sound advice. Her new friend was likely to be able give her all sorts of helpful hints on dealing with a daddy.

It didn’t take long before they were dancing around her bedroom to the disco beats they both adored.

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