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Doctor Daddy by Morganna Williams – Serialization (Part Two)

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Chapter Six

Wynn woke up to bright sunlight shining through her window. As she tried to roll out of bed, she had to bite back a moan. Her backside and thighs were even sorer today than they had been last night.

Remembering the events of the day prior brought color to her cheeks. She was so disgusted with herself. How could she have been so stupid?

It was a miracle Clark hadn’t cut her into tiny pieces and fed her to the dog. That contract had done nothing but give the illusion of security. She’d also totally misjudged Brady, who it turned out really did care and she’d probably loused that whole situation up too. All in all, yesterday had not been one of her red-letter days. Of course, the sweet compassion Brady had shown would be remembered for the rest of her life.

Groaning, she rolled completely out of bed and onto her feet. Spasms of pain jerked through her hips as she started the trek to the bathroom. This was not good.

Brady stopped her in the hall. “What are you doing out of bed?”

As grateful as she was for his help, a literal pain in one’s ass made for quite a cranky girl. “I have to pee… do you mind?”

He blinked. “I think you need to go roll out of the other side of bed. I know you aren’t normally a rude person.”

Tears sprang to her eyes, which shocked her. Wynn wasn’t a wimpy girl who cried easily, but the tone of disapproval in his voice really stung. “I’m sorry.”

Brady smiled and leaned down to kiss her on the forehead. “I know and it’s understandable you’re feeling a little unsure and cranky this morning, but it isn’t necessary to be rude. I’m going to give you all the space you need for now. I can help you get better without crowding you.”

She raised contrite eyes to his face. “It has nothing to do with you, Brady. You’ve been wonderful. I really am sorry. I’m just so ashamed… I feel so stupid… that’s the worst part. I know my body will heal, but it’ll be awhile before I can forgive myself for being such an idiot.”

He hugged her close, rocking slowly as he spoke. “First off, you aren’t an idiot. You’re a very smart woman that made a poor choice in a moment of emotional vulnerability. I could rant and rave about how dangerous what you did was, but I won’t. I have a feeling you already know and couldn’t feel much worse about it. This is all very fresh and raw; with some distance, things won’t seem quite as dire. You just have to learn from the experience and move on. It’s not an irreparable mistake unless you continue to make it. In the meantime, you know I’m here if you need to talk to about anything.”

Wynn stepped back and looked up at him. “You still want to get to know me after everything I did yesterday?”

Brady traced a finger down the side of her cheek. “I thought I made it pretty clear yesterday that I think you’re someone worth knowing and knowing well.”

“Thank you.”

“No… thank you, Ms. O’Malley,” he said while delivering a formal bow.

She laughed, a surprised joyful sound that rang down the hallway. The twinkle was beginning to return to her lovely eyes. “You’re crazy, Dr. Anderson!”

“Shh… it’s a secret. Now into the bathroom with you, young lady. While you’re in there take another hot soak in the Epsom salt while I fix you some breakfast. Then I’ll rub you down with arnica before you go back to bed.”

She made a face. “Back to bed? I just got up.”

“Doctor’s orders, one more day of bed rest for you.”

Wynn closed the door of the bathroom and began following his instructions. Bossy man! She didn’t know why she was smiling; she was sure she was irritated with his highhanded orders.

As the days passed, she grew stronger in body and spirit. Wynn was happy to be alive and thankful that she’d found a loving man like Braedon Anderson. She and Brady spent all their spare time together as they got to know each other’s likes and dislikes.

They’d even talked a little about spanking and all that went with it. Brady had explained that he considered himself a daddy dom and he’d been looking for a woman who could be his little girl accepting his guidance and discipline. At the word discipline everything inside Wynn froze.

Tears had filled her eyes as she looked at the man she was falling in love with. “I don’t really know how I feel about spanking anymore. I want to want it… at first the thought makes my tummy flip and then I remember and it’s like the butterflies dancing in my stomach turn to stone.”

Brady had immediately pulled her into his lap. “It’s okay, baby. It’s completely understandable for you to feel this way.”

Wynn pressed her face into his shirt, letting the warm rich scent of his body soothe her frayed nerves. “What if he broke that part of me? What if I never want to be spanked again?”

Cupping her face between his hands, Brady wiped away her tears as he looked down into her eyes. “Do you trust me, Wynn?”

“Yes, Brady.” A part of her wanted to say ‘yes, Daddy’ but Wynn wasn’t sure it would be fair to call him Daddy if she couldn’t accept his discipline.

“Know that I will never hurt you. I would love to be your daddy and everything that entails but I won’t force that from you. Submission is a gift. A gift I will cherish if you are ever able to give yourself to me that way but I would never force it.” He kissed her forehead gently and then pulled her back against him.

“I want so badly to be what you want and need but I’m still so afraid. What if I can’t ever give that to you?” Wynn’s worst fears came out in a rushed whisper.

“I’m falling in love with you, Bronwyn O’Malley. While I would love to be your daddy, I want to be with you more. Let’s just take things one day at a time and see where we end up. Does that sound good?”

The tightness in her chest eased at his words. “Yes.”

The more she was around Brady, the dimmer the memory of both Aiden and the horrible day with Sir was. Wynn realized now that she hadn’t really been in love with Aiden, only the idea of him and what he represented. An idea that had been false. She also realized that everything people said online had to be taken with a grain of salt.

No longer would she believe everything said there as the absolute truth. Sure, a lot of people were honest about themselves and their lives, but most were only presenting one side of a three-dimensional picture—and more often than not it was only the good side.

Those were questions she struggled with daily as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into a month. With each moment that passed, Wynn fell a little more deeply in love with Brady and she was pretty sure he felt the same about her.

They went for a picnic at the Botanical Gardens one Saturday. They stopped on the way to pick up fully loaded Italian subs, pasta salad, and chocolate chip cookies. All of which Brady loaded into a big lidded basket with a plaid blanket.

“Do you go on a lot of picnics?” Wynn teased him as they pulled into the gardens and parked.

“I found this basket at Crate & Barrel. I bought it because I knew one day I’d find the perfect little girl to share a picnic with.” Brady reached over and smoothed a wayward curl behind her ear as he looked deeply into her eyes.

The feel of his fingertip touching the shell of her ear sent a shiver through her body that ended with a jolt to her clit. Wynn swallowed hard and then licked her suddenly dry lips as she looked up at him.

“I’m not perfect.” She looked away from him and turned to climb out of the car but Brady stopped her with a hand on her arm.

“Perfect for me.” He leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to her shoulder then gave her arm a little squeeze before letting her go.

Wynn watched as he got out and grabbed the basket from the backseat. “Are you ready for the best picnic in the world?”

She laughed, finding it impossible not to get caught up in the moment. She hadn’t ever actually had a picnic before and it was a beautiful day. They found a spot under some big oak trees with overhanging branches that gave them the illusion of being alone in the park.

Brady spread out the large blanket then sat the basket in the middle of it. Taking Wynn’s hand, he helped her sit down and then plopped down next to her.

While they ate he told her stories about his childhood and how hard he’d had to work to keep his younger sister out of trouble.

“You were a hero even then,” Wynn declared as two squirrels appeared at the edge of the blanket watching avidly as she took a bite of a cookie.

Brady chuckled. “I doubt Rebecca would classify me that way.”

“I would,” she said softly as she broke off a piece of cookie and tossed it to one of the squirrels to see what they would do.

Both she and Brady laughed when the squirrel immediately ate the small offering and moved in closer to them on the blanket. When she tossed another piece of cookie the second squirrel darted in and grabbed it before the one she’d thrown it to could get it.

“Poor baby.” Wynn tossed the first squirrel another bit of cookie, then laughed again when both squirrels came even closer.

“You’re making new friends and I feel left out.” Brady leaned forward and held out half a cookie. The first squirrel sat up straighter and eyed him for a minute with his nose twitching rapidly back and forth before he finally darted forward to grab the cookie and back to his seat where he held it between his paws to eat.

The second squirrel came even closer and Brady offered him the other half of the cookie. That squirrel just eyed Brady nervously until Brady finally just let the cookie fall from his hand. The squirrel snatched it up and then ran with it to the base of the tree to enjoy his treat from a safe distance.

“They’re so cute! I want to feed them another cookie,” Wynn said excitedly as she reached into the bag of goodies.

“We better not, honey. I’d hate to make them sick; chocolate chip cookies are not a part of their regular diet, I’m sure.”

“Please? Just half a cookie more to split between them?” She really wanted to see if she could get one to take a cookie from her hand like Brady had.

“Okay, but that’s all,” he said firmly.

“Yes, Brady.” Wynn held out part of the cookie piece and giggled when the first squirrel took it from her hand. The second squirrel was still not having any part of it so she dropped it for him. “He still doesn’t trust us.”

Brady wrapped an arm around her and pulled her back against him. “Not quite but I think we’re definitely getting there.”

Wynn looked up at him and felt herself flush; she knew he wasn’t really talking about the squirrels anymore.

That was the first picnic of many. Brady and Wynn became regulars at the Botanical Gardens and they always set their picnic up beneath the large old oak tree. The same two squirrels came every time for their cookies.

Both squirrels now took the cookies directly from their hands and actually sat on their blanket to enjoy the sweet snack.

For today’s picnic they had strawberries and canned whipped cream for dessert along with chocolate chip cookies. Brady had insisted on no dessert until she’d finished at least half of her roast beef sandwich. Finally, it was time for dessert, and Brady offered Wynn a strawberry to go with the can of cream in her hand.

“No, thank you,” Wynn giggled and sprayed a large helping of the whipped cream into her mouth.

“Eat a strawberry. It’s a super fruit and will be good for you.” He tried to hand her another berry.

“Nope, strawberries suck.” She squirted a little more cream into her mouth.

“That’s enough of that, little girl. The cream is to go on top of the strawberries, not for greedy little girls to consume straight from the can.” Brady reached for the can and Wynn clutched the can to her chest and rolled away from him across the blanket.

“Why? I love whipped cream, it’s the best part! Strawberries are blah,” she told him, spraying another healthy serving into her mouth.

When Brady tried to take the can, she sprayed him in the face then froze as she stared up at him from her position on her back.

“Naughty,” he laughed then buried his cream-covered face against her neck, smearing it all over her while she squealed. “Mmm…” he growled against her throat. “I could become addicted to cream-covered Wynn.”

Wynn shivered when he licked the cream from where it was smeared on her neck. Then his lips found hers in a soul-stealing kiss that left her aching for his possession when he pulled away.

Brady shook his head and began to pack away the leftovers. “You go straight to my head, little girl. I almost forgot we were in public.”

Later that same night she and Brady went out to dinner with his sister Rebecca and her husband.

It was clear that Rebecca adored her older brother and that the feeling was mutual. The two sparred like a pair of old boxers, Rebecca throwing in a jab here and there then quickly jumping out of his reach.

The minute Brady turned his back, Rebecca delivered another quick punch to his side then sprang away again.

Brady responded good-naturedly, grabbing Rebecca in a light headlock and pulling on a strand of her hair. “You are such a brat.”

Rebecca twisted out of Brady’s hold and stuck her tongue out at him.

“Trent, can you do something about your wife? She’s really setting a bad example here,” Brady said as he wrapped an arm around Wynn. Wynn giggled as Trent laughed and hugged his wife.

“Brats can be a handful but I promise they’re worth it.” Trent winked at Wynn and Brady.

“I am not a brat!” Rebecca said primly as she smoothed down her dress, then ruined the effect by sticking her tongue out at her brother again while her husband’s back was turned.

Once their food arrived, Rebecca started talking about their childhood. “Brady was always getting into trouble and expecting me to cover for him.” Rebecca took a huge bite of her chicken cordon bleu as she waited for Brady’s response.

“That isn’t exactly true. Who climbed out their bedroom window and then got stuck in a tree trying to get back in at three o’clock in the morning?” Brady arched his brow at his younger sister.

Rebecca flushed. “I wasn’t the one that got into trouble.”

Brady snorted. “Only because I came outside and pushed you through the window before Mom and Dad came out.”

“See! I knew you were always a hero.” Wynn grinned at Brady.

Rebecca’s face softened as she looked at Wynn and her brother. “He was a decent sort of brother. I admit it.”

Brady reached over the table and tweaked the end of Rebecca’s nose. “Brat.”

Rebecca smiled back. “Butthead.”

The affection between the two was obvious and it warmed Wynn’s heart. She looked over at Trent. “Are they always like this?”

“You’re getting a bit of a show from my wife tonight because she really wants you to like her but yes, they’re very close.” Trent squeezed her arm.

“I like her very much,” Wynn told the man honestly.

“Seriously, Brady was the best big brother a girl could ask for. He got in trouble several times when I was actually the culprit. He never ratted me out but then would talk to me about it later. My only problem was that he excelled at everything and was really kind of a straight arrow. It was a hard act to follow so I rebelled,” Rebecca told Wynn earnestly.

“You weren’t that bad,” Brady grinned at his sister. “Your behavior improved remarkably after you met Trent.”

Rebecca blushed and then squirmed a bit in her seat before looking at Wynn again. “I met Trent when I was fifteen and he managed to convince me it was a much better plan to follow the rules.”

“My family thinks Trent is a miracle worker,” Brady said wryly.

Trent stayed silent and took a big drink of water. Wynn watched him curiously until he looked up at her and winked again. “She just hadn’t heard the right argument.”

Rebecca smiled up at her husband then leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. “You are my miracle worker. I finished high school and went on to college to become a nurse, all because of you.”

Trent put his arm around his wife and tucked her into his side as he pressed a kiss to her temple. “You always had greatness in you, baby. You just needed a little help to find your own way.”

As Wynn watched the other couple she was amazed at the obvious intimacy between them. She was also picking up a spanky kind of vibe and wondered if they were into domestic discipline. Not that she could ask… but she really wanted to.

“My sister just needed to find her way out of my shadow. She had some weird thought that she couldn’t be as good as me. I tried to explain she just needed to be herself and everything would work out but Trent was the one that made her see it. He’s been great for her,” Brady told her quietly while the other couple was talking.

It was a fun night and she felt welcomed into the fold by both Rebecca and Trent. Rebecca had teased Brady mercilessly, which he took with good grace. The loving bond between the siblings was obvious and it made her love Brady even more.

Rebecca snuggled into her husband’s side as they drank coffee after dinner in a quiet little parlor at the side of the restaurant. The other couple’s affection and comfort with each other was beautiful to see.

Wynn found conversation with both Trent and Rebecca easy and by the time the evening was winding down she felt as if she’d known them for years.

The only moment that gave her pause was when Rebecca leaned over the booth at the restaurant and boldly asked, “So, when are you going to put my brother out of his misery and marry him?”

Wynn turned bright red in response and stammered helplessly, “I… I… well… we haven’t really discussed that.”

That was the only time Brady seemed put out with his sister. “Becky, that’s none of your business and you know it. When the time comes, you’ll get the same announcement everyone else does.”

Rebecca hadn’t shown an ounce of remorse for her comment. “I better not have to wait to hear like everyone else! And don’t call me Becky!”

Trent leaned down to whisper softly in his wife’s ear. A pink flush rose in her cheeks and she looked over at Wynn contritely, as she reached to pat her hand. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you. I tend to say what’s on my mind, but sometimes I go a little too far.”

Brady snorted in response and Rebecca promptly kicked him under the table. “Stop it! Wynn and I are bonding!”

Everyone laughed as the tension fled the table. They were wonderful people and Wynn was happy to be included in their tight-knit group. It also warmed her heart to have heard Brady say when the time comes. That meant he saw a future with her.

The only thing that marred her time with Brady was the emails she kept getting from Sir. She never opened them and deleted them as soon as they came but seeing his email address always sent a frisson of fear through her body.

She didn’t tell Brady about them because she didn’t want it to intrude on their budding relationship. Sir was just a reminder of a very stupid mistake that she didn’t want to revisit.

As Wynn got ready for the coming evening with Brady, she smiled to herself. Their kisses had become increasingly heated and passionate in the past week and she was tired of waiting.

Brady had been so patient with her, never pushing her to take more than she was ready to give.

Wynn knew she was ready to take their relationship to the next level. Tonight was the night.

Wynn dressed with care, wanting to look perfect for Brady. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror as she thought of the night before, when they’d double dated with Rebecca and Trent.

Her courage was bolstered by the fact that Brady obviously saw a future with her.

She was brought from her musings by the impatient sound of the doorbell. Wynn hurried to answer it, hoping Brady liked the way her short black dress hugged her curves.

Chapter Seven

Brady gave a slow whistle when the door opened. She looked breathtakingly hot.

Grabbing his hand, Wynn tugged him into the apartment. “I have some wine, summer sausage, cheese and crackers; sort of an indoor picnic. Thought we could stay in. Is that all right?”

He nodded and loosened his tie. “Fine by me.”

Wynn led him into the living room where he took a seat in front of the roaring fire. Merlot was breathing on the coffee table next to two wineglasses and baked brie.

“Looks delicious,” he said, as he poured them each a glass of wine, his eyes never leaving her face.

Wynn took the glasses from his hands and set them on the table, before climbing into his lap with her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. “I hoped you’d think so.”

“I do… but… before this goes any further, I’d like to talk to you about something.”

She frowned, puzzled by the serious tone in his voice. “What’s wrong?”

“When you left the parking lot at work, I thought I saw that new intern, Steve, in your car.”

“Yes. His car broke down and he asked for a ride,” Wynn explained, relieved that it was such a little issue.

“Do you know him well?” Brady asked.

“No, I just met him. When did he start—Monday maybe?”

“So… you let a strange man into your car?” The question was posed in a rather stern tone.

“Well… he’s an intern, so surely he’s okay,” Wynn defended.

“A person’s career doesn’t make them harmless, little girl. I need you to promise that in the future, you won’t let anyone you don’t know into your car. It’s not safe. If someone needs a ride, call me. I’ll take them wherever they need to go,” Brady said gruffly.

Wynn’s heart warmed as she realized he’d been so concerned for her safety. “I’m sorry you were worried. I promise that in the future I’ll call you.”

“Thank you. Now where were we.”

“I think you were about to kiss me… then we were going to make mad passionate love,” she told him saucily.

“Then by all means let’s get started,” he said with a sexy grin.

He kissed her deeply, then turned so her body fell beneath his on the plush leather of the big sofa. When he lifted his head, she tried to follow, but his hands held her in place.

“I want to savor every moment,” he whispered huskily as he bent his head to take her earlobe lightly between his teeth.

She shivered in response, surprised by the jolt of pleasure she felt from the small nip. His lips traveled down her neck and across her collarbone with loving attention to every detail in between. Wynn lifted her body slightly as his hands moved to the zipper on the back of the dress.

It was almost a relief when her heavy breasts sprang free of the confining fabric. She wanted the clothes gone. She wanted to be covered by his hands, his mouth… his body.

Wynn gasped as his mouth closed around one nipple, arching her back to get closer to the delightful attentions of his talented tongue. He teased her mercilessly until she was writhing beneath him, begging for more.

Then his strong fingers slowly skimmed away the rest of her clothing, until she lay naked beneath him.

He sat up, pulling her with him and started to gently guide her across his lap.

She whimpered nervously. “Wait.”

Brady looked up into her worried, passion-flushed face and smiled. “Trust me, I’d never hurt you.”

Wynn took a deep breath and allowed him to bring her across his lap. She lay there tensely waiting for the first blow, but it didn’t come. His hand stroked across the skin of her bottom, tracing teasing patterns that left her squirming, while he held her firmly in place.

The caresses continued, and when the first spank came, it didn’t really hurt; it just left a light stinging sensation that wasn’t at all unpleasant. Between the gliding caresses, his hand continued to fall randomly. Soon, Wynn was eagerly lifting her bottom to meet Brady’s hand. The spanks came harder and faster; suddenly she wanted something more but was unsure exactly what.

Her bottom was hot and alive with sensation, leaving her moaning and rocking her hips back and forth in supplication. His strong fingers moved between her thighs, stroking as his other hand continued to rain down in a stinging pattern of delight.

When one finger thrust deep she nearly stopped breathing, the feeling almost too much to bear. Wynn found herself on the edge of an orgasm. When Brady added a second finger to the first and ran the pad of his thumb across her clit, she exploded.

Wynn shuddered across his lap helplessly, unable to do anything but feel. His hands stroked her back, soothing her. When she finally came back down to earth, he turned her in his arms, so he could kiss her.

With little mewling sounds she pressed herself to him tightly, seeking as much contact as she could get with his big body. A frustrated little growl escaped her when his clothes got in the way.

“Why are you still dressed?” she demanded breathlessly.

“You want me naked?” he asked with a slow smile.

“Now!” she commanded with a lick of her lips.

Brady lifted her in his arms and laid her down in front of the fire, before standing to remove his clothing.

Wynn watched with a heavy-lidded gaze, her green eyes glazed with passion, eager to drink in the sight of his hard body.

He stood proudly before her, firelight flickering across his golden skin, making shadows on the hair that thickly covered his chest and tapered down to frame the bold evidence of his desire. Wynn came up on one elbow, holding a hand out to him in invitation.

Brady took her hand and came down on top of her, groaning as his chest pressed against her lush breasts and his groin was cushioned by the cradle of her hips.

“Oh, Brady!” she cried, as she wrapped both her arms and legs around him. Not sure if it was possible to get close enough to satisfy her.

He fit the broad head of his cock to her weeping entrance and drove in to the hilt with one smooth thrust.

She gasped at the way her tender muscles were forced to stretch around his thick cock deliciously. Then he withdrew with almost painful slowness and thrust back inside just as slowly. She could feel every inch of his cock as he stretched her open again and again.

“Oh, god… Brady, please… fuck me hard,” Wynn begged as he continued to take her with torturously slow and measured strokes.

“I’m in charge here, little girl. You will take what I give you… nothing more… nothing less,” Brady said firmly as he withdrew completely until just the tip of his cock was pressed teasingly against her opening.

“Oh… ooh, please.” Her head tossed back and forth as he continued to press just the tip against her and pull away, driving her almost mad with need.

“Do you understand who’s in control here, little girl?”

The command in his tone made her ache for his possession even more and she felt more of her slick arousal leak from her core to bathe the tip of his erection in her need. “Yes, Daddy. Oh, Daddy, please!”

At her words he slammed back inside of her hard and fast, his hands slipping underneath her ass and angling her hips up as he took up a pounding rhythm. Wynn came hard beneath him, loving the feel of his complete mastery. Brady didn’t stop fucking her mercilessly from one orgasm to another until she could only cling to his marauding body as he stormed her defenses.

She’d lost track of the number of times she’d peaked as he stilled within her, lifting his hands to cup her face as he pressed the head of his cock against her cervix. “Look at me, Wynn.”

Wynn looked up at him, trying to focus through the haze of sensation bombarding her body. Brady smiled and pressed a kiss to her lips before lifting his head again. “One more time, little girl.”

She felt her body clamp down on his cock in response to his words. “I’m not sure I can…”

His eyes never left hers. “You can and you will.” The command in his tone was implicit as he began to grind against her cervix. One hand left her cheek and slipped between their bodies so his thumb could work her clit.

Wynn’s back arched as pleasure bombarded her. “Oh, god!”

The orgasm slammed through her like a tsunami, taking her body high and tossing her into the abyss. Brady rocked in and out of her with two more forceful thrusts then shuddered in his own release above her. “Good girl.”

Brady pulled her into his arms. Wynn sprawled across him bonelessly.

“That was—”

“Amazing,” Brady finished for her with a big satisfied smile.

“More than amazing… I’ve never experienced anything like that. It was…”

He gave her a mock growl and slapped her lightly on the behind. “You won’t be doing any comparison studies, so it’s just as well you thought it was fabulous. Besides it was the two of us together that made it so wonderful.”


“Really. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Woman, you wore me out.”

Wynn rested her chin on the hand lying on his chest, and looked down at him. “I love you, Braedon Anderson.”

“Not nearly as much as I love you, Bronwyn O’Malley.”

She lay quietly for a moment then started getting restless. “Uh… Brady?”

He opened one eye to look at her. “Yes?”

“Are you really all worn out?”

Startled laughter rumbled from his chest as he looked at her. She had a wicked little glint in her eyes. “What did you have in mind?”

“Anything… everything… I’ve waited an awful long time. Can we do it again?” she asked eagerly, reaching down to stroke him.

“Your wish is my command,” he replied, as he lifted her to sit astride. Her eyes widened at the strangeness of the new position but quickly clouded as he lowered her onto his waiting shaft.

The full feeling was indescribable as she took him deep inside. Brady helped her, using his hands on her hips to guide her into a rhythm that would satisfy them both. Wynn quickly found the angle and pace that gave the most pleasure and his hands left her hips to cup her full breasts and tweak her erect nipples as she rode him.

“Brady!” Wynn gasped and inadvertently slowed down as the feeling built.

“Don’t stop!” he cried, slapping her on the bottom to spur her on.

The combination of him inside and the reawakened sting in her bottom caused Wynn to move faster and faster until she stiffened above him in a silent scream.

Brady rolled her beneath him and rode her hard and fast. She was shocked to find herself reaching another peak and then another beneath the skill of his knowing body. This time when she began to shudder, the spasms seemed to be never-ending and he followed her into his own release.

They collapsed together in a tangle of arms and legs on the rug, both too sated to even move.

Brady and Wynn fell asleep contentedly, wrapped in each other’s arms.

Chapter Eight

Wynn stood staring thoughtfully out the window.

“What are you thinking about so seriously?” Brady asked, as he came into the room.

She took a deep breath and turned to face him. “I want you to spank me.”


“You heard me. I want you to spank me.” Wynn lifted her chin, determined to be brave, even though she was taking a scary step.

Brady went to her and cupped her face between his hands. “Honey, you don’t have to do this. I don’t need this. I just need you.”

“I know… but… I want you to do it. I need for you to.”

“Why?” he asked softly.

“I need you to spank me to help erase all the bad memories. I want to start with a clean slate. Please show me what it can be… what it should be.”

Brady studied her earnest face, then came to a decision. With a firm nod, he rolled up his shirtsleeves, then crossed to sit on the couch.

He looked over at her expectantly as he held out one hand. “All right, young lady. Come here.”

Taking another deep breath, Wynn went to his side.

“Why are you about to get a spanking?”

“Because I behaved very foolishly… and took a terrible risk with my safety, with my life,” she whispered, shaking slightly as she stood beside him.

“Yes, you did,” he said, but instead of pulling her down across his lap, Brady pulled her down to sit on it, hugging her close. “It’s okay. I will never hurt you.”

She smiled. “I know.”

“You also need to know that if we do this, there’s no going back. We don’t have to have this kind of life, but I won’t do it halfway either. We either have discipline as a part of this relationship or we don’t.”

“I understood that when I asked you to spank me. Brady… I trust you totally. I want you to be my daddy. It’s me I need to trust again; show me that I’m safe with you even when I mess up. Please…”

“Very well.” He neatly flipped her over and rested the hem of her skirt on her back. “Bronwyn, I need to know you’re going to take care of yourself and be safe even when I’m not around. I won’t tolerate your taking foolish risks with your safety. Do you understand me, young lady?”

Wynn couldn’t believe how vulnerable she felt. She wanted to cry just from the disappointment in his stern voice and the love she could hear and feel lying just beneath it.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said in a small voice.

“I’m not sure you do, but you will.” He hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to her knees, exposing her bottom to the cool air of the room.

His hand began to fall in slow measured slaps across her vulnerable bottom. The pace was steady and firm, getting harder with each application of his palm. Wynn began to shift side to side in an effort to escape the burning heat building in her backside.

Brady continued as her bottom began to take on a bright red hue.

“You can’t take risks like that ever again. I care about you and need to know you’re safe. The only reason I never pushed you to go to the police is because I was so sure you’d never do anything like this again, but then I found out you gave another stranger a ride in your car.” Several hard swats to her sit spot accompanied the sternly spoken words.

“Oohhooo, owwie!” Wynn kicked her feet a little in reaction to the hard spanks.

“I love you, Wynn.” He began paddling her sit spots in hard rapid-fire swats designed to send her over the edge. It worked; his little girl began to cry.

“I’m sorry, Daddy… so so sorry.”

Brady immediately lifted her in his arms to hold her close as she cried out her heartache. He rubbed her back and whispered sweet nothings and reassurances in her ear as she calmed.

When her soft sobs subsided to the occasional hiccup, he patted her back then lifted her face to his. “Are you okay?”

Wynn smiled at him through watery eyes and nodded. “More than okay… thank you.” She felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from her. She was surprised to find even after a discipline spanking she was wet… the spanking or rather beating she’d received from Sir had done nothing for her, but this spanking and the erotic spanking Brady had given her had both made her wet and ready for him.

“Good. Just so you know, young lady. If you ever let a strange man in your car again, I’ll give you the spanking of your life.”

She blinked as she realized that he was totally serious but she wasn’t afraid either. She might not want another disciplinary spanking today but she knew now that she could handle it because her daddy would never abuse her. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Just wanted to make sure that was understood,” he said, before hugging her close once again. As he stroked her back, his hand came to rest on her bottom just above her quivering mound.

She couldn’t help giving a little wiggle as she moaned in response.

“No, you don’t, young lady.” A sharp swat just over the area that ached for his touch made her gasp. “Naughty girls don’t get to come.”

“What?” Wynn leaned back to look into his face to see if he was serious.

“I mean it, little girl. If I spank you for discipline I will not then turn around and give you pleasure. Though if you’re naughty enough I might fuck your tight little ass to ensure your bottom is left sore inside and out.” Those words should have terrified her but instead her clit jerked in response.

She realized she was not at all opposed to taking her daddy’s cock in her bottom. She’d read about anal sex a lot and had actually been curious about it.

Wynn licked her lips and looked up at him through her lashes. “Daddy?”

“Yes, baby?”

“Ummm… could we maybe try that when I’m not in trouble?”

Brady threw his head back and laughed. “Absolutely, my dirty little minx, just not today.”

Wynn couldn’t help the pout that she knew was on her face. It didn’t seem fair; her pussy was hot, wet, and swollen. She ached for Daddy to do something about it.

“You had better take that look off your face, little girl, or I will spread those legs and tease your hot little pussy until you’re begging to come and then I’ll put you to bed for a nap.” Brady’s hand came down to cup her wet slit to reinforce his words.

She gasped, barely managing to keep herself from grinding up into his hand. “Oh, Daddy, please no.” Then she looked up at him again. “It’s kind of a celebration to find out I’m still a spanko and that even your discipline spanking made me… umm…” Wynn trailed off, suddenly feeling shy.

Brady lifted her to straddle him and forced her face up to his once more. “Embarrassment has no place between us, baby. I’m thrilled with the way you responded to your spanking and to me and I promise we will celebrate. It just won’t be right now. Settle down and accept the fact that not getting to come right now is part of your punishment.”

Wynn sighed and laid her head back on his shoulder for a moment before lifting her head up again. “I did ask for this spanking.”

He laughed. “I do believe I have a sexually precocious middle on my hands.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that you sometimes react to things a bit like a rebellious teenager. It’s also why you react with so much enthusiasm when you hear disco. Why you sometimes act a little too impulsively and rashly for your own good. You need a daddy to reel you in on occasion, little girl.”

Wynn thought about the explanation and had to admit he had described her to a T but still she did ask for the spanking. “I still asked for the spanking.”

Brady smiled. “Yes, you did, and I’m proud of you. Now tell me this… did you deserve a spanking?”

Why did he have to ask that? “Well, I’m not sure the whole thing with Sir was…”

“Bronwyn O’Malley, did you or did you not get in a car with a strange man and go to his house, which resulted in your getting hurt?”

That made her feel ashamed. “Well, yes, but…”

“And did you not let yet another stranger into your car?” The question was accompanied by a raised brow.

Wynn hung her head. “Yes, Daddy.”

“So did you deserve the spanking?”

“Yes, Daddy, I deserved the spanking,” she said softly as fresh tears formed in her eyes. She was being really naughty arguing with her daddy about his discipline.

“Do naughty little girls deserve Daddy’s cock?” Brady cupped her chin again to force her face up so she had to look him in the eyes.

“No, Daddy.” Wynn gave a little sniffle to accompany her words.

“Tell Daddy what you did and what you don’t deserve, little girl.” His tone brooked no argument.

Wynn felt her face get hot as she looked into her daddy’s eyes. This had to be the most mortifying conversation she’d ever had. “I deserved to be spanked and I don’t deserve Daddy’s cock.”

“Good girl.” Brady pulled her back down to rest against his chest and went back to rubbing soothing circles on her sore bottom.

Wynn snuggled in, feeling completely safe in her daddy’s arms even if she was super horny now.

Chapter Nine

Wynn was still wet the next morning. Brady had gone back down to his apartment to get ready for work and she was checking her email before heading to the hospital. She frowned when she saw yet another email from Sir.

The subject line said, “I’m waiting, young lady!” Wynn deleted it with a shudder. “Not in this lifetime, asshole.”

When she heard Brady’s knock she grabbed her travel coffee mug and headed to the door.

“Ready for work?” Brady asked after he kissed her sweetly.

“Yes, can I have another kiss, Daddy?” She leaned into him and rubbed suggestively against his body.

He laughed before leaning down to take her mouth in a hard, possessive kiss. Once he let her up for air he turned her toward the stairs with a slap to her ass. “Be a good girl today and I’ll blow your mind tonight.”

Wynn hurried down the stairs with a bounce to her step as she called up over her shoulder, “Daddies should keep their promises.”

Before she could open the outer door to the building Brady was behind her. He pushed the door closed and spun her around to face him. Kicking her legs apart, he pressed his hard cock against the crotch of her panties and ground against her.

Wynn moaned loudly as his hardness rubbed against her clit.

Brady nipped her sharply on the earlobe before laving away the small hurt with the tip of his tongue. “Daddy always keeps his promises, little girl, but do you know what teases get?”

“What?” she panted breathlessly.

“Teases get Daddy’s cock up the ass.” He reinforced the statement by slipping his hand into the back of her panties and lightly tracing the crack of her ass.

“Oh, god,” she shuddered beneath him, finding herself on the verge of orgasm from the combination of his words, the delicious pressure on her clit, and the forbidden feel of his finger along her crack.

She wanted to cry when he pulled away from her and opened the door. “After you, my sweet baby girl.”

Taking a deep breath, she followed him to where their cars were parked.

She smiled at Brady when he opened her door for her. “Remember to be a good girl today.” He kissed her softly before she got into the car and buckled her seat belt then he closed her door.

Wynn started her car and headed to the hospital, resigning herself to a day in wet panties.

That afternoon Wynn had just finished with her last patient of the day so she stopped by the reception area to check her messages. As she was reading the messages waiting on her, Belinda the head receptionist returned from lunch.

“Oh, you had a visitor asking for you today,” Belinda told her.

“A visitor?” Wynn frowned.

“Yes, an older gentleman. I think he said his name was Chris… wait, no, it was Clark. He said he would catch up with you eventually,” Belinda said as she sat down behind her large desk.

Wynn felt all the blood drain from her face as she stared at the other woman. “Are you okay?” She heard Belinda’s voice as if from far away as she started shaking.

Gentle hands pushed her down onto one of the couches in the waiting room. “Honey, are you okay? You’ve gone very pale.”

She licked her now dry lips and took a deep breath. “I’m fine but I think I’ll go home for the rest of the day.”

“I think that’s a good idea. I’ll call your office and let them know what happened.”

Wynn nodded. “Thank you, Belinda.” Then she walked out of the hospital to her car on shaky legs.

Wynn had managed to calm herself down by the time Brady got home but was still visibly upset.

Brady frowned when he saw her. “What’s wrong, baby?”

As soon as she saw the concern in her daddy’s face Wynn burst into tears and pressed herself against him. “That awful man! I’ve been ignoring his emails but today he came to the hospital! I’m scared, Daddy.”

“You saw him?” Brady was immediately on alert.

“No… Belinda said an older gentleman named Clark stopped by to see me. He told her he would catch up with me eventually. I don’t ever want to see him again,” she whispered, clinging to him almost desperately.

Brady scooped her up into his arms and sat down on the couch with her in his lap. “Tell me about the emails.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about them, Daddy. I didn’t read them and deleted them all immediately. I just wanted to forget he existed. I wasn’t trying to hide anything. I thought if I ignored him he would go away.”

“It’s okay, baby. I understand you just wanted to pretend he didn’t exist but we can’t do that anymore. From now on I need to know anytime he tries to contact you.” Brady rubbed her back as she rested against him, helping her to calm back down.

“Yes, Daddy.” Wynn felt safe again now that she was cuddled up against her daddy. Like nothing could hurt her.

“How does pizza sound for dinner?”

She sat up with a huge grin. “Can we get pepperoni with extra cheese?”

“Absolutely, you go ahead and order it while I have a look at your computer.” Brady lifted her from his lap and set her on her feet pointing her toward the kitchen. “What’s your password?”

“Sasquatch,” Wynn told him without hesitation.

“Sasquatch?” he queried.

“I had a Yorkie named Sasquatch when I was a kid. I think it’s funny.” Wynn picked up the phone to order their pizza while her daddy sat down at the computer. Brady would take care of Sir Asshole and she didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

After dinner they watched some television curled up together on the couch then Brady began to stroke her bottom in long slow circles that soon had her wriggling against him.

“I think I promised you some mind blowing, young lady,” Brady said with a sharp slap to her bottom.

Wynn sat up with a smile. “You did indeed.”

Brady sat up too and began to roll up his shirtsleeves. “Strip, little girl.”

She blinked. “Strip? Right here?”

“Yes, strip then come lay yourself over my lap.” The command slid through her like warm honey and she moved quickly to do his bidding. Somehow it felt extra dirty to by laying herself over his lap while he was fully clothed and she was naked.

Wynn felt vulnerable and sexy all at the same time. Once she was over his lap, her daddy shifted her little until she was positioned the way he wanted with her bottom arched high over his left thigh.

“Such a pretty little girl.” Brady’s hand began stroking down her back across her bottom and over the tops of her thighs before making a return journey. His strokes were long and firm and soon she was so relaxed she was limp over his thighs.

That’s when the first swats came, five in quick succession on the under curve of her right bottom cheek. Then more soothing strokes before another five were applied to her left cheek. He continued to alternate his spanks and soothing strokes until her ass felt hot and sensitive and arousal wept from her core.

When he tapped her inner thigh, Wynn moved her legs eagerly apart. His finger stroked through her slit. First he traced circles around her clit then down around her slick entrance before slipping down to trace the forbidden rosebud of her ass.

Wynn moaned loudly when his slick fingers moved back up to drive into her wet heat as his thumb teased her clit.

“Do you want to come over Daddy’s lap while he plays with your pretty little pussy?”

A flush filled her face at his graphic words but she was so close to coming, they only served to drive her desire higher. “Yes, please.”

A second finger joined the first, fucking in and out of her in a hard rhythm as his thumb rubbed her clit. When he began to slap her ass hard with his other hand she came with a gasp.

Brady lifted her from his lap to set her on her knees facing the back of the couch. “Spread your legs apart and arch your bottom out.”

She eagerly got into position as she watched him undress over her shoulder. She licked her lips as he rolled a condom over his long and thick erection. The inner muscles of her pussy spasmed on air in response to the sight as she remembered how his cock had felt stretching her tender tissues wide.

“Are you ready for Daddy’s cock, little girl?” he asked as he moved behind her and slapped the head of his cock against her waiting pussy.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said in a pleading tone as he spanked her pussy over and over with the head of his cock, making her ache for his possession.

Then he grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and spread her wide as he drove in hard and fast. The head of his cock slammed against her cervix with his first thrust, making her groan in a mixture of discomfort and pleasure.

He was so deep, filling her almost impossibly full but his cock felt so good. He hammered in and out of her, taking her in a relentless rhythm that made her wetter and wetter. She shivered as she felt a cold trickle fall into her crack then one of his thumbs began to rub the slickness into her tight asshole.

Wynn whimpered as the sensation only added to the pleasure of his cock pistoning in and out of her pussy. “Rub your clit, baby. I want you to rub your clit while I stretch your tight little ass.”

“Yes, Daddy!” she cried as her fingers slipped down her belly to find her clit, rubbing it between them as he fucked her and one of his thumbs slipped into her ass. It burned as he began to work it in and out of her but it sparked a dark hunger inside of her and she knew she wanted more.

“Oh… oh, god… oh, yes… Daddy… Daddy…” Her voice grew husky as she got closer to orgasm.

“Come on Daddy’s cock, baby… come now!”

At the command she exploded, coming hard then shuddering as she felt two big fingers slide into her asshole at the same time. When she felt the rest of Brady’s hands cupping her ass cheeks as he spread her wide, she realized it was his thumbs pressed deep inside her most private hole. “Don’t stop rubbing that clit, little girl.”

He began slamming even harder in and out of her pussy as his thumbs tugged in opposite directions to stretch her asshole, sending an exquisite wave of sensation through her that shot her into another orgasm.

“Good girl.” Brady removed his thumbs from her ass as he pulled out of her pussy to press the broad head of his cock against her shy little hole.

“Ohh, Daddy… yes, please… please, Daddy!” Wynn continued to rub her clit furiously as she felt his cock against her asshole.

“What do you want, baby?”

“Fuck my ass, Daddy… please fuck my ass!” She was desperate to feel him inside of her, taking ultimate possession of her body… owning her.

Then he was pressing inside of her and pain intertwined with pleasure as the stretching burn intensified. “Ohhh… ohgod… mmmfph… yes… oh, yes!”

Once he was all the way inside the pleasure far outweighed any discomfort she felt and as he began to fuck her ass, she found she wanted more. Shivers ran up and down her spine as the pleasure grew.

Wynn rubbed her clit even harder as a maelstrom of pleasure overtook her and sent her soaring into orbit. It felt like everything in her body had clamped down and then released at once, leaving her gasping in a full body orgasm. Her thighs shook as shivers ran up and down her spine.

Brady followed her over the edge as he shuddered above her with a hoarse shout and she collapsed into the couch, completely shattered by the intensity of the experience.

She gave a soft whimper as he withdrew from her ass, feeling both relieved and bereft at the same time.

“Stay right where you are, sweet girl. I’ll be right back.” She heard him leave the room and then he came back and cleaned her gently with a warm wet cloth.

When he lifted her into his arms, she sank into the warmth of his body. He carried her to bed and tucked her in before climbing in next to her and wrapping his body around her.

“I love you, Daddy,” she whispered as she drifted off to sleep.

Brady pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “I love you too, my precious girl.”

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